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Whittall Pu
Make the Home
beautiful and
" Uf t, -'..'iV.jW i r
The Best Domestic Rugs Obtainable.
Royal Worcester Teprac
' Body Brussells
Bussorah and Yonkers Axminster,
Heavy burlap backs thick naps
Neponset floor Coverings
Patterns for everyroom.
Gold Seal Congoleum
Same grade as the Gold Seal Rugs.
City rate same aa horaa-driven ambulance: dbtanca calli at reasons Ma
terms. Telephone 17-W.
Always the First to Give the Public What it Waste
Remember hospital bag day Thurs
day, Oct. 20.
Mr. and Mrs. Sterling of Warren
hare been visiting several week with
their daughter, Mrs. A. C. Dickey.
. Miss Hazel Smith has gone to Mere
dith, N. H., where she will remain for
some time. ,. v
A card party will be given in Odd
Fellows hall this evening.
Miss Madeline Whitcomb, who is
studying at the University of Ver
mont, apent the week end at home. She
was accompanied by a classmate, Mis
Ruth Hobell.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Smith spent
the week end with friends and rela
tives in Meredith, N. H.
Miss Sanborn of the grammar de
partment attended the state teacher'
convention at Rutland the past week.
Miss Ila Jones visited friend in
Woodbury the past week.
Mrs. George Taylor returned Sat
urday evening from Manchester, N. H.(
where she has been visiting the past
six weeks.
Bags for hospital bag day when filled
may le lett with Mrs. Al. L. Town
Wednesday afternoon or Thursday
Robert Emmet of South
passed yesterday in Barre.
Jesse Fielding of Portland, Me., is
in Ilarre on business to-day.
F. S. Dyke of Northflold was a busi
ness visitor in the eity yvf terday.
H. B. Perry of Waterbury was a
business visitor in Barre yesterday.
Public dance at Marshflcld Tuesday
evening, Oct. 18. Carroll' orchestra.
James -Canning of Franiinghani,
Mass., was a business visitor in Barre
yesterday. , ,
Miss "Henrietta Inglis of 7 Clark
street has left for Coventry for a visit
of a few days. '
Mrs, Jennie Kipp of Orleans visited
relatives in Barre and Montpelier the
nrst part 01 wis weeK,
Russell E, Jenkins has returned to
his home in Boston, after a few day
wun irienus in earre.
Miss Julia Holland, alumni secretary
at ijoaaara seminary, is on a business
trip to Kntland and Middlebury.
! The St. Elizabeth bazaar will be held
Oct. 27, Rowland hall. Dancing from
V to V. Carroll orchestra. adv,
James V.'Laing of 109 Washington
street has resumed duties in the Barre
postoffice, after a two weeks' vacation.
Mist Henrietta Kerin has returned
to her home on Jefferson street, after
passing the week end with friends in
Essex. ' ,
Miss Beulah GraVit, who has been
in town for a while with her mother,
Mrs. L. E. Grant, of Trow hill, has re
turned to her work in Boston.
The first of a series of article on
Goddard seminary appears in ' this
week's issue of the Universalist lead
er, a national weekly magazine.
You will find it worth while to call
for "St. A. Specials." Mild, fragrant
cigars. All dealers. Raymond Guy
ette, Mfr. St. Albans, Vt, adv.
O. A. Rairdon of Bellefontaine, O.,
A western representative of several
granite concerns in this' vicinity, is in
Barre for a few days on business.
The annual meeting of the board of
trustees of Goddard seminary will be
held at the school next; Tuesday. No
tices to this effect have been sent out.
"What will stop roy hair falling
out i "i'arisian raife. It will
Mothers Used To 'Say north Randolph
give me the good old fashion remedies
made from roots and herbs in prcter
enee to the new fangled patent medi
cines on the market. I remember that
when I had indigestion, was constipat
ed, had a headache or my stomach was
out of order, my mother would give me
an old and reliable remedy called
SEVEN BARKS and it would straight
en me out in no time, so I always keep
a bottle in the home for emergencies.
Colds and grippe frequently will
leave you with weak kidneys and ach
ing back. The kidneys get overworked
fighting off a cold or a contagious dit
ease. When the stomach is out of or
der, the kidneys and liver not working
i j ' e epiruv
properly, a lew noses vi
BARKS will stimulate the liver and
kidneys, regulate the flow of bile, expel
distressing acids and dangerous poi
sons, and quickly -restore you back to
gooa digestion.
