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Gayle Eaton Badly Injured When
Caught in Belt of Sawing Machine.
Gayle Katoii was badly injured re
cently while RAwiug wood. While ad
iustin; the belt to his sawing machine,
he was caught in some way in the belt
and thrown over the engine, striking
In such a manner as to be partially
stunned and bruii-in his neck, hip and
one leg, and spraining an ankle. He is
doing as well as could be expected.
""' Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Thatcher of
liipton and Ralph liiindy of Bethel
were Christ mas guests of Air. and Mrs.
fieorge Clark and family.
II. II. Cu.-ihmun was in Springfield
Tuesday to attend a banquet given the
senators and representatives ot W nirt-
for county by the chamber of com
merce. The ladies of the I'niversalist. socie
ty will present Jan. 20 and 21 "Saman
tlia Allen at the Court of Fame," un
der the direction of Miss Harriet Har
ris of Weymouth, Muss.
Mrs. Anna 'flipper and two daugh
ters of Montpelier have been spending
a few days at the home of IT. II. dish-
man. .
Mason Hell of Boston has been a re
cent guest at the homo of his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Milo Bell.
Miss Clara Stevens of Barre visited
her parents here for the week end.
The next regular meeting of the
Community ciub will be held in the
vestrv of the I'niversalist church Jan.
Mrs. Frank Conrad (Mary Tart)
of llardwick visited at the home of her
fcister, Mrs. Floyd Perry, recently.
Mr. and Mrs. Robinson Atwood have
rented rooms in the Hutchins house.
.. Miss Hazel Swinyor has been a re
cent guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Swinyer.
Charles Stockwell of Randolph visit
ed his mother, Mrs. Emily Stockwell,
last week.
Cleon Abbott of New Britain, Conn.,
has been visiting his parents here.
Miss Mabel Ilubba-rd of New York
City spent Christinas with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Will Hubbard.
At a meetinir of a class in the Meth- At a special communication of
odist church Sunday school, taught by I George Washington lodge, No. 51, V,
4)r. A. C. Bailey, and known as the and A. M., held Thursday evening,
Karnest Workers, last Wednesday night Dee. 30, the M. M. degree was worked
the report of the work of those ladies two candidates receiving the same,
was eiven. wnicn revcaicu mai sunn
the last election' of officers, July IS,
at the Sunday sessions for Bible study,
there had been a total attendance of
372, and an average attendance of Hi,
and a fraction. At these meetings,
the total collection amounted to $15.30,
all of which was paid into the treas
ury of the school for general expenses.
Tile average collection amounted to
(id cents and a fraction. In addition
to this, there had been special eoilec
The funeral of Charles D. Robinson
will be held from his late home on
Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock.
Miss Inez Carroll, "who returned to
resume her studies at the iiurlmjrton
Mrs. Flora Morey, who has been an Business college, is back home to at-
invalid during the past year, has not
been so well of late.
Attorney Jlale Jv. Marling was in
Montpelier on legal business Thursday J
and 1'ridar of last week.
Mrs. Arthur T. McCue went recently
to I'ortlaild, Me., to remain for a time
with her husband, who has employ-j
ment there.
Mr. and Mrs. Mark II. Whitney and
the hitter's mother. Madam Rhodes,
tend the funeral of her uncle, C. D.
Robinson. '
Mrs. F. E. Steele, jr., has returned
from Boston, where she has been spend
ing some time with her husband, and
has gone to. Holvoke, Mass., for an in
definite stay because of the illness of
her sister. ,
Paul Wallace, who has been a holi
day guest at the home of his fa
ther, B. E. Wallace, has returned to'his
tions -the proceeds of which have becni have moved from their tenement over I position as druggist in Norwood, Mass
Used to send irUll and Ilfweis 10 uiust n mmuv a mm w me umiw
in affliction, or who were confined to
the house bv illness. This amounted to
$8.20, all of which was paid into the
treasury and expended for the purpose
before mentioned. A toon sale was
held, the proceeds of which amounted
to $14.30, and this was also placed in
the treasury. Two special meetings
were held in the tune for business, and
Miss Mabel Whitney, resident pastor
of the Pittsfield Methodist -hurch, was
purchased by Mrs.
