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BARRE DAILY TIMES' 0rord in New Hampshire, jttot acrost
Published Ewry Week-Day Afternoon
Frank E. Lanirley, Publisher.
fcntrd at the PoatoHWa at Barr a Second
Claw Mall Matter.
the Connecticut river from Fairlen,
was one of the most foul crimes ever
perpetrated in this part of New Eng
land, the two victims having been up
parently struck down.jn cold blood by
a person or persons swayed by A pas
a person or persons swayed by
a. naMNifin fni mnnpv. nf wliirh
x month by mail ,..S2.T carry a considerable store. Hu
Three montha by mail , 11.60 . man life is no barrier for the lust
wne montn djt man ..on cents . ,,, , .. .
sinl copy , .,, cents for gold in the 111 in da of some crea
tures masquerading for men j it is held
no more sacred than the life of the
All subscription cult in advance. . .
ko th. use for reoublkation of all new. dU- most humble animal that crawls over
fetches credited to it or not otherwwe ered- jhe ground. Lust for gold caused an
ited in thw miner, and also tha local nawa " "
tiuoiisned therein. luionmaiv ami leeine man, jonn iw
bart, to be murdered in the town of
Middlesex only a few years ago. , Lust
for gold was back of the blows, which
struck down an aged storekeeper in
the little village of Gassetts, Vt., more
recently. Lust for gold is constantly
Already stretching into weeks, the ! being revealed as the actuating mo-
million-dollar Woodhouse alienation tive of murders pnumerable every
suit In Chittenden county court looks where in the world.
, Frank Greene's $9.15 bill of expense
"for being elected to the United States
Senate doesn't stamp him as a $0.15
man by -any means. ' '
like quite a bill of expense whatever
the outcome.
' Those who have grown wearied of
(predicting when something will be
done in the Hall-Mills murder case
may turn to a somewhat more definite
thing, the weather.
Representative-elect Aaron H. Grout
of Newport is out with an announce
ment of his candidacy for speaker of
the Vermont House. Others may be
expected to follow suit in a short time.
"It is up to you boys to take good
care of your mother and sister. Good
bye," wrote a BO-year-old man of New
Haven Mills just before he took a
fatal dose of poison. ; It must be said
that the three boys did not have a
very good example of courageous devo
tion to the task when the head of the
household deserted in such a manner.
The little town of Ira, in Rutland
county, has done something which
many a larger town and some cities in
Vermont, have not done it has just
.dedicated a memorial to its townsmen
who died in the service of their coun
try in three wars, Including the World
war. Having done so, Ira has a right
to be incensed over the dilatoriness of
the others. '
In the Orford double murder, the
power that drove the axe against the
heads of the two elderly Davis broth
ers waa the desire to gain the money
the two men had accumulated in their
thrift and which they, through odd
mental workings, tad thought best to
carry on their persons rather than to
entrust to hanks. And, by the way,
that axe, or the telltale finger marks
on the axe, may be the means of
bringing the murderer r murderers
to book. Certainly, those marks seem
at the present time to be the most
tangible clew to the solving of the
mystery. yFith that clew to work
upon; the investigating authorities
ought to find the mystery far more
susceptible of solution than the com
mon run of such sordid crimes. Let
the investigation be pushed promptly.
Calling off of the shopmen's strike
gainst the Central Vermont Kail way
Co. is attendant with an understand
ing that ' the strikers will he re-employed
as the railroad needs them. The
Central Vermont Is enjoying a. rush
f business in common with other rail
roads in New England and it seems as
if some of the ex-striker could be
employed now if ever. It is to be
hoped that the adjustment of difficul
ties on this line may work out satis
factorily to all concerned.
Following the hearing of the case of
Myron C. Washburn,' a resident of
Randolph until a few years ago, died
Saturday at the Mary rletchcr hos
pital in Burlington, following an op
eration for appendicitis. Mr. Wash
burn was at one time the proprietor
of The Maples here and was manager
for the Brigham creamery, at Water-
bury at the time of his death. The
funeral was held at Waterbury this
morning at ,10 o'clock, with inter
ment at East Randolph. Mr. Wash
burn was about 52 years of age. iTe
is survived by his wife and son, John,
also by one sister, Mrs. Hodges of
.Philadelphia, and two brothers, Wil
liam and Fred; both of Randolph.