For nearly half of a century SEVEN
BARKS has been recognized as one of
the most reliable remedies for cor
recting and preventing disorders of the
stomach, liver, Kidneys and ooweis. u
is absolutely safe, made from tne ex
tracts of roots and herbs, scientifically
If you have never tried , SEVEN
BARKS do not fail to do so, and watch
the rapid and wonderful results. Your
druggist keeps it, or will get tt ,ior
you. Adv.
A nice selection of millinery at Mrs.
Birnie's, 4 Laurel street. adv. , ,
Meeting of the D. of P. amusement
committee Wednesday, Oct. 19, at 7
o'clock at 1 1 Brook street.
Read the menu on page 8 and make
up your mind to test it quality at
the Congregational church to-morrow
night adv.
Frank Mitchell and Miss Mildred
Cross have returned to their home in
Manchester, N. H., after bing in the
city for a few days.
To settle the Harriet L. Edwards es
tate, will sell the six-room cottage
house at 145 Washington street. If
interested, fall Edith M. Carr, 302-11.
In the honor list of Dartmouth col
Preston-Taft Wedding a Very Pretty
Event and Largely Attended.
A very pretty wedding occurred at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Taft
Wednesday evening, Oct. 12, when their
oldest daughter, Margaret, and Kay
mond Preston were married by Rev,
Eraser Metzgef of Randolph. The
bride, attired in white satin, was at
tended by her alster, Mabellc, wearing
pink crepe de chine, following the ring
bearer little Helena Huso cousin of the
bride, dressed in pink organdie. The
bridegroom was attended by his broth
er, Glen. ijie wedding march was
plaved by Mies Eva Beed.
Refreshments of cake and ice cream
were served to about 70 guests In
eluding many from out of town. The
happy couple left amid a shower
confetti for parts unknown. ;
lege for scholarship Is included the
fi.ma Af .7 filla tin.. tf 10-Q nf
maKe I n.rre who wi nl.rart tit t Vie iMMnH
vo ,. u 1511.no ioU pietcni honor groUD.
it under guarantee. adv,
W. H. B. Perry, a jrranite manufac
Next Thursday, Oct. 20, will be the
annual hag day for the Barre City
hospital. Vegetables, . fruit, canned
of his salesmen, O. A. Rairdon of Belle
fontaine, O., on a trip of inspection
tnrougn the uarre district.
Next Thursday, Oct
The Original
and Substitatas.
Extract In P rfe
he Original Food-Drink For AUAgea ISo Cxwlung Nourishing DifeatibU .
n I
zz and waste your good mone3'
until you have ua look
them over. We. do not
charge anything for advice
regarding your tires. The
benefit of our 10 years' experience is yours
for the asking. Let us help you finish out
therest of the season with the tires you
have on hand we know this can be done.
We pay return charges.
J. J. Hastings
Vulcanizing That Pays, 371 No. Main St., Barre, Vt
. - I
I he next time you want a Broom order a No. 6 j
which we sell at 50c. It will wear a long time and j
you get more value and service for your money.
Other Brooms at 75c, 90c and $1.10
Scrub Brushes, each :
All of the good ones here awaiting your call and
sold at prices you like to pay.
6 Lenox Soap. 25c; 6 cakes Swift's Pride 25c I
65c i
turer of Waterbury, 4a conducting one goods, eatables of any kind and old
At hid ilillu,m.n al A t)A t T .. 1 1 I 1. ...
Juif n would be very acceptable.
Have your furs repaired and remod
eled una-. All wirlc mmrnTitfA Dvt.
Next Thursday, Oct. 20, will be the ing and steam cleaning a specialty,
annual bag day for the Barre City Open, every evening. Barre Cleaning,
hospital. Vegetables, fruit, Canned T)vein ami Tailoring Shnn W. Krinrt.
goods, eatables of any kflnd and old Vitz, Prop., 182 North Main street,
linen would be very acceptable. Thone 192-J.adv.
