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VOL. XXVI. No. 224.
' $465,000 DAMAGES FOR
After Wrestling With the
Million - dollar Suit
Acrainst Parents of
Douglas Woodhouse, Jury
Reported Largest Ver
diet Ever Known in
Vermont in Similar Case
Lorenzo E. Woodhouse,
Took the Verdict Coolly
Of the Total Amount
$400,000 Is For Actual
' Damages and $65,000 for
Exemplary Damages ,
They had been acquainted since '1912
when they met at a social function at
the University of Vermont.
. ' -, $3,000 VERDICT
Detective Believes He May
Have Seen Hall-Mills
Awarded Elmer Perrigo of Bedf oro,
Mass., in Alienation Suit.
Lowell, Mass., Dec. 7. A verdict of
$5,000 was awarded Elmer Perrigo cf
Bedford by A jury In the superior court
to-day in, his suit for $25,000 against
Edgar . Twomblev .of Billerica for alien
ation of his wife's affections. Perrigo
testified durinff the trial that he had
had himself nailed in a piano box and DEPUTY SEAN HALES
troni a post ot vantage on a wagon
peered through holes in the box and
saw Twomblev and Mrs. Perrigo enter
a hotel together.. :
But Refused to Affirm Or
: ' Deny Whether He Was
While Proceeding to Ses-! on Phillips Farm
sion of New Irish
Dublin, Dec. 7 (By the Associated
Burlineton. Dec. 7. An award of
$465,000 was made to-day by the jury
which for more than forty hours delib
erated over the million dollar claim of
Mrs. Dorrit ' Woodhouse against her
wealthy parents-at-law, Mr. and Mrs,
Lorenzo E, Woodhouse of New York
and this city, for the alienation of the
nffecfions of her husband, Douglas
Woodhouse. ; The case had consumed
five weeks in hearing.
V On the award, $400,000 is for actual
Jl damages and $05,000 for punitive, or
exemplary, damages. Although ' the
suit was brought for $1,000,000, Attor
noy Warren R. Austin for the plain
tiff stated in his argument to the jury
that tha plaintiff would be satisfied
with a verdict of $."00,000,
The case was given to the jury on
Tuesday afternoon. The jury came in
Yesterday and asked for instruction
from Judge Sherman FLMoulton. They
then retired and again at 9:30 this
morning they came in and asked for
further instructions as to the law on
damages, that request giving some
hint of the trend of the deliberations
Al 10:40 they came in again, and, in
response to the usual query," the fore
man, Burr D. Martin, of Jericho, an
nounced the verdict as above stated.
Intimation of a possible adverse
verdict revealed by the request for in
struction about the w on damages
had, perhaps, prepared Lorenzo E.
Woodhouse, the wealthy father of
Douglas Woodhouse, for the loss of
the case; and he took the verdict cool
ly. --There was only a small crowd in
the court room at the time, much in
contrast to the conditions throughout
the greater part of the trial. Steps
were taken immediately by-the de
fense to appeal the case.
Questions Asked By Foreman.
When the jury came in this mornii.g
to ask for instructions the foreman
asked two questions of the court. The
first question was: If the damages
re found against both defendants
ranging from one to a million dollars,
Is the Jius hand or wife liable for the
whole amount regardless of the finan
cial standing of the other! The sec
ond - question was: "Supposing the
mount bt 1250,000 for exemplary
damages and 1250,000 actual damages,
could the exemplary damages be col
Jeoted from either the husband or the
Attorney Page took exceptions to
the charge because question two asked
a to the collection of damages. That
is a thing about which the jury had
Do concern. Thereupon Judge Moul
ton inquired of the foreman if the sec
ond question referred to the collec
tion of the money and the foreman
replying "If the exemplary damages
should be 2."n,000 and it developed
that amount could not be collected
from Mrs. Woodhouse, could it be col
lected from Mr. Woodhouse?" Judge
Mmilton then explained that the jury
had nothing to do with the collection
of the money. That they only had to
do with the fixing of the damages.
In half an hour tha jury returned
and awarded $463,000, of which $05,
000 t exemplary or punitive damages.
When the verdict was read in unemo
tional voids of acourt official, attor
neys for the defense were heard to ut
ter whimpered ejectulations, of varying
intensity. As soon as Judge Moulton
had dismissed the jury and court had
adjourned. Warren R. Austin, attor
ney for the plaintiff, was shoaefed
its Congratulations of thote who
were in the court rwm. He appeared
to tie deeply gratified over the ver
dict, A motinB made by the attor
neys for the defn to have the ver
dict net ade but it is thought this
rsnnot l argued before (lirUtmas as
Mr. At! left for New York a son
as powiMe after the trial and will not
I hack f..r several dsvs. It t thought
tkat the ground on which a trwlioa to
set auie the verdict is hawed is that
It is too lTpe and how prejudice
jrint the defendants.
