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Make Furniture Your Gift
u Jl
"j 'IMI Jl l''l' ' '
An occasional chair?
Just the thing.
To your home now
v friends 'twill
For Grandfather's gift?
Lend me your ear.
Why net give him an .
easy chair?
Make Grandmother's
heart happy and
A sewing cabinet? What
a delight.
For sister a writing
desk, 1 .
in form a spinet.
Home cherished gift and
up to the minute.
For mother, a tea wagon
with service neat;
Joy to hostess, to guest
a treat.
A floor lamp" for father
and mother, too,
Will shed its radiance
the whole year
On your friend book 3nds
They'll hold his best
volumes in a
neat row.
gateleg table you
should give, .
cherished keepsake
that will live.
Buy a humidor for dad
or brother.
Don't seek farther,
your worries are
fv, over.
Rest Room
The merchants of the city have leased the Red Cross Rooms on Keith Ave.
for the use of their customers during the Christmas Holidays. Check your
parcels, telephone, toilet facilities, and other comforts for shoppers. Make
use of these rooms. .
B.W. Hooker & Co.
"If you need Furniture bad, you need it good."
Sentiment Seems to Be Forming in
Dublin, Dec. 14 (By the Associated
Tress). Talk of peace, between the
factions in Ireland is increasingly hard
a Christmas time approaches. Action
taken by the new senate of the free
fte yesterday in appointing a com
mittee to work for the immediate ces
sation of hostilities had developed
indications that a.considorable section
of peace are -instanced as Indicating
that public feeling is tending to favor
accommodation between the two par
ties. In this state of affairs, the sen
ate peace committee hopes to inter
vene by establishing relations with
men in touch with the neads of the
irregulars. There is no indication,
however.- that the free state govern-
I meni win consent o permit me exist
ence, of any armed toree in Ireland
except the national troops.
nf th reniiMican TinrtV is Willing to
treat for peace and that the rank and Reported t obe Subject for Consireda
file is Jitiving in that direction.
The summoning of all the Sinn Fein
clubs in Dublin city and county to
debate the qistion was pointed to as
significant. Although the clubs are
composed of both treaty supporters
and republicans it was said the re
publicans sent out the press notifica
tions for Sunday's meeting. The tin
willingness of the irregulars to sur
render tbeir arms may prove an ob
stacle to peace.
It is pointed out that peace between
the British and the Irinh was delayed
by the same difficulty and was only
obtained when the British waived
their demand for the surrender of
Resolutions of public bodies in favor
tion by Sinn Fein.
London, Dee. 14. An Exchange Tele
graph dispatch from Dublin says that
delegates of the Sinn Fein brandies in
Dublin city and county will confer
here Sunday with the object of estab
lishing peace.
Set in Their Ways.
"It should not be difficult for moth
ers to persuade girls not to wear flap
per clothes."
"It isn't," replied Miss Cayenne.
"But it's rather hard for girls to per
suade some of the mothers to quit
dressing in that manner." Washing
ton Star.
3 for 25c
FINNAN HADDIE, per lb ...;,..... ...20c
CHICKEN HALIBUT, per lb ....,. 33c
HADDOCK and COD, per lb ISc to 20c
CUSK, per lb 18c
FLOUNDERS, per lb .............15c
. .35c
MACKEREL, per lb
SALMON, per lb ...........
Oysters, Shrimp, Clams.
Delicious hot chocolate at Drown 'i
Drug store. adr.
Kodaks and Brownie cameras, $2 to
$27, at Russell's. adv.
Moore and Waterman fountain pens,
at Cummings Jfc Lewis. adv.
Wanted: Young lady to assist in
light housework and take care of
youngster. TeL 449-M.
Bis Capacity Limited
An Oklahoma editor, describing a vil
lage banquet, probably felt that he haU
done his duty in the way of praise
when he wrote:
"The banquet thai awaited Uie
guests in the supper room was one of
the finest ever seen in the place. The
table fairly groaned tinder its weight ot
good things and certain of the guests
probsbly groaned after they left it, al
though the remark of each guest as he
or she left the table was, 1 wi-Ji I
could hold more,' and no one felt
his limited capacity more keenly than
ye editor." Kansas City Tiroes. .
Over the Footlights
It was a lurid melodrama, and one of
the characters, a king, was haranguing
hia nn.
