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Mahogany Suggestions
Spinet Desk
A desirable piece
of furniture. Very
attractive as well as
useful. - .
Windsor Chairs Sewing Tables
Reproductions of all
the old Windsor styles.
Solid mahogany or
birch mahogany.
Copies of the original
Martha Washington,
Betsey Ross and oth
ers. Solid mahogany.
- Rockers :
In many styles with
leather or tapestry cov
erings. Beautiful and
Table, floor, piano
and bridge. Silk and
parchment shades.
Polychrome finish.
, 45 to ; 72 inches in
length. Genuine Mahogany-
and - Walnut.
All styles and shapes.
Tables -
. Mahogany and Wal
nut. Round or oval
Solid wood or finished.
All sizes.
Join the Red Cross!
B. W. Hooker & Co.
CUf ratal mo m bwM-riTn uaaulaiwai aistaaca calk at rauanaM
Urm. Taiephona 7-W.
Always t First to Give the Public Wt it Want.
We have taken over the F. W. JACKSON COM
PANY'S stock of GUNS and AMMUNITION and
offer the same at BELOW MARKET PRICES! On
some sizes the stock is limited so do not put off buy
ing too long. ; i ,
IsN.B. Phelps C0.I2&
Barre, Vt 'Phones 28 and 29.
Hairdressing Creations
Bobbed Hair and Short Dresses are 'gone. Fashion ia
ever changing and the art of correct Hair Dressing plays
an important part in a woman's personality.
Latest creations from Paris aid greatly in concealing
bobs short and straggling hairs, and thus form a neat
and attractive coiffure.
A few suggestions are: the Psyche puff clusters; Tec
co chignons, Coronet braids; beautiful wavy switches or
6ide puffs.
Whatever your taste, you can be assured of something
A select line of Toilet Preparations.
Beautye Shoppe
63 North Main Street
Tel. 203-M
This is a Good Time to Use
We have found that the brands below please most
people. .
Swift's Premium Oleomragarine, lb .28c
Wilson's Certified Oleomargarine, lb :.2Sc
Wilson's Nut Oleomargarine, lb .26c
For Tomorrow's Dinner
Chickens, Fowl, Lamb, Veal, Pork, Beef, Ham!
Eatmor Cranberries, per quart ISc
Celery, per bunch 30c
Sweet Potatoes, 10 lbs. 25c
Crisp Malaga Grapes, per lb 30c
Breakfast Food Special
Jersey Cornflakes, 3 for 25c
Shredded Wheat, 2 for T. 23c
Kellogg's Cornflakes 10c
Gocd California Oranges, per. doz 40c
The V. D. Smith Company, Inc.
Special fttlfl slip-on sweaters, $2.98,
at Morse', Montpelier. adv.
William A. Clark wan a business vis
itor In South Koyalton to-day.
R, L. Guyette of St. Albans was in
the city yesterday on a business visit.
Get your Christmas gifts at the God
dard seven-cent fair. Monday niglit.
W L. Wood of Boston is pausing the
week end in the city on a buamess
visit. 1
K. E. Rousseau of St. Albans Arrived
in the city yesterday on a business
visit. .
OHiarles H. Bimiham of East Calais
was in the city yesterday and to day
on business.
W H. B. Perry of Waterbury visited
with' his brother, Charles Perry, of this
city yesterday.
Frank L. Small of Eastern avenue
has returned to his home after a bus
iness visit to Boston.
Mrs. K. D. Phelps has returned
home, after a visit to relatives in Mas
sachusetts and Connecticut.
Miss Marjorie Ilowe of Northfltfld h
pasuinR the week end visiting , with
Miss Bora Aldrich of this city.
Miss Marion Rasmussen of Spring
field, Mass., arrived in the city yester
day for a visit with relatives.
Charles Collins has resumed his du
ties at the Mlers barber shop, after a
week's vacation spent in Boston and
vicinity. '
Safety razor blades of all kindH cor
rectly sharpened by new jicl,ni"t ap
proved machine. Ernest Uafayetto's
barbershop. adv. 1
Ask for v'Zenda" at the Littlefleld
Piano Co., formerly Bailey's .MiiHic
Rooms; the newest Broadway hit.
