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The daily citizen. [volume] (Asheville, N.C.) 1889-1890, November 24, 1889, Image 2

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Till' l:7Z V
T!n I'n t'l t- i I- r- - m . ,
Im.,' ,.,! ',', ". ,. , ,
Norl'' C.ll. !".;:..
,:i-, .,, i .... ,. ,
is in II'.- iy'i :, ; ,: ... . .. :,.
' rnmii . ci-.l !: ' -
linou ni. l'i ! ...n..l i i
lie-; .-. -.
'I I'l I' IT' 'I M I '. , .!,.
A -- n-' :l ! I 1 v, . .. . i, ...
whole- (v,.i,i ;, .. ,. . i .
ti - ..! :i. I. ,
ne, s l!.:n !, i .
luMv .! i,, , . . . . , .
! fi-rHV . Iv.-iV.v el'iiL-ity, vnriv.1 TW P "ft 10 f ' ? B BAT
r...H:., r,K. v,u, ,"!,-, i-wiu- "?- f: .h-: &W NT
A A A Jt I
. ; in
;i..' 1 :
i '! i - i: 'i' s ' .-- t I V'r. r-'-'-T TT81 fi.I'V HfV
Si.ri.'is y a:iO io, McAfee Hlock,
A?.iSI-:VHI.I-IC, N. c.
ill Tiii-.Citi.kn roi-sonic
l;i,vs; not l-tviiiisi' we
1 1
T' i "
mo -ill-o
H" v ' '
i . i- tUi ; ii.
liin;;- to .-;iy, ltut just Ih1-
' i, i. "i
I'll !!
!! ' I'll
f I., II. I.',' ,.. :.
n' . " 'i . i. . .i
c ieii i ......
p I ir.ll.
SI'N! A V. '
'i rs!-'.
Tin- S.. IM.ii
j - lis: mi's rut "
ny-iii ne it i
iistll'in : vijiii
tii'ii. I'. t '.'v
t!ie Ml : ;r-i
liii.- S'. I.-.
p-- !" ! i- :'
i!' llu-1.'.: i r.
ernus i n.
s i 1 -ei
with i iii i :
luhi .1' i". '.:
ui .r; .1
iii' it;!.'! ; .: , ;
iis v'.ll. ' ,,'
til'- v ; .' .
tints I' i- : i :
silver i
rev.h.li i . r,
ti"!l ! in ' .
ti.V I '.
;il!'l ti".'
at mm i .1 ! . 1
1 r.'. n
tors. : : i'.
el l . ' i : n
si mi!,, i.i
pit. 'U :!.
will. :1m "
ill'.i '! '
til' 1 1 ' '
C' '1!
t : ; i ;
f,ru.t ' .
ovi'i'L r .-. i
tn.n .-;. i i
m's i,' '.
!n!-v v...- i
i.,..,.S 'i.
W.'l 'els " 1 '
Oipc rv..r,
I i.i- a n:ei.y
-u-.it i':. -i
w l-l I- i ! i ; . i
1.-17. N :!
new! '.- in : r. .i
w.-is !)!"!: :!
U-t. ,-r,, ...
strin- i.iii.
witlt iw r,:d
jioiiir. .
, s- XT
r; tin -.
' Ul vt:;.r
ii ; : ii' v :i:
' ; r:'t 'era ' kii-4'
''SI , k'. .'Il;l
h 'l;..' , f.-i'l I I'
tniii !;i t. 'I r "'i
A:,:ilil 'At' r:'ll Vclir Sii'cl;ll
, i ! ; ri! I ii ni to i'ii! ii li'lirutfil
i i ii'j'ou Sinn's, wliieli li.iv'
-i. m ;.' ti:. icsi for !;:;nv yc;n
; ,'c.i 1;: i; i ii i i i . i'or IN r.L-
j i. !.: i i: oi'.'i i.i:, l'o-( 'omi'oi.'T
am: Ilx.'j r.i:--s oi' I'rr, bciiifi-
'!,!!, il iii y. style lit
j lo .-siiy Kim- I'liocs in, till'.
j WV CM l ',-y 1 III- ill H)VC Shoes
j n si'ci nl ;lrii'i-ri lit slylcs.Mlii!
