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lis Homer Fitts Co.
"The Store Where Quality Counts"
What Shall I
A Problem Most Easily Solved
at Barres Greatest Christmas
'. ' Store
Our assortments of gift articles are at their
best now ad prices are surprisingly low. The
lists printed below, if carefully looked overwill,
offer many suggestions, but the best way is to
come in and look around the store.
It is to this store that many people look for their handkerchief
irifts This dependence has horn won through many years of
exceptional serivce in showing of great number of handkerchiefs
of all kinds and qualities; each one a superior value.
Hemstitched, embroidered and
lace trimmed handkerchiefs
of fine linen, batiste and Swiss
10c to $2.50
initial hmidkor-
:nen. also plain
Plenty of
rliiefs for
hemstitched anil colored bor
ders in cotton and linen
15c to $1.00
Children's Boxed Handkerchiefs
In pretty f-ift boxes in lots of two or three, embroidered with
colors in pretty designs to please the children.
25c, 39c, 50c a box
Silk Umbrellas
It isn't often that you find a gift whose usefulness extends the
year around, as is the ease with Silk Umbrellas. Here you will
find exceptionally fine vulues, with strornr frames, eovers of water
proof silk, in Navy Blue, (irein, Red, l'urple, Brown, Tatipe and
Black, and ornamented with handles of nove.1 and attractive de
$6.75 up to $13.50
4$ '
Silk Hosiery
It is the one gift that never fails to elicit pleased exclamations
on Christmas morning. Our pre holiday assortments of "Wayne
Knit" and "Phoenix" Silk Hosiery are complete and their present
agreeable marking will encourage hosts of Christmas shoppers to
take care of their gift needs now.
$1.50 up to $3.25 a pair
There is a Christmas Air About These
Thit attracts gift M-eker at muf. They are made of Kith
domestic and imjsirlod Voile and Batiste in dainty lace trimme.J
and hand made and embroidered styles. To see them is to Hint
seversl for one'a own warrobe.
S3.50 up to S8.50
$2.00 Wirthmor Blouses Reduced to
SI. 49
This nnnsnal Mouse offerinc. rmlmrinj mmplcse ranre r.f fav
ored stiles. offrs an rn-llcnt ffp-irt unity to slt that much
desired "extra Mue atid in chiitaily mt-t a kappy e-.luton to
iry a prpleunjj gift prbl'm.
FRIDAY, DECEMBER ,17, i 1920.
fr The Weather.
I'nsettled weather to-night and Sat-
i.... ..-i...i.i., i;..l.f utmu;- tint much
change in temperature; fresh west low prices
A nice collection of Wallace Nutting
pictures at Bell & Houston's. adv.
Kxtra f alley oranges at especially
low prices at MurcheHi'a Fruit Store.
. i i i,
A gOOU program mill bim- ... i imi n-n uiamin, ir, fiiM.ttn.
;rl., at Proahvierinn church Culver lUiliturv ui'urfeinv In Culver
' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 H . f,itia , w ...... J - - 1 - ' -
to-night. adv. Ind., has arrived in tho city to pass
Food and rummage sale from 2 to 5the holidays.
at the Presbyterian church to-morrow
afternoon. adv
lerilOOII. HI1V. I fiUKr in nrmuiij; n . wj r. ...... ...
Napoleon Baker, proprietor of the diui'.'liter, .Mrs. W. H. (joodfellow, of
o j i 1 .1 1 ......1 ......mi I t' I.K.... ..f.,.n4
Plainfield barber ahop and pool room
visited in rJarre yesterday.
1021 calendars with beautifully hand
painted scenes of Vermont on sale at
Cummings and Lewis' for 65c and 75e.
Dance, Montpelier armory, every
Saturday night. Carroll's orchestra.
Special car to Barre after the dance.
Don't forget, music rolls, bags, eases,
violins, bows, ukeleles and mandolins
for Christmas at Bailey's Music Rooms.
ndv. ,
1). II. Jarvis of Burlington was in
town yesterday visiting his brother,
Dr. D. C. Jarvis, who accompanied him
hack to Burlington laat evening for a
bric' business trip.
Leslie Hutchinson of Mount street,
a World war veteran, who was se
verely gassed while in Fiance, was
taken to the state hospital last eve
ning for treatment.
F'or Saturday night only, flannel
ettes, 28 inches wide, at 2.'ic a yard;
extra size double blankets at $.'U)0.
Little Dry Goods Store, Cottage street,
oiT North Main street.
Vermont is second to no other state
in natural scenery and color values
and that is just what we are showing
vou in sepia prints at Cummings and
Lewis' at th low price' of $1. adv.