Tel. 399-W. adv. ;
Charles LeClair, Dr. S. W. Stewart
and A. F. Burke were among those who
Middlcburv to attend the foot
ball game this afternoon.
There was a good attendance laet
...nlnrr at the nlar. "The Deacon's
Second Wife," repeated by request at
the uongregauonai vest-j.
Attorney General Frank C. Archi
ha heen conducting an in
quest here this week, has gone to his
borne in Manchester to pass the week
end. . .
' An opportunity to save money.
Sport and dress hats. Evening, dinner
and street dresses on sale Saturday,
Nov. 13. At the Apparel Shoppe, Morie
block. adv.
o..-., J,... ..la pAmmAnnlriff Satur-
day, Nov. 18. At the Apparel Shoppe,
Morse block. Entire stock of hats,
coats, suits, dresses, sweaters, blouses
and over blouses, etc., at greatly re
duced prices. adv.
ir.' t,n... .,),U,l a atnrncrB liatterv
department and will be pleased to call
lor your oalier ior wiaici "n.
We handle all make and our prices
eannot be beaten. Give us a. call.
i none vio-w. w jHnt
Pearl and Summer streets. adv.
ixwlfmon have hern liusv for the
dava installine the new fire
escape on the Jefferson street side tf
Matliewson school 1 ne new esi-njie
tntifh wl)ir and still more convenient
that the old escape located on the op-
fam1mr nt th Greenwood Jtacnuet
club held a very enjoyable shack party
at the Siayion camp on easi nui iui
m an in 17 there hpinir about 25 members
of the elub present. The evening was
passea in a pleasant way, uiuny !nu
of game and atuntw beine in order. Re
freshments were served during the eve
ning. Four members .of the Spaulding
faculty acted as chaperones.
Hunter left the city in groups this
morning for their favorite haunts to
pass the last few hours which the law
allows In hunting deer. Report of deer
shot thjs week thus far do not begin
to compare with those sent in last year
although in most cases the animals
brought down have a good spread of
horns. Very few local hunters have
been fortunate enough to bring down
their yearly quota and they give the
absence of snow as the chief cause.
Professor Dallas Lore Sharp of Bos
ton university will lecture at the Con
gregational church on Tuesday eve
ning at 8 o'clock, Nov. 21. This will
be regular meeting of the Barre
Woman's club, under the direction of
the education committee. Those who
are familiar with Trof. Sharp's books
will be glad of the opportunity of
hearing him speak. The subject of ths
lecture is "The) Duty to Dig." Mis
Gladys Gale will add to the evening'
pleasure with selections on the organ.
Club member admitted on tickets;
guests at ths usual price of 25c. adv.
For this week only, will cloe out
few pianos left in stock st a sacrifice.
Every instrument guaranteed by Bald
win." Thone 203-, or write for cata
logue and termp. Lamorey', 71 North
Main street, Barre. adv. "
Regular meet-
incp f Winnrtta
(-2.5 .nlltiril Vn. Irt
IV of P.. will YJ
held in I. O. O. F. hall, (iordnn Work,
Monday evening, Nov. Stt), at 7 o'clock.
Election of otlWrs. A Urge attendance
is desired.
F. C. Evans of Burlington was a vis
itor in the city this morning.
E. I. Claflin of Randolph was a busi
ness visitor in the city yesterday.
Frederic II. Bickford of Bradfor 1 was
a business visitor in the city to-lay.
John Donald is enjoying a two weeks'
vacation from his duties as mail car
rier. Suits and overcoats all pure wool,
$30, any size, any style. The Royal
Tailor Man. adv.
Mrs. C. A. Miller of 'South Main
street left to-day for St. Johnsbury on
an extended visit.
D. A. Perry of the D. A. Peiry Real
Estate agency was a business visitor ia
Groton yesterday.