Miss Ethel C'olbv of the Waterbury
Savings Bank & Trust company has
returned, after spending the New
Year's recess at the home of her par
ents in Phtinfleld.
Curtis Huskins, who has been with
house, recently
Mrs. Harry R. Wishart of Winooski
was the guest of her mother, Mrs.
Grace Bixby, during the holiday
Raymond Keyser, assistant cashier I his parents, has returned to his posi
hi the National Bank of Orange Conn- tion in Albany, N. Y., his mother go
ty, visited his parents in WoodsviHe.l ing as far an Vereennes, where fhe
X. H., over Christmas. visited her sister, Mrs. McAllister.
Ben A. Goodrich has been laid aside! Captain II. Denney Campbell, who
trom livery work for the past week, has been spending the holidays with
invited to attend a special meeting audi wnicn vacation is enforced by a serious I his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J'.. K. Camp
address them. St. Andrew s brother- attack ot sciatic rheumatism. I bell, has been granted an extension
hood, the gentlemen's class of the I The selectmen met last Friday aft-1 of ten days' leave of absence.
school, attended, and all passed the ernoon and appraised the damage done I Mrs. Kate McMullin has received
. ... . , i I 1 1... .1 :.. J ii ' . It. . . ,rf,
evening together in a lueasant. ami " m iuwii uuring ine past year worn Trom ner sisicr, Mrs. wiuiani 1j.
profitable manner. Nine boxes of food and found the total damage done by I TTarcourt of Lob Angeles, Cal.. that
and fruit were distributed among the I canines amounted to $41, five sheep be- Air. Hareotirt, who has been in poor
nip iiicir ion.
The stop the
needy ones Christmas, and about .."
booklcls also sent to the shut-ins,
which gave cheer to many lonoly
hearts. The officers for the coming six
months were as follows: President,
Abbie F. Clarke: vice-president. Mrs
F. E. Washbiirne: secretary, Mrs. F
B. Daniels; treasurer, Mrs. George
Emery. The officers for the year at
the same school were elected as fol
lows on Sunday: Superintendent
Mrs. E. E. Maxham; secretary. George
A. Emery; treasurer, Errol Slack.
Mrs. George Emery has returned
from a two wseks' stay in Barton,
where she went to care for a sick rela
Mrs. R. G. Morton left here Satur
day for Sharon, where she went to at
tend the golden weddins anniversary
rj! of her brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs.
rvpuitted to be present and take part
in the observance.
Miss Barbara Perkins of Bethel
came Saturday to pass some time with
Mr. and Mrs. George Pinney.
New ears day was celebrated very
nuietlv in town, nothing going on ex
cept dnowsliocing and other sports.
Miss Mary Wedgewood, who has
been '' paxting her vacation here with
her mother. Mrs. W. F. Wedpewood.
left to resume her work the first of
ffi! the week.
WJtMX M3(! -Miss Carolyn natch, who underwent
ktf!SIuVlSjW f? $t ft serious operation on Friday at the
itsp fitiS sanatorium, is reported as comfortable
Mm. tred J. Ackernmn left Dne
for Potsdam, N. Y., to visit her daugh
ter, Miss Lizzie Tucker, and while
there will visit other relalh e.s and
Miss Nora E. Taylor, a former resi
dent and teacher in the graded school
who is tins year teaching in the Mas
sacliusetts hospital school at Canton
-Mass., spent the holiday vacation with
ner sister, Mrs. Percy J. Heuth.
.uyron x,. Holmes worked for Rus
sell j. Corwin during the school va
I. II. Hough, nniicioal of the hiirh
school, spent a portion of his vacation
in J'lttsford, Prof. Griswold in Spring
field, Mass., Miss Olive Hanks in H.in
dolph, Miss Jones in Torrington, Conn..
and county Agent Dwine 1 in East
Miss Sylvia Comstock of Boston whs
the guest of her parents. Mr. and Mrs.
Jonn M. lomstock, during the holi
da vs.
The officers of the Comrrefrational
Sunday school for the ensuing year
have been elected s follows: Super
inrenuent, .fonn jl. lomstock: assist.
nt superintendent, RichaTd H. Bacon:
treasurer. Karl G. Thome; chorister.
