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. I
For Rent, and Lost Notices, thret
linn or lc, 28 Ccnti for
each Insertion.
Delivered to VI nit or In any pnrt of
the City.
One Month (10c,
Two Week, or lean Stic,
IITtll n--Tx?"-v nm w I... . .. . ... . I
J. H. LAW,
57 59 6x S. Main St.
Wholesale and Retail
Supplying; Hotels a Specialty.
By order of the owner I putoimaleon three
yenrr urae, oniy imaii amount ni cash
60 Lotn on Catholic Hill,
Hptendfd mountain view, only a minute
iron me coun nuunr, ai irom
" 75i5oKacht
Accord In to aite and location. Worth double
and three times the money, l.iltciularivunct
mnde to improve the lots.
FOR HA LB 2, a and room houses, well
built, with Are places, on same hill, a property
at figures and terms to suit the purchaser.
Splendid opportunity fur people of moderate
means to secure or to build a coin lor table
FOR 8 ALB OR TO KBNT lnrK tene
ment houses, 12 and H rooms respective! v. on
Btiule street. Well adapted for cheap hot I
or hoard Ins; houses.
Most liberal terms granted. Plnns nnd full
particulars with J. M. CAMIMtlvl.l.,
Jaa9 d3m Real Kstnte Deal r.
Walt hi B. Owvn,
W. V. Wkst.
(miccesaors to Walter B.Gwjra)
Loans Securely Placed at 8
Per Cent.
Notary Puh.lc.
Commlaaloner. ol Iiceda.
OFFICK oattieaM Court Mquare.
Real Estate Brokers,
And i Investment i Agent.
Offices: 34 a 30 Patton Ave. Second floor,
ft hod IT
Mv atore hon.r. No .11) Rnnth Mnln atrret.
Will irlve pn.sca.lon ta Hrbrunrv.
Will continue thr plumbing bu.lnra. nt Nil.
2H Pntton nvrnuc.
J.oaadif c .. coophr.
Wc will aril nt n b-ir -nln a imon nlil horar.
suitable lor huhi lantllt u. j kinl nmlttrtnir.
POWKI.I. tit HNIIlliK.
A partner to encaKe In thr mnnulartnre of
an artlclr that iwll. ai rrtuilly thnt In tour
rar. of It. mnnuinciurc urUir. could nut lie
4. BIO nnriT
fto.ooo or 112,0 Olanrrdrd. I'or pnrtlc
alnr. adilrcu I', n. BOX :.
Innlndlw Aahevlllt. N. C.
More room, No. Ml ntth Mnln.trert, nnd
. a o office rooms, possession ulvcn at once.
Apply to
nnl dtf PI'ASK l.lll'OIIKAN.
W. 0. WOLFE.
Over S00 Mi of tin molt lieautlful
Monument and TombMonca
Ju.t received, from the cheaieat Tombstone
to handsome Monument. I have mnde a
great reduction In prlcr., and It will pay you
to come and look at my .lock, whether you
buy or not. Wareroam Wulflr Hulliting,
Court Rquart.
PlumberHaVc Tinners.
Furnace and II enter.
Jobbing Promptly i
I Attended to.
No, 43 Patton Avenue,
Opera lloime IlulldliiKf.
Canned Peachri.
Any fieninn wanting C. P. V-hltnn's Can.
nrd Pniltaisn nhinln thrm bv mi' i. on J,
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foalSalw CP. WU1TUN.
20 south main street, asheville, n. c.
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where you will nt all times be
Nerved by competent pre-
1879. 1889
Purveyor to intelligent nnd
appreciative Asheville and
American families, rnlates
nnd tastes of people who be-
leve in good livmgcannot hi
lumbugged by "(.'heap John'
goods, (.'heap goods and
first quality are not synony
mous. J have in stock and
to arrive, all seasonable spe
cialties, comprising in pun
r ruits, Oranges, Lemons,
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Miscellaneous ( hoiceO.k.
