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Axminsters Wiltons Velvets
A Rug for every room in the house.
All sizes: 18x36, 27x54, 36x72, 54x90, 6x9,
. 3-3x10-6 and 9x12.
Klear Flax
One, of the best wearing Rugs. Made of
Grass Wool and Fiber
; Inexpensive Rugs for all rooms.
leprae Villon
City rtei as horte-drlvcn ambalamie; distance call at raw
' tenia. . Ttleahan 7-W.
alwayi the First to Give the Public What it Wuti
Make Up Your Mind This Winter
. "No coughs" mean real freedom from seripui
sickness this winter because from this ailment alone
arises most of the serious bronchial and lung affec
tions incident to frosty weather. DROWN'S
COUGH REMEDY will give that kind of service
that will enable you to make up your mind this win
ter-NO COUGHS. ; Try it for the benefits it will
provide. It's a fine. preparation.
35c a bottle. .
Drown's Drug Store
48 North Main Street.
There's a Difference
between shed cured dry wood and wood.,
that has been out in the rain and snow.
Our wood is shed cured dry wood. Our
coals are high grade coals.
Calder & Richardson, 'Phone 450
Aootter Drop
Strictly Fresh Eggs, per. doz 43c
Raked Beans 20c
Brown Bread 10c
Bread. Doughnuts and Other Good Things. j
Bell's Laundry Soap, 7 cakes 25c
Flotilla Soap, 6 cakes 25c
Swift's Woo 1 Soap, 6 cakes 33c
Apples , per pk 65c
ALL FRESH Spinach, Lettuce, Celery, Parsley
Nice White Parsnips, per lb 5c
f lbs. and up of Heavy Beef Ribs, per lb 10c
Chucks, per lb 14c to 18c
Fresh Killed Chickens and Fowls
H-0 Steam Cooked, Pan Burned Oats, pkg. ... 17c
Green Mountain Brand Sausage 20c
California Sunkist oranges,
down, at Marchotti'.- adv.
The Tourist club will meet with Mrs.
W. k. Lazuli Monday afternoon.
Tublir dance every Saturday night,
uuarry Bank liall; Carroll's orchestra.
adv, . '
Large shipment of Polar bears just
arrived, 4flc a pound., Marchetti's Fruit
store. adv. ;. ;
Mr. G. E. Stacy of Trow hil'l is
ilowly recovering from bad case of
bronchitis, ;
Jliss Klva Bradbury i confined to
her homo on Trow bill with a very se
vere case of tonsilitis. j
- .
Are you interested in a good hotel
proposition I Jf so, read the adv. on
page seven rolalive to the Riverside,
adv. '
Parker Edserly is seriously ill with
bronchitis and heart trouble
home of Mr, C,
ang street.
at the
Newholl, 121 Or-
When you think of rouk!ug, think
of a Sculptor. 4r.' , ,
. California Sunkiat oranges, 27c a
down, at Marchctti's. adv.
Large shipment of Polur bears Juh
arrived, 4i)o a pound.. Aiarcncui rruu
store. adv.- . : '
Discriminating' smoker prefor
Sculptor cigar, Manufacturer by Wes
ley Hoffman Tel 007-W. adv.
There will be a religious film shown
at the evening forum, l ni versa list
church, Sunday, 7; 15 p. m.. The public
it invited. adv.
Tho Itiverside hotel in, Montpelier
elands on one of the finest locations
and does a thriving business. Read tho
aqv. on page 7.-auv.
Miss Clara Huso of Morrisville, who
haa been hero for several days with
Mr. Kdaon Gilford and Mr. and Mrs.
I A. J. Huse. left on Friday for her home.
There will be a religious film shown j Mrg- uay Battles, who has been at
at the evening forum, Universalist the sanatorium for several days for
(hurohi Sunday, 7:1? p. m. Tho public j treatment of erysipelas, is said to be
Is invited. adv. improving, but is not yet able to re-
iiouse lor- saio, un wasiungton u ""
street! best location in Barre. For in
formation write Clinton F. Millar, P.
O. box 43, Quincy, Mass. adv.
House for ", sale, 08 Washington
street; best, location In Barre. For in
formation write Clinton F. Millar, P.
O. box 43, Quincy, Mass. adv.
Besides the soups and stories, there
will be selections by Kicol's saxophone
quartet at the Burn concert in the
Presbyterian, church Wednesday,. Jan.
25adv. , ' . . ' ,
"St. A. Specials" cigars are always
the same in quality and workmanship.