Mr. and Mr. James F. Higeins of rw o?. Tr,,!-!,,! 1k.ii ... a vm
upper Tremont street and Joseph Xel- doddard night at the Barre Womnl s
son of 58 Summer street have returned rib. Miss Brown, soprano; Xuts
to their homes in the city from Boston, Ulls(,t pianit; Dr. II. IT Reid, 'cel
where they have been for a few days. htt Members admitted by club tick
John Wright of Williamstown was et; admission to the public, 2,V. adv.
arrested yesterday, charged with lar- Tha j,oug and llind ,t 32 River
ceny. in arrest was made on a war- itreet hlle Wn aod bv Mri. Oemmie
rant which alleged Wright took three CoveU of Kalamazoo. Mioh., to W. W.
tires from the garage of William Ken- Belleville of Barre Town. Mr. Belle,
neay. a i 1 1 bought as an investment. Pa
Miss Dora Smith of the faculty of pera were passed through the D. A.
Ooddard seminary, who has been at I'erry Real Estate agency,
her home in Holyoke, Mass., Is ex- Chieken-pie supper at grange hall,
pected to return to the school fo-day. Williamstown, Fridar, Oct. 21 served
Miss Smith went home to have a s.an A a aa..u. ra
minor operation performed. , children. 35c Sale of aprons, faney-
A private fire alarm box has been work, candv and vegetables, beginning
Installed at the Pres1rey-Leland Co. at 3 o'clock. Dancinar from 9 to 12;
shed. It is on the city system and Simmons orchestra. 50c per couple. AH
is numbered 112. Private boxes will come looking for a food time, for it is
De installed soon at Ooddard seminary assured by the ladies of the O. E. S.
and the new Washington county tuber-1 adv.
culosis hospital. I . . ..
- Have your furs repaired and remod-1 .. bwu. ..-, p.,.. p;.
-1-J : ill .' ..-J i - -v.... . .
" "" V .lfl,BrLr, W solo. Pearl Webster; illustrated song,
ing and steam cleaning a specialty. NettU Toow. MThe pjnk Hw,n 1at.
Open every evening. Barre Cleaning, Urn," Universalist ladies from Bsn-e.
Dyeing and Tailoring Shop. . Krino- Heocnd evening program: Piano solo,
vttjs, Prop., IS2 -North Main street. ll4 Busheyi readinir, Clara Cutleri
7 hone 192-J. adv. f redingii, Miss Blanche Til-
The Transgressor" ia a story that den; illustrated song, Beulah Bates.
centers around Ua every day. There Admission, 10c. adv.
will be a children's matinee at the '
Magnet theatre, Thursday at 4 o'clock.
and every mother should see that their WERSTERVILLE
children attend, as it is a lesson they.
will "never forget. adv. Remember hospital bag day Tbur
A report has been received by the dy, Oct, 20. t
police of the theft of a brand new The regular meeting of Robert Em
overcoat from Ifowland hall during the mett court, No. 564, Catholic Order of
dance .Saturday night. The roat was I oreter, will take plaea Wednesday
brown and the owner had left it only evening at 7 o'clock in Miles' hall. Bu--
about ten minutes when he returned I iness, installation of officers. Smoke
and found it missing. I talk after meeting. Ter order rec ec.
Henry C. Whitaker of Madison, Pearl Stevens, Stella and Roy Ward
Wis., a former resident of Barre, r-and Ben Ruffen returned to their
rived here yesterdav to spend a week, homes in.Freeport, Me.. Saturday, aft
Mr. Whitaker is publisher of the'Mon- er visiting at Arthur Millet's for a few
umental ews. Before retucniu to days.
his home he will visit bU son. i:lroy William Wark of Dudawell Junction
Hhitaker, who Is a sophomore at Dart-J p. Q., is visiting his mother and other
mourn. relatives here.
Overcome thinness, nervousneta. The ladies of the Baptist church will
j" wsignt. umifl muscle. Acquire I serva supper in the vestry Thursday
nerve loree. mtro-rnospnaie la guar- evening, ct. 20, from 5:30 to 7:10.
.--I-' I 1.1 t m I . '
anieea ia give you neaii.ny nesa anal Menu:
insure quiet, steady nerves, or your
money will be refunded. Oct a box to-
Mr. and Mrs. Demary of Springfield
and Mr. and Mrs. Brown of Woodstock
visited their brother, Levi Preston, nd
family a- few days last week and at
tended the Preston-Taft wedding.
