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. v A alry- i
DcHvcml to VMturi In any part of
the City.
For Rent, and Loat Notice
Una or leai, 38 Cent for
Ore Month
Tft'O Weeks, or tea
Q each insertion.
HrlnicliiK With Them UcHolntlon
and KitormouH Duiiiuire other
New Jeraey Towiih Wuahed Out
No Live Were I.oh. KIC."
Plainfikui, N. J-, July 31. The dam
age bv thcflooil is greater tlinn was nt
first supposed. Eight dams in all were
washed away near here. The water
rushing through a break in the I'eltville
(lain, carried away and completely ob
literated two smaller dams IkIow Secly's
pnr mill nt Scotch Plains. The loss is
$10,MM. Scotch IMaiiis is entirely sub
merged, but the loss is small. The dam
age in the business portion of I'hiinlicld
caused bv the breaking of the tiers of the
dam is niit less than $3,000; fifteen large
brick buildings are undermined, and in a
dangerous condition. Somerset street
is impassable, lving -vivlw I away in
great gaps, livery bridge in l'laiiilirld,
Fairwood and "Warren townships is
washed awav. The loss to counties will
reach $10,000 for bridges alone. New
Brooklyn dnm was swept away. Little
damage was done because t is an ok'i
countrv. N lives were lost anil no otic
was hurt. Mad the break occurred at
night instead of the afternoon, a different
story would have In lie told. It is be
lieved that the loss in and near I'lainl'tcld
bv this storm will reach $lo0.ooo. flic
wiiter has entirely subsided, and repairs
arc licing rapidly made.
L.VTiiii The fust dam to break in the
vicinity was at I'eltville, live miles north
of here". The bleak ocelli led at t- o 'clot I;
and the rush ol water carried away and
absolutclv obliterated two smaller dams
below it at Secly's paia-r mill, causing a
loss of $JO,O0O. The water i ttslu d on
,1,11m to Scotch I'lains completely inuii-
d.Uiug the village. Cellars were Hooded
dating the village. Cellars were
an I nU the bridges were swept
swept aw. i.
batlly dalll
oinitliim it is
The llaptist clitircii nere is
nwcil. and the ccinctcrv suit
badly washed out, ami in many places
exposing the graves. A. I'. Shcpard's
place was completely lloodtd, and lllc
llcrbv lur mill here lost Sio.ooo in slock
and machinery. The great body wa
ter divided, apart of it forcing its way
across the fields until it reached Cedar
brook, a little stream running through
the eastern portion of I'lainlielil. The
brook became a river anil then a lake,
and a portion of I'lainfnl.l's choicest
resident locality was under water up to
the lii Kt stories of the houses, liven
household has its losses. The heaviest
loser here isJobMali, mayor of the town
who owns niore than one hundred ol these
liandsoiuc dwellings. His piocrty is
damaged to the extent of $jo,ihio. The
jiropcrty of Leo Halt, electrician, is badly
damaged and II. Ilowcrs loses $,"1,1100 by
damage lo his furniture. James II.
Martin loses several valuable cows.
The I'ark Avenue llaptist church was
threatened with destruction, its founda
tion was washed, but the building is sale,
though damaged to the extent of $:!,
1100. Many gallant rescues were made in
this part ol the town of ieoplc who
la-coming frightened uttcmpud to leave
their house's and were caught in the
Hood, Kugciic Snini. assistant lire chief,
was swept down the stream while out in
n boat assisting others, but was res
cued by means of roiics thrown
to him. The breaking of the
piers of the dam threatened to cut a
big swath through tlie business portion
of the town. The Jbrook which runs
throne h that nart ol the place is bridged
over with buildings on Somerset street,
but the space underneath was not sulli
cicnt to curry oil thcwater.aud it backed
tup into the street. Somerset street was
six lect under w.ter. Martin's black
smith shop and several smaller buildings
were lifted and thrown m a hcapiiilo the
middle of the street. French's mill was
undermined ami stands suspended over a
vn wning gap. His carriage factory is tot
tering and may fall. Illimcn's hotel stands
with Its foundation exposed to the very
bottom. Hiram's carriage shop is badly
damaged, and Kyerson's carriage reposi
tory wus damaged to the extent $1 ,000.
Among the louses ure the following:
French Tiros., $11,000; L. M. French, car
riage factory, $,000; Homau's carriage
1 factory, $3,000; Hlinicn's hotel, $0,000.
In Somerset street there is n gully thirt
feet wide and twenty deep, flic gat
mains are broken and sewers discon
nected. The Music Hall, in which
Pockstndtcr's trouic was playing, was
damaged $,000. The corner ol the
foundation is washed out, anil the stage
litis sunk twenty lect. The breaking of
Wilson's dam, in Washington Valley, let
down Mil immense body ol water to the
dam ut Wetnuipka i'alls. Little damage
was done until Hie masonry, which was
Imilt supplementary to the natural tails,
jjave wav, when n'lnrgc mass of water,
thirty feel high, fairlv le.iied against the
falls." The masonry nnd rocks tumbled
togetlier, nnd what was once a pic
turesque resort, is absolutely gone.
Coddiugton's ice house, barns and mills
were swept awny, involving u loss ol
$:0,O(K). Stony "Brook goes through a
funning country, west ol the town, so
that the 8ubsci"ucnt damage was slight.
Ill the lil'ty-lwo lurgc bridges in I'nion
county, thirty are said to lie gone, in
volving a loss to the county of more
than $300,000. No lives were lost mid
no serious casualties ure reported.
