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As Shown by Examina
tions Conducted at St.
' Johnsbury
Dr. Frank Ober of Boston
. Was in Charge of the
A Lazy Liver
ns'"! a srparffeat of trouble, bll.
K-iess, constipation and sick
ftirlie. Do riot put tip with it;
j.'rect it at once by taking
Hood's Pills
Marie by 0 L Hood Co., Lowell, Masa
. St. Johnsbury, July 27. Thirty pa
tients were examined yesterday at ft
poliomyelitis clinic held at Brightlook
hospital. Braces were fitted and meas
urements taken in several cases and
progress noted. The patients came
from St. Johnalmry and surrounding
towns and examinations began early in
the morning continued until last eve
ning. The clinic it one of several held
throughout the state and is in charge
Of Dr. Frank Ober of Boston. He is the
ehtef associate of.Dr. Robert W. Lovett
of Boston, who ha been treating pol
iomyelitis cases in Vermont. Dr. Ober
was assisted by Miss Bertha E. Weis
brod of Burlington, Mises Wilhemina
Wright of Boston and Miss Welsbrod '
assistant, Misi Marjori Hickok of
'Her Ubiquitous Husband.
Men are clannish lot. At any
rata, that what one woman thinki,
and with very good reason. One eve
ning Brown had motor trouble on a
lonely spot on the road where be
found it impossible to reach a tele
phone to notify his wife. A the hour
drew toward midnight that lady be
came very anxious, and finally lie
telegraphed to five of her husband'
friends: "George hasn't come home yet.
Am worried. I he spending the night
with you!"
Meanwhile Brown had managed to
get hi motor going and a little after
twelve he arrived home. Then came
the answers to the telegram she had
sent. In effect, all five answers were
the same: "Yes; George is spending the
night with me." Boston Transcript.
KTTYNF.Y I deceptive disease
MUMUi thousarid have It
TRftTTRT V. "d don't know It. If
inuuDLi- vou wgnt ROod wulti
you ean make no mistake by using
Dr. Kilmer Swamp-Root, the great
kidney medicine. At druggist In large
and medium-sixe bottle. Sample size
by parcel post, also pamphlet telling
you about it. Address Dr. Kilmer &.
Co., Binghamton, N. Y and enclose ten
cents, also mention the Barre Time.
Mr. Paul Mechaur of Hartford,
Conn.,' came- Saturday :-evenuig for a
visit to Mr. and Mm. C. W. Farr.
Mr. and Mrs!' Victoy Bousqiiet of Sa
lem, Mass.,. spent the past week with
Mr. and Mr. J. M. Bousquet.
Percy Spiller of Hartford, Conn., is
at C. W. Parr' for a few weeks.
Mrs. L. Bohiway and daughter, ,?tfiss
Ethel, and R. C. Von Ette of Jamaica
Plain, Mas., are visiting at H. Jan-
ffraw a.
Mrs.. Belle Batchelder ha returned
ti her home here.
Mr. and Mr. C. C. Kellogg of Wi
noOski were Week-end visitor at hi
mother', Mre. Henry Daniels.
The month of August will be consid
ered as "go to church month" for the
M E. church. There will be a special
service each Sunday. Commencing next
Sunday, the . service , will be in the
form of a musical festival when the
"Life of Christ" will be given. Let
everyone be present.
Mr. Herbert Holt of Plainfield ia
visiting Mr. and Mrs. Henry Daniel.
Mr. and Mrs. CJharles Bingham spent
the week end in Montpelier.
American Congressmen' Ar
rived at Manila After a
Hard Trip
But Entertainment.;. Pro
gram Had to Be Modified
.Because of Washouts
Aches, pains, nervousness, diffr
culty in urinating, often mean
serious disorders. The worlds
standard remedy for kidney, liver.
bladder and uric acid troubles-
v r
Last Sunday was observed as chil
dren's day at the Congregational
Hayward and Noble have their new
cement flume nearly completed.
Mrs. A. M. Dean Mary and Ella of
Greenfield, Mass., are spending a few
days at E. F. Howe's.