,il! Il.ie no 1 rolllile to sllil
j von ill sii
! Nor . 1 1 " troul.'.i' lo sellyoii
! il'.'.iill !i! i he I'iit lire.
We ,ie ill stock M com-
i -!eie I'm of kiM'isol'Siloes ,
Miiee. I. iur store Iims ii I full i ..,
I of pcopieeven il.l V. Oill'tl'Mlle! " t'.-'-'- t-
! , ' i
i iims never le"!i so l;inri ir.id ,
: i I l 'i.. r' ""i Ii III I.::.
j We Ml( ,-i:nI lo be ilM- to sMV ,7,," i'V,''.-' i' ', ','.".;.',!
, t luit in i ii lis; . 1 1 1 i 1 1 u,' 1 lie . ',S 7.,!' Vi! '
I . ,i . . . i ! . si , k'. .-nut .i.ii'tni: .
iiniiiixoi new siores, mm m(i
Lire stocks of ii-oods, llie
"Iii"' Ii.ick-'l Store" retMius
ill its ohl frieiuls mii.1 M((!s
now ones ibiiy. 'i'lie rcisoii
isplain Miiil e;;sy of tni'lei
st Mlnliii:;-. Wo wmitmiiI ovoryr
tliiiii;- v.e s--!l to 1m- ms reiire-
!' I'llll III. list I', n". II
iv.-.l inn i.i i"- I.'!" I
M ..illy t'lf li'.i'st . n.i
Iki.i. I r.i LiM
I ii.'ul'.t'i-s imtv I. Ill iii.. .'ii. Cii.ir;:ii n:l"in
j ilV. My risi.'iiiKtiu i -il-.i iii.:ii'il nilll
I f'rcu r-! ni
u.Hjiwi "UM;..., Ti-.lfi hoi) Uuii
N t Jill tim s.
i:'-irii-:f: cj)v .ni,j , ,.1.,-u, I;cmI Kstiit-- hoimht mik! sold lrt oash
lor on ci niM'l.-sion. .M nil:,'.',-projieriies anil tiinhor liitnis a
r U' .....rlMX'oi.-ihy.
"",,m ''"''! I',iro I ilsiii-M 'lee e'fecteil in rcl i,M I tie colM j 'M 1 1 ios.
r "M 'II I . 1
.!. I A.u'ents lor i he Tr.i vel-r Life ami Aechleiit Instiraiioo
..v,!i, ,, i.ii i ( '( 1 1 1 j i; i n . of 1 1 irtlonl. t'onn.
,,!v" "" l"'c I I'.irl i"s h : in r i cm! esl.'i lo of any iloscri)tioii for salo in
oraliont .-hevi!ie w ill !i;nl il to their adv.'intaf'o to 00111
nriini' Mte wit h ns, as we are liavii!i- constant inqiiiriesfrnin
Northern peooic who wish to inest money litro in dosirH
bl" in 'i'i'i ly. e ,'ire a new tirm and liavo a reputation
yet lo make ui Asheviilo. Wo ox poet otir dealings with the
paliiic to make il ''or ns. Wo desire to call attention to
il!. M'l iil-ili'l'S 1
I' -I iiisl.r. i mt
... .1. lii iil Ir-'in
i ! ' I Ii II t ion ;'iitl Ii. In.!;,
ii. i. I' li'i ,-iinl iii'imivi u.'iiUi'.
1 ' y .I.".', '. : I- T mi il I II Hit , - '.y j I ' .
Stilted. Of II,' elC (J!I I;h , ' '" '"- It;..'" "I'm tlu- Ut llicnuirktt
your i:)o;ity. X tiiiderl.ny
m nyljody in .'slievi!le. a ml i a m
'.isily undersell au.vono. -
-ell more shoes llian I lioShoo !
