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The Oldest Trust Company in Vermont
Ninety-Ninth Semi-Annual Statement
The Montpelier Savings Bank & Trust Company
January 1st, 1921
Loans secured by First
Mortgage $2,628,581.92
Loans personal and se
cured by collateral . . 469,552.32
United States Bonds
(Market Value) 419,685.00
Public Utilities Bonds ,
(Market Value) .... 172,835.00
Municipal Bonds (Market
Value) 825,880.00
War Savings Stamps 832.00
National Bank Stock
(Market Value) .... 57,700.00
Cash on hand and due
from Reserve agents . 345,873.05
Trust Investments 224,047.07
Capital Stock $100,000.00
Surplus reserved ... 192,500.00
Undivided Pro
fits $31,290.99
Trust Fund
Guaranty . 55,752,72 87,043.71
Deposits 4,447,267.44
Treasurers' Checks Out-
standing 35,128.14
90th Dividend 6,000.00
Extra Dividend 3,000.00
Bills Payable 50,000.00
Trust Funds 224,047.07
A Big Reserve Fund
We call especial attention to two things shown in the foregoing statement:
First, the exceptionally large RESERVE FUND FOR THE PROTECTION OF
DEPOSITORS, amounting to nearly HALF A MILLION DOLLARS, made up as
follows: '
Capital Stock $100,000.00
Surplus Reserved 192,500.00
Undivided Profits $31,290.99
Trust Fund Guaranty 55,752.72 87,043.71
Shareholders Liability (Not included in statement but a
part of the security provided by law for depositors) 100,000.00
David Cunningham, Who Died Jan. 10,
I Was 8414 Years Old.
David Cunningham passed away at
the home of his nephew in Craftsbuiy
Jan. 10, at the advanced age of 84
years, .six months, after illness of two
months. lie was born in Scotland in
July, 1830, coming with his parents
to this country when about five years
of agtr living for a time in Walden.
Later they purchased a farm in the
north part of Cabot. After the death
of both parents, he was married to
Miss Lela Knapp of Waterbury, re
maining on the home farm. After a
few years of lonely life following the
death of his companion, he sold his
home and came to live with his two
elderly sisters in this village. In about
two years the eldest of these was sud
denly taken away by death, and in a
few months more the other sister was
made an invalid for life by slipping
on an icy pavement, fracturing her
hip, causing much suffering for many
months and rendering her unable to
care for herself and brother. She, too,
passed awav. Through the kindness
of his nephew, David I'rie, he was in
vited to spend the remainder of his
days at his home in t'raf tsbury, where
he has received thekind and neces
sary ministrations or tailhtul rela
. Leading the lonelv life he hail for
so many years and being the only re
maining one of his father's familv, he
had manv times e.)tessed the wish to
be taken over vonder la tie with his
Quick Assets
Second, the large amount of QUICK ASSETS cash and bonds which we
constantly keep on hand:
United States Bonds $419,685.00
Public Utility Bonds ' .'. . 172,835.00
Municipal Bonds 825,880.00
War Savings Stamps
National Bank Stock . .
C;i:.ii on hand and due from Reserve Agents
. . 345,873.05
A Strong Showing
The unusually strong showing made tr The Montpelier Savings Bank and Trust
Company is the result of fifty years of so.md management, careful investment and
an ever present sense of responsibility to t ie thousands of depositors who have en
trusted their savings or their business deposits to us.
The Montpelier Savings Bank and Trust Co,
"The Old Bank on the Corner," Montpelier, Vermont.
Depository of the State of Vermont.
loved ones. He was a man of unas
suming nature and very much attached
to his home, an industrious and pros
perous fanner. His two nephews and
families accompanied his remains here,
where funeral services were held in the
M. K. church, Rev. K. L. (ioddard offi
ciating, with burial in the family lot
in Cabot cemetery.'
The ladies' aid society of the Meth-
liist church will have a sleigh ride
lid social Thursday evening, Jan. 20.
he objective point will he the home
If Mr. and Mrs. John NVill. A start
I ill be made from the home of Mr.
