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AM 31 .IL IL A
The World's Greatest Tribute v
to Dependability
' Cadillac Sales in the Last Three Years Were Nearly One-Third Great
" er Than the Combined Sales of the Eleven Other American
" Makes Listed at the Cadillac Price and Higher
It has been our pleasant privilege to
chare with the public the many splendid
tributes that have been paid to Cadillac
since the beginning.
We have taken a just pride in the long
succession of official and popular testi
monials to the Cadillac's, engineering,
excellence, its fine mechanical construc
tion and its dependable performance.
Our friends the world over .have rejoic
ed with us , in celebrating the remark
able honors that have been conferred
on Cadillac, particularly during the last
three years.
Cadillac owners would be less than hu
man if they did not partake of our sense
of satisfaction over the appointment of
Cadillac as the Standard Seven Passen
ger Car of the-United States Army,
the greatest official tribute ever 'paid
to any automobile.
And Americans- in general shared our
pride in the most recent compliment to
Cadillac, its characterization by a no
ted English motor authority as "more
closely approaching the ideal (of per
fection than any other car on the mar
ket to-day, regardless of price or size."
But, impressive and significant as these
testimonials are, we feel that a more
impressive and more significant tribute
has been paid to the Cadillac during the
last three years, by the world's buyers
of high-grade motor cars.
Of the . twelve makes of automobiles
selling: at the Cadillac price and hteher,
Cadillac was chosen by one-third more
people than all the eleven otherfc combined.
What these figures would have been
had we been able to manufacture all
the Cadillac cars the world wanted, is
merely conjectural.
It is a well-known fact that many per
sons who wanted Cadillacs, bought
some other make of car because they
could not get a prompt delivery of- a
Cadillac. t
The fact.is that when it was possible to
get a Cadillac, nothing else would suf-
fice. v
' This was strikingly exemplified during
the last three months of 1920, when our v
production began to approximate the
During tljose three months, Cadillac
sales leaped to a figure 43 per cent
greater than the eleven other makes
We are grateful to the public for this
nnparalleled tribute to Cadillac, and we
are fully conscious of the responsibili
ty which it entails.
We pledge ourselves again to go on
building, better and better, a Cadillac
that can be depended upon to do all the
things an automobile is intended to do;
do them better than any other car, re-'
gardless of price or size; and continue
to do them for a longer period, without
any nursing, coaxing or petting.
ft is our resolve to continue to build the
Cadillac in such 4hanner that it shall
grow more and more .worthy of the
wonderful allegiance of Cadillac owners.
Jefferson Slreet.
Barrc, Vermont.
Taking Hei at Her Word. -
He (Ulkiiig ovrr p!ns of new houxe
aith wife I can't we why you want so
nany closets. You're always faying
rou have nothing to wear. Boston
Vocational Verset VI.
The clout it job is rather queer.
He pul is. mid many a proan,
Tli teeth f.f irtlirr to olitain
KmjiUiymi nt for hi own.
Iloton Transcript.
Every-Day Dan jer Threatens Everybody Whose
Resisting Power Is Low
reofJe who have become weak and run-do n during the winter eitht-r
rom overwork or following prip or ot her wriu illm- are in perial dun
fpr during he trying day of early sprinjr. The weakened ytem i sv ide
pen to attack of diel and new reitin power must he built up m ithoui
Kor thin pnrpoe no hotter tonic food medicine can he ued th Fa
ther John' Medicine, hc-iie the pure, nouiihing element of liiih it i
jade rebuild health and ctrenpth
4 doctor' prescription in ue more
than ixty-rte jearn.-Father John
Medicine is puaranteed free from al
.hol or any danirerru dniel. The
holcnme, lrentnhaildin: f"d
almh it cntitain i. eai!y takes up
It the itetn and it fie the Tery
riting power - greatly a
ia time. Ad.
Is Being. Planned, With Radclifie Tak
ing the Lead. '
Cambridge, Ma., April -2. Repre
etitatie of women colleen- will
tk an active part in a convention to
he held at the Harvard union to-day
and to morrow for the purjMise of or
jiatiirinj; ait Intercollej;iate Iilieral club.
HadclitTe i taking the lead among the
vonu-n odlepe in promoting the
;iomcnt. which originated with the!
.ihcral rlulm of Harvard and Rad-
i ollegc hich already have acceded
re Harvard. rrinci-twn.,Hr n. Tuft. I
Ito-ton timvtr.fr y, Radcliffc, Velllcy.
liiU'ii. (oiuclirr, Wheaton, 'aar.
