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Happenings of Interest from
Different Sections.
Out of 21 licenses taken out in Hyde
lille last fall to catch white fish, only
42 pike were caught during the winter
that were large enough to save. The
small ones were thrown back into the
Out of about 000 male voters, 60
turned out for a special town meeting
in Middleburv last week and voted
fc."00 for the band, in return for which
15 concerts will be given during the
The Library theatre at Bennington,
which has been in the hands of a re
ceiver, has been sold to Edward Scully
and Dennis Donahue. The house, which
had been long closed, was recently re
opened by the receiver.
Representative Fred Johnson of Som
erset drew the biggest mileage of any
member of the House. $114 for 228
miles. The member from Searsburg,
Mr. Briggs, drew mileage for 213 miles
and stood second on the list.
Dr. Meagher, Barre's Ex
pert Extractor
and Plate
George E. Marshall has resigned as
manager of the Western Union tele
graph office in Middlebury, after hav
ing served in that capacity for 52
years. Mortimer A. Wilcox, who has
Keen operator for the past 13 years, has
been appointed as manager.
Nelson P. Coffin, well known in Ver
mont and elsewhere as a leader of mu
sical organizations, has resigned as
choir director of the First Congrega
tional church of Keene, X. II., which
position he has held for 20 years. He
will take a year's vacation. The church
gave him a reception March 26 and
presented him a silk umbrella.
A livery team owned by D. A. Bark
er and a roadster owned and driven
by D. G. Babbitt collided in Rutland
Sunday, the horse being knocked down
and the shafts of the carriage broken,
while the headlights on the car and the
radiator were broken. The horse was
not injured to any extent.
Fire that started in an upstairs room
threatened to destroy on Sunday morn
ing the home of Mr. -and Mrs. Claude
R. Chapin in Essex Junction, The
damage was confined chiefly to the one
room. Mr. Chapin was a member of
the legislature this year and went
home, ill, about 10 days ago, but is
Insurance Is a Ladder
you can fall up from. Every year you
pay a premium you secure the prolec
tion of your family and save for time
of need. .National Lite Ins. Co. Vt. (Mil
tual). S. S. Ballard, general agent, 4.)
Mate street, Montpchcr; local aftent, (i
J. Scager.
to Death
The house of Teter Russett of Ferris
burg burned Friday while Mr. Russett
was alone, on the farm, the rest of the
family having gone to Vergennes. All
the contents were burned except what
were on the lower floor. The house was
the best one in Ferrisburg, but was
onlv partially insured. The loss above
the' insurance will be $3,000 or $4,000.
The fire1 originated around the chimney
and was well advanced when Mr. Kus
sett first noticed it.
First Stops All Pain Then Peels
the Corn Off.
Don't try to fox trot on corn tortured
feat. Get rid of your corns. If jrpu have
I Illy
J. .&. V f To',"
JWJ', j CON j
The new law regarding hunting and
fishing licenses, which went into effect
April I, affects both men and women,
the wording being that a "person" 15
years of age or over must procure a
jieense for either hunting or fishing.
Resident fishing licenses, which have
been fiOe, will be 75c now; non-resident
fishing licenses are $2.50. Resident
hunting licenses, which have also been
60e, are now 75c, and resident combi
nation licenses, which have been $1, are
now $1.23.
F. V. Davis was in Montpelier last
Miss Corrie Ramsdell, who has been
spending a few weeks with her aunt,
Miss Corrie Streeter, returned to
AVeathersfield last Saturday, her school
opening Monday.
Mrs. IV. C. Keyes and daughter from
TVoodsville, V. H., returned to their
home last Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Johnson, who
live in Greenfield, Mass., are the happy
parents of another son, born March 27. 1
Sirs. Johnson is a daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. B. S. Gove of this place.
Mrs. Bell Brown, with her mother.
Mrs. L. A. Stiles, returned to Mont
pelier Tuesday, where they will spend
the summer months.
Mrs. Abbie McAllister is now afflict
ed with infection on her hands.
Mrs. M. IX Glines spent Saturday in
Miss E. M. Ayers was in Montpelier
and Northneld Tuesday.
Make Your Foot Happy! Ramova Tboeo
Coras With ''Gets-h."
never seen a corn tickled to death, just
apply a few drops of "Get-lt" to your.
Then watch that corn die peacefully as
if it had gone to sleep. Soon it is nothing-
but loose piece of dead skin that you
can lift right off with your tin (rem.
Get after them now. Your druggist has
"Gets-It." Conta but a trifle---or nothing;
at all If it fails. Mfd. by E. Lawrence ft
Co., Chicago. Adv.
Sold in Barr by Cumming Lewia,
Feeling dull, tired, worn.run-down?
Shake up that lazy livePwith Schenck's
Mandrake Pills to-night and mark
their magic effect. One dose will
prove their efficacy and make you
feel like a new being.
Constipation, biliousness, bilious
headache, etc.. readily yield to
Schenck's Mandrake Pills.
25c per box uncoated or sugar coated
Dr. JT. H. Schenck & Son. Phila. Adr
Removes Hairy Growths
Without Pain or Bother
V.. .T. Rutter, optometrist from Mont
pelier will be at the hotel Thursday, the
- -1 s-.11 J I..... ..... '
I in. lau luu nave tuui rjra rum
ined. adr.
