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l;or Kent, ami Lost Notices, three
lints or K-hs, 2C Cents for
eaeh insertion.
Hcliveml tu Visitors in any part of
the City.
One Month .Oc.
Two Weeks, or leas l'5c.
He Turned Sickly Iale When the
Sentence Wan Ironouiiced His
Wife's Kxtrnviixance the Cause
of His Kuln and Dlfttcracc.
Ni:V Yokk, August 10. F.hcn S. Allen,
the defaulting ex-president of I lie I'orlv-
Sccuuil nml Crand Street Ferry Railroad
Company, who pleaded guilty to two
iudietineiits charging liim with the over
issue of ijilOO.OOO worth of stock ol' the
company, was sentenced ly J udgcl older
sleeve to-dnv to seven years imprison
ment at hard labor on each indictment,
the maximum penalty for the offence.
Allen looked paleami vcrydown-licartcil
when he reached the court room, where
he was met liy his counsel Lawyer Fns
tis and his brother Hluicr L. Allen, The
court room was crowded at II o'clock
when Judge (uldcrslccvcciitercd theeourt.
When asked what he had to say, why
seuteuee should not Ik passed iipou him,
Allen turned around, looked at his coun
sel, hut dill not utter a syllable. Mr.
Iiuslis, alter deliberation, said I here was
nothing to adil to what hail been already
presented to the court in regard to the
previous good character ol't he prisoner.
Judge Gildcrslccve then said, "Mr. Allen,
you pleaded guilty to two indictments.
I have received letters from a numlier ol
friends of yours, and many ktsohs have
been to see ine with regard to your ease.
Hut after very careful consideration ol
the whole matter, taking into considera
tion what punishment could be inllicicil
on vou for charges which are not pressed,
I see no reason why 1 should not impose
the maximum cnnlty. The sentence
of the court is that you be confined to
the State prison at hard labor for seven
years on this indictment which I hold in
my hand, and under the other indict
ment that you be confined at hard labor
lor a period of seven years, to begin at
the expiration of the forincrlcrni." Allen
turned sickly pale as he was led back to
the pen. He looked around the eourt
room. There were none of his friends ex
cept his brother to sympathise with him;
even his wile, whose extravagance is
said to have been t he cause of her hus
bands ruin, was not visible.
Vesterday's Doiuvs ni the Capi
tal of the Nation.
Wasiiincton, II. C, August Pnss
cd assistant surgeon Carter of the gull
quarantine station, Ship Island, Miss.,
reports to surgeon general Hamilton, of
the marine hospital service under date
id August .'1. that the Norwegion bark
Salir arrived front Rio Janeiro on the
L'nd, with a crew of sixteen men, all of
whom were well on arrival. Fight of
i he cr 'w, however, had lieen sick in Rio
Janeirowi.il fever, two of them with
yellow fever, one of these was sick oil
board. None of the sailors were landed
until the vessel was quarantined and
The Secretary of War has authorized
the expenditure of live hundred dollars
for the improvement oft he Marietta, lia..
national cemetery.
The inter-State commerce eomiuision
has received a complaint from the Holly
Springs, Mis..l Compression! Manufac
turing Company against the Kansas
City, Memphis and Hirminghani railroad
company, charging, among other things,
unreasonable and excessive freight rates
on compressed cotton lietweeil Holly
Springs and Memphis, Tom.
The President and private secretary
llatford arrived at the White House this
Tlie it'll eral Outlook In all IMrvc
tione in lCucouruKiiiK
Xkw Yhhk, August 1C. K. O. Imn &
Co., tn their weekly review ot trade re
port the numlier of failures in tin t'niled
States at 1ST, and in Crmaria making
a total of 1MM tor the last seven days,
against n tola! ol'2( a week nin, and
lil'J in the cot responding week last year.
In regard to the eiv.'r.d outlook the
report says, in all directions business
proseets continue eueoura.uiui;, and the
ehanues during the last week have invn
on the rifjht side. Ivxporls increase, and
the speculative rise in hrcadsl uli's has
Ikci. cheeked. Interior eities report an
j tic sense in the volume of trade, and the
money markets continue amply supplied,
though rales are gradually hardening.
The fjreat industries anjicar to be in fully
as ijood condition as last week, with a
a learer evidence of i'Hprovement in iron.
Further crop news sustains the govern
in; nt advices and estimates as to cotton,
t rn and iats, and strengthens the pre
v i ding impression that the August rc
p it as to wheat, was less favor
alih han the actual situation showed.
In spite of small advances in sonic prod
nets the general range of prices has not
uialeriallv changed, and railroad earn
in;: continue good, though all controver
sies have not as yet been cleared away.
Conference on the MaylrlcU Cane.
London, August 1(5. Home Secretary
Mai thews, Mr. Justice Stephens, the Lord
Chancellor and medical experts are to
.day holding a conference at the Home
Uliee with a view to arriving at a d -a'W
'ii i'i the Mayhriek case. The con
ference lasted four hours. It is regarded
usaeertninty that the Home Office is in
iloultt, and it is iK'lieved that the result
of the delilwrations must necessarily be
pardon or commutation of sentence.
