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Choose Your Coat Now
at These Reduced Prices
Reduced in price only. The qual
ities are up to our usual high stan
dard and the styles are the newest.
Clearance time prompts us to clean
them out to make room for new
spring additions. A complete close
out of every women's and misses
coat dictates these surprising values
three big lotsat
'.4&23.50 $32.50
Coats that regularly sold from $27.50 to $49-50:
A Dress Clearance That Will Interest
All Women
Especially the woman who wants to replenish her wardrobe for the rest
of the winter season. Silk and Wool Dresses are included in this great
cMrance and the styles are the smart ones for this season of the year.
An inspection will reveal just the Dress you have wished for at a reduced
price. , . . ,
Silk and Wool Dresses Reduced to s
S9.00, $10.00, $12.50, S16.50, $18.50
Regular prices have been from $13.50 to $27.50.
Blankets at Savings
Wool Finish Blankets
Full size, weight 3Vfc pounds;
White with Blue and Pink bor
ders regular price $3.98.
Special price, $2.89 pair
A Sale of High Grade
Shirting Fabrics .
For men's shirts, boys blouses,
etc. Splendid patterns, fast col-.
ors, 36 inches wide; regular price
39c yard. :
Special price, 29c yard
Our New Array of Remnants
which accumulated during the past season. Cotton, Wool and Silk;
short lengths; are now priced to ; '
' Make Worth While Savings
possible for price tags bear but a fraction of the original selling, cost.
Look the remnants oyer when you come i nthe store. .
Lincoln Motor Car Company Victim
of the Tax. System. ,
The average man doesn't like the
idea that some unknown auditor hid
den away in a corridor of the tax bu
Veau is able to make etranjje decisions
and throw the burden of disproof and
the cost of litigation tn the unfortu
nate victim.
See how the system worked out for
the Lincoln Motor company. This con
cern bought from the war department
nn airplane plant for 55 per cent of its
original cost. Some bright young man
in th tax ' office ruled that the tax
flioulil be assessed not at the price the
war department had been glad to get,
but at the llK) per cent original valua
tion. But that wasn't all. The aanie
pr another tax genius ruled that the
15 per cent which tiie company did not
fay for th plant was profit, taxable
t the maximum of SO per cent. Thu
lefore a bolt or a hub cp had been
anade in the plant, it had, for tax. pur
)ksp made a trcmemloua profit al
most as much as the plant cost,
j The results were diatrou8 from the
i-ompany'a atandpoinU-
At a- time when its head were ne
gotiating a loan the treasury present -fi
a pay-now" demand for $400.000
ii taxes. '
1 It was far greater than the company
iad figured, the loan fell through, and
as a result the company went into
In addition almosrt a dor.en other
companies were pulled down into bank
ruptcy w'h the larger concern. The
tax case was appealed, the company
of course paying the cost.
In the short space of less than 50
days the decision was reversed and the
taxes reduced bv four million dollars!
"But the decision, quick as it whs,
comes too late. The usunl proceedings
in bankruptcy must go on, the news
of failure hurts the sale of new cars,
the damage has been done.
Xor is there anything in the decision
to put back on their feet immediately
the other smaller companies which suf
fered also through tha mistake. When
some unknown clerk can make a quick
decision, overruled a short time later,
which lias ir. the meantime, ruined a
large company and its amaller depend
ents, and thrown a large number of
men out of work, it doesn't seem right
to the average citizen. 1'rinters Ink.
Progress in tha Wild and Wooly.
Tenderfoot You say time 'hare
Montana Desperado Yep. A few
years ago when I reached toward my
hip eveiy one .in sight scattered and
hunted something crawl under. But
timet have changed. Now they all
crowd around and begin smacking
their lip. Waysido Tales.
The Sovereign Right to Talk.
The more severe the pressure of
work, the greater the need of flood
of irrelevant talk. That seems to be
the motto of the United States Senate.
It never had before it a larger list of
important bills. It never killed so
much time with so much idle discourse.
This has become a subtle form of ob
structing the public business. Senators
do not openly advocate a blockade of
the calendar, but their endless voicing
of ail the thoughts that arise in them
does in fact blockade it. This was rec
ognized by Senator Jones of Wash
ington, who proposed the remedy of a
rule requiring a senator to fpeak to the
question before the Senate.
