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THURSDAY, JULY 28, 1921.
Publihl Evry Wk-DlJ A fUrnoon
fnsk E. Lanley. PublUber
Entered t tit rwtofflce at Brre Beeetid
Claw Mall Matter
One year by mall fj!
Six month by mail ?!!
Three month by mall
One month by mail n2
Kinl. t tenti
All lubwrtptiau eaah in advance.
The AaencUted Pre ia exfilualvely entitled
to the nee for republication of all nea -patch
credited to it or not otherwta ree
itad la this neper, and also the local new
luhlihd therein.
which event filth, ditease carrier and
just plain dirt are conveyed into the
milk to be retained there until the
milk passes into the hands of the con
sumers and eventually into the stom
achs of the people. All the ice used by
farmers may not be contaminated but
some of it undoubtedly is because of
carelessness in the choice of sources
of supply. Many farmers, as Is well
Have your
slouch" yet?
acquired the "slinker
As if its woes were not sufficient
alreadv. Ireland is said to be consid
erine a plan to take on four legis
The name of the Turkish national
ist army leader in the battle with the
Greeks is Mustapha,' and his military
laurels are decidedly musty.
"Hardina Receives Princess Fatima,"
says a newspaper headline. Which
will convince some people that our
president is a slave of My Lady Nico
tine in the form of a certain brand of
coffin tacks.
The old St. Johnsbury and Lake
Champlain railroad, scoffed at by some
travelers and made the butts of "drum
mers'" jokes, has a valuation of $2,
024,120, according to the federal ap
praisal. Something besides a streak
of rust, as far as material valuation is
War is suddenly transferred to Ver
mont soil when dry enforcement agents
and rum runners exchange shots at
Alburg. But they might as well have
been doughnuts (the missies) as far
as results are concerned no hits. But
it does seem like carrying things a
little too far to engage in battle over
a few bottles of rum.
Our idea of the essence of foolish
ness is for the Columbia university
varsity football candidates to begin
practice on July 27, with the mercury
hovering about the 95-mark. Added
belief in the foolishness is furnished
by the knowledge that the opening of
college is still two month away. Some
one ought to intervene to prevent the
display of such inanity.
known, get up their own supplies of
ice and from source', which have never
passed rigid inspection by eanitary ex
perts. If this ice is dumped Into milk
cans there is a strong chance that dis
ease may be carried to human beings
despite the theory held in some quar
ters that a freezing temperature effect
ually disposes of the life of disease
germs. It's an unsanitary practice,
just the same as it is unsanitary to
deposit chips of ice into glasses of
drinks dispensed at soda fountains.
The latter practice is no longer in
dulged in by those dealers In drinks
who have consideration for their cus
tomers. No more should the farmers
dump large or small cakes of ice into
their milk cans. It's against the law
to water the milk; it's against the
laws of health to puU ice into the
milk. An inspector of the department
of agriculture ought to be sent out to
carry on detective work if the com
plaints concerning tha practice con
tinue to be received at the depart
ment office in Montpelier.
When they want to get clean cattle
for building up a dairy they come up
to Barre, Vt, as witness the recent
purchase of twenty head of Holsteins
from tested herds hereabouts by
Lonsdale, R. I., company. The reputa
tion which Barre it getting for tu
berculin-free herdu is being varied
in dollars and cents as well as in high
standing in public health circles.
Proposals for removing the danger
of the grade crossing with the Cen
tral Vermont railroad track just north
of Montpelier Junction are given the
mosU cordial approval by the general
public, chiefly, perhaps, by the mo
toring public. Those who have ap
proached this crossing with trepida
tion, not knowing what they would
meet when they surmounted the turn
mit of the crossing, appreciate the
dangers of the situation fully; it is
absolutely impossible to see vehicles
approaching from the other side of the
railroad track and no one knows
whether or not he is going to meet a
speed maniac, head-on, at the sum
mit and on a narrow boarded wav,
too. All this in addition to the dan
ger of being struck by a train, al
though the latter hazard is corapara
tively small as the raised track per
mits good visibility. It's the road
traffic that constitutes the real danger.
It looks a if the United States gnv
ernment were getting onto business
principles when sefral of the prom
inent departments using vast supplies
lump their purchases under a single
direrring head and then permit inter
change of supplies as the need may
arise. It is high time that the vari
ous departments of government should
tet over the idea that they are sep
arate entities, working each along its
own line of action and not inter-related
to other departments of goverfl
ment. There is apt to be too much
of the go-it since spirit among the
departments, each setting itself up as
sufficient unto itself. Th get-together
movement in the purchase) of sup
plies is an important step in bring
ing the department to a realization
that they are closely related and later-dependent
to a marked degree. If
Director Dawes of the budget bureau
is responsible for this change ia sys
tem he i to be commended verT much.
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Baird visited Earl
Baird at Heaton hospital, Montpelier,
Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Atkins and
daughter, Yvonne, visited in Barre on
JVJiss fcvelvn lirimth is spending the
week with Mrs. I. L. Henson at Wood
bury lake.
