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Calling Especial
. to a.:three-piece upholstered living' room and an.
American Walnut Diningroom suite shown "in our
wndows this week. - .
Living Room Suite of Davenport chair, Rocker
Loose Cushions Spring Arms and Seats Roomy
and comfortable. Figured Mulberry Yelour cover
ing. , - -
Nine-piece Walnut Diningroom " Suite, consisting
of av54" Dining Table, 54" Buffet China Cabinet,
arm and five straight diners.
Prospective customers note the quality and grade
of merchandise we offer to you. ' ,
B.W. Hooker & Go.
CUT ia luu as harMHtritm ambulancat dietanes 1U at taaasnaMa
- " tonus. Tabphona T-W, .
Always tWirat to G1y tb Public Witt it Waatt,
Are you going? adv.
Are you going r Where ?-
Have you heard the three new dance
hrtsf ust out, at LittlcfleldT-aav,
i'Tie Dictator" with, Wallaca Reid,
is coming,, it s a first tun Paramount.
. . . Cfc . ....... , ,. .. ..
Three out of five Empire Cord tires that are part of the
original equipment on one of our cars are still in service
at 15,697 miles. These tires are being shown in our win
dow. Note their fine condition for further service.
'PHONES 28-29, Barre, Vt
Have you heard "Oo'rfef Oogie, Wa,
WV't sIf not, hear it at Littlefleld's.
adv.- '. ,,:.-);.
jHSidney -Thorn rrivea 1ir"th ty
thia .morning from Jforthfleld on bust
8W .-i .,.,,-.... t
Paul Scampini , left .yesterday for
Boston and will drive home a new
Special for "Saturday, ladies' hand
baga, vamity lags and" vanity boxes for
. wiiivii.ui ........ V - V
rewiftied yesterday from Concord J uflc
tiort, rher he. has een employed,
Fred Stbna of tAe Prudential Jnaur
no Co., is -taking hi .annual vacation
and i yiitpg jw Id anlCiTJ4
JoTih Brtre or Howard street re
turned-yesterday from Danville, where
he ha been" employed In road eonstrue-
Mr, and 'Mra..' William " Persona , of
Springfield, , who have - been " visiting
friends nere, r&turned home yesterday
Social time at E. ' K. Hutchinson's,
Plainfleld,, Tuesday evening, -Aug, 22.
Gauthier!a orchestra. . Bring your, own
refreshments. adv
Mr. and Mr, Henry Bridgcr of White
Plains, .-Y.s are visiting Mrs. Bring
er'a parents, Mr. and Mrs, u. H. Ad
ams, of South Barre.
Mias . Christine . McLeod , of Granite
street returned yesterday from a two
weekal vacation spent in Boston, Man
cheater-and fv lorki , j.
William Christie of Kirk straet left
Jait night for. Hartford,1 Conn., wherT
he ha obtained employment with the
.New . Departure, company, ' f
Mi Helen' Bjtilet oT Maple avenue
is erijftying 4tftcatioh.'from lio'r dufies
methe Singer Pewing Machine com
pany'a. office on fclm street.
Mrs. Orin Huo-hes. ,Mr. and Mrs. E.
A. i,andr, .Mrs. 'jjfclson Hamel of
Plainfield ",and Mis Harriet Lender
ipent yesterday. in Burlington
4 Mrs. W E. Gilbert, returned yester
day- to Highgate Springs, where she is
camping with Mr. Gilbert, after spend
ing a Jew day m this city on busi
Mr. and Mrs. George Simpson, "with
Mr. and, Mrs. Bernard Simpson and
son Kenneth, of East Orange, were
guests "at Mrs; Sarah BradburjrVyes-
terday. r . , . . r.t ..
During the band concert next Tuen-
day evening, .the nurses wiu sell ice
cream ;and homemade candv from a.
booth in the park. They, will welcome
your patronage. ; , ; :
Member of the Barre City' band are
requested to be at the band rooms, Sat
urday at 12:15 with street rack and
uniform to meet the 12:35 train and
welcome home members of Co. M.