-lore icc; !.( ( ,sv i
.'", n r. and we sell as rood
.Mil- Villi .ill
y;. a
.--' . 'ill M Mil! S I l-l
iuva ii; i;oAKf.
i rv itnrsi-a ni.wi. ii -uxisiiiiii i
! All. MliMiKN IMl'K' 'VIMl-NTS.
75"K. N". It. A'l EUN.MJN,
No. til 1 ll.-iyyuiu.l Stn-i-t,
hoes as any store m the; ,
' A '--t !' lniMsr :'.!--.-.'I '11 IM.IIIU'. Will-..
-. .i. ,.. . . , t .- I- I..! I.'.' 1. In Ii;. 'Ill -Hilt l.lI' liny
c:tv. Wesi'lil lol liliiLi'clie.-'iier1 .-n n-.m.-i i,-.
." ' I i i ill III MI-S. 1. I.. SVATIIKK'S
than a Clothine- Store. ;,ini
, I 'I-- ..... . 1 1 1
i ;(.'( o ; . i iiiw M re a I na I; :
..- I. i-.l I., li.i' I .l! ..'.ni il: ".! ...;. I".
io tallowing roh icnces. u Inch are used liy permission ;
- ' l- l-l. I- N i ' M I
i w : ! 1 n i
ci i. r.- i.. I I
li r; f I
V. 1s t . l Mii.-uiinj-' liilltur lliiilmi loiirnnl, Host. in, M.'iss.
i.'i n'.s 1 t mil M, hiiiii. Il, s. on
' r-.j S i : i , V . ii M M' i l 's hl-u uni t- Co., Huston.
I. I i.- "ill- ii lilnii ii.-iliii-.! i o., Nt'ii VitrkCiti-.
i Hi. c v-. !i '-I- -. " i.i..'.'!' Aii, i, ir y ii., '.il I rii.nl Strtl. .i-u York Cil
11- . '. I- Ni .1".,. i'.-v
i . 'i i I v ; . i i: i.
I M. ,;nl Mm !'
I" i. 'I' '. I . ','. ,
I- k 1 1 ' i ..-..' : r i.i..
now . t. i-v r , i ;n.
I K vim : . ;
I'!.'' II l- v: KM 1
C.iiv c.i ,; ii i, .'.nil..
I- I KM .. ! ,' X ,. i: '. I-. . 1 1 I'll :';i Mint
M . l.ii. I -.. i n- hi:..; r. v ha ' ..ii. CliaU-MU yiutiily, Mniit.
Ill IN. I'll i I. Ik. ' ' ;is.
T. I'. Is I I ,s I V. r.-o . I: ilil.n.il- y-
II. . I I NMN'i .llA.M iviii . I i.i, il. X C
tail IKl.li V. . I ,i.S. I -. . ynllM.iiiM. X. C.
.1.1 il M.i-S
si ..-.' it. Ciu- lit. .ii. Mass.
.. i. i. M.i-.-.
- I . '.l-l , -in in -UM-, t.
i.i. ii.--. i;. I
i. i" "I V - i I tiivi'-ity, rv Hhmii, Com
N. 1'.. As our ollict s will not bo i hornugldy fitted uj for
llxilll'KS ll.- 'lll'l' lll'ii'll I 1 -ill IiiIO.I.-j ...l'i,.... ...1 f,
ircveiv do, .Mb..' siviekept. I ,;,.,.....,. .....jM'.r''",, V:;;.t:,j,:':; ";.;."r':' 1 previous to thnt time shouhl be d,re.-ed lo Maltoi-.v I'ark
V., ,,,,., .1' m.....nm.u ""' ! 1 I Ol t'1. As IO V I Ml'. . .
Wo ilea n i o s
iiigh j rices.
I'oiiu' iliiil t
.ti more
j hold using thi:igs so much
-li'Mper thnii ollicrs lhal
J V i
tl " r-' r
. .-1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' out
, . peo,!e waniler now we g''tj.Xt 1 1 ' tkLVll'
j.'. oi!.-; il wilt not o.si ou a: m.i 1 . i n i utv r .
iiheii'i. I hat uoesa ( matter:: , u i st.