Miss Lillian Pappino is visitinjr in
Mrs. Mabel Henson of Benninorton
visited at S. E. Atkins' Tuesday and
Miss Nellie McCann of Lake Placid.
N". Y., recently visited her Bister, Mrs.
E. Griffith.
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Wilcox and Mrs.
W. E. Johnson returned Wednesday
from a motor trip to Bernardaton.
The Moretown baseball nine played
an U-inmne tame at Randolph Sat
urday, resulting in a score of 2 to 1
n favor of Randolph.
Mrs. B. F. Griffith and daughter.
Mildred, returned Sunday from a
week stay in camp at" Woodbury
Miss Beatrice Sellars and Miss Lil
lian Cromey of Lynn, Mass., are truest
of the former's brother, ReV. Fred Sel
G. H. Sleeper, while working in the
woods last week, fell, hurting his chest,
which has disabled him for over a
The Shepard family held their an
nual family reunion and picnic at the
home of William Shepard Sunday, 39
being present.
Rev. Fred Sellars, Miss Beatrice Sel
lars, Mrs. W. A. Kingsbury and daugh
ter, Ruth, passed Tuesday at the
laxe snore in uurnngion. , continuing their advance is con
Miss Edith Mortimer is takinz a two cerned. they are still attempting sur
weeks' vacation from her duties at prise attacks on Spanish auxiliary
Ward store. trains. In a few days, however, the
Mr. and Mr. Merlin Ward returned Spanish offensive will" beg-in to recoup
last week from their wedding tour most of the territorial losses in the
through the Adirondacks. Melelia area, the newspaper concludes.
Is Acceptance of Invitation to Dis
armament Conference. ,
Washington, D. G, July 28 (By the
Associated Press). Japan' definite
acceptance of a place in the disarma
ment conference, which reached the
state department yesterday, give con
sent to a discussion of far eastern
questions in connection with the con
ference, but suggests that problems
which concern only particular powers,
or which can be regarded as closed in
cidents, be omitted from the cop of
the meeting.
There was every evidence, of satis
faction over the reply in official cir
cles here and it was indicated that the
way now was retarded as entirely
clear for the preliminary negotiations,
which will Ox the time and placei of
meeting and details of procedure.
A comprehensive consideration of the
conference program before the delega
tions actually assembled also was sug
gested in the Japanese note and now is
regarded as assured. Tha attitude of
officials here has been that such a dis
cussion would be entirely in place once
all the invited power had definitely
accepted invitations.
A portion of the Japanese reply
which attracted particular attention
here was paragraph declaring it the
sense of the Japanese government that
during the conference "Problems such
as are of solo concern to certsin par
ticular powers or such matters that
may be regarded accomplished facts
should be scrupulously avoided."
It was made plain, however, that of
ficials here regarded this statement not
as a condition of acceptance by Japan
hut as a forecast of the attitude she.
will take when the negotiations over
the peace program begin.
It is pointed out here that Japan at
the outset of her note agrees to a dis
cussion of such subjects as may be
regarded as hearing directly on dis
armament and say in specific terms
that she is willing to talk about Pa
cific and far eastern questions. It is
uggested that some questions which
might otherwise affect only two or
three powers will readily find a place
In the category which the Tokio gov
ernment has thus accepted.
After Fighting There for Several
Madrid, July 28. Affairs in Spanish
Morocco, where native tribesmen and
Spanish soldiers have been fighting for
several days, are last oecoming iran
quil, says an official communication
received " from the troubled area last
night. The communication adds that
General Cavalcanti has been appoint
ed military commander of the area
around Melilla. succeeding General
Vester, who perished in a Moorish at
tack in this territory Saturday.
Unconfirmed advices from native
sources intimate that the column of
General Navarro, regarding the fate
of which there has been uncertainty
is at Bntelet-Tistusin, where it is re
ported to be conducting a vigorous re
sistance to the tribesmen.
The council of ministers met last
night to discuss the campaign and offi
cial coenisanca was taken of the sud
den lull in native operations, which has
created a tremendous impression
throushout Spain.
El Diario Universal says that while
the natives are incapacitated so fsr
The practice of some Vermont farm
ers in placing ice in their shipments
of milk for rolling purposes come ia
for severe condemnation by the state
department of agriculture because of
the quantity of water added to the
milk, s'fh being a violation of the
iaw. That t a strong reason why the
rcai-li' VvjH ret be continued; but
far tnTe important, it seem to us, is j
:he darper puHIiC haka whuh !
arises from tl;e putting of ice mtoj
tae tLi'.V -an. The may rme from
dure uva are eostaauaated, ia
at -
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Rockefeller Foundation Did It During
New York, July 28. The Rockefeller
Foundation aided with fellowships in
1920 individuals in thirteen foreign
countries who aspired to train lor in
stitutional or government service as
teachers, inveitigators or administra
tors says the second installment of
the foundation' (annual review.