The loss ol live stock is slight.
Altogether eight dams in I'laiiiheld and
within four miles of the town, were
washed awav. The breaking ol tin new
ItriHiklyn dain, two miles south, and the
one ut Ciulnius' caused but little serious
damage other than the washing out ol
the roads. The washout at the ltei kiunn
Street railroad bridge cnuseil greut ociny
in travel, only one of tlie four tracks be
ing sate.
Nkwahk, N. J , July 31. Keports from
all over Kssei county tunicate mat tnc
damage by tlie storm which is still rag-
inir will b. much greutcr than was
ilioiiL'bt Inst liiL'ht. llloomfield sullered
most bv the brenkrng of Fritz's dam.
Kiftv fiimilies. were driven from tlieir
house, but no lives were lost or injury
inflicted. Tlie water is sulwiding this
morning and t! people are returning to
their houses.
In Orange, tba water it subsiding A
confectioner from this city, named Man
child, was driving across the bridge at
Maple wood hist night when the struct
ure araa carried awav.- He was onrried
down with the torrent, together with his
liorat and wngon, and was anally rcscu
,1 bearrowd of men from south Orange.
-Trams en the Norris and Essex road are
nnvinir slowlv throuch Orange. The
rrrntKt nrnirebeiision is felt at Mutuant,
A wauh has been placed oa the dam of
the Oranse reserroir, two and m half
miles from town, and 200 feet above it.
Peopee are prepared to move at a mo
ment notice, j t
Newlin.N.., Jalf 31 .The dam at
Van Srekle mills pond, at Willborn, broke
early thia tauraimr. and ttoe ecajng
tlieir homes. Household goods nnd other
property were earried nwny. People fled
111 terror. It is impossible to drive over
the thoroughlnres.
TheCanacIlauaAccunlnKthe Rmh
of Piracy.
Tohonth Julv HI. A special disintch
to the Empire from Ottawa savs: "The
latest account of piracy by tlie I'nited
States authorities 111 Hearing Sea contin
ues to be much discussed in official circles.
A dispatch has liecn received at the fish
eries department from Mr. linker, M. P.,
giving additional particulars of the seiz
ure nfthc Itlack I'iamond. It np)ieare
that the vessel was seized when seventy
miles from land. Mr. linker says that ft
strong feeling of resentment and indigna
tion has been engendered nmoiig the in
habitants of Ilritish Columbia by this
wanton outrage, nnd that n meeting "of
tite citizens of Victoria is to lie held to
express their indignation. This dispatch
was under eonsiilemtion by the council
vcsiciday. 1'ntil the ollieial report is be
fore the Covernincnt no action can lx
taken, and the Minister of Customs ac
cordingly telegraphed to the collector at
Victoria to forward full particulars with
out loss ol time. Collector llnndy's re
ply was received by the Hon. Mr. Howell
last evening, but it iipiicars that the in
formation which he has to give is 110
lnlli r than that already published.
Keller lor (lie Htitrvluu; MlnerM.
Cinc.wio, July ,'11 , Congressman Law
ler and other nteilllicrs of the Itilsitlcss
Men's Rclicl 'Committee lelt this morning
with additional supplies for the hall
t.trveil locked outcoai niincrsatStrcator.
III. A reporter talked with Mr. (iecrahtr
wlnise business in Slieatcr has Ir'cii well
iiicti ruined by the miners trouble,
licet, ihty has Iatu in Milwnukecforsonic
tl.tvs s'.li'-iting nlief. W'c have two car
loads of provisions to distribute to-day,
said (nvrulily, "but what will that
amount lo, when divided among li.ooo
starving miners, the maiorilv of whom
are married men with families? It wilt
scarcely last two flays for the poor Icl
lows. The condition of tliciucllisalmost
iti'lihcribablc. 1 call truthfully say. many
people .ire actually starving. Itnbics
ami children cry lor bread, and wallow
in the muddy streets; for their mothers
h ive become callous to their cries, ami
do not seem to mind it. They say but
little, ami complaints are not frequent;
tltey just keep sik nt in their misery. A
tew arc very proud, and anecl to lie
light-hearted, when they have hot a thing
to c.'iLiu the house. 1 tell you, it is hor
rible, and no one can realize the awful
snlleriugs until he gets t ight 111 the midst
of it. iiusiuess has gone to smash, and
stagnation rules every where. Unless the
miners are given work soon or further
relief comes, you will soon hear of sonic
Meatus trout actual starvation.
(ietlillK Kill ol HullluilKlNtH,
P. his. iolv Ml . The 'Houlangisls have
thrown most of their detent on deputy
Tnnpietl. who insisted that I'icneral
lotilaugvr contest over 00 cantons.
They held that the ticueral should have
become a candidate only in districts
where his political strength was sutlicient
to warrant a ltoK ol success. The gov
ernment is more active than ever 111 the
woi k in getting rid of lloulangist othee
holders. The mayors of kciutcs. Antrum
mid Treiguac, all Houlangisls, have liccn
The Journal Dcs Debuts savs that the
coup ineiiitatcil ny t,euerai iiouiangei
las tailed.
I'.lt.vptlim Warlike operntloiiM.
Caiho. f ill v HI. Col. Wodehotisc re
ports that the main bodv of the insur
gents under command of Nad-cl-Jumis,
is etieamiK'd on the lulls three miles .Nort 11
I Aim Simleha. Nad-cl-iiniis has tormed
water deMits. Active skirmishing still
iroeecds iKtv.ccn l.gytian patrols ami
.'.iv I'ervisl: i.uiposis. The Dervishes
,vito I1..1I oe i:pii.d the village of Toski,
were ilrivcii out pvine r.gvpnans, leaving
the botlies of lltirtv lour ol their minilxr
who had lint kilkd. A niutilier ol
Dervishes were captured. Cciicral Cireii
tell and his stall have left Korosko for
Hclii-mc to I"acllv Ireland.