Auction Sale
of Personal Property
As I am lratinjj town I will ell at
public auction at 175 Merchant street
at 1 o'clock p. m. sharp,
the following personal property vit:
Two chamber suites with springs and
mattresses, one light oak bedstead with
springs, one dark oak bedstead with
prins. one three-quarters white iron
bedhead with t-prinp. we miinn din
in jrmorti set consisting of II small
chairs and one Urge one ith real
leather npholterin. one mission clock,
three bureau, stands, one Urge easy
chair, kitchen chir. one w'urr top
tiftioe desk, oiie combination book rase
and dek, one d-k ith drawers, one
bookcaee, one hahv carriage, one go
cart, one white ircn child erih. one
widen child's crib. tr Vi!on sewing
machines in good turning order, com h
rinmorL, one velvet art square, two
all wr.( rwrprts, carp-t fswpcr. ah
tub, benr-b. and wnnger. also one P.
P. Stem art heater, one Quaker range,
one driving harness, one Jijrlit summer
ror.. Matiaet. garden tools. dii.he.
lamp. et a! one Urge roorar ftre-r-r.T.f
safe which ran be seen at tne
pon 'lubrnom. t"hur-h street, sad
tnanr more thirx t mtner.ms to
aTtention. Be wr and attend this saie(
and yon be a-ire to f.nd svime-
Ihirg rtd.
D. A. FIRST. AtcUoater.
(Modes of To-day)
It is not necessary to use a painful
process to remove hairy growths, for
with a little dclatone handy you can
keep the skin entirely free from these
beauty destroyers. To remove hair,
make a stiff paste with a little pow
dered delatone and water. Spread this
on the hairy surface and in about 2
minutes rub off, wash the skin and the
hairs are gone. To guard against dis
appointment, fie careful to get real del
atone. Mix fresh as wanted. Adv.
Direct from MILL at MILL PRICES.
Suitings for MEN and BOYS. A nice
line for SPRING COATS, SUITS and
Also Woolen Shirtings. Any' length cut.
Writ us for FREE SAMPLES.
GiUum, X. H.
r faffi'
Our spring line of ahoea are
in and all ready for your in
spection. Come in and look thera oter.
Miora are eheaper.
Lee & Clara B. Shortt
MarthSfld, Vermeat
tions for
Mr. Jerry Murphy
Graniteville, Vt. 5 teeth.
Mr. Bullock, Calais, Vt.
All upper and lower.
Mr. Vermette
Washington 6 teeth.
Mr. Hickey, West Berlin
Harry MctJovern
West Berlin 9 teeth.
Mr. Manning
Rochester 6 teeth.
Mr. J. Bisson
Orange 10 teeth.
Mr. Michael O'Neal, Montpelier.
Mrs. Mary Page
Berlin 5 teeth.
Geo. Stewart, Graniteville, Vt.
Mr. McGowan, West Berlin.
Ered Dubie, Websterville.
Mrs. Isabel McMinn
Brook field
Mr. Gerrard
Mr. Gerrard, Barre 2.'th teeth.
Mr. Charles Barrier
Mrs. Fred Martin
Keene, N. II. 20 teeth.
Miss Gertrude Garrity
Berlin, N. II. 9 teeth.
Mrs. Harry Htewart
Greenfield, Mass. 18 teeth.
Mrs. Holt, Calais
Had rheumatism and pains
in head. Teeth extracted
and cured.
Mrs. George Farquehson
Graniteville 13 teeth.
Mrs. Wm. Halvosa, Barre.
Mr. Fred Boissbneau
Websterville 25 teeth
Mr. J. Bisson
Town of Orange
Harry Gamble
Deputy Chief of Police
Barre 2 teeth
Mr. Frank O'Reilly
Graniteville 5 teeth.
Mr. John Griffith
Warren-t-14 teeth.
Mr. L. E. Wheeler
So. Woodbury 16 teeth.
Mrs. St. John
Brookfield 22 teeth.
Miss Ida Cray
East Calais 3 teeth.
George Duncan
Worcester 22 teeth.
Mrs. Flora Whitcomb
Marshficld 5 teeth.
Mr. E. A. Morse
Calais 10 teeth.
Mr. F. E. Wheeler
Woodbury 18 teeth.
Mrs. Angus E. Smith
Mr. B. Smith, Barre.
E. A. Morse, an old dentist,
Calais 10 teeth.
Mrs. Fred Dubie
Websterville If? teeth.
M. P. Sullivan
Graniteville 3 teeth.
Mr. Robert Troup
Barre 3 teeth.
Mr. Dickey
West Berlin 2 teeth.
Mr. Harvey Woodard
Barre 14 teeth.
Mrs. Goodine, ft ProspectSt.,
Montpelier 23 teeth.
George W. Porter
Marshtield 11 teeth.
Earle J. Bartlett
Plainfield 10 teeth.
Olher I.ittlewood
Websterrille 16 teeth.
tions for
M. P. Sullivan
Graniteville, Vt
Mrs. Alma Cutler
Williamstown, Vt.