The funeral of Mrs. Laura Ditty of
Williamstown, who died yesterday at
the home of her son, Windsor Ditty,
where she was visiting, Will be held
from the Williamstown Methodist
church Saturday at 2 p. m.
Basketball, armory hall, Montpelier,
Friday evening, Dim'. 17, Montpelier
post, No. 3, American Legion, vs. "All
Collegiate five" of Boston. Game starts
at 8:15 o'clock sharp. Dancing imme
diately after the game. Music by the
"Oriental Six" of Montpelier. adv.
Notice: The Quarry Savings Bank
A Trust Co. will be pleased to assist
depositors of the Barre Savings Bunk
A Trut Co. in proving their claims
against that institution. May we sug
gest that books be left with us to be
presented to the receiver for proof!
This will facilitate the work and re
lieve creditors of the necessity of their
personal attention. adv.
The last meeting of the season of
the Brookside Community club was
held last evening at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. .J. K. Mitchell, when a veni
son banquet was served by the men
Buy harmonicas and Victor records Luman Beckley Seems to Be Resting
i!,, r,,;., t;h,u ' u.K. w.n a f t- T..inr lm
Well After Losing Arm..
Iiinnrt. frnm Tleaton bosnital at
- 7' s TTspecjally Montpelier to-day stated that Luman
a.fan y oranges at espec ally WHS resting comfortably to-
ices at Marchettis Fruit More. ,;,,; ,,, (f 'rif,t
"j ,, "
at. BaJlev's Music Rooms. adv
A nice collection of Wallace Nutting
pictures at. ueii o. Jiousion b. auv.
adv. ' ' i ...!.: !. iw
Nice lot of clothing and shoes at " 11 " ""V "2 "
-., ! ill in u I urn i ihiiiil tt. vmirmn.
the Preshyteimn cl.urcti to-moi-row - j h ether well and
was giving the physicians cause to be
lieve that he would recover. Mrs.
Buckley, who accompanied him to the
hospital yesterday, returned last night
and will go back to Montpelier this
afternoon. The doctors made a clean
cut of the arm, just a small stub be
ing left. Mr. Berkley's escape from
instant death seems alinost miraculous.
Mr. and Mrs. Beckley have five children.
u ft ei-nrum --HfK'.
Ralph Wallis, barber at the Blake
ley A Lafayette shop, completed his
duties there yesterday.
Mrs. Kligabeth Fraser, a recent grad
uate nurse of the City hospital, lias
gone to her home in Slicrbrooke, P. Q.
diaries liiamiii, n no is auetiiung
Mra r McAllister of South Ttve-
gate is spending a few days with her
Snuiililiiitr ufrcct.
i r
The body of F'rank Frediani was
taken from" Klmwood vault to-day and
Shipped to Quincy, Mass., where burial
is to be made.
If it's a bracelet watch, pearls, gent's
watch or cigarette case, you will find
tho best at the right price at Good
fcllow's Jewelry Store. adv.
The reheasal" for "No Room at the
Inn" comes at tl o'clock Saturday eve
ning at the M. K. churclu The pag
eant promises to he unique and inter
esting. Mr. and MrsjYancis Cuminc and
little son have returned from Cabot,
where they visited at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Raymond Farrington for the
past two weeks.
F'or Saturday night only, flannel
ettes, 2S inches wide, nt 2.V a yard;
extra size double blankets at $.'Ui(l.
Little Dry floods Store, Cottage street,
off North Main street.
French ivory, very appaopriate for
Christmas. I can save you nearly half
on any piece or set. Samples at Mrs.
Hawes,' 22 Kim street, where orders
can be left. Mis. Herman K. Davis.
A 1rb( rehearsal of the children of
the Iledding Methodist , church Sun
day school for the Christmas program,
which conies next Sunday evening, w ill
be held to-morrow (.Saturday! at 2:3i.
All the mothers please send their chil
dren. Dean C. Davis, a junior at the law
school of Boston university, and James
McIIardy of the business administra
tion department, arrived in the city
this morning, Mr. Davis to pass the
holidays at his home on Maple Grove
street and Mr. McIIardy as the guest
of W G. Reynolds.
Distribution of (liristmas Savings
club checks for one-half the amount
due from the closed Barre Savings
Bank A Trust Co. is continuing, a con
siderable amount having lcen paid
out through the Barre Board of Trade
with the other three banks of Barre
guaranteeing the payment of the
checks. .