J Ionic Secretary Matthews and the
experts assumed that Mrs. Maybrick was
not guilty, and acting upon this assump
tion silted every scrap of testimony
given, cHH'cially that in relation to her
husband's craze for arsenic which is of
great weight, and will, it. is believed, turn
the scale in the prisoner's favor. It is a
noteworthy fact that the Lord Chancel
lor is seldom consulted in such cases ex
cept when n reprieve is meditated.
The press association states thai Home
S- - vet oy Matthews will recommend to
l ! itc en the commutation of the ih-ath
s. tituuc of Mrs. Maybrick to jjcual ser
vitude for life; and that the commuta
tio-iof'sciitcnce will be announced after the
Oucen has given a formal assent.
A Cloud Burnt.
Wilmington, N. C, August Hi. There
was a cloud hurst at 7 o'clock last ntglu
In'tween Sumter and Columbia, and ilic
track of the Wilmington, Columbia mid
Augusta railroad in the vicinity of'IMge
field was sonirwhit damaged and is now
impassable. 1 he rain la 11 was tremendous.
A material train ran into the washout
near Wedgeheld and several workmen on
the train were slightly injured. The line
will Ircopen by Saturday.
BoulaiiKer'M Extradition.
I'ahis, August 10. Lc Nation says
France never intended making a demand
for the extradition of Gen. boulangcr.
attokni:v;f:ni:kai mii,i.i;r
kloeH Mot Care loHpeak off lie I,e
tsal A sped h ol tlie Cawe
Indianapolis, August 10. Attorney
tleneral Miller was seen yesterday and
asked if he had anything further to say
about the shooting of Judge Terry by
deputy Naglc. He replied: 'l see'lroiu
the papers that the action of the deputy
is pretty generally endorsed. It appears
to he considered that Nagk's presence
was necessary and Ins action justifiable.
1 do not care to sjn-ak of the legal as
pects of the case. I do not know any
case aualagous to it in our history, and
I do not recall that it has ever been nec
essary before to provide protection for a
railed States Judge. If the case comes
lo trial, I suppose I will Ik called to tes
tily; but 1 ipiestion whether there will
ever be a trial. The grand jury may re
fuse to act, or the coronei 's jury may
I nd it a case of justifiable homicide, 1
have not examined the legal side of the
ipiestion, however. thought the pro
tection of officers of the law might be
necessary ; and I knew something about
I lie desperate character ol the man with
whom Justice Field had to deal. I
thought of the trouble when the trial be
gan, but olcourscl did not look for it
at a way station or upon the train. It
the Justice's life was in danger, though,
he was asnmch entitled to the protection
ol an officer t an eating house as in a
court room or upon the bench.
Oecllued to Honor Terry,
San I-'kancisco, August 1 Applica
tion was made by Attorney Crittenden
to the Supreme court to adjourn to-day
as a mark of respect to the memory wl
judge Terry. Chief Justice Scatty de
clined to entertain the motion. Alter ic
markingihal he was sorry the motion
had been urged, he added, "it is a verv
unpleasant affair, but theeourt has full',
considered the same, and deems it the
wisest course to t real the subject in si
lence. The sudden death of lavid S.
Terry is notorious, and it is the decision
of this eourt that it lake no further ac
tion in ti e matter."
J ml ice Terry's Funeral.
Stockton, Cab, August Kb The fun
eral over the remains of Oavid S. Terrv
was held here today. The body was
ictuoved from the morgue at noon and
taken to the Fpiscopnl church where it
lay in state for two hours and was
iewcd by a great number of people.
Mrs. Terry occupied a pew near the cas
ket and watched I he face of the dead all
t he while. Several times she left her seat
and threw herself upon the casket. The
service was read by one of the vestry
men of I he church, and the body was in
terred in the cemetery in Stockton.
Warrant Served on Justice fr'lelfl.
San FifANCiseo, August 1(1. A war
rant of arrest was hcrve-l upon Justice
Field this afternoon at the hitter's cham
bers. A writ ol habeas corpus was at
once sworn out before Judge Sawyer, ol
the circuit court, and heard by him in his
Johnstown HulVererH Wanted.
Johnstown, Fa., August l(i. Otiitc a
number of people who suffered by the
Mood and shortly afterward left town
have not reported. The commissioners
wish to give them a share of the relief
fund. To the end that they may all be
noli tied, Secretary Kremar authorizes
the 1'illowiiig announcement, and re
quests its publication throughout the
country : "With the view of making
inal disposition id the fund in the hands
of tlie ii'liei commission at as early adav
as possible, all persons who resided in
Johnstown and other towns, who suf
fered in the flood in the Coneinaugh ;
ley are requested to send their names
and addresses to the committee of in
quiry, or to the flood commission at
Another body was recovered to-day.
Theie has been an average of two bodies
recovered a day for the past ten days.
Saratoga Race.
Sahatooa, X. V., August Hi. First
race live fin longs : Nan."., filly, won,
tlorogo second, Fellowship third. Time
Second race one mile: Hstcllc won,
St. Luke second, Mavlaps third. Time
Third race live and a half furlongs:
Sunshine won, Kebecea second, Jollv Reel
third. Time 1 .11 1 ,.