Mr. D. X. Hunt
Montpelier, Vt.
Mrs. Eunice Russell
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Carpenter
Mr. George Bohonan
Mrs. Gallery. Barre.
Mr. Robert Haffie, Ean-e.
Mrs. Page, Berlin.
Mrs. Recor, Graniteville.
Mrs. George Farquehson
Mr. Manning, Rochester, Vt.
Mrs. Brown. Berlin
Mr. A. H. Bruce, Montpelier.
Mrs. Mable Carpenter, Orange.
Mr. L. E. heeler
South Woodbury
Mrs. II. Keenan
Mis Cutler, Hinsdale, X. H.
Mr. Hannon. Springfield.
Win. Halvosa
Came. St., Barre, Vt.
Mr. Wm. Halvosa
Camp St, Barre, Vt.
Dr. Meagher's
Dental Parlors
Closed Thrdy Afteraeaa
Xtfes Granite Blok. Barre, Vt
Phone 6t j-W.
Profession! Nurse attendant.
Prairie Baseball League Opens
Three Lines for 25c
The Tiinai will r-MWish Wants. toat nd
Found. For SaK To Let, etc. short advrt
ttaementa at tha rat of threa linos for
twenty-flva cm la for tha first insertion sad
ten cents for wrh subaaqualt insertion.
Farmers, Attention!
Before buyinsr ask C. N. Styles prioaa of
all kinds of farm machinery aa I buy ev
erything in car load lota iid can save ail
freiifht cham. I hav aevera.1 aecond hand
evaporntora, iiIho new, everything in tha
suBar makins line; milkinr machine., sepa
rator, beltinir, barn equfprnenta of all kinds,
silos, also low price on steel roofing- and
Plow.. c. N. Slygles, Jericho, Vt. Tel.
0-12. lUiOA
The entire
Smith Main
acres. 23 acraa wnodlot. ffond tiever-faiinK
spring jn pusture, 8-room house, hardwood GROCERIES FOR SALE -floors
; good soring water in houaa and barn : stock of rnnwiM Bf iaa
cow barn to tie 21 head: bona barn for 8 street will be sold at whoesale prices- all
horses; good granary, hen house, orchard; clean and frrah 'm
can plow anywhere in
every day
ireah. 173
ywhere in pasture: mail at door SHOW rnn'cjii?", .
located ml. from Williams-; F9? SALE One 10-foot.
town, 2Vj mi from Berlin Corner; 6 mi from mi,.r , " ? case, soma
?ffL 'ud 'lrom rei :OUll": Nfh Min .tree"
that w ill keep a cow, horse and few hens ;
write Noe Bcau7iemin, K. D. No. 8.
Williamstown, Tel. lijontpclier. 312-81. 1816
FOR SALE 80 acrf farm, 2H miles from
Wnnl ....I . . . 11. U..
other buainesa to take care of; prica , r"- oAi.fc Wenwood range with
riglit if taken at once: Peter Lucie.
Montnelier 405-4. 16tB
marble alal ; call at IBS
D. N. Farraml. 18t
FOR "'A!"One "pair goo.1 work horsea
about 2200 ; one Guernsey B-ye.rlold co
rhli". pril L 1 1ir "
f"ina,:. M0ch buys this bargain: L-
iiu ocars, t'lainlield, Vt. 14t6
gaa St-
iwnmcni : in irnrwl iwnii;tUH . A t 1
22 Berlin stnit. tel. 83S-R. lgij
n . LAhEQu"ntlty of No- 1 'hy: N. M.
Hatchelder, Piainrteld. teleohon. n,.n
To settle an estate: The I. W. Bates eounty. ..,
farm, one mile from East Barre, 275 acres, FOR SALE As I have" bou'ght" a "tnick" I
good buildings, runnhi water at housa nih in .u u AT. . i
and barna. tillage land operated by tractor, will work anywhere, nin'o-1. ft Mnki.'.
Urge fruit orchard, large sugar place and he p,en at CM, 'T'.UbZ Johr T Andn
timber lot. A pleaaant home and a money so Hill street phone 409 2 ' Anderson
maker: also will sell In largo or small ' rnn B7Z-J??
quantity of pressed hay. E. It. Davis. 1 ' . veaar nosia, all uliw ant
Admr., Barra, Vt. SOBeod'J I , J. L. Buck, East Montpeer,
State of Vermont, District of Washington. 1
Tha undemigned. having been appointed i' h"rabU proUte court for the dla- ,
h th. kr.,i- i. di.. !" aiorrsaio. 10 tne nen-a ann u Persons.
trict of Washington, commissioners, to re-
reive, examine, and adjust the claims and
demands of all persons agaiiwt tha estate of
Clarence G. Carr.