Loxpox, inly 31. Kelerring to the
miinv rcmeiues tiroposeii lor tnc prevail
ing discontent ill Ireland, Lord Randolph
Chuichili, in Ins scccli at llirmiiiglinm
last night, recommended as a final solu
tion, a loan ol not IcssthautMoO.OOO,
000 to enable tenants to buy their hold
ings, local bodies controlling rale col
lected revenues to become security for tlie
payment of the loan. He lKiuued out
that this scheme inailc it necessary that
Ireland remain under the inijici'ial parlia
Mrs. Mu brick Ilead NotUullty
Livi-:ni'ooi., lulv 31. Mrs. Florence
Lli.abclh Mavbrick. American, who
charged with having killed her husband,
ames Mavbrick, bv administering ar
senic to linn, was arraigned lor trial to
day. The court room was crowded with
IK-opte anxious to hear all the details of
the case. When called upon to plead to
the indictment, the prisoner replied, "not
guilty. .
tttoriu unci Mliiltliiu: of MteniuboatH,
St. Lous. Inly 31. A very violent
storm 1 Hissed over New Madrid, Mo.,
and vicinity Monday evening, doing
great damage U the cotton and corn
crois. Two Tittle stcamlioats, tlie
Arkniisas City and the Carl Schtin, lying
at New Madrid, were totally destroyed.
Loss $1-1,000. 1 lie warehouses at lip-.
tonville and Luzelle landing were blown
ANeitro Makes ttaiue ofliidtana,
Ciiicaoo, luly 31. At Strentor, III.
yesterday, f . II. Tollivcr, a negro of
Nashville, Tenn., shot two Indians con
nected with n circus. The wounds of one
nt least will prove fatal. All the Indians
were on a big spree the night before, and
abused the negro in various ways, cut
minnting in his shooting two of them.
Certuaa Ktnperor Visits England,
Hkhlin. lulv 31 .Emperor WillinnTleft
WillK-lmshnven to-dny tor England. His
Mnicstv was accompanied by a stiundron
of war shis. fter the departure of the
kmperor, the r.mpress return ea to uerun
by railway.
John 1 la the Tolls.
Nbw Vosk, luly 81. Jhn L. Sullivnit.
was arrestca nere mis evening upon a
mtttisilion warrunt signed by Gov. Hill
and taken to police hcadiitiurters in a
close carriage to awuit the transfer to
Battery Park is crowded with visitors
and the Swannanaa has only a few va
cant rooms WfU .1
Over seventy-fire people are at the
Moantain Park hotel at Hot Springs.
Wait tlie Qernian u) Battery Park
' Taeitday NlKtat.
One of the most delightful germans.
given in Asheville this season was that
at Battery Park, Tuesday evening, led
by Mr. Sam B. Waters and Mis John
ston, both of Charlotte, N. C. The
beauty of the Old North State, Georgia,
Tennessee, South Carolina, Virginia and
Louisiana wns well represented. About
twenty couples participated iq tlie dn nee,
the chnperones being Mesdnmcs McBce,
Hnrwnod, Jackson and Clark. The fol
lowing is a list of the ladies, whose hand
some costumes are also given :
Miss Johnston, Charlotte, N. C, white
crcic wool and silk, pearls.
"Mias Polk, Nashville, Tenn., white silk
ami tulle, roses.
Miss Sadie Tucker, Kulcigh, N. C,
vieux roscrisidn green, natural flowers
and diamonds.
Miss Bessie Tucker, Kaleigh, white silk
and lace, diamonds.
Miss Clarke, Atlanta, Cm., white bro
cade silk, crystal front, diamonds.
Miss Katie Hclian, New Orleans, white
china silk.
Miss llclmn, New Orleans, while ere.-
dc chine, jicnrls.
Miss Pcniiitunu, Asheville, black tulle
and silk.
Miss Miller, Kaleigh, black lace, roses,
Miss Connelly, Atlanta. 0a., white silk
mull, cherry trimmings.
Miss Payne, New Orleans, white point
l'esprit, diamonds.
Miss Newton, Norfolk, Yn., black silk,
en Irniuc, diamonds.
Miss Washington, Nashville, Tcuu.,
pearl gray silk, diamonds.
Miss ChalV, New Orleans, pink creie dc
chine, roses.
Miss Ilarwooil, Atlanta, 0a
pink silk-anil lace, diamonds.
Miss Frances Harwnod. Atlant
pink china silk, Knrls.
Miss Maitlaud, Ashevilk', blue gau.e
ami silk, icarls.
Miss Maitland, Ashevilk', white India
silk, orange trimmings.
Miss Siuythc, Charleston, S. C, blue
silk and net, diamonds.
Miss Jackson, Atlanta, 0a., pink silk,
The gentlemen were, Messrs. Sam H.
Waters and Myers, Charlotte, N. C;
Frazicr, Ilranch anil Crump, Kichmoiid,
Va. ; Frost and Sinvthc, Charleston, S.
Skinner, Sherwood and lliggin-
botlian, Chicago; Mernmon, Kaleigh;
McNecly, Salisbury; Clarke, Atlanta,
0a.; and Murphy, vt addell, rcnner, Mcr-
riinon, Carson, Child and Price, if Ashe
ville. A Ureal Furniture House.
