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Defeated Attleboro, Mass., Team
at Moiitpolier Armory
Many Fouls Called and Visitors
Seemed to Take It as
The Montpelier American Legion
played what is now expected to be the
last game of the season at Montpel
ier," when, Saturday evening, it met
the fast Attleboro, Mass., basketball
team and won by a score of 20 to 11
in a weakly played game that gave
indications that both teams wre
tale from over-playing. There seemed
to be lack of pep in each team. The
visitors fouled frequently and did not
eeem to take it seriously when these
were called, smiling as thought it was
a good joke to have a foul called.
At one time Referee Cullen had to
hold his watch on the opposing team
because they thought they were en
titled to a basket instead of a foul,
claiming that the foul was not called
properly relative to the ball going
into the basket. There was not much
team work shown by either team.
Chapman and J. Kenney have played
at Montpelier before, so that the
home folks had quite a lot of sport
chiding them about their lazy style
of playing.
The line-up was:
Montpelier Attleboro
Gross, f f, Allison
Clark, f f, "Smith
Walker, c . c, L. Kenney
F. Laird, g g, J. Kenney
J. Laird, g K. Walden
Score, Montpelier 20, Attleboro 11;
baskets from the floor, Walker 4, F.
Laijd 2, Clark, Gross 1, Allison 2, L.
and .T. Kenney 1; from fouls, F. Laird
3, Clark, Allison 2, L. Kenney 1 ; ref
eree, Cullen; timer, Smith; scorer,
Shepard; time, three 15-rninute pe
"Goldie" Rapp of New York Nationals
Has Pneumonia.
Xw York, March 28. "Goldic"
Rapp, ertar infielder of the New York
Xationals, is in a New Orleans hospi
tal suffering from a sliffht attack of
pneumonia, dispatches say. Davy Ban
croft, the fiiant shortstop, is at New
Orleans to have his tonsils removed. The
rent of the team was at Mobile laite to
day. baytona, Fla.. March 28 The Wash
ington Americans' regular squad, 25
strong, arrived here to day to play
their first exhibition game of the sea
son against the local club of the Flor
ida state league. The senators ended
their 28-day spring training stay at
Tampa yesterday. The regular squad
cigarette. Flavor is
sealed in by toasting ,
Name "Bayer" on Genuine
Vjf& J
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i-rilxM by physicians f twenty-one
rears and proved safe by millions. Take
Aspirin on'r as toM in the Bayer pack
age for Cold, H-adiehe. Nruralcha.
Mieumatinn, F.arai-he. Tnulhacht. l.um
btgn and fr 1'ain. Handy tin boxes of
!2 Barer Tablets of A'pinn cost few
rents. lrugEits also il larger pack
aires. Aspirin is the tride msrk of Bav
er Manufacture of MonoacrticacidrMrr
of a?irli.-id. Adv.
"Cascarets" if
Sick or Bilious
r. fhi ur! rlasn. harm
(rtrrt work hil you iep and
far Tonr lirr mnirr, nrmi ri-r
stomach -et and bowel moving re-jf
'u br mrnii. No rr pinr or incon
i. or ' crt b"ev lliii-
r cr,dT cathartrr too.
Loss of Appetite, That Tired Feel
ing and Sometimes Eruptions.
Thousands take Hood's Sarsana
rllla as a spring medicine for that
tired feellnjr, nervous weakness,
Impure blood and say It makes
them feel better, eat and sleep bet
ter, and "makes food taste Rood.
Spring debility is a condition In
which It is especially hard to com
bat disease germs, which Invade
the aygtem here, there and every
where. The white blood corpuscles,
sometimes called "the little soldiers
In the blood." because It Is their
duty to fight disease germs, are too
weak to do good service.
Hood's Sarsaparllla strengthens
the "little soldiers" and enables
them to repel germs of grip, Influ
enza, fevers and other ailments;
relieves catarrh and rheumatism.
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Cuticura Is Just Right
For Baby's Tender Skin
Bathe him with Cuticura Sosp and warm
water. Dry itentlr and if any sign of red
ness, roughness, irritation or rash is pres
ent anoint with Cuticura Ointment to
soften, soothe and hesl. Finally dust on a
few grains of the fragrant, delicately med
icated Cuticura Talcum.
fltMkrrbytbU. AMrM: "" Uk"
ar.Mri.I. D 10, Htiin H W " Sold tnrr
wr SoMitb. OmtnwntBwdeOe. TsIoibSM.
BtTXaticur. Sop witkout mua.