Ceil I . i ,,.,;.,lv
: we have them, and thev are! -
V, o uaii! von !o i,-nl and: ji;:; i'HATiii,
, , t yours Willi a good 1 n o Hen
I ra !e i'i ii :i ii-. r. i i I he assur-
mm openings-
!,- .l.i:i i:-:-
V, iii be ll-i'Mtcd
' v u brir.g l he cm si i. llibl. on.--, rp ! r ' , r; :, r r.r. prprictnvc
, 1 1 ' i ' ' ;-- v i rrX iwiui-.o
i -c . . i - - i . .i ir- :
i "IpS, liiltIS Mlitl IligS, Wei Abdii .,i k. :h C-vek Wuolen Mills.
' ' ' ' 1 1 ' ' i . 1 1 . j I . i i , . .1 . ! N 'it!: M iin - Aslu-yilly, N. C.
A ,'u;, !;.V (itiiil)S.I
1 1 :, 1 s a n, i i 'ii a : iii, : -i ! n ays on j '
I ai ..:(!. i.ilig'A l" linnl ,....,.,- il,.-.i.
h.i vo ar.va vs soul at I.-;-..-1 lain
a oi .; lihiiery M ore prices, s
Vi -urs r ',-pcct i'ully,
til'l'iiiTs' M Vl.llXZ.S,
,-; ; t r . ? j : i s n si
l unruiiriMK of
i"C '"
illw hv
lime- as
la.rge stocks. Whiio our line
ol Dress dooi s is not as aree
"icii:iKr- a ?.i!: m.i i Tor-;; ;u v, j s so: io. u ha I wo have has
been bi .lie'iit a such prices
that we call easily sell them
I lower than oi hers, and si ill
! i:..MMi..v
make some money on thein.i-
1 'Nv ! Hals. Ilamikercliiefs. (doves.j ' Gr. KOiBiiill,
:i.ANti i:i)okh,i;:rvi.ude, i Stockings ( ta.-t black ami CLi..LG:i.Tl AC7CK AKO Bl'SLCEB
AX I ' I'tAM I':
I..- ii:-" r.'-ii e-inj-y
57. 59 & i K)Sit!i .Ta.iin Mrcct, tslicvlllc, N. C.
o. mix i.
A.M.- Il.tMIi.s
Ml. I'!. '
choapergrad' s). (guilts, I'.lan-i
M"i-;iii Tilt' ;iml Cum in work :i spctialtv. j
Grilles, Imi ;i',i tirul nailers Kft.
ts, h;l , M,M 1 S, Illl'S. nulhiiims m..vu ami n-paiml in fiisi clas :
iii;iiiiu r '
S'wr:mj, l'r.-iiturt and ir;i tur the saint-j
ii nrot', hiy uuili.TiMi,i niul proiiiitl n; '
tfinlvii to. !
All ar; nskcii to roiuc in llio oM'hiii nut to buy but to
sim uliat uv is ih'W i his season.
A Fisficr iSiiiplay Th;m liver ISefore.
M..T.H.K.M-1HC am. ...... 'r,'Unks' V;;'!' IliHHl llaS.
I ni ".V ' ii MM !!llll I i
I'! ' .' I'M. i' !.' till .'ii I! .1, '.i !
. . l'i, i V .M.i- nl' ill. il ;i,',m,!,.
i-y-i in i..i;.i;i.i:!.ii, ;i i
!''..'. .-'.i .ir ii K- syi' sl"). Ti.ys.
e-iii, M.-lll. , ly-iiu in' linii, .