The suggestion was received with a
gasp, n if it were something revolu
tionary. Senator King of I'taJi is
naint .ill rules to limit debate in the
Senate, or to compel speaking to the
question, fr the conclusive reason that
senator are representatives of 'Sov
ereign states" and as such oitghtnot to
be interfered with in any way when
they ris to witch t he world with no
ble "oatorv. New York Time.
Before Purchasing anything in our
line, compare our prices with others.
from regular prices.
You can use the goods and wc can use
the money.
Shall wc exchange?
Frank McWhortcr Co.
Granite Cutters' International Associa
tion of America.
A regular mating of the Bsrre
branch of (i. C I. A. of A. will be held
in Clan ( Gordon hall.
I'ns ruinione regolate dell' I'uione
decli Soalpellini (branch di Barrel av
ra' lotieo nella salla di Clan Gordon.
On Monday evening, Jan. 23, 10i2, at
7 o'clock.
J. McKernan, secretary.
Cured My Falter.
Mahme. X. V., Sept. 5, 1917.
A. J. Phillips. Norwood, X. Y.
My Pear Sir: You will reinetnb-r
that" my father tok. your A. J. I.
Kheuirst-c Remedy several years ago,
he was not able to walk but after he
tiKk your remedy he was entirely
rtired and ha not bad any rheumatism
im. " Y ii know be i eighty years
old. I km-w tf many ethers here fhat
have bi-ek oired. The A. J. P. Rheu
matic Kemedy is hat thy tted if
they hae rhrtim:i.m.
Sincere t-.
A. J. Ne!so.
Tow 5njrgil bat it. Ad.
The Weather
Snow this afternoon and probably
to-night! Sunday cloudy i little change
in temperature; moderate . variable
wind. . i
California SunkM oranjea, 27c a
dozen, at Marchetti's. adv.
The very latest cnocoiaiu '"'"
saudwichca at Drown Drug store; 10c.
""Large shipment of Tolar tar;t
arrived. 40c a pound. Marchetti a Iruit
store. adv. ': ' ,
Chocolate-coated ice cream am
Wiches at Drown'a Drug store; JUe
each. adv.
Lorton X. Holt of Brattleboro ar
rived in Bairo yesterday , to remain a
week on business. , . . . .
Miss Laura Ftnaro of Winooski is
the guest of relatives on Blackwell
street for a few days.
Just think of it! leo cream, chocolate-coated,
served like sandwiches;
10c each at Drown'a Drug stoie.- aav.
Marshall Coleman of 'Randolph re
turned to his home .-last night, after
passing ti few weeks with friends in
Arthur J. Magnant of New-Haven,
Conn., is a guest for a few days of Mr.
and Mrs. Georg.Wood of llidiardson
, George Henrv Wilson qf South Barre
is again able to be in the city, after
being confined to bed for two weeks
with the grip. ' ,
. Miss Edith Darling and M Manon
Mardon of Burlington are expected in
Barre this afternoon to patse a, tew
days with friends. - , v-
Grover K. Hard?-ot Manchester, .
If., is a business visitor in town to
day and he will leave to-night to re
turn to his home.
A religious film and a Fathe review
will be the pictures at Umversalist
church Sunday evening, 7:15 o clock.
Yoit are invited. adv. '
. Mr. "and Mrs. Alex. 4 Gordon of
Swampscott, Mass., probably will ar
rive in Barre this afternoon for a
w eek ' stay with friend here.
The birth of Robert Burns will be
commemorated with song and story at
the Presbyterian church Wednesday,
Jan. 25. A program you will en joy.
adv. ..".
Bradford C. Patch of . Boston Is in
Barre for a while on busineas connect
ed witlr the Cook, Watkins Co. - Vhi e
here he is the guest of Maurice Wat
kins of Kast street.
Miss Thelma Ormsbec tT 40 Elm
street left Friday for St. Allmns, where
she will visit her friend. Greta War
ren. She planned to attend the Spauld-ing-St.
Albans basketball game.
There will be a public whist and "i00
party in K. of C. hall, Scampini block,
U-oi,iia- evi.niiiir .Jan. 2.". commenc
ing at 8 o'clock, sharp. Dancing from
10 to 12. Kverybofiy come anu spenu
social eveninu. Admission, 23 cents
each. adv.
