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j oa; ' o cw tomatoes sq
they 11 stay firm and solid
READ the recipe print
ed above. Tomatoes
canned this way retain
their shape and firmness
so perfectly that you can
quarter them for salads'
next winter! And they
keep that fresh-from-the-garden
taste. This is the
result of canning them
the Lorain way,
All fruits and vegetables axe
put up as easily as tomatoes.
All keep their fresh taste, their
color, and shape. It la done
with so little work, and with,
out any "pot-watching" what
ever. Thousands of women en
joy this easy method every
summer. Why not you? ,
To can
Jht $asy Lorain way
Select solid oiw,
wold enough to loosen
skim. Dip in colli
water, cora and peel.
Pack whole, to within
yi inch from top CH
jar. 'Add no water.
Add one teasooon salt
(for quart). Plsca k
acalded rubbers in po- p
s:tion. Adjust ha
loosely. Set Luraln
wheel at 2j0 degrees
for 1 hour. Remove
and seal tightly when
dock rings.
If you would like to see
samples of Lorain oven can.
ning, come in today. . We'll
gladly demonstrate the
Lorain Oven Heat Regulator,
and give you an illustrated
booklet with the Lorain Can
ning chart. Get your copy of
"Lorain Oven Canning" nowl
The Lorain Oven Heat Regulator
automatically keeps your gas oven at
any of one of 44 different tempera
tures. When you light the oven bur
ner, simply set the red wheat at the
heat you want. The oven will stay
at that uniform heat regardless of
change in pressure.
By preventing inaccurate or vary
tag oven beat, Lorain makra ararf
baking successful. No more "un
lucky" days. Lorain enables you to
cook an entire meal at one time in the
oven, without '"pot-watching." It
makes home canning easier and bet
ter. Own a Londn-equipped range
now! ......
3 Gas Ranges
The main front, top, and Bass
are unbreakable because made
of "Angle iron" (drawn and tem
pered steel). All enameled sheet
metal parts are of etiameU
uuiron. Reliable Analhrm rannas
are built to American OasAasodsrlon
specifications. Yon will like their
modern features, and smooth, easily
140 No. Main St Barrc, Vt.
Authorities in NewJersey
Mystified As to Location
of Crime,
Quit aliitij
'. Vour oals!
Shame on Them.
tronizect Yeast Gives tha Stomach
Natural Digestive Power I
There's one oriran in tha human
body that "kicks back" when it gets
weak, and that's the stomach. No
stomach on earth can operate with
out vitamlnes-and-iron. The name
thing- is true about the nerves. There
Is hardly anything that can happen
And It May Have Had Its
End There As " .
; Well
Xew 5 Brunswick, . K. : J.. Sept, ,18.
The question of where Rev. Edward
V Hall,, rector of the 'fashionable
church of St. 'John the Evangelist, and
his choir1" leader, Mrs. James Mills,
wife of the sexton, were slain shared
interest with that of by whom they
were slain, ai authorities of two
counties to-day continued their in
quiry into the tragedy. '
Although they displayed unusual ret
icence on the point, it was apparent
that-detectives were unconvinced that
the rector 'and Mrs. Mills met death
beneath the apple tree in t he broad
field of waving- goldcnrod, where the
bodies' were laid out tenderly,. as if
for burial
Middlesex county
authorities are not
What Dots the G. 0. P. Stand For? J political organization. The essential
, . , " difference in that while the Whig party
Taking the senatorial primaries as I rvpr nJ)f, ftn Mtabished hoU n the
an index, the Republican party, as now confidence of the Amerk-an people, the
organized, represents both the extreme Republican party is so much a going
conservative and the extreme radical concern that its leaders can find cause
1 tor confidence in anything that hap-
nor are tbey troubled In any
way bv the irreeoncnanie eonnicis
oroiiiciTii a rT nrrru i tii - nitr i'h ri mi i
t-iVD. Jt' t unriic (tun a smsss.. ni-i. .v
be as much at home in a socialist con
vention as Lodge would le ata a din
ner of Wall street bankers. Hiram
that are going on everywhere within
the party.
