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Published Every Week-Dsy Afternoon bj
Frank E. Langley. Publinher
Enured at the Poetofflre at Barra as Baeond
Claaa Mail Matter
One year by mail 5 W
Three months by mail S1.S0
One month by mail ...80 eenta
Single copy .. cents
All (ubacriptions cash in advance.
The Aaaociated Prea U excIualTely entitled
to the um for republication ef all newa aia
patches credited to it r not ethcrwiae cred
ited in thia paper, and alw the local new
published therein.
' I ' !
i .i ' " 1 i , , i r" - . - i .. .
The affair at Revere Beach Sunday
night bears out the claim that where
there's fighting the Marines are in it.
Having given himself up, Francisco
Villa needs to be watched all the more.
He will be good when the Indian is,
Reports from the southern part of
the state indicate that Congressman
Dale is havsng a difficult time corner
ing the "soldier vote" in his fight for
renomination by the Republicans of
the second district. A good many for
mer service men are inclined to re
sent the appeal he made to them on
the ground of being their great friend.
No doubt there are many names
wrongly placed in the United States
government's list, of 173,911 men now
classed as deserters, and those men will
take the first opportunity to clear their
names. It is not a good heritage to
pass down to succeeding generations to
have it known that the charge of de
sertion hangs over the family. .
The death of a Morrisville boy as
the result of playing with a cord used
to raise and lower a street light is
warning enough for the youngsters to
keep away from appliances connected
with street lighting or from any elec
trical equipment 'At the same time,
the companies dealing in electricity
have a duty to protect the public in
every way possible.
The figures of population in Caledo
nia county are now available, showing
an unmistakable trend away from the
smaller towns into the larger commu
nities and, at the same time, a loss in
several of the larger towns to other
towns in Vermont and to other states.
Of the seventeen towns all lost popula
tion except four, the latter being St.
Johnsbury, Lyndonville, )Kirby and
Vheelook. Hardwick, one of the three
large towns in the county, experienced
the loss which seems to have been gen
eral to granite centers of Vermont at
least, for Hardwick dropped from 3,201
to 2,641, making the largest percent
age of decrease in the county. The
other twelve towns which lost popula
tion decreased in percentages of from
.4 to 10 per cent. But the loss of the
county as a whole was rather less
than had been expected, due, of course,
to the development of St. Johnsbury
and Lyndon. If the other counties of
the state which had been expected to
lose in the census should maintain so
greater loss than Caledonia there
would be no danger of losing one of
Vermont's two congressmen, for some
of the counties having large cimtt-rs
of population are likely to show fa!rly
gooj increases.
T 1 nsw ii m .
To say more would be
a waste of words.
All sizes and nearly all
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purchase these same
suits for to-day.
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at reduced prices.
F. H. Rogers &
Vacation Money
At the mountains, seashore, or on the road, our travelers' checks are
the safest and most convenient method of paying your vacation bills.
Yur money is always ready for you and the self-identifying feature
of this travel money frees you from the embarrassment of attempting to
pass your personal check among strangers.
The convenience is great, but the charge is small.
Furthermore, you can't lose your money an travelers' checks.
The Peoples National Bank
4 Per Cent The Only National Bank in Barre 4 Per Cent
Miss Lucy Sabin returned to her
work in Burlington on Saturday, after
having spent a few weeks 'with her
mother, Mrs. Satira Sabin.
Mrs. Mamie Sheldon of St. Johns
bury is visiting her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. L. H. Beaulaxr.
Miss Elizabeth Howe of Hartford,
Conn., ' came on Sunday for a few
weeks' visit at the home of her un
cle, Dr. O. G. Hall.
Helen Jackson of Greensboro has
been spending a few days at Frank
Houston's, returning on Sunday.
J. E- Brown is spending a week at
J. B. Van Orman's in Calais.
Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Darling have
The threat of a new war in Europe,
taken in conjunction with the rather
shabby treatment that Amarican tour
ists have been receiving from ..lie over-
grasping people in several countries
has bad a tendency to keep Americans
at home during the latter part r,t the
summer. Prior to the outbreak cf the
World war there was a tremendous vol
time of traffic and travel at this sea
son of the year, going and coming; and
the steamship lines reaped a fine liar
vest from the tourists, as did the ho
tel keepers, all the employes of the ho
tels and the various other personages
in Europe with which the Ami rim n
tourists had to come in contact. This
summer it is different, far different, A
good percentage of the steamer trael
and traffic is directed westward to the
United States rather than eastward to
Europe. By common agreement .Amer
ican are staying at home, spending
the summer getting acquainted with
their own country by means of motor
travel and stops here, there and any
where that night catches them. Proof
of this change of plan from the former
summer schedule of European Travel is
given by the presence of increased
numbers of automobiles on the high
ways of Vermont and the other ew
England states i sad we presume sim
ilar condition are to be found in other
states where the development of tb,e
highways makes touring by motor ve
hicle a pleasure and not a hardship. So
well pleased are thee totirit itH
the sight and the attractions if the;r
own land that it is going to take Kti
rope long time to pt bark its for
mer business in the line of entertain
ing Americans; and it will 1 Jng aft
er wars and the rumors of wars in
Europe have subsided too. Perban it
will be after Ftirpaa entertainers
have mended their sy somewhat
along the line of reducing harc- and
eliminating hold-up of various rt.