New Orleans Molasses, for ta
ble use, Prime New Orleans
Molasses, for cooking. Ex
tra fine Assortment ofCrack-
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Mince McnU Tiordnn & Pilwortli'i,
nntl other lrnml. I'liim I'liiMiiiK.Citlf '
I'tiot Jelly, etc. PnnKvil nnd CrvKtnlind
Ginger. Shad Riw in dim. Kclli'rrinii
nnd nil other ciiudn in di'tnnnd I'or the
llolKl.iyi. S. K. Nbl'Ll.K
ft C
s as
j 1
it E.
I P3 !
S 5
13 f
5 0
r 0 5
i ?
0 -1
e 2,
-1 a
a '
c 1. E.
7T g
2 fs
5 I S-
0 .
5 o"
3 ?
A houne nnd lot eorner lnale nnd Valley
street.. For prlvc and term, nitptv tf
JanIO dtl No. ID Ual lllmk.
Tbt eopartiirnililp hrrclofore riLtlng be
tween II. a. RumcH and J. . Bradley hoi by
mutttnl concent thli day lieen dUnolvedj nnd
all Indchtedne.. of .aid firm will be pnld by
I). R. Ru.kII, and all debt, due laid Arm will
be payable to D. t. Ru.Mll,
A Blue Cblnrhllln Oeerront, Itetwern the
A.hrvllle Mtlllna Co. amLMr. worlev'M.cro".
Inu the river liridiic llinl hlnck enr tmtmi
and n pair of vnrn ixlovi.. knit .olid, In the
tKitkrt. The Amlcr Hill lie diitlntily rewril'ded
ly returnlitK It to my butt hrr .Mop.
Swaunaium Hotel.
Cncieelled euialnc.
Popular with tourl.ta.fnmlllnandbuiilncM
Ulrrtric ear pnaa the door.
rrltldlv Prnpr'a.
Htddlctovratcr HnpclcMly III.
WlNCllKiTi'N, Vn., Jntuinry at. A din-
1 in tell I'tnin WoodaltH-k tit'i nllcrtiooti
11, v, ' lix-Scmilor RiildlclKTKcr ia ill, nnd
Itii cnac i considered n li.iH'lcai otic liy
ilia phyaicimia. Other inrorniiitlon
from there ny it win thought thnt lie
would die lu.t nl(jlit, mid he is no belter
The Remainder or the Time In
Taken up With a Debate on a
Parliamentary RuIIiik sir. Car.
llHle'H BtroiiK PolutH.
Washington, Jnnunry 21. SUNATI3.
Mr. Hltiir presented the memorial ol'
the bonrd of missions of the Al'ricnn
Methodist Episcopnl Zion church ol
America in favor of the Ulair education
hill, and asked to hnve it printed in lull
in the record. Objection wng mnde bv
Mr. Harris, nnd then n motion for leave
to print was made by Mr. Hlnir; but he
was the only senator voting for the mo
tion, and the vice president declared the
motion lost. Then Mr. Blair demanded
the yeas nnd nay, but anain he was
himself the only senator to second the
demand. He thereupon proceeded to
state some of the views in the memo
rial, because, he said, the memoriul
would be virtually buried out of siirht.
Me also presented numerous other me
morials ol the same chnrnctcr, among
mem one irom tne rcnuhlican club
New York City. They were luid on the
Mr. Piatt, from the committee on oat
ents. reported the copyriht bill and it
was placed on the calendar.
The senate then proceeded to the bills
on the calendar mid passed the follow.
Senate bill, to change the limit of np-
1M"MuiuiMi mi- me puiiiic Duiiuing at
iicksonville. Flu., to $205.01)0. and im
propriating $120,000 in addition to the
money nlrently appropriated; the senate
joint resolution grinning authority for
the removal ol the Apache Indian pris
oners nnd their families to Fort Sill. In.
dinn Territory, from the Mount Vernon
nnrrncks, Alnhamn.
Senator Cameron to-dnv introduced n
bill prepared by Paymaster Cowic, ol
tne navy, to reorganize nnd equalize the
rails nuti pay oi mc navy.