Apparently the pnmarv Has ae-
I .- ., ,. ,1 ill. nniut: nf ri lw i , , , n , t IT Anil
Johnson is a Heart Republican, and .... f ... :.: . .
Hearst Republicanism differs fromix.ai issue. Anything1 is R(publi'a-n(iira
awialism'only in being without prinei-
flAimiutanf mifnnDii Vloi urAnti
these extremes are all the gradation
from rational conservatives to moder-
n 1 1 1 1 ihtjiii.
. There has leen nothing quit like it
in American politics since the Cotton
Whigs and the Conscience Whigs held
together for a brief period a defunct
that ncan carry a Republican primary.
and nobody feels the need of finding a
common denominator. While . govern
ment and all other undertakings have
been undergoing process of centraliza
tion, politics has been decentralized
to an extent that has left party names
and party labels well-nigh meaningless.
Xew York World, v
officially on the cane, as the spot
where the bodies were fotind is over
the line in Somerset county. But un
officially they were extremely, active
about this city, where it is certain
the tragedy had its beginning, if not
it end. t .
Mill, the widower of the tragedy,
Mrs. Hall, the widow, and her broth
er, Willie, an eccentric, were the fig
ures about which the investigation
All thiee were expected to be ques
tioned fo-day Mrs. Hall for further
details of her nocturnal wandering in
the early 'hours of Friday morning.
shortly after the murders are lelieved
4 to have been committed; Mills for the
story of, his own wanderings at the
same hour and Willie for further
light on his uncanny prediction o
Friday morning that "something terri
bb?. is going to happen.
The theory that the rector and his
choir leader had been slain, elsewhere,
and the bodies removed to Somerset
county to complicate the investigation
was based chiefly on conditions at th
spot where they were found.
Newspaper men who went over the
scene yesterday found two crosses
carved with a penknife on a cedar
near the apple tree under which the
bodies were found. It apparently was
-..A 1 i .1 II J. 1 J I
new -cm, out wnemer ll naa oeen
there when the bodies were found, or
had been carved later by some one of
morbidly sentimental turn of mind
could not be ascertained.
Ptomnrh-Posrrr Genet Irontsed Yeast
Quickly nulld Tp Disreative Power.
Von'U Hellafa lour Food!
to the nervous system that la not
at once reflected to the stomach.
Weak nerves! weak stomach! Na
ture has only one answer; more vita
mines ironized! But remember that
Ironlzed Yeast Is not a mere mixtura
.of yeast and iron,- but Is yeast iron
ized, which is a substance all by
Itself. This Is why Ironized Yeast
produces almost immediate reaults
In cass of Ioks of appetite, aversion
to food, belching, gas on the stom
ach, fermentation, "lump-of -lead"
feeHns; after eating, dypepsbf. indi
gestion. There." Is only one Irontsed
Yeast In the world; it contains
yeast - vltamlnes -with-orpranic-iron,
the very natural food-power which
every strorie; stomach and every
strong- nervous system possesses. Tha
answer is, Ironlse! vitamln-lsse! Iron
lied Yeast, Is sold at all drupr stores
at M OO a packasre. Each package)
contains 60 tablets, each tablet Is
reft led. Thev never lose their power.
M'f'd by Ironized Yeast Co., Aflanta,
(!. Take Ironized Yeast, and you'll
enjoy eating', and dig-est thoroughly
everything you eat. That's I If e t
- . ! pERHAPS there, are a few mothers who do not know the virtues of Fletcher's
Elected to League of Na-. - Castoria, Perhaps there are a few who know that there are. imitations on
' tions By -Unanimous j the market, and knowing this demand Fletcher's. It is to ALL motherhood, then,
Vote that we call attention to the numerous imitations and counterfeits that may be
. set before them. ; : '
AT TO-DAY'S SESSION- . jt to aU motherhood everywhere that we ring out the warning to beware
; OF THE ASSEMBLY j; of the "Just-as-good". For over thirty years Fletcher's Castoria has been an aid
Had Made Request for1 upuuuvaug ut uui jjumuuuui cuu uywo Baui5 w uawco, .