A happy business combination has just
licen perfected by which thcfirmofManii,
Johnson & Co,, succeeds the old firm of
Shcpnrd, Mann & Johnson, and thclllnir
Furniture Company, consolidating the
stocks of nil these linns, and combining
in its operations one of the largest and
I icst appointed lurniture houses in the
South. It cannot be otherwise with the
exK'rience acquired, with the skill of
workmen, the infection of machinery,
and facilities for obtaining material in
the I'nited States a fact now fully rec
rgnized by the great furniture manufac
turers ol the North and Northwest,
The beauty of the North Carolina woods
is uneqiiuled, und it is at once a pride
and n luxury to come into possession of
a set or even of a single article, of furni
ture made out of our North Carolina
mountain wood, put up by the skillful
and tasteful hands uf the linn we refer
to. And we scnk not Irom n conjecture
of what thev can do, hut with the knowl-
dgc of what they havc done, all of which
is widely known and approved.
;oImk on well.
We are informed that the committee in
charge of the scheme to purchase n lot to
secure the investment ol $50,000 by Mr.
IVmens for a very important industrial
enterprise, reKirt that they have secured
$o00 to perfect the plan. Now, close up
the ranks.
We are also informed by the same au
thority that tlie purpose to aid the firm
of Willinmson & Hart, so largely sufferers
bv the recent ftrc, so fur from being aban
doned, is actively prosecuted, nnd that
contributions arc i.iade to the fund for
their relief as well as the Dcniens fund, in
about equal proportions. There is no
design to discriminate against the two
former gentlemen, if the aid proioscd be
acceptable to them.
Wont Pay the Bllla.
Washington, luly 30. Acting secre
tary Bachelor has issued an order sus
, . 11 1 ti 1.-
pcnning payment un uu oins aKiuum viic
treasury department for telegraphing
during the current fiscal year. This action
is based upon a letter from the Postmns
ter General to the Secretary of the Treas
ury, in which be says: "Inasmuch as
the Question of fixing rates for the gov.
crnment telegrams during the current
fiscal year is still unsettled, I have the
honor to request that yon will please
suspend the payment of any telegraphic
bills against your department, or any
branch thereof, until the official promul
gation by this department of the order
nxins rates in question."
Bond offerings to-day $2100, all ac
ceiited at 128 for fours and 10671, for
four and balls.
The Celebrated Pacer Dead.
Iolikt. 111., lulv 31. The fast pacing
stallion Sir Thornton was found dcud in
his stall at the Joliet race track this
morning. It is repurted that the cause
of his death was indigestion brought on
by cooling off two soon after his remark,
able performance at Aurora.
L- 1 1
A meeting of the contributing member
if the Mission Hospital wiH be add at
the Hospital Saturday afternoon at 6
. PBGIAa. KstlKM
Treat of the Mteerlcss of Mai de
Her, and the Trials and Trltmla.
Hon of a Vos-aireur on Hla Flrat
Trip Acroaa the Pond, istc.
On Boabo Steamship Ni-vada,)
. July 8, 1HNU. (
- DditorCitixrn l A real nice company we
are. us to-dny assembled on deck and
looking in all directions for a glimpse of
terra hrma. Not a sign to nc seen in any
direction to dispel the illusion with which
one is apt often to natter himself, t lint w
compose th whole world. Not a sail
dots the horizon. We may fancy that no
other humanity exists outside of this
ship, but that the heart ol each voynifeur
is full of the dear ones, young und old, nt
home. Notwithstanding our crowded
staterooms and unusual fare, we are all
determined like Marl Taplcy to Ik- jolly
under nil circunislniu.s. We will see how
this holds when the- wind rises, causing
the ship to roll and that terrible will ik
mer to apicar. Anyone who can sustain
his jollity under this trial will deserve n
crown indeed.
Our ship moves very smoothly forward
but is not as comfortable as wc were led
to exiect, nnd alow to a degree. Already
we regret that we had not advised you
not to exjiect to hear of our landing tic
fore the 20th. The staterooms lire small
and ivoorlv furnished, and terribly
crowded. Wc, ourselves, are in one wit h
seven jolly companions. Eight men in a
compnrtnien measuring Sxl5 feet, and
to live-there for the next ten or twelve
days! The ladies are cipmlly crowded
and very uncomfortable, but they on
very brave, and do all in their power to
keep up the npicanincc of enjoyment.
Kind Mrs. llrodnax has already estab
lished a class ol infants in French, our
selves included in the nunilicr, so that wc
may hope to take care of our sous in
Yes, wc North Carolinians, enlightened
by a few Carolinians, will siirvivcthedis
comforts of this voyage, for a merciful
Providence has blessed us with the prom
ise of a tine 8icll of weather. The ocean
is as calm as a lake; scarcely a icrcepti
blc swell. Hy a huge cllbi't sonic of the
IKtrtv have gottou up an apiicarance ol
seasickness, biityourcorresisindeiitisnot
1111I to such a mental exertion, and
therefore continues as well as if on the
delightfully smooth streetsof Asheville.
We were advised hy a tricml never to
say on board ship "waiter" or "porter,"
but always steward, and wc havc
religiouslv done so, but sad to sav.no re-
sHiusive courtesy has followed this talis
man. It ever we catch one ol these loug
lcgged dirty Scotch stcwartlsntotirhomc
we will take our revenge hy inviting him
to take a walk over our city's sidewalks.
