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Iha Homer Fitts Co., Inc.
"The Store Where Quality Counts"
Friday and Saturday
We Place on Sale
A Remarkable Assortment of Women's
Colored Silk Umbrellas
Exceptional Values Specially Priced
S4.98 -d 6.98
These Umbrellas do a double duty,as you can use them for sun or rain,
They are made of strictly first quality silk with smart ring and leather
trimmed handles. Colors are Reel; Green, Purple and the ever popular Na
vy Blue That the prices are extraordinary for such splendid Silk Um
brellas, you will readily agree when you see them.
The Weathnr.
Generally fair and continued
to-night and Friday; light
winds. .
Women's Umbrellas
Specially Priced
Made of good quality Black
Cotton Taffeta, 26-inch frame, 6
ribs and come in good variety of
neat cord handles. Regular price
Children's Parasols
Specially Priced
59c and 79c
Every little girl in Barre will
want one of these cute Parasols.
They are made of Cotton Pongee
in dainty colors with a fine as
sortment of pretty handles. '
" t.,..
Ladies' white canvass hoea. Louis
heel, to be clean out -during this sale
for $1.20 per pair. Barre Bargain Store.
: adv.
H. G. Bennett of the Barre jrarape is
in Detroit, Mioh.. on a business trip.
Aitend the clearance sale nor going
on at the Barre Bargain More. adv.
The men of America don't have to do the
waihinf but if they did. they would be
tired of needles laundry toil Ameri
can women are.
substitute electric-power for man- or woman
power in the home. It substitute science for
backache. 1 1 cleans everything blankets, linens,
all clothes bydippinf them up and down through
hot euaj a countless number of times i
as a woman dip a bit of lace in a basin.
There' no'rubbing with an Eden. It make
everything wear enough longer to
than save it cost. It save time;
labor, hard work and wage.
i a gently
much mora
Try an Eden
at home free
A fit for frM JBmtrfr"
tioa wttiwut bligst) t
ipMN. If yn want to
hmy a E4a after trying
owj ymm cm fy far it tk
y ti ymcnC
war that liberty Boada
arata baaf kfc.
Phone, write or
Viit ua todty.
The Electric Store
14 Elm St. Phone 205-R
Men's pants, $5 value, to be fold dur
ing sale for J-'.49. Barre Bargain Store
Thirty-six inch percales, assorted
color, during this sale for 14 cent a
yard. Barre Bargain 8tore. adv.
. Mr. and Mrs. V. K. Gilbert were
called to Morrisvilla yesterday, owing
to the death of the former's mother.
Watches, clock, rltif. Jewelry,
fountain pens and gold peurils at
Goodfellow'a, the little shop with the
big stock. adv.
Wanted to Rent A 8- or " room
tenement or cottape; best locality In
War re desired by Barre business man;
write to care Times. adv.
Wanted: Donations of babies' shirts
babies' bands and wash cloths for the
Barre City hospital. These things
would be greatlv appreciated. Leave
at the hospital or call 91 -J.
Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Felton and son,
Robert, of W. Albans motored to this
city Tuesday, stopping over night at
the home of Lewia R. Rickert of.Tre-
mont street. Thv continued on their
journey to Boston yesterday after
Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Gilman and
daughter. Virginir. Barbara and Mar
paret, of Belmont, Mas.; Mr. and Mrs.
G. J. Maclntyre of Clinton, Mass., and
Ir. and Mr." If. .Stetson of St. Johns
bury were the pilots of Mrs. William
Barclay at 67 1'ark street a part of
this week.
Mr. and Mrs. C C. Mesrs left early
this morning by auto for Newport.
They were accompanied by Mrs. Law
less nd little Mis Pauline Pray. Mr.
Mear will return to the city to-night,
but. Mr. Mrars and mother will isit
in IHverton, P. 0. before returning
Miss Florence Kittredge of Welling
ton street left to-day for Silver Bay,
Lake tJeorgi!, X. ,-Y., where she is to
attend as a delegate the missionary
educational conference in session from
July 8 to 18. Following that she will
visit at Delhi, -N. V, returning to Lake
George to spend August t the Kit-
redge camp.
Hot Weather
Dust Coats, Office Coats.
Negligee Shirts, Cool Underwear.
Straw Hats.
Se us About them.
Frank McWhorter Co.
Do You
Suffer from
Hay Fever?
in a
The Red Cross
'Phone 000 for liery auto.