, ;
The Sheep and the Goats Divided.
Editor, Times: It seems no mors
than fair that the average voter, who
h often misled by statements which
he thinks he has every reason to believe,
should be Informed just what power
ful influences are opposed to the league
of nations; namely, the bolsheviki, the
American socialist party, the so-called
"third party." Mr. Hearst and his pa
pers and such Republicans as follow
Senator Harding.
If there is anything untrue in that
sentence I do not want it printed and
am willing to stand corrected.
Among those who supported the
league were thousands of the noblest
Republicans in the land, a majority of
the Vermont legislature, the Ameri
can Federation of Labor, the Federated
Churches of America, the committee of
the American Bar association, a great
majority of the educators of the coun
try and the 2f civilized nations, who
hae already become members of the
We can. hear or read, and, if we are
foolish enough or insincere or parti
san enough, believe every wicked thing
that is said about the league and these
people who favor it or what is much
worse we are at perfect liberty to talk,
write and vote against our own honest
convections, as apparently thousands,
mavbe millions, are preparing to do.
However, we will know the com
pany we are keeping, and we will
know the cause and the people we are
fighting. John Wilson
Bethel, Vt., Aug. 10, 1920.
biles and the opening of stores, tie.,'
on Sunday will be a thing of the putt
in this locality. Let justice be done. I
J. H. Gowdey.
Montpelier, Aug. II, 1020.
P. S. As a solution of this "base-!
ball war" I would make the suggestion ;
that everybody go to chureh Sunday j
morning and attend ball game in the
afternoon, when there is one.
Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Rowel!, Mrs.
Abbott and children, Glen Rowell and
two children and lady friend, Miss
Ellenwood, all of South Royalton, were
guests of Mrs. Betty Dudley recently.
Mrs. Harriet Christopher and fami
ly spent Sunday in Randolph.
Thomas Davis Is spending a few
days at his home here.
Mr. and Mrs. Amasa Hutchinson and
child of Monbovi. Wis., and Mrs. Har-;
low and Miss Flint of Randolph spent !
one dar last week at the home of the
former's aunt, Mrs. Betty Dudley.
Savings Bank
and Trust Co.
Montpelier, Vt
To Depositors:
Safety of principal is
more to be desired than
high rates of interest.
Some of our invest
ments: $440,000 U. S. Liberty
and Victory Bonds
$30,000 State
mont Bonds
of Ver-
$75,000 City of Mont
pelier Notes
4 Per Cent Paid on
Savings Deposits
Banking by Mail Safe
and Satisfactory
purchased the Ford place at lower Cab
ot Homer Darling is home from Lyn
donville thia week to assist his par
ents in moving to their new home.
lone Summer, Mr. and Mrs. M. V.
Clark and Mrs. F. Houston were in
Hardwick on Monday.
Miss Dorothea Ainsworth, who has
been ill with quinsy sore throat, is
Mr. and Mrs. B. R. Kelson of Plain
field and Mr. and Mrs. Neil Daniels of
Graniteville were callera in this place
Mra. M. F. Welsh of Shelburne spent
Friday and Saturday at W. B. Good
ell's. Mr. and Mrs. Alpha Jackson of
Greensboro visited at Frank Houston's
last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Howland and
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wells of Barre were
callers at W. B. Goodell's Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Batcbelder and
little son of Woodbury were at A. L.
Ainsworth'a Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Bertram of Prince Ed
ward Island, who have been passing
several week with their daughter,
Mrs. Theodore Morrison, started on
their return trip last Monday. Mrs.
Morrison accompanied them a far as
Boston, where she will spend the
The Winooski Valley Pomona grwge
will meet at South Woodbury on Mon
day, August 16. It is expected hat
the national master will be present.
The afternoon session will be open to
the pnblie. A cordial invitation is ex
tended to all to be present.
Rev. E. E. Wells of Attleboro, Maes.,
who, with his family, is spending a
few weeks here, preached at the Con
gregational church last Sunday.
Edward Wells of Barre spent
week end with his son, Rev. E
B. S. Eaatman and family of Grot.
on visited at White brothers Sunday.
Elwin Hood, who has been working
for Mr. Smith of the "Ox Bow" farm
in Newbury, was at hia father's, Sid.
ney Hood, recently
The Topsham school directors, E. S.
Lock, Eugene Androe and Miss M. E.