This delightfully beautiful ocean, whosc
tints of emerald tinged with golden sun
shine, we have never seen adequately por
trayed on canvass, lint most nearly n(i
proximnted by those sweet pictures of
Mr. Church. How can our unskilled pen
attempt to descrilie thescnsationsoftiiis.
our first voyage! (Hi, heavens! lust ns
wc are beginning to get up a poetic turor
there is the licll lor lunch, and we must
sink our high-flown thoughts to the level
of hard tack and century-old butter nud
enter once more the arena in a struggle
tor lite with our steward.
Wc will give you a few words more
when wc have finished gulping down our
hard tack und our wrath.
July 11. How few of us realize the size
of our continent! Here we have Iki'ii
sailing due east from New York for four
days and nights, and this wretched ship
is slow. We estimate that wchuvemnde
successfully one-third of the (list n nee to
Glasgow, and yet here we are only south
of Newfoundland, you might say still in
American waters, 1 lie temperature is
nleasantly mild, owing probably to the
mtlucncc ol the gulf stream, which is bet
ter than the disagreeable cold of yester
day. Our good party may be on deck
nnd we trust will be in better health than
yesterday. A sight of these magnificent
waves and the drinking in of God's dcur
sunshine und pure air wit) do them good,
and truly they get but little Help from
man in tiwir agony, for the woful nuil tit
mer has npiearcd, and most woful has
been the tyrant's onslaught. Standing
as we now do, taking a uird'seyc view of
the deck, we must. wonder "Is this what
one calls a pleasure excursion ?" Proba
bly fifty ladies, most of them teachers
who have been working hard and need
all the rest tlieir short vacation can give
them, to ennble them to resume their
arduous duties, many of them evidently
in luitl health, and at this moment under
going worse sufferings than the most or
thodox pains ol lielieiiiin. our very
heart bleeds for theui ns with pale, dis
traught visage, each at intervals stag
gers to the tuflrnil in the vain endeavor
to vomit tnc tacks 01 tlieir siloes into tnc
sea. At times we cannot re I rain n smile
as the proverbial "Oh, my! comes lip
from one after unother, hut our smiles in
dicates no hick of sympathy, for indeed
we would Uo all 111 our lower to help
them if we only knew how to liegin. One
sweet young girl faintly thanks us for
bathing her aching head, and says: "Oh,
please just let me die, and do nothing to
help me. Iain so miserable, Mv poor
mother! Why did I ever leave her for
this homble voyager es, indeed,
why ? wc wonder,
The cost on this shin is certainly low.
Thirty-five dollars from New York to
Glasgow is not .much, but the accommo
dations are in proportion, and both
rooms and table (id I fur short of our ex
pectations from descriptions we have
heard of an ocean palace.
Our people seem variously affected, gen
erally intense nausea, anu oit repeatea
and terrible retchings, but occasionally
the symptoms are altogether different,
beinir intense headache nud icy coldness,
esiecinlly of hands and reel. From this
terrible pain one young gin 11ns just be
come entirely delirious, frightening nil
around her terribly. Wc being almost
the only well man, helped her toner berth,
where one brave lady niter another canar
to Iter helu in the lew moments interven
ing between their attacks of devotion to
Ncutune and bis denitens.
Wereit not for tlie intrinsic merit of
our good people, especially the ladies,
this sort of thing would be totally un
bearable. But they are so sweet, long
suffering and endure their troubles with
so moca fortitude and patience a lesson
indeed to us stern men which wc may do
well to copy,
Kind Mrs. llrodnax forgets her sickness
in efforts to amuse and interest all
around her. Her French class is, with
as. the feature of the day. Please sec
a French editor to translate our next let
ter, because yon no doubt perceive bow
great difficulty wc find in writing with
our usual pure Angk-Saxo accent and
aous a rues erur out Lt Ckona at com
nrtnnt pa notra lungHge F rancai'ssv
Of those most deeply touching our sym
pathy ant Mrs. Kenan, of Wumingtou,
and Miss Hickey, of Danville, Va., both
of whom have suffered most dreadfully,
and still look fearfully. Much ns ween-
iov their company when well, wc do in
deed wish they were in their comfortable
homes to-day.
Of the men we are the most fortunate,
having entirely escaped seasickness,
which we in part attribute to our well
known wisdom on which the E.J. plcas-
nntly rcmnrkeil, hut chiefly totttediet we
have selected for our first trans-Atlantic
pleasure tour. French brandy nnd hard
tack has been our constant source of con
solation and aunnort. .Our vouner com
panion, Erwin Sluder, has been violently
ill, and still suffers very much, but has
been himself like a real man and made
the best of his bad surroundings.
The miseries of mal dc mer no one enn
even imagine save the sufferers. Not
being one of the afflicted, we can only
note the personal appearance of our poor
friends which, indeed, touches us to the
heart. We have never seen evidence of
such intense nausea, and the stomach
lieirjg empty, the retching ismost painful.
We fancy that a little pure, wholesome
food might cause relief, even if at once
rejected. Wc thought once of giving yon
n pen picture of us us we lire, but it would
be cruel. You must come and see for
yoursclf, if you wish to, but wc arc in
clined to think that you will consent to
remain 111 ignorance, although lor our
selves we do not regret it. It has been
1111 cxiicricnee lor n Itletimc, only wc are-
glad we did not succeed ill urging soinc
of our friends to conic too.
