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The Oldest Trust Company in Vermont
Ninety-Ninth Semi-Ann ual Statement
The Montpelier Savings Bank & Trust Company
January 1st, 1921
Loans secured by First
Mortgage $2,628,581.92
Loans personal and se
cured by collateral . . 469,552.32
United States Bonds
' (Market Value) .... 419,685.00
Public Utilities Bonds
' (Market Value) .... 172,835.00
Municipal Bonds (Market
Value) 825,880.00
War Savings Stamps 832.00
National Bank Stock
(Market Value) 57,700.00
Cash on hand and due
from Reserve agents . 345,873.05
Trust Investments 224,047.07
Capital Stock
Surplus reserved
Undivided Pro
fits $31,290.99
Trust Fund
Guaranty. 55,752,72
Treasurers' Checks Out
standing 90th Dividend
Extra Dividend
Bills Payable
Trust Funds V
Woodsville Defeated By St
I on Local Court.
. ..... .. ..
in a one-s.meu but very interesting
game( Woodsville, whs defected by SL.
.Johnsbury liy tt ncore (if fid li -ii. The
came throii"hout was nlwnyn in Kt.
Johiisbury'n favor. At no time did the
lo'enl buys iippear dangerous. Carlson
for Woodsville played Rood ball, get
ting a total of It points. lioth Smith
and Sweeny had evtreinely hard luck
in locating the basket. Dumar, jIay
ing against l.arty, was the star of the
St. Johnsbury aggregation, scoring nine
baskets. Gibson made one pretty bas
ket from the eenter of the floor. Only
one foul was railed in the came, w hich
was on Woodsville. The lineups:
St. Johnsbury Woodsville
iDiimar, rf rf, Smith
'Clark, If If, Sweeny
Gibson, e c, Carlson
Cornor, rb rb, Kirk
Fiske, lb lb, Larty
.Baskets: Dumar 0, Clnrk 4, Gibson,
Cornor 3, Fiske 8, Smith 2, Sweeny 3,
Carlson 8, Kirk ; referee, McMeekinj
scorer, Sullivan; timer, Buck; time,
three. 15-ininute periods.
The Plainfield Church
-! W. sr-y '-. yfisi IV
iMll 8 si?
A Big Reserve Fund
We call especial attention to two things shown in the foregoing statement:
First, the exceptionally large RESERVE FUND FOR THE PROTECTION OF
DEPOSITORS, amounting to nearly HALF A MILLION DOLLARS, made up as
follows: '
Capital Stock $100,000.00
Surplus Reserved 192,500.00
Undivided Profits $31,290.99
Trust Fund Guaranty 55,752.72 87,043.71
Shareholders Liability (Not included in statement but a
part of the security provided by Jaw for depositors) 100,000.00
Quick Assets
Second, the large amount of QUICK ASSETS cash and bonds which we
constantly keep on hand:
United Stater, Bonds $419,685.00
Public Utility Bonds : 172,835.00
. Municipal Bonds 825,880.00
War Savings Stamps 832.00
National Bank Stock 57,700.00
Cash on hand and due from Reserve Agents 345,873.05.
A Strong Showing
The unusually strong showing made b ' The Montpelier Savings Bank and Trust
Company is the result of fifty years of sound management, careful investment and
an ever present sense of responsibility to fie thousands of depositors who have en
trusted their savings or their business deposits to us.
The Montpelier Savings Bank and Trust Co,
"The Old Bank on the Corner," Montpelier, Vermont.
Depository of the State of Vermont.
Fourteen young ladies met at the
home of Mis Klla George last Monday
evening and organized a business girls' i
club. Officers elected for the coming
year were: President, Hazel Doody;
vice-president, Until Randall; secretary
and trensurer, Klla George; commit
tee to produce by-laws, Huth Randall,
Pearl Hmnian, Lillian Moore. Meetings
are to be held the first and third Tues
day of each month ut the home of the
members. It is hoped that the mem
bership may be increased to at least 25.
