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Published Every WwK-Tay Afternoon b
Frank E. Langley, Publisher
Entered at the Postnffice st Barre as Second
Class Mail Matter
One year by mail !?'!!!!
Three month by mail ;
One month by mail s "US
Sinxle co.y 2 nt
All subscriptions cash in advance.
The Associated Press ia exclusively entitled
to the use for republication of all new dis
patches credited to It or not otherwise cred
ited in thia paper, and alao the local new
pLblUhfd therein.
l'orliap. Mr. Dawes doesn't know
that the day bus passed in which pro
fanity was weight of argument.
There in a Busjiirion that the house
boat Victoria is not being pushed to
the limit of her speed, pending the de
cision on important matters .by the
chief piiBsenger.
No doubt there are score of places
in Vermont where a calamity similar
to that which occurred at Rochester
might take place, only nobody seems
to know about them until after the
calamity happens.
- Another bulletin has come out of
Doom regarding the physical and men
tal condition of the former Kmpress
Victoria of Germany. Put it down,
therefore, as a probability that anoth
er "doctor" is coming from Germany to
impart valuable information to the ex
kaiser regarding the sentiment of the
peopk' of Germany toward him and his
ex-roval house
it is simply a recogni
tion of the returning
value of a dollar. Dur
ing war times it
shrunk, now, here it
has regained its former
elastic charatcer.
Here's a fine blue serge
suit at $30.00.
A beautiful brown .
chestnut suit at $32.50.
A fancy mixture in
choice tones at $35.00.
If any commission was ever needed
it is a commission to find out just
what (.'ernmnv's financial status is at
the present time and the prospects for
the immediate future. There have been
so many claims urn! counter-claims that
flic world is more or less at nea to the
condition of Germany. If a commis
sion could ascertain the facts it would
be a dut v well done.
Vermont savings bank deposits have
been "coming back" during the last six
months, the total money now placed in
the Mvings deposits of the state banks
being $114 000.411', with many millions
deposited, of courne, in the saving de
partments of the national banks. With
the demands of the war period largely
eliminated and with the niovement of
money into Liberty bonds nomewhat
slackened there ought to be a steady
growth in Vermont bank resources dur
ing the present yeai, although present
conditions are not entirely favorable to
that e.niL
F. H. Rogers &
When we learn that in five years
Vermont lost SS8l,301 in fires which
might have been prevent ud and $1,834,
l)."8 in fires which were partly prevent
able and another large amount which,
presumably, was lost by preventable
causes, we como to the conclusion that
we Vermonters are wasting our re
sources not only recklessly but almost
criminally. for instance, it" we had
bestirred ourseives to the extent
making an inspection of chimneys and
Hues we nii"ht have saved ourselves j
.42.'10,88 during the five years; $207,90
if we had not been so careless where
we threw our matches or discarded
smoking material; $150,079 if we had
not been so lacking in caution regard
ing the use of gasoline and other pe
troleum products. Yes, it is a sinful
waste; and we are almor-t criminally
negligent and careless in the matter of
.recntion of fires. We need a thor
ough slate-wide, campaign along the
lines of Are prevention, a campaign
which will drill into the nflnds of the
most careless the need for greater cau
tion in rlementary esses. Well tow ard
three millions of dollar have been l"st
in Vermont in five years when the loss
might have been prevented, for a small
state which needs all its financial and
i-tlnT resources are making very
poor showing, indeed. The only way
lo remedy the difliculty is for each per
son, whether householder or not, to
constitute himself a vigilance commit
IN of on to see to it that great
j.reentage of this wate is avoided, tf
vou know of a fire harard anywhere
speak about it to the chief of the Are
department or some other person in
position to reieive such information
and act upon it. Talk about fit pre
tention; make it a topic for frequent
romersation. evriybody to think
shout how t. prevent tires. In thia way
we may h-pe to improve upon the
state's record of preventable fires dur
ing (he nest five Teats.