Mr. Laura Whitney and Anne R.
Howe are on an extended excursion,
which will eros New York, Pennsyl
vania and several western state.
Julian 0. Goodrich, civil engineer, of
South Royalton surveyed a portion of
the proposed new road over East Ran
dolph mountain Saturday.
Dr. W. P. Beauclerk and family of
Concord, N. If., who have been several
days with Judge and Mrs. H. R. Hay
ward, went last week to hi old home
in Irasburg.
Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Hayward re
turned to their home in Lowell, Mas.,
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Whitney visited
Mrs. Whitney' parent in Hartland on
Saturday and Sunday. Miss Thelma
Merrill, who has been with the family
the past two week, returned to her
home with them.
. Good Riddance.
"Oh, Robert, the baby ha wallowed
a dime.
"Kever mind, dear, it was only that
Canadian piece I had so much trouble
trying to get rid of." Boston Tran
, Manila, July 20. The armytran
port Great Northern, carrying a party
of member of Congreaa, arrived here
to-day, after A tempestuou voyage
The congressmen landed between
showers of rain. The entertainment
program, which had been arranged, in
their honor, wa modified because of
washout on railways and highway
Members of the party were guest to-
night at a ball given by Governor Gen
eral Harrison.
I tWaswi w'aenajMaMjMMaMwaaaaaaa' rm
It Makes Every Forkful of Manure
Count for a Bigger Yield
ASK any user of the John
Deere Spreader and he
will tell you it is the best
machinery investment he ever
fnade not only because it saves
hard work and valuable time,
but because it makes every
forkful of manure count for a
bigger crop yield.
Manure goes farther and does
more good wheat you use a Jobs
Deere Spreader. You can spread
manure erenly, heavy or liht
ro uader-fertUued or ortr-lertiiTsd
Come in and see this better
apreader. Here are a few thina
bout its operating advantage we
want to show you.
You pet a low down spreader
With tush drive wbeela. It i easy
to load from the front to the rear
aod because of the hie,h drive wheel
and roller bearings it is light draft
a moat valuable combination.
No clutches no chains few
adjustment to cause trouble and
it i esrtremelr simple only about
half the part that are necessary on
the ordinary apreader.
The main working parts are
mounted oa the rear aztc.wherethey
cannot get out of line to cause bind
ing, heavy draft and breakage.
The beater drive is much like
the simple triple-geared horae-power.
The gear are enclosed and run in an
oil bath.
There are so many other good
feature about thi apreader that we
want you to aee ft- Vou will quickly
aee wtiy there are ao many satisfied
uaer of John Deere apreader.
.Come in the Next Time You Are in Town
Charlea Ponzi of Boston, Doing Ruahlng
Business, is Held Up Until Hi
Account! are Audited.
Boston, July 27. A bar was placed
yesterday on the rush of people to give
their money to Charles Tonal, head of
the Securities Exchanee Co., on hi
promise to repay their investment
with 60 per cent profit in 45 day.
After a conference with District At
torney Pelletier, Ponzi, whose busines
i described as the exchanging of in
ternational reply coupons from one
country to another, agreed to accept
no further deposit until an auditor e
lected by the district attorney ha ex
amined hi accounts, which are said to
run into millions. Hundreds of person
were turned away with their money In
their hands, after Ponn issued the or
der to hi office force.
District Attorney Pelletier aid he
wa acting under no specific statute in
bringing about the halt In receipt of
funds by Poni which have been esti
mated at $200,000 a day. He suggest
ed the action, he said, on the ground of
broad, nublio policy "because the
operation of the company have grown
so much and have received such wide
spread notice." Ponxi, he said, wa en
tirely willing to stop receiving funds
until after an auditor had determined
whether the company could meet all of
its outstanding obligations and waa
functioning in a afe and legitimate
The action taken ia "in no ene a
final closing down of the busineei,"
the district attorney said. "Mr. Ponxi
desire me to ctate that he will not
only redeem a usual notes which have
matured, but also those not matured
for the principal invested, .fust how
long the examination will take I can
not say, but' it will be done thoroughly
and 1 feel 1 will have every co-operation
to this end."