- Eric Ayers of Leuoxville, P. Q., left
the City hospital to-day, after receiv
ing radium treatment there. ,
T. W. Bradley, secretary of the Barrs
Board of Trade, was called to-day to
his home in Bluomfield, Conn.
IL William Scot returned to the
city this morning from Springfield,
where be has been visiting Governor
Ilartness on business.
Election . officers who served at the
polls Nov. 7 are requested to apply at
the offices of the city clerk at once as
the pay checks are ready.
Mrs. S. J. Graves and son, George,
of Trow hill returned last night from
Leominster, Muss., where tliey have
been visiting for the past week.
A very enjoyable card party was
held at the home of Mrs. Jam Ellen
wood of North Main street eavly this
week when a number of , her lady
friends gathered at her home. Refrcsn
nients were served by the hostess din
ing the evening, j
" i li in mil ' I
Work is Hearing completion in the
new room in which the adjutant gener
al will have his private office in the
State House. : The room which adjoins
the main oilice formerlly was occupied
by the safe. The safe was enclosed in
a brick covering which measured 10
inches through tho sides and was 2V
feet thick overhead. All this brick has
been removed and the wall painted
and whitewashed. A radiator has
been Installed and new floor covering
will soon be laid. An opening has liecn
cut in the floor of tho main office and
cement steps constructed leading to
the basement of the State House
where the vault is now located. The
adjutant general expects to mova his
new office some time during the coming
Franklin S. Billings, lieutenant-goveror-elect,
was in the city Friday.
M. II. Kenyon, representative-elect
from Colchester, Mrs. Kenyon and Ir
ving S. Coburn of Milton, senator-elect
from Chittenden county, were in the
city on Friday and visited at the State
The work of putting o nthe finish
floor in the new storehouse behind the
State House was begun Friday, The
outside work is completed, including a
cement gutter at one side of the build
ing to drain water.
Miss Christine Smollet left on Fri
day to visit friends in Bethel over
Saturday and Sunday.
: Justus George W. Powers of Ver
mont supreme court left on Friday for
his home in Morrisville.
James Brownlee left fo rMiddlebury
to-day to e the Vermont-Middlebury
football game. ,
A major in the 172nd infantry. Ver
mont National Guard, is to be elected
by the commissioned officer about
Dtc. 1, it was stated at the office of
the adjutant general on Friday.
Times and Places of Worship
and Subjects of Sermons.
Spiritualist Society The Progressive
Spiritualist society will hold services .n
Foresters' hull Sunday at 2 s 30 and 7 p.
m. Services conducted by Rev. Effle I.
Webster. '. . . . i
The Church of St. John the Bap
tist, Websterville Rev. A. Cyril
Drumm, priest-in-charge. XXIII Trin
ity. 2 p. m., Sunday school. 3 p. in.,
evening prayer and sermon.J
The Church of the Good Shepherd
Rev. A. Cyril Drumm, rector. XXIIJ
Trinity. 8 a. m., (oly communision.
10:30 a. m., holy eucharist and, ser
mon. 12 m., Sunday school. j
First Baptist Church, Washington
Services on Sunday as follows; Bible
school at 2 o'clock. Preaching at 3
o'clock y Rev. ert J. Lehigh of
Barre. Subject, "Indifference in Re
ligion." All, are welcome.
Italian Baptist Sunday School, Brook
Street Missionary, Miss R. C. Brown. ;
Sunday school at 3 p. m. wt us mane
this a banner Sunday in offering and
attendance. Come and bring some
one with you. Industrial school Fri
day night at 7 o'clock,
Berlin Corner Congregational Church
Rev. Frank Blomfleld, pastor. 10:45,
morning service, with sermon by the
pastor j topic, "To Whom Shall We
Got" Sunday school at noon. Har
vest festival and Thanksgiving serv
ice next Sunday, Nov. 26.,
Granitewille Presbyterian Ciurch
Preaching morning and evening. Bi
ble school and pastor's class after the
morning service, and Christian En
deavor at 0:30 p. m. Junior Endeav
or meets Thursday evening. Woman's
missionary society next week.
