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Representative Kitchin of
North Carolina Is
And Will Assume Leader
ship Recently Held By
Champ Clark
Wellington, D. C, March 3.Dera
ocratie members of the House were ad
vised to-day that Representative
Ivitchin of North Carolina, who be
(jnip minority loader of the Howe
rsterday through the death Qf Repre
sentative Champ Clark, was rapidly re
covering from his merit illness and
would be able to resume hi seat at the
extra session to be called probably in
trader of Democratic Party In the
House And Lone in Pub
lic Life.
Washington, D. C, March, 3 Champ
C lark died here yesterday at 2:10 p. m.
in his "1st ycar-and within two day of
his retirement from the House of Rep
resentatives after n service of 26 years.
Death was duo to an attack of pleurisy
and a complication of diseases incident
to hi advanced age. Up to ten days ago,
however, when he developed a severe
cold, Mr. f 'lurk had shared actively in
proceedings of the House as Democratic
Immediately after the death of Mr.
Clark was unnounced, the House re
cessed fur "u miiiule. Representative
Uui ker. Democrat, Missouri, who made
the announcement, aid it. was Mr.
Hark' wish, as expressed through his
son. that there be no interruption of
t'ougress in its closing days.
To his last conwious moment, the
former speaker's mind was engrossed
with memories of his long legislative
career. .Iu.t before he lapsed into final
imconscioiisna early yesrterdtiy, those
M his bedside henrd him whisper, "The.
question is on the adoption of the con
ference report,'' the words with which
the speaker brings to its final conclu
sion in the House the fight, on any bill.
At Mr. ( lark's bedside when the end
came were Mrs. Clark, their son, Bon
net. Clark, and their daughter, Mrs.
James M. Thomson of New Orleans. Ar
rangements for the funeral have imt
been completed, but the body probably
w ill be. sent to the old home in Bowling
(iieen. Mo., where the former speaker
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' i: i:.,,..,;J A,l .
had expected to retire after the end of
his congressional service.
Mr. Clark presided over the House
throughout the World war, relinquish
ing the speakership after eight years
uhen the Republicans regained control
Ijst year as a result of their victories
in the congressional elections. lie
then wasVhoscn as Democratic leader
in the House.
Ihiring the present session it was ap
parent that his health was failing. He
walked slowly with a dragging step.
While he usually was oil the floor and
followed proceedings closely he. rarely
engaged in debate. On one it two occa
sions, however, he spoke at some length
on important question.
Close friends believe his death was
hastened by the death a year ago of hia
only grandchild. Champ Clark Thom
son, three-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs.
James M. Thomson. He was passion
ately fond of his grandson and asso
ciates say that after the child's death
they noticed a perceptible change in his
condition, which in the spring of 1020
alarmed the family.
Champ Clark was educated in the
common schools of Kentucky. Univer
sity of Kentucky, Bethany college and
the Cincinnati law school. He was pres
ident of Marshall college, West Vir
ginia. 1873-4. admitted to the bar In
lhT.i: city attorney of Louisiana, Mo.,
1S7S-H1 i 'presidential elector in 1KH0;
uiemlx'r of Missouri House of Repre
sentatives, lSKp-nl; member of the
.Vid and .Vuh to 8th Congresses, ninth
Missouri district; permanent chairman
of Democratic national convention, St.
Louis, 1 !)04 ; minority leader of sec
ond session of the 60th and 61st Con
gresses; speaker of 82d, 3d. 64th and
ti."ith Congresses. Democratic minority
leader of Both Congress.
It is not necessary here to recall
Champ Clark's rather tempestuous po
litical career. Some of his work in his
position on certain questions were bit
terly resented and sound'y condemned
his desire to annex Canada and his
pro-Certnsn leaning in the war in par
ticular. He had a large taste for fig
ures, a certain grasp of economics and
extraordinary memory for detail. It
was not until he had rendered long
service in the House that he achieved
his ambition to become a member of
the committee on ways and means, but
once there he amply demonstrated his
capacKy for work. As a cross-examiner
of witnesses he was incisive and pene
trating, and when the tariff bill was
under consideration he rendered valua
ble service not only to his party but
often to the Republican chairman as
Coolidge Boys Co to Washington.