Southern Vermont High School
Defeated Spaulding Again,
23 to 21.
But Was Nosed Out at the Finish
Game Played at Spring
field .
will join the second team at Jackson
ville later in the wwk and will befrin
a barnstormine trip through Alabama,
Tennessee and Virginia.
Cleveland, March 28. The Cleveland
e,nd training camp activ
ities at Dallas to-morrow and start
Wednesday on a barnstorming tour.
Manager Speaker announces that bar
ring accidents the Indians will train at
Dallas again next spring.
v-. Vnrlr Morch 28. ("hick Evans.
m Amoricnn amateur arolf champion.
has conwnted to become a member of
the team which will go to England Una
summer in quost of the British ama
teur title, it was announced here to
day. . .
Robert Jones, the young Atlanta
star, already has announced his inten
tion of making the trip.
Recruit Pitcher John Cooney Did Well
for the Braves.
Boston. March 28. John Cooney. the
Ui.T,.!-.rvM rprruit from Crantotl. K. I.,
ltd the Boston Nationals, al
lowed the San Antonio Texas leaguers
one hit in five inninjs in a game played
at San Antonio yesterday, despatches
received here to-day said. The lone hit
was a home run. The Braves won B to
1. Coonev, ft left-hander, is said to be
one of the most promising recruits on
the Braves roster.
Springfield hi? school gained all
claims to the state championship in
high school basketball Saturday eve
ning when it defeated Spaulding high's
team on the Springfield court in the
last half minute of play by tossing in
two baskets and ending tha game ahead
of its opponent, Springfield then hav
ing 23 points a,nd Spaulding 21.
The firrtt period ended with the score
tied 11 to 11, then at the opening of
the second i't looked very much like a
Sjaulding victory, three baskets and a
foul coming in quick succession. The
score stood 18 to 11 in Spaulding's favor
for considerable time before Curric
"broke the ice" for Springfield and
tossed in a basket. Clark made the sec
ond and Currier another. Five minutes
after the period had begun Brady, the
Springfield left forward, was expelled
from the game, having committed four
personal fouls, and hw place was filled
by Whitcomb, who shot the deciding
As already stated Spaulding had the
lead until the last half minute of play,
the score then being 21 to 19. In this
short period of time Clark, the center,
made, a nice shot from the floor, and
on the next tap-off from center he
knocked the ball to Whitcomb, then
right under the basket, who scored the
deciding two points ensily.
The game was one of the best ever
seen in Springfield, both teams show-
You Save Money
When You
Save Health
In times like these everyone should
be economical of health as well as eco
nomical of money.
The best and most economical road
to normal healfh if you are .veak, run
down and tinder weight, is to take
Father John's Medicine which rebuilds
the flesh you have lost. This " pure,
wholesome prescription contains only
those nourishing elements from which
natuTe draws, in making new strength
and health. It is guaranteed free from
alcohol or dangerous drugs. Its gentle
laxative effect drives out impurities.
Begin taking it to-dav if you are be
low normal weight. Adv.
Left Hot Springs, Ark., Where
They Have Been Training
They Were Defeated By Pitts
burgh Nationals, 4 to 3,
Certain foods, those I
rich in vitamins,
are more useful
than others.
i Scott's Emulsion
is replete with those
elements that determine
growth and strength.
Scott A Bown. Bloomfi W, N. J.
(Tablets or Granules)
ing excellent, teamwork and making
some clever shots. The Spaulding team
played vigorously from the very out
start and continued at their best till
the last whistle ended the game. The
referee, Mr. Thompson of the Spring
field V. M. C. A. college, who was un
able to be in Barre to officiate at the
first game of the scries, referred this
contest to the complete satisfaction of
all concerned.
The lineups:
Springfield 23 ' Spaulding 21
Urady, If rg, Brown
Currie, rf 1, O'Leary
Olark, c c, Slay ton
LaFountaine, lg rf, Douglas
Horneck, rg If, Tierney
Substitutes: Whitcomb for Brady.
Baskets hot by Douglas 4, Brady S,
Tierney 3, Brown 2, Currie 2, Clark 2,
LaFountaine, Whitcomb. Fouls s.hot by
Brown 7, six being scored; by Clark 11,
five being scored; by IXmglas 3, one be
ing scored. Time, 'two 20-minute periods.
Boston, March 28. The Boston Amer
icans will leave their quarters at Hot
Springs, Ark., to-day for a trip through
east central states that will put the
finishing touches on their spring train
ing. Their first stop will be Memphis,
Tenn., where they are scheduled to
meet a minor league team oh Tuesday
and Wednesday.