Kaciicl lomstock
Jerry J. Lucas of Bristol. Conn has
been the guest of his parents, Mr. and
health fortune time, i not as well.
Mrs. Walter Irish spent yesterday
in liiirlington, Mr. Irishs brothers
wife being operated upon in that city.
Clinton, the teii-vear old son of
George Demeritt, while playing with
another small chap at the home of his
uncle in Bolton, severed a portion of
the second finger on his left hand with
a straw cutter, lie was hrouglu. Home
and yesterday a clean cut was made
above tile joint.
Albert Clark Knight, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Frank L. Knight of Burlington,
is one of the pages at the legislature
this year. His many friends here are
glad h is thus honored.
Mrs. C. C. Putnam of Putnamsville
was a week-end guest at the home of
her son, Knlph Putnam. '
J)l telephone message from D. W.
Colby at the Marv Fletcher hospital
yesterday about, noon, -told the good
news that his son, Franklin, had pass"d
through a successful operation and a
complete recovery was expected.
Rumors that orth Duxliurv is again
to have a postoflice bring rejoicing to
that community.
Miss Mamie Chaffee of Morrisville,
vice-principal of the People's academy,
has been spending the week end with
her brother, Martin W. Chaffee.
Mrs. Roy Wilder, who has not been
well for some time and had several
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Mrs. L. N. Lucas, during the past two! teeth drawn the other day, is imorov-
aot. mu'u. -sTv-tt Masquerade dance at S. and I), of L.
tSZ&SSiS&StVS1. Saturday evening. Jan. S. Three
3T CA BRIGGS CQMRNV 'Si ' Piece orchestra. Admission, 50c a cou-
gi CAMBRIDGE. A63. jfi pie. Refreshments, 25c per plate. Floor 1
I&ZaCSi93Zf manager, Ernest FoIom. adv.
Glenn Kennedy, who has been work
ing in the bobbin shoo for the nast
three months, has completed his serv
ices there.
Earl and John Dovle are enttincr nn,l
hauling lumber for the Orange County
Ifolihin corporation from the 4. K
MeCulloiigh lot in Corinth.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray S. Thresher visits!
friends in Williaiiistown last Thii.
Vinton C. Corwin and Reginald W.
Hill were in Tunbridge last week to
assist in taking the annual inventory
in Hugh Lyman's store.
William F. Hackett was in Randolph
on business last Saturday.
Children Cry for Fletcher's
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January Sale
As we wish to reduce our stock, and turn some of
our goods into ready cash, we offer to the people of
Marshfield and vicinit3 a discount of 20 per cent, for
. cash, on the following goods.
Our entire line of Footwear, consisting of Ladies',
Men's and Children's Shoes and Rubbers, Heavy
Rubbers and Leggins. All our Sheep-lined Coats,
Leather Mittens, Men's Caps, Toques, Tarns, etc.
Horse Blankets, and Auto Robes.
In our Furniture department, we offer the same
discount of 20 per cent, on our entire stock, consist
ing of Iron Beds, Mattresses, Chairs, Rugs, Quilts,
Couch Covers, Trunks Bags, and Suitcases.
We have aJready marked down our Cotton Goods to a
very reasonable figure.
Remember we give a discount of 20 per cent on
cash sales only.
Come 4n and let us get together we need the
money, you need the goods.
Lee &. Clara B. Shortt
Marshfield, Vt
Mrs. Carl Chamberlin of Ronton was
tbe pncht of Mr. and .Mrs. H. X. Hol
land several days last week.
i...i. i i i ,
ii iiiinrii rrmrneq to ncr schoo
ii -"ii, v .iMiii., .uunnay anil ttoc
jroiiiir(i 10 i.oudiini seminar v. Karre
Mr. and Mrs. Kay Ainswortli spent
Mtnday at F. A. Putnam's. Hemic
Putnam returned to their home
Rochester with them.
.la ca Manning went to her home in
litirlinpton Saturday, after two week
at the home of O. Manninij.
