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Drma 1259
t of perfection in nautnea, deagn aoi arifioality h attained la the
- 20 cents t 35 cents None Higher
acA Hmt pcial Guidm tor Cuttint mnd CoiMtrnoriaa
The Fall Fashion Book
i , Oftfaunt mdrmnom mod mrtd mppmml tot ry 01 m bt of thm mmity
Visit' Our Pattern Department
If you are planning a Fall wardrobe, there is no
wiser move you can make. The dress that you have
in mind will become very real, and as smart and
chic looking as you had hoped for. Having clothes
that you love to wear becomes an-easy matter if
you use . ' . , -.
Pictorial Review Patterns
I The Woman's
Ready-to-Wear Shop
Inspiring Alike Are
Fabrics and Styles
Beauty first has been he watchword of new
Frocks that.daily join frock ranks here. Exquisite
lace modes are interspersed with cloth frocks that
employ effective embroideries. Silk modes skill
fully draped are among the most popular features.
The Mrs. Shepard Co., Inc.
Flashlight Time
Our assortment is complete. -Our
batteries are fresh.
. Come in and look them over.
Barre Electric Co.
Tel. 98.
"For Your Electric Wants'
SATURDAY, AUG. 19, 1922.
The Weather
Fair to-night; nnd Sunday. Coolir to
night except in Miutheasjern Maine.
Moderate northwest winds. , . ' -
Are you goinjrT TVliere? adv.
Royal Yum Yum, a whole meal for
20c at Russell's, adv.
C. O. Samuelson of South Ryegate
visited friends in this city yesterday.
, The Ibiggest bargains ever on travel
ing bags at Lander's on Saturday.
adv. " -x.; . . rrr ,.
There will be no Sunday scliool at
the Universalist church Aug. 20 and
27th. . ; .; . ..... .,.
Mrs. A. S. Stebbins of Stowe was in
this city yesterday for radium treat
ment. ' Mrs.'Perley Amidon of Adamant has
entered the City hospital for radium
treatment for goitre.
Herbert Anker, left to-day ; for
Camp Abnaki, where he will remain
th next two weeks in camp. ,
Willam Hurry" of Richardson
street left Friday for Detroit, Mich.,
where he has secured employment,
Public dance every Saturday even
ing, Quarry Bank hallj Carroll' orch
estra. Special car after dance. adv.
O. H. Hale, who has been confined
to the house with bronchitis for the
past three weeks, is, slowly gaining.
' Long distance and general trucking,
furniture a specialty. Granite City
Bottling Works. Tel. 728M or 746-VV.
adv. . ' ". '
Mrs. Sadia Parker and daughter,
Lorraine, have returned from Boston
where they have spent the summer
vacation. ..
Special round-trip' rates to Sher-
brooke fair. New oar, good roads
and good chauffeur. Olivers Battery
station. adv.
Miss Margaret Tomasi, Dr. Thomas
Tomani and sister, Hazel, left to-day
for, Highgate, where they will spend
the next two weeks in camp. , ,
Miss Elizabeth N. Fraser has re
turned home after spending six
weeks with relatives and friends in
Sherbrooke and Lake Megantie P. Q.
Miss Mary Higgs returned to-day to
Lake Fairlee, where she is employed,
having been called home to attend the
funeral of her grandfather, V, H. Olli
ver. Amateur developing and printing.
Bring your films here for first class
and quick service. Free advice given
on 'pictur taking. Shore's " Studio.-r-
At the band concert Tueidar eve
ning step around to the nurses' booth
in the park. There you will find, ice
cream, homsassde candy and pp
Douglas S. Howie of Montreal, P.
Q., arrived in the city to-day to spend
two weeks at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Webster of Washington
street. ,
Miss Mildred Hijrgs returned to-day
to Whitefield, K. H., where she i em
ployed at the Mountain View house,
having been called hohie tojUtend W.
H. Olliver'a funeral.
n . i . f'L M .." . 1
I retary will be at K. Macrae's store,
I Pearl street, Saturday evening, from
1 7 to 8, to receive envelopes and contri
butions. Kindly give this your atten
tion. adv.