Mr. and Mrs. J. , W. Kidder of Port
Chester spent a few days recently at
W. J. tone's. Mrs. Kidder, who lived
here Sn her childhood, has been spend
ing' the summer in the Catskill moun
tains and intends to 'go south for the
winter. '
Levi Preston and Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Wood motored to Hartford Sun
Mrs. Ralph Thayer took a load of
teactiers to the convention at Kutland
last week.
D. E. Sargent was a business visitor
in Barre last Saturday.
Mrs. Ray Walbridge and daughters
spent the week end at Mrs. r. u
Cone s.
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Stanley of Wash
ington visited their eousins last week
and attended the Preston-Taft wed
ding. - ' .- -
The svmnathv nf the eommunitv
. i -
goes out to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Smith,
who lost their house by fire last Fri
day morning. It is thought tha fire
caught around the kitchen chimney.
Mr. and Mrs. Smith wera visiting in
Boston and Mrs. Smith's mother, Mrs.
Beal , was staying with the four
children. A part of the furniture was
saved. . ;
Guests during the past week at R C.
Thayer's were Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Al
len and two children of New London,
Conn., Mrs. Kate Allen, Marion and
Paul Allen of Randolph; Mr. and Mrs.
K. U bpauidmg, Mr. and Mrs. K. K,
Benson of Springfield, Mass. '
Mr. and Mrs. William Paschal of Jef
ferson, X. H., spent several days re
cently with their cousins, Mr. and Mrs.
E. A. Fitts.
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Preston have
returned from a short trip to Spring'
field and Woodstock.
Be ready with a generous donation
for hospital day Thursday. .
Chicken-pie supper at grange hall,
Williamstown, Friday, Oct. 21, served
from 5:30 to 8 o'clock. Adults, 50c,
children, 85c. Sale of aprons, fancy-
work, candy and vegetable, beginning
at 3 o clock. Dancing from 9 to 12;
Simmons orchestra, 60c per couple. AH
come looking for a good time, for ft is
assured by the ladies of the O. E. S.
Regular meeting of Williamstown
grange Wednesday evening. It is
hoped there may be a good attendance.
. A birthday surprise party in honor
of Rev. Alba M. Markey was given in
Lynde hall Saturday evening. About
one hundred people participated. The
following atalsted in entertaining the
company, D. V. Stone presiding: Quar
tet, Messrs. Cronby, Simons, Jewett
and Outland; violin solo, Mr. Crosby;
vocal solo, Mrs. Keenan; duet. Misses
Esther and Robecca Seaver; reading, j?
-Mr. Dickinson; rending, Mr. Ileoa. I;
When the action of the stomach U
weakened by debility or defective nerve
lorce tne iihkI is retained until it tcr
menta. Gas forms and presses on the
other organs, particularly the heart,
the pains in, that region often causiutt a
fear of heart trouble. Organic heart
trouble rarely causes pain around the
heart and when this symptom is noted
you should try toning up your diges
tion before giving way to needless
alarm. v . - .
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are a tonic
that directly affeeta the organs of di
gestion. They supply to the stomach
the rich, red blood without which nor
mal digestion is impossible. Tbej
awaken into activity the gastric glands
and strengthen the muscles of the
stomach and give the nerve force nec
essary to proper digestion and assimilation.
Two books. "Building Un the Blool"
and "What to Eat and How to Eat,"
will be sent free on request by the Dr.
Williams Medicine Co.. Schenectady. N.
Y. Dr. Williams Pink Pills are for sale
in every drug store or they will be sent
direct, postpaid, on receipt of price, 60
cents per box. Adv.
Aoto and Frieght Train Collided, Not
Much Damage Done.
Robert iloisington drove his car In
to a northbound freight train at the
Church street crossing of the Central
Vermont railway Saturday night and
damaged the machine to the extent of
$30 or $40. Repairs wera made at the
Bethel garage. Mr. HoiBington had
two other young men with him in the
car, but nobody was hurt. He also had
several bags of potatoes in the car. The
ireight train, which was going slowly.
carried the car a short distance up the
track, ine conductor saw the colli
sion and stopped his train.- The Hoia
ington car was being driven out of the
covered bridge at .the time of the col
About 35 members of the Woman's
club last Saturday accepted the invita
tion of Mrs. Emma C. Gould to visit
her home at South Randolph and view
her exhibit of antique china and
furniture. Mrs. Gould gave an inter
eating .description of many of her
treasures. '
Mr. and Mrs. Fred C Ivea of Tupper
Lake, N. Y., former residents, their
daughter, Myrtle, and their friends,
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. McDonald, were
guests yesterday at V. B. bouthworth a
An automobile party registered -at
the Bascom house Sunday consisting of
Mrs. Daniel Houck and M. Houck of
Oakland, Md., Mis C. Duckworth of
Germanta, W. V s., nd Mrs. A. J. Mor
gan of Louisville, Pa.