A-son was born to Mr. and Mrs,
Galen W. Osha Sunday morning.
There was a good attendance at
grange meeting Saturday evening and
the program arranged by the young
women of the grange consisted of
amusing stunts..
Sergt. and Mrs. H. Schucker and
daughter, Virginia, and Prof, and Mrs.
P. D. Webster and son, George, ef
Northneld were guests at Robert
Mayo's Sunday.
Miss Abbie F. Clarke left Saturday
for Windsor, where she joins a party
bound tor Washington, 1J, C, to at
William Masters of Monkton on the 0rder of aRtern "star.
arge oi pointing a aeaaiy weapon fi jfj-s. j, Carleton Jones and little
j at Charles Harnman of the same town, i son, Donald, returned Sunday from
c jrsuiuug ui iiiu weapon oeing ais
; charged arid Harriman being seriously
injured, it developed that Masters has
been in the habit of pointing firearms
;at persons for a "joke." In the case
fat hand the "joke" turned out to be
near-tragedy as the revolver pointed
at Harriman contained one shell Sen
tence of eighteen months in the house
of correction is likely to eliminate that
kind of a joke from Masters' reper
toire. It ought to be similarly effec
tive in cases of other persons inclined
to such foolishness.
There doesnt seem to be any chance
for an argument this year over the
high school football championship of
Vermont; the title goes to Burlington
high school, hands down, following
that team's victory over Rutland high
echool after successive victories over
the other strong contenders like St.
Albans and Spaulding high of Barre.
The Burlington team hasn't played all
the possible aspirants for the honor
Itecause games were not scheduled
with all of them, but with those it
has played it has demonstrated its
superiority in marked fashion. Thus
it aeems that there will be none of
the wearisome claims and counter
claims on paper at the close of the
season. It is for the other teams to
b gin making their plans to cop with
Burlington high another year.
a ten days' stay in Springfield, Mass,
Mr. Jones has a position in the city
and the family expects to go there
soon to live.
Philip Salisbury of New York' spent
the end of the week with relatives
Sergt. and Mrs. Glen F. Bingham of
Northneld spent . feunday with Mrs,
Bingham's grandparents, Mr. and Mrs.
tugene Uardner.
The Rei Cross roll call was quite
successfully carried out Sunday aft
ernoon. Mrs. Alice Rumrill has been ill for
several days at E. W. Tewksbury's.
Miss Pauline Hutchinson, who is in
a hospital at Roxbury, Mass., for
treatment, is gaining slowly.
For this week only, will cloe out
fpw pianos left in stock at a sacrifice.
Every instrument guaranteed by Bald
win. 'Phone 203-Y, or write for cata
logue and terms. Lamorey's, 71 North
Main street, Barre. adv.
Here are the soft
smooth ' warm French "
flannel pajamas r the
kind we all enjoy for
cold nights. $2.00 and
Good durable madras
Underwear, two-piece,
in . a variety of differ
ent fabricsyou pick
what you like; prices
$1.00 to $4.
Union suits so univer
sally popular. The mod
el you fancy, is here;
prices $1.50 to $6.50.
SWEATERS. Warmth .
without weight, elastic
knit, two useful pock
ets, to be worn under
your coat or as a jack
et ; price $6.00.; v
GOLF HOSE. Genuine
camel hair ribbed style,
slightly brushed, cuff in
soft colors ; prices $1.50
to $3.00. :
R H. Rogers &
Save With a Will !
"No one doth well against his will, even though what he doth,
be well," wrote Saint Augustine in his "Confessions." This intelli
gent and charming Bishop of Hippo, dead these fifteen hundred
years, expressed an idea which is applicable to every good thing
, we do. , .