Motin Holyoke 'and Barnard. The plan
i for a central ri;snt-t ini, iih i-lf-if-verning
cluho in the individual el-lcee.
The purpose of tlie propowl club are J
aanoun-eil a "tlie cultivation yf the
open mind' and "the development of a
fmi-d .tudent opinion on M-ial. txiht
ical. indu-rial and international ques
tion. " leader, in the movement aert
that the dpw orein rjil i.m ill be "ikiii
propajandi"!" and "tied to rt. m'."
Among the aker. arnoun tA fir
tlie oreaniini! funvent ion are leidnt
iKmentu.i t baric. IV. Fliot f Har
vard. l'reid.'Pl IHjr..n R. of
Rad'-lifl. rrcid-nt Henry . Mac
t rarkefi of l".ar. Senator Iadd of"
N.ifc Iakot and llalfcr Lippmann
i d.t-r of the New RVfuSlie.
There's a time for everything.
To work, to play, to nili. to cing;
And ince (Jxl made u o we laugh
There i a time t clever cha(T
That thou aupplicdVt so copion!y
We'll greatly mi thee. B. I.. T.
-Koton Tranix-ript.
and othef externol
pains quickly soothed
"THAT drcin-. w.rf taidactM. that
A n asacy woca axCcr frn, ia aux-kly
tajad t-y aa a -it.o ct f 'a' Lhuawnt.
A mtlmt. momnc-a, er ai ! atnti. I: a
ftnd for ail thm f.-c.:'.r ar.d all k rxl of
cxtensaT' adaca ani pin. JCc. 70c, il-4CL
Gov. Ilartnoss Sigm'd Bill Incor-.
v pirating the 'Muni-
And About. 40 Are Left
Acted on in Five
The following bills were nigncd by
Governor Hartness yesterday, leaving
probably 40 more to be signed by him
within the five-day period. The list
whfch follows include the making of
a new city in Vermont, namely YVf-1 iHfll.T of the i(miit1 biv4 rclatim? to
the extenaion of time for allowance of
clainiH againxt the state.
If. .'KM. An act to amend section
7377 of the general laws relating to
muukipal courts.
II. 3().. An act to amend certain
sections of the general laws relating to
the state prison and house of correc
tion; to provide for the establishment,,
of a state prison, and house" of correc-1
tion for women at Rutland and to pro-1
vide for the, transfer of women inmates
of the state prison and house- of cor
rection at Windsor to the state prison
and lusc of correction at Rutland. .
"If. .'(!!.' An act to amend section 1
of No. 210 of the arts of 1919 relat
ing to the salary of town clerks.
IL 3!W. An act to amend section
24 of an act of the general assembly of
1921, entitled "An act to amend certain
sections f No. l.'iO of the acts of 18M
and amendments and additions thereto
relating to the t ity of St. Albans to
provide for a citv commissioiiVr and
city manager," approved Feb. 14, 1921.
If. 400. An act to amend section
64,'tl of the general laws relating to
trapping of noxious animals. ,
H. 4IH. An act to legalize the ac
tion of the town of Hartford in appro
priating money to assist in erection of
a community, building.
II. 402. and uct to amend section
nooski: .
H. (17. An act to apurnn'natc
I he
urn of fifteen hundred dollars to aid
the town of Woodbury to liquidate the
debt incurred in building a new school
house. H. 83. An act to amend section 5(10
of the general laws, relating to invest
ment of funds by the state treasurer.
If. 97. An act to appropriate a sum
not to exceed six thousand dollars to
be used in improving the grade of the
main cross state road from l,in
to Warren.
II. 127 An act to amend section
R044 of jthe general laws relating t
If. I.I.". A act to amend section
fitl of the general laws rotating to
state forests and appropriating a cer
tain sum of money for the purchase
the sale of diluted or adulterated milk
or cream. ' '
II. 40.. An act. ft provide for emer
gency appropriation for the balance of
the fiscal year.
II. 413. An 8't to amend sections
17ti."i and 1770 of the general laws re
lating to jurors.
II. 414. An act to provide a bounty
on Rattlesnakes.
H. 4Iti. An act to amend section
373 of the general Jaws relating' to the
jn , putiiiciiy (leparuiiem.
I H. 417. An act to appropriate the
sum ot flo.lKKl to reimburse tlie mv
of Newport for money expended in
completing an armory.
H. 4IS. Au act to provide for the
supervision and regulation of rates for
workmen's compensation insurance.