Recent guests at Mr. and Mrs. Frank
W. Howard a were yir. and Mrs. John
Stone of Northftcld, Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Dewey and three children of
Brookficld, Mrs. Charles Howard and
daughter of Randolph.
Dyed Her Silk
Stockings to
: Match Skirt
Each package of "Diamond Dyes"
contains directions so simple any wom
an can dye or tint her worn, shabby
dresses, skirts, waists, coats, stocking,
Cold boiled ham Baked beans
-Salads Pickles Rolls
Pies : Cakes.
Tea Coffee
Admission, adults 40c; children un
der 12, 2ie. Everyone is Invited. sdv.
"6 Export Borax Soap . .25c; 10 Babbitt's Soap
10 World s ioap 6oc; 1U t & u. Naphtha Soap
1776 Washing Powder, 3 for
Gold Dust; 5 for
World Soap Powder, 7 for
Star Naphtha Powder, 7 for
Large package of Borax Chips
Furniture Polish and Disinfectants,
.25c j
32c I
rzc I
as C'allsglian's.
A meeting of all oflWrs and commit
tees of the Community hoiue wUl be
held at the Community hmie Tuesday
evening at 7:.W o'cloi-k. A full attend
ance i- eurntial. as tome of the activ
ities dwwi tinned for tbi summer will
be reorganize and a general conhlir
aliB of all p'!icie and programs lor
the winter will he takes tip. The iit
a I in9 rammittees f fr the Tear will aerve
Ijunf 1 the next annual mtng and tb
HAVE SHINY SIL ER jtria;ren and many of the member
, J ' r f t.'-e committee a pible are
larmsn easily removed by using Lando bilver I i l- r
Polish. The most delicate ware is safe with this fa
mous polish.
day at K. A. Drown 4, Co. drug store.
Tha football game between Goddard
seminary and Montpelier seminary,
whih was scheduled to take place on
Nov. 5. has been cam-elled by the
Montpelier official. No reason as
given. Goddard now he two opea
dales. Nov. 5 and I!, and Coach Robert I Remember hospital bag day Tours
Aldrirh is anxious to arrange games day, Oct. 20.
for these two days. Do you want movies in Washington
The following member, of the fse-1 regularly ! If ao, attend the ahow on
ulty of Go,Uard seminary Himbed Thursday, Oct. 20 "Old Wives for
Camel'a Hump vesterdav afternoon: New," and comedy and scenic; 11c and
Robert Aldrirh, Kenneth Botive, Wil-J-2.c The raitim interprme. adv.
Kam MacLeod, Mra. Russell L. Devi
son, Mis Anna More. Miss Helen
Hunt. Miss Blsncht Snaulding. Mi
Lena Seaver. Miss Doris Brae. Tha L Lf.hon. N. Y.. March 20. l!)7.
trip was made in automobiles as far Mr. A. J. Phillip. Norwood, N. Y.r
piano solo, Miss Kynoch; vocal solo.
Mrs. Jones. Remarks were made by
Rev. C. E. Walsh and. Rev. Alba M.
Markey. Mr. Matkey was presented
two lovfly birthday cake ami a pres
ent of money. A very enjoyable eve
ning waa spept by the friends and a
pleasant time came to a close with re
freshment. The Cent ral Vermont Pomona grange
will meet in Brookfield Wednesday,
Oct. 19. It is hoped there will be a
good attendance from Williamtoa-n
Sample Bottle Converted Him.
Stomach Wron g ?
I'very sa.Terer froas atosr.ach trKi-
l., ra, bl'hg and t,lxi-6e.
The W. D. Soli Company Inc.
Dear Sir Last spring I wa con
fined to the boui-e with muscular rheu
matism for even weeks. I was not
al to move my nerk a it wa to
stiff and pained an ao. I doctored with
four d.fTerent d-x tors, one of whom was
aa rwle.-palh. but itooe nelprd me
High School Notes.
