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N 29-16 DEFEAT
But Seminary Made Mont-
pelier Legion Travel
1 Rather Fast
irr rrfCi TIT A TC
hryan Was the Star of the
Goddard Outfit in Game
at Montpelier
The Montnelier American Legion ks-
Letall team defeated tlie Goddard em-
narv team in the armory In Montpelier
last evening by ft score of 2ft to 16 in a
airly good frame, in which the Goddurd
,e,v were able to make the Motitpeiier-
ites ffo some, especially In the last perl-
Li 6f nlavlnar when they opened a whirl
wind pawing game; and It looked for ft
ew minutes of the period M inonpn
hey would overtake tne iviomprnn
earn before they awakened to the oc
casion. Clark, one of the Montpelier
m nA tnr tim when the ball was
homing down the hall !n thin period
Lnd a bssket thrown following this,
kas allowed againut the protest of
'lark and a few words passed relative
o the right of the basket, Bariien at
h;. mrinA Mt the came and "Jum"
ILSird commenced playing.
The game wss very slow Decause n
he large number of fouls called but
l, Dttifiido nf ratlinir fouls is fast
leaning tip the game and will help the
earns that play in .Monipener msien-
"y- t
rvmn clearlv the star man of
the Goddard team and many times
during the game he came down the
floor without any support. Tf he had
len given support the boys would
have forced the Montpelier team a
treat real more than they aia. ne oo-
inul mmt nf the baskets for his
team, while the baskets for the Mont-
olier team were distributed Deiween
lorir' mnA Wulknr for the most Wirt.
Oroes taking little part, and "feeding
he ball" to Walker or warn most 01
the time.
The other two periods of the game
nut fflut as the last one al
though the boys from Barre kept the
Montpelier fellows cm tna jump an 01
the time to keep the score ahead of
V findilarr! team. Team work was
used extensively during the entire
game but not in the first two perious
as much as in the last one.
The lineups:
Montpelier Goddard
-...u if f. Cvran
nlnrt- rf f. Auiftlst
Walker. C c. uarvis
Bartlett, lg Ig, Johnson
Laird, lg
Laird, rg rg, Finn
!sr.nr. Mnnt.nelirr 20. Onddiird Itt:
baskets from the floor, Walker fi. Clark
4. Bartlett 1, K. i.aird. Gross, ('yran 8.
.larvii bsskets from fouls, F. Iird,
Clark. Gross, ( yran 2, Jarvis; referee,
Nwattield; timer, Atair; si)rer, bhep
ard; lime, three 15-minute periods.
Notes on the Game.
Mathematically and in fact, Goddard
was beaten by the Montpelier Legion
at the armory last night by the score
of 29 to 10. Mut stntiroentally God
dard was winnrr. It was not a sober,
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ity, vanish truly wonderful!
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tion, dyspepsia or a disordered stom
ach. A few tablets of Tape's Diapep
ein neutralize acidity and give relief
at once no waitingl Huy a box of
Pape's Diapepsin now! Don't stay dys
peptic; try to regulate vour stomach
eo you can eat favorite foods without
causing distress. The cost is so little.
The benefits eo great. Adv.
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lellow tye or la lieans,
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fmcked SbiMr. fx-r only ... lac
Fraakforts, pr H. 22c
:vwl V.r t IVff, prr IS 25C
rf t boil. pr 10 15c, 18C
Also a great miv ohr ri trd
sot ment K.ad. Call, just across the
iridpe, and gt four biwj'i ir!h.
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torpid liver and other digestive or
gan, take the prompt and pleasant
Hood's Pills
Eosv to take, easy to operate
U! by C. 1. ilood Co.. Lont-'I.
Says We Must Keep Feet Dry, Avoid
Exposure and Eat Lese
at. niT tYim damn Ground, avoid ea-
roure, keep feet dry, eat less meat,
drink lots of water ana bdovp u muc
a spoonful of salts occasionally to keep
down nric acid.
