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Fnik R. Lumter, fubUnho .
fcatmd at tfc Pwtoff, t Barr M Bsoob
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Th dollar decoration stick out all
over Senator N'ewbarry's eat in the
national tapitoL
Saturday' rain fuRtiished a flight
measure of relief, but thera will nso.d
to be week of,ocl downpour to
make the country ready for winter.
' The world serif is a great breeder
of conceit. To lift soine of the per
formers tell it, they rate tliemselves
along with Napoleon a world beater.
To be corrective, revocation of au
tomobile operator' license ought to
be applicable to next year. The per
son who lone hi Iieenne now does Jiot
That new weather bureau man at
Korthfleld is giving us a good many
of the 57 varieties right at the out.
et of bis career among us. Here's
hoping that be will settle down oon.
The new woman golf champion of
the United States, Mis HoUin, not
only live in the United State but
consider herself citizen of the Unit
ed States. Beside that, she is a good
golfer. , , ''
, The success of the. 1921 state fair
probably lias silenced all the taik
about the fair's alleged uselessness.
Moreover, White Kiver Junction did
not prove o hard of access but what
a huge crowd in the aggregate was in
attendance during the week.,.
Sometime considered the polyglot
city of Vermont, Barre must surrender
the title to Burlington, according to
the new statistic just sent out by the
census bureau, for Burlington ha cue
more nation represented in it foreigv
born than Barre. The nation is Czechoslovakia.
It seem to be definitely established
that Arbutkle is charged' with man
slaughter and with unlawful posses
sion of liquor out in San Francisco.
.That much is gleaned by eastern ob
'server of the ramification of proso
cution as carried on by Uie Califor
nians. 1
Infliction of serious injuries on for
mer Judge Horace N. Eedfield in Rut
land by a young bicyclist ridingon the
sidewalk at night, on an unlighted
machine, ought to serve as a warning
to breaker of the law in this respect
who are to be found in any commu
nity. The sidewalk is not the place
for s bicycle, day or night.
For stubborn
skin troubles
' Even In tevere, well-establishedcases
of eciema, ringworm or Bimilar affec
tion, Resinol Ointment and Resinol
Soap usually relieve the Itching at once
and quickly overcome the trouble. This
imple, efficient treatment has been
widely used for many years.
For sale by all druggists.
in its vicinity when a store thief wai
caught and sentenced within two day
of his crime. It was good work and,
as the contemporary says, calculated
to make theivishly inclined persons
take warning ofthe consequence ot
thoir act. The state must bo rid of
its worst offenders in this respect,' evn
if it takes extra service to catch them
and extra appropriation to keep them
in restraint when convicted. '
The business of conducting cainpi
for young people is growing in Ver
mont and by another aummer there
probably will be several addition to
this business life of the state. One
new camp for girl? is proposed on
Lake Meuiphremagog, near Newport,
and St-is probable that several others
are being projected, in view of the
success which long-established camps
had last summer.' It is an industry
which deserves to be fostered when
conducted along satisfactory line.
Parent should insist,' however, that
they be given positive guarantee that
the persons back of the projects are
reliable parties and that sufficient
counsellors or superintendents are
provided to give the necessary direc
tion to the life of the camp. Unless
the managers of the camp can give
uch guarantee through recommenda
tion from those personally acquaint
ed with the managers and cognizant
of their method it will be well to
avoid such camps. Unless these camps
are conducted correctly they an be a
ferious handicap to the state.
The driver of a o-ealled "death ear,"
passenger of which was killed in col
lision with a tree, ha been sentenced
in Burlington city court to six months'
imprisonment and to pay a fine of
$300 on the charge of operating an
automobile whife he was under the in
fluence of liquor. The action of the
prosecuting officer in substituting that
charge for manslaughter furnishes im
portant precedent for officers who may
be confronted by a similar ease.
The St. Albans Messenger calls at
tention to a cafe of speedy justice t'p
The Randolph Herald and New,
which is in quite close touch with gov
ernment' affairs at Montpelier 'and
i: iieh i well qualified to judge of
men and situations, favor Deputy
State Treasurer Thomas II. Cave to
be , treasurer in place of Walter .
Scott, who is to retire at the end of
his present term. The Randolph con
temporary declare itself as follows:
"Two candidates for the office of
state treasurer, to be vacated by the
present incumbent, Walter F. Scott,
have already announced themelve
Thomas H. Cave of Barre, for year a
valuable assistant in the treasurer's
office, and James B. Estee, promi
nent citizen of Montpelier. Either
would serve satisfactorily. Our pref
erence i Mr. Cave, largely because of
his. training and thorough understand
ing of the duties involved."