Miss Ruth Parker, librarian, who
Blurted h Chri-tma fund for the lien-
eflt of the poor children who often
UfPIIUllS - I I.-IIIUIFMIUI .......v .......... - -
respond, if they desire, with articles I registered lierds.
of clothing, tovs. or food. A notice
able imnrovement must be made by
son banquet was scrvea ny u.e ,. .. - Ch,M,tm tree and Mrs. B
Seventy-five people sat dowr , to t. e t n I the,e iittie ones Thursday
aiimntuoua renast. The committee in
charge was I larence i-i-age, r.. .
Bout well, Andrew Johnson and J. K.
Mitchell. A delightful evening was
pent. music, dancing and card play
ing being enjoyed by all following
the banquet. Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell
proved to be excellent entertainers.
Steamed clams with plenty of tasty
fixings was the feast set before 50
members of the Loyal Order of Moose,
No. 1391, in the Knights of Pythias
hall last evening after the regular
business meeting had ended. They
were jolly crowd too, anil applauded
well the numerous entertainers that
kept things lively even during the
hniir. W. "A. Stewart, with a
keen clam appetite, was delayed three
successive times trom tne least oy ine
long encores lor his solo singing, ana
each time responded with a good song.
Jimmie Booth and S. Anderson sang
some catchy duet numbers, and the j
quartet consisting of C. If. Bennett,!
W. A. Stewart, G. K. Perry and K. J. I
Attridve, was also an attraction. The
lodge has a wealth of singing talent j
n.l discovered another one la-t eve
ning in G. Rennie, who like the oth
ers, was accompanied at the piano
by Miss Dorothy Perry.
Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Noel and two sons,
Frederick, jr., and Wittlam B., arrived
last niirht from Santiago, Chile, accom
panied hy Mrs. Noel's sister, Mrs. J. N.
Gall, who met them in New York. It is
almost four years since Mr. and Mrs.
Vicl left for South America, where Mr.
Noel has been representing the Sulli
vns Machine company of Claremont,
N. H. Both of the children were born in
Santiago, the elder boy being almost
three years old and at present very
much interested in the snow, the sleighs
and the idea that this may be the pos
sible home of Santa Claus. He speaks
Spanish as readily as KnglMi. The
baliv is hut fuur months old. The Noel
i family lift Santiago Nov. 25 and. sail
' ing fr..m Valparaiso on the Grace line
! wtKMincr "Suntp. I.uisa." experienced a
1 vcrv pleasant voyage up the west coast I
' of South America, thro-igh the Panama '
' i I i V..... V...L IW l.'i
i 1MII. II !l'l .lllll.l n ..... ...... ....
i Thi v cxji. ct t ) return to South Ameri-
1 fA in )f
',. i n graduate of Norwich unier
sity. and after leaving the university
he servid several rears in the const
lry in the Philippine island. Mr.
Noi I w ill lip remembered as Margaret
C. B.: relay, a graduate of the Walt ham
Tmiinr SrliiMil for Nnre and later
city nur-e in the Barre schools. The j
family i staying with Mrs. .Noel
mother, Mrs. Mary M. Barclay, 5
Park Mrcet.
Friday evening.
r i
Kmerald Rebekah lodge, No. .1.1. hnd
a fine attendance Wednesday evening,
when a special meeting was held, the
official visit being made by th pres
ident of the general assembly, Mrs.
11. TIib work wan muHi
nted bv Mrs. Jewell. She j
was introduced bv Mrs. Mattie Claire,
D. D. O. P., and was a guest while in
town of Mrs. Long, noble grand. .Mr.
and Mrs. (ieorge Wallis of Waitsfield
were also present, Mrs. Wallis being
vice-pesident of the assembly, and
added her word of appreciation for
the work. Mr. AVallis has recently
been elected n trustee of the Gill Odd
Fellows' home in Ludlow and had
much of interest to state lTyiwding
the place. One of the pleasant fea
tures, also was the vocal solo by Mrs.
K. K. Joslvii, Mrs. L. J. Harvey ac
companist. Delicious refreshments were
served a,nd a joyous social time passed.
Village schools closed to-day until
Jan. 3. Yesterday most of those in
the high school building gathered in
tho high school room and had exer
cises, including the following numbers:
Two carols, "Hark, the Herald Angels
Sing" and "O, Come All Ye Faithful,"
bv the chorus, also a carol, "Merry
Christ mas." The seventh grade sang
"Papa Noel" in French and gave a
I'"rnch poem. The eighth grade iang
"Christ, the Lord, is Born" nd "Si
lent Night," while the girls of the
thtee upper classes sang ''Holy Night,"
bv Adams. To-day there was solid ses
sion, i
, Mr. and Mrs. F. T). Backus have re
turned from Plainfield, where they at
tended the funeral of Mrs. Backus j
mother, Mrs. Lizzie Davis.