For several weeks past crowds of
person have fWked to Ponxi' offices
and given in their saving in exchange
for" notes of the Securities Exehnge
Co. for the principal plus 60 per cent
payable in !K) days. Invariably he Is
said to haVe paid off the note in 45
dys and there ha been no complaint
that any person has failed to receive
money when due. Many are said to
have reinvested their money with the
profit several times.
Ponzi, a relatively poor man a short
time afro, now holds stock to considered
Me amounts in a local bank, a con
struction company, and business
houses, is reputed to have deposit
running into hundred thousand with
other banks here, and i accredited a
the owner of larjre block of stock in
substantial public utility corporation.
His estimate of his wealth at present
i $6,500,000, but at hia office it wa
said that the estimate waa necessarily
hty, and that the audit, if it covered
btith the company's and his personal
accounts would thow holding in en-ens
of 10 millions.
Tonzi describes hi exchange system
in a general way as being based on the
use of the international reply coupon,
authorised under the international
I postal agreement, at the medium for
taking advantage of the abnormal dif
ferences on rat" of exchange. With de
posits reeived from a customer, he
says he convert American dollars into
Italian lire or other foreign money
which stands to hi credit in the coun
try where purchased. Then, through
pent located in several countries
abroad, international reply coupon are
purchased, redeemable under the reg
ulation at the normal and not the pre
vailing rte of exchange. The cou
pon then are transmitted by agents
from one European eountry to another,
gathering profit through succeeding
d.fferencee in rate of exchange, with
assured normal payment for redemp
tk n, until the Iran-action is completed
ami the proceeds are reconverted into
American dollars. This usually takes
t?. days, according to Ponxi, who says
hi profile have reached 400 per cent in
some transactions, bence the payment
to depositors ia 45 day instead of
t0 as called for by .hi notes.
Ponri'a operations have been under
investigation by federal, state and
county officials for some time, without
uncovering any violation of law.
A iatcment by United State At
torney Gallagher. Uued an hour or
lio after that by DUtriit Attorney j
Pelletier, said that Ponxi had an
nounced the probability that he would
not retime the c"panr of apoil
firm the public ai'er the audit was
bring quick relief and often ward ofl
deadly diaeaaaa. Known aa the national
remedy of Holland for mora than 200
rsara. All druggist, in three aiaaa.
Laek far tba aaaaa Cold Madal aa arary aaa
aaa eaaept aa imitation
Of Sea Power When Atlantic And Pa
cific Fleeta Come Together.
Washington, D. C, July 27. The
greatest concentration of sea power
In the history of the American navy
will result from the junction of the
reorganized Atlantic and Pacific fleeta
off the Pacific coast next January un
der plan now being prepared by naval
operations. The great naval spectacle
probably will be staged in the vicini
ty of the gulf of Panama.
Official of the navy department tay
the proposed mobilization will, In no
ense result In "grand" maneuvers. No
effect will be made to concentrate all of
nation's naval strength and only ship
regularly in commission with trained
crew will participate. The exercise
and drill will be simple and mainly of
a competitive nature, including iinoffi
cial athletic competition between rep
resentative of the two fleet and of
individual ship. The main object of
the mobilization will be to give officer
and men an opportunity to compare
note and meet for a few weeks of
good-natured riAlry.
Admiral Henry B. Wilson, command
er-in-chief of the Atlantic fleet, will
be senior officer of the combined force,
with Admiral Hugh Rodman, chief of
the Pacific: fleet, second in command.
The maneuver will be unique lit
many respect, chiefly In that thejf will
afford the first actual mobilization of
the bulk of the new American navy.