When Is a Lost Ball.
This bit of irony, sarcasm or some
thing appears in ths form of a sign
on Scottish golf course: Members wit
refrain from picking up lost balls until
they hav stopped rolling. Boston
Just about the biggest thing that
ever happened in the paint business!
Every property owner will want particulars
v about this remarkable VALDURA ASPHALT
PAINT now obtainable in rich shade of Red and
Green, as well as in brilliant Black.
Here's paint which is not only enduringly pre
servative, but absolutely waterproof actd and
ikali resistinf. It is unaffected by extremes of
Iteat and cold. It's popular priced too. and your
money back if it faua to satisfy.
VALDURA is si quality product: made from
riigH-grade materials, the basic material being
99.5 pure Cilaonila Asphalt.
VALDURA im suitable eveiywlieie a durable
preservative paint ia required, and it does so much
mora than ordinary paints that it is by far the most
economical paint to use.
Booklet and free test sample furnished for the
Barre, Vt.
ill f
crrf&JtA Qua
7 ri&M'A
Most young men buy
an overcoat more for
effect than efficiency.
Here are both the
right EFFECT in cut, "
color and cloth; the
in tailoring, tnm and
Look at our line at $35
and $10.
Other styles $15 to $45.
Some are cravenetted;
but this will not pro
tect your hat, hence the
umbrella.,. ,
F. H. Rogers &
Advise to Let Graham Alone.
Tt i-nstrAs1 that. th Vermont Bar
association will soon have to consider
a report from a committee recommend
ing to the'supreme court the disbar
ment from practice of former Gover
nor Horace V. Graham on account of
his malfeasance in office. Mr. Graham
has appeared in court as counsel a few
times during the past year. Some of
his fellows attorneys aparently fear
the contaminating effect of his asso
ciation or for other reason want to
visit the severest professional punish
ment possible upon him. It is a ques
tion for the court to determine, of
course, but people will have their own
opinion notwithstanding. Ours is that
Graham ought to be let alone. Ran
dolph Herald and New.
Football and Endurance.
A eqnad of football candidates was
observed practicing on a field the
other day. They wer told by the
coach to allow tliemseJVes to fall from
certain position without making any
effort to save themselves. The coach
evidently felt they needed a certain
course of touphening. Anxious mothers
probably lamented over bruised knees
and elboiis when they got home and
perhaps some boys would be withdrawn
from the squad by cautions parent.
Such exercises in roujjh and tumble
have Talue provided they are directed
by competent people. One can imapine
that an inexperienced coach might ask
them to do some stunts that could
cause serious inury. But if the coach
knew his business and really under
stood how far boys could safely go in
such exercises, the experience of
rough and tumble should be a good
The tendency of modern life is to
develop softness. People ride in auto
mobiles Instead of walking, they work
indoors at light and easy tasks, few of
them ever enjpe in anything that
rails fof hard knocks.
Consequently the 'majority of people
become extremely sensative to jain.
Ther make a fuss about having teeth
filled sutd similar incidents and they
never seem to have developed any
quality of endurance.
The" fellow who poes on the football
field comfs to look at hard knocks
lijrhtly, and he learns not to draw back
to shrinkinply from the conflicts of life
and the hard thinps of daily work.
Furthermore, the boy who can po
through all the melee and keep hi
temper like a pentleman. has acquired
a poise and self control that should be
a wonderful stabilizer in times of
stress. St. Johnsbury Caledonian.
Suggest Trouble.
Adv. Open for position an excel
lent janitor that keep you in hot wa
ver all the time. boston Transcript.
A Goes.
"Wonder w by folks call moner
The long preen'?" queries Drew
Terhap bei-auiie without it
We feel abort and blue. Boston
J area ile Logic
"Johnay, how can you act so badly
towsrtU your playmates!'
-We're told to love our enemies are 'at
we?". .
-Yen. but"
"Well. I've gol to make some ene
rgies before I can love them, haven't
1 i"pwto TransiTirt.
Sot Pat ef Appwal.
Wif, .for. yonr mother grt talking
i n m .rnfwiB shout l.nt kind of a
I t,v yu were. Mie Mid your s"honl
teatrer uei in ji o iae l K.
j nearly hmt day.