'Mias Abbi Clark of Randolphgrand
aecretary of the O. K. 8., was in this
euf yesterday and went last tight
With Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Tilde-n to
Bradford, where tbay instituted a new
U. a. o. chapter.
Mrs. D. R. Griffith.; who with her
two children, Dean Russell and Bev
erly Hope," has been visiting for three
months at the home of her mother.
Mj'-H. G.Bennett or ffpaulding street, daughtera, Mary and Dorrine, and Mr.
and Mrs. Leonard HI lot arm and little!
son, Norman, nad Martin Tillotaon, all.
Are you going? adv.
' Are ybu'golrig 1 Wher T fldv.
Have you heard the three new dance
nits, just out, at Littleneld'a ? adv.
Have you heard "Oogie, Oogie, Wa,
va"7 it not, hear it at Littlefield'a,
Harry and Wavne BroWi left for
Hn(n 'I'U 1 ; ; i . ,
...r. u.n i.iiuiunjr jiiuiiiiii 10 visit rei
atiiS for "a Week." ' tf-'-V ?''''-
Mrs, David Morcan of this'citv left
lo-aay ior rniiadeiphia, where ahe will
remain - for' titua.:." : ',.'-"
Alden Burke and Miss Doris Burke
returned to-day "from Old Orchard,
whera they spent the past week. ,
Mrs. Arthur Recor of thia
o-jday for Cbarlestown, Mass., where
she will join Mr. Recor. who has se
cured employment' thrre. ' '
Robert Pinnetran of GrAnilvillo waa
In the Ity"lasf evening to bid goodbya
to- friends "before leaving for Albany,
N. Y., where he will be employed." ' '
Tostmaster G.; V.n -German "" and
daughter, Marion, left thia morniiiir for
Unadilla, N. Y.j where they will.visil,
Mr. (iormann orother. for two weeks. .
For &)0 we are showinsr 600 combina
tions in falirics and, fashion for your
selection. Big assortment at $30 and
and others $32 to '$50. The Roval
Tft4lot Man. adV. - "
?i! Md. "'Mary Cowieof ' Wollaston.
Maaa., arrived in the city Wednesday
W pa two weeks" vacation a the
home of her daucther Mrs. David
Henderson of Brook street.
Kverett Fox of East street, who has
been 'employed as. a salesman for the
i'alace garage, has completed hia duties
with, the firm and plana to leave the
first of next week on a short t vacation.
Members, -of BaW Council No.' 401:
K. of C, are requested to met at their
rooms. Sea mpini block, Friday evening,
Aug. 18, at 7 o'clock to .march- la a
body to the home of our late brother.
i, - Henry Drumgould. A large attn
danca is reqiNate4 . t.; -I
One of the- largest stones to' be Quar
ried recently waa brought, down this
morning from th Capital Hill ouarrt.
The atone was I feet square and at
least two ll thick and weighed 41
ton.. It? will be cut by. the Marr &
Gordon company as a roof for a mau
soleum.. .":.. ,"? :
J. D. Ward, a member of h FW!.
da-Blue Granrt- companj-, Inc., of
Washington, D. C., who has been at
tending the montimental retailers' con
vention at Springfield, Maaa., arrived In
ih ity last evening and will spend a
couple of daya here inspecting the
granite quarries and sheds. Mr. Ward
will also endeavor US engage a quarry
Rose Androes was in Bradford Mon
day to ae her brother, Andrew Mara-
ton, wno ta very ill. , ;
Mra. Earla Woods and aon of Fair-
lee ae visiting at the home of Frank
Downing.-' '' . ' "
C, O. Smith of Hopedale, Mass., and
sister, Mary Smith, and friend,, Kate
Kleb of voodrille were recent vis
itor at E. Mr Hood'a. -
Cora Smith is atonnins at the Wim
of .her lather. Frank Smith, for the
present. r. . . ' . : : .', t , ' ,
Andrew Avery and 'Mrs'. Amanda
Dexter and Mr", and Mra. R. B. Hood
visited at the noma of Mr. and Mrs.