low as normal, while the precipitation
of snow is much less than the aver
age. So, taken altogether, it has real
s' been an open winter thus far, rival
ing in many respects me winter jusi
fifty years ago (according to the mem-
. . . ..... r
ory of the older intiamiantsi. ji
course, there is jet plenty of time in
which winter can attempt to get back
to normalcy. The days of rcbruary
ami March have been wont to hold
their icv messages for us and to bring
their deep mantles of snow. So it is
too early to declare that the winter
of 1920-21 has been an "open winter"
throughout, although it can be said in
all truth that thus far the weather
has ben almost of the delightful sort
just sharp enough to make one's
blood circulate the faster and the en-
ergx of the body to exert itself the
more forcibly and with just enough
to make good sleighing or automobil
ii:g, whichever you choose to engage in.
It seems, too, tyat never in recent
rears has there been a winter jfti which
so many people have- taken to outdoor
life, thereby getting the benefit of vig
orous exercises and fresh Green moun
tain air. U has by no means been a
it-intsr at discontent so far as the
weather is concerned.
vi.. i,i;.' old society will meet at
Mrs Arthur Edwards' Wednesday aft
ernoon at 2 o'clock. Ladie please come
prepared to sew.
The Teacher of the Ages
Life is progressive and to live is to experience continued develop
ment mentally, physically and spiritually.
If life is progressive, it follows that we learn from experience, but do
we? We may answer "yes" occasionally.
Experience teaches that physical over-indulgence will cause pain but
the gluUon still stuffs himself and the drunkard imbibes everything from
hair oil to wood alcohol. v. .
Experience teaches that there is no royal road to wea th, but unsus
pectinj tamS ffaXl on the stock market with the simple credulity of
"Little Red Riding Hood."
Vvnprience teaches that for every fortune won on a quick turn, tnere
are a SXd Most ! but this means nothing to those who are infected with
the delightful mania of amassing great riches without effort Fortunately
hese specula ttoi are nearly always fatal. Fortunately for the simple rea
son that experience may yet teach her lesson before it is too late.
Experience teaches that those who save shall have, and they shall ac
auire no only wealth but a firm foundation for future accumulations.
4 The man who saves his money has learned the great lesson from Ex
perienSe Teller of the Ages.w He has established his identity
through his own wisdom. '
Begin to-day if you have not already opened an account and see how
easy it is to save money.
The Peoples National Bank of Barre
40The Only National Bank in Barre 4co .
Where there is a $K
1 "VW
persistent cougu v
general rundown
condition, there
is a positive help.
Scott & Basra. BssoaafssU, N. J.
fTahlata ar Gramilas)
- I liniFCTIfiU
B" un rfl a bt
Favors Re-Election of Mayor Langley,
Kditor, Times: Thursday evening the
f it Ivan r,t Rorr w ill meet to elect ft
of mayor, city clerk, an assessor and do
any other proper ousiness. in many
wa'vs it promises to be a memorable
W art already assured of
kppn ran test for citv clerk and treasur
er and we have an avowed candidate
for mavor in the person of Alderman
Keefe. which is a srood siirn that the of
fice of mayor is not lacking of men who
aspire to one of the highest oftices to
which the citizens can elect a man or
In thia respect. I wish to say a word
or two in behalf of the present incum
bent. Mayor langley. It has been said
he does not desire another term of of
ficii. That he has given much valuable
time to the conduct jf city affairs is
common knowledge to those who have
and do take notice of things tnai mane
for the general betterment of our city.
Mayor langley has done one man's
work 'and done that faithfully and well,
and lie ha been a team-builder in eon
junction with our board of aldermen
where during the past year all parties
have set a precedent that may well be
followed in the days to come. This is a
poor tima to change mstyors. especially
when we have a public-spirited citizen
like Mayor Langley at the helm. He
has given of his tune and service to the
city without any , pecuniary reward
whatsoever, turning his salary over to
the Barre Citv hospital. When we have
a citizen of tint high type, it seema to
me we should hang onto him.
