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Federal Authorities Refuse
to Divulge Facts About
Man Under Arrest
But Important Develop
ments Were Expected
Within 24 Hours
Look out for the unnatural weak
nest that indicates thinning of the
blood and lack of power. It means
that your bodily organs are starving
for want of good nourishment; that
the red corpuscles are fewer, unequal
to demands of health. Hood's Sarsa
parilla increases strength of the deli
cate and nervous, restores red cor
puscles, makes the blood carry health
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If you need a good cathartic medi
cine, Hood's Pills will satisfy. Adv.
Philadelphia Aug. 5. Although they
gave out considerable information re
garding the man under arrest in con
nection with the kidnapping of Bleke
ly Coughlin, the 13-month-old son of
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Coughlin of
JCorristown, Pa., June 2, federal off!
cials to-day still declined to reveal
his identity. It was said that impor
tant developments in the case were ex
pected within 24 hours.
The prisoner who, . the authorities
say, is the writer of letters signed
"The Crank," and who is alleged to
have swindled Mr. Coughlin out of $12,
000 on the promise to return the miss
ing boy, was still being questioned to
day in an effort to learn what, if any,
connection he had with the kidnapping.
Postal authorities and Pennsylvania
state police, who made the arrest, ex
pressed the belief that he not only is
TO Women as well as men
j. : vi. k
kidney and bladder trou
ble. Thousands recom-
RLAME? mend Dr- Kilfmer's
A . SwtBip.Root) th, great
kidney medicine. At druggists in
large and medium size bottles. You
may receive a sample size by Parcel
Post, also pamphlet, telling about it.
Address Dr. Kilmer & Co., Bingham
ton, Jf. Y., and enclose ten cents,
also mention the Barre Times. Adv.
the swindler, but ' the actual abduc
tor. - ; :,
The man under arrest is a resident
of New Gretna, N.J., 18 miles from
Egg Harbor, where he was captured
last Monday. He recently purchased
a house at New Gretna and bought an
automobile. Prior to that time he
lived tor about six weeks in a room
ing house on "North Seventh street,
this city. While there he was said by
the proprietor to have shown every
indication of prosperity.
George A. Leonard, chief postal in
spector, said the prisoner is about 40
years old, of foreign birth, and well
educated. Apparently he has no rela
tives in this country. His home, which
was searched without revealing any
evidence of the missing child, Leonard
said, was one of refinement and showed
no traces of having been' occupied re
cently either by a woman or a baby.
Whether any other evidence to connect
him . with the kidnapping' was found
the inspector said he was not at liber
tr to reveal. So far, Leonard de
clared, the man has maintained his in
noccnce and claims that he was walk
ing near the railroad when the box
supposed to contain $10,000 addition
ransom money was hurled from a pass
ing tram. Curiosity, he said, impelled
him to pick tip the box. He disclaims
anv knowledge of the kidnapping or
anything connected with the case.
"Despite these statements," Leonard
said, "there is no question in my mind
that he knows where the baby it. I
believe that we could convict him to
day on the charge of kidnapping on
the strength of the letters which he
wrote. But what we want now is to
recover the baby, and we are bending
every effort in that direction."
Soviet Russia Is Said to
Have Agreed to It Just
: Before Drive
Russia Would Then Evacu
ate Poland in Favor
of Germany
London, Aug. 5. Soviet Russia con
cluded a secret treaty" with Germany
concerning Poland a few weeks before
the great Polish offensive began, says a
correspondent of the London Times.' He'
claims he has secured the information
from "excellent authority."
The treaty, i is asserted, contained
the following prwvisions:! - -
Russia, without 'inlerftreic- from
Germany,' would be allowed to appro
priate all of Poland's arms, munitions,
rolling stock and foodstuffs.
After the, conquest of Poland, per
mission would be given Russia to send
a number of bolsheviki commissioners
into that country to control the ex
port of Polish supplies of all kinds.
Russia would then undertake to com
pletely evacuate Poland in favor of
Germany, which would hold the coun
try as a guarantee against future cred
its to Russia in return for German
goods and German labor.
"Russia," the corespondent adds, "in
tends to try to avoid the terms of this
treaty by the creation of a Polish bol
sheviki army, the first steps in the
formation of which are now being
taken in occupied areas of Poland-.
When Russia withdraws from Poland
she will leave this Polish army, permit
ting Germany to take such steps as
she can to face the situation. The bol
sheviki are convinced that England
will not materially aid Poland, and will
wage their next campaign against Ru
mania in Bessarabia."
And Blisters on Face, ForYearsi
Hair Fell Out. Cuticura Heals.
" For year I had been troubled
with an Itching scalp and blisters
on my face. My hair fell out grad
ually, becoming thin, dry, and life
less. My face was very bad, and it
was all I could do to keep from
scratching. At night I could only
sleep for minutes at a time.
My mother advised me to try Cutf
cura Soap and Ointment so I sent
for free sample. I bought more
and when I had used one cake Cuti
cura Soap and one box Ointment I
was healed." (Signed) Joseph
Hazel, 12 Canton St., Hartford,
Conn., Sept. 2, 1919.