And yet there are those who would ask you to try something new. " Iry
this Try t that Even try the same remedy for the tiny, scarcely breathing, babe
, that you in all your rooust womanhood would use for yourself. Shame cn them,,
Membership Some Time
. 'Ago
' Heneva, Sept. IS (By the Associ
ated Pre). Hungary was elected a
member of the league of nations by
the assembly at to-day's session by
unanimous vote.
At the Wesley Methodist Episcopal
church the subject of the sermon by
Rev, William Hessel, pastor, yesterday
was "The Momentous Challenge for
IVIstian Training." This was rally
day and speeches were made in-tlie
Sunday school. H. C. Whitehill gave
a tcn-minufe talk on "For What Does
Our Church School Stand?" Mrs. Wil
lis told of the work of the primary de
partment and Mrs. Holmes of the cra
dle roll. The junior league had a, spe
cial program and the claseii had ten
minute sessions. Following thi, Mrs.
I). C. Jones poke on "Girlhood
Ideals" and Superintendent Willis on
"The Kind of Boys Wanted.". At the
Kpworth leairue rally at 7 p. m., the
topic Wi, "When. Where and How
Invest My Mind.'
Special features
Tha Cheaper Way.
Wife When I e to Palm Beach
dear, I shall dream of you every night
Hub If its ail the same to vou, I
would prefer to have you star at
home and dream of Palm Beach, Bos
ton Transcript.
7T nn
1 &iijjiti(,ri
.ILL- -
and it tasies
just &s good
as it smells!"
'43 (.'per pound
W. S , Quii by Company
Boston - Chicago
Are You the Man Who
4 ' Never Reads Advertisements ?' '
Some men, who are neither blind
nor illiterate, claim sincerely
that they ,4never read advertse
roents." Yet, if you could investigate,
;n each case you would find that
the man who "never reads ad
vertisements" used, an adver
tised tooth paste or shaving
cream or soap. If he owns an au
tomobile it will be an advertised
car. If you ask his opinon of any
automobile he will reply in words
that might have been lifted bod
ily from cn advertisement of
that automobile.
Advertising has formed his
opinions to a great degrcfe. He
may have received his informa
tion through others who ob
tained their knowledge from ad
vertising. But it is a fact that
no man can escape the effects of
advertising even if he does say
he "never reads advertisements."
Not one of us ever reasoned
out entirely from his own mind
that the earth is round. If we
had not read it or heard it we
would never have known it
In these days of good, truthful,
helpful advertising to say "I
never read advertisements" is
merely your way of saying, "I
don't read all advertisements."
( Published by The Rarre Daily Times in co-operafion wi
Iht American Af-sociation of Advertising Agencies.
Mrs. Harding Safely on the Road to
Recovery, Will Not Go
Washington, Sept. 18. Mm. Hard
ing, now safely on the road to com
plete recovery from her recent serious
illnes, probably will spend the entire
recuperative period at the White
House, it was said re.terdav bv those
close to the executive family.
Since announcement that anxiety
had passed as to the outcome of her
illne there have been various reports
that Mrs. Harding would go to the
mountains or seashore, or to ome
quiet spot in.- the interior, as soon as
she was able to travel. Authosvitativ
information, however, is that the
White House physicians have decided
there would be less danger, of a tet
back if the patient was kept here for
some time to come. ,
President Harding alo was said to
have definitely given up his plans for
vacation thi year. Karlv iu the
year preparations were "made for tha
president and Mrs. Harding to make
an extended lour tiirougn tne west
and then to Alaska. Important mat
ters arose, however, which neces
sitated postponement and final aban-
otiment of this trip.
Human Justice.