Airs. .1. . Mavo rassed awav Fri
day nifrhf after a short' illness from
cancer. Mr. Mayo was operated n)Min
at Hanover hospital in September and
ror a time seemed to be petting: alonp
nicely, hut tor several weeks has been
failing rapidly. She leaves a husband.
whose many friends sympathize with
him in his lereavement. Interment
at Maplewood cemetery Stindav.
H. X. Holland slipped on an icy path
anil retract ured tlie two ribs broken
in his runaway C'hrNtmas day. -
Kenneth Hrown has been suffering
trom a liaif abscess lately.
(!. H. Fish experts to bein duties
as representative at Montpelier on
Mary Kllingwood has finished work
in (J. B. Fish's store and V. X. Chap
man of Bethel will take charge during
.Mr. Ushs absence.
Mr. and Mrs. Will LaCount and son,
Roy. have purchased the farm of Clay
ton Mills.
Mary Barrows recently spent several
days with her sister, Mrs. Jerry Wil
son, in Pittsfield.
Miss Eva Tersons is borne from her
work at Harry CoburnV, sick.
Mrs. Xora Keith has been confined
to her bed with an attack of neuritis,
but is better at this writing.
Mr. and Mrs. Freeman Cray of Cal
ais were recent visitors at Leon Ellis.'
Mrs. George Parker of Fast Calais
and Miss Daisy Piri of Harm were
the guests of Mrs. John Emery last
We-ley Benjamin and family were
the guet of Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Flint
Ut Sunday.
Frank Parian is out again, after
having been ill some two weeks.
The Goddard scholars have all gone
back to school.
The village school has opened again.
after a week's vara tion. with Mrs.
Lillian Clark as teacher.
The farmers' meeting that was held
in the hall last Saturday was well at
tended' and -ery interesting.
Ralph Oaniels was a week-end vis
itor at his home in Eat Montpelier.
Mr. and Mr. John Bond f Fast
Montpelier were recent guests of Mr.
and Mr. Ruell Collins.
Mrs. Cbarl" Hopkins of Waterbury
and her dsnchter. Mr. Richard t-
Mridj. of PUinfield. visited at Bertha
and Hat tie Johnson's bt week.
Mr. and Mrs. Emet Wells f ;h.-l
burn were guests of Mr. and Mrs. L.
D. Cobiirn Saturday.
The home demotistraf ioa
Mrs. A. 1. Stevens resumed her
hmd in Middlesex vill.ice yesterday.
Mrs. Hairv Ringhnm and daughter.
Ann, have returned from the Hewton
hospital to her home on Randall ave
Word was received bv wire that Wa-
terburv high school basketball five won
the first pnme played of its four-dav
trip by defeating Middlebury high to
the tune of 34 to 11. Middlebnry's for
wards were unable to secure any bas
kets. Their center and one guard man
aged to ring in four basket from the
floor. Lease led for Waterbury, with
five baskets from the floor and nix by
fouls; Randall four baskets. Guild 2.
G.' Donovan 2, O'Brien. K. Somerville
substituted for Guild. Strong guarding
on Waterbury's part won the gnnie.
Mrs. Philip Sbonio has a bruised
face and broken glasses as ji result
of slipping on the icv steps at the
town hall in Duxburv Saturday eve
ning as she was going to grange meet
mg. fortunately there were no serums
Mrs. Elbe Hapgood, who bus a posi
tion at the home for destitute children
in Burlington, was an over-Sunday
guest with Mrs. Hattie Morse at the
Goodheart home.
Miss Weltha Boeker, who was ill
last week with tonsilitis. ia more im
proved, although atill unable to lie out
Cecil Goodheart is home from Barre,
where he has been training as an elec
trician with the Montpelier A Barre
Light A Power Co.
Saturday evening was a great time
for the members of Dillingham grunge
and until the wee small hours of the
morning they were busy at the hall.
The following officers were installed
by E. G. Miller, past master, assist
ed by his daughter, Miss Gertrude
Miller, as marshal: Master. Willis
Breen; overseer, Edward O'Brien; lec
turer, Eva Foster; chaplain, Anna
Deavitt; steward, Merton Johnson;
gatekeeper, Lewis Mors; secretary,
Angus Child; treasurer, Tenie Shonio;
Ceres, Xcllie Cormier; Flora, Evalcna
KcIIctt; Pomona. Annie Morse.