Daily use of Cuticura Soap, Oint
ment and Talcum for the toilet
usually prevent skin troubles.
miU Saat Tnt hr HtiL Addraw "Oatlmre
lkrfcrU,Dpt HMiXOn.lUM." Sold every
where. 8op 36c. Ointment 24 Hid 60c. Talcum 26c.
HF"Cuticura Soap aiwvea without mu.
As Final Round of Western
Open Golf Champion
ship Started
Jack Hutchinson, Chicago
Profession, Had Lead
at the Start
Entered for Grand Circuit Races at
Toledo To-day.
Toledo, O., Aug. 4 Four of the best
races of the week were on to-day's card.
at the grand circuit harness racing at
Fort Miami. Although the fields were
not large the entrants were of a high
calibre and apparently well matched.
The Wayne 2:05 pace for an added
money purse of $2,020 had seven start-'
era with Halmon, a winner at Colum
bus last week, as first choice and John
R. Braden, second. r
Goldie Todd probably will be favored
by the talent in the 2:03 pare, which
carries a purse of $1,200, although op
position is expected to be furnished by
Johnny Quirk and Louie Grattan.
Six youngsters are named in the To
ledo Times $2,000 stake for trotters
eligible to the 2:14 class; Great Brit
am, a winner nere at tne tint meeting
and again at Kalamazoo is the early
Tommy Murphy, the Potighkeepsie
reinsman, will start Lord Frisco,
two-vear-old colt, bv San Francisco
to beat 2:30'. trotting.
Chicago, Aug. 5. The hundred odd
entries in the western open golf cham
pionship to-day swung into play on
the final holes with nearly a score of
contestants so closely bunched that it
appeared to be almost anybody s tour
nament. Five of the players made
scores on the first 36 holes yesterday
ranging from 145 to 150 and 17 were
in the circles topped by 155.
Jock HutchinHon, Chicago profession
al, had the lead at the start to-day
with a record of 145 strokes for 38
holes yesterday, but was closely pushed
hv severs 1 oilier stum.
Wnltr TTniwn nnrmnal tifl rtnlrlr
and J. Douglas Edgar, Canadian cham
pion, did not arrive in time to play.
while M. J. Brady of Detroit, looked
upon as a favorite, withdrew after one
round yesterday, being decidedly off
his game.
can Bring Back
Lustre with Sage
and Sulphur.
:9 - HnaEa 3s
A If i'rm aar iSjts
1 1
m r i i
JMl 'eb J-fV I avwi
The Creed of Goodric
J 7HATEVER is right for a respond
W sible manufacturer to give to the
customer, The B.F. Goodrich Rubber
Company gives.
To do what is right is not a Goodrich
policy, it is The Goodrich Creed. It is
It is the foundation upon which the great
Goodrich institution has heen built. v
The Creed of Goodrich serves you,
whether you buy a sturdy, dependable
Goodrich FabricTIre or the tire of tires,
the Silvertown Cordr
. cAIjuitmnt AtUT
Su'ecrtown Ccritt 8000 billet
rhrk7trv, boooUla
JhlZHF.ChoZruh' "Killer Ccrr,fanjy 1kr$,OlU !aers fie Silyi rtowS JTmeritri Tirsf GrJTtrt
Course Record in Jeopardy Team. Be
ing Made Up to Go to Bur
lington Saturday.
The Barre Golf club plays its first
first team match of the season on Sat
urday, when it meets the Waubanakee
Golf club at Burlington, this being the
first of a series of match games ar
ranged between these two clubs. A
notice is posted at the clubhouse of the
Barre club, and all members wishing
to go to Burlington on Saturday are
asked to sign their names on the card
provided for that purpose. Please get
your names in on time as the commit
tee in charge is making arrangements
for cars to carry all who wish to go.
The team will be selected by the match
The Barre players are all in fine
form, as never before in the history of
the club have so low soores been
made; and it looks as if the course rec
ord of 31, held by George Fraser, pro
fessional of the Waubanakee club, is
to be broken before the season is over,
for a card of 32 and a few cards of 33
have been turned in this season already.
The four players who qualify for
the month, of July for the qualifying
tournament are as follows: D. R. Stu
art, 68-41J-6,2; G. Brand, 71-6-63:
Frecland, 72-5-67; R. Philip, 78-9-
These are the grots, handicap and
net scores.
The results of last week's tourna
ment will show how well the players
are handicapped as high and low handi
cap men are bringing in scores alike.
The scores are:"
Gross Hand'p
When you darken your hair with
Sage Tea and Sulphur, . no one can
tell, because it's done so naturally, so
evenly. Preparing this mixture,
though, at home is mussy and troublesome-
,At little cost you can buy at
any drug store the ready-to-use prep
aration, improved by the addition of
other ingredients called "Wyeth's Sage
and Sulphur Compound." You fuat
ampen a sponge or soft brush with
it and draw this through your hair,
taking one small strand at a time. By
orning ail gray hair disappears, and,
after another application or two, your
hair becomes beautifully darkened,
glossy and luxuriant.