Rheumatism la caused by poisonous
toxin, called uric acid, which is gene
rated In the bowels and absorbed into
the blood. It is the function of the
filter this acid from the
Hood and cast it out in the urine. The
pores of the skin are also a means m
t.-..,.l tt, MnnH nf this imtUltitY. In
damp and chilly, cold weather the skin
pores are Closed, tnus torcinp me
nevs to do double work, they become
weak ana aiuggisn ana iau u tmm-
aa thttt tir if. knrl which keeCS ftc-
cumnlating'and circulating through the
system, eventually settling in me joints
nriH mime lea eausintr stiffness. BorenesS
pain called rheumatism.
At the first twinge oi rneumausni gei
f,m rihnrmMev shout four OUtlCCS
of Jad Salts; put a tablespoonful in a
glass or water ana anna oeiore mem-
f.f iir.tt nnrninr fnr a Week. This is
said to eliminate uric acid by stimulirt-
... . , i! X t.....
ing the kidneys to normal aciivn, mu
ridding the bl'ood of these impurities.
Jad Salts is inexpensive, harmless
and i made from the acid of grapes
. . . i j i. i:a:n
and lemon juice, contained wiwi mum
and is used with excellent results by
thousands of folks who are subject to
downcast and discouraged crowd of
rnn an that, rafnrnod on inn iu u noi'H
ial par hut a. baV. enthusiastic
group, well pieasea anu more umn
i.fiH with the fchowimr triven br the
seminary quintet. It was verily a band
of royal rooters uiai invaura u i -mory
last niKht, Goddard student and
Barre townsfolk.
The fine exhibition of floorwork by
the Goddard forwards, Cyran and Au
gust, was quil t up to and more than
expectations. Time and time again
these two men dribbled through and
around their much heavier opponents.
it. is due Goddard for the
way they picked up the double dribble
and a few other points so commonly
used by team playing professional
rules. Tt was not until last Monday
that Coach Leahey took the trouble
to show his men the double dribble,
and last night they acted like a bunch
if "old timers."
Cyran, the outstanding star for God
'lard, and probably as fast a man as
there was on the" floor lsjt night, is
ttla vintf Tii infnri vent oi basketball.
He' is a small man, and due to hie
ability as a footlmll and baseball play
er, the coach of Chicopee high school.
Cliieopee, ila., wnere lie last anenu
nl -hnnl. hn1 kent him out of the
basketball frame until Hst year. Jar-
vU, who play center, is a ueginner
in the game this year.
Both Goddard and Montpelier wear
red jerseys, so at the beginning of
Mama'vntnDlifi a crrpefl to chftnire.
Mppearinif for tlie first period attired
in the stripea )srseys ui juuniprurf
Ai the end of the first Dfl-
riod the score stood 9 to 7 in favor of
the Legion. When the whistle blew for
the second period Montpelier came
onto the floor in red jerseys, to all
sppearances in the hopes of confusing
Goddard. Captain "Chief August im
mediately called bU team into the
her trotted
out onto the floor in white they were
... . V
trreeted witn a storm oi cneere irom
the Barre eection.
For the TJniverity of Vermont Bae
ball Team.
The season is early but next Mon
dav at the University of Vermont,
Clvde Engle, supervisor of athletics,
will begin to give preliminary work
Out to the battery randidate of the
varsity baseball uad. The workouts
begin in the eagp, of course, and after
a period of 10 days or so candidates for
the other position will be called out.
Among the battery eandidatea of
last year are Duba. the former Mont
pelier seminary pitcher, who starred
for Vermont last season, Kihbe. the
Claremont. N. II., southpaw, and Kir
win. Added to this list Is another
"southy," MeMshon, who won the ma
jority 'of his games for Goddard sem
inary last spring, and who later trained
more distinction while twirlinr for the
St. Johnsbury Fairhanke Scale works
With a strong pitching staff the
outlook for Vermont's varsity team
on the diamond ie bright thi season,
t the rest of the team 1 well sea
soned. Two other young men well
known In Barre, who played with the
varsitv squad last year are Tryon and
TT Sibley Young, and these two are
expected' to be on the sqnad this sea
son. At a meeting of the Key and Ser
pent society held recently at the Uni
versity of Vermont, II. Elwin Tryon
was elected president for the ensuing
half-Tr, and II. Sibley Young vice
president. Famout Art Hitorian of Vienna Died.