The second and fifth year clauses had
charge of the assembly Tuesday morn
ing, Oct. 11. The first number on the
program wa a class stunt, depicting
"woman's rights." Mis Mabel Ver
non, our chautauqua superintendent,
very kindly consented to give ua a
short talk on "Woman's Position in
the World To-day." Miss Pearl H
Truckenmiller, tho junior chautauqua
leader, was a welcome visitor. .
Solid session was held Monday and
Tuesday, opening at 8:45 a. m. and
closing at 1:50 p. m., so that the pu
pits could attend chautauqua.
On account of the teachers conven
tion, there waa no school Thursday or
Robert Krnoch, last year a student
at Montpelier seminary, haa entered
W. U. S making four senior in all.
A new bulletin board ha been erect
ed in the assembly hall. Much credit
is due to Rollin Bruce and Warrea
Misse Marion Martin and Irma
Cheney, class of '21, visited school on
Mondav. Both young ladies are at
tending Montpelier seminary, enrolled
in the teacher training course. .
sweaters, coverings, draperies, hang
ings, everything, even if she has never
dyed before. Buy "Diamond Dyes" no
other kind then perfect home dyeing
is sure because Diamond Dyes are guar
anteed not to spot, fade, streak or
run. Tell your druggist whether the
material you wish to dye is wool or
silk, or whether It is linen, cotton or
mixed goods. Adv.
Stomach Upset,
Gas, Gas, Gas
The Adams
pleasure in extending
an invitation to all in
terested shoppers to
drp in a n d re vie w '
our '
shown at our opening
Tuesday, Oct. 18
Pie. berry, lemon and auch new-fangled -
Pie ia not to b classed with those crefttion" " butter cotoh and orange ',
common fYnlft, SZ V? 1?? ?t
fe.iv..v ...--.-........ ,uv v -"-'. .
and potatoes. It is a thing apart, a
delicacy, a dessert the delicious culmi
nation of the meal. -
Nor is pie to be spoken of familiar
ly, but all admiration and esteem.
There ia poetry in pie. The manu
facture of its perfect cruet is a fine
art; the proper selection and combina
tion of its contents is an intellectual
achievement. Such ribald rhymes
about pie in particular aa those which
follow form a column of irreverence
and iconoclasm in an eastern paper are.
to be deplored:
I like good bread; 1 like good meat;
. I like most anything to eat. ,
But of all poor grub beneath the
The poorest is dried apple piea.
Grub ia a vulgar slang word not in
good standing in the language, and
should never be used as descriptive
even of a pie one dislikes, because it
reflects on the entire pie family. Taste
differ. Prune pie may not appeal to
all, for instance, but it is not therefore
to bo condemned. There may be
people ao lost to the refinements of
cultured appetites as to view with dis
favor the great royal trio of the pie
kingdom, apple, custard and mince.
Even peach pie, and its huckleberry
sister pall on some palates, strange as
it seems that auch could be the case.
And that famous old stand-by of the
final cup of coffee, pumpkin pie, some
times is discarded And so are black-
condemn pie as an inspiration, an in
vention of transcendent gastronomic
delight, the monarch of all desserts in
the homes of a free and independent
people. Chicago Journal of Commerce
A Practical .Man.
A professor of mineralogy tells of
the father of one of his pupils coming
to him and saying, "I don't want my
boy to learn about strata or dips or
faults or upheavals or strata, and I
don't want him to fill his mind with
fossils or stuff about crystals. What
I want him to learn is how to find
gold and silver and copper in paying
quantities, sir in paying quantities.',
Boston Transcript.
All Settled for Him.
Architect Percival says he doesn't
know whether to marry a beautiful
girl r a sensible g-rL
Reggie He needp't worry. A beau
tiful girl will do better, and a eenai
sible girl will know better. Stray
They Atrto Get Along.
Wyoming Democrat Married, in
this city Tuesday,, Judge Terry ofriciat..
ing, Stude Baker and Caddie Lack,
both of Meshoppen township. Boston
Transcript. . s ," ,
Now Removed to No. 1 Pearl Street
. Just a Step From Main Street and Opposite the Magnet Theatre. .
1 i I, i ,i
Special Sale of Blouses
A shipment of New Tricolette Blouses just arrived from C
New York ; colors are Navy, Brown and Black ; also eev-
eral pretty Qeorgette Blouses included, in this one day sale
these are wonderful values sale for one day only. ...