Officers installed in Arbutus lodge
were: X. G., Grace Glynn; V. (., Hazel
Longmore; secretary, Minnie Perry;
treasurer, Elizabeth Smith; warden,
IiVdia Lanphere; conductress, Inei
Powers; O. G., C. X. Paici; R. S. X.
iG., Walter Glvnn; L. S. X. G., Addie
Perkins. R. S. V. G Lola Sherweil;
I L. S. V. ., F. F. Learned; chaplain,
i Nettie Vincent; installing officers, Myr-
i tie Way and Mrs. Hale of West Burke.
' M. .J. I'udvah, who lias been at Cot
tage hospital for several days with a
jbad'y infected finger, is repoited much
I OUioera elected at the ladies' aid oi-
iety for the ensuing year are: President,
Mrs. S. I. Clark; vice-president, Mrs.
i.Jolui Thomas; secretary and treasurer,
iMrs Sam Jlutchins; auditor, Mrs. Flora
V i.
Miss Kate McCarthy, who has been
in Wnitsdeld for several weeks past,
came Tuesday to visit her sister, Mrs.
L. C. Jones, before returning to her
home, in Lawrence, Mass.
Mr, and Mrs. Walter Joslin of
Waitsficld and two children were re
cent visitors at C. A. Bingham's.
Myron Miles, who has been in fail
ing health for some time, is now con
fined to his bed.
Mrs. Gove end daughter, Helen, of
Montpelier were Sunday guests at
Frank' Ileitis.'
The men and teams are busy har
vesting ice for the Middlesex cream
ery. Arthur Buck and )rvil!e Welden
were in St. Johnsburv the latter part
of the week to attend the older boys'
conference. '
J. S. Smith was at home from his
work iu South Fayf-ton for over Sun
day. Several from here attended the ban
quet given by the Tenney Co. to their
employes at' Montpelier Tuesday eve
ning. " .
George Miles, who was drawing ice
Friday, broke through with hia team
and sled loadel with ice, being sub-
merged in the water. Fortunately no
I damage was done.
j Jewett Demas has suffered a shock
'and is in a critical condition,
j Mrs. Xora Sherman of Montpelier
! was a visitor in town Friday.
Allw.rt Prime ia ennfmen1 to tlie Infuse
your part of the game and be present ? .ith ,1lal.t trnul)1(1
Tl... iha acrilin Ulltlfl.l V 1 .....
lV' , VI s r ' -The Home circle ladies w ill serve a
r.;..,r .i-i II n "U iv lu If Sio llnrH for . ..... i
.....K ."i 'v iiiisii sin, hit 111 1 hp c Hire i vestry on
We.lnesihiv ni-nni.ifT .7;in OO V.vurv.
t oli im ! 0,10 ' cordially invited.
Jan. .15: Moses, j n R UUuU ins retrncd to his
home in Uurlim-ton.
"Thou hast no ahore, fair ocean I
Thou hast no time, bright day I
Dear fountain of refreshment
To pilrrima far away I
UlHin the Kock of Ann
They raise thy holy tower ;
Thine ia the victor'a laurel.
And thine the golden dower I"
-St. Bernard of Cluny.
The United States Commissioner of
Education has asked the pastor of this
church to give an address before a
creat educational convention in the
auditorium of the BoHtcm Slate House
at the end of this week and the pastor
has refused because he wants to talk
to you next Sunday. Will you play '
Brings a Ray of Hope to
Childless Women
Lowell, Mass. "I had anemia
from the time I was sixteen years old
"whwl J and was very ir-
jfigfS wm any nouse cleaning
' fifsiorwastungi wouia
&r Si; faint and have to
ery minute was
M "i ,.iibook for women I
W '' - Ml took Lydia E-
WtM PinL hnm'a Vnrrn.
iuLiUi table Compound
Bijou Theatre
Where Ererybody Goes
Presents for To-day Only
Madge Kennedy
The Moat Sparkllnir Dnmretie i'omedy of the)
Season nnd That'a The Truth Made From
Clyde Fitch's Great Play Also
and w'
Two-Act Comedy
Cuuroll Dewey of Randolph was an
sver-Sunday guest at Walter Fullam's.