It is said that William Loui'lle !
was one of the luckiest of the hunt - j
ters, having been gone from the
house only one and one-half hours j
when be shot a doe on the Somerville j
farm on Ward hill. j
Bert Sherman of South Duxbury
has moved to Moretown, where he has
employment with the Ward Lumber,
cornpanv, and Bart Sherman has!
moved his family into the. house near
it, a , l.rv,.llii.iis minted bv his broth
er, while Charles Sherman and bride
have pone on his farm, the Avery
Arthur .Moraran is 10 remain wiwi ins
The Lias! Safer day
Before CHirlsfmas
promises to be an exceptionally busy day at this real GIFT STORE.
We've prepared for the rush and hope to' wait on you promptly
with ten extra saleswomen, who will be with us until Christmas.
Attractive Gifts - - - Practical Gifts
at the New Lower Prices
Bath Robes
Phillipine Underwear
Silk Umbrellas
Boudoir Caps
Scarf Sets
Sweet Grass Baskets
Ivory Goods
Leather Goods
Fancy Combs
Silk Hose
Silk Sale
Continues Saturday Morning Ends
Saturday Night
And Now They Arc Selling
Everybody is buying Silks as never before.
Every conceivable Silk Fabric, in most every color, is displayed
here and the price is only
49 per yard
Pill Ol HIV I'll l IU I I'll ii V t'll'-ii .ni v n..t w,
visit tliH library, is diMappointPfl thu sinter, Mr. William Corlii, this win
far m the coninouiions. reonie noi. tcr.
desirous of contributing money coifld
Sidney" Dills is in riaiiifield testing
Mrs. L. .1. Sterling is confined to
the house with a hard cold.
Mrs. B. R. Dementt was in Barre
K. K. Campbell reports a very fine
In Your List of Holiday
Gifts, There Must be
Many Things to Pur
chase at This Store
Useful Gifts seem to be
the watchword, and that is
the kind we are showing:.
With the discounts we are
allowing, means a saving to
We invite your inspection.
Frank McWhorter Co.
I igJi h-hij 1'1" l ri"lk nfl'"
Good Hroken Rice, three tts. for 23c
y eM..-ct t ) return to South Am.ri- fa WVinlp Hire, two His. for 2oC
in I he ar!v summer of Mr. ; 3 - ' .
x- :..u 13 Pnn fnrn fhrPP III!, for.
' . V - V .'., - -
TZ 'iH Soft shelle(1 Walnujs (Diamond Brand) per It).
Rcmilar meeting of M. W. of A . Kri-
i dav, lec. 17. at 7 VI(K-k.
! Friday'i Fair ProgTm.
I The pmjrram to 1 jriten at the joint
fair Friday ecniii(T at How land ball
i at 7:.T) o'chsk will tr follow:
isl solo lr. M. A. Meacher
1 (. hue Mary ;onln
! fcal solo Mildred Hire
Vmal solo lames Hennctt
Good Trades for Saturday
Armour's Mincemeat, one'-half lb pails, per pail 40c
Sun Maid, Monadnock and Del Monte Raisins, per pk., 30c
Currants (full weight packages, per package 30c
Prunes (1920 crop) per lu c
U Native Pork P.cafts, per lb.
E Ceef utts. whole, per lb
H Ieg. Spring Lamb, per lb . .
Et IJ T nVk rr tt.
Lamb Chop, per 11)......
- . UVttorn Hocf no.1-st5. Hf-r lb
mram in private iamUjr ; nl to 'W ..
cane Tlrm orT'-. 2J4tJ
I OR SALE OR RENT - Svn-room rot.-.r.
Ian arvf lanrr ordm: rrnrr Garfli4
Tniar 4 I'mpftt trwt, Sir. Lxmc Cr-
IivoH Vnt nor Tti
. i i V- .MV.', I - - - " " - - - -
Ouaker Milk Macaroni and Spaghetti, two pkgs. for.
Orange Pekoe Tea, per lb 33c, three lbs, $1
Ginger Snaps, two lbs. for 23c
Equal, Elk. Butter Crisp Crakers, per lb 20c
V1mm!? rirnncrr's npr flozpn 60c, 70c
Grape Fruit, good size, two for .
Malaga Grapes, per II) x ;
IJoneless Smoked Shoulder, per lb.
Home-Cured Ham. who!?, -
P.eef Butts, whole, per u
35c; Iiced, 43c H
.23c, 30c, 33c
Fancy Veal Roast?, per lb
Fowls and Chicken?.