Northampton. Mass., March 3. The
two sons of Vice-President ttalidgc.
John and Calvin, left to day to join
their parents In Washington. They
were accompanied by their grandfa
ther, Colonel John Coolidge, of Plym
outh. Vt-, who arrived here yesterday.
Maror M. J. ViUcerald departed for
Washington Iat night to be the city
council's official representative at the
Allion Oeorge has bought the Cyrus
roller farm and moved there from
Wet Lebanon.
John and .Teph Sleeper visited their
father and sister in West Townshend
er Sunday.
The pstrons. who are interested in
helping the creamery have been draw
ing ice free and have the house nearly
Hugh Rirker ha been at the hos
pital tn Hanover, but returned Thurs
Jar to bis nephew's. Samnel Rirker.
John Poland was in West Lebanon
Saturday to consult with Mr. Clough
concerning the lumher business,
Perley Martin of Greenfield, Mass..
is In twn.
Mr. Page, who bas bad charge of the
lumbering on the Maltby lot, is in
Bradford for the present, as mow is
vtrr deep in that section.
Mr. Camptoll r.f Connecticut is Tist
in at Trank f-herard's.
Mrs. Haul B. True U working for
Mrs. Trotnan Ppear. Mr. Spear is
psininf Vly.
The grarfe eertarr ls fceee asked
to contnJHi' items for the local pa
pers. At the lat meeting, a rlsss of
eight M"rei" the thirl aii fourth de
fee. One ar-f l-tK.n was pTsented
and SO sku'st' were prest. After
te aneetmf. fi K-e refreSirents wrre
,;- e tl rr.mTn'1'e and
i.l'i'ii: s-,i t.nie wa keartjly ens-jejed.
Amount of Cut Will Be Ef
, fective April 4 and Will
Be Known Then
The Reduction Is Confined
to Ununiformed
Boston, March 3.Tho Boston and
Albany railroad to-day announced, a
reduction in wages to various classes
of ununiformed employes aggregating
1,800 men. The amount of the reduc
tion which will be effective April 4
will be made known at conferences
w!th the employe on March fl.
Those effected will be freight hand
lers, truckers, sealers, scalers, stowers,
coopers, baggage porters, janitors, j
watchmen, drawtendcrs, crossing men, j
grain shovelers, lampmen, mall port,
era, pumpmen, station cleaners, fire
builders, ash pit men, flue borers, coal
ers, car cleaners, headlight men, sand-
house men,, lamp lighters, trackmen,'
apprentices, storeroom meh and all
ethers rated as unskilled labor.
Notices posted at shops and other
places on the lines to-day said: "This
is a" 30 days' notice to the above-men
tioned classes of employe that ef
fective April 4, 1021, the management
intend to reduce the rates of pay but
in the meantime will be gla'd to have a
conference with the duly accredited j
representatives of the employes con
cerned for the purpose of arrlvityr at
an understanding in regard to the
change proposed."
At the Base of Cliff Overlooking Lake
Erie Machines Probably
Had Been Stolen.
riufTaK X. V., March 3.-The Und
ine of the wrecks of seventeen auto-
niohiles at the foot of a cliff on the i
soinil snore oi lhisc j-i i ,
west of Buffalo, lias convinced the po
lice that companies insuring against
theft have been systematically cheat
ed. Insurance companies, in self de
fence, are carefully examining candi
dates for- insurance of this kind. .
In this lake chore graveyard of au
tomobiles are make of many sorts,
from the plain rnnabout up to the
pretentious limousine. Marks on the
edge of the fi.Vfoot cliff and the condi
tion of the machine indicate that the
automobiles were set afire before be
ing sent over.
The theory of the police Is that the
machines were stolen from their own
ers, insured against theft under fic
titious names, reported stolen so that
the insurance could be collected and
then destroyed to prevent detection
for theft.