I iub TL1 s true my 5r, l.ut
peers"v the fsttiCf wa to low
So f-r rotr f . !--toa Trmnp r jl.
Gov. Hartness Addressed Audience Cel
ebrating Community Day. .
An unexpected, but much appreciat
ed, addition to the' community day pro
gram, carried out as a part of the state
school week observance Friday after
noon was a short addrcs by Governor
Hartnes. The governor and party, In
cluding Mr. Hartness. Dr. and Mn,
Beardsley, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Porter,
Oscar S. Marshall and other of Spring
field, and Mrs. Elizabeth B. Davenport
of Brattlcboro, weld passing through
fctowe on fheir way to Mt. Mansfield.
They met Rev. and Mr. C. E. Hay
ward here and Mr. Hayward invited
the rfovernor to visit the auditorium,
where the exercise were going on.
Principal C J. Strand welcomed the
nnuornnr nH invited him tO SPCak.
The governor' remark were addressed"
to the children present ana were ap
propriate and interesting. The pro
gram for the day was arranged by the
high school seniors, a wa that of
Wednesday also. Prin. Strand presid
ed. School and patriotic ong were ren
dered. Other features were: Hesitation,
"Vermont Hills." F " Hol.ien; "Hi
toryf Stowe," I fmith; "Rem
iniscences of Stow. ..trly History,"
Mr. Carrie E. Straw j "Poems," grade
one and grade two; reading, "Stowe
viartrret. Rnilev: "An Evening in the
Stark Family," written by tho senior
grade and carried-out very prettily by
the third and fourth grades; addresses,
"The Need of a Playground and Ath
letic Field for Stowe High School,"
Klton B. Forbes; "now School and
Community Can Work together," H. E.
Shaw; paper, "Our School Building
and It Needs," Ruth Macutcheon.
In the corridor below was a very in
teresting exhibition of Stowe produc
tions, arranged by the high school boys,
and including violin, ukeleles and
mandolins, made by the Green Moun
tain Violin company; butter tubs and
packages by the Stowe Butter Package
company; Sweetser handmade baskets,
some articles made by G, F. Adam'
novelty factory and parcel handle
from F. E. Smith's factory. Accom
panying the latter was a statement
that the factory is turning out 3,000,
000 parcel handles a month and that
this is 90 per cent of all the parcel
handles made in the United States.
Rev. C E. Hayward and Clifton C
Stafford joined the governor's party
on Mt. Mansfield Saturday.
The committee on the food sale for
the benefit of the Mary Fletcher hospi
tal fund Friday afternoon realised
$17.15. The canvassing committee are
doing very well in their work.
Very interesting school week exer
cise were carried out by the Moscow
school pupil Friday afternoon. A spe
cial feature wa an address by Rev. R.
W. Collins, who is past 00 and who
told in an interesting way of his school
dars and the condition of school work.
The governor's party were unfortu
nate in the weather on governor's day
on Mt. Mansfield Saturday, a the
mountain was covered with cloud and
a heavy rain fell most of the time
during the day. The country need the
rain very much and we could not put
it off even for the governor. The party
came down from the mountain Sat
urday afternoon and continued on their
way to Xew York, this being a detour
on a trip to that eity. President Max
L Powell of Burlington way a visitor
on the mountain with the governor,
who made the trip up the mountain
with Mr. Powell in his car.
Antonference of the Episcopal work
er will be held at the Methodist
church at 7:30 o'clock Tuesday eve
ning under the direction of Rov. Frank
J. Knapp of Montpelier and Rev. G. R.
Brush of Hardwirk, who is priest-in-charpe
of the mission of the Lamoille
"The Arizona Cowboy" was given
with great success by the members of
Sickle 'chapter. O. E.S., at the Akeley
Memorial building Friday evening. The
play is a typical western comedy and
was very well carried out. There was
not a dull minute from start to finish.
Mrs. ,W. A. 'Scar played the piano.
Savings Bank
and Trust Co.
Montpelier, Vt .
Capital Surplus and Un
divided Profits, $220,000
4 P. C. on Savings
2 P. C on Commer
cial Deposits
All taxes paid by bank.
Depository of City of
Montpelier and State of
1 RL91 IU
FRANK N. SMITH. Trrmtme.