Interested m the estate of Amanda Beckley,
late 01 lown of Uarre, in aald d trict. de-
cea-ed. GREETING :
WHEREAS, application hath been made to
I . -J r, ' ........ . .
in ..id district, d-reaaed. and all claims ex- , .J'""' "I, . """J0'":;
, 7n LT'"' .1" ' " , " of i" doreed to w.t:
that w will mwt for th pi rrxmt a! nrv ..tnnt in T-a. n.. j- a..
trt othc of .Smith. Whitcomb A trict rfmmLtmt.n- t .f
&i.id. at
;2rf ' .k Vk I a j 5: ou,d nefici.l to the hir and all per-
uvk. vai VLII OI ih n '11 D'll I' '-1 ,n a intaea.ia . k. - . J -S
day of July next, from 10 o'clock a. nv, cuied. to aell ..id cl tt- .nd convert
until 4 o clock p. nu. on earn of said days the r.
Li n "VS.?,"" . TOr?u 9th ?a, And ""'"nn into court the eon.-nt an4 ,
March A. D. 1921, Is the tl.ne 1 mtted approU,!,,,, jn writing, of all the heirs t
by said court for r aM cred,rs to present ..y rniding jn thi, gUU nd ,et. ;
their claims to ui for examlnatioa and ai- tin forth .(," , ,k. '., ,,
Dated at City of Barre, this 4 th dny cf
AprU, A. D. 1921.
JAMES C. JOHNSTON. Commissioners.
1 How CAfhkfoRAV ft
Notice is hereby irivn that 1 wilt f!l at
ntiKllf ailet Un ti f Via hirrh -iAA, at kv.
gaiage in South Woodlii. nr in the lown of "-Erit'?. " ihe d,r aaigned for hearing
Woodbury and County r t Wahinc;ton. n
April 10. 1921. at on o'- lo.k in th af er
noon, one Ford Automobile touring car
style, to sa.tfy a lien for repairs upon
said automobile. The amount claimed to he
WHEREUPON, the said court aminta
and assigned the tfi day of April. 1921, !
at the robate office in Montpelier in said ,
district, to hear and deride noon said e-pplU i
cation and petition, and ordered poblle no- j
tire thereof to be given to all persona inter, i
eated therein, by publishlnr said order, to- !
aether with the time and place of hearinr. '
three weeks surreaelrelr In the Barre Dnily
Time. a newananer which circulate In the
neurhbo-hood of those neraona interMted in before he thmiirht of gettirur married.
said eatn'e, all of which publications ahall When you married her. she was aure her
dream was to come true. now, why
i4SK Per.r"
Rh wished for a borne of her own long
FOR SALE Small place little more than
i mile from Williamstown on Chelsea
road ; inquire of If. J. Martin, Williamstown,
Vt. 14t9
FARM FOR SALE-85 aires "tillage and
pasture: son augar trees, aome fruit, good
gavel bunk for road work ; good buildinga
newly shingled : never falling apring water
at house and barn ; wood and lumber for
farm: on state road: 2 miles to church.
store and K. K. station ; R. y. D. ann trii
phone: would rent if not sold before May
lt : enquire of Mrs. Eunice M. jtoherts,
Northfleld Falls, Vt. 13tl2
lin, 10 minutes' walk from trolley line V
Benjamin's Falls, plenty of lumber, good
buildings, 22 cows, pair horses, farm ira-
chinery. etc., must be sold at onca or will
trade for houie in Barre : inquire of Vic
tor Stacy, R. D. 8, Bam, phons S68- Mont
pelier. soair
hPR SALEDry wood and also'chunk wJI
telephone 6S8-M. 252tl
FOR SALE A " Preparatlinforclefnln
granite and marble monuments : brighter
lettering and makea the wflole mt,no.
ment look clean and new; guaranteed: prlree
" Pn'1,'Hm ! James Sullivan, 114 Park
street. Barre. Vt. jtf
W ; ANTED--Anight ""watchman in " astem
saw mill: R. J. Miller, Ricker MUla, Vt.
1 813
A GOOD CHANCE For a first-class "plumb
er and fitter at Levis llros., Lrbamn,
N. H., : give references nnd trpcrience for
a steady job. Iirt2
150- MONTH AVERAGE Railway mail
clerks, hundreds wanted, list positions
free, write immediately: Fmnslio Inat vt'
Dept. 489 N.. Rochester, N. Y. 80012'
A Seven Passenger StudC
new tires. A-l condition.
baker car.
1917 model. looks and runs like new; write
Box412. Waterbury. Vt. 16t8
FOR SALEDodge" TourlnVCaTralf new
n1 Al condition, also 1920 Olds.
moMle 8, seren-paasenger ; call or phone
L,. H. Atherton. Montpelier, Vt., phone 647-M.
FOR SALFJ One Ford car In good runnine
order, one Overland club roadster in fine
condition, ona Chevrolet 490 touring car,
looks and tops like new, prices right ; call
at Paiace Garage, Barre. 297fi
THEREFORE, you are hereby notified t have you put it off T If you earn enoua
make her homa-wkh
sppear before said court, at the time and money to pay the rent, we can explain to
place aaslgned. then and there in said court yon how you
due is ninety dollars.
Dated this 1st day of April. 1921.
Village property of all kinds nicely !
eated. blacaemlth ihous, wood and genera)
repair shop well equipped, a good house
with small quantity of land with k if de
sired. Farms of alt sisee up to 400 acres.
with stork and tools or without, locations
of all kinds, soma with lots of timber and
pulp wood ; also four
Franklin street. Bam
right or exchange for other
mean by two wurda VO R
ing of this advertisement.