There nrc sonic redeeming traits, yes
many of them, livcryonc is so consider
ate and anxious to help each other, and
so grateful for help when extended to
themselves. Then, too, even thciesthctic
is not altogether wanting. For instance,
it wns lovely last night, as the poor suf
ferers were silling on deck ill the moon
light, nnd Dr. Marshall says: "Young
folks, stipiHisc we have prayers licforc wc
go to lied," and with ready consent the
puny, seasick voices swcclty sing Abide
With Me," and ourparson, without book
or gown, commends us till to His care
who can and will bring ns to "the haven
where we would Is'," but will it lx- with
ii grateful sense of His goodness, or will
wclorget 1 1 1111 when health ami happiness
returns? .Yois vemms.
July 13 We have often heard a fog
described, but only now have wc cxiei-i-cuccd
011c, and we have concluded that
it, like many of ihc curiosities of ocean
life, isnotworthexiicriencing. Forforlv-
cighl hours, it has surrounded us, auwith
a dark and misLv pall ; our - rogrcss has
at times liccu very slow, the dismal fog
horn blows every minute, at hrst it was
distressing in perverting sleep, but wc
have Ix-eomc so used to 11 as to lake it
for a lullaby, and find ourselves watch
ing lor its return. The decks ure soak
ing and shpiHTV, but arc prelerred lo the
stuffy saloons and state rooms, to which
latter we only resort on command ol the
stewards at 11 o'clock, and leave as
arly as a rav of light can pierce the
dingy gluss of the loop hole. A slight
westerly wind pushes the tog along with
us and only with u change of breeze can
we luqie for relief
1 he officers ot this ship seem tnitliliil
and comjx'tctit, the captain has kept his
post on the bridge unceasingly, and at
each Ih-IIs through the night the cry of
the watchman assures us all is well.
The purser is by all odds the most ngrce
ible gentlemen we have met since wc left
New York. A Norwegian of extensive ed
ucation, most courteous in manner, and
doing his utmost to make us comforta
ble ; it is ever a real pleasure to know
such a man. ami wc do hojicouractpiaiii
tancc may lie prolonged.
liven the pain and suffering of seasick
ness 111 11st have an end, the sea is smooth
again, the ship rolls very little, our folks
all brighten up; last night we took to
the saloon and made it bright nud lively
with games and chat ting. Once more
Dr. Marshall reminds us to say "Our
Father" and now we will sit, as we sug
gested, all ure bright und happy. Will
they remember now? Yes the young
girls lay aside their cards, the backgam
mon Hoards arc closed, and almost u
hushed silence prevails, but we must ex-
ect some young tolks to be thoughtless,
A few beardless men must give proof of
their manhood, their umuscment cannot
be suspected even for u moment; nu inso
lent steward accompanies the service
with a lHipptng of corks, but no matter,
He will remember nil His children and
that is the main part alter all.
stii.l in run Foe.
Sunday Morning, luly 1. If we knew
the name of this post-office, wc would
head this letter differently. The fog is
still with us and surrounds the ship caus
ing much discomfort on deck, ond ap
parent anxiety, as evidenced by extra
care on the part of our captain, but with-
1 1 11
ill ail is nngiiier itnu iiuppn-i. in'n
wonderful it is that we can so soon udapt
ourselves to surrounding circumstances.
The ship, which on Sunda last wc de
scribed as beastly, is to-day a haven of
rest, which wc hope will enable us all to
lift our hearts to thai Haven where we
trust all. "the muck mid the dead will
lie gathered together ill God'sgood time,
in rest nnd felicity.
The decks ure ns sloppy, the stewards
not ouite as saucv, tlie state-rooms us
close, the food a little improved surely,
otherwise wc cannot conceive how wc
could enjoy it ns we Uo. The porridge.
which one week ago, we rejected with
the utmost contempt and scorn, is now a
real attraction, strong enough to draw
the laziest from their downy couch ut
seven o'clock.
Last evening we assembled in the su
loon nnd enioved some sweet music from
several young ladies. Miss l!ichiirch'8
sweet voice brought forth sincere ni-
plause, which she kindly recognized by
civinc us un encore.
Also some ucnimiui rccuillioun were
rendered with spirit, and on behalf of our
party and State, wc tender our thanks to
Miss Wilson of West Virginia for her
most excellent repetition of Laska, which
lieiiiB encored, nave us the pleasure ol
hearing well said The Shadows,
Then Mr. Ilarrcll who presided us sec
retary of the Teachers Assembly assisted
by Prof.Smith. rend somccxtracts from an
exceed inirlv uncut lournui, tne newiouno-
land Cbautauauau of this day's issue,
01 wnicn 1 lie cuiiorim bikii w v'iiin.ii
of our voiimr ladies, headed as we guessed
r 1. l 11 1 . . . . 1 I ,..,' nn ....1
by Prof. Winston of Chapel Hill, who
noiwunsiamilllg nia acuBn-Kiicsa ami
painfully contriving, adds to the pleasure
of all who can read aim.
This most enterprising daily, might
take rank with the best of newsiuipcrs,
presenting its renders with lull press dis
patches, taken en-route from the cable
which is "ten thousand Leagues under
the sea" on which we are sailing, and
such editorial advice, as Tim Citiikn
may do well to copy, except that it would
draad the criticism of its esteemed cotem
pornrjr the E.J. which you know never
spirroves of good things.
The staunch steamship Nevada," con
t filiated to the entertainment, kx cream
and fruits which wc much appreciated.
Well, we are dressed for church, that is
to say we have obeyed our good wife's
injunction to be sure to shave each day.
When confessing our sins this morning
our conscience smote us with the reflec
tion that we had forgotten her com
mands, so forthwith we uttacked our
rough countenance with a rusty razor.