Mrs. Peter Santarini and family left
last evening for Buffalo, Jf. Y., where
they will join -Mr. Santarini. John Hun
tarini, a son, who has been employed
in a local bakery, has already secured
employment with a Buffalo shop.
The Barre Golf club crosses drivers
to-day with the Barton team in the se
ries being played for the state cham
pionship. After losing by erne point at
Greensboro local golfers feel that they
musV put forth every energy to win
this ,meet. The keen rivalry should
make the game interesting.
Barre fishermen seem to be having
great luck all around. Joseph Weafcr,
who returned Thursday from Old Or
chajd, together with a number of other
Barre people, is reported by them to
have established a record for big fish
caught by member of Camp Ellis. The
first prize w hich ""Mr. Wcafer landed
was a huge skate weighing 55 pounds.
It required the assistance of two other
men to land the fish. His second came
as the result of a deep sea fixhing trip
on which he hooked a cod which dressed
over 22 pounds.
Card of Thanks.
We wish to thank all neighbors and
friends for their kindness and thought-
fulness during our recent bereavement,
Mrs. William Olliver and familv.
Are you goinjj? Where? adv.
A good leather Boston bag for $1-45
at Lander s on Saturday. advv
Everybody likes Yum Yum at the
fountain at the Rexall store. adv,
AH leather goods on sale Saturday
at Lander's are new. Just received this
week. adv.
' s
For all kinds of cement, stone and
brick work, call Leel, 53 Pleasant streot,
'phone 270-6. adv.
You ean buy a $12 traveling bag of
whole grain leather and leather lined
for $6.HQ on Saturday at Lander's.
Rev. G. R. Akers, past of of the
Methodist church, at Ludlow, is passing
a lew days with Kev. Frank Oldridge
and family. ' . ', ' , ',
The listers, Fred R. McAllister. Percy
i. .jenoras ana vernon is. fsavery, have
The adventist denomination are
about, holding their annual camp meet
ing on the Battles meadow.' Numerous
tents are there and the people ate ar
riving there daily. .Good speakers are
advertised and a very profitable time
is expected by the members of that
Mrs. E. 0. Blanchard, after a several :
weeks' stay in Fort Terry, New Lon
don, Conn., arrived here' Saturday ac
companied by her little granddaughter,
Helen Elaine Swett, and Miss Dorothy
Butman, who will pass dome time here.
Mrs. Swett is in Boston during the
stay of Captain Swett at the rifle range
at Wakefield, Mass. .
W. E. Lamson and family have re
turned from Highgate, where they iave
been in camp for several' days.',
. C. B. Croft, who conducts' a jewelry
store in the Stockwell block, has pur
chased a stock of goods at Bristol and
will close out the same. He recently
closed out a stock at Middlebury, which
he purchased In the same way; this be-
finished the quadrennial appraisal of
real estaite and have posted notiecs
that they will meet at the oflice of the ing his plan of doing business,
town cierK on batumay, the ztitn day
or August, to near any persons ag
grieved by said appraisal on any of
their act s. .
Mrs. Mary J. Staples is visiting her
sister, Mrs. Carpenter, in Marshfteld.
Dr. John G. Morgan and daughter,
Louise, of Stowe and friends of the
latter from Waterbury Center, were in
town i the 16th .and Mrs. Rioxalana
Jockow, who has been visiting rela
tives here for about three weeks, re
turned to Stowe with them.
Mss Hazel Harvev, who has been for
some weeks employed at the inn, and
Miss Violet' Harvey, -who has been
employed bv Mrs. Robert Clogtson".
have finished their engagements and
are at home.
Judge of Probate George L. Stow
of Chelsea was in town the 18th as one
of his regular appointments.
Mrs. Otto Edson of, route No. 2 has
returned borne after a visit to rela
tives in Barre.
John Q. Angell, a former pastor of
the Methodist church and now preach
ing in the state of New York, has
)p,tely ( called on friends in town and
relatives in Brookfield
The coal administration of Vermont
has appointed for the local fuel com
mittee to serve during the shortage E.
W, Tewksbjiry, chairman;. F. H. Jos
lyn and R. B. Osha.
Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Emery have re
turned to Washington, D. C, Mr. Em
ery having recovered sufficiently to re
sume his business as doorkeeper at the
main Senate entrance. Mr. Emery came
here June 1, after having been ill a
monthand since that time has been
making an improvement in his health,
The Emery house on Highland avenue
is closed for the present.
A. S, Munro and family have moved
to St. Albans this week, where they
have secured a tenement in which to do
light housekeeping.' ' .
Mr. and Mn. James Barttro and two
children of Goffstown, N. H., who have
been the guests of Mr. and Mrs. G. F.
Dumas, have one to Burlington for a
visit with relatives. j
Mr. and Mrs. L, E. Rollo and daugh-1
ter have come to pass three weeks here j
with Dr. and Mrs. F. A. Eaton. I
g Sale
Better get a supply of those -All-Fibre Silk Hose,
$1.00 values in slight seconds, at v. 59c
Black, Brown, Navy, Gray, Nude
Or those pure Silk Hose in black, regular S1.25
; value, at 79c
And don't miss the opportunity to secure that
Beauty Lustre yarn, Black, White and colors,
sells regular at 25c, at 17c
A good assortment of those $2.00 to $3.00 Waists
left for to-night at , 98c
And you'll have to hurry if you getone of those
Ail-Wool Jersey Suits at
We have sold over 80 of these Suits
-i s . only a few left
Ask to see the wonderful Egress Values
and there
In this direction it you wish to buy bread that is
healthful and wholesome, pies and cakes that are
pure and delicious and biscuits that just melt in
your mouth. When you have once tried our
products, you 'will not consider it worth while to
stand over the hot stove to do your own baking. .
The City Bakery
The Finest Sedan We Ever
At the Lowest Price
Selling, along with the other Franklin models,
at a rate never before equalled in 20 years of
An enclosed car for all-round family use '
which will out-distance any other make of
either enclosed or open car on the road.
Touring Car $1950 Touring-Limousine $JI5C Runabout $1900
Demi-Coupe $2100 Demi-Sedan $2250 Coup $2750 Brougham S275C
(All prices f. o. b. Syracuse)
Drown Motor Car Co.
160 College St., Burlington, Vt. 46 North Main St., Barre, Vt.
Bacon strip, 20c lb, sliced ... 25c
Cottage Hams . . , . ... . . . . . . . ... . . . . '. .; 30c
Smoked Shoulder, boneless . ....... .1. . ....... 25c
Pork Sausage ...................... . . . . ... . . 20c
Beef Sausage ................ . . 10c lb., 3 lb. 25c
Fowls, per pound . . . . .... ....... ... 38c m
Broilers, per pound 48c
Veal Pot Roasts ... 20c
Fancy Roast Veal . . . . . . , . , . ... . . . . . . 30c-35c
Fore quarter, Ntaive Lamb, whole , . . .-. .... . . 24c
Legs, Native Lamb, whole . . . . . . . . . .;. . . 38c
Western Beef Roast ...... :. V...:... 35c
Pork Roast fc 25c. 30. 32c
Salt Pork, lb. 15c. 17 lbs. ........... ....... $1.00
Whole Western Beef Butt, 20c
Green Pepper, Cucumbers, String Beans, ripe
Tomatoes, Lettuce, Golden Bantam Corn, Eating
and Pie Apples, Sweet Potatoes.
Houghton & Robins
Stew Halts
To-day at One-Half Price
Dust Coats for your Sunday
The new things in f Fancy
Shirts, Knit Ties and Collars.
Give us a look.
Given Away
I Brooms
Everybody Out!
August 26
Barre Post No. 1 0
Water Fights
Bicycle Races
Baseball Games
Field Spools
Band Concerts
With Tires
Tires can be purchased anywhere but
SERVICE a vital element in tire sat
isfaction can be acquired best at a
We Specialize in Tire Service
Lane-Davis Co.
Be Prepared
to Enjoy Your Motor Trips
We have a complete line of Automobile
Robes and Accessories. See our Window.
.C. W Averill & Co.
Aeroplane Stunts at 1.30 p. m.
Frank McWhorter Co.

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