Iflf1 nof rant valno fnr vniii mnnaw
Ak your dealer. Raymond Guyette, ! ter- ,M"-. R; V?ym?n
E. F. Briccs, who has since 1910 been
the town clerk in tliia place, na$ re
signed on account of ill health, and the
Selectmen have appointed the assistant
town clerk, John Sherburne, to fill the
vacancy for the rest of the year. Mr.
Briggs aucceeded Edgar A. Hatch, who
also, waa town clerk for a long time.
Miss Anne Gilbert' Bell came from
Northampton, Mass., on Saturday, and
Sunday accompanied her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. H. B. Bell, to Boston where
Mrs. Bell will consult a specialist for
Miss Ida Hatch is passing several
daya at Fort Ethan Allen with her sis-
Mfr., St. Albanif, Vt. adv.
Pile sufferer can only get' quick,
safe and lasting relief by removing
the cause cutting and salves won't do.
Hcm-Roid, a harmless tablet, is sruar-
anteed by E. A. Drown adv,
Will sell at private sale my farm. 18
I acres, two-cows, one heifer, 50 hens;
uib uuuse, uiue-ruuin; eiccinc ugnis,
running water, one-half mile from
postofrice; good chance to raise poul
try. Apply to Mrs. Irene Nelson or Tel.
393-31, adv.
Lost or stolen: Some time during
the supper for the Older Boys' confer
ence last Friday night, a bag disap
peared from the Methodist church. Jt
contained shirts, collar, pajamas, toi
let articles, echoed books, etc. Any in-;
formation about it will be gladly re-!
ceived by Byron T, Clark, Burlington.
Miss Merle Allen has begun work a
stenographer in the office of the L. W.
Webster company.
G. W. Clark of the Bennington
Soldiers' home in visiting friends in
town for several days.
A. A. Thresher of Boston was here
and at Bralntree the first of the week,
returning to Boston to attend to busi
ness. Wright D. Gifford was awarded six
first prizes and one second prize on his
exhibit of Red and Speckled Sussex
poultry at the Vermont Poultry asso
ciation held at St.t Albana last week.
Mrs. A. B. Fish suffered a Severe at
la Appeal of "The Nomad" la Boston
Writing in the Boston Transcript,
"The Nomad" expresses the wish that
wild life of Vermont might be protect
"d as mu 'h as possible. "The Nomad"
v ers otler suggestions in tho follow
ing '
"The tsiern El Dorado. That is
w'nef, tiitiy are calling Vermont In Tho
Vermoutet, the state-booster niaeaitmo
that i.i published at White River Junc
tion, I In idea seems to he to advertise
a stata Hint has already been adver
tised by its loving son and daugh
ters nil over the earth, and which, next
after I --eland and Jerusalem, is prob
ably the most unforgettable place that
the L01 1 ever madti. Vermont deserves
advertMr.g but it almost scenii a if
there wre danger that these booste-s
would Injure our northern lily by try
ing to paint it. Praising the natural
attrajt'nns of Vermont seems ti be a
good. deal like making up for tho itaco
a rosy country girl of perfectly peachy
complexion and roseate natural color
intersperstd with the delicate white
ness of the untrodden snow. That pro
cess w,-uld not be making up it would
De making down, bo it is with ver
mont when the boomers try to crack
her l'p in the advertisements. er
mont is perfect, and the praise of per
fectioil only qualifies her.
. . , ....
"There Is one line of boosting litera.
ture about Vermont, however, that the
Nomad would like to see. Ho reads
in The Vermonter that the Vermont
Hotel association ha offered $100 in
prizes to high school students for Uie
best five-hundred essays about their
respective towns. The boys and girls
are thu to be stimulated into found
ing the glories of their thriving burgs.
Some of these eulogies would be worth
reading. J lie best effort in this line
of local glorification that the Nomad
can now recall is .). Whitcomb Riley's
poem on Tallholt. Ind., which contains
the refrain, 'The little town of Tallholt
is good enough for me.' The Nomad
ha alwayi been interested in the form
of local eulogy which may be called
Tallholdt literature, and at he is also
especially interested in Vermont, for
tradition of a bear In the neighborhood
constitutes an immense attraction for!
any country Inn or boarding house, as
suggesting a delightful and thrilling
wihlness. And an actual bear track j
in the woods or on the bills cnsiy 1
warrant! a couple of extra dollars a j
week in the price charged for board, j
The occasional snarl of a stray lynx
or a bob-cut in the woods is also a de- j
cided asset. But bears are getting so ,
scarce on the Vermont hills as to bs '
practically - non-exktent. Meanwhile
the . rulfi'd grouse, or, in the - local
toimue, the 'patrldge,' is going the way
of the passenger piireon, and the recent
change of the state law authorizing
the nhooling of does threatens the ex
tinction of the deer, lately so abun
ant in nearly all jiarts of the state. It
is f i tiiinlv' a very short-sighted pol
icy for the Vermont peplc to permit
the extermination of the wild crea
tures, What a sad picture of a possible
future for the state Is that which Incj!