Oome,,, said the king, "let u( go into
the ouse.
"Did you hear thatf asked a man In
the stalls to Jilt companion. "He said
Overhearing the remark, and fixing
the interrupter witht his ere, the king
advanced to the footlights and ex
claimed: "Yus, I said 'owe! Do you fink as
W a king would live in apartments f
London Answers.
Ann The man I marry must be able
to put the world at m v feet.
Dan Well. I have 3 in cash. Will
you be satisfied winS Russia and Ger
mint for a starter! American Legion
Skates with shoes at $8.50 ft pair.
Drown's Drug store. adv.
Buy an Overland Rnd realize the
difference. H. F. Cutler & Son. adv.
One dollar and quarter DuPont ivory
Fyralin combs 79c at Russell's. adv. ,
Ever-sharp pencils, silver and gold,
$1 to $5, at Cummings & Lewis.' -adv.
Liggett's and Apollo chocolates, one
to five-pound boxes, at Russell's. adv.
A daughter was born Dec. 8 to Mr.
and Mrs. Antonio Tizzol of 25 .,...
Whiting's stationery in holiday
boxes, 50o to $9, at Cummings 4 Lew
is.' edv.
v Mrs. Ernest Fisher, a patient at the
City hospital, returned to-day to ner
home on Park street.
Wanted: Young lady to assist in
light housework and take .care of
youngster. Tel. 440-M.
Only one more day In which to pay
water rentals. Ten per cent will be
added to the bill after Dec. 15. adv.
Tlease do not cut Chrietmas trees in
the Richardson woods above Nelson
street unless permission is given. , P.
M. Carr.
We have a fine assortment of Conk-
lin, Waterman, Sheaffer and Moore
fouBtain nena for Christmas gifts. At
Drown's Drug store. adv. ,
Mrs. George Gor6w returned to-day
to her linme on Merchant street, after
having been a patient at the City hos
pital for the last two weeks.
The nurses at the Barre City hospi
tal wish to extend tbeir thanks to all
those who were instrumental in mak
ing their annual dance such a success.
John Kennedy of Williamstown, who
has been receiving treatment at the
City hospital for injuries sustained
when a tree fell on him about two
weeks ago, left the hospital to-day.
With the assistance of linemen, fire
men and city workers, the Christmas
tree belonging to the Board of Trade
is to be erected in the city park this
afternoon. Work of trimming the
tree will be left to 'one of the local
electric companies, it is. expected.
The first arrest of a woman for in
toxication in some time took place
last evening when Officer Harry Qsm
ble took into custody Minnie Sanford
of Montpelier. She was brought be
fore Judge E. L, Scott in city court
this morning and pleaded guilty to a
subsequent offense of intoxication,
paying a fine of $15 and costs of $7.10,
The arrest was made on North Main
street near the Morse block this morn
ing about 2 o'clock.
Daniel Volpi was sentenced by Judge
F. L. Laird in Montpelier city court
Wednesday afternoon to pay a fine ot :
$;iU() and coMts Of $53.33 for possessing I
and furnishing intoxicating liquor and
keeping a still, of which he was found !
guilty by a jury lust Thursday. A sen-!
tence of six months to a year in -the I
house of correction was miKpfinded atid -s
the respondent placed on probation.
He paid the fine during the day. Mrs.'
Louisa Monti appeared in court on a
charge of possessing and furnishing in-1
toxicating liquor, to which she had pre-!
vioualy pleaded not guilty, lier ai-j
torney, J. G. Frattini, moved to quash j
the complaint on the ground that tJie
complaint was signed by Judge uura a.
secretary instead of by the judge him
self. The case was continued until
Monday. .
Robert E. Susena went to Middle
bury to-day to try the trover case of
flupann. Tjitirnn nf Tlrirtt.nl flrminst
Henry C. Lawson, a deputy sheriff in J
Montpelier. Clarence Lathrop is a son i
of William Lathn.p of Middlesex. It
appears that Deputy Sheriff La wson
attached a pair of horses which William
Lathrop had offered for sale at 11. M.
Farnham's. Clarence Lathrop claims j
to own the horses by virtue of a bill of
sale. Charles I. Button of Middlebury
is attorney for the plaintiff and R. E.
Buseiia appears for the 'defendant.
Piano-cased organ for sale; cash or
time. 132 Main street. adv.