North Barre Mission Sunday school
at 3 o'clock. Church school at 2 p. m.
Junior chumi at 6:30. F. M. V. dub
Tnedav at :30. Wednesday, Q. V.
club hI 6:30. Miss Davis' class at
6:30 Wednesday. Thursday afternoon
mother s club at 2. Friday. nignt, m
1 itala club at 6:30. Saturday, junior
, league and industrial work, 2 to 4.
East Barre Congregational Church
!Rev. James, Ramsge, pastor. Morning
(worship at 10:30. Short talk to the
young on "Cheerfulnes." Sermon top
lie, "Jesus the Friend of Sinners."
j Christian Endeavor service at T p. m.
I Topic,, "Helping Home Missions."
Prayer service Wednesday evening at
7 o'clock. Everybody cordially invited.
First Baptist Church Rev. Bert J.
Lehigh, pastor. The pastor will preach
on Sunday at 10:30 and 7 o'clock.
Morning subject, "Indifferenea in Re
ligion." Evening subject, "Running to
Obtain." Bible school at 11:45. Young
people's service at 0. Prayer and praise
service Thursday evening at 7:30. All j
are cordially inrited to worship with;
Websterville Baptist Church Rev
E. W. Church. T)ator. Morning wor
ship at 10:30; subject, "The Other j
Mile. evening service at ; sunjeci,
"Dreams," especially interesting to
young people.Bible service follows morn
ing worship, with suitable classes for
all. During the- week of Nor. 19-28
special evangelistic services will be
held each evening at 7 o'clock. The
public is urged to attend.
First Church of 'Christ, Scientist
Services in the American Legion hall
at 10:45 o'clock a. m. Sunday; subject,
"Soul and Body." The Sunday
school at 12 noon. The reading room
i located at No. 8 Currier building
and open every afternoon from 2 to
188 N, Main St.
Barre, Vt.
The Daylight
Gifts of Real Leather
Pocket Books, Hand Bags, Vanity Cases, Purses
What could be more acceptable than a gift of leather in
real pin seal ooze calf imported kid, hand tooled
leather, Russian calf, Persian, beaver calf, Morocco, and
other high class leathers. ' ; -
Many wjth sumptuous fittings, mirrors, manicure in-
struments, powder puffs with cases,. watches, etc.
In soft browns, buffs, grays, tans, black, and various
two color effects. Scores of styles scores of shapes--scores
of sizes. . ' , .
For women at 98c to 12.50
For children at 25c to 2.50
6 o'clock and Monday end Saturday
nights from 7 to 9. All are cordially
invited to attend all services and visit
the reading room, where the works of
Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy, together with
the Christian Science literature, may
be read, borrowed or purchased.
Salvation Army Meetings Tuesday,
8 p. m., soldiers' meeting (private,)
Wednesday, 8 p. rn., public. Thursday,
& p. m., corps cadets' training class.
Friday, 8 p. m public. Saturday, 2:30
p, m., girls' eewing class. Saturday,
8 p. ro., public. Sunday services Holi
ness meeting, 11 a. m. Sunday school,
2 p. m. Praise service. 3 p. to. Y. P
Legion, 6 p. m. Salvation meeting, 8
p. m. To these services you are in
vited. Rich or poor, the S. A. is a
friend to all mankind. Captain W. H.
Bevan and Lieut. R. B. Tilton, officers
in charge.
First TJniversalist Church Rev. W.
II. Skeels, minister. Morning service
at 10:30 o'clock. Sermon subject,
"Open Windows." Evening, at 7
o'clock, i"titratd lecture-sermon. Sixty-one
beautifully colored slides. The
theme is taken from the play, "Light
nin'," in which Frank Bacon teaches
us that there is good in so-called
worthless men. Tnis will be a worth
while hour'and a half for you. Sun
day school teachers meeting Tuesday
at 7:30 p. m. Woman's mission circle
Friday, Nov. 24, with Mbi Wheelock.