' r "" !''' 'I iii l!:r cii -ni..; ;
i-t . : :. i il li.i :,yy i .1 ii-. i- ,, r
-' I' ''-I i.s I'.lU l.ili-lll, 1 l.c , ,i;i .
i' I-lil'J" -I'. i-MH'il ii, 'i-y,i
. ' " r. i.i.'l ii'l'i.-i mi- t ii;,. ;
: '. I il i;ni-L l,y iciit-iii !.y !-, ii J
v.. ' i' 1,1 tit. J! i iii r;yil i i.i.-. '
m ii ;-r'vi'. iii tin ir uy ii win i'l ;
ii. I ;.y..l..ii. '-ii:, i. bail Wv!i I
m I ti-.i.liii.ii.s nl ti,,- !
: .!...!. . U i,s ,'i,l, t -i I y u Iii,.,- I
- '! VVll. 'SC II :. ','".' 1 s ill
'1' Mi -.'-!! tin' ti,ililll lly-
.''l'i I I'' 'I ,y.-.s ill! iiiiitu.i:' j
i c Ii.- builf -ii i.vi. i'. !
i .v ii .4 iii.i..v:-itifc.'Wj
IS i. ."I'.'till !.ICCt.
Ii' you want a good I'ni
r ila t hat is warranlod not
a CI! VCK ealloli
Airniun m.
T'n- t r rij.p rinfi-i rn
A fine lino of imported Iimh-
ll I:
i ''I '''"; "i 1. 1 tit ns'il-.s ml ' '
'..:. ... rv.t 'i!y. oi' ti is !.: .
i-i. A';. n i'ni.y. u'c ii,i 'lot ; from anyone else's.
v""t ll.i;:l. ei- : lv tilt- fxi-li.-ti.jjy i.ii -
ron sali: !
M.i. I ,i :ti , .1
r .'1111,1 !;y-r.
il II ' J f, 'ii'; i ' y i i - '
".ilit-i. 1.1 M j v i . i ;:
the am; .: . t . . - . -
claim 1. 1 '.ii' I .- , '. 1 : i :
tion i'y;n . ; ; ' !. i,. l
tuWI'S, II il 'li'.l- '.! .. .' ii
white p l''..l .ei -i i:. y.- ' .
ir'i.!t'Ct u-..:l ti. i ' i : . . , M
S.:li-!-.:.-y li . !: - I ; '.
fiil.'-i.!-:y i i:i t i y- :i- i .
Uk in iiii , '. : i i .' -si
in, li 1 1 . . i..: - s , : . . ; . i
wit iiiiiit ii i .i. - m " i . i , : .
oiiyii iims :i i i ,' ,
Ch.'iil.'.'n. Ti.i - !i :. . '.'
chf'ir.'iy'ti. r , 1 1 i i i . 1 1 : ,..!.. . ,
iltip'.rl.'lllt i liy it 'A .,. In.
Vc li.i V c r.l.'iily iii' '- :i :;. i t
tion as it iiriMl'i.i.r . i j
ciiHis nit l iis ; ami y .1 it i- in
SCC'lillll 111 Ll.C .i-lMlti.
so tii.li ;o tin;; wiil i y I'..;, ni !
same eiiiTii s. syiiiiyy mimI y si
ded on tlie I'iieilio ?!'ij-. i : i
leil mines in Diivul-iMi li.-iyy !j, y,i n1 tin , line I'l'ilriii.'- am! ti.iiYi. ai ti- les, in n.lijj
past very pi-o.lu, live, nnil t.i tuiil , c;u: ' li'-n I" I lie Ile!t Sodo Koitntt'iin Iriini
rut he nliaiiiioneil .1-1 x liiui-ty il ; tin- ,..i!il wliieli ice eulil ilrinks ,ue i!i:-ieiieil, Cnr
mines nl' (inlil Hill in Imiu-.-hi. the i:-.,,st iu r M.iin .street anil I'aieni aveutic.