. H. 419. An act to appropriate the
sum of. $15,000 to reimburse the city
' of Rutland for money expended in com-
"Black Beauty," known and loved for forty years in every
part of the world where book are read, has come to life,
and will soon be seen in high-class theaters all over the
The wonderful horse whose autobiography wras recorded
by Anna Sewell, to delight many millions of readers in
every civilized country on the globe, is to be seen in action.
His life, through all its changing phases of playful colthood,
early pleasures, trials and fears; its contact with the lives of
other horses and of human beings; its hardships, dangers
and triumphs all these are unfolded on the motion-picture
The screen version of "Black Beauty" is all that the book
was and more. Every bit of the story has been told, and
additional thrills have been interpolated. "Black Beauty"
is a story of human beings, as well as of horses.
, In the film version a thrilling and romantic drama has
been woven about the human beings, and in many phases of
this "Black Beauty" participates without being aware of its
nature, and of the big part he is playing. The race stent,
in which "Black Beauty" saves the day, provides one of Ihe
greatest screftfi thrills ever filmed. -s '
Jean Paige, in the leading role of "Jessie Gordon," is a
sweet, appealing heroine, and her portrayal will long be
remembered in this unusual Vitagragh production.
What The New York Newspaper
Critics Said About "Black Beauty"
"It is a far better product than the book itself, and it is prob
able that Anna Sewell would say as much. Must be considered
as one of the fine pieces of motion picture work of the season.
A picture play deserving of large patronage and long life."
New York Morning World. .
"Charm and good taste the production and direction teem
with them. 'Black Beauty' is the sort of wholesome entertain
ment that builds sturdy tissue in the interesting picture in
dustry." New York American.
to amend sections
H. 14- An act to amend section'
4219 of the general laws relating to I'1'''" n armory.
f III. 420. An act
If. I.-.4. AnVt' to amend section;?41? 74aS of U nertti Uw re
laiing to state pruning.
H. 423. An act relating to the du
7432 of the general laws relating to!
iees oi justice" oi me peace.
If. 183. An act to amend secti-h 949
of the general laws, as amended hy No.
40 of the acts of 1919, relating to as
sessment of taxes in unorganized towns
and gores.
H. 191. An act to aid the town of
Jamaica in re-building a bridge.
If. I9."i. An act to protect rate
plants, and to protect them from be
inif sold for-commereial purpose
M. 109. An act to amend sections
f."7l and 6773 of the general laws re
latinar to circuses.
II. 2KV An act to amend section
llilti of the general laws relating to
financial statements of school direc
tors. -
H. 2"2. An act to amend section
1206 of the general laws relating to
the issuance hy school directors of per
mits to teach.
IT. 204. An act to empower the fih
and game commissioner 'to erect fih
ways in the dam at bwanton falls rti
the town of Swanton. and to repeal
number 209 of the acts of 1912.
II. 297. An act relating to the sale
of lighting rods.
FT. 27. An act to amend section
1024 of the general laws relating to
taxation of insurance companies.
IT. 311. An act to provide for re
count of votes in town and city elec
H. 314. An artMo amend para
graphs 5, as amended hy No. 213 of
V.acts of mm, and II or section
7411 of the general laws relating to
fees of sheriffs, and to repeal para-
granh 10 of section 7411.
H. 3nft An act to amend paragraph
of section t!332 of the general, laws
relatini? to the definition of aneling.
H. .Hi'1. An act in provide a shelter
home for certain children committed
o the, board of charities and proba
ion. 11. "70. An act t'i amend MiVdiv i-
ion V ot section o.i ot, the general
aws relating to tne taxation or i"r
.onat estate held in trut vvlien the
trutee reside without the Mate,
If. 3s9. An act to amend -.i t ion
7499 of the general laws, a amend
ed bv No. 22 of tie aits of 1919, relat
ing to tlie legislative directory.
H. 30". An act to appropriate the
sum of S?OOJ to siil the town of
Read-boro in repairing a bridge a'To
the IWrficMjhcr.
If. 301. An act to amend section
321 of the general laws relating to com
pensation for verification and signing
of envmsaed bilN.
H. 392. An ad to provide for the
re-aiHjirai-al of taxable real elate in
rhe citv of St. Alban in the vcar
It. 393. An act to amend section
329.1 of the general laws relating to
ties of ton clerks and of town treas
urers, j - ,
If. 424. An act Mo provide for the
appointment of an inspector if electric
II.-423. An act in addition to No.
ltJ5 of the acts of 1K94 incorporating
the city and town of Harre. and cre
ating a new section ' be numbered 33
A. relating to the city court.
H. 428. "An act to amend section 2
of No. 25ft" of the acts of JSHK. changing
the date of the annual meeting of the
village of Wells Kiver.