Luther E. Booth, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Charles E. Booth of 24 Vino street, and
Miss Eleanor I. Bruce, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. II. P. Bruce of the Moretown
road, were married at Northfield yes
terday afternoon, leaving on a wed
ding trip to Montreal. Both Mr. Booth
and Mins Bruce are employed as clerks
in the Montpelier Saings Bank and
Trust company. Their marriage took
their fellow employes by surprise, but
when it'' was found they had been mar
ried in Northfield, and had taken the
north-bound train, ;they were met at
Montpelier Junction by a number of
their friends, who celebrated the occa
sion in the usual manner.
Robert Wilder and Alex. Hurry have
returned from Chicago, where they
have been on business.
Tfofi&KaJlL Stan : h
Don't Linger Any Longer!
STATIONERY for young and old, in boxes . . . , ....... ...... .35c $3.50
EVERSHARP PENCILSEnamel, Silver and gold .. . .... . . .50c, $12.00
Extra Special
MOORE'S MONARCH FOUNTAIN PEN Guaranteed 25 years, extra
large pens and nibs ...... . . .... . .... . . ........ . . .... $6.50, $8.50
Silver or gold . .... w $5.50, $14.50
Columbia Grafonolas
Attention, ex-service men of the
World war, Spanish-American war,
Civil war and your wives, sweethearts
and friends I this means everybody.
Open house at American Legion Friday
night at 8 o'clock. "Ye Old District
School," with original cast repeated.
Those who have seen it, come those
who haven't seen it, don't miss it. Re
freshments and a general good time for
all. Amusements for young and old.
Dance the old way, dance the new way.
Let the Barre post, No. 10, of the
American Legion, express its apprecia
tion to you townsfolk. Everybody
Program for entertainment at Pres
byterian church to-night at 7:30:
Piano solo.....; Miss Helen Rossi
Reading Mrs. Arkeley
Vocal solo Edward Bailey
Piano duet, -
Mrs. La ing and Marion Keast
Vocal solo ...Miss Bertha Higgs
Reading Miss Florence Kittredge
Vocal solo...., Edward Bailey
Piano Miss Helen Rossi
Regular meeting of
Modern Woodmen f
America in Odd Fel
lows' hall Ffiday
evening, Dec. 15, at 7
o'clock. State Deputy
Baldwin will be here
with his moving pic
tures. Friends of the members are
cordially invited to attend the pictures
and supper after the meeting. About
8:30. Ladies please bring cakes and
, A regular meeting
nf Court Barre, No.
3.117, L O. Foresters,
will be held In Worth -
en block Friday eve
ning, Dec 15, at 7 p
m. Let all members
be present. Per order
rec sec.
Regulsr meeting of Barre
aerie, 1573. F. O. E., will be
held Thursday, Dec. 14, at 7
o'cliH'k. Ter order F. Rossi,
W. P.
Grand Regent
present and a
sired to listen to bim.
Regular meeting of
Women of Mooseheart
Iegion will be held in
K. of P. hall, Dee. 14.
at 7:15. Initiation,
nomination and elec
tion of officers. Deputy
Harry Jeffera will be
large attendance is de
Special eommiin irs tion of
Granite lodge, No. 35, F. A
A. M.. Thursday, De. 14, at
7 p. m. Work. M. M. degree.
D. D. O. M. Charles B. Adams
will make bis official visit at
this time. Dinner will be served in the
banquet hall at 8 p. tn. Regular com
munication Friday, Dec 15, at 7 p.
m. Ier order W. M.
miitar vita iMwini
: WTtt ta -A. B. C."
j Light and Dark Fruit Cake, per lb 50c j
Tlie W. D. Smith Company, Inc.
drafttfnaa f-
Svne mndVlvt
car Ttmn tf-
WANTETV Aa iwrlni' lm'fT
for wort la a-miit offtemt etr b
trr S ten." ear Bam Timm. S2fS
FOB AJLJ! One fcT r4
krk IU.S0 i tw rhmm r1.f sMTha.
M Lowed Mciyaod. Murt M.
HOtTOTT D n-RVTn. RR-Erraitn l
S ji ; Cuili TobmmbV I ?T-r
WANTED AT ONr FW.s far rwnl
fmrm work i F. hmrrwimm, Wn-i-
Cot This Oct It Is Worth Money.