Mrs. Betty Dudley is paining slowly.
Miss Mary Linliekl has returned to her
Misses Belle and Marion MneDougall
were at their home here over Sunday.
Altout 25 of the neighbors gave Mrs.
John Davis a very pleasant surprise
laist Tuesday evening, the occasion be
ing her birthday anniversary. Games
and music, with very dainty refresh
ments, made the evening a very pleas-1 w
ant one. pi
IVnfred BisMonnette of Norwich I M..ion r,Hk,,r wg, h(ne fr,)m ,Jfr
( onm, w-l,i has been spending several .,,, in RamloI h for wwnl A
weeks at the home of h,s brother. A. iu with t,,e provailinjr di,l!niK.r. '
M. Hissioiinettc, in the east part of the; AUen H ,, R K 'Mavn,r,i
town, died very suddenly early Tuoday w,.rp in Lt.bllnon N-. ,satur(lli;. ttll(,
iiiiiiiiiii in nrnii uuuuri'. i in: ucceii.-a'U ; purihaxed ft fine
was about 45 years old. The remains I (j MBrtin
u'ur. ruirnii wn ,iru-in h nn VV eiitnau.
day for burial.
Tag day for the benefit of the suf
fering Armenian children, which was
conducted by the N'orthticld high school,
was a success financially, as $M was
gathered from the tacs sold. Frank A.
Mrs, Bowen Tells How Rats Almost
Burned Her House Dov n.
ror two months I never went
Dur cellar, fearing a rat. One ni''it in
hed J smelled lire. Sure enough l'ic nit
had been nibbling at the me.tc'ies. If
I hadn't acted promptly ny house
would have been burned. letter we
found the dead rat. HAT-SNAP killed
it. Jfs great stuff." Three i.es, 35c,
!Vc, $1.2.". Sold and guaranteed by R.
f.. Clark, Barre; B. D. Tomasi. Barre;
Price Grain Co., Middlesex; Berry 4,
Jones, Montpelier. Adv.
pair f horses
and two daunhter.
iss Alvah Martin and Mrs. Flanders
of Rochester, were the guests of F.
A. Putnam Saturday night. They in
stalled ollhers at Tweed River grange
iu the evening.
Mrs. Dukette's little daughter, at
.1. D. IllHckmer's, who has been ill with
pneumonia, is much better.
F. H. Cha!" snent the week end
$100, which helacd to swell the pro-; at his home in Bethel, (!. B. Fish being
reeds. home to attend store.
The friends of Miss Laura Averill -J- Mayo has sold his home place,
will be pleased to hear that she is en- tork and tools to John Fish, who Inn
joying herself in California. She has : already moved there. Mr. Mayo went
been visiting Mrs. Ida Orcutt Chase, a , Saturday to visit his brother in
former Nortlifield girl, who livesin San ; Springfield.
i Francisco, and is going this week to' Mr. Hannah J.a Frana has so far
I . w . I - 1 1 .: I..... - I -
i i asanenn. .miss Avern is navm? an '""" i ii"m in-r itn-iuein m oe
' extended leave of absence from her ilu- ' able to go home next Sunday if it
tie- in the office of I'lum'ev. l'lumlev , ,s t-"""' went her.
