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Happenis., of Interest from
Different Sections.
i The mercury registered 03 tlr.grees
in the shade at Rutland Sunday.
lire. Oscar H. Blossom of Sellowa
Falls got a broken right arm when she
attempted to crank her automobile and
the thing backfired.
Claiming that Frank A. Wallace of
Castleton. had paid her no Tent for 15
years, Mrs. Ellen Bragg of the same
town is sning Wallace for $15,000, rent
and interest.
After touring the country from Flor
ida to Vermont in search of a farm,
'A. B. Sahlin has. purchased the flO,
000 140-acre farm near Pumpkin hill
trestle in St. Johnsbury.
Albert Billodeau of Newport is un
der $300 bail on the charge of attempt
ing to smuggle his brother,- Emory, into
the United States by means of claim
! ing someone's citizenship papers as
An autopsy revealed that Charles H.
Wyatt, the colored man, whose Lody
was found in a sitting posture at the
window of his house last Saturday,
died of acute dilation of the heurt.
I None of the man's relatives have been
In attempting to drive past anoth-
er automobile, a Mr. Minott of Green
field, Mass., got too far into the ditch
In Salisbury and rammed a telephone
pole, breaking the pole off and damag
ing the machine considerably. Mr. Mi
nott had one shoulder dislocated and
received cuts from broken glass of
the windshield. Four other people in
the car were not much hurt.
While attempting to turn a Ford
ar around, Miss Cordelia Ball backed
the machine off the wall and into Lake
Bomoseen. Miss Ball and her compan
ions, Hazel Proctor, Mildred Guttron,
Carrie Cheever and Frances Hamilton
were rescued by nearly a hundred bath
ers and none of them was found to be
seriously hurt although the car turned
"over twice and landed bottom "tide up
in 'the lake with kindshield and top
of car demolished.
A complete county ticket has been
named by the Democrats of Caledonia
icounty, the names on the ticket bring
as follows: State senators, Chark-s N.
Whitney of St. Johnsbury and V. E.
Dwinell of Lyndonville; side judges,
,M. V. B. Dow of Danville and John
B. Finley of St. Johnsbury; sheriff, E.
E. Roy of St. Johnsbury; high bailiff,
H, M. Osgood of Danville ; judge of pro
..riate, Arthur L. Graves of St. Tohns--bury;
state's attorney, v Samuel E.
Richardson of Barnet.
The buildings on the farm of Tnseph
Lavoie, the last farm on the Vermont
side of the international boundary lir.e
north of Newport, were burned Sat
urday night, the fire being caused by
spontaneous combustion, it is thought.
Over 100 tons of hay were destroyed.
Loss, $10,000.
It now develops that Mrs. H. B.
Dodge of Swampscott, a summer resi
dent at Bartlett, N. H., did not lose
ker $1,500 diamond pendant in St.
Johnsbury at all but she slipped it
into a folder describing St. Johnsbury
and didn't know it until she started
to show the folder to a friend at Bart
lett and the pendant dropped out.
Joseph and Anthony Redig of St.
Albans are nursing injuries received
In different accidents. Joseph was in
the way of a cake of ice which fell
from an ice truck on his right ankle,
breaking no bonee but bruising the an
kle severely; Anthony's right hand
was under a wheel of an automobile
when jack slipped from under the
ear while the tire was being changed.
Nellie J. Kingsley and A. W. Rogers
Lave secured divorces from their re
spective matrimonial partners in Wind
aor county court, the rases being heard
Jointly because both were for deser
tion. Earls Kingsley and Mrs. Pora
Rogers having eloped a year ago, Mr.
Rogers getting the custody of five mi
nor children.
Wessell, Nickle A Gross of New York
City, msnufaeturers of piano actions
are to build a three-story brick 'actory
t Barton. A modern factory nd dry
kiln for use in manufacturing wood
products, connected with their New
York business will be put up this fall.
The concern has large holdings of
timber in the vicinity of Barton.
Auction Sale
of Personal Property
Earing sold my real estate? I will sell
at Public Auction in Williamstown Vil
lage, Saturday, August 14, 1920,
At t O'clock in the Afternoon
A quantity of household furniture,
jnnsistinf of bedroom sets, father
beds, tables, chairs, parlor orpan, sew
ing machine, refrigerator, two on ok
stores, one oil stove, washing; machine,
and numerous other articles.; three
tons of coal.
One buggy wssron. one sl'ich. set cf
deds, pre inj driT'.rjr harness, horse
Markets, cultivator, harrow, shovels,
sort, rake and o'her small tvis. A
rt of carpenter tools, and about I.Ooft
'e of hard snd snft wood lumber,
(ale Positive Terms at tin ef sale.
H. K. FARNHAM, Owner,
f. T. JAXHS0X, Anctsoneer.
Three Is a Crowd
Got a Year at Hard Labor in the State
Prison in Windsor.