Last Friday evening the ITvpatia
and Pierian club held an enjoyable
and profitable meeting in the chapel
of the Vermont state hospital, the af
fair being arranged by program com
mittees of the two clubs. Mrs. Kath
leen LcBnron Luce, as usual delighted
all with her vocal solos. She was ac
companied by Miss Flora Boye Gale,
who played a solo in her efficient man
ner. At the close of the entertainment
the speaker of the evening was Wil
liam H. Jeffrey, secretary of the board
of probation and charities. He was
ably introduced by Mrs. S. C. Wheeler,
vice-president of the Hypatia club. Mr.
leflrey was closely followed, lie gave
a history of the work and its develop
ment and gave several instance of the
wonderful curative work don,- IT
spoke in the highest terms of this
community tiat did so much for the
Eldred child and told much about her
and the plans for her care and educa
tion. Refrshmnt were served and
pleasant social time passed.
Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Swain, who have
been spending a few days at their
home here, returned to Plymouth', X.
H., last Friday.
Miss Zclnia Goodell of Sprinpfield,
.Mass., and Miss Olive Goodell ot ind
sor, Conn., who have been spending
a week with their parents, Mr. and
Mrs. W. B. Goodell, returned home the
last of the week.
Miss Margaret Winters, who has
been a holiday guest of her mother,
Mrs. A. P. Ainsworth. returned to her
work in Clareiuont, X.' H., on Mon
day. Roy Benjamin of Barre was a recent
guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. B.
II. Benjamin.
W. -B. Goodell and Zelma Goodell
visited friends and relatives in llard
wick last week. j
The ladies of the II. II. Smith Wom
an's Relief corps served its annual din
ner to the post and held an all-day
meeting Saturday. A business session
in the morning was followed by an oys
ter dinner, IK) or more being present.
Only two members of the post, Jack
son Sargent and S. M. Brush, were
present, others being absent from town
or ill. Mrs. Mary Goss, department
president, installed the officers of the
corps during the afternoon session as
follows: President, Mrs. Minerva Tink-
ham; senior vice-president, Mrs., Susie
Boardman; junior yice-president, Mrs.
Edwin Harris; secretary, Miss Hattie
Ruiter; treasurer, Mrs. Emma Straw;
chaplain, Mrs. Sarah Dewey; conduc
tor, Mrs. Janet Adams; press cor
respondent, Mrs. Ruby Tinkham; musi
cian, Miss Katherine Smalley; assist
ant conductor, Mrs. Viva Smith; as
sistant guard, Miss. Eunice Magoon;
"color bearers, Misses Ruby Bull, Bea
trice Pike, Mary Bailey and Alice Bar
rows. The officers of the post are as c
follows: Post commander, D. (.'.
Spaulding; senior viee-coimnander, S. '
II. Kaiser; junior vice -commander,
Jackson Sargent; adjutant, II. A.
Sparks; qunrtermaster, S. M. Brush;
surgeon, C. G. Moody; chaplain, Daniel.
Smith; officer of the guard, Lewis
Shontelle; sergeant major, 8. II. Kai-1
ser; quartermaster sergeant, Jackson I
Sargent. There are 10 surviving mem-j
bers of the post, S. C. Spaulding, S. II. i
Kaiser, Jackson Sargent, II. A. Sparks, I
S. M. Brush, C. G. Moody, I). M. Smith,!
Ix-wis Shontelle, II. G. Thomas, G. H.
j Campbell. Others are J. H. Ayers of I
the Waterbury post, H. T. Raymond i
of the Rochester post and Henry
A short sermon by the pastor at the
Sunday morning service at the Com
munity church was followed by a re
ception of members and the sacrament
of the Lord s supper. Seven were re-
wived into membership. It is hoped j
that a large number from every part !
of the town will attend the annual j
Community church dinner and meeting;
Wednesday. The large attendance and i
enthusiasm of last year gave the work !
a lasting impetus and a large response i
is urged this year. It is planned to!
serve a free public dinner and all are(
asked to contribute. j
A service was held at the north hoi-j
low schoolhouse Sunday afternoon.
