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If You drink Green Tea,
You should certainly try
The flavbr is infinitely better than that of ordinary
Green Tea.
Send us a postal card for a free sample'. Address r SALADA
Telephone and Telegraph
Service Seriously
Western Union Reports
Wires Badly Tied ,
London, May 10. Telegraph and
telephone lines in the British Isle and
throughout all northern Europe have
been seriously interrupted by tho great
magnetic storm which virtually para
Ivzed wire transmission in the United
will soothe that
itching skin
The first application of Resinol usu
ally takes the itch and burn right out of
eczema and similar skin-affections.
This gentle, healing ointment seems to
get right at the root of the trouble,
restoring the skin to health in a sur
, prisirrgly short time.
All drngiHtts sell Realnol Ointment and RefnoI
Snap. For free sample, write Dept. 6-K, Keeinol,
Baltimore, Md,
States Saturday night and Sunday. Ca
bles between Knglund and the I nited
States were affet'ted early tins morn
ing and transmission was badly de
laved. " .
The disturbance is believed to have
catiBed a fire which destroyed a tele
t Karlstad, a Swed
ish town about J 00 miles west of
Stockholm. .
New York, May 16. Electrical dis
turbances caused by the Aurora boreal
is appeared at 2 o'clock this morning,
seriously hampering telephone and tele
graph services.
The Western Union Telegraph com
pany reported that, with a few excep
tion's, its wires all were tied up.
Dubuque Has Shortest "Railroad in U.
S., and It Fays,
To have the shortest railway in the
United State, and that paying divi
dends, is unusual, but Dubuque has
both. It is three city blocks in length
and is double track.
The road extends from the valley
business section to the top of a 500
foot plateau, the residential section,
and two cars operated by cable-electricity
are used a mediums of trans
portation. The road is as old as the
city itself, being in operation since
18f, although improvements have been
made from time to time.
The earnings of the road are no the
result of increases made in the fares,
for they have, since the start of the
war in 1917, remained stationary.
When the cost of everything, includ
ing rail rates was increased the little
road plugged along at the same rates.
Citizens patronized the road more and
more, rather than climb the 500 steps
to reach the heights.
Only two men are required to oper
ate the line, one at night and the
other during the day.
At all times there is a car waiting at
either terminal, on the plateau or in
the valley. The operator in his capac
ity acts "as motorman, conductor' and
baggage smasher. Minneapolis Journal.
Six Houses In Separated
Parts of Liverpool
Sef on Fire
Occupants of Every House
Have Relatives in Royal
Irish Constabulary
that the raids on Saturday night were
apparently well organized, and that in
most case,a the men engaged in them
were disguised.
One house that was raided was occu
pied by Mrs Jennings, a widow, and
her daughter. The latter opened the
door when there was a knock, and she
was seized by the throat by the in
truder. She struggled and fled to her
mother and then fainted. Tho women
were too terrified to raise an alarm.
In another house were three sisters,
who were overawed by a dozen men,
who displayed revolvers and threatened
to shoot them if they stirred. The
men then ignited the furniture and
fled. A neighbor xaw the flames, and
upon going to the house found the
women's clothing in flames from fires
that had been set in the bedding. Fire
men arrived in time to save the build
ing. Two men who tried to seize the
fleeing raiders were stabbed, but were
not seriously injured. -
In Another house a man 70 years
of jtge was attacked and beaten with a
poker. Ho wa tliun gagged and bound,
and clothing and bedding was piled on
the floor and ignited. 'Ihe man's aged
wife- collapsed, but he, while bound,
managed to struggle to a police sta
ti'.n and give an alarm.
A retired stilor named Wilson grap
pled with a raider when his home was
entered, and in spite of his 77 years,
threw the intruder to the floor and held
him until another raider plucc.l a re
volver at the old man's head and
threatened to kill him. Wilson theie-
U abandoned the struggle, but his
tc'iier attt'eked the raiders and pre
vented them from setting tire to tLe
house. When the raiders ran tho dog
(based rhm nut was shot deal.
A sailor named Brailsford, who Vst a
leg in the famous naval raid on Zee
brugge, refused to throw tip his hands
when men broke into his house, but
threw a small sewing machinu at the
intruders, who fled firing several hotj
as they left the house. None of the
raiders has been arrested, i
''Did Casey's wife get a separation?"
"She did; four policemen tore her off
him. ' Boston Transcript.
For Infants and Children
In Use For Over 30 Years
Always bears
Signature of
Bound to Stay.
The other night a young man was
visiting hi best girl, and he stayed on
and on until she became very sleepy
indeed. Also she had to work the next
day and thought it time to give him a
hit that it. was time for him to go
home, "Don't you. think you had bet
ter 'phone for a taxi to go home in?