Brattleboro, Aug. 11. Sentences of
not less than one year nor more than
two years at hard labor in the state
prison in Windsor were imposed by
Judge A. E. Cudworth in the munici
pal court Monday afternoon on Jamea
Tracy and James Carroll, they having
pleaded guilty to charges of grand lar
ceny, the offenses having been com
mitted July 29 at the home of Charles
Atherton, who lives in the second
house down from the top of Hogback
mountain on the west side, a few miles
from Wilmington.
The young men had been in jail at
Newfane awaiting trial at the Septem
ber term of court, and they asked that
State's Attorney E. W. Gibson file in
formation against them in order that
they might plead guilty. In this they
evidently acted the part of wisdom, be
cause if the cases had come to trial it
was State's Attorney Gibson's inten
tion to amend his complaints and
charge the respondents with breaking
and entering, in which case they doubt
less would have been given more se
vere sentences.
State's Attorney Gibson said that
when the warrants were issued he did
not have at hand information showing
that th respondents entered the Athef-
ton house, so they were charged with
grand larceny in stealing several
dresses belonging to Miss Mildred Ath
erton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ather
ton. He could not change the com
plaints after the respondents had asked
to have information filed against them
on the grand larceny charge, although
he had learned they forced an entrance
to the house. j
John Bacci was with the two others
in Newfane jail, on the same charge,
and joined with the others in asking
that informations be filed, and he was
brought here with them Monday by
Sheriff Frank L. Wellman, but the re
spondenta agreed that he had nothing
to do with the larceny and did not en
ter the house. State's Attorney Gibson
thought it would be unfair to accept
a plea of guilty from him without fur
ther investigation, so his case waa con
tinued at the request of his counsel,
Attorney A. V. D. Piper, snd he waa
returned to Newfane jail pending in
quiry to learn whether he has a record.
"T.anlac Has Done So Much
For Me I Feel It My Duty
to Tell Others About
It," He Says
As a Matter of Bussiness
common sense, would it not be welf
for you to leave your insurance so thst
your fsmily will receive it in the form
of a regular monthly Income t This
prevents sharks who prey on widows
from taking advantage of yours. Think
this over. Then let us give facts. Na
tional Life Ins. Co. (Mutual). S. 8.
Ballard, general agent, Rialto block,
Montpelier, Vt.
Is a tire
earned. Our
v u 1 c a n i i ing
later feres
some what
with the sale
of tires but
we believe
that when a
man invests
his money in
tiros he should
get his money's
worth out of them. F-ach day adds
new patrons to our list. It is quite
natural that an autoist should take
Mr. Dollar Bill's ad-ice and de
business with a good live concern.
The Shop That Givea Your
Dollar a Long Ride.
371 North Maia Street
"Tanlac has done so much for me
that I feel it my duty to make a
statement so that other suffering peo
ple ' may know about this medicine,"
said A. R. Mairs, 3 Nickwackett
street, Rutland, Vermont. Mr. Mairs
has resided in Rutland for about
twenty-five years and is a well-known
"It's been more than a year now,"
he continued, "that my stomach got
all upset, and my appetite became ao
poor that I didn't know what it was
to bo hungry. Everything I ate dis
agreed with mo and at times even a
glasa of water would cause me dis
tress. After eating anything I would
bloat all up with sour gss, and would
suffer from dizzy attacks snd short
ness of breath. ,
"My kidneys worried me terribly
and I had awful pains in the small of
my back. I have suffered from rheu
matism the greatest portion, of my
seventy years and this, together with
my other troubles, put me in a terri
bly weak, run-down condition.
"Well, I finally hit upon Tanlac,
and it's lucky for me thst I did, for it
certainly is doing the work for me.
My sppetite is so big that I eat three
good square meals a day now and I
never have a sign of indigestion. I'm
a strong believer in safety first, so
I'm going to take a few more bottles
of Tanlac. But even now I don't feel
a trace of the rheumatism that I suf
fered from so long, snd I've gained so
much strength, and am so much better
in every way that I just feel fine.
Teniae, is undoubtedly the best medi
cine I ever heard of for troubles like
mine, and I'm glad of the opportunity
to recommend it to others."
Tanlac is sold in Barre by the Barre
Drug Co., in Northfleld by Nat A.
Wheeler, in Waterbury by Brisbin
Brisbin, snd in Websterville by E. H.
Nemey. Adv.
Auction Sale
SATURDAY, August 14th
at One O'clock Sharp
Owini to chance of plans and wish
ing to dispose of surplus articles, I will
sell by Public Auction at this farm in
Riverton (town of Berlin) the follow
ing described property:
Three cows in milk, one yearling
heifer, one six-months heifer calf, one
three-months, heifer calf. Three of
these aTe registered Jerseys. All have
recently passed the federal test.
Two O. I. C. brood sows, due to far
row early next month, and a few
spring pigs of same breed, both sexes.
A number of farming tools, includ
ing two two-horse lumber wsgons, one
horse rake, corn planter, cultivator, one
pair double sleds, one pair single sleds,
one fine old-fashioned high back sleigh,
one canopy top Surrey, set of tackle
blocks, one new copper pump, three
gallons of green paint and odd lota of
other colors; 50 feet of rubber hose,
one lawn mower (nearly new), one
wire waste paper holder, four wheel
barrows, ons pair work harnesses, driv
ing harnesses, single and double, ete.