Boy scouts Friday evening.
Congregational Church Rev. F. L.
Goodpeed, pastor. At 10:30, morning
worship and sermon by the pastors
subject, "The Gospel of Spiritual In
sight." Bible school at 12. 4:30 p.
m., junior Christian Endeavor; topic,
"What the Missionaries Are Doing for
Turkey and Tersia." 8 p. m Y. P. S.
C. E.j subject. "How Can We Help
Home Mission Work!" 7, evening wor
ship and address by the pastor. Sub
ject, "Turkish Slaughter of the .Ar
mistice." llusic by the male quartet
morning and evening. Tuesday, 7 p.
m., meeting of the boy scouts. Thurs
day, 7:30 p. ro., midweek service. Sat
urday afternoon the Philathea class
will "hold a sale of food, candy and
fancy articles in the church parlor.
Public invited to all our services.
First Presbyterian Church W. McN.
Kittredge, pastor. Morning worship
at 10:30, with talk to the boys and
girls and sermon to adults from the
theme, "Forgiveness and Tempta
tion," the fourth sermon in the scries
on the Lord's Prayer. Sabbath school
at 12 m ; song and etor. Monday,
7 p. m., the boy scouts meet in the
vestry. Many people are starving for
lack of food but more ; are starving
spiritually because they refuse to eat
spiritual food. Why starve the soul!
ou would not treat your Jody that
way. fThe worship of God in our
churches is a privilege. Come and join
with Us in honoring God and His day
by true worship. You will be welcome.
Hedding Methodist Episcopal Church
Rev. Bailey Gatrt Lipsky, pastor.
Morning service at 10:30. Church school
at 11:45. Epworth Ifague at -8 p. m.
Evening service at 7. The pastor has
returned from New York and Phila
delphia and will occupy the pulpit
again. His Morning , theme will be
"The" Fufure Lies with the Youth."
Evening theme, "Passing the Danger
Signal." Girl scouts Monday, 7 p. m.
The annual sale of the ladies of the ,
church begins on Tuesday afternoon
and continues through Wednesday eve-!
ning. Tuesday evening a chicken-pie ;
supper will be served and Wednesday i
evening an entertainment will be giv. '
en. Prayer meeting Thursday evening ;
at 7:30. A cordial welcome awaits
you at Hedding church.
Sale: Now until Nov. 25, ladies' and
children's hats; largest, best lot of
season just arrived. Prices $1 up to
$5. Inez Fificld, North Montpelier.
Mrs. Elizabeth Goodale received an
appointment as monitor of the fresh
man class at Middlebury college.
Rev. John" Kimball was elected rep
rescntative from the town of Glover on
a combined Republican and Democratio
ticket at the recent election. He was -minister
of the local Universalist
church 34 years ago and lived at the
present home of Dr. G. A. Best.
Mrs. Robert Noble is visiting her sis
ter in Boston for a week or more . r
A daughter was born Nov. S at the
Skinner sanatorium to Mr. and Mrs.
Fred M. Davis.
William Edmunds and James Peltier
were successful deer hunters in Barn
ard. Mrs. Mary Abbott has returned from
a week's visit , in Strafford.
Thomas J. Lavere has been award
ed a patent upon his invention of 4
flue cleaner. Only two other patents
upon flue cleaners are current and Mr.
Lavere'a invention is a much simpler
and lew expensive article than either
of them. It ia spiral and clears the
chimney thoroughly from top to bot
tom by a caterpillar motion.
For this week only, will close out
few pianos left in stock at a sacrifice
Every instrument guaranteed by Bald
win. Thone 203-Y, or write for cata
logue and terms. Lamorey's, 71 North
Main street, Barre.--adv.