,nd see us. Tel Conn
A. R. Cole and P. S. Rogers,
to mska your objections to the granting of come true.
sucn lirennc. tr you see csus. i
Given unde- my hsnd at Montpelier. In
aid district, this 21st day of March. 1921.
J2.60 PER DAY Paid one lady in each town
to distribute free circulars for Economy
non-alcoholic flavoring: permanent position;
V. E. Barr Co.. Chicago. 18tl
WANTED A woman to do me-tt and t.a&t-
ry cooking at Thurbcr's hotel. Danv.'le.
Vt., to commence .n June. lljtf
GIRLS WANTED To operate power sewing
ms.chtnes ; experienced operators earn $3
per day up: 10 per cent bonus for full time;
F.ex Manufacturing Company, yl t'outh
Chemplain stre-t, Burlington. Vt. IMS
WANTED Competent girl for general
houxework ; 13 Baldwin street, Mont
pelier; Tel. 613-R. 17tf
WANTED Bookkeeper and stenographer
for granite otftce ; atate experience; w-rite
to "R. O. P.", care Timca. 17t3
WANTED Woman for general housework;
Mrs. John Anderson, 80 Hill st'eet, Tel.
409-2. J7t2'
WANTEr-In family of two (wife and
child! middle-aged lady as housekeeper:
one caring for home rather than high
wages ; write to P. O. Box 200. Barre. 16t3
for general hcusework
FOR SALE Four buggies. 1 covered mail
wagon, 1 sleigh. 1 road curt 1 r.n-l
post mail box. 4 harncaaea. 1 itrim, k.n. .
call at 21 Church atreet between 2 and S
P. m., except Thursdays, or addrena Mm
Ti G. Carr, 137 Beckley street. . 18t5
FOR SALE Horse, "harness." blanket et "
price reasonable for raah ; rrlv I ,..
cius Flint, afternoons only ; 'Phone 899-W,
Eastman Store. i7t
FOR SALE Nice surrey, with brake, ore,
pair brass trimmed driving harness, near,
y new; Hlldreths Stock Farm, So. New.
bury, Vt i7t4
for woman to drive; apply to Smith,
W'hiteomb Cook Co. 16t9
FOR SALE A good workhorse, weighing
around 1500 lbs", guaranteed to work
anywhere; inquire of Barquin at 48 West
Patterson street. 802tf
Can you find such a stock of Wavona
and Harness n we show
Wagons for Every Use
Harness for Every Use
Col ton's Place
M State Street Montpelier. Vermont
For the next few days we are making
a special price on tha following: Tha
Mead Place, on Hill street extension. Thia
very desirable seven room house. barn.
garage, and three acres of tillable land, ran WANTED Girl
be purchased at a great sacrifice much in a family of four; no washings: good
ea than it has ever been offered before, plain rook reouired ; apply evenings to
ESTATE OF CHAR1 ES HENRY COOK I If rnu w,nt "'W0.00 place for about Mrs. Thos. Giaborne. No. 25 Bailey Ave..
. . . '.' , . one-half that amount. Let ua show tha Montpelier. Vt. lSt
Toe undaraMrned. having been appointed to rou. Iu-itvr vu i -r j i j
by tha honorable court for the diatrlct of W ANTED Kitchen woman and laundry
Washington, comma.. ioncrt. to receive, ex- M.n .treet hooae of aeven wrA - woman for the coming season: Hsle's
amine, and adjust the claim, and demand. ,J!d l-rT.nd eardc. :red 'tavern. Well. Rhnrr. Vt IStf
ef all persona against the estate of Charlea j ii rca dv for immediate ... ' WANTED Lady clerk who can apeak Ital-
mwt j i - f u rxprncnev, wnc
Henry Cook,
L'.. - nu ciaim. h, boogkt. Immediate .ale price 81480 00.
hibited in offset thereto, hereby give notic. Thi, home la. good centra) locaton with
that we Willi meet for the purpme afora- pood surroundings.
aid. st the Insurance oflice of McAllister
Kent in the i ity of Barre, in aaid di-
Summer atreet nronertv. It ia nni --.
building lots en a.. nr c.'i' V" , ,, ..;" L """ -aiu.oie piice ol it., mriaea. Vermont.
city, vt: wm .en r .;,r ;.il ; 'l rr1.""'.' n'rwn'r ' .. .pr . wantfd at once An
.., u. j J . . . - lonsists oi a leii-room nouae, aivitnj m tha .,, ,v. ..j ....
rroperty., v e ,u,., -j .., month, from thm lstb . . j - ts wait on table and attc
SALE in th- head. u.i. a n iom i. .u- .: u;. :'""",'S good wag and eadv lob
oricM rht r.II i i y ..... - .- u... tenement. ncn rent reaoity at JJOT per . A ri.rW HmiimIIot V
r.gnt tall ed by ssid court for said creditors to pre- month: porch on front and sides. Two -' Cl ' M"r""'
to "X.." care Times office. 4f
W ANTFD CapaSle woman for reneral
housework, good viirn and ateadv em
tiloyment to right tiarty : addreas. stating
are. experience and salary expected. Box
294 tf
evperieneec3 girl
attend to store trade.
apply to Pierre
...... - w .w. ,i'1 1 xra io, one oi wnicn anoroa a nne gar-
and allowance. rUtil and tm of eoniidcrahle vain. o... I
D'"1 City of Barre. thia 26th day of j, ample room for another house. By i MALE AND FEMALE HELP
cupving ona eiae ana renting tne -- .' er. a
March, A. D. 1921.