After n brief session for the considtrn
tion of executive business, the senate nt
3. JO adjourned.
HOUSE. Yesterdnv, just previous to
...i:..... ! til I !- kt! :
tmjwui llllll-lll, rtir, IlliUMI, til IIIKKOUI I,
moved that the house adjourn, and on n
division, the Stenkcr declared the motion
lost. Mr. iilnnd thereupon drmnnded
tellers, and m-conling to the record this
morning, the siicnker replied, "There
no provision for tellers." There was no
record of this fact made in the journal,
nnd this morning Mr. Iilnnd moved to
nave tne journal amended accordingly
The Sienker stated that he had made
his reply in nn interrogative lorm, and
that the gentleman from Missouri hnd
(iiiietly aciiuiesccd in it. The clmir was
inlormed that such details were not in
serted in the lournal. The chair sul
mitted Mr. Bland's motion to amend thr
journnl. and on a division declared the
motion lost by n vote ol 88 to 95. Mr.
Iilnnd demanded tellers. The speaker
utxiiirca w net tier tne gentleman from
Missouri hud discovered nnv ground
why tellers should be npnointcd. The
cluitr last night had suggested that lie
would like to hnve Ins attention culled
lo any provision regarding tellers. Mr.
illaud said that he had demanded tellers
under the general practice of the house.
The SK-akcr declined to entertain the de
mand lor tellers. Air. Iilnnd demanded
the yen and nays: but almost at the
same moment npiwuled from the decis
: r.i i n. , i.
mi ui urc vntiir. iic piicuKcr itniu inai
apiK-al came rather lute? but that he
would entertain it.
Mr. Mills argued that the vote bv tell
ers was as much a part ol the parliament
ary luw as n motion to adjourn. It wns
onlv a vote by which the house could
correct n decision of the spenker; nnd il
.i i .i:.i d. , .
mc iiiiunc inn nut iiiivc a rigut 10 cm
vote, tne iienkcr became a mere czar.
When the spenker refused to ix-rniit the
house to verify his count, he simply re
fused to allow the house to say whether
his division (right or wrong) should
Mr. Blount, ol Georgia, said that if
the gentlemen of the majority wished to
endorse the sicnkcr's decision, they must
iiikc mc respousiiiiiiiy. out runt would
not be the end. lie had known this
thing done before and reversed by the
popular mind and porulnr vote. For
one, nsuii Aiiici ienn representative he pro
Mscil to make the issue on every point
on the rights of the minority. It wns an
American right. It was part of the gen
ius of American institutions, and he who
would trample upon it must take the rc-
Mr. (icur, of Iowa, said that the cus
tom of tellers grew up in the house under
a Sieciul rule. There was no such rule
now, and therefore it wns perfectly com
petent for the Sicnker to decide the re
sult of a (pies t ion a seemed best to liini
in his judgment.
Mr. Crisp, of Georgin, argued that the
decision deprived the minority of a con
stitutional right. He contended that
the demand lor tellers was a virtual
questioning; of the count of the speaker.
Mr. I'erkins, of Kansas, replied that no
one hnd challenged the correctness of the
Siriiker's count.
mr. crisp repnen mat tne gentlemen on
the democratic side undertook to be re-
siiectful. They questioned the count of
luc Spenser uiiocr parliamentary law.
They had usked for tellers. That find mil
necessarily retlected upon the Sienker. Il
might be that they thouuht he had
counted improperly or had nuiile a mis
take, and by culling lor tellers tucy could
hnve thnt mistake corrected in o respect
ful nnd decent way.
Mr. Culchcon. of Michigan, said that
if the argument of the gentleman from
Georgia, Mr. Crisp, wascorrect, and that
nn utlempt was Ining made loovertlirow
tue constitutionul rights of the minority,
the house wns in the throcsof revolution;
but he controverted the argument nnd he
challenged any one to show in the consti
tution any right given to the minority to
demnnd tellers. The constitutionul right
of the minority to the yens and nays was
not luterlered witn.
Mr. Crisp quoted Irom the record nlfor-
mrr itateincnt of the SK'nkcr thnt the
house was entitled lo tellers.
Mr. Carlisle entered into the discussion
of wlmt parliamentary law consisted in.
lie went buck to tne rules ol the knglish
house of common, uiHin which the rules
of previous congresses hud hecu iounileil.