Regular meeting of the A. O. H. on
Thursday night, July 7, at 7 o'yloek.
Dance at Woodbury Lake house,
Woodbury lake, Friday night. Good
time. adv.
Long distance and general trucking,
light and heavv. Granite Citv Bottlin
Works. Tel. 72U-M or 7'
Mrs. A. B. Hoisington and her son
Gilbert, of Derrv, N. H., are visitin
Mrs. C. II. Roberta at her home
West street. .
Miss Madaline Henes of Brook street
began work at the Union Dry Goods
store thia morning and will continue
there over the sale.
Mrs. Annie Hale and daughter, Mary
of Isew York City have taken up rem
dence on Ilale street and plan to re
main there during the summer,
Have you tried "St. Albans Specials
mild, fragrant cigars? Their superior
quality will please von. All dealers
Raymond Guyette, St. Albans. Vt
Mrs. Bert Webber of South Mai
street has gone to Groton to attend th
funeral of Mr. Eastman, who died at
the Brightlook hospital in St. Johns
The Frank McWhorter Co, store will
be closed this afternoon from 2 to
o'clock, during the funeral of the late
Mrs. Kate Gilbert of Morrisville, moth
er of W. K. Gilbert.
A regular meeting of Granite Citv
lodire, I. O. O. L., M. IT.. will be Jield
in the K. of P. hall Fridav evening
July 8, at 7 o'clock. Installation of
officers. Refreshment will be served
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Bolles and
family, Mrs. Listine Bolles, Mrs. Rosa
Kpaulding. Orlin Spnulding, Mrs. Alma
j Cutler and son, Theron. all spent the
Fourth at Smugglers Notch and had
a very pleasant trip.
Mr. and Mrs. James Browne and
daughters, Kathleen and Xellie, and
James F. Higgin-i and two children
Lucy Ann and James J., jr., have gone
to Starr - Farm beach, Burlington,
where they will spend some time.
Mrs. Noah Mevette of South Rye
gate is subctituting as a clerk in the
Red Cross l'liarmacv while the Tegular
clerks take their annual vacation. Mrs
Mevette "is stopping with her parents,
Mr. and Mr. Harry Gamble, during
her star in Barre.
Miss Ruth Parker of 23 Spaulding
street, librarian of the A Id rich public
library, left early this week for North
Hero, on Lake Champlain, where she
will pass a month' vacation at the
home of Beerher Dodds, a farmer in
that district and a distant relative
Arthur I.avigne of 29 Keith avenue
while engaged in the construction work
of the new National Life Insurance
company's building in Montpelier last
Saturday, stepped on an eight-penny
nail, suffering a rather painful wound.
For a time it was feared blood poison
would sot in but thia danger has ap
parently passed and though inconve
nienced slightly with hi left foot
bandaged, he is able to go about.
Tuesday evening at ' a largely at
tended meeting of Cobble Hill grange.
several applications for membership
were accepted, and considerable rou
tine busines was disposed of. After
the meeting the following program wa
presented by the children of the grang
ers, in charge of Mrs. 11. H. Holt:
Piano solo, Marjorie Holt; recitation,
Leavett Holt; song, Arthur Smith;
recitation. Beverly Kendall; song,
Leavett Holt; recitation, James Sum
mers; tableaux, several children.
Mr. and Mrs. Antoine Burke and
Mrs. A. J. Lorsnger'of Summer street,
Mrs. Ale. McKeniir of Beck ley street,
Mrs. Frank Burke of Maple avenue,
Mrs. Patrick Broun of Jefferson street.
Mrs. William Goolcy of Summer
street, Mr. Max Fi'her of Prospect
street, Miss Kliiabeth Nelson of Sum
mer street. John and Francis Griffin
of North Main street left by automo
biles to-dav for cU. Johnsbury to at
tend the John T. Mrtiowan funeral,
which will be held at :30 this morn
iig. Mr. McGowan was formerly of
this city.
Krnest Lafayette, veteran of the
YD division, attended the reunion in
Boston over the holidays and has just
returned with Jack Anderson and Jus
tin McCarthy, who accompanied him
on the trip. The three young men
had an abundance of tire trouble on
the return trip, due perhaps to the in
tense heat. The tires on their car were
in comparatively good condition when!
about to start for Barre, but before
they got here they had occasion to re
pair 14 punctures or blowouts.