Ind Mrs. A. L. Dovce about li:30.
veryono is cordially invited to go on
lie ride.
control of the country's inner line of
d"fense against disease coming from
Legislation, first adopted in 1S03 and
subsequently supplemented provided
for the purchase by the federal gov
ernment of the seaport quarantine sta
tions of such states as might be wil
lm' to part with them. Most states
were glad to be relieved of
There will be a meeting o the Kast
Montpelier prange on Wednesday, Jan.
I l, m the forenoon at 11 o'clock for
j business. In the afternoon open to the
I public with a good program. E. B.
the ex-' ('rnwa!l of Middlebury, president of
Last Foreign Quarantine Station Goes
to Public Health Service.
With the transfer, now imminent, of
Ilie New York quarantine station to
tie lT. " S. public health service, the
i deral government will come into rem-
llete possession and administrative
pense of carrying on a work that was
essentially one for national rather than
local protection; but some of them lies
itated to give up local control, espe
cially in the early days when ideas
of proper quarantine methods differed
radically, owing to the lack of infor
mation now available as to the trans
mission of the grea-t plague diseases.
However, one by- one the stations
were taken over until only Xew York
was left; and now the agreement for
its transfer has been reached and fed
eral action waits only on the presen
tation by the state of proof of title to
the premises.
I the federation of Vermont Farm Bu
j reaus, will speak, with other (rood
speakers. A good attendance desired.
Miss Grace McKinstry has resigned
as teacher of the grammar department
at the upper village. Mrs. Delia Sax
by has been released from the high
school department to take the place of
Miss McKinstry in the grammar
school, which commenced this morn
I The grammar nehoo! at upper village
( did not resume its session last week
i as was expected, on account of the
i illness (if the teacher,
j V. J. dates of Montpelier has been
; in town several days, inspecting stove
! pipes, chimneys, furnaces, etc., in the
I interest of the Vermont Mutual Fire
; Insurance company.
Wednesday evening. Jan. 2fi, there
' will be a public installation of offi
cers of W. R. ('. at Society hall. Sup
per will be served from ." tu 8 p. m.
A cordial invitation is extended to
Purine the year IfcJO there were 20
births, 11 marriage and 12 depths in
Mr. and "SU. .T. T. One went to
Burlington Tuesday to attend the!
meeting of the Dairymen's association,
held there. ' j
Miss Mildred Poire, homo demonstra
tion agent, will be at the home of Mrs.J
D. M. Barrett on Vedneday, Jan. S6.
from 10 a. m. to 4 p. tn. "Dre-s Forms" i
will be the subject of the mating. All i
those interested arc united to come
and bring something toward the dinner.
The condition of "Aunt" Crete Collin
seems to be improving.
Mrs. Minnie Lawrence fell the length
of the cellar stairs, bruising herself
quite badly. She is confined to her bed.
Her sister is with her.
Miss Pauline Bidwcll has returned
from a 10-day stay with her sister,
Miss Ijestina Bidwell, in Syracuse, N. Y.
B. F. Atherton, whose hand was bit
ten by a dog about a week ago, was
very ill Wednesday and Thursday, but
was tceling better Friday. It seema that
his dog and the dog of J. T. Smith were
scrapping and in some way a little child
was knocked down and, while looking
out for this child, the Smith dog
jumped at Mr. Atherton and fastened
his teeth in his hand, so that it was
hard to shako him otT. Medical attend
ance was had at once,' but the injury
has been very painful. The tempera
ture which developed Wednesday, it is
now thought, came from a cold. Any
way that has subsided and Mr. Ather
ton is out again, although having his
hand dressed once each day.
The score of the Burlington high
school -Waterbury high school basket
ball game in Burlington last Friday
night was 23 to IS in favor of Burling
ton, instead of 23 to 1, as a misprint in
ou im I uut, a jjh jfji gave 1 1,,
Inspection of 15 Billion Pounds Con
sumed in a Year.