Fourth race mile and one sixteenth:
Itrown lYiuecss won, Laura I 'avidson
section, Satisfact ion third. I dine l.olt'u.
Fifth i act one mile and seventy yards:
ShamrocK won, Itoccaeio second, O'Fclus
t hu d. Time 1 .51 .
Da'iH-1 Mo.j;au Kt'-iiM'i'Rtrered.
Wi.vc'itii-.clvK, Va , AiumisI HI. lnler
i s: ii. ; mt. ices wt re ; eld today a-oiiud
i i: ;: W of .i ;;. Ian if I MoiL-ail, of Kev
'i:i: i- nary fame, b , three hundred
i'-eachcis from dilUivnl parts of I he
State who arc attending the IVabody
Normal Instil inc. .-hiivsM-s on the lite
and exploits of Morgan, were made
by Cico. U. Sloibncyer, member of the
Maryland legislat urc, and Professors
Kay and Ilaensclicll, of Virginia. The
procession of teachers carried a Tinted
States llag anil was prceeeded by thir
teen young ladies representing the colo
nies. Duke'H Cigarette l'aetory not Hold
IM'KMAM, N. C, August Hi. The Otohc
prints an interview with a member of
the big cigarette making firm of W. Puke
Sons & Co., of this city, denying the re
port thai their immense factories here
and in New York have been sold to a
wealthv Northern svudicatc.
HaseUall Vesterday.
At Pittsburg Pittsburg 7, New York
At Cleveland 0, Huston lit.
At Chicago Chicago lo, Washington
At Indianapolis Indianapolis-Philadelphia:
game postponed on account of
Mew Crop Cotton tn Augusta.
Atr.rsTA, Ga., August Ifi.-Two bales
I" new crop cotton were received in Au
gusta yesterday and thirteen to-day.
The first two classed middling and strict
i low middling and were sold lo the King!
j mills, in Augusta. I
Ho ii tli Carolina's First Hale.
CiiAKi.KsroN, August Hi. The first 1
bale of South Carolina new crop cotton j
was received here to-dav and was raised j
by Col. Mike Brown, of Barnwell, who
sold the first bale last venr.
Funeral of nr. Calsell.
! Ciiari.ottksvii.i.k, Ya., August lf.
j The luneral of lr. J. L. Cnbcll, of the
j Pniversity of Virginia, took place from
i the public hall of the Pniversity this
afternoon, and was followed to the grave
by the faculty and a very large crowd.
The Kllxir of Klfe Make a Man
Jump I.Ike a Kahtilt.
Newark, N.J., I tisiinteh, August t-.
A startling story conies from I tilth ug
lon, up in Sussex county. Jasper C rouse,
iglity-two years old, has recently been
t rented with the "elixir of life" of Ir.
trowii-Scqnard by a local physician. A
portion of a rabbit was used as the in
jection. After a week the old man
grew perceptibly stronger. His youth
seemed to return. Then strange chang
es occurred. He left off eating meat
and took to devouring raw cabbage
leaves, lettuce and clover with avidity.
He nibbled at the leaves like a rabbit.
Then the . Id man's steps grew springy,
Mid ' '.uiually the spring has developed
into Lite jump, jump of the rabbit. 1 1 is
body Ix'catnc stronger, but bis reason
has nearly departed.
At the present time C rouse is nothing
but a two-legged rabbit with all the
habits of l he animal portions of whose
body was used as an elixir. If a dog
barks he makes long jumps until he
reaches home. Yesterday he dug a huge
bole in the ground with his hands. The
doctor and his friends are now thorough
iv alarmed. No more elixir is behiggivcn
Tlie resident at New York,
Xkw York, August Hi. At (.:t0
o'clock this morning the steamer Pil
grim of the Full Kiver line reached her
dock. Among her passengers was Presi
dent Harrison, who was accompanied by
president Choatc, of the Fall Kiver line,
and Mrs. Choatc. A large crowd assem
bled on the dock when it became known
that the President was on board. The
! Ytsidcut was up early and breakfasted
with Mr. Choatc. lie looked fresh and
healthy, and said he enjoyed his vacation
cry much, lie was in a great hurry to
o to Washington, and did not remain
mi t his city, but walked to the Pennsyl
vania Annex boat for JerseyCity a few
; dilutes after the Pilgrim arrived.
Kx-Picsident and Mrs. Cleveland ar
rived by the steamer Providence, also,
of the Fall Kiver line, about S o'clock,
.'.s soon as the vessel was made last,
! 'resident Choatc and Mrs. Choatc went
aboard to greet Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland.
carriage was sent for, and upon its ar
rival, President Choatc escorted the ex
i 'resident and his wife to it. They were
driven to the Victoria hotel. Mr. Cleve
land looked well, and Mrs Cleveland was
a picture ot perlect health.
A Itullroud Washout.
Ciiaki.i:sto, S. C, August Hi. On
account of a heavy washout on the South
Carolina railroad all connection with
Camden is shut oil'. It is hoped that the
mail and passengers can be trauslerred
therefrom to-morrow.