It has been stated that he would not
be an eowed candidate. That may be
true, but I feel that if the citizens ex
press anything like a desire to retain
til valuable services lor anomrr lenn
at the caucus. Mayor Langley will heed
fhs rsll to sen ice.
So all up Thursday evening for the
re-election of our able mayor ana snow
him that the vitwt-na of llarre appreci
ate giHnl men when they meet them.
Hair Nets
6 Colors
15c each
6 for 75c
Thus far rn the roll call of the days
tt the present winter the prophets of
Ike "open winter" have a clar major
ity. The aero days l.se ln few and
far het'eeen; the storms of rr.sgnitude
l-atr been tWM; and ths aursreiter,
lsrr;at Jong i!Tiiin, have nt
mrpt jVwn th.r Mimh.ug .!M on
n Vre Vfrrv'ni. tn tp of tlw.se
(sets st tlie that winter weather
Do you know there is O
now an Eighth Fine Art ;
Combining the glories of painting, fit to hang in
any art gallery of drama more thrilling than any
ever seen within the four walls of a theatre of
the greatest novels, narratives and brilliant trans
lationsof all life and all humanity.
SUCH REALISM: Awe-inspiring, titanic, over
whelming, to quote the New York Herald: "The
most sensational climax that ever aroused a cata
ract of emotions." And the New York Globe:
'Most amazing spectacle ever seen on sea or land."
SUCH BEAUTY: "A series of pictures that
might well hang on any wall," said the New York
Evening Mail. And, quoting the New York Eve
ning Post, "Wondrously1 Beautiful."
THE EIGHTH ART: "Mr. Griffith has made
the motion pictures the eighth Fine Art. He has
furthered the art of the silversheet toward that of
Michael Angelo, Debussy, Velasquez, Maeterlinck
and John Keats." C. Blythe Sherwood.
SUCH COMEDY: Clean, rollicking, whole
some, attuned to jingling sleigh bells and barn
THEATRE, Montpt-lier, three days, commencing
Monday, Feb. 14 Matinees Tuesday and Wed
nesday. Prices: Evening! 50c to $2.00, Plenty of
Seats at $1.00 and $1.50; Matinee 25c to $1.00.
Seat Sale Opens Thursday, Feb. 10, at Box Office,
Mail orders now add 10 per cent war tax; send
self-addressed stamped envelope. Street cars
held until after the performance each night
Fashioned to
Feminine Tastes
The fashionable wo
man knows that her
footwear must be
correct and beautiful
in style, in fit, in
appearance and fin
ish. Walk-Over
is a definite expression
of feminine ideals. There
is beauty and charm in
its smart lines and its
superior workmanship,
and materials produce
the highest possibilities
in fit, service and value.
Rogers' Walk
Over Boot
Is like a tramp no value to anyone. It is
loafing at your expense and should be set
to work. There is no better time than'
right now to start your idle money work
ing and we suggest that you bring it to this
bank, where it will earn interest.
Quarry Savings Bank
and Trust Co.
BEN A. EASTMAN, President
H. J. M. JONES, ITice-Presldent
C. M. WILLEY, Treasurer
Ben A. Esstmsn James M. Boutwell W. O. Reynold
H. F. Cutler E. L. Scott H. i. M. Jonsa
B. W. Hooker H. H. Jackson
Savings Bank
and Trust Co.
Montpelier, Vt.
StP3.W W Sit wssm.
To Depositors:
Safety of principal is
more to be desired than
high rates of interest.
Some of our invest
ments :
$440,000 U. S. Liberty
and Victory Bonds
$30,000 State of Ver
mont Bonds
$75,000 City of Mont
pelier Notes
4 Per Cent Paid on
Savings Deposits
Banking by. Mail Safe
and Satisfactory
Vermont Mutual
Fire Insurance Company
of Montpelier, Vt.