Celery, Lettuce, Parsley, Spinach
5c r.
, 40c Pi
, 20c
, .30c, 35c
. .30c, 33c I
Silks that have sold from $3.50 to $4.00.
Saturday morning, before noon, will be your last opportunity to
, buy these Silks before Christmas.
time at Morrisville Wednesday eve
ning, when he poke before the broth
erhood of the Congregational church.
Remember that Christina sale at
the (ireen Mt. house Pec. 18, 20, 21 and
22. More dainty gift to select from.
- adv,
Harrow; chaplain, Mr. Julia Whit
comb; guard, Mrs. (i. A. Marsh; con
ductor, Mr. A. Lee Cady.
Frank M. Bowen is chopping 100
cords of fire wopd on the Aldrich lot.
The Iat and best of the Woman's
club series of winter entertainments
occurred last evening when Crawford
Adams delighted a large audience with
his performances upon the violin. He
wan supported by a pianist and "a.
reader. " f
Water Wa the Higheat in Five Yeari
Wednesday Morning.
Few people knew of the narrow
excape from a freshet which this vil
lage experieni-cd Tuesday night, after
the big rain and thaw. At the power
house of the (Jaysville Electric Light
d power company at the foot of Blue
Hill lake, the records show the water
at 2 a. m. Wednesday to have been
higher than at any time in the last
live years. At many points the streams
were' full to the top of their "banks,
and onlv the change in temperature
averted a flood of large proportions.
The White river and Us principal
branch, which unite here, are two of
the must turbulent streams in the
statu at lbod times.
Mrs. Gertrude K. Cain of F.ast Beth
el is assisting Mrs. M. T. Merrill. K.
K. Ixvell of Last Randolph is visiting
his siter, Mrs." Merrill.
Fred A. Chamberlin has moved from
the Ijivere house to the Treston house.
Miss Adeline Newman came yester
day from Middlehtiry college and will
be" at home till Jan. 3.
The Methodist Sunday school will
observe Chrjstmas eve with a tree and
Mr. and Mrs. F. X. Chapman and
Mrs. .1. C. (Jilmsn attended the state
grange at St. .lohnsbury.
I). F. Batchelder has moved to the
F. I. Hrooks farm in Royalton.
Roliert French and family are living
at F. II. (Immlierlin's.
Panic! I.illie Relief corps has elected
the fullowing ofticers for the ensuing
year: President, Miss May .1. Sav
age; senior vice-president, Mrs. W.
II. Arnold; junior vice president. Mi
Al.bie Whitcomb; treasurer, Mrs. O. N.
ORANGES. FlorWa lna RIw 8wU.
otm 9
e Ciiorni 8nkit Navel. 1
If MoH, 4m
4.KAI KKRI IT. nr4 lnn Kirtr. '
Ihm n4 fr J .
KP'.t rtr fcy fc r hlf ht.
BAN ANAS. - lr. 40. iet ,
MTS. 12 mi, all bndvlk. j
Jf w4ij . i'Al AMATA FIGS
lrm ;it. tpc"tl. ! fff
AtlK t M I l-Ft Fl.. !.. .
Bl I k I1ATKS. 1h "l ,
APn Tl. lr lry. rfrllfiMl "
mn J -. - '' ?
(.RArfS. Mrl- nl f.mfnr f. I. 4,
m :4 lr. Bt. - i
Mi'l ASSVS. v .
Pf Al II Bl ossMM. fl TTER StOTCH.
(KiMOl ATFS la B!k I
jJ,J ii,) a j
A aa4l Rhrf t. I.
asr in Tr '
w nnnsc a art-t rf j
rwofO LATFS tn tiK k" rai ie tal
"t'L f. f 1-r SATI FnAT ONtT.J
mr ki'l k larrnt Mark f
frmtt in tf crty.
1 aa n a ftmrt aatrt far rwt
For Speed and Easy Skating
S a skafor vou know the name Barney k ttv
A You l 'know the name Winchester, used all
over the world in place of "rifle.'; These two names
on skates now mean more taUf action.
Made of their own special pmde of 6r.est skate tecl
tight, secure fastening blades for highes. speeds
and "quickest stops and turns.
Come' in and see them all grades and sizes.
C. W. Averill & Co.
Barre, Vermont
3! i m Houghton & Robins
Barre Pryit Co.
tsfTfr. b. .no- part ahil
A . . .. u . :i la ar nnttiw 1. 11
ua, ; istuBaaar ainrt. tt i'M. SU

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