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9, 192TL
Past Burlington Team Was
Beaten By Spaulding
24 to 22
Were Gaining Fast as
Referee's Final Whistle
A medicine tliat costs only
5 Cents a Day
or $1.50 a month, should be thought
fully considered. We know of only one
that docs this, namely,
Hood's Sarsaparilla
whiiih has a half century record of effi
ciency and worth.
It creates an appetite, aids diges
tion, makes food taste good, purifies
and vitalizes the blood, routes the weak
strong, eliminates the poisons of ca
tarrh, scrofula, rheumatism, lorunes
the body against uuecuou8,uieusv,
vers, grip, influensa.
Get Hood's Sarsaparilla to-day.
Hood's Pills are a fine laxativs. Adv.
Took to Safety Four Small
Children Trapped in
Room By Fire
finuiMfn out a twisted link in the
fjhaia of victories which Cathedral high
f "Rurlinpton had gathered to-
puiuut v ' C
gether this season by administering to
f . . . j ... . oi i Osy A.
the fast parochial team a
feat in two 20-minute perioda. And
jths Spaulding girls likewise defeated
u. f-tnlivr Oimmunitv house girls
Jl to 6, between periods of the varsity
Had Spaulding lost the game last
j i ..nin(T in the school
evening , i - . .
league would remain the same as this
L . a lau mia muni But SoauuMng
was out to defeat this undefeated high
schol Ave, and did so by playing a
fclean, fast game, as me
the thrills came more frequently and,
when at last the timers ended the con
test everybody was keyed up to a high
tension as the Cathedral team was
steadily gaining on tho home team,
Boiselle making the burden ever great
er for Spauldingites by scoring a ban
ket from the center of the floor in one
of those "take a-chance shots" in the fi
nal momenta. It was a good shot, but
one which neither he nor any of his team
mates attempted at any other time
during the game.
McDonald for Spaulding started scor
ing about at the sounding of the first
utlo after receiving? a pass from
Douglas. Free and Brown shot for fouls
Shortly after, but both missed. Spauld
Ing's lead grew until at the end of the
first half the score stood 15 to 6.
Cathedral high had a wonderful five
man defensive game. Just a soon as
the ball came into the possession of the
opponent the entire squad stationed
themselves in the opponents' territory,
three men abreast and two wnderneath
pr very close to the Spaulding basket.
After one or two attempts to penetrate
this defense Steve Klayton, the center,
begaat stalling to suck the defense down
the hall, and it was in this manner that
Spaulding destroyed the effectiveness
of this formation and managed to get
a nine-point lead.
Cathedral in the lat half played a
different floor game, but the opportu
nity to win passed with the end of the
first period and, though pining con
siderably in the last half, could not
overcome the lead.
Both teams played excellent ball,
r,ninr freelv. nlavinff an offensive
sportsman game to' the last minute.
Brown of Spaulding was put out of the
v.. l.ttor half of the last pe-
aiii i' in niv ........ .
riod after making four personal fouls,
thpa were commit teu. nivc '
the others in the game, not intention
ultv lint in natural pnntat.
Burlington's short stocky right
,,rA Rrnin nlnvpH well, time and
time airain intercepting Spaulding
nasses. Delaney of Burlington was an
pther player whose maneuvers were
;nl.i nut the slinnerv man of the
team was Free, a very fast floor man
and an accurate shooter.
For Spaulding McDonald, Douglas
and Slayton worked very fast and well
ii.r Tim fin teamwork of the
forwards this year on the Spaulding
team has been commendable, especially
when contrasted with those of last win
ter, who refused to pass to one another
in tne games.
The lineup:
Spaulding high
pouglas, rf ...... .
McDonald, If
Slayton, c
Brown, lg
OLeary, rg
Brown for
In Pimples For Almost 7
Years. Cuticura Heals.
"I suffered terribly with ecaema for
almost seven years. It broke out In
little pimples. My head itched and
burned so that I had to have some of
tny hair cut off, and my ears were a
tight. I could not put tny hands in
water or do any work.
"Seeing Cuticura Soap and Oint
ment advertised I sent for a free sam
ple. I bought more, and after I bad
used five cakes of Cuticura Soap and
five boxes of Cuticura Ointment I waa
completely hsaled, in five weeks."
(Signed) Miss Lois G. Reynolds,
Dennysville, Maine.
Rely on Cuticura Soap, Ointment
and Talcum to care for your skin.
Stffi.l. Iieh Trm br Kill. AtrfrNK"OttifaraLk.
nUriM. Dtpt H, . Ml" Sold Tvr-
whurp 8op 26c. GlnUncat a6 and SOe. Talcum K6e.
efltCuticura Soap ahara without mu.