Dorrit Met e WSh"a and C
fv. Wo. ;' w-e rr,nd in
Kr-f se-t.ber. tr.S. Sim the dsach-
Carpentier Is Willing to Meet Siki, the
Paris, Dec. 7 (By the Associated
Press). -Georges Carpentier believes
that the best place to settle the e.intro- Press). President Cosgrove announced
versy over nis recent, Dour, wuii uu,,- - iha pu,i;. 4i.: ,.
tling Siki is m the ring. Writing to J .
Le Journal, the French boxer says. H'P"iy Fn nao.oecn moc ana
"Here is what I propose to Siki: Not-1 killed and Deputy Patrick O'Maille,
withstanding his disqualification and who was deputy speaker, had been
me aisquanneauon i mignr. incur, i oi- woun(leii whii0 tiey wcre on tlieir
ler to meet mm at any uaia ne iiktj, i ..,,,.. .
in tiiihlie nr nrivt Rhonlrf h 1 reJv W to th Parliament session
to put a stake I bind myself to pay to
charity that stake, or purse, if one is
offered. I am absolutely certain , I
would finish Battling Siki this time in
less than three rounds."
: New Brunswick, NY J., Dec, 7. Do
tective David of Middlesex county an
nounced to-day that he planned to
question a New ' Brunswick banker
who he believes may have been an eye
WAS SHOT DEAD witness to the murder of the Itev. Ed
1 , ' ':' , ward Wheeler Hall and Mrs. Eleanor.
n. jviiiis on cseptemner it. t
According to David, the banker hss
been questioned at least twice, but re
fused to confirm or deny the story that
he was on the Phillips farm on the
Deputy Speaker . Patrick
O'Maille Was Wounded
Nurtlifleld, Dee, 7. "There aro
men from my home town and from
other' towns in Vermont and other
states who are leaving to find a
life of case. They are going to
California, and (jther places wliure
their work will be lessened. In my
opinion such men are quitters;
and must be branded so particu
larly during this critical period of
reconstruction when every man ia
needed at bis post of duty." .
Thus spoke Rev. Eraser Mctz
ger of Randolph before the. cadet
corps of -Norwich university- yes
terday, HiSHubjeet was "Ameri
can Possibilities."
Not only a personal objective ki
life but an objective whose scopo
includes'' the whole generation
carries the ideals of all the people
was urged by Mr. Metzgor. i
So Gray Silver Appealed for Laws to
Aid Farmers Mrs. Julian A. Di
mock a Speaker at
. Burlington.
Burlington, Dec. 7. The American
'Farm Bureau federation of 1,500,000
night of the crime. David would not members, 2,000 - county organizations
indicate why he wanted to question d many thousand of community
Chicago, Dec. 7. Mrs. William h.
Rohrer, widow of the late Jake Hamon,
who was killed by Clara Smith Hamon,
in Ardmore, UklH., yesterday, hlcl suit
for divorce from VV tlliam Rohrer, in;
vestment; DanKer, to whom sue was
married less than a year ago. She
charged Rohrer with cruelty.
San Francisco, Dec. 7 MacDonald
Smith, professional golfer ahd holder
of the lt2I metropolitan championship
of the Atlantic coast, has obtained a
license to wed Mrs. Louis Harvey, S.u
crancisco society woman.
The two victims - of the shooting
were on a jaunting car proceeding
along the quays when they were at
tacKed with revolvers.
After President - Cosgrove's f an
nouncement Minister of Defense Mul
cahyi rose and said :
"These men did not have a priest
nor were they asked if thev would
see their relatives." , .
All the members of the Parliament
rose as a mark of svmpathv. -
O'Maille was elected deputy speak
er of the Dail, or lower house of the
free state Parliament at yesterday's
session, when the members took the
oath of allegiance.
Hale was returned from South
Cork in the last parliamentary elec-tionn.
Belli ngliam. Wash, Dec. 7. J. U.
Stewart, a neighbor and frienl of
Abraham Lincoln in Springfield. 111..
died at ins home in Hamilton, aged S3
years. .
Vote in Each Branch Was Unanimous
to Stay Out of Irish
Fre State.
Columbus, Ohio, With
Weather All Around.