Cut out this slip, enrliwe with 5c and
mail it to ro!ev k Co., 28X5 ShefT-rM
Ave, Chicago, LI., writing your name
and address clearly. You will receive
in return a trial pack see containing
Foleys Honey and Tar Compour.d for
coughs, rold and eroupj Foley Kidney
Pills for pains in sides and bark; rheu
matism, backache, kidney and blsdler
ailments; and Foley Cathartic; Tablet,
a wholesome and thorougVr r!en(in;
cathartic for constipation, Vilioueries.
headaches, and iugih bowels. IJ
everywhere. adr.
T. W. Dix, state highway commis
sioner, returned last night from Kan
sas City, where he has been attending
a national conference of state highway
commissioners. He attended a meeting
of the state highway board in Rutland
IL P. Sheldon, stale fiwh and game
commissioner, and illiam 31omU of
the department are attending the ninth
national conference on game preserva
tion now being held in New York City.
Bids will be opened Dee. 28 in the
state engineer's ollice for the construc
tion of a reinforced concrete bridge at
Bugbee crossing in Burke. The present
bridge is of wooden construction. Con
struction on the bridge will not be be
gijn until next spring, but the bids
will be opened this month so that the
pilesjon which the bridge will be built
may be gotten out this winter.
Professor F. W. Garran of Norwich
university was a vinitor in the state
engineer's department yesterday.
Used piano for sale; cash or time.
132 Main street. adv. .. .
The Capital poultry show in tfie citv
hall is now in full swing, with ttM
birds in the coops, many from local and
Barre exhibitors. The number of ex
hibitors is about 100. Judging will
continue through the day, and all
awards will be made by the" last day of
the exhibition, to-morrow, it is ex
pected. -
The city council last night decided
Uiat the same streets as used for coast
ing in l2l should be used this vear,
with the addition of Bingham and ilar
vin" street. On the reiiucst of eight
residents and property owner on
Wheclock street, it was voted to place
two 00-eandle power lights on that
street, the location to be left to Alder
man (lowdey. Milk license were issued
to rrank ueorpe of Worcester Branch,
B. W. Daniels of Terrace street, and
Arthur- Mack of F.ast Montpelier.
Building permits were Issued to Wil-ber-fliadwiek
for a ben bouse at 3 Tap
lin street and R. M. Fraser to recover
tha roof of a house at lt)3 Barre street.
Hills were approved of JITl'.M for
plank to J. W. Alexander for the side
walk department and of Z-'0 to
Thomas W. Neill for bind near the re
servoir for the water department. This
land will be used as a site for the new
water, meter and chlorination plant.
In probate court David T. Harvey has
settled his final account as executor of
the last will and testament of Mary K.
Harvey, late of Waterhury. Wilmarth
A. Drew has settled his linsl account a
administrator of the estate of Angelo
C. Biafffhi, late of Barre. Frank W.
Xichols iias settled his final account
a administrator of the estate of
Lmnia X. Silloway, late of Montpelier.
II. II. Carpenter of Cabot was in the
city vesterday on business for the
First National farm Loan association,
of which be is president.
f if a . r
k3, i3ip 11 1
COLUMBIA GRAFONOLAS sold on easy terms buy now and pay as
you play. t ,
COLUMBIA RECORDS are a gift the whole family enjoys.
.$3.00, $7.50
1. Mc, $6.50
m una
for the
Ivory Pyralin Special
$3.00 Mirror, $3.00 Brush $1.25 Comb
$2.50 Mirror, $2.50 Brush 50c Comb
MIRRORS Plain and decorated $2.50, $9.50
COMBS 39c, $2.00
BRUSHES "... $2.50, $7.50
Toilet Sets, Manicure Sets, Glove Boxes." etc.
The Red Gross Pharmacy
, Xew Year's ball,
Grsniteville, Jan. 1.
pimnssium hall,
Watch this adv.
Bungling Work,
somebody's gone
and done
"Don what!"
"Lost the natiSs from these Christ
mss gifts I had piled in the closet!"
"Nsmes of the people you were go
ing to give em to!
"No, stupid! Nsraes of thiwe who
pave them to u last vear. I'm afraid
I ..may send some of Vm back to the
ssme people: harm Life.
"It is sad!" said tfie old man, shaking
his bead reminisrntlv and gazing into
the fire.
Vhst is sad, uncle!" said his up-to-
dat nephew, politely.