and Campbell. Harrr Duir" was home from hii
; work in Granville a day recently. II
:r. jmena roniana we to Hur- .,., (o Tt. th. l to act pall ,ear. r
....... mi i.. . ..iujiumv ..jrs. t f )0 fr
I'iM'hetti to the Mary Fh-icher hospital,, .; vi.t
Mr. and Mrs. George Wakefield and Phillips of the I'hillips & Slack Granite
son, Varrell, were Sunday guests at j company purchased one tag and gave :
Larl aKenems.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dolan were vis
.tors Sunday at Klnier Woodworth's in
where she is to undergo a surgical
(Bead lur Inl
For Rheumatism
l Send add ma and you will
i receive a (toml airM nample
t.ib of JELLFORM"
I Pad way'. Ready Keltef
I without an adrlitional coat
to vna. RADWAY & CO,
I IDS Cnter Street. New York
Rmmdy RmlM
In Bottle
In Tub
3Sc, 70c.
Wiriri rour liome h r.n eT
tk it it ia jrt carefully r4
in a way that will guarantr nn
tbt rireuita and no Jire ia
a ear Xa fwne. Fr inenni
j,rt 'e morkciia-hip, tone
"Wire ta,tl r f pn-wet"
14 llm Street.
I Frank Kngland, captain of the Xorth
I field high schotd basketball team, who
J injured his arm in a practice game, has
so lar recovered ait to lw abin to return
to si.k)1. The nerves of the arm were
injured and at first it was thought seri
ous. Mrs. Susie Fike. who i at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. William .J. Fiske, is ill
w ith pneumonia. She is being cared for
by Miss Berniee (Vlby, a graduate cf
the Mary Fletcher hospital.
Sergeant John Cook. V. S. A., a for
mer member of the Vermont National
Gourd, and who served as a commis
sioned oflicer in the !7th Pioneer in
fantry oversea a during the World war,
has recently been detailed as militia in-
tructor at Wesleyan college, Middle-
town, tonn. j
Harry Goodman of Montprlier has!
opened a tailor hon in the nmnt un-!
i ner 11. 11. Humphrey a ifuelrr store in!
I the Mjvi block. Mr. ;...lrm.i waa for
j merly located in Xorthfield for several
j years.
I Mr. and Mr. V.. E. Thompon. who
jhae N-en jiend:rg aome time in
J Springfi. 1.1. Mass.. with their daui'liter.
: Mr. C. W. Se'feng r. I .ve gnne to At
I l.mta. Cu.. t i- t tl eir older daugh-
t.-r. Mr. A. A. Hut liin.on. Mr. Thomn
, n is one nf the mail rbk on the
jt.iitral Vermont railroad i.f matiy
, yrr' rper!en.-e and .i,'t a few
mnth ago pare up hi work.
A'danghter, wpi:hinj 13 pounds
was born to Mr. and Mrs. Richard
Dwire Monday.
Jrrs. Ida If. Fitts of Massachusetts
and her daughter were in town over
Sunday on their way to Chelsea to at
tend rourt.
A party of 22 went from Suece
grange to attend the Post Mills grange
Josie Pray is ill and the doctor feels
assured she has scarlet fevc,-
Mr. and Mr. Henry Spear of War
saw, N. V., who have been spending a
few week at his father s, went to
Norwich Saturday.
Mrs. Sweet, who 1ia been with her
daughter, Mrs. Ayer, dd Wedns-dty.
.Jan. 12. She was a very estimable
w oman and will be mm h missed by her
Mr. Xrhnn went with his son. Al
fred, to Hanover, X. II., for X-ray examination.
The annual mretin? .f t'le Northfiehl
Tritsi cvni.jni u held M nilr after-
j Tiofn in the linking rrin. Dean II.
1 R. r!i4"rt .if Nnrwi.h un-terity wa
mae a trustee. 1 -e to)..m ing .(firer
were tinted: Pt.-ilint. Ir. V. Ii.
I Mayo; Tii-e pre-i.lent. K. .1 Davie;
jrrtaiy ami treaiir. W. f, Mi.l.lV-
I.r.-.k; trustees. Dr. W. it Mav... I
I. Dar ... C. M. Ihn... I rr A .l..nr. II
I?. Rishert -f Xortl.fi. W. 4ar4 11
1 1 w-at itt -f M..r.f.rlr and -.rge W.