. Phelps Co.tes
Marguerite Clark in "Lasy to Get,"
at the opera house Friday, 0-t. 21 ;
alao one-reel magacine. Admiasion, i'x
and 3.V, war tax aid. adv.
Soc ial dance at the S. t D. of L hall
Friday evening, Oct. 21. Dancing
from a until 12. Muaic, Bartktt A
Bvrnn. Admission. 6ic a -oui)le. K-!
'Tape's Diapepsin" ends indigestion.
heartburn In five minutes. Sour, gay,
upset stomach, acidity, dyspepsia;
when the food you eat ferments into
gases and stubborn lumps; your head
aches and you feel sick and miserable,
that's when you realize the quick mag
ic of Pape's Diapepsin. If your stom
ach ia ia a continuous revolt if you
can't get it regulated try Pape's Dia
pepsin. It's so needless to have a bad
stomach I Make your next meal a fa
vorite food meal, then take a little Dis
pepsin. There will not be any distress
eat without fear. It's because Pape's
Diapepsin "really does" regulate weak,
out-of-order stomachs that give it its
millions of sales annually. Get a large
sixty-cent case of Pape's Diapepsin
from any drug store. Jt is tne m"l
efficient antacid known. It ia scientific,
harmless, and belongs ia every home.
Simonds' Cross Cut
No. 325 Cresent; Ground hy2 ft. . .$7.60
No. 0214 Plain Ground 5y2 f t '. 4.05
No. 214 Plain Ground 5y2 ft. ........... 3.S0
No. 213 Plain Ground 5i2 ft 2.40
No. 222 One, Man 4y2 ft. .... . .... 5.10
Rixford and Plumb Axes at. . .$2.00, $2.25 and $2.75
Phone 28
Barre, Vt
School for Dancing
All the Latest TJp-to-DU Dancing.
Bsacr. aj.
KiB.ll tr lv.,1. nremeJ -iti, Irebments, 2.x- ter plate. Ho,rmana-
a sample bottle of your Rheumatic jP". Ernest Fulaom. adv.
Cure. After oaing it I iotk-ed a de-
eid"d rbaftjpe for the better, io I pur
flawed thre d"liar bottle. When I
bad taken one KUle I a nut t. k
trig apple. I kept taking aiedl
C!B and by the t-m the tfaree bottV
were taken I a completely raret. I
have never felt any return of the rheu
atim linrt, a nd earnestly rtwm
mrint it tv all mfTering a I wa.
Eir "ig ir v deef t gratitude to
your K-vamatie t u I an
Kep"tf uKv mr.
Karl BaU.
IW S. 1311. SataiH. N. Y. '
Y.r crwrf :t ha it. Adv.
Dentist iM be at Wai'fild Thura
dsv, IW. 20. Yon hoH grasp this
cppnrt unity n, as be will be unable)
t cime many more t jr,e o;ng t the
vnditw-n f the roa. ah.
At Cabnt (( katl Msrrwerite Clark
i T.y t CrrtT Weiieav. CM. -
Ka e-rel mmrar re. AJeimi-w, 2V
and 3r, war tai pi I -
hW f
a l i
a i I a f m a . i 1
! 1 t
1 i Y-V
1 J.
Private or rlass
instruction. A 1 1
leaom made by
lappoiatmrat. Ia-
firmatirB nr an.'
VrA i t
ir ""' "ug
Barre. Vt. Dane-1
ing iatnr-?we. !
31. LEROY,
Good Values
Quakef Oatsr large round packages, cash and car
ry 25c
Mothers' Oats, witn dish cash and carry .30c
Kellogg's Cornflakes, cash and carry 10c
. Calais or Cabot Creamery Butter, cash and carry,
per lb.... ....: 55c
Selected Western Eggs, cash and carry, doz 46c
5 packages of fresh Seeded Raisins, cash and 'car
ry, for ....$1.00
Those cars of Lucky and Occident Flour have ar
rived. Leave your order for a bbl. of American
Eagle Bread Flour in one-fourth bbL paper sacks,
to be delivered on arrival, $10.00.
Our Cream Bread is so good and so cheap that you
cannot afTort to bake it yourself. Full-weight, per
loaf 10c
The F. D. Ladd Co.

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