GEORGE KENT. Commissioners.
good home and
I bined.
! cottage.
a good investment
a com- 1 niTBViFi-r . i
' ,-ortairiL reni ( n. entire nniiu
Stata ef Vertnont. Diatrkt of W.thlngtan, sa
Th. honorable rohste court for Use dis
trict afnrvaa d. to nil ner.m. lnte-ted la
the e.ta.1 of Helen 8. Cameron, lata of
City of Barre. in .aid district, deceased.
WHEKEAS. said court hoi aigned the
?th day of Apnl next for examining and
and hnMd
on one lot. 1 he owner is leaving tha
city and ia anxious to make a quick sale
so haa priced the property to roov. It
I way mall clerks IIS.1, month: list noai
tione free: write Franklin Institute, Dent.
488 P. Rochester. N. Y. 18t2
HELP WANTED Young men and women to
lake positions aa attendants at the Ver.
mont State Hospital for the Insane at Wa
terbury: to those who desire, an opportunity
ce7.- to attend nurne' training eiunt:
arnly at Hospital. Watimrr. Vt. 19"i
W. Hava Said Ova 20.000 Farm, to Date
N. latfiag f- aad aa winSdrawal charter Yen pry
taatr coaitaawai only altar sale ta aur cmaaner. Uuta
E. A. S trout Farm Agency
Communicate With
J. J. DASHNER. Agent.
Howland Block
Telephone 870. Barra, Vt.
Do You Want to Sell Your
If so. list It with the Westeri Sa.'et
Agency, on. ef tha largest in America. I
B. IL Adamt., AgU,
IheuMa. Vt j
How about Life Insurance T Try tha
Mutual Life Insurance Co- otf New York.
None better. I
B. IL Adama. Art . j
Chelsea. Vt I
I. your fire inruranra .atiafactory T If
BoC the Green Mountain Mutual will write
a policy that lll suit you.
B. H. Adams. Agt.
Cbelaea. Vt
B. IL Adama, Auctioneer,
Nearly two acre, of and with this ten
room house and ham and the location ia
so convnient to all rart. of the city, being
only about two minutes' walk from the
city building and carllna. The howe
haa recently been put in good ihaix hv
allowing the account of the administratrix papering and painting: is nicely arranged
oi the estate of aaid doceaaed anil for a for two familic. and with thia fine piece
decree oi the residue of said estate to the law. of land which lays warm and is early, a
ful rlalmanta of the same and ordered that fine income can be derived. Good chance
pubic notice thereof be given to eil persona to keep poultry. Get the habit of raia-
intereeted in uid matt by publishing this ing your own veeeuble. After four
order, three week, .ticcmnvelv previoi-a u o'ctck and Saturd.ty afternoon, there is
the dsy aaaigned In tve Barre Daily Times, a plenty of time to look after them, or tf
newnp.per published at the city of 2arr. la i you have boys, a give
H district. ! to help. This is cheap at IJ800.00 and can
inr.Kr.roKK. you are nerer.v not'nod fair noiigm on easy wrma ana 0 per cent Wvandottes .ame price: also 8 one-yn r-nld
aprwar at the prohnUr otflce in M - ltpelier. In Interest . i ai,ckt and drake. 81! for lot ; George Norrle.
raid district, on the ay aasigned. then and i FOR SALE ISO acre farm two and one-' teL 41S-Y. 9 Prornect Ave. 12tf
there to contest the allowance of ssid ac half miles from Barre City to be sold fr.r.t FORHATCHING-S-TTmTliritetf.-V-eount
If yoii sv cause, snd to establish your to close the eatata of the Ute Henry j t r R I Reds ThowTnlin .trTTni
right aa heir., legatee, and lawful claimanta P.m. Thi. r.rm I. km,.. .. sk- .T ? .... .C J- .Th.7T,pln .
to a. id mirfr,. i 1 n j 7 .u W-L . . . ana nte vfv.nnmiea i .vtartm arraini n.w
Given under my hand, this 21st day of borhood and haa always been considered
A Spreader Pays Big Re
turns on Money
It's the extra bushels you raise per
acre over and above the usual yield
that count most and are your real
The John Deere Spreader makea ma
nure go twice as far.
Th John Deere Spreader saves more
than half your time. a
The John Deere Spreader saves your
valuable strength.
The John Deere Spreader makes it pos
sible for you to use all your fertiliser
this year and have it making profits for
you instead of wasting in the barn
yards and stables.
Your nieghbors who have John Deere
Spreaders will tell you that vou can
not make a better investment. ,
We have them now and ready for you
at a minute's notice.