A quantity of household furniture,
including beds, bedding, tables, chairs.
one sofa, one wicker chair, ktunge with
cushion, one antique dressing stand
with drawers, one sittng room stove,
two lots of antique chairs, six each,
and other articles. A lot of cookery
utensils, china, glass. One fine new
wash stand set complete, etc. A num
ber of jars of preserves and jelly. One
large Monarch evaporator and arch
with sap buckets, one eight-gallon ale
keg with lock faucet.
Terms at time of sale.
r. D. ERHARDT, Owner
D. P. Le FEBVSE, Auctioneer.
We have a line of
chairs at medium prices.
Come in and look them
Lee & Clara B. Shortt
Marshfield, Vt
DRTEDWIN f. heininger
howlandbldc. SURGEON DENTIST 0NB n-w
A Modern X-Ray Equipment
vuinFffitt" PIANOS,
Telephone 369-W. Barre, Vt
Office tn Room . Miles Building
TT""" Cesiae-twm
Osteopathic Physician
Of- Oeed Teesders ss Katr4eye
Specializing: in Extracting and
Dental X-Ray Diagnosis
Than, 1-M
Hospital Asabuleare Berries
Undertakers and
Licensed Embalmers
rVjx Square Barre TeL eonaeetien. 428-W
We am now read? to serve both aid end)
new raUMn wit a a kirk grade of Jewelry.
Repair war rus ran teed.
0. J. DODGE, the Jeweler
Tha undersigned, having been appointed by
tha honorable probata court for tha district
of Washington, commissioners, to twelve,
examine, and adjust the claims and demands
of all persona against the aetata of Flora
Curtis Beard, late of Orange, in said
district, deceased, and all claim exhibited
(n offset thereto, hereby give notice that we
rill meet for the purpose, aforesaid, at the
town clerk's office in the. town of Orange,
in said district, on the 29th day of July and
80th day of October next, from 1 o'clock
p. m., until 8 o'clock p. m., on each of said
days and that six months from the 13th dsy
of July A. D. 1920 is tha time limited by
aid court for said creditors to present their
claims to us for examination and allowance.
Dated at Orange, Vt, this 27th day of
July A. D. 120.
FRED M. CURT1SS, Commissioners.
State of Vermont, District of Washington, .
Be It rejmamhered. that Mary Ellen Tem
pleton Morse, of City of Barre, In the county
of Washington and state of Vermont, will
be hereafter known and called Mary Ellen
In' witness whereof, I hereunto set my
hand snd seal, this 27th day. of July, A. D.
SeJ) Mary EUen Templeton Mors.
State of Vermont, District of Washington, ss.
At Montpelier, in said district, this 27th
day of July, A. D. 1920, personally appeared
tha above named Mary Ellen Templeton
Morse and acknowledged the foregoing in
strument by her sealed and subscribed to be
her free act and deed.
Before me. FRANK J. MARTIN.
Judge of Probate for the District of
Washington. ,
Wherefore, it ia ordered thet said instru
ment be published three weeks successively
in the Barre Daily Times, a newspaper pub
lished at City of Barre in ssid county, agree
ably to the statute in such oaaa made and
PXet": FRANK J. MARTIN, Judge.
Tha undersigned, having been appointed
by the honorable probate) court for the dis
trict of Washington, commissioners, to re
ceive, examine, and adjust the claims and
demands of all penons against the estate of
Jennie Moore, late of Town of Bams, in
aid district, deceased, and all claims ex
hibited in offset thereto, hereby give notice
that we will meet for the purpose aforesaid,
at the office of the Tilden Shoe Co., in the
Ctty of Barre, in aaid district, on the 1st
day of September and 1st day of February
next, from o'clock a. m., until S o'clock
p. m.. on each of said days and inat six
mr.ntna from tha Srd day of August A. D.
1920 is the time limited by aaid court for
said creditors to present their claims to ill
for anamination and allowance.
Dated at City ef Barre this 10th day of
August A. D. 1920.
GEORGE J. SEAGER, Commissioners.
Augl 1-18-21
Auction Sale
On account of poor health I will sell
the following described property, on
FRIDAY, August 13th
At i O'clock P. M. Sharp
Farm known as Smith Taylor farm
consisting of 165 acres, good farm
buildings with running spring water at
house and barn. Situated two miles
from Chelsea village on state road to
Vershire. Tlenty of fruit. Good sugar
orchard. Plenty of soft wood lumber
to run farm and several thousand feet
to spare, also some basswood.
Nine cows, si grade Holsteins, one
Ayreshire, and two grade Jerseys ; one
pair two year-old Holstein steers, one
two-year-old Jersey heifer, seven
yearling Holstein heifers, Ave Holstein
calves, two horses, one eleven years old
and one six years, both fearless of
autosj one hog, weighs about 150
pounds, and 23 brown leghorn hens.