White, were in Montpelier Wednesday
t consult the state board of educa
Mrs. Ida Pearsons of South Rye.
gate is visiting in town.
John Hood and family of East Barre
are doing the haying at the "old place'
and, as usual, these hospitable people
are entertaining their many friends in
genuine New England style. Among
their recent guests were "Lonnie" Tap.
lin of East Barre and William Morri
son of Topsham four corners.
There was a, dance at the hall Tues
day evening, the Groton orchestra fur
nishing music.
Mrs. Elmer Hood, who hat been em
ployed in Barre, ia visiting her moth
er, Mrs. J. S. Hayward.
W, M. Henry presents for the sUth
consecutive season in Vermont the Nel
lie Gill Players ia "The Game," the
greatest story of politics and love ever
written. Plainneld, Saturday, Sept. 4.
FRANK N. SMITH, Treasurer
Have no chance to become proprietors. On the
other hand one who saves WILL eventually be
ready to embrace the opportunity to become a
You may open an account here with as little as
$1.00 and get interest qn all you save.
Are you going to coritinue to spend instead of
The First National Bank
of Montpelier
Eatabliihed in 1865
A Good Bank in a Good Town
ThT will a meeir-z of the
Board of iil Authority for the ahate
reet of 1ae kfid in the City Court
Room, Oty Hil, on Fridiy, Ayju.t
I3h. at T Y3r-k p. m.
August fi, J5O0.
Favors Sunday Baseball.
Editor, Barre Times: I am in fa
vor ol runday afternoon i.iball
games if properly conducted.
I am also in favor of upholding tLe
I am tint in favor of discrimination
in the enforcement of the law.
If a man is fortunate enough to own
an automobile or lielong to a golf
club and thereby obtain recreation and
enjoyment not only Sunday afternoon
but all day Sunday, it is equally im
portant, to my ay of thinking, that
a man with nltr rents in his toket
is able to obtain the recreation and en
joyment that he deire for a few hours
Sunday afternoon at a game of tae
ball "made in America."
I have never witn.ed any immoral
ity or "pernicious influence" at a 1-all
game. Les might tie said of the liv
ing parties in any old woods here
about Sunday afternoon or "vin-tia;
likewit-e nrght be argued in 1'e-
fen of the sellirg of "hooch to v'.unj j
mm on the side at plas too nunw-J
ous to mention, or "high toned" rtr.H- j
lire in bsrk rooms.
I am not a mtnST ?f eith.-r bell '
Wm but I am ba'l of the V-ys t. the;
8n;h in the portion they hke Uiken j
If there ran 1 no Sunday 'ebaB j
without violating the law, thm th re-1
suit snut W that the pisvir of fH ;
cr tennis, the nsnr.'r.f of and the i d j
irg f stret r, the ue of an'otuv-JV,
Ladies' Low
August Sale
Men's Low
All Men's and Ladies'
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Rogers' Walk-Over Boot Shop
Quarry Savings Bank
and. Trust Company
has been administered with the conviction first,
that as to a savings bank no other consideration
is as important as strength ; second, that satisfy
ing success comes only in return for service of
real worth.
It has so extended its scope that it has be
come a veritable "Department Store of Finance,"
equipped with complete facilities for meeting
practically every financial requirement of individ
uals and corporations.
You are invited to make this your "banking
Baa A. Eastman 3. M. Boutwcll W. G. Remolds H.F.CutI
L.8eott E.J.M. Jom B. W. Umom SLSLJaakM
Vermont Mutual
Fire Insurance Company
of Montpelier, Vt.
Premium Note Capital and
Assets $ 12,707,608.59
Insurance in Force 119,521,431.00
Important Factors in the Management
ot Bis Company
It insures all classes of insurable property at the
lowest possible rates, consistent with safety.
It holds all Asset3, including advance premiums,
to best safeguard the welfare of policy hold
ers against any extraordinary emergency.
It practices prompt and equitable adjustment and
payment of all honest losses.
It extends to policy holders, in all matters in
which they are, interested as insurers,
fair and courteous treatment.
Policies Written Under Mutual or Paid-Lip Plan at
v Actual Cost-No Profit '
Consider this fact when placing your Automobile
Fire Insurance. Rates on Automobiles
have recently been reduced one-half.
If seeking insurance, see our Local Agents.
McAllister & Kent
Agents for Barre, Berlin and Orange
S all th
y3 advar
11 .i unless
fc" .ii 11 lg
Elggtrical Aids
wJupt o-d a te hostess
5 For the after theater bite, the hastv lunch
or afternoon tea, as well as for regular every
day use, electric table cookery naf become
I the rage. Vt course, you cannot take
vantage of these popular conveniences
unless your, home is wired.
Call and See Us.
Barre Electric Co.
Tel. 93
Electric Co.
Tel. 26
Arl Squares and Rugs
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