Bcientilie.'tllv ami expeiisieely wurkeil til'
the X01 III Carolina mines, liavc .i tilinl,Iv j Von ran now t ill (itaii with impunity,
produeed S."),'li.imf siiue thrv wire ! "r '
opened, the mines ill Staniyv even vvit.li I
, , " . I rap of l U-s,
a somewliat rmle pyytem ol worliing. , , c . , , . Mr C Pitttn 111 ni-ielc IWb V r
. . ,. ii, ... I I riiliieci! f -um tl'e laxative . -mil iintr-i. . . ,lt"V,n '''IK V-ieeK, rs. C,
have U-en proniie: wllet'.i,,ee ot Mont- j ti(llf u,u.c , Calllr,lla tls ,m,,"i I hud a Im.l sore l.-K, caused hy a wound
gomery Iml Tair to eipial in rielmess, ' with li.e tiieiiiyinal virines ot pl;uua rece,v-f' ourin.o: t-iit war. um which had
the fuhulous product nfCtiiifoi-iiia. known to be most iKiio.ci il to the ,. ''n tver Sim. He was enred by
The marked peculiarity ! this mineral ! !''" m ai,ts " the k.dnev s, 7
. . Il VW Hill tUlWflK il.rlli.d i ..nI.l
wealth is its close associat.'..! will, all , svs,,.m, (IisK l-, c,,,s ;,
other sources of wealth. It is conjoined I and curing babiiualcousiipation.
Hoods, l aps. I- ui-s, Curtains,
j roles. Shades, are among
: our leadcis. .No well posted
jeitizenol Asheville buys any
of these things without Hc. chemical asd analytical laboratories
ing ours, and wo would have
the oouut ry peoplo and those
who live in neardiy townson
jo.v th" same privilege. Wo
sold more Christ mas goods,
presents, etc.. last Christmas
than any other storein Ashe
ville, ami shall bo lixod for a
largo trade this year. Wo
shall have a big line for
you to select from, and shall
bo able to fit goods to any
pocket, hook from a nickel to
The .lapeiiese department crowded with novelties, all
now. Silver jewelry ami art depart merit not excelled in the
."south. A urniK disuia v of i l
- ':ri.-r f ('ll,,,r" A H"h ioli
: plated wares all now designs and cutlerv
Tin; i.AiMi: r xn i-i: i rerii'i'iai ix ! -i-i"" ami tuiit 1 .
Tun s'ictii.
IT. C Wt;- it r.-1 li Co.
AiiiiliMS nl' 'i tills, oivs. Co.il 111 l.oke. Mir.
1 ,-;il W.-iui-s. 1 1 1 i'-i.'sis; iiy.
I'U.y i: LIST UN AI'l'I.ICATlnV.
Mii'Mli. 'Mi;irit inesli.i;i!tnl, lie vi l.ipt'il,
111, 111 II L .'II',1 M .1,1.
Co!-',-.,,oiiil m i so1!, i't il.
Sil'iiplt-s i-iiii 1 i- 11! 1 i iiniT or r- n-ss. f
' pi. -s .I1..IJ.MS i.i ii -t hy i:ry;iiil.l.
-s v.-.nlti-il iii t-y.. r.v i !:iiv.
t-"iatti::io.i;;.it, Tt'im.
UK. II. C. Wiil.Tc'ltl-' K.
nn-n M.Vwly M -11111. 1 r.
Still !.
All 1
1 r. I'ar: ! I'r ivsi-i-'.aiii Vai!-01:,,l;,,s..,.
li'is s inc. 1 '.,1.'. .'ill". ;ii: I I'i.niM.iMl tir.il pi.wd-r
m.i- c- :' '-'ii-: ii""' !' ei'iiie 1! c hi In s' lavuri'is,
' . ! 1" i" j 1: i'-I-.l-i'."!.'-ilni-.' stoic, tin so p"inil.-n
:!l i r,, 1 j -n -.iii.-iii-c .-it ! i.-lys 111 i v .-il'.y.i.vs 1-e found.
It ii tin ! '-oi:ct her vviih piiyki t eni-ry hoard, or-1--
ey t ui-i :i"y-e w ,1 il si i. l,s. n.iil syissors, liles anil
Kir i,i;,i j "i In r sin Ii ri'ini.sius. Also a complete
nii-iini'si: iiui'.icK anii i-xcixi;,
I'.nvru miii;tim:i anii iiokhk.