CiiAK'i.i;sTo., S. C, August Hi. Later
reports confirm the story of the cloud
burst in the interior. The area affected is
not more than about live miles wide and
titty to sixty long. There was no thuu
dcr nor lightning, but a steady, tremen
dous downpour of rain. It wnscstimnted
i hat twelve inches of water fell in two
hours. Seven miles of the Camden branch
f the South Carolina railway track are
washed away, and the cotton fields
about Gadsden have lieen washed clean.
Cattle have Ik'ch drowned by the hun
dreds and grcnt damage has fjeen done.
The railroads have experienced heavy
losses, and travel in the immediate vi
cinity of the cloudburst is stopped. All
roads will probably be clear to-morrow.
Tliree Persons Killed.
Pin - .no., August Hi.' A sKei;i bom
Butler, P.m., says: "The south bound
train leaving here nt 2,H5 o'clock this af
ternoon on the West Pennsylvania rail
road was wrecked at Sarver's station.
Several doctors and the coroner were dis
patched to the scene, but no reliable in
formal ion could Ix1 secured until late this
afternoon. An old soldier named Pow
eis, of Pittsburg, a little girl and an un
known woman were killled, and Col.
Uowbv, Mayor Lynn and several other
Pit isburgers were injured. Conductor
Gray, of Butler, was also badly injured,
The latest report is that three passengers
were kided and twenty-five injured. It
is said that while running rapidly over a
small bridge, the rails spread f nd the
cars went down the embankment.
IHsustrnuM Mexican Mine Fire.
San Francisco, August Hi. The Mexi
can steamer Alejoudo, arrived IroinGuny
amas, Mexico, yesterday brings word
that in the early part of July a tire broke
out in the Triumfo mine, near a town of
the s.one name Ten men lost theirlives.
F'gbt Mexican miners were in the mine
al tlie time; and two unknown Ameri-c;'i'-
volunteered to go to their rescue.
Thcvhnft was full of smoke and gases
When the bucket was hauled to the topi
th ' Aiuci icans were dead. The fire lasted
several days, and finally burned itself!
out. ' j
Harali Althea After Justice Field.
Ss Francisco, August Hi. Sheriff
Cum high am, of San Joaquin county, ar
rived here late last night from Stockton
with a warrant sworn to by Sarah
Althea Terry for the arrest of Justice
Stephen J. Field on a charge of being ac
cessory to the killing of her husband,
Judge Terry. It is understood the war
rant will he served on usticc Field at
one o'clock to-day.
A Mormon Flderin Hock.
CiiATTANooc.A, Tcim., August !. Ul
dcr William Spry, alias Franklin Ay
inour, who has been in this vicinity for
nunc than twelve years working up Mor
mon converts, and who haschargeof this
territory, was arrested to-day by deputy
Failed States marshal Sharp on a war
rant issued from the Fnited States court
at Salt Lake for bigamy. He was put in
jail anil will lie taken on to-morrow.
Honors to McKluuev.
Kiel i mono. Ya., August 1 II m.
Phillip McKinuey, the Hcmocrntic nomi
nee lor Governor, was escorted from his
hotel to the train, en route for home this
evening, by the I'owhalanclubaud friends
headed by a brass band. McKinney oc
cupied a carriage with Mayor lillisou,
drawn by four while horses. lie made a
speech al the depot, returning thanks for
the ovation.
The OMNlpee at Key West.
Jacksonville, Kin., August Hi. A
sjieeial from Key West says that the
0ssicc arrived there yesterday and
sailed for Hampton Roads early this
morning. She was rigidly quarantined
while in port and no one was allowed to
land or to go on board, and all commu
nication with her officers and men was
strictly prohibited.
A North Carolinian Exonerated.
Washington, D. C, August lfi. Spe
cial. Two expert physicians testified to
day to the effect that Theodore S. West
died of Bl ights disease. This exonerates
Sterling KuHiu.
lie litl Not Know What He Was
nolnic When He Fired the Shot
Hint CoHtthe Deputy MurnliaJ HiH
I.lte ItuiiKHiiK OflicerH, I'.lc.
Jacksonvii.i.k, l'l.i., August Ifi. I'ui
leil Slates Marshal Mizzcll rcmveila dis
;;iUh to-day from the acting Attorney
; ieucral at Washington stating that the
department of justice would use even
effort to eapturc and punish Itrowueli,
(lie murderer of deputy marshal Weller.
.Mid authorizing him to oiler a reward
tor the apprehension of the fugitive.
1 his was inineeessarv, however, lor
Hrownell surrendered last night to sherill
ilrown. of Holmes county. Tlieaeeouuls
of the affair as told liy the olliccrs who
were present are very conflicting. One
ays: "Wc aroused llrownell and told
him he was wanted outside, llrownell
arose and walked out on the gallery
where he observed the presence ol the
other men. He dashed liaek into the
house and made a break out
ot another door. lucre lie was con
fronted by Weller who lircd his pistol,
.votuiding Hrownell in the shoui.ler.
The latter then returned the lire, his bul
let taking effect in Weller's head.