Regular meeting of lumpers, boxers
and derrickmen will be held in For
esters' hall, Worthen block, Monday,
Jan. 23, at 7:30 o'clock. Special busi
ness, election of I. L' auditors, in
stallation of officer. Per order Elmer
Clark, Cor. Sec.
A verv successful bridge party was
held at the home of Dr. and Mrs. J. H.
Woodruff last night, and a tidy um
realized for th? benefit of the Red
Cross. Mrs. Frances Witkins had
charge and the ladies of the soci
ety served refreshments. There were
twelve tables in play. . "
Harold Crocker Soule of Evanston,
111., left Barre to-day for St. Albans,
where be will visit bis farmer home.
Mr. Soule has Iw-en passing a week in
Barre. He is widely known among the
granite trade throughout the middle
west and recently joined the sales staff
of George Straiton, being assigned to
territory west of the Mississippi river.
The bovs who gather at the home of
Mrs. Carrie White on North Main
wlreet held n sleigh-ride to Williams
town last night. There were 13 couple
in the party. Arriving at Williams
town, the boys immediately left their
partners and piled in to help the citi
zens of the town fight the Ore in the
last Mock shop. They rendered valua
ble aid. After tha fire was tinder con
trol, the merrymakers adjourned to
grange ball end danced and played
games to a late hour. Refreshments
were served.
Card of Thanks.
We hereby wish to express our sin
cere thanks to the neighbors and
friend for their kindness and sym
pathy; to Dr. E. H. Bailey and .nurse.
Mis Marie Morrison, for their prompt
attention and good care during the ill
ness and death of our beloved mother
and aunt, also for the many beautiful
Harold fJrccnc,
Mrs. Nellie Casey and family.
Read Ached and Body Ached.
There are various symptoms of kM
ney trouble rheumatic pains, back
aihe, sore muscles. sritT joints, and "ul
waAS tired'' feeling. Mrs. Ceo. Morgan,
E. ' Fairfield, Yt.. writes: .My bead
ached and my who'e body ached so I
could not sleep. Foley Kidney Pills
gave me relief." Tbey bc! and
strengthen weak, disordered kidney
and bladder and help them in their
work of filtering the blood and casting
out of the system the impurities that
cause pain and disease. Prompt in ac
tion. Sold everywhere. adv.
A religion film and a Pathe rex lew
will be the picture at Universalis
clf.rch Sunday, evening, 7: 13 o'clock.
Yon are invited. adv.
1 W A NIT tA m rw i thr"fc
amc Wn Vv-a ; ftrHr N . A
' Mr Avv. afcarft, t. 2Aa
UT FnitT ir4, Iwt As-ry
4 fesjf fc fcBat-v mw4mi fcs
tit' ; &M-r p'ttmm rttarm th S tmm M -rtr
sjrf m-a' s'swSniw -.r 4 -Z K ff
SUNDAY spcriai
tt. ixi. Dinner at the
Central E
si r. rr.
nFfi r, "i
Every Evening
Times and Places of Worship
; and Subjectn of Sermons.
Spiritualist Society Services in the
Worthen hall Sunday at .2:30 and 7
p. m. Rev. Effie I. Webster, speaker.
, Upper Graniteville Cbapel Preaching
every Sunday at 2:30 p. m. by Rev. W.
G, Cooper of Websterville. Everybody
welcome. , -
The Church of St. Jo.hn the Baptist,
Websterville Rev. A. Cyril Drumm,
priest-in-charKe. Ill Epiphany. 2 p. m.,
Sunday mhopl. 3 p. m., evening prayer
and sermon. ,
The Church of the Good Shepherd
Rev. A. Cyril Drumm, rector. Ill Epiph
any. 8 a. m., holy communion. 10:30
a. 'in., morning prayer and sermon. 12
m., Sunday school. '
Berlin Corners Congregational Church
Rev.' Frank Biomfield, pastor. 10:4f,
morning service, with sermon by the
pastor; tonic, "The Still Small Voice."
Sunday school at noon. ,.
Graniteville Presbyterian Church
The pastor, Rev. YV E. Archibald, Pli.
D., will preach morning and evening.
Sunday school follows the mornini
aervice' with Bible class.
The Church of St. John the Baptist,
Websterville Rev. A. Cyril Drumm,
prieat-in ttiarge. II, Epiphany. 10:30
a. m., holy communion and sermon.
11:45 ft. m'., Sunday echdol. .
Websterville Baptist Church Kev.