Belfast, Dec. 7 (By-the Associated
Press).Both houses of tha Ulster
Columbus, O., Dec! 7,-With the west ta Hialnirf ut of t,M Iriai, f .
in t.he grip of below xero weather and Ltat8 M permitted' under tho Anglo-
im nipi uicni uimo experiencing steer I Tr;Hh treatv
-J i -i J-J ,! . I
H-o Biornis. aanaeuons were lni x o: t -i.j s
blossom in Columbus to-dav anVt mnVl -" " Blalel ,n
bushes contained buds follnwina vnr.l"' House of Commons that Ulster
al days of unusually mild December I would not appoint a representative on
the proposed , commission to fix the
boundary between' Ulster and the Free
state nor would be interested in the
I commission in any way,
V .
It Missed Mark But Injured Four Per
Cork, Dec. 7 (By the Associated
Press). .A powerful bomb was thrown
at a military car this afternoon. The
missile did not reach it mark, but ex
Trial of Volpi in Montpelier City Court
When the jury in the case of State
vs. Volpi was to be empaneled, it was
found that Harry W'oodward was out
of town. Floyd Hayford and II. L. E.
rimith were excused bv Judge Laird.
Three talesmen, Frank W. Nichols,
Thomas W. Neill and Pcrcv W. Bailev.
took the places of these three jurors ploded nearby, wounding two men and
and the trial began, f rank Lorry, an- lww women. . me norno tnrower es
other talesman, was ill. leaped.
City Grand Juror John H. Stone
prosecuted, assisted by Fred E.iGlea- ' MUSSOLINI ACCEPTS,
son, and W. A. Lord and R. E. Susena
appeared for the respondent. The first Will Attend Conference of Primiers in
witness was Lhief ot i'olice I'. J. Con-1 London,
nollv. who testified in retrard to th I
raid on the Volpi premises al 4 Sftdey london, ivc. 7. (By the Associated
avenue. Grand Juror Stone followed Press), Premier Mussolini of Italy
him on the stand, and was questioned ha" pted the invitation to come to
by the attorneys for the respondent in ljndon. ,n(1 the conference of the allied
regard to the insertion of the words Prem,or Bt ,,,le week end preliminary
and a still" in pen and ink in the " " coherence on repara-
warrant. The claim was made that llon " ar nPDl " mereDy assured
these words were inserted after the 'u11 representation.
warrant had been served, but Grand
him further.
According to detectives, the myste
rious green car which Mrs. Jane Gibson
said she saw on DeRussy's lane the
night of the murder, has been discov
ered. They 'asserted that, while the
banker mentioned i not the owner cf
centers, representing 80 odd billions
of dollar invested is ; now in the
"throes'of distress" for lack of a rea
sonable income to take care of actual
needs, declared Gray Silver ji Wash
ington, representative of the national
federation, toirfhe annual meeting of
Frederick Bedell of Or
ford, N 11., Died at Han
over Hospital
Charles A. Perry Was Elected Com
mander Last Evening.
The annual election of officers of
the Barre post, No. 10, American Le
gion, was held at the Legion rooms
last evening.. A nominating commit-
t.oi flnnoittt.pff 'hif thft clm.ii- hrninyht in
the following nominations, which were Arthur F.' Wilblir Fatally
uxrfieu witmint voiti.eai,j VAiiuniuiiuei, ,
diaries A. Perry j vk-e-commander,
George "O.. Pratt; adjutant, Allan R.
Johnston j treasurer, Elmer R. Hunt
ing; finance officer, Ralph Witters r
(historian, E. C. Dufficyj exeefftke com
mittee, ward 1, Ferley T. Eager ; ward' T fj MAT?T' 1V
2, Raymond O. Wishart; ward 3, Da-, ' - J
Injured on Barre-Mont-pelier.Road
Continued To Maintain He
Knew Nothing of Davis
Brothers' Murder
the machine, they declared he had an .the Vermont Farm Bureau federation
arrangement with the owner ny winch iiasi nigni. ne oegiaw ut m cw
he could use it whenever he desired.
The investigators said they believed
the banker had witnessed the shoot
ings. They declared that his aiory
w-ould corroborate Mrs. Gibson's gtat
mcnt in many respects.
Instead of Depending for That Which
Is Brought By Rail to
Washington, D. C, Dec. 7. Farmers
should produce more of their. own food
stuffs' and buy less that must he
brought to them by railroads, accord
ing to a survey of opinion among 25.
000 farmers made public to-day bv
the department of agriculture. Nearly
thirty per cent of the food consumed
by farmers and their families generally
is not growa by them or in their imme
diate vicinity, it was shown whereas
it was estimated -that 79 net cent of
their needs could be produced locally.