Tn the practice of thrift, it is important that one does it with a
will. Compulsory thrift robs a virtue of its joy and spontani
ety. A boy will gladly save his money for a radio set, whereas hex
will save only half-heartedly if forced to by his parents.
To Save for some definite thing is to Save with a will. If you
have found saving difficult, select something that you desire and
start saving for it You will find that you, too, can save.- Won't
you try it to-day?
Red Cross Drive Thursday, Nov. 16. There are others more un
fortunate than you. Do your best!
Peoples National Bank of Barre
. 4 per cent The Only National Bank in Barre 4 per cent
Vermont (Mutual
Fire Insurance Company
of Montpelier, Vt. .
Insurance in Force .1. .... .$129,158,841.00
Premium Notes in Force . . . $12,973,351.00
Cash Assets "$430,000.00
Policies written under Mutual or Paid-Up-Plan at
actual cost no profit
Consider this fact when placing your Automobile
Fire Insurance
If you are' seeking Insurance, see our Local Agent
. v . 1 '. ' '
MeA'Hcfpr ft Kent
Agents for Barre.. Berlin and Orange
Red Cross Membership Drive, Thursday, Nov. 16 .
The double murder of the elderly
Iavis brothers in the little town of
For this week only, will close out
few pianos left in utock at a sacrifice.
Every instrument guaranteed by Bald
win. 'Phone 203-Y, or write for rata
k)gue an3 terms. Lamorey's, 71 North
Main street, Barre. adv.
Entire Family Had "Flu .
" 'Keep right on using Foley's Honey
and Tar. It will give quick rrlivf,' Mil
the doctor, when the entire family had
the 'flu.' Never saw anything m good,"
writes Mrs. A. B. Griffith, Andrews,
Ind. Neglected coughs and colds oftej
I 'ad to serioua complications. Foly's
Honey and Tar give quirk relief. F-ee
from opiates (ingredients printed on
the wrapper). Larget selling cougs
medicine in the world. Sold everywhere.
Better Made
Boys' Shoes
Give your boy a little .
help if you want to de
velop in him the habit
of keeping his boots
clean by starting him
off with a good pair
from here. You know
the old saying "A man .
can't do good work
with poor tools."
As to Quality
The s a nve durable
leathers, the same
roomy last, the same
strengthening of
points that get the
hardest wear, that you
have come to count on
in our Boys' Shoes are
being featured more
than ever.
Rogers' Walk
Over. Boot Shop.
Household Bank Accounts
The management of household finances ought
to be a business matter. The member of the
. family who looks after the expenses and pays the
bills should have a bank account. Paying bills by
check gives one an accurate record of where the
money goes, and cancelled checks, which the bank
returns, are receipts for all money paid. We have
a large number of. household accounts and would
welcome yours.
Ited Cross Membership Drive, Thursday, Nov. 16.
Barre Trust Company
av av, luiu.
C44 W. EiakM.
O. Cil t, Fiuk K, Laacbv. Qaiarr
H. fam.
Savings Bank
and Trust Co.
Montpelier, Vt
Capital Surplus and Un
divided Profits, 1220,000
4 P. C. on Savings
2 P. C. on Commer
cial Deposits
All taxifS paid by bank.
Depository of City of
Montpelier and State of
' Vermont
R. Jl'Lira VOUHOLM. Taw.
W. G. KTK. '
X. a. can a nan.
C. E. Dunham attended the National
Milk Producers' convention in Spring
field, Mass., last week.
Mrs. Austin Anms has moved from
the Briggs tenement on South Main
street to the Gilson house opposite the
inn. . . -
A Blue Triangle Outing 'cluh has
bepn organized with 62 members un
der the supervision of council con
sisting of Mrs. John J. Wifoon, Mrs. A.
N. Washburn, Mis Helen Brooks, Mrs.
A. B Washburn, Mrs. C. N. Stimets,
Mrs. F. K. Wallace, Mia Margaret
Wallace, Miss Elizabeth Pease and
Miss Louixe Fisher have been chosen
leaders and Miss Elsie Haikara aoribe.
At least two members f the council
will accompany the girls in each of the
outings which will be monthly. Sat
urday was a perfect day for the first
outing, which more than 30 attended.