Oh, how we longed for the manipulation
of one of our tonsorinl friends of Ashe
ville! But bravely we proceeded with
our task, anu see what success has at
tended our efforts. Why, the bloody
Wallace is put to shame by our stream
ing gore, nnd wc arc a worthy represent
ative of the Mack Douglass, who Ire
team to have been our progenitor.
Our throat is slashed from ear to ear,
And mill the heard doth there nppear.
Hut, however, we will not leap further
into poetry, but taking pity oil you will
go back to philosophy, and sny the
stem rough character ol the Scotch na
tion is no longer u matter ol surprise to
us. This kind of porridge, nnd one more
such shave will make us as fierce as Julius
Ciesar himself. Moreover, a careful
study of the Highlander's character has
reyealed to us a talisman by which we
have liecn able to reach the" heart and
bring to light the hidden courtesy of out
steward. We will give our discovery to
the world, as it will not be patented.
We were anxious to take some food to
a sick lady on deck, and asked for a
spoon. "Oh, no; against the ship's rules;
lost, I will have to pay for it."
"Sir," wc replied, jingling n few six
IKiiees in our pocket, "would a deposit
of fifty sovereigns Iw sufficient to secure
its return? It not, let us say 100 it is
quite immaterial to us."
He erics 1 akc it, by till means, my dear
sir. Is there aught else we can do for
you or any ol your friends ? If so, com
mand us, pray.
An rcvuii .
Inly 17. The longest vovnge must
have an end, and wc arc now assured
that to-morrow we will see land onci
more, and press our mother earth with
our delighted soles.
Our cxiicricnecof a sea voyage has In-cn
a terrible-disappointment tons. Ilschiel
distinctive features, have liecn fog, and
monotony. Und wc been able to assem
ble in a cointorlable saloon and lo have
sonic music, etc., the tedium would not
have Ikcii felt nearly so much. No one
Iccls disposed to read much nud the sub
jects of conversation arc exhausted, and
even so distinguished a linguist as your
correspondent finds trouble in making
luinsell at all limes interesting.
The continuance ol the fog for six days
and nights, we considered at the time
rather trying bill now look back upon it
as a blessing in disguise, as it ciitcrLained
us with thedrend that our captain might
miss his reckoning while the sun was ob
scured, and we lie several thousand ot
miles out of our course, but now his cal
culations are verified antl even this excit
ing topic is lost. On the whole our con
clusion is thai Kuropc must lie very line
lo pay lorttie discoinlorlsot this voyage,
and we cannot think it a desirable step
for our teachers, nor do we think
that one-tenth of the company would
hesitate to give the lull cost of their trip
if it could only hint them safely at home
So much time has liecn consumed in
failure to start at appointed time anil in
extreme length of voyage, thai their mo
tions will lx most hurried and scarce 11
satisfactorily glance can lie had at those
things which they havctraveled so far to
see and enjov.
One of the curious things to us is the
difference in time, as arc sail eastward.
At our rate ot sliced we estimate that we
gain about one minute in each hour. So
that our watch which still holds fast to
New York time is something near four
and n half hours slow at this time. Not
remembering this we were startled this
morning when we went on deck as usunl
at daybreak to liutl our watch marking
11.30 p. in.
For the first time in several days wc
arc surrounded by a large number ot
gulls (sea gulls wc mean, having plenty
of ordinary gulls 011 hoard ) which indi
cates our approach to shore. The log
has gone nud the bright sun is delightful,
provided one can get protected from the
bleak wind. As cold almost as ours in
Ilecember. Good-bye, a lew lines from
Glasgow to-morrow wchoie. Will wind
up this Icnglliy epistle. My right-hand
neighbor at the tabic styles it: "The
first epistle of Thomas to the Ashcvill
inns." T. W. P.
WlioThey Arei Where The v Are,
and What They Are Doing.
Mr. Geo. II. Smnthcrs, of Wayncsvillc,
is in the city.
Rev. W.D. Akcrsand Chas. W. Malone
went to Kuoxvillc last night.
Mr. liugenc D. Carter, solicitor of the
criminal court, has gone to Marion, ,
Prof. A. M. Carroll, of the city graded
schools, has returned from a visit to
Mrs. Clark, representative of the St.
Louis Republic, is in the city in the inter
est of that journal.
Mr. F. P. Miiiiiiaugh left yeslcrday for
Columbia, S. C, to attend the funeral ol
his niece in that city.
Mr. A. W. Ifrownson, the clever office
manager of the Mountain Park hotel, at
Hot Springs, wns here yesterday.
R. H. Sykes, wife and daughter, und
W. C, Flower, of New Orleans, were au
tographed at tlie Swannanoa last night.
Rev. James Atkins, jr., has returned
from 1111 extended trip through Tennessee
in the interest of the Asheville Female
Mr. W. A. Iinloe, of Webster, one of
the most prominent citizens of Jackson
Aunty, and Mr. Geo. A. Jones, of Macon,
were here yesterday.
Key. T. M. Jones, president of Greens
boro Female College, and Miss Dora
Jones, of the same institution, are at Hot
Springs for a few weeks.
Miss Nannie B. Keener and Mr. W
Scott Brown, of Salisbury, are at tlie
Swannanoa, as is also Mr. C. C. Daniels,
editor of the Wilson Advance..