Hight freight rates, it was explained.
tend to reduce the prices farmers -re
ceive for the products and increas the
cost to them of the things they "buy
from outside localities.
The smallest percentage of home pro
duction was found in " New England
and the highest, 7.15 per cent, in the
east south central states, mciudinir
iventucky, Kansas, Alabama and Mn
income of th United states larmer
i will be under $405 this year. For rem
edial legislation he suggested:
Passage of the Muscle Shoals bill ta
reduce costs of fertiliser.
Passage of the "truth-in-fabric' act
so that wool will not have to come in
competition with.' reclamations from
city dump or TjattU'fiehi.
Passage of the milk -fifled bill to
free, the farm dairy lrom competition
with the "cocoanut cow" of the South
Sea islands.
Reduced freight rates.
A proper svstem of intermediate
Quotations from snks that borro
from the federal reserve system at 4V4
per cent and charge the farmer 10 to
12 per cent.
Mrs. Julian A. Dimock of East Cor
inth, one of the leading potato raisers
in the state and a recognized author
itr on that subject, gave the gather
ing some kiea of what the farm atand
for in American life.
Under the interesting title, "The
Looking Glass in the Bureau," she
"reflected" the spirit of the farm, pro
testing against" the prevailing ' idea
that farm life is "drudgery," and de
daring that working is a wprd which
sbouU be piaefcd on a pedestal in this
Her message might he called a text
to the "joy of work," especially farm
work. Me maintained that the larm
erg of Vermont should reflect in the
I looking glas of the farm bureau the
enthusiasm and joy which they una in
their lives on the farm.
One Gives President Authority to Draft
Unorganized Militia.
Washington, I). C., Dec, 7. Renw-
sentative Johnson Republican, South
Dakota, has introduced a bill giving the
presiuent authority ,in war time to
draft the unorganized militia, without
exemption of men from 21 to 30 on
account of industrial occupation.
Washington, Dec. 7: Representative
Hudepeth, Democrat, Texas, has in-
introduced a bill to put a tariff on cat-1
tie and stock straying over the border
or conveyed for temporary pasturage.
unless returned to the United States
in 19 months.
But Is Still
But the Wave Seemed to Be on
Its Way South
I ward.
Chieaeo, Dec. 7. -There was no great
relief to-day for the northwest as the
first cold wave of winter gradually ex
tended southward. Helena and Havre
Mont, respectively,, recorded temper
atures of six and two degrees bekm.
In the Atlantic states and the nortn
em plateau region, the temp-rature
has fallen, while it has risen m the
Missisfippi valley and the southern
plains states.
Louisiana continued almost to swei
ter with the official temperature in
New Orleans recording 70 degrees at 7
oclock last night.
Florida, the "land of sunshin"," cot
Juror Stone stated in reply to a ques-
Lausanne, Dec. T. Premier Mussoiini
tion by Mr. Glcason that the words ?f IUJy ?XpT.e1. t0,'rriv hfrc from
were in the warrant before it was
a copper wasa boner with a cover
Which had cone and rubber hose at
the top was produced in court and
Deputy Sheriff Henry C. Lawson tea
med that he found it in a room i in
the Volpi cellar. The windows of this
room were closed up with boards, he
stated. lie also testified to finding an
agat kettle in which was a little of
Rome at six o'clock this evening. He
will dine with Lord Ctoram, the British
foregn secretary, and proceed late to
night to London for the primiers" con
ference there.
During Fire in a West End Apartment
Tl. . f nn TVC 7 -Fir In a f nfii.u4 ,.rv
what be called grappa. At the time brick apartment buildin in the wet
of the raid, he was with Officer Sloan, ,d drovn seventeen scsntily attired
Among those in the eel-1 intn th tr-.t ..r!. j-
lar when the wash boiler arrangement Several women and children were car
was found were Grand Juror Stone. I ,ia ..o-. ...t. u.j a
I " .. ,v III. v T II I ' MIT ...
James Johnson and John 0"XeilI. the
witness testiBed. Grand Juror Stone
referred to the wash boiler with the
sdditions as something which he called
tilL R. K. 8tiea for the roond-
rnt objected, but Judge Laird stated
be did not think th jury would be
misled bv the reference.
