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Koscinsko Air Squadron
Sent to Defend Pol
i ish Capital
Because of the Desperate
Situation on Front
Nearest Warsaw "
Hood's Pills
In small doses
In Larger Doses
Mad I by C. t Hood Co., Lowan, Mats.
Warsaw, Aug. 5, 8:30 p. m. (By Iho
Associated Press). Owing to the des
perate situation on the front nearest
Warsaw, the Kosciuszko squadron, the
air force composed mostly of Amori-
cans, attached to the Polish army, is
' being transferred from the southern
front. The squadron will aid in the
.defense of the Polish capital.
,The American consulate in Warsaw
'will be closed on Friday and Consul
Rsnkin is making preparations to de
part Friday night. Most of the rec
ords already have been shipped away.
1 The American . legation is also pre
pared to dose within a very few days.
The legation employes have sent their
baggage to Camp Grappe, the emer
p?ncy headquarters of the American
typhiu expedition.
Advance of the Bolsheviki on Warsaw
Has Been Slowed Up Partly
Through Determined De
fense of the Poles.
Paris, Aug. 6. Russian bolsheviki
forces which have been attacking the
Poles northeast of Warsaw for the
purpose of enttting communications be
tween that city and Danzig seem to
have been checked for the time beinj
by the desperate defense of the
Polish armies. Dispatches received 'lere
appear to indicate an improvement in
the military situation in that sector
of the front.
Observers are inclined, however, lo
look on the fighting near Brest-Li-tovsk,
east of Warsaw with some con
cern, as the bolsheviki have massed
large forces in an effort to break
through there. It is felt that the out
come of the battle now being waged
In that region may decide the fate of
It is possible the apparent slowing
of the soviet attack in the north may
be due, hower, to difficulties encoun
tered in bringing food, munitions and
reinforcements to the front over coun
try roads that are believed to have
been thoroughly wrecked by the Poles.
If this is the case, the Poles may be
given only a brief breathing spell be
fore, being called upon to meet the
impact of another tremendous drive
toward their capital.
While their comrades were launching
a counter onensive in tne nortn, tne
Poles fighting on southern sectors of
the line have struck back at tha bolshe
viki and have driven them from terri
tory that theyhad won. in Galicia,.
(' In this region, however, there; is
reason to believe the Boviet armies'
are not se strong nor so flushed with
victory as they have been further
north,where the Polish line has been
crumbled up by the attacks launched
against it,
Rumania has begun the concentre
tion of forces in Bessarabia. Whother
this move is for the purpose of reliev
ing the pressure against Poland or to
force the withdrawal of soviet troops
now on Rumanian soil has not as yet
developed. A Geneva dispatch indi
cated considerable bolshevik unrest in
Rumania. - - ; ;. "
Conversations between the French
and British governments relative to
steps to be taken to induce the bolshe
viki to halt their attack, or to help '
Poland went on all day yesterday, but
no official announcement on the subject
has been made.
Four Steamships Sent in
- Response to Appeal
From the Supartco
Evacuated Town 53 Miles Northeast of
London, Aug. 6. A semi-official mes
sage from Warsaw, filed last night,
says the Poles have evacuated Ostrov,
between the Bug and the Narew rivers,
25 miles southwest of Lomza and about
53 miles northeast of Warsaw.
The dispatch declares that Polish
officials believe that the present rate
of advance if maintained would bring
the Russians into Warsaw in from sev
en to 10 days. .
Disabled Steamer Is Head-
, ing for Halifax With
li' . . AllSpeed : 1
Boston, Aug. 6. Four steamships to
day were hurrying to the aid of the
new freighter Suportco, which sent &
radio, message last , night saying she
was leaking badly and was heading for
'ffalifax;' The ; water was "gaining on
the pumps to day,"the Suportco re
ported and, although her officers did
not consider her in immediate danger
they Shked that the vessls stand by
ready to lend her assistance if need
The Suportco was launched two
months ago. She was bound from
New York for Harve and, when sh
first report! her trouble was 100
mites south of Halifax. The steamers,
which responded to- her call were the
Briston, Norden, Western Main and
West Nohno. She arranged to keep in
touch with them hourly through the
Otter Cliffs radio station.
Let Cuticura Be Your
First Thought Always
When the first signs of pimples, redness,
or roughness appear; smear gently with
Cuticura Ointment to soothe and heal,
'then bathe with Cuticura Soap and hot
water to cleanse and purify. Finally dust
on the refreshing Cuticura Talcum, a deli
cately medicated, exquisitely scented pow
der. If used for every-day toilet purposes.