Waldo Hood of Waita River Sunday.
Mr. and Mra. Sylveeer Tillotsoii and
Sheriff Tracy'a Family Recovering from
. Effects of Ptomaine Poisoning.
The family of Frank H. Tracy are bh
the road to recovery from ptomaine
poisoning uue a -eating porK. rracu
oally every member of the family," who
were present at- the, time, suffered, some
effects Jrom . thej poisoning.. Sheriff
Tracy went to the, hospital Thursday
for a few days' treatment! The poison
ia but' of his sygtein but ft left him so
weak that a few days' care at the hos
pital scemea best by his physician
- According to letters that have been
received in the city Gaorga Tracy, for
merly of Chelsea, now chief of police 1n
weiiow rails, is to nave'enarge of the
policing work Tt' the sttelfarr this
year, taking the place f Sheriff F H.
Tracy, who has been in charge of that
work for man .years. ;;.
A: party ot .warren young peopi
motored; to the; city tbia morning in
H. W. Brooks' truck. : -., ,, a : . - ;!
Governor Hartnesa left for Brattler
bbro fo-day to "attend the dedication of
a new aviation fletfc H. T. Laffin, the
governor'a aecretary, "was in the city
yesterday and left, with the atater Sag,
which witf be used in the dedication. .
" R.'E. Stevens of the board of control
an William Dye of thft budget committee-were'
in the city yesterday for
th meetings -of the board and., com
mittee, and it ia understood have not
yat. completed "their investigation" of
state departments;-' t::i ; '''..'
' The FuUerton Hotel company, Inc.,
of Chester has filed jwith th secretary
of state a certificate showing that out
of a total capital stock t $.r0,000, the
amount paid in to the treasury ia $15,
873. The certificate is'signed by H Gi
Wiley, president, andL. .A. Carpenter,
elerk.' " - '
""Miss Rebecca Staples of Montpelier
left thjs noon for Brattleboro,. where
ahg will be employed.', -. ,'
Thomas S,- Colby, a retired fanner,
90 years, of age on. May 40 last, died
fen Wednesday afternoon at Shady Rill,
He was born in Berlin and was a wid
ower. :.J.
. .Elmer Puprey f Northfield ha ra
ported to the secretary of state that
on Aug. 13. while returning from North
out on a iron i wneei near Tvaierpury,
causing i 1ent wishbone. The car
struck a road guard and the windshield
waa broken,; one pasenger being,ciit
by glass. . .
1 B. A! Robinson of the f. 8. Veterana'
bureau was in the city on Thursday
A. t, Hoyie and Q. P. Blonquist f
Boston were . in the -city on Thursday
in cqjjnection with work on the new
National X,ife building. . !, ,
The -new roundhouse, which is" 'being
constructed at Montpelier Junction Jby
the Central Vei'moni railroad, will coat
about $10,000.. Frank" ,Menard. in
charge of tlie 'worfc of building-it.' The
new building will be about JO feet long
ana aoout icct jiign.s?.,;.t? ,;'f
-; Theodore Pierce,' employed on paving
work by the-city, : ws knoiHced down
.but probably not -seriously injured by
an automobile driven by-H. C. Collins
of Waterbury at the corner of Main
and Barre-streets-while1 on hl way to
work iTburaday morning. '; Mr. Fierce
was cut on the head, and worked part
of the forenoon. - . ' ' " '
, An agreement was signed to-day by
W. B. e. Stiokney of Rutland" for the
Montpelier' A. Wells River railroad.
consenting to the merger of the M. A
W. with the Boaton 4fc Maine. It is re
ported that George B. Young will sign
for, the-Barre & ('hpsea road on hia re.r
turp to the city about Sept.. 1.