Ill construing thut parliamentary law,
gentlemen must construe, it in relation to
lis modihcnlions by the rule of former
congresses. Those rule had been the re
sult ol experience, Memliers must look
buck to the manual which was printed
from year to year to find n set of rules
which the cxierience of memliers hud
shown to be applicable to the orderly
conduct of business in the house, so that
it bad been held, nnd rightly held, thnt
in the absence of conventional rules it
must look to those rules and apply them
so far ns could be to the situation in
which the house louiid itself. From time
iunnemotiul it bud been the law of Eng
lish speaking legislative assemblies thnt
no presiding olhcer co Jkl make an abso
lute final decision to bind the body over
which he presided. If the presiding officer
decided a question of order, it wns in the
power of any member to nppculand take
the judgment of the bodv itself. In the
English parliament it was in the nowe
of nnv single member to demand n divis
ion nnd have tellers. Congress had placed
a restriction on that rule, und hnd pro
vided thnt u count bv tellers must be uc
mnnded by one-fifth of a quorum. What
redress did a member have against
wrong count by the speaker if he could
not have the veas and nays? The man
who sat in the chair might do all the
legislative work transacted in this bodv
lie submitted that this house, in the nl
sencc of nnv conventional rules estab
lished by itself, was to be governed bv
the general parliamentary law ns modi
lied bv the rules heretofore prevailing.
In submitting nn apiieal to the house
the spenker said: "The chair Imsntwnv
been unable to sec how it is possible tor
a bouse which has p isscdoutol existence
to bind by rules and regulations, a house
which was to come inu existence in the
future. Recent decisions bv the sneukei
of the house have been to the effect thnt
the rules ol the last house did not beconu
the rules of the present lions.' directly
The chair is unable to see how thev cnn
become the rules ol the present house in
directly. The very fact that they have
wen made as rules shows clenrlv I he nee
cssity of a special enactment. If thev be
come by indirection tlc rules of the next
house it would not liecome necessary tn
re-enact them. I Ins house then is govern
ed by general pailiamentnrv law, such as
has Ikcii established in the same manner
that tne common law of England was
established, by rcjieated decisions nnd
general acquicsccusc ol the people m the
system which governs ordinnrv assem
blies. The present occupant of the chair
nils irequcntiy ordered tellers since the
beginning of this session of congress, and
is not unwilling to do so. But the quest ion
bus came up now us a tiucstum ol right:
and whatever the pci sonnl wishes of the
occupnnt nt the chair might lie, he was
obliged to decide in accordance with
what he regards ns the unmistukublc
parliamentary law ot the land
Mr. Cannon moved to lav the anneal
on i uc inoic.
Mr. Mills raised tbenoint of order thnt
mc parliamentary law recognized no
such motion.
The sneaker overruled the Doint of or-
dernnd submitted Mr. Cannon's motion.
It wns agreed to yeas, 13it; nuys. I.ltl
i uc i ucHiiou iicn recurren on air.
Illand's motion to amend the journal
aim u was lost, vens.i;iu; nays, l-iu.
The journal was then approved.
On motion of Mr. Candler of Mass ,
the World s I-mr committee wns granted
a leave to sit during the sessions of thr
Mr. Crnin of Texas, offered n resolution
directing the committee on the judiciary
to report witlnn one week whether tin
late sergcanfat-arms was a disbursing
olhcer; and if so to report a bill provid
ing I'or the payment of the salaries uf tin
members; referred.
The house then resumed in the commit
tee of the whole, the Oklohnmn town site
bill but mnde no progress. 1 he commit
tee rose, und the house adjourned.
A Prominent Manufacturer Killed
by HI Hrother-ln-l.aw.
Komk, Go., Innunrv 21. PcFoicst All-
good, president of Trion Factory, one ol
the wealthiest institution ol .North
Georgin, was shot nnd instantly killed
at 8 o'clock this evening by Dr. f. II. S.
Holmes, his hrothcr-iii-luw and one ol
the most prominent and popular ol Geor
gia's physicians.