Fix it PliWHR MUKTISliK,
oak, ash, WAI.XVT. ciihkrv, vixM o-ain Store" tlie " I'.ig 1 ta.-ket "
AMi I'l ll I i U I l'MUL-u I
sti-am ricu.
Don't buy ANYTJIINti until
you have boon to the "Big
I tucket Store." Mo trouble
lo show goods, and wo don't
got mad if you don't buy.
We want you to see what a
complete "Department P.ar-
I It! illill .Itl I tills llntl 111, I-OIIOMMIIL. s.'l,..,l.
"I, s will !:, rim ou r ils 'C ,i: nil.) j 1 ij y Isiou."
xo. .-a i ,"i ' - i. iiiiiiMti:... -, i j,. ,
i 1 1 i , , s i C h.i r:,--l . mi II. Mil p i.
No. r,s-...,n,sch.,r. s i,.,i T in a. ui
Amies .'I V nir iimim 1 I ii -ti.
C'liiini '.in-: u-iili ti-.-iMis to mi,! li-oin i'l
P-Mills on llu- Ch.-ii l, ,t -,,'. t'l, Inn ihl'i A; All
U'i.mm .-.ii, Ci.lil'ill ia ,V c.i-, , il . illy K'i.llriUlil'i.
T. M. I:in-SUN'. C.-n. Puss. Act.
I. v ni'Viyr r.rn. i,.ot.
asiip.vii.m:, n. c.
arvt2 d w
is. Our variety of goods ami
t he size of our stock would
do credit to a city of 23,0(J()
inhalritants. Come and see
us, and if prices and goods
don't suit you, don't buy
hut be sure to come.
Very respectfully,
v;. i
1 $2.9D Shde.
My young friends are not forgotten. Dolls of every kind
iromthoclieapost to thetinosi. i oy teasots. No ,-nd of
e u divn sst(,ryand,ieture books, scrap hooks, writing
desks, albums, etc. All tit omlvnnl1y low nVo.s.
'rices on all ji'oods are lmi.oi'mh- !,. .,,,.1 ..1
best quality. ' '""'"'""ys oi tne
For K' ntti-nu'ii. A p rt'vct shoe nt a mortc rnte
c'st Ti v ti j-air oi our spt-iialtit in prut o
finirfiotwcnr, at S.'t.Oti. I.. tin, $L'.vO,
$ J ;"iMUHl $J.'h). Kvi rv pair warnuucii. Hx
-Tntinr our niKci-iltifs tor ladirn nt $400,
$J. o am) SL'.ot. ncxcAntd for ora
lurt. du aliii'tv and stvle.
Insist on havii Lr the oricinnl M A. Pnckitd
i Co.N Slixc. 'I ht- Knuim- have our ntump
on tiotoin of t-ach shtMr. Sent j owtt.-iiiJ to
any part nl tht- lT S. on receipt of pru-c. M.
i ov.iftRii(: oroiKion, ai!b. for
suit- in Asiu-v lU by
ii. Ki:vooi & co
aucl 1 (U-ofl Hmos mi we tti
J. H. LAW.
" Xi- TT
v . is. iioVK,
14 nrrt of land on Heaver Unm road, (tint
opposite J. S. Hui-nt-ti'R. A tin. tite for h ituti.
urnnn re idene. A nice knoll (.overeil with
c over and nme tin- oak, w h beauliful
view of tnounti.fus and the city A rare
ihnmt to buy nwh n necc o( land" with nice
elenr ppvinps pushing troin the hilt. Terms
eaMy and price low.
All eje f.tted ami fit -j-unrnntced. A cc
U A. I S DKl-ti STORE, j f j
I!3TitrrmPr""i,,liu'" " tci")'-
Foot flmt..i.a u..... e. .
1 Trji-"- .vt"'T
o28 dBro
UraniteM. numenta,
All kinrl, of Mmi.
m,. Tmbftn
ve nin.Ie to
V.nJ At B itcomtie
war Iwiw,

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