The American people consume l."v
000,000,000 pounds of meat in a year,
or at the rate of half a pound a day.
Two-thirds of this is inspecte! by bu
reau of 'animal industry employes,
while the remainder should be inspect-
my btomni'h got out of t rder and I lo-'
ed by state and municiiml men. but. un- T XT. tVH : f a ",l 01 wc,8"1 aml "wnK0 vc'ry W,SK
:. . ' i r. ' .. cvci A'Cii Jjcuvi in uxy j couldn't deep any
fortunately, this is true only to a cer
tain extent, says the chief of the bu
reau of animal industry of the Tinted
States department of agriculture in a
recent interview.
"Modern meat inspection in this
country dates from l!K)li. Congress had
made but timid inspection laws. About
that time President Roosevelt became
interested in newspaper reports about
activities in. 'packing down,' and be
sent two committees to Chicago to in
Life Than Now," Says
Bangor Man After Tak
ing Tanlac Troubles
"The way I eat and sleep since I be
gan taking Tanlac reminds me of the
to speak of, aril
always felt tired and worn out ant
just could not get in shape to go bad
to work.
"Finally a friend told me about Tan
lae and I decided to try the medicino
Well, it wasn't long before began tl
pick up. I gained six pounds in wciglil
in almost no tints, and after that i
came back to my old self rapidly.
"I am eating like a wolf now anJ
everything agrees with me perfectly
Ellen Terry's Witty Reply to Judje of
'Ethel Barryniore, apripos a witty re
mark made by a young actress at
garden party, said:
"This young lady reminds of Ellen
Terry, who was the wittiest and most
tactful woman l ever knew.
"I once heard a story which is char
acteristie of Miss Terry's ready wit.
"She was sued bv her dressmaker for
an unpaid bill and the cu.se went
against her. Asking to be allowed to
appeal, she gave as one of her reasons
that the judge who rendered the decis
ion was too old to understand the ca.se.
"The judge of appeals reminded her
that once before, in another suit, she
had complained that her case had been
tried by 'a bit of a boy.'
" 'What age, may I ask, madam, do
you want a judge to be!' the judge of
appeals inquired.
"Your age,' Miss Terry smilingly re
plied. Detroit Free Press.
vestigatc. Their reports convinced him good old days of my boyhood," recently
that the thing needed in the law was Httld I'uul K. Aucoin, a valued employe At night I sleep like a log, get plentj
teeth. After much sensational, argu- f. - . hnM , ... ... , , ' . . ... .,. .... . . ,
merit, every one seemed to agree, so . ' '"l " ' "
Concress nut on the books the stringent tral Railroad, residing at 4li Union St., work I feel like putting in a real day
act of 1900, a complete, effective, model Bangor, Me. Mr. Aucoin has hth! h.s My improvement has been so great mj
measure, that has worked every hour present position for twenty-seven years wife savs I look as strong and health J
SsUwhoCm:t,,d1'wbais: f'"mte " ' did and I know she's right
for development of the nation's live-1 Last winter I had influenza, and it is for I never felt better in my life. I
stock industry in removing the pre- hardly worth while for me to try to just want everybody to know Tanlai
judices of foreign countries against our tell just how I Buffered, for only those is what put me back on my feet."
meat exports. i , , , , ..,,, IinjP
Fundamentally, the law is hawed on :
the principle of interstate transporta-, 8tand how 1 Sot a,0"!-T-tion.