I 'pon surrendering himself to the
sheriff last night llrownell said be
did not know what he was doing
when he lircd the fatal shot. lie
said he had been suddenly aroused Irom
his slumber .il night by a mob of men
who did not explain their business wit h
iiim. lie thought they intended to mur
der him and he ran to save his life. Then
lie was shot and was so badlv scared
llmthedid not grasp the situation, and
so he lircd in return, II he had know n
they were olliccrs, he would not have
resisted. ( Mliccrs MeLcotl and Turvin
say they arc confident that llrownell re
sisted under misapprehension as to flic
real condition of alVairs. He was not
told the nature of their mission to his
house, llrownell is looked upon at his
home as a peaceable law abiding eitieu.
Pubiic sentiment is against the olliccrs
for the bungling which resulted in the
death (d one good man and the probable
rain ol two happy families. The treas
urydeparlmcnt husordcrcd special agent
t'hipiiiau Irom Atlanta to make a full in
vestigation of the case, anil he left here
for Westvillc to-nighl.
The New Heatl of the Stale Far
mer' Alllanee.
The Raleigh News- tbscrver, in speak
ing ol'thc new president of the StateFnr
mcrs' Alliance, says:
The Farmers' State Alliance on Thurs
day elected lion. Ivlias Carr to be Presi
dent of the Alliance for the ensuing year.
It is almost superfluous tor us to say
anything ol a genileman whose merits
are so well known to the people of North
Carolina. Mr. Cilrr has long been
recognized as in the front rank of the
progressive farmers in the State.
('lifted by nature with an intellect of
rare power, and cultivated by it course of
protracted study, he entered upon the
pursuit of agriculture accomplished
at all points tending to secure
him enviable distinction in his
chosen business. That he soon
mastcicd the principles on which sue.
cess depends might well have been ex
pected, andlbryearsliehas been esteemed
not only as one of the first, sons of North
Carolina in intelligence and character;
but as one of the most successful of the
practical agriculturists in tile Stale, lie
lias given agriculture and the various
matters of iRvuliar interest to the fann
ing community much thought, and be
will bring to the discharge of his duties
as President of the Alliance a mature
judgment, an extensive range of in
formation, and tin earnest purpose to
achieve all that is possible to lie achieved
for the amelioration of agriculture in this
And Will Live With Him If He in
lliUMiNi.iiAM, Ala., August lf. A re
liable gentleman informed The Constitu
tion correspondent to-day that if I lick
llawcs secured a new trial and was ac
ipiitlcd his young wife would live with
him. Since the arrest of Havcs, a lew
hours alti'r his wedding, his wile has rc
iu:iincd ipiietly at her father's house in
Columbus, M iss., but it is said she be
lieves I la wes is innocent, and if he is ever
.iciiiir.ril she will hasten lo his side. It
was ii ioi led soon after his arrest that
she hud brought suit lor divorce, but it
seems sin h. is done nothing of the kind.
A li lend "I 1 lawes', who has ofien visited
him in li:s cell, says I lick knows his wile
is t rue to hbii and bciieved in his inno
cence ami I his knowledge has kept him
hopeful and cheerful throughout his long
Cotton KeeelplH Since Sepl. i.
Ni w York, July L'li. The lollowing
are the total net iTcciptj of cotton al ail
pons since epiciuoer i, i ;
New Orleans
New York
Newport News...
West Point, Va..
.. ua:i.s:i
.. K I.V.I I-1
.. 12.H7S
.. l. "i(, -".i;
.. 4S.ri.7,.,l
... in-Mflj
... l!ll-.NM
... ina.nari
.. m.uu
... ri.67r.
.. ii.i or.
... R7,:U5
No lerreitlle liond KeMtiltH.
Moxtc.omhkv, Ala., August Ifi. lix
K'rinienls by lr. J. It. Baldwin with the
llrown-Seiuard remedy liavc liccrt com
pleted without any K'reeptible good re
sults. One patient had a high lever and
delirium the first night lollowing the op
eration. He is a sutlerer from sciatica;
and ou the third day after the nH'ralioti
is too weak to resume his business. In
the other ease the elixir had no pcrccpti
blc cftect either way. Dr. Ttaldwin con
siders the whole thing sinrply n sjiecics ot
faith cure.
Sent Mouth lor Ilurlal.
Ci.kvixanh, ()., August 16. Rev. Ste
phen Mattoon, for twenty-live vears a
missionary in Siam, lint late president of
IliddcH's t'ntversity, died yesterday at
Marion, Ohio, aged ninety-three years.
The remains will lie sent South for burial.
Sullivan Found Utility.
l'I'KVis, Miss., August 10. The iurv
has returned a verdict finding Sullivan
guilty of prize fighting. A motion in ar
rest of judgment will be made and heard
A Wayward Olrl who Iteveloped
Into an AdventureHH.
Camh CiKAi(i)i'Ar, Mo., August 14.
Sarah Althea Hill, whose stormy career
in California lias given her national no
toriety, was born in this old French
town just thirty-nine years ago. She
comes of good stock, her father being
Samuel Hill, a prominent attorney, and
her mother Julia Sloan, daughter of a
wealthy lumber dealer. She had one
brother, Hiram Morgan Hill, and her
parents both died in 1S"i4, leaving the
two orphans an estate of $411. (Kill. She
is related to some of the best families in
the county, among them the Wilkins,
Moans ami Kodneys, The girl had good
opportunities forncipuring an education.