One iron aile ox cart, one two-horse
wagon, two buggy wagons, two sleighs,
two work harnesses, two driving har
nesses, one spring tooth harrow, one
horse rake, one iron side hill plow, one
DeLaval separator (nearly new), one
milk can, one grindstone, one traverse
aled, one ox sled, one slide yoke, one
stiff yoke, and all small tools such as
used on a farm.
Sugar Tools One John Kier's evap
orator, ten feet long, one five barrel
galvanired draw tub. one ten-barrel
galvanired holding tub, one wooden
draw tub, 200 fJrimm IB-quart common
tin buckets, 100 wooden sap buckets.
One undivided half of 40 tons of hay,
four or five acres standing oats, ten
cords sugar wood, five cords four-foot
wood in woods. 12 cords stove wood in
shed, four or five hundred feet more
or less 2x4 and boards.
Some household goods; cook stove,
sitting room stove and many, thing
not mentioned.
Terms at Sale Sale positive.
B. H. ADAMS, Auctioneer.
BIT 14 MONTPELIER Leave arirn t
Bailey a Daw IVae-aa. Barre. let. eas-W.
Office will k closed until
August .
Nm 2-W lit Nona Maia (ma
East F-arre. Vebtr ilie and GraoitetiCe tn Parr $5.00
Orange. Washington, aod VYiniamstwB to Barre 7.09
Loag ijtacce u.p 2fe P auj
M. J. WHITCOMB. Et Barre, Vermont
Household Furniture at
62 Brook Street
August 13th,
At 4 O'clock
As I am breaking up my home, will
sell my household goods at auction at
the premises on Friday afternoon, con
sisting of chiffonier, sewing machine,
four small tables, extra good ward
rob, several mattresses, springs, iron
beds, wooden bed, two pieces linoleum.
six chairs, three, rockers, two oil
stoves, couch, robes, seteral nips, gol
coal stove, writing desk, lawn mower,
lot of dishes, lamps. It of garden tools,
shoemaker's tools, step ladder, and a
lot of fruit jars, and many other arti
clcs of furniture. This i all Rood
clean property and must be sold at
one for the reason above.
Terma at time f sale.
6a Brook Street.
D. A. PERSY, Auctioneer.
The Times will nuhlUh Wants, Lost and
Found, For Ssle, To Let. eto.-ahort adver
tisements at the rate of three lines for
twenty-five cents .for the first insertion and
ten cents for each subsequent Insertion.
FOR SALE gdrre firm. miles from R
R. station on main road, Mt mile from
school and 2 churches, near neighbors, plen
ty of water y spring and lenre brook, nice
sugar bush of about 850 tree, besides other
lumber; for quick ssle $1,00 Ineludina
crops ; sold on easy terms i apply to Geo. C
Benjsmin, Plainfleld, Vt. 1"
FOR SALE CottaBS house and barn on
Trow hill, about - one mile, from . city,
Diaiza on both sides, electric Usrhts, two
acres land, 1 ores in strawberries, some
applea trees and small iru; inquire
William Ritchie, lt
FOR SALE A six-room eoUaare on Vine
street, hardwood floors and cemented cel
lar and all modern conveniences, and lance
aarden and hen house; inquire at K. Broe
gini. 85 Pleasant street. 12m
FOR SALE The Fenwick place, one and a
half mil from Barre post offtea, 42 acres
land, keeps 10 caws -and two horses, good
vegetable farm, rood house and bams, best
of spring water I price $4,000, including
some of the farming tools; T. H. Cave, Ad
rrHnsitrater, Bam. 122tf
FOR SALE A seven-room cottage, corner
Franklin and Tremont streets, steam heat,
hardwood floors, set tubs and all modern
conveniences ; can be boutrht at a bargain
if bought at once; call 416, McAllister 4b
Kent lH tf
FOR SALE House in one of the most desir-
able locations in the city, has cementea
cellar, furnace, bath, hot and cold water,
garden, garage; terms reasonable; also cot
tage houae of seven rooms near Batehelder
street, convenient to stone shed; inquire at
8Academy strset Jf4t
JAMES STREET HOUSE of 7 rooms ; he-
houae 12x20 ft, ,- bouse is lighted by elec
tricity ; has 2 bay windows ; cellar cemented ;
plenty of fruit and good garden ; price
$2,000.00; this is a pleasantly located home
and convenient for granite workers 1 D. A.
Perry Heal Estate Agency. Barre. tf
FOR SALE Six-room cottage house at tha
corner of Park and High streets; large
garden and 2 henhouses : easy payments If
desired; inquire at 10 Eastern avenue er
telephone 4ii-X. 9tf
FOR SAfjE 8-room modern house on Mon-
pelier road ; piasta, bam, henhouse, t
acres land; reasonable; aiao 2tenement
house at St Merchant street and cottage
house on Washington street; Mrs. H. 6.