It says that no meat can cross aj "Anyhow, my appetite failed me,
stale unless it bears the legend 'U. S. j ,
i...,.,,! o,i iJOn,i Tn v,,o m-u
X UD J-,I7I VvTVi BUM A Uni U. XV. .'f II.IU l.ldl (V j
the animal must have been examined 1 cities scattered over the country, chief -twice
by federal scientists first alive, 1 ly in the middle west, but extending to
then after killing, when it lies skinned, Boston, San Francisco and Xew Or
headlesa and disemboweled, with every leans. It inspected more than 05,000,
tolltale membrane, muscle and gland 0K) animals and watched the prepara
open to pitiless scrutiny. Then, if it; lion of 8,000,000,000 -pounds of meat
was pickled or smoked or went into a products. Of these it threw out 228,000
can or casing, it must have been pre-', diseased whole carcasses, 750,000 parts
pared without any harmful preserva-j of carcasses and 18,000,000 pounds of
tive, and the can must have been truth. : products. It did this with 2,500 em
fully labeled. Moreover, the slaughter ployes, two-fifths being professional
house must have been light, clean, san- veterinarians and the remainder praeti
itary, the packing rooms like kitchens cal meat-curing men. At seven centers
and every' man or woman who touched over the country it had the assistance
the meat must have been clean and of its laboratories where skilled chem
healthy and dressed in clean clothing. ists probed into the problems of pre
"Under this law, last year the bu- servatives, spice, waters and other in
reau operated at 800 nouses in 200 ; gradients. It maintained also a corps of
i highly trained men, who traveled from
place to place, giving each station an
Tanlac is sold in Barre by the Barn
Drug Co., and by the leading druggist!
in every town. Adv.
Can't Lose Aunti.
"So you've hired an apartment o
the top floor of the Skye building?"
"Yes, we move next week."
"What's the idea of going so higl
up trying to escape the mosquitoes'?'
"It isn't that. My wife has an aunl
who won't ride in elevators. She ha!
trailed us up 12 flights of stairs, 1t4
I think she'll balk at 25." Minneapo'
lis Tribune.
Could Do His Own Bending.
A Yorkshire man, who was very
bow-legged, entered a tailor's shop to
be measured for a pair of trousers.
He selected the cloth, and the tailor
proceeded to measure him. When he
passed the tape down the "mow" of
the leg the customer tapped him on the
arm and said:
'"Owd on. mate! Thee mak' 'em
straight: Ah'll bend 'em!" Los An
geles Times.
The annual Ms-onie ball, with chicken-pie
supper, will be held in the -Masonic
hall. North Montpelier, Thursday
evening, Tan. 20. Music, Carroll's or
chestra. adv.
A Good Time.
Alice Did your cousin have a good
time during her holiday visit in Bos
ton? Kate I guess so. Mother and I
took to our beds after she left, and
she writes that she took to hers as
soon as she got horv. Boston Transcript.
'Pape's Cold Compound" is
Quickest Relief Known
Pon't stay stuffed-up! Quit blowing
and snuffling! A do.-e of 'Tape's Cold
Compound" taken every two hours un
til three doses are taken usually breaks
any cold right up.
The very first dose opens clogged nos
trils and the air passages of the head;
stops nose running; relieves the head
ache, dullness, feverishnea.
"Pape's- Cold Compound" costs only
a few cents at drug stores. Jt acts
I without assistance, tastes nice, con
tains no ijuinine insist upon Pape's!
inspect.on so as to keep the men up Get Dr. Edwards' OUve Tablets
to the mark and so make the whole
system uniform throughout the country.
"No, this ought to add not to the cost: since Dr. Edwards produced Olive
of meat. Carcasses and parts con- 1 Tablets, the substitute for calomel,
demnt-d for disease are not entirely ' Dr. Edwards, a practicing physician
waste. Thev are cooked in tanks under! it years ana calomels old-time
high steam pressure, and the resulting
products used for grease in soap and
tallow and for fertilizer. The real loss I
is only a fraction of a cent a pound,'
and that is more than offset by the ef- :
ficiencv of modern factory conditions ;
That is the joyful cry of thousands
. ! mmv. (lisrovpred th formula fnr f )liv
Tablets while treating patients for
chronic constipation and torpid livers.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets do not
contain calomel, but a healing, soothing
vegetable laxative.
brought about by the requirements of; WO griping is the keynote Of these
the law " I httle sugar-coated, olive-colored tab
lets, l hey cause the bowels and uver to
act normally. They never force them
On the Boost.