James Brownlee of Siiringfield passed
the week end with Mrs. Brownlec's
parents, Rew. and Mrs. C. E. Hayward.
Mrs. W. Xye Smith has returned
to Schenectady, X. Y.,-after visiting
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Brush.
Glenn Brown and Henry Crosby of
Palmer, Mass., formerly of Stowe, have
enlisted at Springfield, Mass., in the
United States navy and have gtuie to
the Great lakcs training station.
Wilbur Arthur Parks, 12 years of
age, only son of Mr. and Mrs. William
A. Parks of Jtenton, Ark., died at the
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Barre Opera House
Wednesday Evening Jan. 5 at 8:15
Under the Auspices of Barre Board of Trade & Barre Woman's Club.
rpheus Four
The Finest Male Quartet to Be Found in America
Second Tenor PAUL E. ADAMS
Baritone .WM. G. WELLS
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Tickets on Sale at Drown's Drug Store. Prices
75c and $1.00 plus war tax.
Mrs. Mary King, who has been the home of his parents Dec. :U from pneu
monia. .Mrs. J'arks was lormeriy .Miss
Josepha Blodgett of Stowe and ha
many relatives here, among them an
aunt, Mrs. Carrie E. Straw.
Fred Colby cut off some of the cords
in tbe instep of one foot when chopping
at the McGibbon farm recently.
The high and graded schools reopened
for the winter term Monday.
Mif-s Florence Austin of the Mills
guest of relatives over the holidays,
returned to her work in Hardwuk on
Christine Morrison returned to
Xorthfield on Saturday, after passing
a ween wun ner pHrenis, mt. ami
Mrs. T. Morrison.
George Blake is ill with chickenpox.
Miss Lucy S,abin of Burlington .was
a recent guest of her mother, Mr.
Satira Sabin.
Miss Ivis Wheeler of Claremont, X.
H., was a holiday guet of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Levi Wheeler.
D. A. McLean was in Montpelier on
Saturday. j
Mr. and Mrs. Xeil Daniels of Gran
ite ille returned home last Saturday,
after spending a week with relatives
jCw j A Successful Cigar
j1mA AH Quality
Miss Grace Persons returned tuis
morning to Boston, after a few days'
stay at home.
A. X. Washburn lei;an operations
Saturday with a Percival auto tractor
truck in Waterville, Me., which he
boiiL'ht lately. He has had made for
his logging business four pairs of huge
sled, so that when necessary two
pairs mar be loaded for the truck to
draw and" the other two pair left free
to n-e while the others are being un
loaded. Daniel A. Ablmtt did the wool
work on the sleds. F. K. Wallace
dmes the truck, which will go into
the woods on roads made for tbe pur
pone firft on the Torrey lot in the
northwest part of the town and later
in other place where Mr. Wahbunt
has timber. He expects to have plen
ty of work near the mill for his big
teams to do.
Miss Kliia Howland of Koyalton
spnt part of her vacation at the
home of her grandfather, Daniel Stod
The granite sheds again are moving
on full time, after a few weeks t n a
four-dav schedule, f ie to lack of tbe
architect's diagrams.
TL Augustus Gray came last week
from Keene. X. II., to work in the
granite sheds. He lived here several
years ago.
school has returned from her Christ
mas vacation.
Among the students returning to
their schools and colleges Monday were
Misses Madine Boardman, Louise Mor-1
gan, Kathryn Kecor, Rebecca Buron.J
Kffie Sleeper. Lucy Ijitiuli, Hildegradej
imaiiey, .viunn ioaruman aim urio
Jenney. j
Miss Ruth McMahon returned to New!
York C-ity Monday, after passing the
Christmas vacation In Stowe.
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Hubbell of La
conia, X. H., are visiting their daugh
ter, Mri.. A. E. Doane, and family.
Pain in Stomach, Sourness,
Gases and Acidity relieved
with "Pape's Diapepsin"
uher were Mrs. J. F. Claire, Mm.
W. B. Clark, Mrs. Stanley and- Mr.
Tones. , s
"The Farmer's Worst Enemy Rats.