Miles, tel. K17-X, 04tf
FOR SALE A nice home ia South Barre;
10-room house, barn, henhouse and garden ;
bouse is heated by a Spencer steers heater,
which cannot be beaten, burns the cheap
buckwheat coal; electric lighta in house ami
barn ; nire lawn with shade trees and shrub
bery : will sell at a big sacrifice: inquire et
W. L. Carr at Jones Bros. Co. or on prem
ises. , 6tf
FOR SALE 7-room cottage, ail modern eon.
veniences ; barn, gsrsge, lots if desired ;
owner leaving city; J. Bosii. Berlin
street. Betf
FOR SALE Trow block. 11S South Main
street, contains 2 store, 2 tenements, slse
S building lots ; good renting property ; price
for immediate sale, 16.400; U. G. Boyee, 11
Academy street. T2tf
"GREENLEIGH20IS SMaln street, tot
sale; the semi-buniralow residence of the
late W. F. Milne, built within S years ; eon
tains 7 rooms, bathroom, hardwood finish
and floors throughout, set tuba, eernent cel
lar floor and steam heat : henhoase and t ex
tra Iota go with the property ; apple trees,
berry bushes, etc., and garden In good con
dition ; apply to Mrs. W. F. Milne, tel.
429-M. 27U
WANTED Man for general farm work ; M.
C. Cutler, East Montpelier, 1Z6UI
WANTED First-class man" to run travel.
' ling Crane ; Martinson Estate Co. lZCta
WAOTEDxerienced man to operate
hoist for boom derrick, steady job; N.
Pelaggi ft Co., Northfleld. 120tf
jrTArJTEb- Experienced ssnd-blsst opera-
teri.,"T.-(?rdIL' Inc: L2?
WANTED--Surfaeer anfgsng of cutters,
company has a number of good tene
ments ; rent free to granite cutters ; spply
to Davis Bros.. West Berlin. Vt. U4tf
WANTED Boy at Times Office. Apply. "
Stable. lOatf
WANTED AT ONCE-First-class bricklay
ers. S1.17H, per hour: tenders S0c : 12
months' work; IwjuIs A. Lsfrsnce, Windsor.
Vt; applyto Mr Goulet. upt.. 89tf
"WAtiTED TlTree flrst-cfaes "letter cutters";
one who esn carve; also three granite
cutters i best of Wages; address C. St-h let
ters Sons. Freedom. Pa. 9tf
TEAMSTER WANTEDAlto a few tons ef
hay for sale; apply to. N. M. Nelson. 20
Merchant street. 71"
WANTED A girl to sasist with
work, no hard work: apply to
George Johnson, Montpelier road.
WANTED A short-order cook
more Lunch.
WANTED Waitress for dining room
who has had but little experience
considered : Hotel Barre.
WANTED Woman to take eare of
dining hall and assist on dishes ;
ill be
A Few Exceptional Values
.in Good Homes
Prices much lower than they
will ever sell for agrain.
ROOMS; hardwood floors and finish down
stairs ; two porrhea, furnace, lights, plumb
ing, ete. Very pleasantly situated on large
lot affording an excellent garden or chance
for another house. Owner is sick snd
wants immediate sale. Will let it go Tor
H.1H.W, which ia much less than actual
venience. furnace, llrhta, etc. Six good
rooms, good garden with quantity of small
fruit rine location snd a bargaia at
Barre can be bought far just about one
half the cost to build to-day. There are
eight rooms, most of them finished In curly
birch; polished floors; sll conveniences. In
cluding set laundry tubs, splendid wide
porch and screened sleerexng porch ; extra
Ut, quantity of shrubbery, fine lawn. ete.
The owner is leaving town and allows t
to offer this fine property for IS,00.00 ;
1 1. 000.00 down. It is a chance ef a life
time. Located near Pleasant street
tl.IK0.00 BUYS this five-room house on
Grant Ave. Lighted and in good condition :
handr to granite works; a good home for
the money.
WE CAN SELL you a comfortable home
on Farwell street for only 160.00 with a
payment of 1100.00 down.
WHY PAY FENTT We can eften take
Liberty Bends in part payment for homes
and have never yet taken them at less than
face value. Better see us at one.
No. MM. 118 sera place: good comfort
able house and barn ; about 40 acres of
woodland ; grafted fruit orchard ; located
about wiree mlies from Worrester on good
road. Prire 11,000.00. It Is worth much
more: good hay crop will be Included if
sold before hay ia cut
No. 144. A tS.ooe.M farm for 14,000 00:
terms 11,000.00 down or might take a cheap
place in part payment; 100 a-rea of excel
lent land ; sugar bush and fruit ; two-story
house and two goed cilapbnarded barns :
lorated one mile from good village and high
school on main road. Cream team calls.
This is a genuine bargain and you better
look it over at onre. as It won't stay oa
the market long.
WANTED Board and room f-w twa men,
beginning rpt 1 : send rrpltea to "P.,"
rare Times Office. l?t3
Barre resident desires to invest in gran,
ite business: answer by letter only t "A.