t; A' 1 collision ' occurred ' on ' r Project
Street' about 5:30 Thursday afternoon
between cars driven- by Lcort' Bernard -
lni 'and Edward Flannery. Flannefy's
car, ti heavy one, was eoing u-Oi the
hi!f,and met the Ford truck, which be
longed to A. Bernardini, in a narrow
place" where Cherry" avenue' connect
with4rropeet' street - The truck was
damaged in one wheel, but waa driven
to the Harris garage under ata own
power, The parts injured on the Flan
nefy car'were a front fender; light and
bumper, but "it was not put out of
running condition.
The marriage of Eugene Frazier and
Miaa ,Greta Peaeor took place in St.
Augustine's church at 7 o'clock yes
terday morning, RVy"W. P. Crosby per
forming a, nuptial mass. - Misa Amelia
Frazier, sinter of the groom, wa brides
maid and James Boyte was best man.
A breakfast was served at the home of
the groom's-parents, after which .Mr.
and Mrs. Frazier left for a short wed
ding trip. They -will live at- 7 Peck
place. .. .,,
5 Mrs. " Charles Scribner, accompanied
by her- iter, . Miss Marjon Keniaton,
visited aL the- home of Aaron Bolton
in Cabot one day recently..
,Sk,R. .Fair was -,in : Montpelier
Wednway. ,'. .' . ,'
;...Mr,-ahd Mrs. Dennis. Lawton , were
in Barre Tuesday. .,
T-Mri and Mrs. George Bates and Mr.
and Mrs. E." W. Cate entertained visi
tor from the Cate caiup at Nelson
take by a picnic at their farm on Sat
urday. ' . : " .
- Mrs. Mary Fair was In North Mont
pelier Tina day recently to visit her
sister, Mra. Harvey .Warren..
Mra. Cynthia Fair and aon, Ralph,
were in "Barre and .Montpelier last
week Thursday. . ; ;,. -t " .
Miss Isabell -Ieonard finiKhed work
for Mrs;. C. A. Wing of East-Calais
and returned home." i -.Mr.
and Mra. G. I Bates and daugh
ter, Miss Mildred, were in Barre Mon
day."' ' '
i -?
Dwight Lawson , and children of
Maple Corner--were visitor at the
horn of his parents, Mr, and Mrs.
Freeman Lawson, Tuesday; ' ;
! Harold Batcheldpf of Montpelier was
a caller at JTred Batchelder's Tuesday.
j Mr, and Mrs;, Willarcl Lawson are
Visitor at Anfos Powers in Worceeter.
' Roy Slayton wu in yVoroester one
day recently. . ;
? Mr. and Mrs. Frcrt 6rr Visited at
their -arm in Adamant Tuesdav. J
f ' '1 f
i- F. Vt. Scnbner wa in Woodbury
Monday. . ' .
j Half-Way House. '.' i
't "The road ta weakh ia apt to be a
long, hard one, my boy." . . , . 4. ,
( "Are there no shortcuts father?",
; "Yes, my son. Our prisons are full
of men who took short cuts." Boston
Transcript. - . , . '
j . n z
I Fair Warning. - ',
Springfipld church bulletin "Morn
ing service 10:30. 'Prepare, fo the
Worst.' Quatit will aing-'Boaton
Transcript. .. ; .
188 Worth Main Street, Barre, Vt.
See ,
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Cauliflower, Golden Bantam Corn, New Beets, Car
rots, Celery, Cucumbers, Parsley.
TbeW. D. Smith Company, Inc.
left last night for Asheyjlle,X..r.
John and . Frank Corti of Patavia,
. 1., formerly residents here, are vis-
uiiiir irwna in tnia city lor a few
days, The former is etnployed by a
Urge banking concern in Batavia and
the latter is practicing law there.