Marsh Allen Company
N. E. 'Phone. 140 Orange County 'Phons
SALE : E. Carleton, 21 Highland Ave.
nuc. 'phone 441-M. 17tf
roR 'RALE Tarsa strain trap-nested
Barred Rocks, wis a few choirs? settings at
IS for tl.on; call at 66 Maple Ave. Ut4
chance FOGS FOR SALE - First-class winter lav. further information call 614-M
era : S. C. R. i. Reda. 5c for IS : white atreet
TO RENT Six-room tenement, steam
heat: modern in every v-iy : good repair
and situatd in bet part of rirv : apply bv
letter ta "M H. F.". Time office. lPtf
TO "RENT-A " tenement in Dtirkee" block.
North Main street: vacant April 9; in.
ouir of Mrs. Callairhan, tel. 174-W. or
Mrs.Ahern. tel. 246-W. Ktf
FOR RENT OR SALE 8 room house at
20 Bassett street ; all modern conven
ience : with bam, larve ranien and pas.
tune : house to he vacated Anril IS; foe
1 Howard!
March. 19:
March 22-29-Aprilt
CUTLER, Register
aWWIll Mil at as I LaLM.ILaaas .1 J I I'Wllllnll W aWat I ll ll ssMlMlal
per 1H0 and 81. R0 for 1R: hahv chirks after
May 10th. 825.on per 100. order earlv with
so per rent with order: B. F. Atherton.
Watrbiiry. Vt.. Tel. 2S9tf
EGGS FOR HATCHIVG Vermont's heat
utility strain of White Wyandotte, win
ners st Barre poultry show a year ago, 81.00
for IS: A. G. Ogston. 40 Ayers St, rdione
444-W. 12tf
wood; never failing water Frf-S FOR HATCHING From hesvv laving
carry 20 cow, young .tock , Keel--Reral-Dorra strsin of white W.
81.00; W. J.
one of th best producers in the town.
I There are about 60 acre. In tillage, all
in good state of cultivation : produced
. nearby 60 tona of hay hut seaaon. The
i tillage land lay well, is early, and will
J raise any kind of crotis grown in this
; srtion of Vermont Good fruit orchsrd
and sugar place, besidca m quantsty af
I growing sott
( ' the farm wilt
houses for sale, eirht farms, sugar too1
and eilo. farm machinery for sale . G. H,
Adama. agent. South Barre, phone 327-X.
1 stf
TO RENT Four-room tenement at 81
North Main street : call at S20 North
Main atreet 801rf
TO RENT-Tenement at" 82" Merchant "street,
also four tenements on Wilier street, all la
flrst-rlaas shspe : modem improvements:
Geo. W. Mann. 84 Wellington str.-et 8Jtf
and team: ia located near graded school enriottes : 13 for 81.00: W. J. Dineen. tet.
snd only two and one-half mi lea from the 243-M. lit?
ie;ty. There is an 80-ft. baaernesit barn : pAY oi DcmrKS-Fine"utilitv,traln
aiso goon Duiming wnicn wun a I ttl r- ti. k.t.i. fc i, k,-. .
s). prica 28e each ; Mrs. H. i. Carr, pbore
8S4-22. lOtf
' repairs could be made into a good
l fortable bouse. Price ta only f 3&00 00.
I Vou will nnl to lonk tbl. nv.r I n Cll
Particular, enquire of the D A Perry EGCS r'tK Ml fc-nrwl pivmemtn Roru:
rraft si 'ex ttennie. .w r-ouin main aireet, pnone
fleal EaUt Agency, or F. C. Bancroft.
Moat of tha above properties are ready
for immediate occupancy and now ia the
I time to get located. Do not lose sight of
I tiis fact that w arc headqiiartera for
j farms.
WANTED 50 .warms honey beea : A. W.
Frye. care A. L. Pea body. R. F. D. t.
Marshficld Vt lH9m
WANTED "TO Btrt Subject to test thirty
new milch row. and nearby apringer.
Cuentarya and Hokrteine. must be of exira
quality and in good condition; John F. Ben
jamin. Barra. phone 106-E. SOMf
bowland bldg. gURGKON DENTIST THOy w
t a nffocViii w n iDR
Prarttr llmHeal a Disease) f lalanta
and Children. OfhVo hoar. I f to 10. 3 to 4.
7 to 8. and by appotauasswt
Roam 18. Miles GranM BVsrk. TeL MJ.R.
Oat of Town
DANCING LESSONS Join anytime, prft
vate instruction by appointment : call at
172 Main atreet. phon 16-M : Maria
Qulnlan. 18tf
rooms! Oil and Colors, price. i:.t servica
ssnod prompt and work guaranteed; Ernest I ir.
tree. rie. Painter. Decorator and Paper hai.-r.
arw t02 No. Main St. phon S6.VM. 0U'(
Sabin Farm Montpelier, Vt
For Farm and Sub-Division
! 3Tsoo FOR SALE 815fle My
In South Barre. house of 1
I strsun heated and elertrie. lighted,
'' yard with shrubbery and ahade
i aarn. hen house and garden : tf you
j paying rent it will pav vou to look thia , ;il'SE PAINTING AND PAPERHANGTNfl
, op aa someone gome to get a bargain- pUre your order for outside pain'irg
inquire W. L. Carr. tel. 842-M. 18tfil)0w. c Doage, io South Main St.'