London. Feb. 10 T)r. Mst IHorak,
the famous art bistorin of Vienna uni
versity is dead at Grmhach. Moravia.
ssrs a Berlin f spatch to the London
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Take GROVE'S laxative BP.OMO Q1I
N1XK tablets. The genuine bear the
signature of E. W. Grove. (Be sure you
get BROMO.l 3tV. Adv.
To That Extent.
"Broun is an optimist, isa't be?"
"Well. ye, in a ne be fels that
be might "b a M worse than he
Botton TrenTipt.
T Stoa a Cearb Ouirk
Double Treatment, whir top irriga
tion, heals the throat, re! eves cctkp
t " ard Oire the IV.ii-h. It's cd;
CbiWrn Ike it. 3V. (Gie it one
Uial-I adv.
Will Preside Over Five
Methodist Conferences in
New England
Bishop E. J. Richardson Is
to Preside in New
Boston, Feb. 11. Rev. Edwin H.
Hughes, the resident bishop, will pre
side at five of the six annuul spring
conferences In New England of ,the
Methodist Kpiscopal church. He will
have charge of the New England, Now
England southern, Vermont, Maine and
East Maine gatherings while Bishop
E. J. Richardson will preside over the
New England conference.
The dates for the conference made
public to-day are. New England,
March 30, Springfield, Mass., New
England southern, April 6, Providence,
R. I.; New Hampshire, April 8, Nash
ua, N. II. i Maine, April 13, Biddeford,
Me.j East Maine, April 20, Guilford,
Me.; Vermont, April 27, Barre, Vt.
He Tells When Texas May Have Ten
U. S. Senators.
It is doubtful if there St any per
son In the United State more highly
elated over the recent landslide than
"Uncle Joe" Cannon, who ha served
more year In Congre than any other
man. -
"Why, bless my soul," smilingly
commented "I'ncle Joe," the other
Hav. "even the Senate ha tuck a hand
some majority now that the great and
glorious Democratic state oi lexa
couldn't upset thing by electing eight j
more senators."
"Uncle Joe" was quickly Interrupt
ed bv one of the jrroup of listeners.
demanding to know what on earth he
meant by speaking of eight more sen
ators from Texas.
"Why, my boy," replied the dean of
Danville, "you ought to pole up on
the history of your country a bit.
Don't you knoa- that Texas can have
eight more senator in addition to Sen
ator Culbertson end (Sheppard who
now represent that state? That' a
solemn fact, sir!
"Texa can md a total of ten sen
ator to Washington any time she
feels like it by merely dividing her
whale of a self Into five etate. You
see, it' like thisi When that state
was admitted to the union away back
in 145, some very hrewd, long-headed
Texas slipped a remarkable joker
into the term of the deal whereby ft
provided for such a division of the
state at any time that it might be
deemed desirable.
"If yon will look up the joint reso
lution of the Congres for the annex
ation of Texa to the United States,
approve; March 1, 18W, you will find,
if my recollection is not at fault, that
it reads 'New states of convenient
sire, not exceeding four In number, in
addition to said state of Texas, and
having sufficient population, may here-
call .hem Candy
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uticura soap ahavas without mut.
after, by the consent of said state, be
formed out of the territory thereof,
which shall be entitled to admission
under tho provision of the federal con
stitution.' "I tuppose, though, on account f
sentimental reasons, there Is a strong
feeling among many Texans at the
present time against dividing the state.
But, oft the other hand, the state Is so
powerfully big, and the Interests and
physical 'conditions of, different sec
tions are so varied that som day, I
Imagine, the folk down there will
...AM 4 tnalrit fi mmftTn tth ieftl diVVV.