There dwelt down east a quaint old
lawyer whose notion of the divine ori
gin and, character of justice cer
tainly modern in its practicality. He
occasionally practiced law ina small
way and in a manlier peculiarly his
On one occasion a flock of sheep dit-
appcarcd and their heads were found
n a flour barrel in the barn of 'a eer-
ain man, who was thereupon arrested
nd tried for sheep stealing.
The lawyer in conducting the de
fense, maintained that the sheep were
not stolen, but had strsyrd away, a
was comm-m in the spring.
The prosecuting attorner said: "Ves,
1 know sheep do stray away thi time
of rear, but thev do not usually leave
heir bead in flour barrels in the hay
This same lawyer wenf to a neigh
boring town to settle the cae wilh the
selectmen, but failed, and uve this re
rf, characterizing the three town of
Mr. A. will do nothing wrong if he
nows it; Mr. B. ill do nothing at all
f he knows it, and Mr. t will do noth
ng right if he knows it." Philadelphia
mwic iedger.
i for this rnlly week are a party for the
I cradle roll, babies and mothers. Brav
er meeting rallv and parish supper,
planned by the ladies' aid, missionary
society rally.
At the Congregational church yes
terday, a new "order of service '
tried out and the cloir had not onlv
a processional hut a recessional. All
now have the new vestments, which
are judged by most to add much dig
nity to Hip service. I!ev.' .John C.
Prince had for his sermon talk to the
children, ".lesus IMpnig a Father."
Hi sermon was particularly strong
and touched on reliViws education,
subject, "Saving the Soul of To-morrow."
Those who listened were deep
ly impressed. In the evening at 7
o'clock a helpful Christian Kndeavor
meetinar ' was' led bv .John Giacoletto.
An artistic arrangement of flowers
and evergreen whVh filled a husje
vase wa; sent to' the church in the
morning by. Mr. Giacoletto. Thii
was greatly admired. Tuesday eve
ning the annual harvest supper of
the ladies union- will be. held in the
dining room of the church. On Fri
dsv evening there will be a pari
social as a part of rally week, rallv
Sundav being next Sundae. Sept, 24,
"At." this 'time there will lie a special
program and the Christian Endeavor
meeting will be led bv .Miss Annette
Lawrence Shelvey was home for the
Walter Edwards has returned to the
week end from Montnelier seminary
Baypath institute, Springfield, Mass.
Many should think of attending the
state Smidav school convention in
Montpelier the. first week in October.
Mrs. A. O. Stevens has gone to
.Vorthamptfln. While away she will
ing relatives. While awav she will
attend the wedding of her son, Fay
ette Willis Stevens.
The condition of Mrs. Fred Davis
still remains critical.
Mr. Ray Davis was taken to the
Mary Fletcher hospital Friday, where
lie was eupected to be operated on
Mrs. Arthur H. Oraves was at the
Fanny Allen hospital yesterday to see
her husband, who was very comfort
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Merrill of Rorh
ijlct fntanwISTluidDfaohiB
Children Cry Fop
lrvl A TNC3XMn A I
rntini .-a PEH CENT. A
. WKWHW- . .1. J
kVr.AtnhU PfrtvaraTtoniarro
tingtheStotnadis and
f. fiuiau. t.w- -
. tod
s i.-infiilCcraedyft'
AC-Simile XitZZ?
Your Friend, the Physician.
Tha hiRtnnr of nil modifines carries with it the Btorv of battles
against popular beliefs: fights against prejudice: even differences of
opinion among scientists and men devoting their lives to research work; ;
'laboring always for the betterment of , mankind. This information;
is at the hand of all physicians. He is with you at a moment's call
be the trouble trifling or great, He is your friend, your household
counselor. Be is the one to whom you can always look for advice '
even though it might not be a case "of sickness. He is-- not just a
doctor. He is a student to his last and final call. His patients are
his family and to lose one is little less than losing one of his own
flesh and blood. -
Believe him when he tells you as ne will that Fletcher's!