Va!!i of Wa t-fVM The treasure!
I report b.wl .e Isar.k tn t m a jfi-
fsr.Hi lid f r.rti oj.n.t i r. 1 he ir
f.u h iiii't anl rfevs aa in
' reeil pr ttnt. Am intr-t of i - it
! ard if kf fr et an gv:ara- I
; tie r-s . r tl-e j.t ;i p,. t-H.
j i iirati.v4 t tie e-a c ax
Ruddy Cheeks SparklingEycs
Most Women Can llave
Sj-s Dr. Eiw-ar-?. a WiD-Knowa
Mrs. C. V.. Taft writes from Sun Du
mas, Cal.: "We are ull fine and how we
do enjoy the nice summer weather in
January. I think New Year's day was
the nicest I ever saw. We all went to
Pasadena to the annua! tournament of
ruses and saw the nin-t beautiful par
ade I ever saw or hope to see unless I
am there again. All the floats were
made of real flowers, one of them cost
ing jil.OIMI. Don't know ubmit the oth
ers. Folks came from everywhere to
see it (even Vermont), so don't miss it
when you come. We spent the rest of
the day with Clifford's cousin and wife
and four more cousms came to see us.
Guess if we stay long enough we shall
find lots of friends and relatives."
Xearly 100 grangers and their fam
ilies were present at the meeting Thurs
day evening, when George Flint, state
grange overseer, . with Gladys Flint,
Gladys rarr nnd Isabella. Kent as as
sistants, installed the following olli
rers: Master, dames Wheat ley: over
seer, James Sprague; lecturer, Mrs, Ar
thur Washburn; steward, Ralph I hay
er; assistant steward, Koliert Trak
chaplain. Rov Gilman; treasurer, Clara
Perliam; secretary, Mrs. William Hull;
gatekeeper, Richard Savage; Cere
Grace Trask; Pomona, Mrs. Ralph
Thaver; Flora. Mrs. Warren ( arpeii
ter: lady assistant steward. Iva Rich
ardson. Mrs, W. G. Buzzel). pianist
was unable to be present and Mrs. Har
rison Smith took her place. An oyster
supper as served to all.
Twenty-one neighbors met at D. (
(iilTord's Saturday evening to surprise
him and help to celebrate his birthday
anniversary. Games were played nnd
refreshments served by Mrs. Gilford.
feature of the evening was two birth
day takes, one cut by Mr. G:ffVrd and
the other by A. .J. Durkee, whose birth
day was the following day.
Many in the community are having
cows tested for tuberculosis, only
few having been condemned.
.John Per'inm returned home from
the Barre City hospital Saturday ami
died at his home Sunday night. Mrs.
Perham and daughter, Clara, have the
sympathy of their many friends in
their ben nvctucnt.
I he Woodmen will nolrt a dance in
their hall at Fast Randolph Friday
exening, .Jan. 21. Jerkin's orchestra
furnishes music. Kveryonc cordially in -
The family of W. G. Burzell have all
been sick with the prevailing distem
per. The stockholders of the Gulf Road
Cooperative Dairy company hold their
annual meeting hcb. I.
Folks to Get Along With Their Own
Wednesday evening,
Kxilo and Statesman.'
Attendance last Sunday morning 74.
Last average taken (for a period cov
ering five months) 131, but not once
in this new year have we been up to
80. Let lis rally.
Group meeting at Plainfield, Jan. 25,
afternoon and evening, of churches at
Barre, Cabot, Williamstown, Groton
and Bradford. Addresses by Rev. h.