Before the war the force were al
ways more or les scattered and a
shortage Of several type of vessels,
particularly of destroyers, submarines,
light cruiser, aerial force and fleet
auxiliaries made it impossible to con
centrate a well-rounded out fleet al
though the major portion of the battle
ship force met each winter at Ouanta
namo, Cuba, for target practice and
During the war the shortage in most
type of email vessels, notably de
stroyers and submarines, was -over
come, but the entire fleet w never
mobilized, due to the use of practically
all light craft in the wr one, the de
tail of cruiser to escort duty and the
fact that a considerable portion of
the battleship force wa on duty abroad
much of the time.
The January maneuver will set a
new mark in American naval progress.
For the first time in the history of the
neSv navy the battleship fleet will be
supported bv a reasonably adequate
number of destroyer and other light
craft. Submarine will be available
in abundance, together with sufficient
naval aircraft for all tactical purpose
and a fully rounded out fleet of auxilia-
vessel. The total number of ves
sel to participate will depend on the
progress of recruiting, a many ship
are in reserve now for lack of crews,
but it i probable that Admiral Wil
son will command at least 3K) esels
of all type.
Among Numerous Candi
dates for Governor of
New York
But Individual Delegates
May Object to the
Saratoga Spring, N. Y., July 27.-
After a night spent in informal confer
ence among party leader designed to
smooth over obstacle in the way of
harmony, final preparation were made
early to-day for the opening of the
unofficial Republican state convention
at noon. The majority Of the leader
continued firm in their deir to ad
vance the gubernatorial candidacy of
Nathan L. Miller of Onondaga, former
judge of the court of appeal, although
they were not altogether confident that
the individual delegate would back
them up.
Saratoga Spring put on a holiday
air to-day, women constituting a good
proportion of every group. The bet
advertised of the candidate for gover
nor 1 Secretary of State Franci M.
Hugo. 'Hi campaign manager have
placarded the city with poster and
bright banners.
The only prospect for a warm con
test, which has developed thus far ha
grown out of the determination vof
friend of Deputy Comptroller Wen
dell to secure him a place on the slate
to succeed hi chief.
Have Occupied Vixa, About 20 Miles In
land from Port.
London, July 26. The Creek have
effected a landing at Media, on the
Black sea coast of eastern Thrace, and
have occupied Vita, about 20 miles in
land from that port, says the Exchange
Telepraph company's Athens corres
pondent, quoting newspsper dispatches
received there.
Archbiahop Mannix Excluded from
England, Lloyd George Says.
London, July 27. Archbishop Dan
iel J. Mannix of Melbourne, Australia,
will not be allowed to land In Eng
land because of his recent utterances.
Premier Lloyd George announced in
the House of Commons yesterday.
C. Tebbett of Lynn Shoot Himself
While Taking Bath.
Lynn. Mass., July 27. Theodore C.
Tebbetts, one of the wealthiest resi
dent of this city, committed suicide
by shooting while in his bathroom yes
terday. He was 47 years of age and
inherited hia wealth from his father, a
hoe manufacturer.
Tka rtiilarva nmi jraur tliMt attention.
after ""tuffinar" thmla wile
rtr, at a rartr or the likal
Thry ara liabir M up m (he mornlna
rntnplainins of rrmmpa. bad taatinr mouth:
liahla U hara puffed eyes from reatlcM alum
her: fee) tired and etankr: diitanpered and
whimparina. Art rromptljr. . "' them a
doaa of Pr. Trues EHiir, the Famile Laxa
ttea and Worm Expetlar. whirh niUlkma at
anoUiera were livra by their rarenta. and
who themeelTea are adminsterin- to-day, ta
their little ana.
Orly the purwt of herb are aaed Ha
harmful druara will relieve pleaaantlr the
ordinary raaea of children a illneaa, rornu
pation -worma. ate
FymptAnw of worm : OmTipatKa, de-rana-ot
atomarh. awallen apoer ,n, amir
etorxarh. onneia breaUi. hard and fail
heily. with e-aMiraJ rnpinaa and rains
shout the aave. pale fare of leaden tint.
rea heavy aad dull, twiirhina ayeHrfa,
to-hm of the son. itrhin of the rertuwi.
abort dry eoueh. amnm of the teeth. Httle
red omnia aix-kinv out on tha toncuaj. start
tug- dufna aieep. aiow fever.