Castoria has never harmed the littlest babe, and that ft is a goodj
thing to keep in the house.. He knows. I
mothers should read the booklet that is abooho evert bottle of rctcheits castohi j
Bears Jhe Signature of
Clerical Rumor.
i nat was an excellent discourse vou
elivered last Sundar," eaid an old
minister to a rising toiiiic prcai-her.
but I would hardlv call it a sermon,
had no teat."
I "mi t tou rail a nisfourse a sermon
unlet. it hat a text, doctor?"
t'ertainlT not."
How about the sermon on the
Mount ; it has no tet ?
Tn the contrarv. mv dear voting
friend.-' said the dd miniater. " It is
lotrroned" entirely of fent." Ikiston
Transrr'pt. '
Nothing To It.
A ew nrk msn mvs in te I ritmne
that Boston girls tsk of "Hnbcit-
inf their hair, not of "lob!iin' it. The
New Yorker's name is Kid.lcr. and he's
living up to it. Bofn Tranwript.
Firmly Fixed Then.
woman never' has any difficulty
?.v,Z hfT mvd - uniens yo happen
rha n
its te arrins
s it fa her. BoTnn Tran-
Kext Bt Thing.
Thoiiph we cannot gft an aut-
None hall hear u fn-t tni cn;
We int.-nd to slay cintared
If an auto 1 ,n t get n
- r.,..t.n Trnript.
Tte Proof.
-flow do vc-u kf.osi
;. ymj? Dnes hf est
". Kitt b trfux-s
it isflra Trsnacjitit-
to let mc est
Insist on Bayer Package
Unless you see the name "Bayer"" on
package or on tablets you ar not get
ting the genuine Bayer product pre
scribed bv ihyirians over twenty-two
years and proved safe by millions for
Colds Headache
Toothache Lumbago
F.ara'he Rheumatism
Neuralgia Fain, Tain
Accept only "Bayer" package m-hich
contains proper directions. Handr bores
of twelve tablets cost few cents. Drtic
gist alco ell bottles of 2t and 100
Aspirin is the trade mark of Bayer
Manufacture of Monoaceticaeidester of
S'alicvlicacid. a dr.
Exact Copy of Wrapper. T(4 okmtaui company, mcw vess errr.
ester, N. Y., are guests , of Pr. and
Mrs. J. F, Claire. ' '-'".
. Memberr of Queen Ksthcr chapter,
No. 7, O. K. S., are planning to at
tend in Barre the 2rt h the annual
meeting of district No. 4, O, E. S.
This is expected to be of much inter
est and has a fine program.
Miss Harriet TerHeun of Newburg,
N". Y., is a guest of Mrs. C. B. Adams.
Fine Substitute.
A short time ago, a young profes
sional man at Covington fqund a bar
gain in polish and took it home so his
wife could polish up the family silver.
TRe paper wrapper was torn and as
his wife was cut, he ound an empty
baking powder container, and put the
polish in that. They were entertain
ing the next evening for dinner. Y'oung
wife baked a cake, using plenty of
baking powder. The dinner w as a suc
cess and the cake wonderful. The next
morning wife decided to polish the silver,-
but the polih was gone. Then
she remembered that friend husband
had fold her where he had placed the
polish. She hurried to the 'phone and
rallasi iniAuts rf ti cvpnintr bpfors.
ndrtli and south f talked about the weather but found
lifctrii't TjI.on- no one 111. It was a secret lor two
substitute for baking powder and givei
a cake a pleasant taste. Indianapolis
Infants Both.
School Supervision Districts Unite and
Elect Leonard Smit Supervisor.