Cuticura docs much to prevent skin trouble.
Santa lul tr t Hill. Mm. "Citjmr
lAborfctortM. Dept. if. Mldm,MM." Roldawy
whrr.. Soap 26c. Ointraant 26 nd 60c. Talroo 26e.
PSa Cuticura Soap aaavaa without mug.
Hart Schaf f ner 8z Marx
Berlin Attempts to Reduce Prices by
Refusing to Purchase.
Washington, D. C, Aug. 6. Picket
ing against unnecessary buying has
developed in Berlin in an effort to re
duce the high cost of living, according
to a report from the American com
mission in Germany yesterday to the
department of commerce.
Attempts are being made to discour
age purchasers until prices fall. A
slight drop in prices has stopped buy
ing rather than stimulated it, the re
port stated, as purchasers are await
ing further reductions.
Charged With Conspiracy to Tie Up
the Necessities of Life.
Chicsgo, Aug. 6 Indictments against
41 leaders in the recent railroad strikes
which Judge Samuel Alschuler refused
to receive Wednesday because the
names of those indicted had become
public through a "leak" several hours
before the federal grand jury complet
ed its report, were returned yester
Judge Alschuler ordered the indict
ment placed under seal until investi
gation of the "leak" is completed.
The indictments, as drawn up, eharge
the men with conspiracy to tie tip the
necessities of life through the strike
last spring. Indictments were also
voted against the Chicago Yardmen's
association of which Grunau is presi
dent and the United Enginemen's asso
ciation, according to reports given out
yesterday. All those named in the
indictments are members of the two
organizations. ,
Grunau was reported to have told
the federal authorities he was willing
tc settle the strike provided the gov
ernment took some action to persuade
the brotherhoods to restore the senior-
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in Your Small Car
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decides what you really pay; hence,
do not experiment with tires made
to sell at sensationally low prices.
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casings when such sure proteo . -tioals
available! 30x3Visixe A50
in nmStrprf kaf I T.
Ity rights lost by the strikers, when
they bolted the organization last spring.
Approximately one Jiundred tnenbers
of the yardmens' association were ex
pelled from the Order of Railway
Trainmen, at a meeting last night.
Proposal Made to Put Them In State
Owned Plants.
Berlin, Aug. 6. A practical sugges
tion to solve the vexed problem wh.it
to do with 100,000 army men who, in
compliance with a Spa undertaking, are
facing discharge, is offered by the "eco
nomic union of German professional
soldiers' which has worked out a
scheme to distribute the men in differ
ent state-owned plants which are at
the present moment lying idle. The
German government is to subsidize
working expenses of these plants and
fix a scale of wages.
The operation of the plants would
constitute a novelty because they
would be worked on the principle of
"mutual comradeship," and the rela
tionship of employer and workmen
would be eliminated. The government
would take over the main output of
the plants and there would be planned
extensive land settlements on state-
owned lands, which workers would cul
tivate, and on which they would build
their own dwellings after performing
eight hours' daily factory work. The i
promoters claim that the scheme has
already secured official support on prin
All Prussian district presidents have
been summoned to meet Minister Sev
ering to confer on matters affecting
the security police.
There'Good for you.". ,
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keep stylish.
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Summer Headquarters
for Goods Clothes
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Dixie Weaves in light grays and browns;
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Open evenings as usual.
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4WWfiN r- 111.
Copyright 1920 Hart Schaffner &. Mane
For the national Open Tournament at
Toledo, 0.
Toledo, O., Aug. 8. Golfing -stars
from various parts of the country are
arriving for the national open tourna
ment under the auspices of the Unit
ed States Golf association over the
nverness course here next week.
J. Douglas Edgar, Canadian open
champion, is here, snd already has gone
over the par 72 course in 74; Joe
Mitchell of Montclair also has arrived
nd will give the course a plan to-
The tournament committee, which
expressed disappointment over the rj
ported failure of Charles" (Chick)
Evans to enter, learned to-day that
Evans' nsme has been omitted through
a mistake of his secretary.
S. J. Jermain, head of the commit
tee, has received a telegram from
Evans, which said that the player in
structed his secretary to enter his j
name, dui me secretary neglected to
mail the letter until last Monday. It
is understood that Evans hss appeaW
to Secretary Vanderpool to place his
name on the list. Mr. Jermain i.lso
has appealed to the U. S. G. A. secretary.