Jfe. Wan. fi. onm of fad Oklaha.
i uai reaardtnc Dr. Tri EliTh-: "We
have used H fnr oar er.ilrfrtn fir tha laet
twetv rear, and. rertaml? know tha value
xLim aiiaa. XX IQJi lr I T lm i -Aa.
Mr. and Mrs. A. 8. Rowe of Gloueei
ter, Mass., were recent gtiest at
the home of J. Oliver Perkins.
Word come from the Barre City
hospital that Frencesco Tirono, who
was the victim of a stabbing affray at
Fairlee on July fourth, and, who wa
taken from here to the hospital on
July 14th, i improving and the chance
are good for hi ultimate recovery.
Albert P. Bugbee, who pent a few
day here recently looking after hi
real estate Interest, ha returned to
Cambridge, Mass., where he ha em
ployment a a stationary engineer.
Mr. and Mr. C. M. Story entertained
as their guest last week, Mr. and Mr.
Frank Will of Burlington. Mr. Story
and Mr. Will are ister.
Misa Kathleen Harvey of Montpelier
w in town last week a ti.e guest of
her grandmother, Mr. Abbie L. Sleep
er. Attorney and Mr. M. C. Taft entar
tained a their guests last week Mr.
Juliu Willcox and daughter of Montpelier.
Earl E. Parker of Jemey City, . .,
and his son, Robert Parker, were re
cent guests of Mr. and Mrs. Fred A.
Mis Florence Goodwin t attending
the summer school for teachers, which
is being held at the University of Ver
mont, Burlington;
Lawrence Smith, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Leslie Smith, ha gone to Grand
Isle, where he ha accepted a position
n charge of the milk tester associa
At the regular communication of
George Washington lodge. No. 51, F.
and A. M., to he held on Thursday eve
ning of t hiss week, there will be work
on the M. M. degree and a full attend
ance is desired.
Mrs. Joie Slark, who ha been liv-
ino dnrinir ma raai two Train, 4
Oraniteville, ha rented apartment in
Mrs. Carrie Mttoon' house.
Mis Lillian Sleeper, who for the
past two year has had employment in
Chicago, arrived in towe recently for
her summer vacation and will remain
with her mother, Mra. Abbie U Sleep
er, until September first, when ahe
plans to return to Chicago.
John At wood of Boston. Mas., wa
it visitor at the home of hi moth
er, Mr. Atwood, on Maple avenue, over
the week end.
Mr. Rojfer Dunn and children of
Windsor were in town lat week a
the guests of the former' parent, Mr.
and Mra. P. L. Sargent.
Minnie luimby, who ha been the
jruest of her aunt, Mrs. Ernest M.
Young, for several week, has returned
to her home in Boston. Mass., and wa
accompanied by Mrs. Jennie Hastings,
who had also spent a vacation with
Mr.vnd Mrs. Young.
Mrs. Fred D. Weeks, who had been
the guest of relative and friend in
Iran for a few weeks, left last week
for her home in Brookline, Masa., via
Penaeook. X. H., where she will visit
other friends.
Dr. and Mrs. E. O. Spraue and
family of Barre City and Mis Emily
Cook of Rumney, X. H.. were over-Sun-dsy
guest of Mr. and Mr. William H.
Colonel and Mrs. Herbert O. Bixby.
Mrs. Eunice A. Iwis and Mr. and
Mrs. C. E. .laokson of Brookline. Ma.,
vho are spending a few wek here at
the home of Colonel Bixhy, speBt a few
days lat week tonrtnjr the Whit
mountains. B. A. Goodrich took the
party in his new seven passenger Bunk
Rolla rarkhurst of Brattleboro came
lat eck and is spending a few dsys
in town as the guest of hi parent,
Mr. and Mr. Lymn D. Parkhurst.