W. Sharp, Prof. M. A. Dawber and
several of the visiting ministers. Meals
served by Ladies' Aid at a reasonable
and used the Sanative Wash, and have
never felt better than I have the last
two vciirs. I can work, cat, sleep.
and feel as strong an can be. Doctors 1
told me 1 could never have children
I was too weak but after taking
Vegetable Compound it strengthened
me so I gave birth to an eight pound
boy. I was well all the time, did all my
work up to the last day, and had a
natural birth. Everybody who knew
me was surprised, and when they ask
me what made me strong 1 tell
them Lydia E. Pinkham'H Vegetable
Compound. Use this testimonial at
any time." Mrs. Elizabeth Smart,
112 W. Sixth St., Lowell, Mass.
This experience of Mrs. Smart ia
surely a strong recommendation for
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound. It is only qne of a great many
similar cases.
Bobby (trying to get away 1 Say.
pa. wait a minute! Didn't you tell the
callers last night that I couldn't be
beat for mischief?
Father That's just what 1 did, you
young rascal !
Bobbv Well, then, what do you
mean bv beating me now? Boston!
That dull depression, that dragged
out spiritless condition it's bilious
ness. Why be out of sorts with yourself
and everybody else when one dose
of Schenck's Mandrake Pills will do
wonders for you.
80 year reputation for biliousness,
constipation and bilious headache, etc
25c per box uncoated or lugir coated
Dr. J. H. Schenpk & Son, Phlla. Adr
The ice on Fairlee lake has reached
a thickness of nine inches and the ice
cutters arc watching it closely and 1
planning for the winter's harvest. I
Success grange of Vershire visited j
Thetford Star grange at their regular
meeting Wednesday evening, Jan. 12.
There were 2(1 members of the visit
ing grange present. A good time was
enjoyed by all.
Rev. Edwanl G. French of Johnson,
president of the Vermont' Congrega
tional conference and a pastor-at-large
of the Vermont Domestic Missionary
society, preached at the Community
church Sunday, Jan. 1(1. The Ixird's
supper was observed and Rev. Mr.
French assisted the local pastor.
Rev. A. II. Sargent has resigned the
ofliee of noble grand of Crystal Lake
lodge of Odd Fellow and K. E. Smith
has been elected in his place.
A joint installation of the
h At
- the
actor on
the screen
Darkens Beautifully and Rertores Its
Natural Color and Lftstre
at oAce.
Common garden sage brewed into a
heavy tea. with sulphur and alcohol
added, will turn gray, streaked and
faded hair beautifully dark and lux
uriant. Mixing the Sage Tea and Sul
phur recipe at home, though, is trou-
I ble-ome. An easier way is to get the
' ready-to-usp preparation improved by
itlie addition of other ingredients a
!.... 1 . .... i:.. i ... .1 ...
ft. ! large inline, in, imie cost, hi uiii
Harru Carey
s s
of Crystal Lake lodge of Odd Fellows r. ' ' K l mn . . , ",,u
and Esther Rehekah lodge will be held I ;"1ll,l!ir ompound, thus avoiding a
c 1,.., ...:.. r Hot of tnuss.
William YontiT. jr.. is driving the
Klv and Post Mills stage while. Mr,
Johnson is representing the town of
West Fairlee at Montpelier.
Own Vour Home Day
To emphasize the importance of liv
ing under the shelter of one's own
home. If your home is mortgaged, let
us arrange a policy which will pav
While gray, faded hair is not, sinful. '
we a!l desire to retain our youthful '
appearance and attractiveness. By j
darkening your hair with Wyeth's Sage I
and Sulphur Compound, no one rani
tell, because it does it so naturally, so ;
evenly. Vou just dampen a sponge or
soft brush with it and draw this
through your hair, taking- one small
strand at a time; by morning all gray.
hairs have disappeared. After another
the mortgage if you die. Xational ! application or two your hair becomes
beautifully dark, glossy, solt ana lux
uriant and you appear years younger.