Alkood nnd long cherished ill will to
wards Holmes for some business mutters
Ik'tween them, nnd had Ireoucntlv threat
ened his lile. Holmes had avoided All-
good for year, and went out ol town to
avoid meeting him. To-dnv Allgond
came down from Trion Factory to Koine
on un evening train and waited for
Holmes in bis otlice door.
Holmes, who bad had n vague wani
ng, sought to reach bis office by a back
street, Messrs. McKcldcn and Mnctoek,
of Tennessee, friends of Dr. Holmes, hud
lieen hunting with linn. When the pnrtv
Irrw up m trout of the office Allgood ad-
aiiced with n drawn pistol on Holmes.
I he latter shot Allgood twice with a
louble-burrelled shotgun loaded with
bird shot, both shots taking effect, the
first shivering the jugular vein, und the
second breaking the neck completely.
Allgood tell at the first shot, then hall
rose trying to draw his pistol. When he
received the second shot he lell on his
lace and instantly expired. Holmes cx-
luimed : I wu forced to do it to save
my own life. I am sorry, so sorry, but
he hunted mc down, nnd for the sake of
mv wile and my son I had to kill him."
Holmes immediately lurrciidcreiLiotlie
officers and is resting in hi own apart
ments in charge of n denutv sheriff. The
genera I sentiment agrees that the killing
was clearly in ell-delence, and, although
both men were exceedingly popular, the
urrent ot sympathy is strongly with Dr.
A Terrible Male at Mea.
I.onpon, lauuarv 21 The Ctinnrd line
steamer Gallia, from New York January
12 to Liverpool, nrnved nt uueenstown
at midnight Inst night. Captain Murphy
sovs that the weather on the passage
wns the worst he ever cxX'ricnccd. On
l-riilav last tremendonssens wei'csliipped
which flooded the staterooms. Many nl
he occupants of the roinns were asleep
at the time nnd the sudden entrance nl
water awoke them nnd caused a panic.
Five lilebnnts were smashed, some of the
Invits suupiH'd off, others twisted, and
he steamer much battered generally.
The Gallia sighted a large steamer at a
listanee, apparently one ol the Johnston
line, plying between Liverpool and Lon
don nnd Baltimore, with onlv one must
remaining. She was at the mercy of the
A Formidable Negro Mlrlfce.
Api'Al.ACincoLA.I'la., lauuarv 21. The
saw mills here employ negro labor Prin
cipally. Last week the negroes held a
meeting and resolved to huvc ten hours
nnd more puy and refused to take orders.
Lust Monday the negroes refused to go
to work and the mills shut clown. The
negroes not in the strike were prohibited
from working. Two worked nt the Ken
nedy mill yesterday. Las! night one of
them was assassinated in bis bouse. The
negroes who ore at work are ularmed,
nnd the whites fear more trouble as the
negroes are all armed. The governor
lias been telegraphed to send troops nnd
ammunition, and they arc expected to
morrow. The militia here held a meeting
to-day and will patrol the town to-night,
otherwise ull is quiet.
The Merchants) cry War.
LisnoN, Jnnunry 21, Four thousands
merchant of this city paraded I he streets
last uigbt shouting, "war to England."
A Hull-Committee of Three Ap
pointed to ConHlder the HprliiK-
er KeHolutlon To vole ou the
Matter Next Thursday.
Washington, Junnnry 21. The special
bouse committee on the World's Fair held
its first meeting this morning in the
room ol the house committee on terri
tories. All ot the members were present
except Messrs, riuien nna Howden. Mr,
Springer culled up his resolution provid
ing thnt the house shall proceed next
Thursday to select the site for the fair by
onnot, and u was discussed lor nn hour:
Mr. Springer urged the importance ol
speedy action on the proposition. H
Held thnt by its action on the common
resolution Inst week, the house hnd vir
tuallv decided that the matter must he
settled as early as possible, and thnt the
committee was practically under instiuc-
tions and was as nun' n bound bv them ns
it they had been formulated. He argued
mat the bouse could not move in t he
matter until it hud first settled where the
bur was to be held. Mr. Hilt also declar
ed in favor of the immediate selection ol
the site bv the house and pointed out
how the delay jeopardized the chances of
the l.nr. He said that the committee on
liireign affairs had been working for some
nine un tne nor nius anu and practically
tne completed preliminary arrangements
All ot the results ol their work could be
made use of bv this committee, but the
site should be hrst agreed upon.