Let the reader of this article remem
ber that on Friday evening , of this
week there will he a grand ball under
the aupire of Georr Washington
lodpe. Xo. .M. F. and A. M.. and that
Gilson' orchestra of six piece from
Bethel has hcen engaged to furnish tie
Erl Kser of Corinth i working
a helper for Ne!on W. Bett. propri
etor of the Orsnre county frpe.
Thomas X. RJ1, who lat Apnl rente
Heals Running Sores
and Conquers Piles
Alao Stop All Itchng of Eczema
Almoat Immediately.
"I fait It my duty to write you a letter
of thank for your wonderful Peterson
Ointment. I had a running sore on my
left lea for on ysr. I began to nsa Pt
araon'a Ointment three week alio and now
it i healed." A. C. Gilbrath, 703 Reed
Street, Krie, Pa.
J'd rather sret a letter like that, aaya
Peterson of Buffalo, than have John D.
JlWKCieilcr aiv iw u.ivuh...m wii d.
dooj me a lot of eood to be able to be of
use to any fellow man.
For years I have been selling- through
druaerfats a large bew of PETERSON S
OINTMENT for it cent. Tha healing
power In thla ointment Is marvelou. Ec
Kiw gosa in a few days. Old sores heal
up like magic; pile that other remedies
do not aeam to even relieve ara speedily
It atoiia thafln In Ave minutes and for
scald and bum it ia ainpply wonderful.
Co.. Inc., Buffalo, N. Y. Adv.
ed the Charlea A. Luce farm on east
hill, ha been tendered a fine position
as manager of a fancy farm in Massa
chusetts and, having made an amica
ble settlement with Mr. Luce, ha ac
cepted the position tendered him and
will go to Massachusett in the near
future and hi family will remain here
for a short time, joining him later in
Massachusetts. Harley Ackerman, son-in-law
of Mr. Luce, will aucceed Mr.
Hill in carrying on the Luce farm.
SherifT George A. Tracy has been
having extensive repair made on the
Interior of the Jail barn, C'harle A. Ba
con and Elmer E. Wallace doing the
Mrs. Frank Fox and children, who
have been guest at the home of the
former' brother, Leslie C. Smith, for
two week, have returned to their
horn in Canton, X. H.
Judge R. Nelson Darling and Attor
ney Hugh W. Hasting of Bradford
were in town on busine last Friday.
Arthur Morse, Mr. and Mr. Bert
Morse, little daughter, Alice, and Mis
Jennie Johnson of Worcester, Mas.,
are again passing their summer vaca
tion In town. Thi year they are oc
cupying Mr. Hannah Flagg' house.
William Blackburn from Black Lake,
Quebec, has been a recent guest at
Roy Fletcher's.
Mrs. Sadie Brown of Barre I flop
ping at her cottage here.
Mrs. Hannah Flagg visited in Barre
Thursday, the guest of Mr.Castius
Wayne Dewey of Waterbury, Conn.,
i the guest of hi brother, Max Dewey.
Mrs. V.: A. Wheeler and Ml Bertha
Wheeler have been visiting at J. C.
Hibhard at Randolph Center.
Mr. Carrie Sanborn of Sterling.
Mass., ha fold the Sherman houe to
Eugene Chdwick.
Mr. and Mr. Owen MeCiien and Mr.
and Mr. Vana Bell of St. Alban havo
been recent guest at Richard Row
Mr. and Mr. George Rand of Barre
were Sunday guest of hi mother, Mr
Josle Kevcs.
The ladle of the Col. r. v. Kanaau
circle are holding very interesting
meetings. The next repilar meeting
will be held the first Tuesday in Au
"No Shoes Like
CJ That is wtiat men say to us
as they come to this , store
time after time to buy their
shoes. Even if we didn't know
there is something to it, wed
have to 'believe it when we
hear it said so often.
C We have as much pleasure
in selling shoes as good as Re
gals as the wearers have in
wearing them; it's mutual.
CJ If you have never worn a
pair of Regal shoes, you owe
your feet a treat; try one pair.
Open Monday evenings as usual.
Moore & Owens
Barre's Leading Clothiers
122 No. Main St. . Tel. 275-M
An engagement h to be treated
rather carefully.