A snske measuring full six feet long
and known a a Texas roach-whip
snake, escaped from one of the tents
of the California Exposition f hows Co.
on the. Berlin street grounds Tuesdsy
sfternoon and though nearly all the
employes of the company were put out
in search the Texan succeeded in keep
ing from sight. The trail it left as it
escaped from the, ground over the
sandy dry earth gae the hunters a
clue to its whereabouts, and it was
evident that the snake bad made fur
the swamp at the edge of the grounds
near the Canton Brother atoneshed.
After making a thorough search the
party was compelled by darkness to
aoandon it. Yesterday James Shaffer,
the handler of these reptile in the
shows, took up the hunt again and
found the enimal sunnyig himself in
a garden adjacent to the grounds. Be
ing a non-poisonous animal, Mr. Shaf
fer had little trouble, after once lo-1
rating him, in the recapture. Mr. Shaf
fer, the handler, who has visited Barre
before with this same company, was
bitten last Saturday In Berlin, X. If.
by a Diamond black rattle-, one of the I
most poisonous reptile in the world. J
He was quickly girea nrrt aid and
ruhed to a hospital, and upon arriv-j
at in Barre received treatment at the i
OtT aospitaL The snake vhih bit,
hire ha sine been killed and pre
served, it measuring more than six
feet in Irndh and scleral inches in di
ameter. The poisonous snakes are;
kept ia confinement at all times, and:
it l. only ia an exiMtxn to anyone j
dnr;ng n see Mr. Shaffer handle the'
antsaals that the venomous reptiles are
reieoted frram their ire
. M G. Morse, tax commissioner, has
mailed a list of those iu the state who
hold peddlers' licenses. In this vicinity
the following are listed: Barnard Adef
son, Plainfleld; William Phillips Atkin
son, Northfleld; A. R. Batchelder,
Plainfleld; 8. F. Darling, Fairlee;
Annie Klajs, Barre; A. A. Miles, Hard
wick; Tony Nicholas, Barre; Albert E.
Nutbrown, Thetford Center; John Os
borne, Barre; Samuel Poulen, Barre;
O. J. St. Cyr, Barre; H. R. Thompson,
- A. A. Sargent has sold to Maxwell
and Harriet Bradway a house on upper
Kim street in Montpelier. Other trans
fers of property that have been made
are Frank S. Pratt and ' wife their
house recently boughrn Hill street to
Mary E. Goodno; E. V. Dailey to E..C.
Harria, a house in Montpelier.
- Lieut, and Mm. L. A. White are vis
iting with Mr. and'Mrs. Arthur A. Al
len, who are parents of Mrs. White. Mr.
White has been stationed at Camp
Hustia and has been sent north to eom-
ete in the annual hoot at Wakefield,
Miss Evelina Pine Is working in the
Vermont free public library commis
sion office while Miss Margaret Kanaly
ia in Boston taking a library course.
Francis Marrion, a former Montpel
ier citizen but now connected with the
official family known as the Port of
Seattle, has gone to Europe for at
least a two months' stay in the pter
ests of the port of Seattle. He expects
to visit his mother here a few d
on his way back to Seattle the last of
the aummer. i
More particulars concerning the acci-1
dent to George McKee of Montpelier
were received Monday afternoon when
William McKee, his brother, returned
home. It appears that with James Du
ane of the M. I. T. golf team they were
riding to Boston and had changed off
driving the automobile, one sleeping
while the, other was driving and that
George had dropped to sleep while Du-
ance was driving. It ia thought Duance)
lost nimseir lor a second, the car ran
nto a tree, throwing Duane 15 feet. He
was unconscious two days. Georges
lower jaw was broken in three places,
once on each side of the face just be
low the car and at the point of the
chin; also several teeth were loosened.
The accident happened at Warren.
Mass. He was taken to a house near
and later to St. Vincent hospital, where
VT. John Barrett is taking charge of
his case. It was not until well into the
daytime of Friday that the dislocation
of the right hip was reduced while the
swelling is so great in the jaw that the
fiactures will not be set until the last
of the week and probably it will be a
couple of months before he leaves the
hospital. He notified hia ister in Hoi
ytke. His parents were visiting her so
they were with him until William Mc
Kee arrived there from Montpelier.
iTance at vooioury i-akc house
Woodbury lake, Friday night. Good
time. adv.