When Flames Threatened
a North End, Boston,
i Boston, Feb. J. Four children,
'.trapped in a small room, were rescued
I by Patrolman M. K. McCarthy, after
he had forced his way up a narrow,
i winding staircase through flames and
! smoke at a tenement fire in the north
j end late last night. Taking two of
i the youngsters under his arms and in
structing the others to cling to his
icoat the policeman brought them to
! safety.
The blaze, which started in a store
on the ground floor, imperilled the lives
of a dozen families. Police and nremen
assisted 13 persons to the street.
is the Only
The first and original Cold and
Grip tablet, the merit of which
Is recognized by ell civilized
Be sure you get
The genuine bears this signature
Price 30c.
Fresh Eggs Are Easier at
5658 Cents Per
AT 5052c PER LB.
Dressed Pork, 14c Potato
Prices Remain at $1
Per Bushel
while you sleep"
Sonata Foreign Relations Committee
to Ask Secretary of State
About Agree
ment. Washincton. D. C, Feb. 8.-At the
instance of Senator Johnson, Republi
can, California, the Senate foreign re
lations committee to-day directed
Chairman Lodge to ask Secretary of
State Colbv. if not Incompatible witli
the public interest, to submit to the
committee a copy of the agreement
reached between Ambassadors Morris
and Shidchara regarding a new treaty
to deal with the situation resulting
from the adoption by California of an
alien land bill.
After Occupants of NegTo Section in
South Jacksonville Had Been
Warned to Vacate.
Jacksonville, Fla., Feb. 9. Two
houses in the negro section of South
Jacksonville were wrecked to-day by
an explosion, believed to have been
dynamite. One was unoccupied and the
caretaker in the other, its only occu
pant, escaped unhurt. Recently all
houses occupied by negroes In that sec
tion of South Jacksonvlle were pla
carded with anonymous notices warn
ing the occupants to vacate at once.
Practically all heeded the warning
but Will Bellas was left in a former
boarding house as a caretaker. The ex
plosive charge was placed under this
Cathedral hitfh
z. Alafat
, rg, Stannard
c. Delaney
rf. Free
If, Silliman
: For Cathedral high,
Stun iiard Stannard for
Brown, Wakefield for Silliman, Boiselle
for Wakem-ld. fr Spaulding, Smith
for Brown; bankets shot by Free 6,
Douglas 5, McDonald 2, Slayton 2,
Brown of Spaulding, Delaney,- Silli
man; fouls scored by Douglas 6, De
laney 4; referee. Walker of Montpel
ler; umpire, C. Burns of Burlington;
time, two 20-minute periods; timers,
G. Sullivan of Burlington, F. Jackson
pf Barre.
The Girls' Game.
Thr. are four in the family of Clar
enre Ilutciiinson anu io u .-.. j
Dashner's who are having scarlet le
R.,tl, fa mil if are under auaran
tine and Dr. Avery of East Barre at
tends them.
TWnurH Kimnson was in Bradford
recently. '
Mrs. O. L. Hutchinson is in Brad
ford, nursing, for a few weeks.
F. A. Burroughs was in Bradford on
Thursday on business.
tr. r.onraK Ttppd and son. Sheldon
.,1 I -. x....." '
itli..r were recent sruests ot
their sister, Mrs. J. C. Dashner.
Mr and Mrs. O. L. Hutchinson have
in their home from a visit
Boston. Lowell and
Brighton. Mass.
Quite a number have been having
the prevailing distemper the past
E. L. Sanborn was in Orange on
business last week.
n F. Mills of Orange was a visitor
in the place Saturday.
Barre, Vt., Feb. 9, 1021.
Butter plenty; fresh eggs easier;
wholesale quotations:
Dressed pork 14c.
Veal, fancy 17c&lSc.
Fowls 35c(f 38c.
Fresh eggs 5tlc(S58c.
Butter 50c (a 32c. ,
Potatoes $ I bu.
Egg Prices Going Down, But Boston is
Far Above Chicago.
Boston, Feb. 9. Another slip down
ward, especially for eggs, but Boston
even now is far above Chicago.
Local jobbing prices for butter,
cheese and eggs are as follows:
Buttor Fancy northern creamery,
tubs 315iyc; fancy northern cream
ery, boxes 5252Vic; fancy northern
creamery, prints 52(53c; fancy west
ern creamery, tubs 40(5 50c; western
creamery, good to choice, 47(648e;
western creamery, fair to good,
irr V.nrv hennerv. fil(662c;
choice eastern, 69(U0c; 'fresh western
prime firsts, 54(ft5oc; tresn western
firsts, 52(53c.