Mr. I-lower thought that the date fixed
for balloting in the Springer resolution
I I liursdny next was a little too soon
lie suggested that the resolution lie re
ported providing tor debate in the house
next Mondav, one hour and a half to be
illowed for the presentation of claims ol
c.icii city, to be tollowcd bv balloting on
I uesnny. .Mr. HelUen nt this point ex
pressed a doubt ns to whether unv fair
oiiki be held in in'JJ. It should be hrst
settled thnt the government would give
money and nut to the tair liclore an at
tempt was made to select the site. This
irought the Washington men to the floor
with n strong objection. Thev contend-
(I thnt to adopt Mr. Ik-Idea s course
would result in combiningill of theothcr
(intending cities against Washington
which must rclv upon the government's
hnnnciul nid. Mr. llelilen s men was that
1 historical celebration could be held in
18112. to lie followed a vear later bv the
world's fair. The chairman's attention
was here called to the language of the re
solution under which the committee was
ippointcd which Sienks of the world's
lair in 181)2, nnd the point wns made
hat the committee hnd no alternative
mil could (leal with no proposition thnt
lid not concern the fair to be held in thut
Mr. Frank of Missouri, offered n resolu-
ion thnt the Springer resolution provid
ing for balloting by the house next Thurs-
lay be relerred to a sub-committee ol
three, with instructions to report at the
next committee meeting. Subsequently
be motion wns modibed so ns to tmiKc
the chnirmnn of the lull committee also
linirman of the suli-coiiimittec and to
hove it report next Thursday.
Mr. springer said thnt it tins motion
wns defeated, he would move to modilv
us proposition so ns to ha vet he debute in
the house next Mondnvnudthc balloting
fucsdny ns suggested bv Mr. Flower.
New York memliers took alarm at this.
nwever. ns it was npimrentlv the object
of Cbicngoians to get the chairman to
otc and ascertain his views. The Cbi
cngoians had calculated on Mr. Flower
voting with them in support of his own
proposition. This would leave the re
maining three members present beside
the chnirmnn in opposition and compel
the chnirmnn to vote to break n tic, and
t wa not regarded as desirable that the
hiorinnn should lie committed at this
nrly date. So when Mr. Frank's resolu
tion was put, two Chicago men found
hemsclves alone in opposition and it
prevailed. So the chairman was in
structed to appoint u sub-committee to
insider the Springer resolution nnd re
port next Thursday when tne committee
ill meet again. 1 hcsiib-committcc was
selected, as follows: Chairman, Mr. Lnn-
cr. nnd Messrs. Ilitt nnd Flower. The
nuiiiittec decided to hear no argument
resicclitig the site of the fair. Then the
couiiriltee instructed the chnirmnn to
ask for iwrmissiou to sit during the ses
sion of the house, and adjourned till
From Ihe
Tacoma. Wash., lauuarv 21. At least
len human beings nnd thousands of cat
tle und sheep have perished ill the bliz
zard which begun with the year and
raged over Washington for n week. The
report from the lolvillc reservation arc
to the effect that the cattle arc dying by
hundreds from starvation niid thirst, nnil
that the ground is covered withovcrtwo
lect of snow on a level and in place is
iriltcd mountain nigh. I be keeper ot
he stage station twelve miles from Alma
tnrted to walk to town last Thursday.
nnd Sunday his body was found on the
prairie only n mile from his home, frozen
tilt. 1 be mail carrier nt W lid Loose
reek H-rished on the same day, nnd eight
nltle men are known to hnve' lost their
ves in the storm. 1 he cattle men esti
mate that they will lose one-hull of their
herds this season.
Another Train Robbed.