The Sox wound up their stay at the
springs yesterday by losing another
game to the- Pittsburgh Xationals, 4
to a.
George Smith Died in Manchester at
Age of 79.
Manchester, March 2S. Oeorge
Smith, who had been superintendent
of Dollwood cemetery for nearly fifty
years, resigning two years ago because
of old age, passed away Friday.
The deceased was born near ljondon.
7!) vears ago, emigrated to this country
when a young man and after a few
years' experience in landscape garden
ing on Iwg Island and in Xew Jersey
located in Manchester. He had been
a member of the board of trustees of
the cemetery association and of Mark
Skinner library.
Corns Lift Off
with Fingers
Drop a little "Fre-one" on an ach
ing corn, instantly that corn stops
hurting, then shortly you lift it right
oft with fingers. It dojsn't hurt a bit.
Your druggist sells a tiny bottle, of
"Freezone" for a few cents, sufficient to
remove every hard corn, soft corn, or
corn between the toes, and the calluses,
without a particle of pain. Adv.
For Colds, Grip or Influema.
and as a Preventive, take GROVE'S
laxative BKOMO QUININE Tablets.
The genuine bears the signature of E.
W. Grove. (Be sure you get BROMO.)
30c. Adv.
Liver and Bowels
Right Always
Feel Fine
There's one right way to speedily ton
up the liver and keep
the bowels regular.
Don't Shut Your Fista Too Tight, !
you may lose something within your
reach. A National policy in hand is
worth three in your mind. (Vmsult in.
National Life fns. So. (Mutual I. S.
S. Ballard, general agent, 4" State
street, Montpelier, George J. Seager, ,
local agent. . j
1 j IVER
Mrs. Robert
O. Reynolds
jr. - " ' " "
i f.
' A
i f
, i . -
trnrtA for Ml-
lousnesa, indigestioo, headache or sal.
low, pimply skin. Purely vegetable.
Saudi PU1 Small Dose Small Price
Amos D. Palmer Killed His Wife in
Providence, R. I., March 2. Amos
D. Palmer, who shot and killed his
looo. and who for years
waa nominally confinerl in Butler hos
pital as ini-ane, although frequenting
the streets and amusement places of
the city daily, died last night at St.
Joseph's hospital following an oper-
t;,. WtiKn Iib was pronounced in
sane his estate was valued at approx-
imntelv kwki.iiw. u nne supfwnv
under 'confinemeiit he was defendant
. to-, iKin ylipnstion of affections
suit. He was declared sane In 1915.
Will Be Established by the Allied
Paris. March 28. Representatives
of the allied government will meet in
Italv soon to exchange views relative
to the establishment of the frontier
between Poland and Germany in up
per Sileria, it is said in dispatches to
Faris newpapers from Rome. It is
declared that, the question will de
mand an exchange of views between
the various governments.
Adopted By the Vermont Legislature
Tell ef "Lasting Respect."
The Vermont legislature adopted res
olutions relating to the death of Love
lnd Mvinson. former chief justice of
the Vermori supreme court, as follow:
Whereas, the summons, wnicn in me
wisdom of Divine Providence comes to
all, has taken from ns Honorable Love
land Munson. a distinguished citizen, a
learned jurit. for twenty seven years a
belwed judge of the supreme court;
Therefore, be it resolved Vv the .Sen
ate and House of Reesentatives.
That Vermont, lamenting the death
of this, her distiniiished n. take
this occasion to express her lasting re
spect f.r the integrity and uprightuess
of his life;
That Vermont hereby extends to the
widow of .tudge Munson this expres
siim of great esteem of his life and
deep sympathy in her loss.
Winiamstown, Maat, Youths in Bea
ningtoa Court.
Wiliiamstown, Mass.. March 2.
Alexander Giroux of this town plead
ed aruilty in the Bennington, Vt court
Sat tint V to holding up and robbing
Frark SomT-viile, a Bonnington r:gr
dealer, in July, 1!19. and was sen
tenced to from 1 months to three
rears at the state prison at Windsor.
Vt. A similar entence was imposed
Friday ei Joseph Comellier, jr.. of
t)ii torn n on a sim lur charge. Both
v.,uth. who hae Wil!'amtown cr.urt
record, will be taken to the Windcr
jail to day. - .