Howe draws in The Vonnonten ,
" 'Let us imagine, If we can, a visit
to tho Vermont hills in 1975. If mat
ter go on as they are now fast going,
instead of wooded hills and fertile
valleys, watered by gurgling moun
tain streams, numerous song and insec
tivorous birds in woods and fields, wild
game and matchless wild flowers, this
is what wa shall behold) Mountain
sides stripped of their forests, the
rock-rib of their being laid bar by
erosion, meadows below laid waste,
first by flood and then , by drought,
wild life at its lowent ebb, and we
shall crv out, "Whera ire the green
hills of Vermont"?'
"The Nomad refuses to believe that
this scene will ever be witnessed. No
body can denude these wonderful hills,
But it U highly probable that the peo
ple need to be aroused to the unfor
tunate effect upon the attractiveness
of their state of the' reckless destruc
tion of wild life."
Queer Salesmanship.
A London weekly in an imaginary
interviow with Lloyd George makes
him say during an oratorical outburst,
This Ship of State lurches perilously
on the ocean. The helmsman stands
ttark and Arm on the crosstrees." No
wonder it lurches perilously with the
oelmsinan standing half way up the
the best of earthly reasons, he re-! mast. Boston Transcript
Kirn ui ne iias not me opportunity
to look over these local juvenile pen
egyrles. v
"Another effnrt in behalf of Ver-
tack of heart trouble Tuesday night, 1 mont with which the Nomad. is in
from which she seem to V recovering.
Rev. and Mrs. Fraer Metzarer enter
tained the former's Sunday school class
Friday evening. Games and refresh
ments were the order of the evening.
A daughter was born on January
About 00 friends took possession of10to Mr- nd Mrs. H. H. Cushman of
the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Hal
vosa, upper Camp street, Thursday eve
ning. It somehow leaked out Mr. Hal
vosa was to leave town and the guests
called to make sure to ee him off and
wish him the best, of luck. In behalf
pf the company present, Alfred Milne 1
chum f thi place is gTeat-great-aunt
of the little girl. ,
There will be a farm bureau meeting
presented Mr. Halvosa a fine traveling jn Marsnnpld at the Knights of I'y
bag, for which he feelingly expressed, thias hall Wednesday evening at
hi thanks. Songs, readings, selections 1 o'clock. Several talks will be given on
hearty sympathy is the campaign that
Is being. wnged before the legislature
for the protection of wild life. The
Yermontere are still maintaining a
bounty for the destruction of bears.
There are rot enough bears in Ver
mont now to constitute a menace to
human life or even to the peace and
safety of pig-atles. while it i an in
disputable fact that a mere rumor or
We are showing; a
very attractive line of '
Voile and fine Muslin
Waists. Some tailored
models; others are
dainitly trimmed with
. lace, sizes 34 to 46;
regular value, $3.00,
sale price
$1.95 each
A broken line of made Curtains, materials
of Voile, Marquisette, Net and Tuscan L'ace, in
one, two and three pair lots. Sale priec
$1.89 to $6.59 pair
Barre, Vermont, Syndicate of Successful Stores.
A Shrewd Youngster.
"When I was at- grandma's, grum
bled Bobby, "she used to let me have
two piece of cake."
"Well, she shouldn't have," said his
mother. "J think two pieces of cake
ara too much for little boys.- The older
you grow the more wisdom you will
gain." .
Bobby was silenced, but only for a
moment. .
"Well, ma," he said, "grandma i a
good deal cider than you are,5 Boston
on the victrola, piano, violin and ae
cordion were given by the guets. Re
freshments were served. Mr. Halvosa '
left last night for Jacksonville, Fla., "The
waere be ha secured employment.
Foley' Has Never Failed.
January is a bad month for influ
enza, la gripje and bronchial troubles.
It is unwise to neirlect Che ltehtet
oongh or cold. Foley' Honey and Tar
gives prompt relief, gets right at the
trouble, covers raw inflamed surfaces
with a healing coating, clear the air
passage, eases twffy breathing and
permits sound, refreshing, health-building
sleep. Mr. F. A. Gibson. 1547 Col
lege Ave., Racine, Wis., writes i "Fol
ey s lias never tailed ia giving imme
agricultural matter, among them an
address by Dr. A. J. DeFossett of the
state: department of agriculture on
Eradication of Tvberctilosis."