VY, G. Cooper, pastor. Sunday services,
preaching at 10:30 a. m. and 7 p.
Bible school, 11:30 a. m. Prayer meet
ing Thursday evening, 7 o'clock.
East Barre Congregational Church
Rev. James Ramage, pastor. Morning
service at 10:30. Church school at
11:45. Christian Endeavor service at
7 p. m. All are cordially invited.
. Orange Congregational Church Key.
Amos J. Lord, pastor. Morning worship
at 11 o'clock; sermon by the' pastor;
suhjeet, - "The Battlefields of Eife.
Talk to the children. Sunday school at
12 o'clock; topic, "Elijah's Flight and
Return." -.
Salvation Army Envoy Sykes, lead
er. Sunday servicesSunday School
at 1 1 a. m. Praise service at 3 p. to.
Y P. L. at 6 p. m. .Salvation meeting
at 8 o'clock. Meetings Tuesday.
Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday
evenings at 8 o'clock.
nmtiat MUetnn. Brook Street
Hew B. J. Lehigh, pastor; Miss R.
C. Brown," missionary. .Sunday school
at 3 v.' in. Industrial wbool . Friday
day at 2:30 p, m. It us be on band
r ' -II .l,.uuaa W Wnt to ITTOW
lor an v" -- ----- -
even week. There is room for you and
First Church of Christ, Scientist
Services in the American Legion ball
10:45 a. Sunday; subject, "Truth.
Sunday school at 12 o'clock noon. On
Wednesday evening, services at :30.
Reading room open on ednesday ana
Katurdav from 2 to 5 p. m. at Ameri-,
can Legion building. All are cordial
ly invited to attend the services and to
visit the, raeding room.
First Baptist Church Rev. Bert 3.
Lehigh, nartor. The pastor will preach
f I-- . in. nil and 7 oclocK.
Morning subject, "What Is That to
Thee 1" Evening subject, "Turn and
Live" Bible school at 12 o'clock. Y oung
people servti at o oeiocs,.
urvim Thursday eVening at
7:30. Everyone is cordially invited to
worship With S SO an services u
church. - ; '
v.AA.a Methadiat Eniscoca! Church
Rev. Bailev t'.atscrt Lipsky, pastor.
. j , t nn w..ma ..V In.
Morning service ai iu:.u. win
boy will bring a message on "VV hat
the Conference Has Meant to Met and
the pastor will preach on the theme,
..,...,.,., lwUinn " Sunday achool
at 11:45. Epworth league at 0 p. m.
Evening service aw i v v r.
tor will give a message oased on Kip
lings "Captains Courageous." Prayer
service Thursday evening at 7:30. irl
scouts Mondav evening at 7:30. Boy
wonts Friday" at 6:30 p. m.
First Prejbyterhn Church W. McX.
Kittredge, pastor. Morning worship at
10:30, with talk to children and ser
mon to adults from the theme, "The
Open Gates." Sabbath school at 12 m.
Evening worship at 7; sermon by the
pastor. Monday, 7 p. m., pator' class
at the manse. Tuesday. 7 p. m., hoy
scouts at the church. Wednesday. 8 p.
m.. Burns concert at the church. Thurs
day, 7:30 p. m., prayer meeting in the
vestry. There i welcome, worship,
and work in the chinch for you. You
need the church and tha church needs
you. Come, worship with us.
Congregational Church Rev. F. L
Gondpeed, pastor. At 10:30, morning
worship and preaching by the paRtor;
subject, "Prisoners of Hope. The
. 1 1 f.. n;l,', tttti.lv meets
at 12. Y. P. S. C, E. at 6 p. m. Topic,
"Do Christian Priuciplea Apply to Buy
ing and Selling!" Evening worship at
v.t . .1. C..... 1. (l..i n.il.i nil
, II tlMvK. i-i-i ,ii: ' .,: "
-The flood Fight." Monday, 3:.'i0 p. m.,
Ute Wilihelia campfire girls nuet. Tues
day, 3 p. m., meeting of the Fahola
...inlir. frirlh and st lt:30 n. m. the
... 1. 1. - - r-
boy scouts. Thursday. "J30 P- " n,ld"
week service. Ail are invited to wor
ship with us.