Will Meet This Afternoon,
The W. C. T. V. anil tlie Y's meet to
gether at Johnston Hall this afternoon
at 5 o'clock to close up the business of
the convention. A full attendance is de
Madison court is iu session this week
Judge Walter Clark presiding. Thecrim
inal docket is quite heavy.
sickening Sight at the Execution!
of Oliver, the Police Aaaaaaln
The Mope NIlpa Over Hla Chin
and He la Only Half Hansred.
Loi'isviLXF, Ky July 31. Chas Dil-
ger, the murderer of two policemen last
August, ana narry smart murderer 01
Meiseur Green and wife, were hamred at
6.05 this morning.
At 6.30 o clock, deputy sheriff Henry
Dell read the death warrant to each of
the men, they standing handcuffed at
their cell doors. The line of march to
the scaffold was formed at 5.47 o'clock.
Both of the condemned men walked firm
ly up the steps of the scaffold, Dilger
leading the way unassisted. Father
Nicholas read the service of the Catholic
church, the crowd maintaining a breath
less silence. Deputy s hen It Kaglnnd
meanwhile took bis place near the trap
rope. Both men were very pale during
the rend hie of the service. At the con
clusion of the service Smart and Dilger
hade good bye to all the turnkeys.
They then took positions on the tras.
Smart laughed as he stepped upon the
fatal door. Deputy sheriff Hikes pin
ioned them with leather bands. The
rope was cut, nt 6.04 o'clock exactly, and
both men shot down through the traps.
Smart turned around, and probably dad
instantly, but Dilger slipped through the
noose, the roiic catching him over the
chin at the lower teeth. lie was seem
ingly unhurt, and was drnwn up by the
roe until his shoulders came through
the trap, when the deputies took him by
the amis and pulled hun upon the scaf- .
fold. Another rope was brought into
service; and when the noose- was ad
justed, Dilgernskcd "what's the matter?
On being told the rope had slipped its
knot, he said, "this shows I should not
die." He placciMiimself upon the trap
a second tunc by mnking.t 'whops. The
trap was again sprung at 0.00 .o'clock
unci he wns strangled to death.
H hen Dilger s body ilropiied, the end of
the roic which formed the knot was seen
to unravel, and the noose refused to
tighten. The knot was so far untied ns
to Ik- only held in place by one coil,
and the rojie was caught directly under
the point of his chin. The scene was sick
ening. It could Ik seen at a glance that
death would not result within two or
Once hours, unless something was done;
Hid tile strnimd breathing ol the unfor
tunate man could lie heard over the en
tire yard. 1 he noise was a sharp rasping
one, so iieculiur as to render it hard to
descrilie. Two of the officers leaned down
through the trap, nnd, catching hold of
I he noose near the neck, drew Dilger back
through the o;iiirg on to the platform.
Another roKj was quickly made last to
the crosslieam overhead, the drop licinc
the same ns licfore. This required in all
uve minutes, ana tne new new noose
wns then placed around Dilirer's neck, tlie
drop falling the second time at6.08. The
new roie also seemed reluctant to do its
luty, and the knot slipped clear around
to the back of his neck. It tightened,
however, and the work was done. At
(i.32 he was pronounced dead.
The Bell Rlngere.
Another entertainment for the benefit
of the Christian church wns given by this
company nt the Formers' warehouse
last evening. Pretty much the same
audience was present as that which
witnessed the performance of the night
liefore, nnd about the same amount of
money wns taken fn at the door. This
evening the company will give a recherche
entertainment at thl Battery Park,
and manager Guinness promises to give
those who attend an evening of real
pleasure and enjoyment.
The Lire and Writing
Of Gen. Thomas L. Clingmna will be
found to contain much valuable informa
tion resiiccting the toimgrnphy and met
eorology of Western North Carolina,
treated in a familiarly scientific way.
Besides these, there arc literary and scien- .
lific addresses and political speeches, in
teresting pictures of the sayings and do-
ngs of a past, very active generation.
Some days ago thirty or forty copies
were accidentally unearthed here from a
forgotten recess. They may be found at
Morgan's book store.
Delayed Malua,
The westbound mail train over the
Western North Carolina road did not
reach the city last evening until long
iltcrclcvcno clock, mid no mail was dis
tributed at the postofKcc in this city last
night oiithat account. The Spartanburg
train was also three hours late, and the
train from Wnyncsville wns somewhat
In-hind time. Altogether, the Ashevillians
were muchly put out so far as mail
matters were concerned, yesterday.
The Holdlers' Kalr.
The members of the Primary and other
committees arc requested to meet this
I Thursday) afternoon at the residenrf of
Col. A. T. Davidson on College street,
promptly at 5 o'clock. If the weather
should be too unfavorable, the meeting
will be held on the hrst available after
noon thereafter!
Mrs. W. S. Child.
Secretary of Primary Committee.
A Bis; Melon. 1
A watermelon, weighing seventy-five
pounds, sent from Rome, Ga., and con
signed to a lady itu Asheville, was re
ceived at the express office in this city
yesterday, and manager Atwcll's mouth
hasn't stopped watering yet for sKcc of
that melon.
A Mew sMere.
Mr. Adolph Whitlock will occupy the
new store adjoining Herring gt Weaver's
place, on South Main street, as soon as
completed. Mr. Whitlock win carry a
line of fine clothing and gents' furnishing
goods. Success to him.
Attention, Aaaevllte VntaMtcera.
You arc hereby ordered to meet in the
McLoud Law building, this (Thursday)
evening at 8.30 o'clock. By order of the
captain. Avery Carter, 0. S.
The dairy party for the benefit of the
City Schools Library, which was tohstt
occurred to-night, has been postponed
until to-morrow, Friday night.
IV -

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