Life Ins. Co. (Mutual). S. S. Ballard,
general agent, Rialto block, Montpelier,
PIERRE was of that coun
try where men's emotions
burned at white heat Pierre
took a vow to become a man
of peace. Then an enemy
did him a grievous injury andl
he swore vengeance. Be
tween this cross fire of fat
two women came into his
life, bringing the second
ordeal of decision. You must
see this picture, made by the
humanest actor on the screen.
It will get under your skin
as few pictures ever do.
Playing now.
Directed by L71111 Reynolds
1.F T Etlaeards fnr 17 years treated
cores of women U liver and bowel aii-
J menu. Iunng these years be pave to
I his patiiT.ts a preT!T!ra Trade rf a
j kv frril-known TegftilSe ircrecirnts
I mixed -jth chve :t rnv.z th;n
I)r. LdarJ' Olive Tnhl.-tv oa U
! know ibem bv their rbve coIt.
J The tablcU are v ircr-wor'-crs oa
'hi Lvct ami bowels, wh: h cause a
j r.ormal action. eErr-ir? oti the a.-tc
' xsi Tjnncajs matter in cne' rvfi
i If you have a pak L . raU.w .
'- d ull tyt-a. pcnrJeN cotted V mt. h:.d
' "d ih.;ks. or-rr i Ir.z. aJ cart
; :i fn. hi i:vt rv j n: tike wie
i ii It. Lcrri-rii C;j Taicu nui 'ly
tot a U.-rr ind r- f It f a;r.f rry:s.
llfc-i:: (4 v- c.-rt rr.-J nxr tve
. IV. Fx.'jrirm" Oiive la? kt u,: svf
-jf;.fjtc t " s-.e C.!
It wa 1(1 to .10 degree below zero
here Wednesday.
Rev. ( K. Hayward, who was in
Burlington Monday and Tuesrfnv,
called on Mr. and Mrs. i. K. Fowler
at the Mary Fletcher hospital.
The meeting of the teachers of the
Community Sunday soluml calle.l, for
Thursday evening, ha been "postponed
until next week.
Mr. C E. Havward ia suh't it ut ii.g
for Mis Johnson in the high achool
th' week.
Herman A. Parson l doing as well
can lie expected after a ttrriral np.
eration at the rannv Allen h"nitl.
(Sordon Rohinson ha rcn out .f
school thi week on aomnnt f illness.
1 C. Raymond and Vt. Rosamond
Mariifihan are ill at the home r.f Mr.
end Mra. W. B. Maeiitchan, they h.
in? Mr. Maeutehan'a aon and Mr.
Ravmopd's danrhter.
Mr. Bll Tnmlmson. l-cturer, lia
arrantl tlie foil-jSng program for the
ntect-ngof Mantnld Mountain grange
on the fvrn;rif 'f th 2!t).; Sony hr
eh"". elcete.1 l.y Mr. Ilia Foster;
refitation. Mi Xelbe fiHrge; rrrs.rt
f nsti-mal grree ei..n, F. 1 Re
er; in tr imental els'!i.n. Mis ITor
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"VfEWSPAPER reading' is a universal daily habit;
newspaper advertising therefore reaches each day
virtually all who buy.
Newspaper advertising is the life-blood of local trade
because it touches all consumer sources in every com
munity. It gives the national advertiser the same op
portunity for complete consumer appeal in any locality
1 Newspaper advertising cuts selling costs because it en
tails no waste in locality of circulation. Manufacturers
use it to cover markets where it is profitable to do
Newspaper advertising insures quick, thorough ani eco
nomical dealer distribution and dealer good will, be
cause retailers are willing to sell products advertised di
rect to their own customers.
Newspaper advertising enables manufacturers to tell
where their products may be bought.
Newspaper advertising -can be started or stopped over
night, can be prepared between days to meet sudden
developments and to obtain immediate results.
Newspaper advertising enables manufacturers to check
advertising results and costs in every market in which
they enter.
Newspaper advertising costs less than any other kind.
80S World Building, New York
I ixi-.t.; a.

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