B. C" care Times Office. IZstS-
WANTED A-second-hand, large sited, pei-
tahing machine; also a IS or 10 Horse
power motor: J o. BUooeae tc izms
WANTED" TO RENT -A farm with stork
and Serb, for three or fire yeare. beat ef
references : address "E," care Times omr.
W ANTED Experienced stenographer, who
is familiar with clerical work ; no knowl
edge of bookkeeping required ; apply by
letter to "X..M Times Office. 122tf
WANTED At ONCE A middleaged lady
for a housekeeper by a widower with one
child, on a farm: J. F. Rogers, R. D. I.
Box 67. South Roys 1 ton. Vt 119t9
WANTED A lone man wsnts a competent
Protestant lady ss housekeeper, those not
under 40 years preferred, would exchange
references, good home, sure pay : for par
ticulars write to Lock Box 261. Bsrre. Vt.
WXNTCD Girl for kitrhen work at the
Kelltwr Boarding House 28 Behool
street Montpelier; telephone 672-M. lltf
WANTED All-round ew.V for smell sum
mer Irn : spplv 1o William M. Gale, Lake
Morev. Fslrlee. Vt 7tf
EFFICIENT COOK, waitresses snd kitchen
woman wanted st once at Miller's Inn.
Montpelier. 75tf
to train aa nurses at Barre City Hospital.
Barre. 28f
WANTED Pup't nures ni attendant st
' the Taunton State Hospital ; wares. ,.. 00
pr monh with mainen"nce: for naviculars
rfdrvue Dr. Arthur V. Go. Sunt. Tsuntnn
State Hospital. Taunton. Mass. 24tf
full time, HO an hour spare tte. selling
guaranteed hoiry to w-arer. Experience
unneorary. Guaranteed Mills, Nome
town. Ps. 108tV
CLERKS (Men, womenl over 17, for Pontal
Mail service: J1S5 month: examinations
Autnist: experience uniereesarv : for free
particulars, write R. Terry (former civil
service exeminer), 91 Continental Bide..
KELP WANTED Youn men and women to
take nosit'ens as sHendants at the Ver
mont State Hospital for the Insane at We.
erburr ; to those who dseire. sn opportunity
offered to attend "Times' training course :
simly at Hospital. Waterbury. Vt 1tf
TO RENT Six-room cottage at 11 Howard
street, pantry, bath, hot iW; inouire
Mm. L. J. Mead.telephone 7M-M. '2?'f
TO"RENT For three months, three-room
furniehad flat in Monlier: eddreas let
ters to "A. T. M., care Times Office. 12Rt3
TO RENT Five-room tener-'nt e Elmore
street rewly repaired ; Mrs. Edith M
Carr. telephone 4S4-M. 122tf
TO RENT Cottage house, barn, garden
' and hen house : one mile from Barre : ap-
cl to Leon Cumminga, 84 Merchant street.
TO RENT One leriei furnished front
mm. suitehle for litrht housekeeping: in.
nlre et 4 Lon stret lltf
TO RENT First class tenement: inquire of
Dr. O. G. Btickney, 60 Wsshington street.
TO RENT Small tenement at 48 East
street, sultsble for man and wife: also
e Arts', sous tn rent Inquire of G. I..
Woodworth Fstmsn Block. 107tf
TO REVr" Five-room tenement with garden
at S4 Elmwood avenue; apply at same ad
dress. 0tf
TO RENT Tenement 4 rooms, 110 a mo,:
Smith place. Maple avenue; Smith Bros.
TO RFNT- J-room tenement Jt floor. TV. s
Northern : all modern; spply at 220 North
Msln street. 4rf
TO RENT Tenement st ? Merchant street,
also 4 tenements on Wilier street all tn
flrst-class shape: modern improvements:
Gee. W. Msnn. B4 Welllneton street i2tf
RAISE FEEFRDS-Let the calves do
your milktne-. limited amount of stock for
sale; HUand Farm. Groton, Vt, R. F. D. s.
FofFSALE Twenty-five six-weeks-old pigs :
they are dandies : aleo one pur- h d
Berkshire boar, unregistered, will weigh 175
pounds; W. C. Partridge. Msrshfleld. Vt
FOR-SALE One four-yeer-old Jersey cow.
o freshen in February : one e even cer
oid cow and heifer calf; E. M. White. 17
Upland avenue. Barre. llst'
FOft 1ALE Seven Holstein cows. Ave due
to freshen In October, two in November:
four are 4 years old. three sre S years : all
tuberculin tested ; Plo Poasi. Warren Nv
Farm. Eaat Barre; telephone S97-22. 1!7U2
WANTED Clean wine and other barrels
1.-1.1.. I miAw Me . l.n , i I r
apples in September and October: B. A.
LaveJie. waterpurv. ,i. 'f -
CASH "PAlfCFor live poultry : send rsrd
. : , A . . . . n
Sna 1 will ct-n .n v -im , i, r.
Level le. Waterbury. Vt ltStS
Improve er unimproved, with private
lake: F. B. 1134. 42nd street, Brooklyn,
v. v 12nt.se
Wanted to buy stantmng hXy : tei:
S.SS-M. " r-n
WANTED"TtBUY Second-hand furnlto-W
. L. nRcire O. Smith. 217 Ne.