Mrs. Stimots, Mrs. A. B. Washburn
and Miss Brooks accompanied the girls.
Daniel Rhoadcs, aged forty-!
years, died Sunday morning at
the home of his sister, Mrs. ,
William E. Roger, where he was ten-;
derly cared for during a long illness j
from cancer. Nothing could be done
to arrest the progress of the disease !
though local physicians and a special-1
ist were employed. He spent most of j
his life in Barnard and Koyalton. do
ing farm work ten years on the Fair-
cluld place in Royalton. He is sur
vived bv several brothers, including
Frank E. Rhoades of Barnard, Eu
gene Rhoades of Worcester, David
Rhoades of New Hampshire, William j
Rhoades of Braintree and Walter
Rhoades of this village. The funeral
was held this forenoon, With burial
at the North Branch cemetery. I
The closest and most interesting
football game of the season on the lo- '
cal field was won Saturday. 1!) to 7,
by Lebanon, N. Ft., high school from
Whitcomb hiith school. The local
team scored in the first period and
the visitors in the second and fourth.
The locals made a good try for at
least a tie in the lat seven minutes
and pushed the ball half way up the
field by steady work, and then lost it
on downs by inches. The teams were
evenly matched, the Whitcomb back-
field excelling ana me ieianon line
was a trifle stronger. The visitors
were heavier by about five pounds
each. Quarterback Fiher made the
touchdown and kicked the goal for
James Harlow tim gone ro spring
field to work.
The neighbors of David Com have
given him a cow to take the place of
the one strangled recently and Mr.
Come feel very grateful to them all.
The t'niversalist ladies' fair came to
a successful close Friday evening with
a three-act comedy by the young peo
ple of the church, which was very well
presented. Tha orchestra furnished
good music An auction of unsold ar
ticles from the booths, conducted be
fore the play by C. I), (ushing, pro
voked much merriment. The et f
characters consisted of Rev. W. C Har
veT, Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Putnam,
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer H. Pturk, Fred
E. Burrell, Leter M. Hesly, Robert S.
Noble, Misses Ruth ( ushing, Adelina
Clifford and Mildred Shaw. j
Ords have, been received announc
ing the marriage Nov. 10 in Manchea
ter. N. H., of Mice Grace Davis to
Arthur Kitchin. Both young people (
visited here Iat summer and the bride
Is the younger daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. B. E. Davis, formerly of this
plae. j
A. N. Washburn and family went .
Saturday to Morrisvilla for a short 1
Mr. and Mrs. Ouy Wilson were in
Burlinsrton Saturday to eee the Vermont-Norwich
football game and vis
it their eon. Harold, who i a student
in tha I'niven-ity of Vermont.
fin. Herbert Joslyn has bought
from Dr. and Mrs. E. C. Burrell the
house on Church street which the Bur-
rella bought from Claude B, P. Rider,
bevt known as the E. A. Davis Jiotise.
Taul F. Wilson and family have
moved into the Davis houe recently
bought by bis mother-in-law, Mrs. Jo
lyn. Charles L. Lilley shot a buck in
rittefield last Frids. He hunted
parts of two dsys. driving his car bark
snd forth and Tarrying his brother,
; Morris A. Lilley.
t Mrs. O. E. Johnson w ai-ompaniej
j Lome from Topham over Kundsy by
one f her pupils. Miss Gladys Fng-
J Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Rytber arrived
I ia towa Sunday for a stay at the Bas-
com bouse.
W. T. Kigers says the IVnwratir
! sweep from mt to "t ia the recent
election, carrying 20 Harding state
fur Democratic stste or aenatorial
! candidates, was a rtet by American
I Ijrg)iB men and their frirn! aroused
bv tfce pre!iei)ts veto c.f the bnnns
MIL Mr. r.ojers is fathrr.tf TV.ward
L, Rogers, who saw service In France
and Germany and wag te first com
mander of Noble-Beckwith post, A. L.
Verda W. Lyman was here with his
family over the holiday from bis work
in Boston.