Members of Barre Council No. 401,
K. of C, are requested to meet at their
rooms, hcampini Mock, Friday evening,
Aug. in, at 7 o clock .to march in a
body to the home of our late brother,
J. Henry Drumgould. A large atten
dance 14 requested.
Old Orchard ia Very popular with
Barre people this summer, there being
tweaty from Ihis city registered at
the Granite City cot tape during the
past ' week. Taos returning Tester
dy were Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Koonan.
James tMachie, Mra. M. Mackie, Mis
Boaamond .Mackie, Mr. and , Mrs.
Joseph NeUoa and daughter, Mr. and
Mrs. Joseph Weafer and daughter, and
rr. and Mra. J. -W. Stewart and small
Satoday Bargains
of Wert Topsham were visitora at the
hofti ' bt 'lit. 'and Mra. L.' "AS Dexter
Sunday. ... i
Jamea E. Smith sold two cowa o
Harry McLara last Saturday. .
The Jimineze ahow waa in town last
weeek and their entertainments were
enjoyed by all. . -
Harry Eastman of Woodsville and
two friends, Mr. - Sawyer also 6f
Woodsville. and Mr. Hancock of C'ali-1
fornia, were . calling an old acquaia-i
ances in own Tuesday. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Sumner Worthier, and ,
Mr. and Mrs Fred Currier of MancheS
ter, and Mra. F. H. Johnston of Frank'
lin, Mass., spent the week end at the
home of Warren Currier. i ' '
Bacon strii$, 20c th, sliced
r Cottage Hams . . .
Smoked Shoulder boneless
Pork Sausage
Beef Sausage
' Fowls, per pound
Broilers, per pound : ;
Veal Pot Roasts ....
Fancy Roast Veal .
t . .-....
10c lb., 3 fb. 25c
.... 38c
Ice Cream .
You don't have to bay a ; freezer and break your
back .turning it.: Order fee cream from our store
phone your order and any cream combination will
be sent to you exactly in time ior the meal. Try
some for a different dessert in the following flavors;,
vanilla, maple walnut, chocolate and lemon cream
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Tel 630-631 ; .We Deliver.
Fore quarter, Ntaiye Lamb; whole '. , , . . . . .
Legs, Native Lamb, whole u. :
Western Beef Roast . .'.I i .
Pork Roast v.: , V. ;Mi... ...V.-. ... 25c. 30, 32c
Salt PorlC tt)?15c. 17 Ibs.f, ... w . . . ..... ..$1.00
Whole .Western. Beef Butt, V , . . . 20c
r Green Peppery Cucumbers, String Beans, ripe
Tomatoes, Lettuce, Golden Bantam-Corn, Eating
tmd Pie Apples, Sweet Potatoes, ; , , -
Houghton &, Robins 1
. r -
- Memhera' f v Barre
T f C' ate requested to
JL. f meet- at their rooms.
. . ' w litnltiin hlfvnlr r.;
evening, Aug. t, at '7
o clock to march in a I
body' to 'the home of
our late brother, J. Henry Drumgould.
a targe aitenaami ia requested. ,
. . j A rerular meeting
' i of Court Barre, N'oJ
3317, I. O. Foreter,
will e held iri WflrtB
en hall Friday, Aug.
H, at 7 p.- m. Let
all members be pres.
eni. rer oraer rec.
sec, . . - " - - - 1 -
The Secret of Keeping Gool
Kegrilar communication of
Granite lodge, 'o. X F. k A.
M, Friday, Aug. IS, at 7:30
p. m. Per order W. M.
too Late to classify
rfM Utimh. Tel. aoi-R. . UStt
FOR SALE tlt nvMM Fsr4 rn.ir. WDI
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rHln( utifww iwaitx. Far iliwnt.i fnr '
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C. IUU' ,
LnwT Ait. 11. Wr f?.mKm4 A.'.'u4j
Mi vtrwt. a Cm n a pin. ria
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