Tt'LON, Oil., January 21. The south
bound pnsscnger train wn stoptied this
morning by two masked men seven mil'
north of here. The robliers climbed over
he tender to the engine nnd compelled
he engineer to slop the trnin. Thev
then coiiiiellcd the engineer nnd lireinun
logo with them unci ordered the express
men to open the door. The amount
taken is not known, but it i rumored to
Iw several thousand dollars. The robbers
made the engineer and lireninn nccom
piuiv them some distance from the train.
A tramp stealing a ride was mistaken
lorn train man nnd the robber shot
him in the head, He was brought here
nd may recover. There i no trace ol
the robber.
Honllle Towards) Euulnnd.
LisnoN, January 21. The commercial
association ha resolved to do its utmost
to prevent or restrict all trade or com
mercial intercourse with England. The
inhabitant of Setubul, a port 1H mile
Irom here, forcibly prevented the Portu
guese merchant of tlintjplacc from ship
ping good on nn I'.nghsb steamer, which
UHTclore sailed without any cargo.
Many American, French unci German
commercial travelers are here making
most ni tne opportunity nitordcd to re
place English goods in the Portuguese
market by goods from the countries they
re j) resent.
i-orn cinnsburv. who sutlerred sen
ously from the grip, is going to the South
in r ranee to recuperate.
The Rev. T. 1. Flunkett. of Detroit, hn
been called to the pastorate of the First
rrcsnyteriuii church at Augusta, Ga,
Emin Bey, who seriously hurt himsell
1... ..... ..r ...:,. . ..
inning uui oi a winnow nt nn enter
tainnient given in his honor nt Zanzibar,
lias had a relapse.
A woman, unknown to the nremises
made her way to the roof of n fourston
building on Second n venue. New Vork
and threw herself headlong to the ground
unu was instantly killed.
Hon. Frederick Chase, a prominent
.mw numpsiure mini, ireusurcroi uort
mouth college, probate iudgcnnd a locn
historian of note, died at Hanover on thi
uin oi tne grippe, tie wns nity yean-
The report that the Emperor Joseph ol
lunula win iiuiiicuic is oeuicu. i m
crown is a very hcavv burden, but Dio
cletian and Charles the fifth, are almost
the onlv examples of those who hnd t hi
courage or scu-aemai to throw it aside.
El Progresso. a Doner nublished in th
City of Mexico, has been amusing itsel,
since I'ntti has been singing in that citv
with lampooning and ridiculing the sing
er, hhe hn her revenge, forshe brought
suit against the editor and be is now h
The prospect of the establishment of ri
national uaplist university nt C lueatri
seems to Ik- a good one. Among tin
large contributors is Mr. Kockleller. thi
wealthy standard nil man. who often
b((i.(io) on condition that others raist
400,000 additional.
The rumors thut Secretory Blaine wil'
resign are renewed again since the dentl
of his son. Apart from his affliction.
which has darkened his life, it is aHdrci'
thut his relations with President Harri
son are not pleasant, and that, to sot
the least, hi position is a mortifying
The experiments to test the nower o(
iiwinviiv iiiKiniiiiv 10 sin criminnis con
demned to death, are still continued in
the State of. New iork. Theothcr dav.
at iJaunemorn, N. Y., a test was made oi
the resisting powers ot a bull. He droo
ped (lend nt once under the force of 900
It is learned nt Paris that a French
steamboat, under command of Lieuten
ant Jaime, ol the French nnvy, has modi
a sticccsbltil ascent of the Niger us far u
as Timburtoo. This is the second suc
cessful attempt of the kind. Only about
hull a dozen huroK'iins hnve ever visited
this city, nnd only n few of these escaped
with their lives, owing to the relentless
tcrocily of the Mahometan inhabitants.
A mad dog. summing, snnrlinr nnri
foaming at the mouth, jumKil througl.
the window of a basement room of a
house in New York, shattering the glass
in his plunge, nnd Inndiug in the midst oi
n terrified family quietly rending. Thej
rushed into a hallway, closing the doni
liehind them, and secured the aid of a po
liceman, who quickly came in and dis
patched the dog with his club.