She attended school at Danville, Ky.,aud
finally graduated from St. Vincent's Con
vent in this town. She had a governess
in the person uf Mrs. llarrull, a sister fit
i x-Coiigrcssmati Hatcher.
Her grandfather, Hiram Sloan, was
tier guardian, ami he appears to have
bcld a slack rein. The young ward
develoied a spirited teniier and, soon
alter reaching legal age, made her money
liy. She grew up to womanhood in
much her own way, and was uolcd for
her beauty and telll)ier. She was a girl
of more than ordinary personal licauty.
She was plump, of medium height, and
had a lovely complexion. She was fair,
but uoi a pronounced blonde. hile her
eyes were bright ami sparkling they had
a cold look, ami in theiti the student
could read insincerity. She was schem
ing, and this trail made her unpopular
among her girl companions.
It was said of her. too, thai though
she was a sicudthrilt, she worshipped
money if she worshipped anything, and
gave her attention moslly to those who
possessed it. She is remembered by hei
Iricuds here as something of a llirl, and
at one lime s"he is said lo have had three
engagements to marry on her hands.
One of these, Leauders, is a prominent
politician residing in southeast Missouri,
and another resides in St. I.ouis. Her
eonquesis in that section ot the State
were numerous during the time she held
sway. She was fast, iiul her name was
never tarnished with scandal.
In love nlfairs Miss Hill was tyranni
cal, and more than one of her lovers had
Lo sillier under her iron rulcand eccentric
whims. It is said she really loved a
young fellow named Will Shaw. They
were engaged to be married and one
night attended a hop. Sarah Althea be
came angry at her escort and when the
ballroom was entered she went upslairs,
anil never came back until lime lo return
home. The young man was angry, but
determined to Ineak the engagement .
Sarah Althea heard of it, summoned him
into her bewitching presence, and the old
infatuation returned so strong that he
resolved to swallow the iusidl.
Not so Sarah. She had heard that he
had told his friends that he intended to
break the engagement. She determined
on revenge. She never looked lovelier
than on the night her luckless lover an
swered her call. He was powerless be
fore her, and pressed his suit with more
energy than ever. Shesaid nothing until
he was ready to leave, and as he stop
ped for a good night kissoiithethreshoid
she turned her head, and, with her eyes
bla.iug, said :
"Mr. Shaw, you can go. We will cry
puts. 1 don't want losce you again."
The young man almost lell down the
steps, and never saw her afterward.
.Now the story goes thai Sarah Althea
was really in love with this young man,
and expected to win him back. In this
siie failed, and ill September, 1X70, (lis
gustcd and broken hearted, and with
only the wreck of her fortune,. she started
lor California. A young uncle named
William Sloan accompanied her to the
Paeilie coast. He was wealthy, and
took his handsome niece to his mother's
home. Surah and the old lady did not
live in harmony, ami Mr. Sloan gave his
niece a line suite ol rooms in a prominent
San Francisco hotel. It was there she
met Senator Sharon.
Her brother, Hiram Hill, was a reckless
Icllow, and followed her to Calilornia,
where he man ied a wealthy woman of
Spanish blood. Sarah Althea has never
returned to the home ol her childhood.
A KeiiuiHltiou Made I non
Coventor of Tennessee.
A telegram from Col. F. A. Olds
Kalcigh, lo chief of detectives I leaver, of
this city, received yesterday, says:
"Wciuisitiou papers in the Hallew ease
were sent to ( iov. Taylor, of Tennessee,
to-day with the request to make rendi
tion lo you at Chattanooga."
Accordingly chief I leaver will leave for
Chattauooga Monday morning to bring!
.lallcw and his wile to '.his city, where
hey will lie incarceraicii in the county
,ail until the .assembling of the criminal
.mil l ol lUulcomlic, which takes place in j
OelolnT. j
The delcudatus will In arraigned upon ;
a format charge of murder at the licgiu-
nuig ol Hid term, and no ilouiit the case
will lie one among I he fust disposed of at
t he . October session.
The carnival Concert
At Kay's rink last evening was quite u
stf.vcss in every rcsicct. The Fourth
Kcgiiueiii Hand lurnished delightful music
for the occasion, besides giving an exhibi
tion ol their magnificent drilling that
was greeted with rounds of applause.
The other part uf the program, consist
ing of athletic jicrfoi niaiices, etc., were
very line, and those in attendance were
greallv pleased with what th- y saw anil
important to Visitors.
Malinger Mitchell, of the Western I'liiou
telegraph office in this city requests visit
ors lo Ashcville who arc cxiKctiiig tele
grams lo call at lite olliec in the First
National Hank building and register their
names and local address, in order lo fa
cilitate the delivery of messages.
f;ruteful Appreciation.
Ou behalf of the lady managers ol the
American Carnival, Till-: Citizkn tenders
to the residents ol, and visitors to Ashc
ville. their grateful appreciation of the
kind anil nncrai supori accoruco iiicm
.m Wednesdav and Thursday evening!
lirernsboro t'nder Cloud.
Vortll State.
Thursday, August the Sth. was the
first clear (lav in t'.reensboro since July
Itoiuil III by Kamtilinic Reporters
Itoamiuic Around the Cltv.