Hokerk. pastor.-CHatiolte Benson, as-
sistant fasior. .-iunay services; iimc
worship at 10: 30 a. m. Sermon subject,
"l Am Come That They Might Have
Life." Snlay x-hool, 12 m. Mrs. Ren
m, il-tML' fa Kr rlfls umin Scl
entists Plan to Harness the Sun." Eve
ning forum at 7:1V There will 1 a
religious film and also a film of travel.
Prle "or Davirm will lead tne meet
:. Th. VfalaL cirla ill meet nn
Monday at 4:li. The Mohawk brave
M-:i m. Vfn,,ar ( 7 n in Th sir.
riors' degree w Ul be worked. All inem-
hrrs shu!a le precnt. i ae i syoMwngy
ciub wiil meet Wednesday at 7:30 p.
in. Toir rehcarml on Thursday at 7
p.'m. The psyebfilogv -! will meet
on Tuesday and Friday at 7:30 p. m
More Spoeaiag Than Siagiag.
What rcsVes y-m think that hsnd
owe r. !. tef-W is mercenary T"
"He ci arye htty' fa.ber ii an
Hoar 1. 1 nmsing ke t her." B.to
Trau.-T f..
. We3 SenrisJ:..
th las a fiarka'f"y set
. fc-e'.t t J,se. It ! ie
au iv.r p-::i!f f er..Jy h t
it iMbs. " U !'. 1 1 a ' :.j''
Forget the Big Attractions
Offered in Our
aiilary Clearance
Congregational church, Sunday serv
ice at 10:45. There will bo special
music by the choir. Sermon topic
"Kedcmp'tion Waits for the Appearing
of the Sons of Cood." Sunday school
at 12 m. If youd children do not at
tend any Sunday school we invite you
to send them to our school. Union
service in the Methodist church at 7:30.
A half-hour of good singing, followed
by ten-minutes address.
The sophomore basketball team of,
Spaulding , high school defeated the
local high school team Jan. 19, by a
score of 31 to 0. The Spaulding boys
put tip one of the dirtiest games seen
in WillianiBtown this season, and their
conduct was not what was expected
from a, team representing Spaulding
high school. As they were not in charge
of their regular coach or instructor,
there is some doubt as to whether yr
not they were the regular team. How."
ever, our boys put tip a good fight and
are to be 'commended 'on their clean,
snappy game. (The above was con
tributed, not by the'" regular corres
pondent).' ; " ' '
- Enscoe Campbell is chopping wood
with Myrl Lawrence
' Herbert Hood and Frank Hood spent
the week end in Woodbury.
Thomas Washburn and George Bart
lett of New Jersey were at Mrs.
King's Friday and Saturday.
Mrs. C'hesney Patch and daughter,
Winnie 'are at Walter Patch's for a
time. i
ITnrlK.it Hood was a business visitor
in Montpelier Thursday. . i
James Ferris is visiting his mother.
Jennie Ferris. ,
Mra. Walter Patch has been having
a severe cold and cough. .
t Tuesday to La-
eonia. N. Ii., where he has secured em
ployment. . i . .
Mrs. Alton IWk and two children re
turned to their home in Boston this
week, after a. six months' stay here
with Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bock.
1r nit Mrs Willism Lee. who had
been visiting the latter' grandparents,
Mr and Airs, wapoieon Amp ie
turned to their home in Winooski yes
terday. Deep Stuff.
Offended lady That shopkeeper in
sulted me. He "said be kept everything
in his shop I Could think of.
Policeman Well, where is the insult,
ma'am! .
Offended lady When I looked in
hi shop it was empty. New York
Sun. . '
Fine Start. '
"Deirest. 1 am not worthy of you."
"That's what mother says Jack.d-ar.
How lovely to see you two agreeing."
Boston Transcript. t.
Is Used in Better Class Philippine
House for'Window Glass.
The placenta shell, fouiid in ahund
dancc in the southern Philippine is
lands, offers a unique ,practical and
decorative ' resource in home "adorn
ment. Being fairly flat anl roughly" cir
cular, translucent and 'up to three
inches in diameter and about one
sixteenth inch thick, the placenta shell
serves the better class of Philippine
bouse in place of glass. The strong
tropical light is pleasingly modified as
it passes through the shell-panes held
together by wooden strips or lead bands
A gentleman who has lived in Manila
and traveled the Philippines extensive
ly say that windows of placenta
shells 'arc almost the invariable rule
in houses that have covered windows,
very little .'commercial glass being
used in the if lands. ! . .:.