'Ye, indeed. It eannot be dropped
ithout breaking It." Boston Tran
The Proper Thing.
"How will you have your new work
on orthopraphT bound, ir?-'
Why, I uppoe i would be appro
priate to have it spellbound, wouldn't
it f Boston Transcript.
Mr. and Mr. C. C. Mear of Barre
called on friend and relative in town
Mr. and Mr. George E. Try were
in town Friday.
Mr. and- Mr. C. P. Spaulding and
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Pray are in camp at
Joe pond, Danville.
Mr. L. D. Coburn entertained her
Sunday school clas at her home last
Tuesday afternoon.
Mr. and Mr. Denni Gray and Mr.
and Mr. Franci Byron are on an auto
trip through the northern part oi me
state and Canada.
rrl A. 8awver of Omaha. Neb., was
the eucat of hi eousin. Misses Bertha
and Hattie Johnson, last Inday.
Mrs. Richard Attridge of Tlainfleld
was visiting at Hattie Johnson last
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Hilli went into
camp t Joe" pond, Danville, last
Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Hammett went
to lloxbtiry Sunday to attend the
funeral of G. H. Hammett, who has
been in poor health for a long time.
Harold Colb of Norwich, Conn., wa
a guest of Mr. and Mr. Lewi Coburn
last Thursday. Mr. Cobb ia the son
of Rev. Joseph F. Cobb and Cora Laird
Cobb. Both father and mother are
pleasantly remembered here.
Mr. Annie Blanchard and her daugh
ter. Thelma. from Boston, have been
visiting her cousin, Mra. Fred Little.
Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Hark visited at
Charleston and in Canada last week.
Mr. and Mr. Fred Rood and family.
were in Waterbury last Wednesday.
Mr. Preicott'h returned to her
home in Huntington after a visit with
relatives here.
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Emery were at
John Emery' Sunday.
Fred Little ha recently bought tt?
saddle horse owned by T. N. Vail for
his daughter, Edith.
W. (1. Nye and family took an auto
trip into the state of New York Sun
day. Mr. and Mr. Jerry Byron called on
relative in Hardwick Sunday.
Our county agent, R. A. Briggs, and
wife, with Miss Boice, spent Sunday
at Butterfield" camp at Nelson pond
with Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Conant.
Yesterday' i American League Gamea.
At Detroit, Chicago ft, Detroit 4.
At New York, Boston J, New York 0.
American League Standing.
Won Lost Pet.
Cleveland 60 31 .859
New York 2 84 .616
Chicatro '.. M 3 .flOfl
Washington 42 .".421 .S00
Rt. Louis 42 47 .472
Boston . 40 4 .4V
Detroit 31 Srt .3.10
Philadelphia 27 69 .20
Yesterday' National League Game.
At Brooklyn, Brooklyn 6 PitUburg
Naticnal League Standing.
Won Lost Trf.
Brooklyn '.. 54 39 JS81
Cincinnati 4ft 3 . .6M
Pittsburg 44 41 .619
St. Loui 44 4rt .4
Chicago 4fl 47 .405
New York 43 44 .494
Boston 3 44 .4.V)
Philadelphia 33 51 .407
aaasMaalS J5li
Let's settle
this right now!
No man ever smoked a
better cigarette than Camel!
You'll find Camels unequalled by
any cigarette in the world at any
price because Camels combine
every feature that can make a
cigarette supreme
Camels expert blend of choice
Turkish and' choice Domestic
tobaccos puts Camels in a class by
themselves. Their smoothness
will appeal to you, and permit
you to smoke liberally without tir
ing your taste 1
Camels leave no unpleasant ciga
retty aftertaste nor unpleasant
cigaretty odor I
You'll prefer Camels blend to either
kind of tobacco smoked straight 1
Caawte ara a mmMMtlw aaa j
awraa f 30 ot-afW;- par. 1 1
mirtmirr inawii fa aana far th hoanm
ttc aaaair a araan rom traral
R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co.
Winston-Salem, N. C
V. ... - rm i

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