Detroit and St Paul Meet at St. Paul
to Decide Title.
St. Paul, Minn., Aug. . Detroit and
Si. Paul meet in the final game for
the Printers' national baseball cham
pionship at Lexington psrk here to
day. The Detroit team easily defeat
ed the Boston nine yesterday 12 to 6
t Minneapolis.
The winner will gt possession of the
ifarry Merrrmann tropny won ry riu-x
cago at the tournament svfrsl years
sgo in addition to several other priws.
The tournsment began but Katur-
There will be an out-door Episcopal
service at .Seven Springs on Sunday
afternoon, August eighth at 4 oclock.
Rev. G. R. Brush of Hardwick will of
ficiate. All are cordially invited to at
tend. Oscar G. Harris of Worcester, Mass.,
is visiting hit sister, Miss Ida Har
ris, and other friends in Stowe.
Little Junior, the son of Mr. and
Mrs. Leon S. Macutchan, broke one
bone in the left lower arm Wednesday,
when he fell from the seat back into
the ice cart, in which he was riding
with his uncle, H. E. Jenney.
Mr. and Mrs. V. R. Chamberlain and
family motored to Burlington Wednes
day. Mrs. Paul Raymond is in camp with
friends in Elmore this week.
M. C. Riley of St. Albans is visiting
his psrents, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Riley,
at Mount Manslield hotel.
Mrs. Effie SmaJley of Morrisville,
chairman of the Lamoille county home
service committee, was here Wednes
day, working with Mrs. Minerva Tink-
ham of the town committee on the '
records that are bfing made of the
lys who were in service. The first :
cards were not ss complete ss wss de-1
sired and another set is being made
day afternoon included 12 members of
the Five Hundred club of Wsterbury,
Mr. and Mrs. W. II. B. Perrv, Mr. and
Mrs. E. E. Joslyn, Mr. and Mrs. W. H.
Reabury, Mr. and Mrs. William Parks,
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Lorry and Mr. and
Mrs. R. W. Putnam.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Smith are vis
iting Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wood in
Wolcott. ,
Mr. and Mrs. F. G. George. Mrs. Olive
Gilbert and Mary Drowne of Morris
ville were visiors at the Green Moun
tain inn at supper Wednesday. Mr. and
Mrs. Georgo were cele&ratt'ng their
wedding anniversary.
To the Public.
I wish to announce that I have rent
ed the Marshfleld garage and hired an
experienced mechanician. On Monday,
Aug. 9, I will be ready to do all kinds
of automobile repairing. My prices
will be reasonable. I solicit your pat
ronage. Charles W. Houghton.
out. It is desired to make a complete
record of the service, to be placed on
file in the town clerk's office;
Mrs. W. G. Church of Burlington is
visiting Mrs. H. H. Shackett and fam
ily Mrs. K. C. Robinson of Morrisville
was a visitor in town Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gove and son of
Shelburne were guests this week of
Mi. and Mrs. R. M. Clark.
Mrs. T. C. Pratt is in Montpelier for
Thursday and Friday.
Miss Marjorie Bean has returned to
her home in Wettfield, after visiting her
sifter, Mrs. Harold Burr, on west hilL
A supper party at the inn Wednes-
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of the v
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I l
Yesterday'! American League Games
At Detroit, Detroit 7, New York 1
At Chicago, Boston 4, Chirac -
At t. Louis. St. Louis 2, Vahinj
ton I.
American League Standing.
XYon. Lot. Tit
Cleveland 7 S OO.'I
New York ) 41 . 13
Chicago Kt 40 .C1J
Washington 4 M .470
fi. Louis 4. M .;.-,
Boston 44 SJ .44'!
Detroit 3 l 1SJ
Philadelphia 31 71 ."M
Yesterday's National League Games.
At New York, Xew York 2, Chk-.-go
At Brooklyn. Pittsburg 9, Brooklyn
At Botn. Boston I. St, Loui 0
At Philadelphia, Cincinnati 7, Tbils-
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National League Standing.
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Brooklyn AS 44 ..Vtl
Cincinnati S3 42
New York 31 4-5
rittsburg 51 4-' mI
Chicago SI SI 4i
1 St. Louis 4" 54 -4
B-fton 41 5 .";
Tniladelphia 33 ST -4''7
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