No marriage license was issued by the
register of deeds yesterday.
handsomely painted globe now
adorns the First National Hank's new
The Carnival decorations in the I-'ann-crs's
warehouse were being removed yes
terday. The Cuited Workmen .verc in session
at their lodge-room on College street
last night.
The regular weekly session ol the Cily
Council was held at the Mayor's olliec
last night.
A parly of young people cointemplatc
making a trip to Pisgah early in the
coming week.
A gram calico ball will be a tcalurc at
t he Ashcville Sulphur Springs hotel next
Thursday evening.
Over one thousand shares of ihe Inter
State PiiiiMing and Loan Association
have bci'ii soki in Ashc lilc.
When the work of widening has been
completed South Main street will lie one
of the most attractive in the eitv.
The prize badge of the Ashcville gun
club was won by deputy sherilf Jones al
I he shooting yesterday afternoon.
The cash receipts ol ihe American Car
nival, held in this city Wednesday anil
Thursday evenings, amounted to ,$;ISH.
oil. The brick pavement in front of court
square is to be taken up and replaced
with one of Belgian block at an early
The graded schools of the city will
oK'ti on Monday, September 'J. Parents
and guardians should not lorgcl ihe
The Fourth Uegitnent Band, having
conijilcl'.'d its engagements in this city,
lell lor I Iickory on the '.l.oo train last
Another very ilcligh'ful gcriuan was
given at Ballery Park last evening,
about twenty couples participating In
the dance.
Increased passenger ami freight Irallic
over the Western North Carolina road is
reported at the olliec of the company in
this city.
The tall session of Oakland Institute,
at Victoria, will begin October 1. The
new adilition to the building is nearly
completed, and will be put in readiness
at once.
On every street in Ashcville one or
more new buildings are in process of
construction. Ashcville is widening
out ami constantly increasing in wealth
and population.
The handsome new residence of Judge
Aston's ou Church street, is nearly com
pleted. When finished it will be one of
the prettiest ot Ashcvillc's many ele
gant private residences.
A magnificent boquet ol choice lloweis
was presented to the Fourth Kcgiment
Hand by Mrs. Col. Kay at the rink last
evening. The tribute was (irucc-fully
accepted by the excellent drum-major on
behall of the band.
One Ilarwood was arrested by order
of Judge Clark cslcrday, for an .attempt
to bribe sheriff Reynolds of this county,
in the selection of n jury. Ilarwood was
held to bail in the sum of SHIM) to an
swer to the charge at the next term of
the criminal court.
Who They Are i Where Thev Are,
and What They Are Hoing.
Mr. John W. Wadsworth. ofCharlolte,
is in the city.
M r. I'. K. Kose and laughter, of Fac
et tcville, are here.
Kcv. S.-'in. II llilliard, of Knoxvillc.
was here yesteroay.
('en. K. B. Vance will address the far
mers al the Sand Hill picnic to-day.
Mr. K. J. Henderson, late of Pauvillc,
Va., is now with lioslic Bros. Jt Wright,
this city.
Miss losic Batc'iilor. representing the
Orphans' Friend, Oxford, N. C.
Judge Waller Clark will hold
vania siqiei ior court, begiiiniii-
. is at the
on Mou-
day, SeplemlHT 'J.
Mr. W. F. Kountiec and faniilv, of
New Berne, ait the guests of Kcv. lr. J.
1.. Carroll, on Meniinon avenue.
Mayor Blanton leaves Monday lor New
York, where he will spend several weeks.
1 luring his absence Alderman Piilliam
will act as mayor.
I.ieutcnant-liovcrnor and Mrs. Thos.
M. Iloll passeddown the road ycslerday
afternoon eu route lo Hot Springs,
where l hey will snnd several weeks.
President Jas. Ii. Ingrain, of the Florida
Southern railroad, left vesterday for New
York on insiiicss connected with his cor
poration, lie has Ihcii stopping at Car
rier's Sulphur Springs lor several weeks
Kelliclous Notice.
Flder Joseph Ilopwood, president of
Milligau College, Tcun., will preach for
the Christian church at the Farmers'
warehouse to-morrow ( Sunday I morning
at Kl.:i(i, and Rev. T. M. Myers will
jircach at Antioeh church at 11 a. tn.
' j.
Conseerallon and Confirmation
i The consecration of Trinity Church is
appointed to take place on Sunday
morning at 1 1 o'clock. The apostolic
rite of confirmation will lie administered
at the afternoon service, 6 o'clock, of the
same dav.
A Splendid Account ot a Oellithl.
Trip to the King of Mountains
Standing t'pon tlie Corner Stone
of 1 our counties, F.tc.
A more delightful morning than that of
tlie Hih instant could not have been se
lected by even a weather prophet. It
was ten o'clock on this lieautiftil morn
ing when we. a party of fifteen, left the
iitv of Ashcville destined for Mt. Pisgah,
! weuty-two miles distant. Our horses
which even at this lime had caught the
inspiration of the moment, east side
glances and pawed impatiently its the
splendid baskets of luncheon were closed
eliiud them. All aboard, a wave of
Jim's whip, and our gay party started
hi an ascent of four thousand feet in the
til". Alter crossing French Broad river,
our road followed the right bank of
Hominy creek, and at H o'clock we found
ourselves at Weaver's mill, w here a din
ner was served by the lovely ones: which
i:i itsell was enough lo give anapielency
I o tin-inosi callous. lL was here that
our opinion was continued that we had
made a wise selection in our chajicron.