J. Coleman du Pont said at a dinner
in New York:
"An auctioneer is a man who raises
bid-. A volunteer is one who raises
our patriotic ideals, A pioneer raises
his country's flag in new places. A
profiteer well, he raises everything."
Detroit Free Press.
to unnatural action.
If you have a "dark brown mouth"
bad breath a dull, tired feeling sick
headache torpid liver constipation,
you'll find quick, sure and pleasant re
sults from one or two of Dr. Edwards'
Olive Tablets at bedtime.
Thousands take them every night just
to keep right. Try them. ' '
vrtumtt on
m rteinj
Over 1 MilCoa Tablet 1Vtn Dilr
A dean healthy skin it denned by evrry
ETS will au.cklT produce it. Sallow
lomplexion in caused by disordered BTOM-
RHEUMATISM. Theee ran be corrected
ABLETS marie of roota, barka and herb
:h box.
Regular Weather Hound.
Hoax "Bjones works in the weather
Joax "Is he any pood as a prognos-
ticatori '
Hoax "Why, that fellow can posi
tive smell any atmo-phere change."
Jn-"A regular storm scenter, eh!"
Philadelphia Record.
Her Opinion of Him,
He I would rather have a man call
l me a knave than a fool.
j She Of course. It's the truth that
j hurts. Boston Transcript.
What Constitutes Being Really Poor
A man is poor;
If he is "without friends.
If he has low-flying ideals.
If he has a guilty conscience.
If he has lost his self-respect.
If his morals are (iiestionable.
If he has lost his prip upon him
self. If he lacks education and refinement.
If he is selfish, uncharitable or cruel.
If he has forfeited his health for
If his mind and soul have been enp
leeted. If he has traded away his charac
ter for. his money.
If his wife and family do not hue
and respect hirn.
If he has a dwapreeahle disposition
that makes enemies or repels people.
If makine money has crowded out
the cultivation of his esthetic facul
ties. Xew Success Magazine.
1 3 0
arr.e Opera. House
Three Days. Starting Monday Cecil De Mille's Big Metropolitan Special Super
reature Attraction
A butterfly woman's toast to the husband of a too
wifely wife. Until at last he "dared." But the
wife was still young and
these two beautiful women culture, manner?,
breeding flung in an instant to the winds fight
ing ilke maddened tigresses in his room for the
man they loved.
I he das h, the fashion, the. vivid, intimate revela
tions of this sensational companion picture to Cecil
R. PeMille's "Don't Change Your Husband."
Added Attractions
And Music By the Regular Opera House Orchestra
Prices Balcony 25c, Orchestra 35c, Plus the Tar.
Wnera Everborf Gaea
Presents for To day Only
Buck Jones
Tale of the Ind Where the Best
Man Wins Also
Act Comedy
J ? V -B iX; '
h w- - hi
essx? L. Lisk
if efd.
II Oft ;J - jATi.
3 wti-i .
a tx sjt
it .
Lwij J SIznicK.
A rbol and
! His Money
I Dttfntt-hrft Ella
j A Outline 'Bt WW ! Into a Fauit-
j rrf-n t impiici flog
"EWSPAPER reading is a universal daily habit;
newspaper advertising therefore reaches each day
'virtually all who buy.
Newspaper advertising is the life-blood of local trade
because" it touches all consumer sources in every com
munity. It gives the national advertiser the same op
portunity for complete consumer appeal in any locality
Newspaper advertising cuts selling costs because it en
, tails no waste in locality of circulation. Manufacturers
use it to cover markets where it is profitable to do
Newspaper advertising insures quick, thorough and eco
nomical dealer distribution and dealer good will, be
cause retailers are willing to sell products advertised di
rect to their own customers.
Newspaper advertising enables manufacturers to tell
where their products may be bought.
Newspaper advertising can be started or stopped over
night, can be prepared between days to meet sudden
developments and to obtain immediate results.
Newspaper advertising enables manufacturers to check .
advertising results and costs in every market in which
they enter.
Newspaper advertising costs less than any other kind.
80S World Building, New York

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