This Is Contribution Week In Vermont In Aid Of The
left erlnp Ciilldree anil
omen of Ireland
Every Vermoter can help some some more than others but every
contribution will be welcome and every penny of every contribution wiH
go to Ireland and be used to relieve the hunger and distress of the chil
dren and the women who are without homes, without work, without food
only in a most meager way, and have no place to turn for succor.
This movement in fAmerica
lor Reliel in Ireland is non
political and non-sectarian.
It is
For Humanlft y
and nothing else
Many of the greatest men and women of the country have affiliated
with this movement, incuding Governor Hartness, the governors of sever
al states, because it is right and just, and because they as well as you, can
assist in alleviating the suffering of women and children.
Make you contributions early and be as liberal as your purse will per
mit. -
John H. Gowdey, Montpelier
Chairman of Washington and Orange Counlics
Subscriptions may, if preferred be sent to State Treasurer M. D.
McMahon, Champlain Trust Company, Winooski Vt
Let's Do It And Let's Do it Well !
Chairman Vermont Branch
American Vermont Branch
Belief in Ireland.
Burlington, Vt.
'"I have actually gained twenty-five
pounds and I just think Tanlao. is the
grandest medicine in the world," said
Mrs. Rohert O. Reynolds, 127 North
Denver street, Kansas City, Mo.
"For ten long years I suffered from
a very bad form of rheumatism, stom
ach and nervous troubles. My appe
tite was very poor. What little I did
eat soured on my stomach and I suf
fered the most severe pains in my
back, hips and shoulders. My rheu
matism was so bad that I could not
raise my hands to comb my hair and
my arms hurt me to my finger tips.
I became so weak and run down that
I lost all my energy and life had be
come almost a burden. I tried many
things but nothing helped me.
"I had only taken my first bottle
of Tanlac when I noticed my appetite
was improving and I could sleep bet
ter at night. I have taken three bot
tle's and the way it has helped me and
built me up is really astonishing. I
can eat anything and everything with
out the slightest disagreeable after
affects. I sleep just fine at night and
am in better health than I have been
for years. I am glad to give this state
ment, hoping that any who are suf
fering as I did may experience the
same wonderful results, which I -be
licve they will if they give Tanlac a
fair trial."
TanUc is sold in Barre by Cummings
i Lewis, and by the leading druggist
in every town.- Ajjv.
It is to Be Ex-pected-Always
in the Spring
That weather conditions will be
unsettled, and you have doubtless
discovered that this spring is no ex
ception to the general rule.
It has been pretty good raincoat
weathir the past two days, but
were you prepared to meet the it ;n
"In Comfort," in rainy, damp,
disagreeable weather, means a rain
coat that sheds the wet and keeps
one warm.
Have you such a coat?
Don't take a chance this kind of
weather without the protection of
the right sort of coat the kind of
raincoats we selland we have
your size, for a certainty.
Take a look at 'em and you'll own
Open Monday Evening As Usual
Moore & Owens
Barre's Leading Clothiers,
122 North Main St. Tel. 275-M.
The Universal
Daily Habit!
EVERY man, woman or child in this city
who can read, reads some daily news
paper every day.
It is as much a habit with them as eating,
or talking, or walking.
The newspaper is their point of contact
with the outside world and with each other.
In every other city of any
size, other newspapers are
printed and other peopie
read them in the same intens
ive way. In the preat
stretches of rural communi
ties the newspapers from the
cities radiate out through the
mail boxes.
North America is literally
bound together and welded
into a continent with com
mon knowledge and com
mon impulses by its 30,
000,000 daily newspaper cir
culation. Newspaper readers have,
come to look on the daily ad
vertising as part of the new-5.
They turn to their news
paper when they want to
buv, just as they turn to it
for the ball score or the lat
est developments across ths
Local perchants know thi3
and they know they can
build a larger volume of
business at less cost through
the newspaper than through
any other means of contact
with possible customers.
Manufacturers and dis
tributors of trade-marked
goods are also coming io
learn that North America is
a series of markets each
differing from the other in
opportunities to sell goods.
Each good market can be
reached by newspaper ad
vertising at low cost and
without wasted effort in bar
ren localities.
For this reason the news
paper has become the great
est medium for national ad
vertising, just as it has al
ways been the greatest me
dium for local advertising.
The national advertiser
can best cover this market
or any market through the
M&H.fx-l.n. r I .UN far fT
ml the -S.tMo.i AlnrlMM r r-er-
to . Pam t4 A.rir.. rU BUis(. Nr. Y
Sold by The Barre Drug Co., New Park Theatre
Bldg., E. A. Drown, 48 North Main Street.
$1.00 per bottle
BMM m m
! t

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