Officer John O'Xeill testified to find
ing the wai-hboiler arrangement nnder
the stairs in the cellar with box
over it. lie entered the house with
Chief of Police Connnllv and Deputy
beriff James Jhntoa. 1 her were
not admisaed dirct!y, be said. He
testified to finding sn a rate kettht in
the cellar with a liquid in it in which
he put his finder and tted it. find
ing it to b graces. When be turned
s y. he said, Voipi scired the kettle
and spilled the contents down a sew
er. He s!m tetiflcd to findinr a ga
piste ia estnnection ia the nllsr. In
regard t the wsh boiler, which the
proenjti tte i a etilL Rrsnd
Setting New
Washington, D. C, Dec. 7, Frcicht I tinned to live up to ita-reputation with
movement, which has been abnormullv an average of more than 70 dirrces
Heavy lor several weeks, is still setting, in temperature.
new seasonal records, according to re-1
ports made public to-day by the car SwU- Customs.
neni Hiv .ion nf tl.o Anri. Rail. 3WUS customs.
way ass.iation. In the week which! Cton lais is a lmi of curious
ended November 25. railroads loaded 01,1 toms. Kor instance, when the
055,4(15 cars, 2n2.00 more than in the .reilt h,lrd 0t ttUe ,re f,nff "P
same week of 1921. and ir.l.nnn nnr the mounUin pastures a "queen' is
than in 120.
tr f a -p ie-m 1 tmh ! Jstrnr Mne stated that in4 it there
WdndlKHrae, at the t-T-.r cf t, nar- M a wrfrate plate r.
rf. ha"! ft " in ' mli it W thtiks n
t'r.!te4 M!- .nl c rp sfho". fnsh fr httrs.Mg.
d t J keep the
find the police of their identity.
The two women left Los Angeles on
December 4, the day before Mrs.
Phillips escaped.
TJ police boarded the train at May
wood on a report that Mrs. Phillips
was believed to have been seen on tile
train as it left Ohama last night ,al-
thmieti ftectivea hmA umiA it.
Took the Air at Para, Braril, this;tremely unlikely tliat Mrs. Phillips
But Nether Was the Much Sought
. Mrs Phillips.
Chicago, Dec. 7. Miss Elsie Coe and
Miss Clara Hutchins of Baltimore, Mil.,
were taken from the incoming Los
Angeles limited of the Chicago and herd to the- pasture and back to the
Northwestern railroad to-day by police chalet at milking time. io cow dares
seeking Mrs. Clara Phillips, convicted , to defy the queen's authority, backed,
murderess wiio escaped from the lxt as he is by the horns that won the
Angeles county jail . The women satis-;' fight for leadership. Indianapolis
chosen among the cows for the sum
mer. Each peasant endeavors to gain
for one of his own cows the title of
queen, ana trains them for the light
which takes place when the herd is
gathered on the "alp," or . mountain
pasture. The victorious cow seems to
understand the importance of the po
sition she has won; wearing a larger
bell than the others, she leads the
The fire started in an overheated f ui -
nsce and spread quickly. Xone was se
riously hurt. The damage was slight.
Para, Brazil, Dee. 7.
could reach Chk-ago in three davs with
out the use of an airplane.
New Mileage Record.
"You say he is a good prohibition
J enforcement officer?
"Ill say be is."
, ""What et-pecisllv are his qualifica
tions?' "Well, he-b gotten as high as 20
gallons of moonshine to the mile out
of a flivver." Florida Times-Union.
Trousers, Too.
Grandmother My dear bov, you're ! discord. I wonder what be meant?
Press), Lieutenant Walter illuton re
sumed bis New Vork-to Rio Janeiro
flight to-dsv. He tk the air here at
7 a. m., setting out for Msranhso. downl to thr lwin(r imHr; 0f Tour j
the coast with the intention of stopping 4.n., v rn,ir r.i hrV !
"V-s-'"- -I'"-""" FM'" Iron have his note, you bare bis raouth,
Jimmy (glomnsilyV Ve, and I have
hi trousers, too! Pittsburg Post.
One's Tummy Snows
flail The minister said something
Orford, N. II., Dec. 7. The suicide
of Frederick C. Bedell who, after be
had been questioned regarding the kill
ing of the aged brothers, John and
Charles Davis, here a month ago, took
poison and then shot himself stimu
lated further the investigation of the
Davis murders to-day. Bedell, up to
the moment of li is death in a hospital
at Hanover last niglit, protrf.ted that
e was innocent of any connection
with the Davises. .
' Differences between the Davises and
Bedell, who was their neighbor, were
made matters of further inquiry The
finger prints of Bedell, taken at the
inquest that .ws resumed suddenly
last baturdav, were
those taken at the Davis home. Be
dell's movements on Nov. 7 and 8, the
nays on which the Davises are be
lieved to have been killed with an axe
found, blood-stained, beside the!
les in their little shack, were
traced., .