Main street tel. 72-M. llt2S
Personal Property
THURSDAY, August 12
At 4 P. M.
As I nave soil mt home in fpper
r,ranitiile and am leaving the state
I ih to dispose of the following
rlescribod personal property at auction:
One Morgan rasre, eij:ht years old, a
pood one. weight about i"1 TpS.;
Arvfhire row. sven yesrs old. due to
fre-hen in January; 13 months old
neifer. 30 hens and some rhrrkens; set
dritirfr hsrn -. set 1 (fht work
harness. bujr?y in first r!as cw.di
tion. v"d lit dmirf punjf sleis-h.
rutter, sVirh. iron whreiSarrow. fern
metal feed boes. trfindstone and Hj
of Other small tools. Also Wt of r"wie- j
hold furniture, inchidirg beds. bedJiPE. ;
rr.a'treeec. spnrsfs. lamp, refr-erat-g
Iswa rnoeer. wish rrarfctne. wr-cjer
Hep laid-rsi etc.. ete
TerBii at tare ef aW. i
ALtES MelttlAjr. Owt.
D. A. FIBRT, Articer.
fJOST Sunday. hetaeen Weehinrum
heia-hta and Lane Mfy. Co., Montpelier,
K-ineh cable chain. 5" feet lone: notify
Times office. Barre, or A. H. Gordon. West
Corinth. 124tS
LOST Sunder, between Upper Granitevil!e
and WeheterrilVe, a porkethook eontaJnine;
IMS; finder will be suitably rewarded bv
return in e to Weoterv!!!e post office. l?4tj
tachment worke on all -eewins; machine ;
v-e II W: personal r berks 1-V extra ;
Lifht'e Mail Order House. Bos 127. Birm
neham. Ala. IKt7
DANCIN"- Trtvate leen : latest sew j
-. . a - - ail farmer r u r i 1. and t
ethers: rnon l-n. i z .win ei.m-i. i.sii
equipped to take parties: csil
known as the C. A. WUrht store : for price
snd further information write or call en
Harry H. Lyford, North Tunbridge, Vt
FOR SALE Thirty tons early cut hay, aleo
large work home, will sell cheap ; E. E.
Kiscr. 121 Orange street 126t6
FOR SALE Two roll top desks, office
table, desk chair, child's desk, fur robe,
set Encyclopedia Britannlca. Rochester
lamp, Ave stone jam : inquire at 30 Avert II
street, George L. Morris. 12Kf
FOR SALE A good second-hand upright
piano, stool and scarf, price low for cash :
eaU at No. 4 Currier street 124t4
FOR SALE Five horse power gasoline en
gine, used but little, 60 cash; H. L.
Flint, Easi Randolph. Vt Jl4i?
FOR SALE Adouble bicycle, built for two ;
inquire or write Mr. or Mrs. Astbury, R.
F. D;2, Waterbury, Vt 124t3
FOR SXLE Two well bred hunting dogs,
five months old, nicely marked, cheap for
quick sale'; phone Montpelier 631-J. 122tf
car. -No. 15 De Lsvsl separator. "Star"
stanchions and water bowls ; two cows, milk
cookr, small hen house, and food hoppers'
P. M.Carr, Campsjtreet 114tf
FOR SALE A preparation for cleaning
granite and marble monuments; brightens
up the lettering snd makes the whole monu
ment look clean snd new : guaranteed : prices
on application: James Sullivan, 114 Park
street Bsrre. Vt 18tf
FOR SALE Cadillac touring car, price
$450, first one here gets it for $89B; P.
M. Carr. 27 Camp street 126tf
electric lights, starter, demountable rims :
inquire Palace Garage. Barre. 125tf
FOR SALE Buick five-passenger touring
ear, will exchange for cows; C. F. Com
mlngs. Cabot Vt llBtf
FOR SALE 191 model D-BB Buick car,
overhauled and not been used this year :
good tins; interested party call 411-M or
at plant; Comolll A Co, 108tf
USED CAR FOR RALE A "Cole" : running
order; apply at Palace Gsrage, Barre. 102tf
AWmuMliMtaitotuut for
sale ; also would carry passengers even,
ings or Sundays ; reasonable prices : address
Charles N. Scott. Graniteville. Vt, Tel.
227-B. 0tf
flrst-elaae condition, good as new, 191
model ; run about S.000 miles. Fisher Fsrm,
Bethel. Vt . i ltf
FOR SALE Home, harness and buggy or
would exchange for Ford car; apply to
Raymond Thompson, telephone 887-8, East
HilL 12t3
FOR SALE One extra good ftve-year-old
mare, weight about 1800; five brood sows
snd pigs ; one 10x20 round silo, nearly new ;
also drv circular wood ; inquire of S. F.
Morse. Montpelier: telephone 46,5-8. 126t
FOR SALE One pair heavy work horses,
six and nine years old. sound ; Levi A.