Sale : Now until Nov. 23, ladies' and
children's hats: largest, best lot of
Chicken-pie supper, Odd Fellows ' season just arrived. Trices $1 up to
dining hall. Wednesday, Nov. 22; 40c 63. Inez Fifield, North Montpelier.
and 23c. adv. jadv. -
1 .
lyngsvwur ill
We have a limited amount of Lehigh and Lackawanna
Coals in all sizes. You must remember that we will not
get all the Hard Coal we want this season tmd much soft
coal and wood will have to be used. We have plenty of soft
coal and wood. We are offering a limited amount of Mixed
Round and Second Growth Wood at $4.00. Hardwood
Slabs and Edgings at $3.50. Call us up 450.
Calder & Richardson, 2'
66100 ("Three o'Clock in the Morning")
John McCormack
18957 ("Nellie Kelly I Love You" American Quartet
("You Remind Me of My Mother" " Henry Burr
From "Little Nellie Kelly."
18963 (Homesick" Fox Trot
Taul Whiteman and His Orchestra
Exhausted from Grippe Cough.
L grippe coughs rack and tear the
sufferer to a state of exhsution.
"Would get completely exhausted from
violent grippe couha," writes R. (I.
Collins. Barncjrat, N. J. "Tried Foiey s
Honey and Tar and the emi(rh craned
entirely." l"d by three (ri-neratiotis
for couph, cold and croup, throat,
rhert and bronchial irritation, Foley's
Honey and Tar has atood the tet of
tim. Contains no opistea inrredienta
printed f-n the rjr. Lart aell
inff Crt'ch nwiiolns in the world, fv.ld
eve rv where. adv.
U05T A fv-otrk Mrit yrtlow wixh
h r r martiar. m4 wnra a -
Ur; MutaM rt ra , i HT LHiPoat, . S
tnrtra. V V.
FOl'N l A b'.wk o : prat r tmrh-
rl"li r.;r mr4 't. T- S."
O.iirf rn K- to ritt tor ai"r-
W VTT'- ier pr.Krr; Actmjn A
Mnn. eJl txrvn. t -.t
TO UVT- futtif f '""
Ml. If Vir.MT aewrv IwL ITML
("All Over . Nothing At All" Fox Trot
The Great White Way Orchestra
18964 ("Tomorrow" Fox Trot The Great White Way Orchestra
("You Gave Me Your Heart" Fox Trot
The Great White Way Orchestra
18965 ("I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate" Fox Trot
1 The Virginians
("Gee, But I Hate to Go Home Alone" Fox Trot
The Virginians
Come in and hear these newest and best releases, and at the same time
look over our comlete stock of Talking Machines. You will want one of
our VICTROLAS in your home for the holidays. Buy NOW and secure
yourself against the usual shortage at Christmas time. ' x
Littlefield Piano Company, Inc.
Formerly Daily's .Music Rooms, Tel. 3D9-W.
APPLES by the Bushel
New York Baldwins, Greenings, Northern Spies,
Spitzenburg and ohter keeping varieties. The car
is on the Central Vermont track and you can save
the cost of handling if you take them at the car.
Special prices in wholesale lots.
Sample that Delicious Candy
Cream, Molasses and Strawberry Puffs, per lb 35c
Cherry, Lemon, Maple and Molasses Blossoms, per
Tv ...........35c
Burlingtonians, Butter Scotch Wafers and ail
kinds of those famous University and Swiss Milk
Perfection Blend Coffee, per lb 25c
Boston Blend Coffee, per lb 33c; 3 lbs. $1.00.
Ladd's Special Blend Coffee, per tb .-. .-. .40c
Cream Puffs for Saturady.
Mutton Pies, individual size, each 7c
Ladd's Twin Loaf, per loaf 10c
Graham Health Bread and Raisin Bread, each 10c
Caked Beans and Brown Bread for Saturday.
Fresh ground Hamburg Steak, per lb 15c
10 lbs. Sweet Potatoes for 25c
Onions, per peck 40c; 5 lbs. small Onions 10c
Fresh Celery. Lettuce, pinach and Cranberries.
Mackerel for broiling or baking, Saturday, tb . .20c
Bull Pout, Lobsters, Scallops, Shrimp, Clams,
for steaming.
Finnan Haddies, fresh smoked every day.

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