W. G. NY
r"pNLESS you have
given the matter
careful thoughtyou
may not realize why
a bank objects so
strongly to "over
drafts". Here' the
If a depositor over
draws, that is, clraws his check for an amount larger
than .his balance on deposit he is really asking the
bank to lend him money without security. If the
bank were to permit that practice, the interests of all
depositors and the safety of the bank would be en
dangered. That is why the banking authorities frown
on overdrafts, and why this bank does not allow thetnu
The Peoples National Bank
:'- of . ,.- xr
Barre yennont
4 o -National Bank Protection for your Savings 4
The parts In the comedy were taken
by Roy Robinson, Albert Raymond,
Kenneth Robinson, Lola Douglass, El
vira Forbe, Tbeiss Robinson, Klton
Forbes, Harvey Knight, Curran Bel
lows, Harry Bijrnham, Ruby Straw and
Rubjr Tinkham. Following the play,
Shackett's orchestra furnished musi;
for danein?. There wa a larpe attend
ance and about fSO wa realized.
Postmaeter A. C. Oakes states that
there were checks for pension issued
for. this quarter in Stowe to 12 men
and 15 widow, all Civil war pension
er. Mr. Edwina Harris ha received
new of the birth of a son, Harry Ed
win, On Kept. 29 to her on and Wife,
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Jame A. Foster'
win, on fc-pt. 29 to her son and wife,
Mr. and Mr. Harry E. Harlow at
Bertha, Minn.
Mr. and Mrs. Merriam Merrick and
chauffeur, James Costello, of Fort Cov
ington, N. Y., were guests over ths
week end at James A. Foster'.
The Reward of Justice
1 Thirty years of giving just value in tea has gained for
The Largest Sale in America
It Does Make a Differ
ence Where You Buy
Children's Shoes
From baby's first-step Shoes straight up to
first long-trouser age it is a very special part of
our service to meet the exacting Shoe needs of
growing children. Children's Shoes are in no
way a side line with us. Theyare selected for ,
our stocks and fitted to your boy or girl with
the same care and exactness that you yourself
receive. See that your child is on our list of
"Little Customers."
Rogers' Walk-Over
Boot Shop "
The Cave-man Protected
His Family
True, he did it with a club. It was the best that
he could do, however. ' ..
, Are you doing YOUR best to protect those de
pendent on you?i You are not if you haven't a
growing savings account to tide you over a finan- .
cial stringency. Surely you would rise superior
to the primitive cave-man ! . v
One dollar opens an account in our savings department.
Quarry Savings Ban k
and Trust Co.
Barre, Vermont
Ben A. Fa train, H. J. M. Jones. W. (5. Reynold,
J. M. Bout well, B. W. Hooker, E. L. Scott,
H. . Cutler
JJFN A. EASTMAN, President. '
H. J. M. JONES, Vice-President. '
C M. WHAEY, Treasurer,
Vermont Mutual
Fire Insurance Company
of Montpelier, Vt.
Preminm Notes in Force. . . .$12,282,751.00
Cash Assets $300,O00lK)
Insurance in Force .TT$l23,121771.00
Policies wiitten under Mutual or Paid-Up Plan at '
actual cost no profit
Consider this fact when placing your Automobilt
, Fire Insurance
If you are seeking Insurance, eee our Local Agent
McAllister & Kent
Agents for Barre, Berlin and Orange
Hidden Treasure
- Some people " have formed the thabit of hiding
their valuables at home. But this is not wise because
the risk from fire and theft is too great.
pe protected. You can rent a Safe Deposit Box in
our Vault for a small sum. -
The First National Bank
4 1 . I -W M
You are on
tKe rikt track
have money
. has orrxm
Millinery Psrlsrs
sni invite you to inpeet her
,ho-in of Dress and Sport
Better Furniture for
Less Money
At this time when people are thinking and talking bet
ter homes we feel it our duty to live up to the ideal.
Complete Suites or Odd Pieces in American Walnut. Ma
hogany and Antique Ivory wil bear inspection both as to
Quality and Price.
- Agents for the "Red Cross" Silk Floss MattressBest
Let Us Show You
A. W. Badger & Co.
Vmaka4 LImwii IbUm,: Tmrnmrnl Atsu SI i s tM W-T4 4-
' If you have a bank account, push ahead by adding Jo
your balance REGULARLY. If you haven't a bank ac
count, come in and START one and don't stop but keep
going right along making regular deposits.
Do this and after you have traveled this road for a
while, you will know you are on the right track and you
will be happy and well off.
Come in.
We will welcome you.
John Trow, Will A. Whitcomb, Frank F. Care,
James T. S'arrion, J. Ward Carver, Chas. II. WiahaiL

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