If. 429. An act relating to eligi
bility of women for holding public of
fice. H. 437. An act relating to fees 'for
recording in municipal or citycourts.
II. 438. An act to provide for the
assessment of a state tax.
If. 106. An act to repeal section
1188 of the generSl laws relating to
the holding of offices.
H. 40(1. An act to incorporate the
city of Winooski and to establish a
new town of Colchester.
"Right after two weeks' run of 'The Kid' the Strand Theattve
presents this week 'Black Beauty' another of the best pictures
of the season. The picture is so refreshing in its atmosphere,
so kind in its message and so clean in its purpose that it cannot
fail to captivate the hearts of motion picture patrons." New
York Morning, Telegraph.
"The presence of the various stable characters makes this
picture one of the alluring novelties of the season. A very
attractive production which, in the immortal words of any
clothing advertisement, is 'fitted to customers of all aces.'"
f New York Herald.
Ruining a War.
It was a perfect French night. Tn
other word-, the rain was coining down
steadily and the mud was at its stick
iest. In "squab" formation 4 wo, three,
fives and sixes a regiment of Buffalo
was moving into an alleged rest camp.
The accent was on the camp.
The most forlorn of all the forlorn
crew staggered against a oarraca s
doorway, where h4 was accosted by a
white noncom:
"Well. Nam. whaddye think of this
wur now I'retty goinl war!"
With a facial expression that ,.aid
he meant it, Sam replied:
N"ISos"., di veah w ar never was a good
war and dis last day practically done
ruined it completely."- American Le
gion Weekly. '
"It's a job to be proud of, I think, having made 'Black Beauty'
into a picture which will please infant and adult, a job which so
easily might have been badly done, but is not. 4t the Strand
there were hosts of unnaturally quite.liltle boys marshalled in
to see it. They thought it was 'great stuff. "--New York
Daily News.
"A picture that will attract thousands of animal lovers to the
Strand this week. The film version of this tale follows the
book closely." New York Journal of Commerce.
"So skilfully has Vitagraph told this story on the screen that
to many it will seem even better than the book itself." New
York Evening Telegram.
"As a picture it is indeed a novelty for which the producers
deserve more than the usual credit." New York Globe.
"On the silver sheet JBIack Beauty' is in many respects a re-
markable picture. There are thrills aplenty likewise, the race
for the train in the final scene being one of the best filmings of
its kind the motion picture world has produced, with a succes
sion of sensational riding feats. Jean Paige has an appealing
beauty. She screens and plays extremely well. Her support
ing cast is of the best." New York Evening Mail.
"One of the unique offerings of the season is 'Black Beauty,
which atones for many a vampire-laden blight of the past. It's
t relief to meet with actors who aren't always trying to. reg
ister. Jean Paige leads the human battalion and does it as one
to the manner and the saddle born." New York Evening Sun.
" B!ack Beauty scores. There is an excellent race to climax
story ."New York Journal.
Not A Blemuh
soars the perfect appearance of htr
complexion. Permanent and temporary
skin troubles are e I ectlvety cnncrth.L
ftrdvice unnatural color J correct
greasy skins. Hmnly aniwtetk.
Send lie. for Trial Sat
insure your bar in The TRAVELERS
Or .... .A 1.
I v. jsiftsr --..
And even as the horses give way to
automobiles so must the old batter
ies give way to new.
Let us tell you about this new bat
tery which is going to give you
service you never had before.
Let us put a spotlight on your car for
$5.25. or a ventilating windshield on
your Ford for SI. 60.
Oliver's Battery Station
The Battery Specialists
The. Road Ahead!
"Even in rural districts the roads are
crowded. Art you going to' let your auto
go out without the protection of insur
ance? Accidents are frequent, claims and
repairs expensive. One accident may
tac all yoi4 have. Be wise in time.
Paige & Campbell v
General Agents - . Phons 268-VV . Barre Xu
ii!Genlzms lhat Pays
Now in the time to get after your tires. Thoe little
cuts will let in dirt and water and then you will have
to invent in a costly repair or a new tire later on.
Your ca;. save all this by having that tire REPAIRED
.vjW. Then you will be all set when the season opc-n.
Eight Years' Experience.
J.-J. Hastings
371 North Main Street.

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