Cheese Xew York twins, fancy,
30(31c; New York twins, fair to good,
2"28c; young America, 31(g32.
fa r r.. Saroent. wife of our rep
resentative, spent part of last week
with her husband at .Montpeuer.
Mr. Vincent Cured His Hens of the
Loafing Habit liaiuy wane.
"My mr supply ha. !" 70"drJ
fully, fcarly In January. 1 '4 ,n
Don Buna. I had bn 5"'
einrs every other day from 10 rwns.
fr" "j ' i . a... mttlna 30 KKS
a day. In two weeks more, I waa setting
48 a day." G. W. Vincent, South, Ky.
Mr. Vincent's results, in January, pruva
., . . .k. . whan aims are
high. It's no trouble and cost nothing- to
owa your nana uvn - , j ,l,
nulla for cna month. !f you don t find thnt
it pay tor itielf and pays you a Rood prot
bid. simply tall us and your money will
be chcerlully reiunaco.
rv.. rrhinna for aecc-iaying) u a
. ! ...nilinnur ft IS
acienunc ionic anu .
eaaUy g-lven in the food, improves the
hen s health ana maxaa nr " "
mora active. H tones up the f-laying
organs, and acta the efrsrs. no matter how
coin or wei vn ,,
Don Sung oan be obtained promptly
from your druirrlst or poultry dealer, or
aend tic (incluaea war to -
" . ',i u t,,... l.nurirpr Co
nge Dy man prrim, -
214 Columbia. Bldg.. Indianapolia, Jnd.
t fiUirmrr nft.iwri of Mvfitic Star
lodge, No. 97, F. and A. M., for the
vear enuuing were iiisituiuu
a Tiitrpinw; W. M.. Harry
M. Hibbard; B. W., Frank Dewey ; J. ,
W., Arthur waln;, secrciary, i. w
!.-., . trooaiirpr A. O. Bicelow: chap
lain, li. H. Fullam; S. B Alden Sav
age; J. v., Koneri uiuy;
Johnson; ,1. (., unver lunun,
shal. Joseph W. Yuw; tylcr, Albert
"Diamond Dyes" Never Streak, Spot,
Fade or Give That "Dyed-Look."
The. girls' game, as usual, furnifhed
ronsiderable merriment, and was quite
Interesting. The local team seemed to
retain the ball in their own territory
much of the time by good team work.
The visitors, taken as a unit, were
faster but the guard work of Captain
Kelherir and Wvlie Drevented manv ot-
- r- i , -
portunities to score. In many instances
spectators saw incmenis inai snowea
quick thinking on the part of the
roung ladies and, as their conch de-
rlared. some of them showed more
brain-work than many boys would.
Miss O. La dd, the Spaulding right
forward, has a fine
thfwititifr. fnr nut of
scored five points. Misses M. Deculaines
and Keyaer of Montpelier played a con
sistent and aggressive game, and were
' really the backbone of the visiting
The lineup:
Sound Kidneys
Save Suffering
fSfaulding sirls
F Shields, If....
V.. Ijidd, rf ,
A. Iealte, c
M. Wvlie. rg....
V. Selberg, lg -
Commutiity pirls
rg. ;. Riy
Ig, K. Crwherly
r. S". Kevser
If. U Col in
rf, M. IVcoIain'
Baskets shot by K. Shield 2. A. le
lie, M. Dewlaines, L. (ivia; foula
Kfri bv ti. Iadd ". M. lV-ii!inea:
referee, R. Olliver cf Barre; timer, K.
larkson f Barre.
The hustle and bustle of modern life
o... ...ir kidnevs. Overwork and
worry Invariably create poison faster
than the weasenea aianeya n
from the blood. Pain irt the back, ner
vousness, and lack of ambition are the
first warnings that the kidneys are de
ranged and for these conditions War-
.v f KMnev and Liver Remedy
should be used for beneficial action. For
50 years this dependable medicine nas
proved itself beneficial for kidney dis
ease and its oftimes trrible effects.
Here's an instance of its remarkable
I wish to say that your remedies
have been used in our family for tifteea
vears. We are never without a kottle of
lr.r.Dp'. K.f Kidnev and Liver Rem-
abilitv at foul dv ia our home, and it has saved many
nix rhan.s she dortor's bill. It is a wonderful medi-
.11 riiseaaea of the kidnevs ami
liver " tSirned 1 Florence E. fSchmidt.
a v It N. 1. thtnkirk. Ohio.