Decoratively, the placenta shell
should find many uses. It is already
licing worked up by the I'll ilippinen,
under American direction, into lamp
t.hade frames in moat pleasing shapes.
The shells are being imported into San
Francisco, the freightage being about
?I5 per ton (equivalent to about forty
cubic feet of space). They ar? being
sold in 'Frisco 'at $25 per 1000 shells,
chiefly to repair objects in placenta
shell that have Income damaged in
transit from Manila.
It seems that the placenta shell
might find a limited application in
furniture, ae in cabinet door inserts of
medallions in pnaels, in wood or metal
screens where the vision but not the
light is to be barred. , ,
But the greatest use of this uncious
ly beautiful shell would seem to lie in
the domain of the lighting fixture and
lamp industry, where effects can be
produced by transmitted light in a sure
and most "charming manners.
Since the shells are light gray in
color value, they will harmonize in any
environment. In fact, they will take
on the tonal character of any environ
ment in which they are placed with
out obtruding their color into the pic
ture. In this respect, they may be
found even more useful than the far
framed alabaster of ancient days.
The virtues of the placenta shell as
a illuminant are worthy of investiga
tion by the lighting fixture" industry
Oood Furnishing Magazine.
suicide, homicide and automobile acci
dents. ' '
While the 1021 figures may in part,
be traceable in exceptional - circum-,
stances, there is every reason to be
lieve they represent two important
drifts in the attitude of the race to
ward itself. A decrease in one.; year
from 05,0tfl to 40,013 deaths' attribu
table to respiratory .diseases is signi
ficant. So is the fact that while tuber
culosis now claims one in every nine
policy-holders, it claimed one in every
four but 10 years ago. The ago of
science has found weapons to repulse
many an ill of which human flesh was
once the inevitable prey,
But it ; has also given men new:
playthings ' and tangled them in a .
strange and harassing form of exist
ence. Man of the airplane, motor car.
the 'office, and the factory is finer
edged than he was. He has more in
strumeuta with which to harm him
self, and if his capacity for; restraint
is -no less than it was the strain upon
it is greater. His tendency toward
greater self-destruction is definite. Of
course, it need not be permanent. The
increase in what might lie called traf
fic deaths is largely due the careless
ness. Laivs and administration of the
laws touching accidents can improve
away the increase in deaths due to
such CHUses. . The problem of homi
cide is also susceptible of treatment.
The skill which man has lieen Rhlc
to bring to his fight against disease is
as potentially useful in the obvious
battle to be waged against the careless
and vicious of his own kind. N'cw
York Qlobe. '
More Than Can Be Expected.
The precocious child had. been read
ing the reports of the worl conference
in Washington.
"Father, " he asked, "what is a shan
tung?" I "I give it up, my son," replied the
bewildered parent. "I can't keep
track of all these newfangled soft
drinks. Judge.,
The Healthiest Year.
Insurance company, statistics, cov
ering 27,OO0,M)O persons, make 1921 the
healthiest year in the history of the
United. States and Canada. The death
rate among policy-holders dropped dur
ing that perhid from P.80 per thousand
to 8.24 per thousand. Influenza Hit but
disappeared.- Tuberculosis, pneumonia,
Brighte disease, lleasles. whooping
Cfmght typhoid fever, and numerous
other ailments brought fewer persons
to their graves than in 1020 despite a
rising birth rate and a growing popula
tion. The only discouraging fact was
a considerable increase of deaths by
in J'CiX r
-' V X
A iOK- y
I1- kV E
200 pounds 45c .
Cream Mints
5 flavors
while they last
100 boxes
Apollo and Liggett
The Red Cross
. The Woman's
Ready -to-Wear Shop
Interesting New Arrivals
A very opportune time for a new winter coat, just
arrived at enormous savings. v
Delightful spring versions of the new skirts.
All manner cf waists and blouses.
Fashionable silk dresses, all favored styles.
Clever little hats that demand your interest.
: The Vogue speaks of tweed-knickers for the clev
er sports wear wc have them.
All winter hals'at sweeping reductions.
The Mrs. Shepard Co., Inc.
See Our Keith Avenue Window
Week End Sale
One Lot of 14-inch Pipe Wrenches
Do not borrow a pipe wrench- own one. This
Sale is Friday and Saturday, Jan. 20 and 21.
C. W. Averill & Co.

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