A little son, Robert Glenn, was born
to Mr. and Mrs. Neal E, Templeton of
State etreet at llcaton hospital, July
is. ' '
Calvin Getchell, who has been visit
ing hi parents in the city, haa gone
back to Springfield, Mass.
C. M. Lilley of Marsbfield ha aettled
ia account in probate court aa guardian
Malinda Bemia of Marshfield, the
arc on. They started off to-day with a
rush and enthusiasm that promises
to break all sales records
REMEMBER-the Sales continue for
9 days
Ending Saturday, July. 16th
woman also recently died, lie has
been appointed as administrator
of the estate of James Whilehill, late
of Marshfield. W. .Kelsey of Waitts-
field haa aettled hia account aa admin
istrator of the estate of Alice M. Kel
sey, late of waitsncltl. I nomas llealy
a been appointed administrator of
the estate of Thomas Desjardins, late
of Barre. C. B. Adams of Waterburv
been appointed administrator of
estate of Edgar J. Morse, late of
Duxbury, Mrs. Maude Adama of Barre
aa been appointed administratrix 01 me
estate of Frank h. Adama. late of
that city and guardian ot rranic s.
Adams, a minor, in Barre. Mrs. Anna
Burr has been appointed executrix f
the estate of Frederick E. Burr, late of
iarre, the will having, been proven
There is a rumor among railroad
men that a movement ia on foot which
would result in the Montpelier & Well
Kiver lo. operating tne irnm iwiij
between Montpelier Junction and Wil
liamntown and do all of the yard shift
ing in the communities through which
the roads between these point oper
ate. This, if it went into effect, would
probably mean one station in Mont
nelier and that the Central Vermont
branch train would not operate. Prob
ahlv the recent conference on other
matters such as the remodeling of the
nidinir in the Central Vermont and
Wells River yard is th basis of the
rumor, for it hardly seemed probable
that such a program would be worked
Deeds of the sale of the lot of land
on Main steeet by G. W. Parmenter
to the state of Vermont and by W. S.
and Josephine Gatchell to Joseph and
Mary Lannderville have been filed in
the city clerk's office.
State'a Attorney F. B. Thomas was
in Burlington yesterday afternoon.
L. A. Perkins returned from the
western side of the state lest evening.
F. E. Gleason left last evening for a
few day in Boston.
H. T. Sands of Boston, who was here
for the traction company hearing on
Wednesday morning, went by automo
bile to Woodsville to catch the after
noon flier to Boston.
i 1 1 uMBEj
The Sanitary Cafe.
Tfie Sanitary cafe. Depot square, la
now in a position to furnish the beet
of service, having secured F. De Vin
cent, formerly a nhef at Hotel Vermont
and Champlain restaurant, Burlington..
Attention given to lunches tor all par
ties. Meals a la carte' and weekly
hoard. Menus changed daily. Special
dinners served on Sundays and holi
days the best that can be secured for
the money. Bosrd by the week $t$.
So Easy to Order
By Mail
"Perfect Sen-ice' receives your order,
uses care in selection of goods, packs; rarp
. fully and ships promptly. Orders by mail,
telephone or wire; goods shipped first-class,
registered, parcel post or express at
our own expense. Vacationists use this
Drown's Drug Store
48 Nrth Main Street
Th Woman's
Ready-to-Wear Shop
Petticoats for Sports
or Street Wear
An Extensive Variety of Styles
for Women and Misses in
Silk Jersey, Soft Satins, Crepe de Chines, (Shadow Proof),
Plain Tub Silks and Mercerized Light Weight.
All the favored Colors and White. 1
$1.49 to $7.50
To-morrow We Are Making An Extraordinary Display
and Sale of Silk Hosiery, Such As the Burlington
Hose and Others of Equal Merits. 1',
$1.00 'to $3.00
Reproductions of latest modes in Felt Hats, Pheasant
Tails give distinction to some hats. Hats from 98c to $15.
Pleasing Hot Weather Presses at a Very Special Price
Don't Miss This Opportunity, $3.49 and up.
The Mrs. Shepard Co., Inc.
Bum Wood
For the next few months it will pay you to burn
wood and save your coal We are ready to supply
you with - ' .
D. M. Miles Goal Co.
Service tluaranteed
TeL 133, 140 North Main Street
tor all kinds of hay tools: RAKES, FORKS nnd
TIONS and BOLTS for all makes.
C. W. Averill & Co.
W wivcfssmrrtont '

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