FOR SALE-My home place at 9J Msple phone 24-x. 2S8. .$
Ave., hew eonsi-u M -trli. tv.ema and , pANCING CLASSES STARTED -NO'.-
tth. garage and hen house with extra lot. I iMn .Bytune private I net ruction by et
all h.cdwood nnish wissi tainted wall, tif- pottrttnent ; call at 173 Main street, phona
fanv finish, bouse bui!t only four years: for itt-M. tsttf
iulcfc sale win sen very reaacmaoie cm easy
terms a I am leaving test; f... parts i-
lars in on ire of G-orgenna Do Blow. 13
Maple Ave., phone 7I-Y. tf
Omre. 7r-W; Reatdests. 7M-R.
Ttf.u-. : Monday. Wedn-s4ay M F.
VSTXcrt I.rn FT'KFRs.L Fl'RVISHINGS t ' li'Khmgy to Barre, one nii'e frm
Ha pit al Ambulaat Bet-rteo j Mate lloti-e. On electrir car line and
Undertakers and
asa a, a.
Licensed bmbalmers I1-'" " m ''." iimtt. Aim-
Pet-st Sqwa.. Bar-. TeL eoaasrtiwa. ;t-W I "" "-sH-nt r.K.tin(t sl.'e.
openel in ps-ture, not ow opergtej.
WE ALWAYS HAVE i JJ""'n land .re looted
Jj.t what yss are looalag for ia tba lio",1!,"v PT-"", m ln-1 nee ami d
f Jewelry. .ilveT-ware. rot giaaa. etc Ass. joirting npijnil are Mn' pelier seminar
.-! ery ... i biiiliiipcs with residences. Sprint '-
Owr watch and rich repair -wrk aar- pv. ril, ... ,nd
-.s..MH.. - i I- rn- 1 tit iir. I Jin.! mini ,rrt bri
I f I la 1 I a- s,l I I - - T ' '
v. LKJIJK,L. IPC fWPier wi11 Urp o-, Ha. long etab
WANTED To hire a farm with .tock ard
tool, for one or more years; write us
"R" care Times orBce. lstfi
W ANTlfbSniiil "saie : addreaa"" Box'" 4M,
Barre. giving .ue and price in first let.
ter. KtJ
j , . i j & u
t 11 a m. " s " : is-?. nn r t-ii.t - r aaiefl market fiii ami ijn.iu.gj
T-ir.ay se-l Sen-sy. I s sa Most- t UlV. L. t, H Ir U. sMAIalltN lo! fnr ma nufart urine an.J ctl.er I
rr Tsssal" ztan:r.M zJl osteopathic thysicia:; ;r."- -!r"r h-j
nz-'t i''T to iaiii.e
w i s
As;. to 1 ta. as.
LOST Park green felt hat. site '
re between nrwt T-'-e and Fs.t B
errssihle for eliipping purpoaea to b-ith fpder please return to Times office and ge WANTF.D-PoitMn by young lady, with,
C V. and H. A AL tailrna'l. Ahollt I reward. .... f: ven years' errirnee in the sanita
LOST-On Main er Washingtna atrerta. a 'ines. a. "Wirner.
cap for gasoline tank em autonvobil-: f nd- a ee e.tm,(,-g ; reference, turn
er pleaee at thai oHc 17t- i ; write to It B D. . car Tim
: otr.ee. lltj
!W A NT ED--A sia or aesern rncevi tennert er
eouage U. rent r best lor. lit .a P.rre .
sired; write1 to B. C. , carw of lime c'
... , r fW. :7tf
ery times vess pay cents for presa- WANTFD A wlion as hmssekeeper by
ing trousers ytsii bay end t for that folding. middle-ared ladv. in w near the c:tv:
beatieme trousers pnasa. Why eaa gyve good ref. ipvii s : HWi-v a g-4
j not cism your pnspertv T Sv yoo 8l'a Mme ratber tfiaa t-ig wage; a fit -res -R.
Me 3i0 swrk year Cay W. HutcbiM, IT -. care Tv lti
Ar'ty to i. M. MacS.a'v. Granite,
vil'e. Vt. Bov W. Te!er--e -. .
W.VTFr-Pasturing for 1! bead rattle: M.
KILE ACFVr FOR ; BO.SION AMFMCAJfi l"hr r"" " lh rn.H I ' t:.to M. Lynn, Mas.
(rflsro le aWsai M-too PhjOdiag iirkc; arrat
BAKite. VFRWOVT nmrHft.-k. ..-. ns.1 AJi.-- Vli. 11. It. .i.M'M.
rhotM 42-m 1 fvarta Kasa tawt'oa Mar-slay. laeaaae. rhaeoaa aad Frsaa - LiNrtv M, Mon'peiier, Vt.
t Js s : a.
1st Coo.
s o.i" f Krwr-. Kharis"n frm.
Hv.e.r and WA.VlFi)-To r-ae a fa n. e-ie;pr-7l
W ijiiamstewe. Ve. r ir.g la mr t- csras: ana Is C W j
l-a Carr-, i MerrMnt street. Barra, lite

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