At a meeting of the school hoards of
the town of Stowe. MorrUtown, F,l-
more, Hvrte I'ark and violent t. lormer-
ly comprising the
l.antri;II snniirvlBirkn oifit rii'I i
ard Smith was elected supervisor of i weens, nut now tne guests Know mat,
the consolidated district. Mr. Smith j eertain kind of polish makes a fine
was formerly of .viorrisvine iiei
is a grafluate of reopie acaoemy anu
of Middlcburv college. For the past
M'ven years he has been supervisor of
the Weils River district. He will make
JIaud Funny you should fall " in
love with a man ten years older than
THhel He isn't. We didn't begin ta
live till we knew each other, so, of
course, we're exactly the same age.
Boston Transcript.
None In Her Wardrobe.
"Frankness is the modern girl'a lonfl
suit." savs' an exchange. Apparently ill
is the only long suit the has. Bottotl
Flippant Signs Seen. .
"If your feet ache bring thern in."
"Our sodas are the best soda
sayd Boston Transcript.
headquarters in Morrisville and
w ill begin his work in ten days, or as
soon as he can make arrangements.
Oeorce A. Sanborn returned Friilav
from Bostoli, where on Tuesday he at
tended the wedding of his aon. Harold
T. Sanborn, to Miss Alice Rindue of,
Boston. Mr. Sanborn also visited his,
sons. Ulin t. ana iienry rannorn, ami
families at ( 'rcenfictd, Mass. Mr. and
Mrs. Harold Snlorn, who are now-
visiting the White nuntain. will
come to Slowe and an. .viansneio. on
their way to Boston.
Mrs. Addie Harris went Saturday to
visit friends in Northfield.
Mr and Mrs. Ernest Chuhh of Man
hester. N". H., called on Mrs. Alice A.
Humphrey Friday. Mr. and Mrs.
Chubb were ffirmerlly neighbors of
Mrs. Humphrey in Milwaukee, Wis.
Loon S. Macntchan was given a sur-
prise iwrtY Vtednesuav evening oy
("hiibh were formerly neighbors .f
honor of his fortieth birthdav. A pic
nic supper was served.
Relieve baby's
with -
5oolhintj and Healing
Hasjusl Ihe
cooling louch to
produce comfort
and permit sleep
Does no! smarf or
tiling when applied
. Record-Breiking Leap.
A nan, who was to make a trip on
a certain steamer, arrived at the pier
jut a the vessel was starting in
I act, she was already on the move. j
Taking a flying leap, he covered K he .
intervening space of six or eiaht feet J
at a bound, but tripped and struck his I
hesd on the deck, which temporarily
stunned him. j
When he recovered his senses, the '
rssel was a couple of hundred yards j
lit at sea. j
"Holy Moes!-' he exclaimed, not i
roaliing what had happened, "what a
jump.''- l'ittsburg Chronicle Telegraph.
Also On Hit Thint.
' How mih will it cost me to go-
a'wrosdT" akH the man in the steam
ship ofTb-e.
Weil." answered the auent. "that
depends on whether or nnt you play
rrda n the lt." Bvston Tran-wript.
Mother's Break.
"What's the dMay?"" aked mnlher.
coming t the front dwr.
"Pa ssys one f the cylinders is
Wei!. you hHdren pet tn work and
bunt fw it or we'll r.eer get olT.
IS"-!-1 tin Trans'Tiut.
3 .
S, i k J
Tt s STsrca
BRUSH the fingerprints of time from
furniture and floors, doors and steps,
with Inorout Varnish. For a rich, satiny
finish indoors for a beautiful protection
outdoors, Inorout has no equal.
Weather woti't harm it. Salt water arfd
live steam can't make it crack, peel or turn
white. Samples of wood, varnished with
Inorout, were boiled for one solid hour
and the gloss wasn't even dulled. Try it.
Ask for Inorout by name.
Here are tome other paints that will prove
useful:' BAY STATE AGATENE a Snish
that beautifies all woodwork. BAY STATE
a complete line to meet every need. BAY
PAINT. T . '
139 Federal Street Boston. Mass.
Largest Pitt assf Vrmitk JT stars la Mew Cafaasf
Buy norsjsf Vanu'sA from
L. S. BLANCHARD, Groton, Vt
The all round varnish
1 1

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