Warner's Safe Kidney and Liver
v.. mm A v mntaina no) harmful incredi-
miiA ahntild t used when the kid
nevs need attention. Sold by Ked l r.
n'.rmirv. Sample sent m reiTipt f
ten cents. Warners Safe Remedies ...
Ifc-pt. 2j, Rochester, N. . Adv.
Tl, r.mnfire Oirls of America
answering a call for help in behalf of
the Russians by collecting doming ana
other neoessitie's. The Winooski camp-
fire of 1'lainnela wisnes to neip mna
asks its friends for donations of the
All kind of garments, which
ar rlean and whole: bedding, old blan
ket and sheets, warm gloves, under
wear and such medicines as aioxygen,
listerine, vaseline, aspirin, quinine,
mustard plasters, soda, gauze, absorb
ent cotton, soap, powaereo mint .vir
ritt A Soule), needles and thread, but
ton ,.iinr and habv kits. A part ' f
the children's clothes will be sent 1
the New York society for the preven
tion of cruelty to children. The girls
will call at your house on Saturday,
Feb. 12, and hope that you will all re
spond to this call and have a bundle of
cast-off clothing ready.
On Thursday evening. Feb. 3, another
of the social series by Mr. Hewitt's Bi
ble class was given at the farm home
of Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Colby. The whole
Sunday school was invited and trans
portation was provided by the class.
The resTxmse was gratifying and 80
people availed themselves of the oppor
tunity for a most pleasant evening's
entertainment. The company waa di
vided into four classes, representing
f,ie eallema. and entraced for a time
' " - - - n ' ,
in a series of competitive games to the
great enjovment ot an. inr nana rrp
resenting Harvard college wa judged
the winner and wnen a speecn was
called for, their leader, Miss Mclver,
responded in a most pleasing manner.
Later there were sonjfs, wnsiwin,
etc., and after relresnments oi caae
and cocoa the barges were again loaded
and the people toon tno nome roao,
leaving manv expressions appreciative
of the entertainment. The best wishes
of the class are hereby extended to
Mr. and Mrs. Colby for their hospitali
ty, always most generous in opening
their home for the merrymakers and
av thanks to those who so kindly
furnished their teams, affording free
Do rem feel bilious, constipated,
headachv, upset, full of cold! Take one
or two Cascarets to-night for your liver
and bowels. Wake up with head char,
stomach right, breath sweet and feel
ing fine. Xo griping, no inconvenience.
Children love Cacarets too. 10, 25, 50
cents. Adv.
Women Mea Admire.
f .mira a nref tv face, a Cood fig
ure, but most of all tne happy, healthy,
contented woman, as beauty fades and
k. A.mr u-ill rlianire. Women who are
troubled with backache, headaches,
those dreadful dragging sensations, and
nervous irritability, cannot hope to be
tlnnll lar. and advancement in either
vn knulnoai nr aortal life ia impossi-
' c. The cause of these troubles, how
ir, yields quickly to Lydia E. fink-
Imm'a Vriretable Compound, as it is a
natural restorative for such conditions
and HifiDftls effectually all those dis-
---r - .
tressing symptoms. aqv.
Proposed by Prof. Campbell to later
state Commerce Commission.
Wa-hinflon. O. "-. Feb. A plan
Iastaatly Opens Every Air
FitMge Clears Threat
If T-nnr iwtrils are clocked and rur
head is stuffed b-aue of nasty eatatru
or a cold. app!y a little pure, ant;eptr
crrvm into Tir nvtrila. It penetrate
Xtrm .Tamei Revrit and infant son
have returned from the Randolph san
Mrs. H. D. Tracy has, been poorly
of late.
Mr. Frater's sons from Massachu
setts are occupying nie isran nere.
The quarantine for scarlet, fever has
been raised at the state agricultural
school Only three caes developed.
L. J. Harrington was hnrt quite
bsdly while loading ice.
Mrs. (Jeorge Pember died last eek
at the age of is.
Mr. and Mra. K. A. Vheeler of F.ast
P. r. in tree mere recent if i tors at J.
C. Hibbard's.
Vi kaa been received that Mrs
flodgea, who is spending the winter in
( hiraim with her dauffMer. has had a
slight shock.
Barre women can dye anything with
a package of Diamond Dyes. An old,
worn coat, skirt, waist, sweater, kimo
na, dress, or faded stockings, gloves,
draperies, portieres, chair covers any
thing, whether wool, silk, linen, cotton
or mixed goods, can be diamond fjyed
to look like new. Easy directiona in
each package guarantee perfect results.