Mrs. Charles T, Waldo went yester
day to spend to-day, her 81st birthday
anniversary, with relatives in Lebanon,
N. H. She was accompanied by her
daughter-in-law, Mrs. Fannie Waldo.
A football fell on two parallel electric
light wires near the school house yes
terday afternoon and what little hv
solution remained on the wires was
burned off quickly with quite a dis
play of fireworks for a moment,
l5he Royees good goods will be de
livered sometime during next week by
the agent. adv.
For Quick Sale
1922 4-36 3 pass Buick Coupe
has been driven 3,000 miles
Drown Motor Car Co.
Labor and Thrift
"A man may, if he knows not how to save a3 he
gets, keep his nose all his life at the grindstone
and die not worth a groat at last." Ben j. Frank
. lin. Work without thrift is wasted effort. Don't
let your effort go for nothing. Get the future
benefit from your work by putting aside regu
larly some of the money you are earning to-day.
The First National Bank
We have a limited amount of Lehigh and Lackawanna
Coal3 in all sizes. You must remember that we will not
get all the Hard Coal we want this season and much soft
coal and wood will have to be used. We have plenty of soft
coal and wood. We are offering a limited amount of Mixed
Round and Second Growth Wood at $4.00. Call us up
'Phone 430..
Calder & Richardson, Dt"" SMW
Old Time Medicine
25 popular household Medicines at prices you haven't
heard of since you were young.
November 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18
$1.00 pint Puretest Norwegian Cod Liver Oil 39c
For the baby ruretest Zinc Stearate, 2 cans for ... .23c
100 2-gr. Quinine Pills, $1.00 value .53c
100 Puretest Rhinitis Tablets, regular price 40c 17c
25c Puretest Infant Glycerine Suppositories 15c
2 ounces Puretest Aromatic Spirits Ammonia 21c
4 ounces Camphorated Oil, Puretest 23c
4 ounces Puretest Castor Oil, regular price 35c 17c
One lb. Sodium Bicarbonate, Puretest, regular price 35c,
at 10c
One pint Puretest Witch Hazel, 60c value .....39c
4 ounces Puretest Glycerine and Rose Water, 35c value, 17c
4 oz. Puretest Rochelle Salts .v. . . 17c
100 5-grain Cascara Tablets .17c; 3 bottles 50c
One Tb. Puretest Sugar Milk '. 45c
100 Bland's Iron Pills, regular price 25c...... 15c
2 ounces Puretest Essence Peppermint, regular price
50c ; special old time price 29c
4 oz. Puretest Boric Acid, 23c value, this sale ....... .12c
1 pint Puretest Rubbing Alcohol, 75c value 39c
100 Compound Cathartic Pills, regular price 50c 29c
1 ounce Puretest Tr. Iodine, regular price 25c 13c
2 lbs. Puretest Epsom Salts, regular price 25c lb . . . .23c
Red Cross Membership Drive, Thursday, Nov. 16.
The Red Cross Pharmacy
v Barre's Rexall Store
How long should
a battery last?
That depends on the make of
battery and the, treatment It re
ceives. Whatever make of battery you
have in your car will live its maxi
mum life if you will let us take
care of it -
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is scientifically done, our prices are
sensible. When will you call?
Harvey Sl Mower
The Long-Life Battery For Your Car
m . ii ii - . ..... ii ii "mi
Have More Beautiful Windows
By Using Flat Curtain Rods
The total absence of sagging the graceful curved ends
the concealed brackets the gracefully erect headings
result in neat, trim, attractive windows wherever Ku-sch
Flat Rods are used.
Flat Curtain
No Sag No Tarnish v
Kirsch Flat Rods are guaranteed never to sag or tarnish.
They last for years are washable can be kept like new
are far the cheapest in the end. Kirsch Flat Rods will fit
any window or series of windows in your home. See these
rods. Let us give you a leaflet showing the effects they
make possible.
A. W. Badger & Co.
XmiTttkmtm a Ui l Xnbaimm: ranaoaJ AttmMMi to Tab Wr TL tl-9

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