"IV'i le sre not what tner UeJ to
tie!" And be shook Lis bead again
more rrgrt-tfully than ever.
Well. Ira sure they're no wrr-e
And bst ncd thy to ne, anvwsvt"
"tJ.ildrn!" sighed his uncle. Phila
delphia Inquirer.
Frank Hart ha sold back to A.
Lamb of Kandolph the granite and
marble hop building which he bought
from Mr. Lamb last spring in connec
tion with the monument business. Mr.
Hart retains the monument business,
and will conduct it in Bethel.
The ladies of Kt. An'hony'a church
made alwuit $(10 by a fale which they
conducted last Saturday in the Beth
el inn office.
Mrs. Snrah Walker, formerly of
Bethel, died recently at the home of
a niece in iviuth Barnard. For several
vear she was housekeeper for the late
David Tolles of Royalton bill. he
was born on the present farm of E. L.
Amsden in Barnard, lier death came
at the end of a long illnes. i
Mrs. C. C. Conner of Rochester spoke
on "Women as Citirens of the Day"
st a well-attended merting nf the
Woman's club held Monday at Mrs.
W. C. Clifford's. She urged her bear
ers to ue their influence with theif
congressman in fsvor of the maternity
bill now pending. Music for the occa
sion was furnished bv Mrs. DonaM S.
Arnold. Mrs. II. P. Perkins and Mrs.
Fred C Putnam. The social committee
served rake, sandwiches coffee. j
Daniel Ilsthorn is a member of the
jury in county court at Woodstock.
Rufus R. Wilon of Springfield,
Ma,. a native of this place, who for
many yesrs hss held a responsible po-
ition aith the Consolidated Render
ing company, has severed his connec
tion with that corporation, and hss
squired an int. rert in 1 the .'scking
House Bv-I'roducts company. Inc., and
in the Wi!'n Canary company, both
if New York Citv.
How Time Flies,
He (very romantic) Dearest, bear
!me! Since the dawn of creation,
r-':.,, !.. v;,i. ,..,vi i,.
beginning of time I have known a
loved vou. Darling, will vou be mint
She Oh, Jack, Ibis is so sudden
Boston Transcript.
Dill You
I Order
the Sale of
You can eat Fish when you can't other things?
SALMON, per lb 10c
MACKEREL, per lb 25c
SMELTS, per lb ..35c
ROES, Fer lb 25c
HADDIES, per lb ; 20c
COD. steaks, per lb :. .20c
HADD, steaks, per lb. . . . . 20c
HADD. boneless, per lb 1 .25c
Clams, Shrimp, Scallops, Lobsters, Shell Claras,
Shell Oysters.
Order your Glace Fruits now for Christmas. De
licious eating-, imported stock.
The Ye ci Teok Ckaares.
The aXoTF e-rer in Buffalo" bo ss
iorked in a tei phone booth by a hrUl-
t bone the poll' ir;ut be adoVd U tbeiifwiTly frtished wbn I esw bim; h
. st of pauwtie gur. Bi.-eta Iran was r.a:: ng on tn bia lt. l
The iHorse-Msker.
'"Mother." eaid a Mile boy after
eoTimg f rrm a walk. "I've swn a Iran
who makes hor-. .
""Are vnn nrT" .lfd hi m. her.
Yes " b. rrr'jed. l!e bad a tor
to Stimulate
Rio .Taneiro. De. 14. (Br the Asso-'l
jc:aurt I res l . An iniemaiionai nsi
i seeking t rtie sr tietween Siith
American ns'i.n as a stimulant to
STmaTTx-nt sales, said a ststeuwnt to
day by the ihsef of police of R.O
li e r.Ck-U! d-Iarel hi offce had in-i-t
zH rumors of stKvi a hsnd and
i a.l found it to t t. The tsttr,r.t
riar-sj t bend meT.t.-d "the im
m i.ate attention of the public jxj
er" It is said that njfwbrs of ihm band
are bo woiia j in Uucovs Aires.
Three Days Thursday, Friday, Saturday
We are instructed by the Frocter and Gamble
Co., to offer the following- combination at this money-saving
4 cakes of Star or P. & G. Soap
4 cakes of Lenox Soap
1 Star Naphtha Powder
1 Ivory Soap Flakes
Regular retail price is 62c all for
Ir n

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