There was little to hope for in finger
print comparisons, officials said, those
taken from the axe at the Davis
home being blurred. The trouble be
tween Bedell and the brothers was es
tablished but the authorities said they
had found nothing" in their investiga
tions that would tend to connect Be
dell directly with the crimes.
QFT.P Vid McKnight; ward 4, Robert Knox
ward 6, Guy Oltolini; ward fl, Edson
i Lander; , Barre Town, Harold Ban
croft ; committeeman-at-large, Robert
B. Mackiej chaplain, Robert McLeod.
The auditor s report showed quick as
sets amounting to $455.07, and fixed
assets amounting to $7,744.70. Dues for
1023 were fixed as follows: post dues,
9a per year, payable on or before Jan.
1, and also an annual assessment of
iM, payable on or before July 1. Fol
lowing the election, those" present lis
tened to a few appropriate remarks
from the new commander, in which
they were reminded that the success
of the post depended entirely upon co
operation. Refreshments were served.
Fire at Westerly Yesterday Afternoon
Uaused Loss of $40,000 Cause
' v Is Unknown. ,
Westerly,- R. I., Dec. 6. Fire de
stroyed the cuttintr and nolishina- blunt
compared with ( tl)Q Columbia granite work? y ter-
day afternoon, the loss being estimat
ed at $40,000. The fire, the cauj? of
which was unknown, started in the en
gine house.
t bod-l&ing
By John, N. Leonard In What Was Ex
pected to be Interesting Case.
, Bennington, Dec. 7. Frequenters of
county court who had been looking
i forward to an interesting session when
the divorce ease of Mabel C. Leonard
vs. John N. Leonard was heard were
disappointed yesterday, uhe case was
called before Judge Stanley C. Wilson
and was disposed of in the presence of
not more than half a dozen spectators.
There were only three witnesses.
When .Questioned Regarding Her Life . Mrs. Leonard snd a young girl who has
been caring tor me couple s wiree-year-
old boy,
Driver, Es-
lout Serious
Jn Texas, Admits She Got Mon
ey for Giving Newspaper ,
Oxford, Miss., Dec. 7 (By the Asso
ciated Press). Miss Frsntes Birk
head, plaintiff . in a damage suit for
$100,000 against Governor Lee 1. Rus
sell of Mississippi, admitted on cross
examination to-day that she gave one
newspaper in New Orleans information
for a monMy -eoasiderstion.- "that en
abled the paper to obtain a "scoop" in
connection with the filing of the suit.
Miss B irk head was questioned con
Intolerable severity and refusal to
support, were the grounds on which the
divorce petition was based. "
Edward L. Bates of Bennington ap
peared for Sirs. Leonard and the hus
band was represented by B. L, Stafford
and W. H. Botsford of Rutland, but
there was no defense.. .
The court reserved decision
Mrs. Leonard is the only daughter
of Alexander J. Cooper, who was the
majority stockholder in the' lo-opera
tive Manufacturing company, under
wear manufacturers, which was pur
chased several years ago by the Black
cerning her life In Texas. She denied c Textjle rompany of Kenosha, ss.
she was guilty of 'any , impropriety
while in Texas. She was questioned
as to several alleged escapades but
declared that all such charges were un
true. . . V
"Didn't a minister at Pearsall re
monstrate with you about your con
duct ?" she was asked.
No, there was no occasion or cause
for a reraonstratanee, she said.
She replied in the affirmative to
question ss to whether before the
suit wss filed, she sought consults
tions with Earl, Brewer, former gover
nor of Mississippi, and Oscar Johnston,
an opponent ot uovernor Russell in
the gubernatorial campaign.
Miss Birkhead said she sought to
put the matter before Mr. Johnston
not because he was an opposeit of
Mr. nusseii, out oe cause ne was a law
Deflected Four Heavily Lqaded Freight
Cars Which Had Run Off Track
at West Lynn, Mas.
Lvnn, Mass., Dec. 7. Six members
of the family of William A. McKensie
were saved from death or injury ear.y
to-day when a train of four heavily
loaded "runaway" freight cars were
ieflected from crashing into the Me.-
Kcnzie home by a curbstone. Th ca-s
broke through a bumper at the Vt
-ynn freight yards of the Boston 4
Maine railroad and continued foe 200
feet directly toward the McKn&ie
home. The train missed the house bya
few inches.
Opera House and Contents Damaged
Gardiner. Me., Dec. 7. Damage esti-
Leonard is the son of Wv A. Leonard of
New lork
, The young people became acquainted
while Leonard was a student at Wil
liams and were manned after he had
been comissioned a naval lieutenant,
following a short course at Annapolis.