Twenty-seven fellow cam to the
United State for training in publi
health wor, from the following coun
trie: Czecho-Slovakia. 13; Brazil. A;
Canada. 3; France, 'Z; Colombia.!
Costa Rica, 1 ; Salvador, 1 ; Mexico, 1 ;
Porto Rico. 1.
In carrying out its plans in Chin,
President George E. Vincent av tha
foundation aided 31 strategica'lv lo
cated hospital, mostly under mission
ary auspices, to improve building and
equipment and increase the number of
their doctor and nurses. The Peking
Union Medical College is now being
built by the foundation. Aid hat been
given the medical school at Tsinanfu
ajd appropriation have been made ti
aiumber of Chinese colleges for pre
medical courses.
On and after Aug. 1 no papers will
be delivered at the office unless paid
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Savings Bank
and Trust Co.
Montpelier, Vt.
Capital Surplus and Un
divided Profits, 1220.000
4 P. C. on Saving
2 P. C. on Commer
cial Deposits
All taxes paid by bank.
repository of City of
Montpelier and State of
crrncE u blavchajux
ratent .
Dr. Da Fosse tt Addreised Vermont
Burlington,' July 28. The annuul
midsummer meeting of the Vermont
Veterinary association was held yester
day afternoon at the New Sherwood
hotel with about 25 members of the
profession from various parts of tha
state in attendance. The meeting was
opened at one o'clock by lr. V. L
Adams, president of the association.
Dr. George Stevens, secretary, called
the roll and read the minute of the
last meeting.
Addresses were given by Dr. Robert
Weir of Rutland, who spoke on his 30
year' experience in practice. Dr. Thom
as used as his subject "The Treatment
of Umbilical Hernia in Foal and
Calves." Dr. F. A. Rich, "The Modern
Conception of Heredity" and Dr. A. J.
DeFossett, state federal inspector,
talked on The Combined Tuberculin
Tests for Cattle."
Dr. DeFossett told the different test
methods employed in the Vermont bo
vine tuberculosis eradication, and gave
a thorough discussion of the various
combination methods which he endorsed
very strongly in the eradication prog
ress. The necessity lor the combined
method for the success of the cam
paign was first brought to the atten
tion of the live stock officials by Dr.
DeFossett. The first combination tu
berculin test ever made in New England
states was made by Dr. Derossett in
1918, since which time about 20,000
cattle have been subjected to these test
methods, with remarkably accurate re
sult. The work as outlined by Dr.
DeFossett has been taken up by prac
tically all other states of the Union
iter demonstration were given in
the various sections of the United
States. He presented chart at the
meeting showing the result of tests
and also called attention to the neces
sity of all veterinarians familarizing
hemselves with tins new melhod. Dr.
DeFossett has under hi supervision
16 official state and federal veter-
nariana who give their entire time to
uberculosis eradication, and four more
federal veterinarians will be added to
the staff in August. They are Dts.
Dennis Shannon, L. H. Trip and Fetter
of Boston and Solomon Eisendorf of
Jersey City, N. J. These young men
will be stationed temporarily in Mont- i
elier until they are thoroughly' trained
or this particular work.
E. . Bngham, commissioner of agri
culture, spoke at some length on th
new live ctock law that became ef
fective June 1.
Four new candidates, C S. Park of
Grand Isle, Carl W. Dwyer of East
Berkshire, A. A. Mortimer of Barre and
Georga Thoraa of Wall River, became
member of the association at yester.
day' meeting. They were receutly
graduated and will begin practice of
their profession in this tate.
Mrs. I. Allen Rogers of South Ran
dolph, with her friend, Mr. William
Well of Springfield, and her two
daughter, called on friend here yes
terday. Mrs. M. A. Porter i attending the
summer chool for teacher at the Uni
versity of Vermont.
Miss Edna Davis of Manchester, N.
H., and Miss Elsie Buswell jf Salis
kiipv Vfaa u-Vin had heen iriaitinfr
"u'jl . i ' , n
here, went yesterday to visit friend
in Stowe. They are teacnere in tna
Medford, Mass.," public school.
Mrs. Delia Tolan and her daughter,
Laura, of Burke, N. who had been
visiting relative in Lowell, Mass.,
came Tuesday to thoir former homo at
F. A. Northrop' and returned to Burke
F. 8. Blossom had well-filled ear
of sweet corn from hi garden for din
ner Tuesday. He say the eed wa
not planted unusually early.
Miss Julia Holmes of Bellow Fall
is visiting at John Keleher's.
Harold Gambcll and family of Haver
hill, Mass., are guest at Arthur V.
Mr. Marcia Woodward of South
Tunbridge i with relative her for a
few day.
John and William Kerr of Bellow
Falls have been visiting their grand
father, P. L. Martin.
Mr Adelard Gravel and daughter.
Maris Claira, returned to Moutre.l
Monday, after visiting two week with
her sister, Mr. Joseph Boucher.
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