The Farmer's Best Friend
These are the words of .lames Ras
ter. X, J.: "Ever since I tried RAT
SXAP I have alway kept it in tbe
house. Xrver fail. Used ab.Mit $.1.00
worth of RAT-SNAP a year and fig
ure it saves men MOO in chicks, eggs
and feed.1 RAT SNAP it convenient.
jut break up cake, no mixing with
other food." Three ires, .lie, tt.V,
I. .". Sold and guaranteed by R. L.
Clark and B. D. Tomasi, Barre; lYice
The 'Grain company, Middle-ei, and Berry
Your upet stomach will feel fine! i
Xo waiting! When your meals don't tit !
and you feel uncomfortable; when you
belch gases, acids or raise sour undi-i
gested food. When you feel lumps of i
indigestion pain, heartburn or hcad-j
ache from acidsly. jut eat a tablet of'
harmless and reliable Pape's Diapepsin j
and the frtomarh distress Is gone.
Millions of people know the magic
of Pape's Diapepsin as an antacid.
They know that most indigestion and
disordered stomach are from acidity, j
The relief rome quickly, no doap-'
pointment. and the cot is so little too.!
Pape's Diapepsin helps regulate your
stomach so you can eat isvorite iooos
without fear. Adv.
Sales and Exchange Stables
Montpelier. Vt.
Just received carload of horses di
rect from farmers of Ohio. They
weigh from 1200 to 1700 lbs. apiece.
They were all bought right out of
There are dapplegrays, red roans,
black roans, chestnuts, browns and
bays in the lot.
For our auction Friday January
7, 1921. we expect a lot of second
hand horses of our own. Anyone
wishing to buy or sell should be here
for this sale. Auction sales every
Friday. We carry a complete line
of.harness, collars, blankets, sleighs,
etc. Both 'phone connections.
& Jones, Montpelier. Adv.
The annual installation of the new
y-eleeted officers of the O. A. R. and j
allied orders in joint eions at their j
halls Saturday was probably tbe first,
of its kind in the state and was a very j
successful affair. A bountiful lunch I
was served at noon, followed by the
several ritual service.. Installing offl-!
cer acting were: Elihu Tuller. past'
po rommander. for the G. A. R.; Mrs.
O. X. Sfoughtrtn of Orville Bixby corps.
SoirtU Koyalton. for the v . K. C; and
A-:.fant".Iud?e B. II. Adams of Chel-1
ea f.r the S-m. of Veterans. Mrs.
Stonchton accompanied by ber sis
ter. Mr. Rand, and Judge Aiiam by
meetin;; veial brothers of II. E. K. hall ramp.
b the bljr trouble io every serious
sickness rawing depression of
pints, irritability, nervousness,
imperfect vision. Ins of memory,
poor "teep. Ion f apprtite, etc. top
t with a rrfuiar eomtwe f
Where Everybody Goet Presents for To-day Only
id he held at tbe ball Wednesdiv. an I No 2.
all-day meeting, mmmem-ing at 10 a I Iliifrb Wiliiatcs bat ben on the sick
tti-. ffr the making of dre f.irtn.. I li-t tbe pat week
Tbe Maon hare their annual dane Miss Kbahith Matthew, of White
.'. 20, wi'h CarrolTa rrrbefra for Piver Jun5 ,nn )rnt a few days at ber
uie. una here la.t m-tk.
Tbey art promptly and freely, but
gently, thoroughly rlening tt
bawls, mfsrtinc the stMBarfc. a! m
Ulisc the Irw ihr rwr-,- fnr
r. hesdx-ite, Kiaswveaa. brort-
e" r if mm, piatw er arr 04.
mo rrumf conri-voui aa-
rmovm inmim cir.
Dr. J. B. Sckraca & Soa. fiuUie'pk!
.-.iryi: r-. it. .MfckMV mm W I
TOM MOORE in"Duds'
If is paeKeij to the guards wi'h meat of rfm.ixe, altenture. ti,rte man t man tttU'!
love and it dtibt it fear. ail it l'rtunnj ii.Kior( ot Mrarti-e women, tjrin
aril h filing iu. AIo ii!iig tWter'" and "It Tke a ttook" ron-edy
It i a drama ff
ryrsprWle fma
.BEBE DANIELS in "Vou Never Can Tell."

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