He is the president of the Bennington
Wholesale company which -came into
existence shortly after wie war and in
which the older Leonard and A. Cooper
were originally interested.
Government Is Seeking to Recover $13,
000 Damages from United
Fruit Co.
Boston, Dec. 7. Seven registered let
ters each containing $1,000 sent to the
Havana brsnch of the National City
bank of New York, were1 rifled aboard
the steamer Pastores during a trip be
tween New York City and Havana, ac
cording to allegations filed by the gov
ernment in the federal court here to
day seeking to recover $15,000 damages
from the Lnited Tuit company, own
ers of the vessel.
A total cf $6,300 was stolen from the
letters, the government claims. It was
charged that the entire contents of five
letters were removed while items of
$700 and $o00 were taken from the two
Montpelier Contractor Has Debts
Burlington, Dec 7. Dennis W. Cor-
yea, a contractor, f Montpelier, filed
a voluntary petition In bankruptcy at
the otnee of Mie clerk of the United
States court yesterday, placing his
liabilities at $12,224.70 and assets at
mated at $!l,000 was caused by a fire ,$11,304.84. Liabilities included se-
in the opera house on Water street to- cured claims of $5,713.72, unsecured
dsy. The loss was sustained by the 'claims of $3,5P1.52 and accommodation
wners of the building, by the'Kussell pspjer amounting to f i-si.
Amut-emnit company, which occupied Secured creditors include the follow-
as a motion picture theatre, and " aiompeiwr rxiun wnx ana
S. Smith and company, dry gooJs Trust company, real estate mortgage.
. - Aijis Z 11 l er
enters, j ne stoca in the store ws .mw! ispnu mimi mss sna inm
damaged Itiof-tly by water and smoke, j company, real estate mortgage, $1,(KK);
including a quantity oi Christmas
Arthur F. Wilbur, chauffeur for D.
W. Cpryea of Montpelier, was fatally
injured, John G. Markley, an employe
of E. L, Smith & Co., was eeversly in
jured and Carl Olsen, a mechanic at tho
Kelly & Nelson garage, was less seri
ously hurt when a new Nash automo
bile in which they .' were .riding from
Montpelier to Barre !t fining skid
ded off the road at the greenhouse
turn, crossed the electric car track,
plunged down the bank onto the Mont
pelier & Wells River right of way and
stopped only a little short ot gom
into the SStevena branch. "
Arthur Wilbur was the man who.
yesterday, lost his operator's licenses
through indefinite suspension because
of alleged careless and negligent driv
ing when a Buick car he was driving
struck a rock in Graniteville and land
ed on top of some boulders besido the
road and who, six weeks ago, was driv
ing a car which was in collision with
a vehicle ot Harold tiancrott ot rsarre
at Stowe. However, Wilbur was not
driving the Nash car last night, it was
stated, the driver being Olsen, She
Kelly A Nelson employe. '
it is further stated mat wiitmr ana
Mirk ley went to the Kelly & Nelson
garage, the latter as a potential pur
chaser of an automobile, that he had
picked out the Nash car and propose!
to drive to Motltpelier.- The salesman
stated that it was not the firm's prac
tice of sending a car out without a
driver from the garage. So Olsen was
picked to accompany the two men and
was said to be in the driver s seat at
the time of the fatal outcome. Tho
car was driven to Montpelier at an av
erage speed of 25 miles an hour, it was
stated. .)'
On the return toward Barre they met
another car at the greenhouse curve
and the lights of the approaching car
caused the Nash driver to get too far
off the outside 'of the curve, with the
result that the rear end skidded when
the driver tried to get back into the
traveled path. The car struck the trol-.
ley rail, tipped over and pitched down
the steep bank overhanging the Mont
pelier A Wells River railroad track. In
its fall the car clipped off a fen-
post, swung "against a telephone pole
and finally rested just off- the track
of the railroad. The body of the car
was crushed in and the top and wind
shield completely demolished.. However,
the engine was not damaged, so that
the wreckers were able, later, to drive
the vehicle up the railroad right fcf
way' to Jones Bros.- Co. where it was
put back into the road.
Olsen was able to crawl up the bank
to the highway and there he called for
aid. Ambulances and police were sum
moned from Barre, and there were,
prompt responses. With the aid af the
headlight of a Montpelier & Wells Riv
er railroad freight locomotive, 4yhich
came along soon and with the added
lirrht frAtn halted aiifnmnm fin th.
highway above, the rescuers were alilej
to go about their work expeditiously..