While at times her omnipresent vision
was ai.noy iug, it Mts p .lliaied by her
find courtesy and her untiring efforts to
ake each and all happy.
We had left Homiiiv vallev, and had
I ecu ascending a geiilie incline for several
inilcs, when we reached the hospitable
onic of Mr. Hart Wat is, just al the foot
I little Pisgah. With a large lire before
i.is house, we commenced our first c.'imp
i.ig expel ience: the joy of which can be
appreciated only on a similar occasion.
Mr. Walls spared no effort to provide us
.villi all couiloris ou uneconomical basis;
.old wc can scareclyestiniale our debt of
:;raliluile to his kind and accommodat
ing wile. Mrs. Watts is a wonderful wo
man. 1 He logins experience stiggeslcil
lo the mind ol one of our iiartv, a eontin-
Irum, which we will give to your world
if readers, hoping thai there may be
some one with wisdom enough lor its
mastery. Il is this: What is it, that
when vou put your linger on it it ain't
l here, vet it was there:'
heaving our wagons behind, at 7
clock on Lhc following morning, we lie
in to ascend Little Pisgah. As we
climbed the nigged mountain roads, it
was curious lo note how easily our guide
Acnl oil while we wercconipclied toslow
up our engines every tenor fifteen steps,
.old rest lor want of steam. Forgetting
lie grandeur of our surroundings, out
: houghts retlceling, dwell on "Physical
H'icuce," "Sullivan, ""Kilraiu," etc.
Five hours had elapsed when we
reached our camping ground, sotnewdiat
I a vale between Little and Big Pisgah,
protected on an sines ny lowering moun
tains and refreshed by a spring of ice-
Id water. 1 1 seems as if the spot were
conceived by the motherly heart ol nature
is a resting place for its weary pilgrims,
is they journey to get a glimpse of this
arlhly heaven olf the summit of the
mountain king.
Pitching our tent, and alter resting tor
some lime, we began the ascci t of Mt.
Pisgah proper, to witness the sunset.
Arriving at the sum mi t it seemed that
uir visit had been anticipated by provi
lent nature; for here, we found a luxu
riant growth ot whortleberries which
served to supplement ourfast-bceoming-
Icpleted-baskcts. The vision from this
point is very extensive, embracing a
range of' fifty miles in every direction;
from it can be seen Ashcville, Hendersoti-
ville and Brevard. It would require the
jieii of Scott or Irving to give even a faint
idea of the beauties which arc here ex
posed. While the scene seemed ethereal,
we remembered that our foundation was
of the earth, for we were standing on its
corner-stone of the four counties: Bun
combe, Haywood, Transylvania and
As we stood there on the dizzy height
of six thousand feet, surrounded by the
dear ladies whose flushed checks vied
with the golden tints of the setting sun.
as they kissed a farewell to their day
light home, it seemed as if we were borne
on the floating clouds; and simultane
ously, each voice joined in the uprising
choi us, "Nearer My (iod lo Thee."
For two days our eyes feasted on the
beautiful vision; then, with lingering
glances, we retraced our steps home
ward, strengthened in the belief, that if
the story told us by our preacher .and
mother were true that Heaven was till
this and more, it is worth the effort of
lile to reach it. C.
The Mayor Aualu Filters Into
Commercial Operations.
Mayor Blaiilon, who leaves for New
York Monday , goes lo that city for the
purpose ol purchasing it $1(1,0(10
stock of clothing lor lhc new firm of C.
1 1. Blanton & Co., which will iqien at ;tl
Patton avenue, this city, Scplenilicr 1.
"His our intention to deal in clothing
only," said the Mayor to a reporter last
evening, "and we will carry one of the
largest stocks in lhc Stale. I shall lie
absent sometime, and during my absence
Alderman I 'allium will lie acting mayor."
Col. W. K. Young and Mr. Henry M.
Brown have lieen secured as salesmen by
the new firm. Thcstorc room on Patton
avenue is now living paiercd and liettd
up preparatory lo the opening next
month. The site is a desirable one, in
deed, and no doubt the firm of C. I),
Blanton & Co., willdo an extensive busi
ness in their line iu Ashcville and the
west. Success to lllelll.
The Citizen Honored.
Tin: ClTiztN desires to express to the
members of the Fourth Regiment Hand
its warm appreciation of the honor con
ferred upon it by their complimentary
serenade yesterday afleriioou. It was a
courtesy that we shall not forget,
gentlemen, and one that conqicls us
more than ever to wish for the continued
success and rosicritv, individually and
collectively, of your splendid organiza
tion. "Come again, and bring your
Sulphur Springs Hotel.
The increased tuunlier of visitors now
at the Ashcville Sulphur Springs hotel
this season must lie particularly gratify
ing to manager Carrier. Every room in
the large building is occupied, and the
crowd of guests is increasing every day.
His place is a most delightful one, 'and it
is no wonder that it is so much sought
after by the tourist from abroad.

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