Police records show that In three
months. 4S4 cars were stolen. 41 of
which were found burned or destroyed
and 1M are still listed a missing.
Tax of $3.23 Was Voted at the Town
The annual town meeting of 1921
has passed into history as a pleasant
and harmonious meeting, at which the
following officer were elected for the
ensuing year: Moderator, Stanley C.
Wilson; clerk and treasurer, W. P.
Townsend; selectman for three years,'
Houston S. Kilts; lister for three
years, Cliarle H. Baraw; lister for one
vear, John M. Comstock; auditors, O.
Fay Allen for three years, Millward
C. Taft for two years, and Edward B.
Hatch for one year; school director f or
vear year. Elmer C. Roberts; consta-'
ble, Oliver E. Burgess; tx collector, F.
Rar Keier; town grand jurors, E. ;
Ralph Walker and William H. Spragiie;
overseer of the poor, selectmen; road
coTnmiioner, Charle II. Baraw. Whole
tax M.2.V
Willie Wronf for Once.
Willie, although only six, had from
time to time formed the acquaintance
of newly arrived members of the fam
ily younr than himself. On day
he Was admitted to the bedside of hi
convalescent father. His conduct was
a model of sickroom propriety, and
when the time came for him to go he
"Daddr. I've been awfully quiet,
haven't tr-
"Ves, old chap," replied hi father;
"you've Iwcn as quiet a a mouse."
"Then. Paddy, phase may I ee the
baby?" Cincinnati Enquirer.
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Broker John F. Heald of
Bridgeport, Conn., Ar- j
rested in Chicago '
Heald Is Accused of Forg
'ing Check for $7,000
at Bridgeport
Chicago, March S.-AJohn t- Heald, 42
years old, a broker with office in Wa
terbury and Bridgeport, Conn., was ar;
rested on hi arrival here to-day on a
charge of forging a check for $7,000 in
Bridgeport. He was en, route to Cali
fornia with his 19-ycar-old brido.
Is Being Carried on Through Produc
tion of Special Plants.
Washington, D. C, March 3. Propa
gation of plants for production of vege
table oils used in the fight against lep
rosy has been undertaken by the de
partment of agriculture.. Seeds of the
hydnocarpus anthelmintica tree, for
warded from Bangkok, Siam, by Dr. J.
F. Rock of the University of Hawaii
will be ent to Florida, Torto Rico and
Hawaii for the purpose.
Recent progress In the anti-leprosy
crusade through use of chaulmoogra
oil, obtained from a tree grown in Bur
ma, prompted the new effort. Experts
of the department, working since 1904.
have succeded in producing a similar
oil from seed of three other trees
Including the variety received from
Bangkok and hope to supply the doc
tors with an additional weapon in their
fight against the disease.
Showed Superiority Over Tommy
Ryan at McKeeport.
McKeesport, Pa., March 2. Kid' Wil
liams of Philadelphia, former bantam
weight champion of the world, out
pointed Tommy Ryan of Moheeiport
here to-night in ten fast rounuds.
Did It Get an 0. K.?
I s a. COD Whert .John left
homo for Europe his father told him
to end a short wireless message if
ever he ws in trouble. One day the
meape duly came "collect" and this is
what it read:
S. O. S. f P. P. Q. R. S. V. P. Son.
Scientific and Invention.
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All druggists are authorized to
refund the money if PAZO OINT
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dinary cases In 6 days, the
worst cases in 14 days.
It is guaranteed by Paris Med
icine Co., St. Louis, Mo., Manu
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Grove's Laxative Bromo Quinine
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your comb or a soft brush with it and
draw this through your liair, taking
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delight the ladies with Wyeth's Sage
: and Sulphur Compound, is that, be
sides beautifully dsrkening the hair
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Adv. '
I. n
I Matrimonial Amenities.
I fp I want you to understand thit
I didn't marry "your entire family.
She I know you didn't, I wa the
I In Style. j
! Marv bad a little lamb, i
And what do vou suppose ? ,
She had it sheared to make herself
Some comfy woolen hone.
Boston Transcript.
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