Premium Notes in Force. . . .$12,282,751.00
Cash Assets
Insurance in Force. $123,121,771.00
Policies written under Mutual or Paid-Up Plan at
actual cost no profit
Consider this fact when placing your Automobile
Fire Insurance
If you are seeking Insurance, see our Local Agent
McAllister & Kent
Agents for Barre, Berlin and Orange
Specials for This Week
9x12 Axminster Rugs, were $75, now $54.50
9x12 Axminster Rugs, were $65, now 49.50
Four-Piece Walnut and Mahogany Chamber Suites,
were $235, now $189.50
Two Mahogany Parlor Suites, tapestry coverings, at an
Extremely Low Price.
Another lot of those full weight Pure Silk Floss
Mattresses with roll edge, $25.00 value for ...$15.98
Let us show you.
A. W. Badger & Co.
t'nsmVn s4 Lsssnssd Embslsisrsi PsrssnsJ AtUntUm Is Tsls Wsrs-TsL 4T-W
16 Colors.
Makes a New Straw
Hat cost you
The Red Cross
Milton WomiB Lived Alone With Ct
and roultry.
Milton. Feb. 7. Mrs. .f,.lwif Fox.
an sd mliis. found dud in l-d
t Lsr bm on H,iirtad strwt Frwlsr
Bi.rni!i;r. Sfes had livrd alow with h-r
-ts nnd Ha!trr for ?r sin a
iansl,i-r Wt for'n bonis of hrr own.
lb h'W is s-ms d.Mnsj'-s' ha.-k from
the 1r4 d sH a nt tri -d until
t r!jr?rf. Mr. Sh-s, no'io-d thsf
no sin. k was i-i-minf f rra thr c?i;m
nsr and wsnt ovsr I" carrr tfinc f-d
sr.'d s if t?sr was ary triuV, anJ
ttarrH rfM-wi A 1st, th vM VM;n? ' f ur,d Mr. F-x -ad in bei. Shr m
. . U.xr ksd Vn d-ad tt cxst1 rour
ru ui i t w - t .... i j n xi v. iK l . 1 -
I ay-
trm a us
ifirfau .a Wr-i i ; ,v,, -;.; fur ttrr w-
nost ksr t..l 1 u iki tbst i h mid ' trr it Tkrr Sorl wsrs in h
I-.-!-. t t !W nvtitU of ifc,U 1 '" ii;'.'y fi-i.nH.
.. . . 1 Va 4 Vrt t'T p-.i.TT :n Ik r? w I
r.r t;.r c'-!-.. fcss Orns-. ,M K,4 ,H CB,;rr.T
ltn r,"a!ly as . irv'.i lit a 2 f.nif.
ffl t-jsjsfts,jsjiinn iusm lllirm , - -. -
. rr-.- j!
: rsw 1 r ii . .1
For the next few days we offer our entire stock of
Electric Flat Irons O'rills Stoves
Toasters Percolators
Curling Irons and Portable Lamps
at a
15 Per Cent Discount for Cash
You may need any one of these useful appliances, or,
It may be, there is some friend who will appreciate one. It
so, buy it now, at a price that will please the pockelbook.
Telephone 93.
Telephone 26 For Your Electric Wants.
Fresh Air
Kaia Snow
ImatKoaswa. I
Ba'hTtrxsma ;
Srfcool sV-sr '
Hnsaltala. I
Of Uct. Lie i
Sae aoctor bills and
postpone undertaker's i
call. I
io Ec::h A,
Fanutoif, Fliir Cwiti and Cath.nt.
Csod Crrdit Ii Geod.
Everybody IIakes Mistakes
To err is human. Homer nods. The shrewdest
sometimes slip. Do your buines? by bank checks.
When your bank book is balanced and your cancelled
checks are returned you will know whether you have
made any mistakes.
The First National Bank
of Montpelier
Member Federal Kecrve System
Our Policy
to provide strong, adequate banking fa
cilities; to make the road of business as smooth
as possible by intelligent co-operation with
individual requirements;
above all, to preserve the human element
in every phase of contact with our cus
tomers. This Bank Solicits Your Account
JOHN TROW, President
FRANK F. CAVE, Vice-President

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