It's so late now, and there have been
several robberies out in this part of
the town after midnight."
The young man was visibly pleased
at her suggestions, "O, yes, please do,"
he returned. "I'm not afraid, but the
taxi will take me home so much faster
than I can walk that I can stay at
least an hour longer." Indianapoji
Domestic Tragi-Comedy.
"Ma," said a Kansas youngster,
"there's a man in the kitchen bugging
and kissing the hired girl." When his
mother started for the kitchen he
shouted: "April fool! It's only pa."
Boston Transcript.
i -ulr tnr "Dinmond Dves"
V- mesa v". " " - " - -
you may get a poor dye that streaks,
spots, fades and ruins your goods.
Kvcry package of Diamond Dyes con
tains simple directions tor home dye
ing or tinting any new, rich, fadeless
color into garments or draperies of any
material. No mistakes! No failures!
Liverpool, May 16. Six houses in
widely separated parts of this city
were "raided and set on fire by parties
unknown last night. The occupants of
every house thus visited have relatives
serving in the Royal Irish constab
ulary The inmates were in some
j cases gagged and bound, the furniture
was drenched with'kerosene and set on
fire and in some instances the helpless
I people were left to the mercy of the
flames by the raiders, who fled in auto
The raids were In all ways similar
to those made in suburban districts of
London and in this city ( Saturday
night. The police declared yesterday
Wrmppti in Btttiu
A straw shows which
vay the Whistle blows.
Alwayt th tarn
thm world car.
As Jt Seemed to An Expert.
Mrs. ft root What did you think
when you woke up and saw the bur
glar going through your husband's
clot lies?
Mrs. Lotte It struck me that he
was very amateurish about it. Boston
Bet It Was from This Paper.
"Was the nev comedy Interesting?"
"Naw! The only laugh I got the en
tire evening wa from a jokf printed
in the programme." Boston Transcript.
Thone I
Whistle Ky I
Bottler pfflSTtl M
4r B
feife Ml IBM
2dzie& Brothers
All over the country it occu
pies the same high place in
the appreciation of active
No matter what the function,
there is always the long lineup
of Dodge Brothers Sedans.
Th gaaolin. consumption is unusually low
Tb tire mi'.eag. is unusually high
Phone Mcntpelier 224 303 No. Main St., Barre
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
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two for 51c
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85c Cherry Bark Cough Sy
rup, 2 for 86c
25c Red Cedar Flakes, 2 for 26c
60c Harmony Liquid Sham
poo, 2 for Clc
This is an emulsified Cocoa
nut Oil Shampoo
75c Syta Face Powder, 2. . .76c
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60c Children's Cough Syrup, 2
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er, 2 for 16c
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30c Charcoal Tablets, 2. . . .31c
25c Ko Ko Kas Kets, 2 26c
$1.25 Syrup Hypophosphites, 2
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$1.00 Eczema Lotion, 2 . .$1.01
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A high-grade olive oil.
40c Vanilla Extract,' 2 for. . He
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35c Blaud's Iron Pills, 2 for 36c
50c Cascara Sagrada Tablets,
2 for 51c
Blood Making Pills, 2 for $1.01
35c Alkaline Ant'ceptic Solu
tion, 2 for 36c
35c Aspirin Tablets, 2 for. .36c
100 Aspirin Tablets, 69c, 200
for - 70c
35c Zinc Stearate. 2 for 36c
30c Rochelle Salts, 2 for. . .31c
$1.00 Astor Chocolates, 2 $1.01
5c Liggett's Mints. 2 for 6c
5c Liggett's Gum, 2 for 6c
50c Riker's Milk of Magnesia, 2
for Jlc
35c Riker's Cold and Grippe
Pills, 2 for 36c
25c Rexall Tooth Paste, 2 26c
50c Kidney Pills, 2 for 51c
25c Tooth Paste, 2 for 26c
$1.00 Bouquet Ramee Com
plexion Fowder, 2 for. .$1.01
$2.00 Bouquet Ramee Per
fume. 2 for $2.01.
$1.75 Bouquet Ramee Toilet
Water, 2 for $1.76
50c Bouquet Ramee Talc, 2
for 31c
60c Violet Dulce Cold Cream,
2 for 61c
60c Violet Dulce Vanishing
Cream, 2 for 61c
$1.25 Toilet Water. Lilac and
Wistaria, 2 for ..$L26
50c Violet Dulce Rouge, 2 51c
15c Good Form Hair Nets. 2
for IPe
75c Cascade Linen Pound Pa
per, 2 lbs for 76c
75c Lord Baltimore Linen. 2
for "fe
. 12c Business Envelope. 2. . . 13c
Good Form this net is of
the highest quality and careful
ly selected ; all colors ; standard
price, one net 15c, htis sale. 2
nets 16c
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