Gray, faded hair, though no dis
grace, is a sign of old age, and as we
all desire a youthful and attractive
appearance, get busy at once with
Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Ooiipound
and look years younger. Adv.
Mrs. Kate Lamberton of Marshfield
was at C. M. Lmberton's Saturday.
Charles Houghton has finished hay
ing and returned to lis home In Cabot.
Mrs. N. M. Stocker and Helen Lam
berton were la St. Johnsbury on'Mon
day. Emma Stocker of Danville was at
her brother's, K M. Btocker's, Thurs
day. Avon Hall and family of Springfield
has been visiting at his father's for
the past five days.
W. B. Wheeler was in St. Johnsbury
Catherine Harvey of East Hardwick
was a guest at h. J. Kastmans part
of last week.
William Dutton and Winthrop Col-
berth of East Barnet were in this town
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Brown and son
are in Barnet for a week at the home
of Harley Esdens. '
George Gee and Samuel Locke were
in riamfield and Barre Friday.
Elmer Maifkld and family of Plain-
field visited at George Gee's Sunday.
F. G. Lamberton of Cabot is here at
his farm cutting his hay.
Mrs. Ira and Mrs. Arthur Reed,
Wear a
For the balance of this summer Have 1
comfort, as well as style in your hat.
, Of course, if you buy a Panama now,
you'll have it for several summers to
come; they last so well they soon feel
like an old friend.
We have a splendid assortment of
shapes and a suitable range of prices
in the Panamas you'll find here. You
are sure td find one you like; one that
will look a little better on you than any
hat you've worn before. ,
Open Monday evenings as usual.
Moore & Owens
Barre's Leading Clothiers
122 No. Main St. Tel. 275-M
How to Rid the Arms
of Objectionable Hairs
(Aids to Beauty)
A simplified method is here given for
the quick removal of hairy or fuery
growths and rarely is more than one
treatment required: Mix a stiff paste
with some powdered delatone and
water, apply to hairy surface and after
or 3 minutes rub off, wash the skin
and every hair has vanished- This
simple treatment cannot cause injury,
but care should be exercised to get real
delatone. Adv. j
1 :1
s :
Enos Hopkins and Mrs. C. M. Lamber
ton attended the funeral of George
Carley in East Calais, Saturday.
James Cassidy and family of Wal-
den were visitors at L. J. Eastman's
last Thursday. .
Clyde Clifford of Peacham was .-la
town Sunday visiting. .'C
P. R. Stuart 68'
G. Stewart 78
A. Brew 74
Freeland 76
E. Walsh 77
W. Freeland 77
Hutchinson . 78
Robertson 85
Cooper ........ PI
ComoIIi 7!
Merrer 86
R. Thilip 8!)
A A. Milne 103
Captured Second Victory By Defeat
ing Djurgarden at Stockholm.
Stockholm, Aug. 4. The St. Louis
association football team to-night won
Jts second victory here by defeating
the Djurgarden team three goals to
Visit Our Store
Or Phone 246-R for Demonstration
of the
Charles Ledoux Did It In Fifth Round
at Montreal.
Montreal, Aug. 4. Charles LedoXix,
French bantam weight champion,
knoi-ked out Johnny Fri.see, bantam
weight of New York in the fifth round
of a 10-round match here to-night.
Yesterday's American League Games.
At Chicago, Chir ?o 10, New York 3.
At Cleveland, Washington 11, Cleve
land 3.
At Detroit, B"tnn S. Detroit 1.
At St. Louij, Philadelphia 7, St.
Louis 2.
American League Standing.
Won. Lmt
Cleveland 67 34
Xew York 6.i 4rt
(hipo 61 31
Washington 4i 4!
St. Louis 47 .!
B!on 41 .14
Detroit 3" 61
rtiladel hit 31 71
I fin
63 Vi S
69 HJ
si loom
8 74 01!
12 74 M V
7'.. iv. m s
20 83 f J
1 L
.4 SO
JO 4
It will place you under no obligation whatever.
We gladly offer to make it in order that you
may have an opportunity to realize the value of
the exclusive features possessed by The Thor.
gives, you absolute protection.
Yesterday'. National League Games.
At Boston. Pittbiirg 3. Poet on 0.
At rhiiadelrhia, Philadelphia 4, Chi
capo 1.
(No other games terfcedulrd).
Natiena? League Standing.
Wma Lot
Prnfk'ye i
C:nrinn?i il
S-w York 50
rtvurg .V
I h. jl
St. U.i 4
m . . .
Prt. i
.4--,3 ,
An initial payment of $15 on our
Partia! Payment Plan, and the bal
ance in small monthly instalments,
makes it easy for every household
tc own a Thor. Sold under
an ironclad guarantee that
The Thor has been tested and
approved by Good Housekeeping
Institute and is now in use in over
350,000 American homes.
Telephone, write or call for a demonstration, to-day
Montpelier and Barre Light and
Power Company
Aldrict Block, Barre, Phone 246-R

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