There will be light refreshments
served, and a good social time for men
and women, boy ami girl
Some Big Rain Coming -
Brigg had been . a member of the
club for many years, but had never
been known to spend a rent.
"I say, Briggs," asked hi friend
Tomkina one day. "what do you do
with your money t
"I'm aving up for a rainy day," was
the reply.
"A rainy day," returned Tomkin
sarcastically. "I thought you were
diate relief and I am never without it." saving up for a flood!" Philadelphia
Sold everywhere. adv.
Stock Reducing Specials
' Value
No. 6 Royal 'Brooms .$ .80...
No. 6 Magnet Brooms .90. . .
No. 7. Magnet Brooms .'. 95...
No. 6 Gilt Edge Brooms 1.00. . .
No. 8 Paris Brooms 1.10. . .
No. 8 Rattan Mixed Brooms .1.15. . .
No. 811 Whisk Brooms .451 . .
No. 378 Whisk Brooms
No. 930 Whisk Brooms
No. 9S2 Whisk Brooms
Auto Whisk Brooms . .
. .75c
.45.... 35c
.55. . . ,50c
.55. . . .45c
.60.... 50c
' Sale
Value Price
Horse Shoe Brand Iron Wringers ..$7.00 $5.00
Clothes Baskets 1.75.... 1.23
Clothes Baskets 2.45. ... 1.83
3 Ids.
1 25c, 28c, -30c
............... 30c-35c
................ 35c
Beef Sausage, l6c lbs.,
Pork Sausage lt. ..........
Roasting Chickens, lb. .
Bacon, whole, 30c; sliced . . .
Fore Quarter Lamb, whole .
Legs Native Spring Lamb . . .
Pork Roasts ........ T. . .
Western Beef Roast, only
Roast Veal ......
Veal Pot Roasts
Western Beef Butts, whole
Lard No. 5 ....... . . .
Lard No. 10
Lard No. 5 ....... ...... 45c
Celery, Lettuce, Radishes, Spinach, Squash, Pars
ley, Brussel Sprouts, Parsnips.
3 Rolls Builtmore Toilet- Paper ............ .425c
8 cakes Labor Saver Soap 25c
4 Cakes Joy White Nap. Soap .25c
6 Cakes Lenox Soap -..25c
b Cakes Clean-Easy boap 2oc
3 Cakes Palmoline Soap 25c
6 Cakes Armour's Witch Hazel Soap 25c
2 rbs. Macaroni or Speghetti 25c
2 lbs. Ginger Snaps 25c
2 lbs. Prunes 25c
Evaporated Apricots, per lb 30c
Evaporated Peaches, per 25c
Not Seed Raisins 10c
100 lbs. Sugar at Store ...$5.50
100 lbs. Sugar, Delivered $5.60
C. H. Cross Bread (price reduced but not the
weight) 8c and 10c
Houghton & Robins
To Those in Vermont Reporting In
come of 45,000 or Less.
;' The revised income tar form, 1040
A, for Individuals reporting incomes of
$5,000 or less for the year 11)21 were
mailed from the internal revenue office
at Burlington Jan. 18. The new form
have been reduced from six to four
page, and revised to make it much
simpler than in past year explain
Collector Robert W, McCuen. Two of
the page have been devoted to in
structions, and these will serve as a
useful guide to taxpayer who expe
rience difficulties' in completing the re
The blanks have been sent out to
eighteen thousand (18.000) taxpayers,
and two copies nave oeen sent 10 eacn
person in order that the taxpayers may
retain a copy of their return for their;
own use. Kverv person who tiled a
eimilar return last year wo Included
in the list sent out, but failure to re
ceive a form from the revenue office
doe not relieve a taxpayer of the obli
gation of making a return. If any tax
payer fail to receive blank within the
next few days, they may be obtained
at the collector's office in Burlington.
or from the field deputies in the viri
on zone of the state.
The normal tax rate are unchanged,
four per cent (4 per cent) on the first
$4,000 of net income above the exemp
tions, and eight per cent (8 per cent)
on the remaining net income. The tat
this year, a last, may be paid in full
at the time of filing the return, or in
four equal installments, March 15,
June la, September 13 and December
13. Heavy penalties are provided by
the new revenue act for failure to file
a return and pay th tax on time. j
1 J-orms for filing individual return olj
ncome of more than $.1,000 will be,
sent out as soon as they are received
from the bureau at Washington. ,
The collector of intern! revenue has
made plans lor rendering advice and
assistance to all taxpayer who are in
need of aid to, properly complete their,
return. The bureau t Wellington w:ll ;
tend expert to assist individual tax-;
payer, and especially corporation in !
making their returns, and the deputy.
collectors of this district will visit the
larjrer cities and towns of the elate to;
ssist taxpayer who experience difll-.
culties with their returns.