Druggist has Color Card showing ac
tual materials diamond-dyed in a won
drous range of rich, fadeless colors.
IWt risk your material in a poor dye.
I Adv.
Been in to
See the Shirt
Well, lots of fellows have and lots
ol fellows are wearing some of those
most gracious patterns we have al
ready spoken about.
Better drop your tools of thought
and muscle and take a little time off to
' These Shirts are in a class by them
selvesthe best ever.
That's what the wearers tell us, and
we'd take the word of the fellows who
have paid their money before we would
the word of the maker.
It's the fellow who wears 'em who
Better come in at once.
Open Monday Evenings as Usual.
Moore & Owens
Barre's Leading Clothiers
122 North Main Street Tel. 275-M
Offers an
Service in
Your Wants
What You
Have to Sell
Or Exchange,
Or to Rent.
"The Phonograph With a Soul
' ......... .. ..via
1 "..rn'
a What JfmJLf- , n"
Nr " "
6. A'
i-41at " laakL
"Who Is the most sophis
ticated man in Sew Yorkr"
Mr. Fdison selected Wro. J.
Burns, who glailJy made lbs
Mood Change test to assist
Mr. Edlsos) in his research
work. Mr. Bums' Chart is
teprodured. Mr. Edison needs
thousands of these charts.
Won't you help Mm by filliof
twit a Chartr
r . r'
- imrnktCU
lw "
, '
Bad "f ITm J. Jatsr-
f evn.olidstiin of e.t.ni railroads ' thro.ih every air paa?. Mhifil and
... I. . a . M.amKrne
irtder prvimn "t tne trsnp"r?at!nn
heiin wt'!en. inflamed Biemhrane
and vou get intaut relief.
Try this, trft a small t4tle of Vj't
Cream Patm at any d'uc store. our
d..rTd ri"ri'is t-itn t zht us: your
rmmii"n t msVe a t.jrfr tf t!w j he4 iear: more i..t
riestin cf rr.n!;'1ati,n .f'th rsr- sauffl.ng. Count f.ftr. All the tu...
' ... . - . . - J F. . . ,.f-.r. 1 r l,r'ft1 k a
n r'rt a t mi
trt has been utmitte,f in the inter
Hate erirtwierr eirnntf.n by rrr.fe.
rr W. Z. tan-phell cf Hartsrd trni
lersitv. whn arr-ir,tel t-r tHe
ers cf the country
pcjru;r meeting of South Barre
grange 1 burMlar evening. ITrram:
Nmg. selected by Pemona: "W ha are
raa An thi vear that will he to the
rreateat ed'anU-e to the arange."
jfharica IVrns; "Haw can the chiid
he induced to do taks a ones not en
kit?" ilr. Fiiohy; senj. Mr. lewi,
IudW. T'w-ne, M.a V.rheter;
res'tuc. MaHl Howard; Keoled.
last the ateraff worker in trades or
protection encounters snwe disciar
srrsnent than the avera farmer." af
trmative. SI Tea s, rejrattve. tieor.'e
A.Ien; rdirf. V,!I Iui:ey; surjiee
timber i tt u'f cf Mrs. Nye; "t s.'
ie.te4 rv t . eT'srt; '-5 h"r
c-tr.t .:t"e", Msa Hvrd. AVefiiU
Try An Adv.
The Times
Wm. J. Burns filled out
the first Mood Change Chart
Wilt You Fill Out a Chart for Mr. Edison f
MR. BURNS pronounced the
test most interesting. He
enjoyed it and was glad to help
Mr. Edison.
You'll enjoy filling out a Mood
Change Chart also and we know
you will eagerly help the great in
ventor in his latest research into
the elTects of music on the minds
and moods of mankind.
Read Mr. Burns' Chart. Then
come to pur store. Make the test
Learn how music affects your
moods. Your Chart will be sent
to Mr. Edison,
If vnn own a New Edison, ask us
for a supply of Charts and invite
your friends for a Mood Change
Chart party. They will find it more
entertaining than the Ouija board.
If you do not own a New Edison,
we will lend you an instrument
with a supply of Re-Creations,
for giving a Mood Change Party.
The New Edison has perfect real
ism. Its Re-Creation of, music
cannot be distinguished from the '
original music. This makes it pos
sible for every home to enjoy the full
benefits of the world's best music.
Drown's Drug Store
48 No. Main St., Barre. Vt.
cn tfi t.r.e. Six.
rfg. f'nai "", . --. -:

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