The injured men were placed in blan
kets and carried to the highway, after
which a quick run was made to tha
Barre City hospital. Wilbur lived only
a short time after reaching the hospi
tal, and it was found that he had sus
tained a fracture of the skull, multiple
contusions, broken jaw and a broken
Drs. W. E. Lasell, J. V. SStewart and
M. L. Chandler were called in the case,
and they found that Markley had a
cut on his head which measured eiht
inches and that he complained of an
injury to his side which might indi
cate internal injuries. Olsen's chest
was bruised badly and there were
lacerations on his hands. Markley
passed a fairly comfortable night, and
Olsen's condition was reported to-day
to lie good.
Wilbur was 26 years of age and
would have been 27 at the end of .text
month. He , was born near Taunton,
Mass., and he leaves his father and two
brothers in Massachusetts. He had
worked for G. M. Woodard of Cutler
Corner and he called that place his
Markley is 32 and has been working
for a short time for E. L. Smith & Cte.
It is" said that he is a veteran f the
World war, in the British service.
GIFT OF $200
Predicted, by Prosecutor far Abraham
New York. Dec. 7, Abraham Becker
and Reulien Norkin, accused jointly of
Ta Continue Consulates of Nations at
War With Her.
Angora, Dec. 7 (Py the Associated
Prei. The Turkish Natinnsli-t i
ernment has decided t)t it eur n t ec
cpt the contisHance ia TtJ'lev of t!
ct.n!!tc or tf'v"v' cf any t.-nr
at r with Torker.
Jsst Looking On
"What was yi name of that Aor
you bet on ?"
"An odd name for irit hore.
l!ot arpropns'e ia lis c. H-
strhed the others fro bv." J.:rn iu
km Are-Hcra.i.
Freddie Utile green apples, 1 gtiek. J murdering Becker'a wife and burying
Harry Pamela, real estate mortgage.
$1,000; P. J. Jerome, Montpelier, real
estate mortgage, $261.81; Strong
Hardware company, Burlington, chat
tel mortgage. $!M2,08. Assets include,
real estate. $7,100; debts dW on open
accounts. $1,106.01. and other items,
with $1,250 claimed to be exempt.
Chicago Tribune,
Enterf lament
"I you give parties for the sake of
entertaining your friends f"
"No." replied Miss Cayenne; "for
the sake of slighting tiioe who neglect
hrr alive in a lime filled pit, to-day
pleaded not guilty in Brunx county
com rt. '
Judge Giblw set. Roker's trial for
Started Excitment In South Boston,
Set Fire te House.
Pton. Dec. 7. A little bor. arm.vj
Comes as Welcome Contribution to
City Hospital.,
Following the acknowledgment of a
gift of $50 to the City hospital the oth-
er day. there has come a second gift,
$200 this time. There is plenty of use
for these gifts to the hospital. During
the present year the free service at the
hospital has been equal to four beds in
continuous use for tha full year. Put,
the hospital on your Christmas list.
In regard to a communication in
yesterday's paper as to the disposal
of funds in various subscriptions in
Barre, an officer of the society having
charge of the funds raied some years
ago for the soldiers memorial stated
to-day that the sum paid m from er
ersl dollars' worth of subscription
mounted to approximately $410 and
ed to entertain me." Washington iStar. j
Not That Bad
"I was a dol'.sr-a year man. I
little? grstitode."
Antiwlv hint tht yen were over
paid I" Lenin i!e Courier -Journal.
inext Monday and Norkin a a week . 'r started something in ; "st. mrouj;, interest additions, u
! later. Assistant D.st net Attorney t ohri " Sonth ,Bton district yesterday, finally came to approximately $i$0,
rredicted that Becker would eat his The something was a fire. The young- J which amount wss turned over to the
i hmtir.. it uncr in the destfc hmi. , ter conceived tne Idea oi pnttinr awvrnnaau pxwi, . a. ii ncn u oe
at Smg fing.
Slight Earthquake in Saa Francisco.
through aa ot-en window of a dwelhnc.
r-w.i the eeiline. ignited end in it
San f'riioi, Iee. 7. A v '.t i f- "i set 9s to the msttrws cn a ld.
erthqni.e hv-k h', latvl five The fire- apparatus "s called and the
eo-fMl was felt her fat a'ght. ( ks ass j.la.f-4 at ?5,
match n the rim barrel. When he came evident that the solders', memo-
piJlcd the trigger the match ss'led j rial from popular subscription was not
I ke'v to jticeeed, and that the money.
t"rn!pr ,th aUut ift ad-iitKn),
went to buy the m n.imi-i.t now erect- t
ed on Craridall post k-t ia Elm wood

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