Announi'ement will be made through
the press of the date of release of oth ;
er income tax and the itinerary of ex ,
perienced deputies of the internal reve
nue service in the state.
Predicting for 1922.
The coming year is going to be a
good one for those merchants who are
going forward and not backward, and
who aru always ready to learn. The.,
association are going to be tested as
to their usefulness. Those who deliver
the good-i will continue, and those who
simply pcrpttuate the name and titles
will fade and fade.
The public is demanding better serv
ice, better treatment and better value
for it money, The public generally
gets what it wants when it wants it
bad enough and goes after it liar, I
enough. . .
The merchant of careless business"'
habits, tlm man who does not know
his cost of doing business and conse
quently doe not know where to begin
to reduce those costs intelligently, can
nottope to win out-iu the fight for
the 'public' dollar.
There is nothing-in the future out.
look to get shaky over or to worry
about (because worry only unfits a
man to do the things that must be
done), out there is a lot to think about.
It will require a lot of courage and
bravery, but not foolhardiness, to win '.
tho fight fat business,
'Kie thrifty, economically adminis
tered busines-s will undoubtedly have
little complaint to make when the final
Inventory is taken at the close of 1022.
Boot and Shoe Recorder.
Best For
Persons recovering through Var-nc-sis
ten and fifteen years ago
repor entire freedom from
rheumatism. Evidence stronger
than this can be produced by
' no other medicine.
At Drug Stores Everywhere.
Liquid or Tablets.
Send for Booklet.
Lynn, Mass.
Esttb. 1901 by W. A. Varney
- Value Price
Rotary Ash Sifters $3.50. . . .$3.00
Value Price
Casseroles in N. P. frames $2.10. . . .$1.63
Pie Plates in N, P. frames 2.10. ... 1.63
3 MICRO Aluminum Bread Pans .. 2.10.... 1.62
3 MIRRO Aluminum Oblong Cake
Pans 2.55 1.73
3 MIRRO Aluminum Round Cake
Pans 1.80.... 1.15
3 MIRRO Aluminum Pie Plates .... 1.50. ... 1.03
After invoicing we find we have a lot of remnant
pieces of Linoleums and Congoleums with from 5 to
12 yards in a piece and will close them out at the
following low prices:
The $2.50 grade Inlaid at $1.58
The $2.00 grade Inlaid at . . . . ; 98c
The $1.25 grade Printed at 78c
The 95c grade Congolcura at 38c
Also a few 9x12 Texolcum Art Sqrs. $9.98
Remember there h only from 5 to 12 yards in a
piece and vou must take the whole piece at the above
prices. LET US SHOW YOU.
A. W. Badger & Co.
Oranges and Grapefruit
J A big shipment of California and Florida Or-
j anges just in See our window.
' 250 California Oranges, doz. 35c; 216 count . . .40c
200 Florida Oranges, doz. 50c; 176 Florida . .'. 60c
Grape fruit 3 for 25c; extra large Grapefruit
2 for
10 lbs. R. Oats ,30c; 10 lbs. Graham
10 A or AA Oatmeal, 35c; 10 lbs. Corn Meal
The above prices on 10 lbs. on Cash and Carry.
Nourishment and Satisfaction
Ladd's Twin Loaf combines these aualities, for. 10c
Raisin Graham Bread, 10c; Raisin Bread for . . 10c
Swiss Milk and U. V. M. Chocolates, ass'd, lb. . . 59c
Plain Cream Chocolates, for Saturday, lb 20c
Home Cured Hams
Whole Hams, our own curei per lb 27c
Rib Roast of Beef, lb. 35c; Hamburg Steak . . 15c
Butt Steak, lb. 25c; Pig's Liver, lb 10c
Leg of Lamb, lb40c; Round Steak, lb 35c
Western Eggs for Saturday, per doz 35c
Saturday Special
Special on Oysters for aSturday, per pint ..... 10c
Also Finnan Haddie, Lobsters and Clams, Scal
lop, Roe, Shrimp and Smelt, Halibut, Ma ckeral
and Salmon.
Home-made Mayonaise: You can buy just what
you want; nothing waited.
Tfie W. D. Smith Company, Inc.
Phone 28, 29 Barre, Vt.

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