"The next time you boy are look
ing nt the map of the United States,
you can get a more definite idea of
the unwieldly magnitude of Texa by
Imagining It to be a huge fying pan.
If you were to take it by the handle
and flop it over in a westward direc
tion It would extend from its western
boundary out into the Pacific. A flop
to the northward would blot out jin
ville and Chicago and maybe plash
thft water out of Lake Michigan. Turn
ing it over to the south all of Mexico
would be hidden from view, and then,
by gosh, there surelv would be some
'watchful waiting.'" National Repub
A Considerate Woman.
Hostess Xow. professor, I .
von to have numerous pianissimo ps
sage in your selection for the musi-
Professor Founder lou are fond ot
the sentimental, thent
Hostess Not especially, but my
(Kiiest will want to haar themselves
talk onca in a while. Boston Tran
script. Wo Reflection on Lord Mayor.
J R M. verm slichtlv vindictive.
He uggt-st that Secretary Wilson be
sent out into tb broad Atlantic on a
ship manned entirely by such men as
the one he declare a "seaman." Bos
ton Transcript.
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me Times
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The Times
Commander John Cope of
British Imperial Expe
dition Starts
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Months in Antarctic
Valparaiso, Chile, Feb. 1 1. Com
mander John Cope of the British im
perial expedition which hopes ulti
mately to reach the south pole by
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Dec. 20, according to a message re
ceived here.
With four companions he purpose
to spend eighteen month surveying
and charting the western hore of
Wedoll sea and hope to carry out
other scientific investigation in the
Antarctic regions. The men will live
in tents and depend on seal and pen
guin for fresh meat.
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He May Be Coming Man in British
For some time past both by word
and doed, Lord Robert Cecil lias made
it plain that he Intends to lake his
own line on the great ihsuh. of the
day, without any careful rojrard to
that taken by hi party leaders, and
it is nearlv a year since he expressed
hlmnelf with much frankness on the
whole subject of government by coali
tion. His view of such a government
was that it is sound when it exists in
order to carry out some preat national
object on which the various element
who are parties to It, agreed and to
which all other Objects were subordi
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to a kind of dioeanc, the "dUeae of op
portunism,'' when maneuver take the
place of principle and the dominant rb-jM-t
become the retention of power.
After this it was pretty plain where
Lord Robert stood, and speculation be
came rife as to when he would cross
the floor of the House.
U ntav nt cmlme. lie said that it
'does not" much matter what Lord Rob
ert Cecil says or doesj that no nas no
following to speaK oi m me nouses
'that he is an eccentric in politics;
that he Is Incapable of forming or
leading a party i all of which miht
' perhsp have been said with equal
truth of Gladstone at a certain stage
of his career, hut, quite spin irum
thst shining example, we would siffc
pest that . it is a mistake to under
value the particular qualities which
Ixird Robert Cecil possesses or the In
fluence which they sre capable of ex
ercising. Geneva may bear witness. It
in not too much to say that at the
enoraioiuly important and critical first
meeting of the assembly of the league
of nations it was Lord Robert's sane
idealism which saved the whole event
from failure, and that it was his per
sonality which from the first to last
dominated the assembly.
That shnwavwhat can be done by the
combination of good sense, a large
crasp of affairs, and inflexible pur
pose for a great and jut end which
Lord Robert displayed on thst occa
sion. And the same qualities will be
yond doubt tell in other fields as op
portunity offers. Nothing e:n be more
foolish than to underrate the power of
a single vigorous pernonality directed
with perfect disinterestednews to just
end. And, let it be said, the British
people love puch a man and are quick
to recognize him. Cleverness and
adroitness count, no doubt, for much,
for far too much, in the gatne of poli
tics. But honesty and character in the
end count for more. Manchester
No Blues There.
"Pa. if we wre living in the center
of the earth, we'd have lots of fun,
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M,('a'ue my geography ssys every
thing there loses its gravity." Boston
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Trice $22.30
H. F. Cutler & Son
Ft ess 7$o
Orpewte tat Tut Sutisa
Barre, Vt.

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