Wheeler, R. F. a 2. Northfleld, Vt 128U2
Also harness, one extra heavy milk
wagon and one lighter one. C. M. Gould
Montpelier. Tel. 465-5. 106tf
"Open Buggies and Top
Two-seated Express Wsjrons.
Lilley style Fsrm Wagons,
All sorter of Harnesses.
Vehicle A Supply Co. Colton's Place,
84 State Street, Montpelier.
Automobiles Accessories
Spark Plues for ' all Cars,
Pumps. Jacks. Dusters. Charaoisk
Sponres, Bulbs. Wrenches. Blow
out fetches. Tire Covers. Reliners,
Tires', Tubes, Oils, Grease, etc, ete.
Vehicle A Supply Co. Colton's Place.
S4 State Street Montpelier;
To make mom for fall goods that ana
crowding us just now we offer the follow
ing specials :
1 new Tedder I5M
1 new Disc Harrow t. 85.09
1 nearly new Sulky Plow 7S.S0
1 new Milk Cooler .
1 new Rake J8-
1 second hand Sulky Plow.... .$.
1 nearly new one-home Mewer 10.08
1 good as new Covered Deliv
ery Wagon 88.00
1 good second hand Top Buggy 15.00
1 good one-horse Farm Wagon 48.00
1 one-hone Farm Wagon, with
shsfts snd pole 85 00
1 Mud Buggy 5.00
Special discount on repairs tn stork.
Special discount on all spraying materials,
including Pyrox, arsenate of lead, blue
vitriol, bordeaint. nossles, etc.
N. E. Telephone 140 Orange Co. Telephone
A Cheerful Prospect
is a car of Papee blowers In time for use
when you need them. We bought early
that you might do likewise.
Remember we exchange.
N. E. Telephone 140 Orange Co. Telephone
We are unloading two carloads of en
gines. Sises range from one h. p. to 10
B. n. Engines with magnetons ; engines on
skids : engines on sub-base : engines
mounted : engines mounted with circular
saw. This looks like a large lot but many
are already sold snd we ere having calls
from CJlsmni customers e-verr r- w-'.
are hard to get and delivery uncertain. We
want to supply our near home trade firs.
IT you will let us know jour needs in sea
son while our stocks are complete. If you
k... ama.1l ene-ine and want a
larger one, remember we exchange.
N. E. Telephone 140 Orange Co. Telephone
Fo-tene Teirie Cards fe Msde-se LrN'.rw
rsnd. 81 os rr pecs., sent bv mail -repaid ;
.. . a, v. . itS l.a ,tM Sac
WUiiiamp rwa. - - - - .
ore er. Maea. IMtls
We Want to Show You
tome of the superior features ia
eecvstrurtion in a John Deere har
vester and a John Deere corn
binder. If you can't come early do
the next best thing and ask for
catalogue. It's interesting reading
for the man who has a big field
ef grain or com. Our present sloes
of machines is all we, will be able
to furnish this season. Buy now.
N. E. Telephone 140 Orange Co. Telephone
Notice of Assessments.
Assessments have been levied by the
directors on all premium notes in fore)
on the 5ats named as follows, vit:
AGENTS'- LAR'.F M Vt FAmRFR wants ,
rents to e:l hcawy. en4eer. siru. I
dreeeea. ss . wmteta. euwn-g etc :J
w tc Ine f -er as-nr.es . Madsksa X..s, e-8
Bnasdatay. S ers. J
I re-ee wars t acsr.st Isiwc;
tat ray en- Fr-fcy T. rwr. ae I i!
aa 4 t eswrvir." f S ia cestractew
he kess ea and ses ew
teat tarre, tistt 11 IK i:-4
Aug 2. 191i ....
Aug 31. 191 ...
Sept. ., P19....
fVt. 51. I319
Nov. 31, Pl ...
Te. 31, 1919....
Jsn. 31, 1!V...
Feb. r. lfM . -March
SI. 19-VV.
April . f:o ..
Msr 31. W. . .
J-ir-'e 30, 1...,
. . . per rnl.
. . . . 4 per rent.
-1 s percent.
. . . .'j percent.
. . . . 'i per rent.
. . . .'4 per cent.
i percent.
....' pef eviit.
"4 percer.t.
pT rent.
MsV.rp 4 per rrt.
Ft f -! rear eEi.r.g JViT 31.
jn-wi pgval. o tre treasurer vn ct h
f ..re -erterrVr !t.
R tJ. r.oKtu t, Tre.
a of I
idvire f
yr an ' 1
fur- J
this August weather? Not if yon have spent
. I. V.. ,...., "la tintea e.f
BDOUV one ... - "... --- -
peace, prepare tor war i goon tav"
and now is the best lime so prepare tot
early winter ey installing a pipetesa rur-
naee. Soon freights will be higher dellv- I
eries are slow and aarertain. We can show 1
yea the furnace best euitea u asveourage a
40 be km- cold and cruel winter. Now in
stork. You've nothing to gain by waiting.
Order while you can see the good.
New Eng. Telephone 140 Orange Co. 'Phone

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