Lord Napier, of Mngclaln. left two
sons, twins, and a curious discussion nr
to the inheritance has urisen out of thi
lilhculty of deciding which wns the first
bom. It has been decided by the famih
thut Robert, married, but childless, shall
have one title, and George, the othei
twin, shall have the other title, and a
handsome annuity. No similar case was
ever known in the history ol the British
A prize fight between Ike Tnllint. the
colored champion of Mnine, and Hnrrv
Gardiner, of Ellsworth, Mc., took place
in me miter town tne otner day, or
rather night, in the court house, in the
cry precincts of instice, pence and order.
The light wns possible through the con
nivance of the jnnitor, who let them in
the building together with n lorgrcrowcl
of sports. This is ahead ol Kilrain and
Sullivan's adventure in Mississippi.
A corner in the sardine mnrket i im
minent. An international English, Bel
gian nnd German syndicate has been
formed to control the' sardine fish inter
t. Our people hnve ln-come so used to
the young herrings of the const of Maim
lacked in cotton seed oil thnt they will
ie indifferent to the movement of such n
syndicate. They hnve lost the power ol
liscrimiimtinn between the sardine nnd
the herring, and cotton seed oil they find
as palatable a the oil of the olive.
Camille Douls. a French explorer in the
desert ol Sahara, it is now learned, jki
ished miserably at the hands of his Tua
rick guides. He hod gone from Algeiiu
ns far south a Timbuctoo, nnd started
to return by another route which passed
through the Tuurick country, the neonli
ol w hich arc noted for treachery nnd fe
rocity, lie employed two guides or that
people whom he hnd known, and whose
fidelity he thought he could rely ou ; and
they murdered liini.
The 73rd anniversary of the American
colonization society wns held in Wash
ington City on the HUh. The meeting
wns iiddicssed by the Rev. Dr. Blyden,
nn exceedingly intelligent nnd conserva
tive negro. He wns in favor of the re
turn of the negroes to Africa, tliinkinc
they and the white could not live in
harmony here. He wn warm in his
pruiscs of Lilieria, We have heard that
song for nenrly three quarter of n cen
tury ; yet very lit lie has come of it. We
cannot force the negroes to go there, and
never have Ix-cn able toieiuadc them to
do so.
niNantrou Colllalon.
Omaha, Neb., Jnnunry 21. There wns
a collision of suburban train on the Belt
Line division nt the Missouri Pacific
about H o'clock this morning, within
the city limits. Wm, Bovle. n local dem
ocratic politician, wn killed instantly ; J.
W. Schwnriek, deputy county treasurer,
was internally injured; J. A. Harvey nnd
n mnn named VanDeventer were bndly
crushed, pr ibnblv fatally, 8. W. Fronc'r
nnd Frank Church hod their legs broken;
two brothers named Mitzelalfs, railroad
shop boys, were very seriously injured,
one hud hi skull fractured. Several
other passenger were more or less In
jured. Conductor Wm. Shield hnd nn
arm broken and wns bndly crushed.
Aaliore Helow Wilmington,
Wii.minoton, N, C Innunrv 21. A
bnrk thought to be English or Norwegian
went ashore on the bnr near Southport
about noon. A tug is unable to rrnch
her on account of the high sen. An Eng
lish trnmp steamer, thought to lie the
Mcrjtilin, ha a hawser to the bark and
will try to pull her off when the tide
rises. Captain Ravage, of the life saving
ervlce, wn just in time to pick up and
nve five men In-longing to the tramp
whose boat bad turned over.
J. S. GRANT, Ph. G.,
Of Philadelphia College of Phurmacy,
Apothecary, 94 South Main St.
The Old Year hits drawn to a close,
nnd with the beginning of the New Year
we wish to thank the public for their
patronage and recognition of our efforts
to do our full duty. He are fully con
icious that it is to them that we owe the
incxwcted success of the past year, in
which our business lias been more than
doubled, and we can only regard it as a
new evidence that our business maxims
.?re such as to cause our customers to
have confidence in us and attract those
who are cautious in dealing with any
Pharmacist until they have become fully
assured of the nature und extent of his
'lusiness principles. In out dealing with
the public we realhe that the most scru
pulous care nnd honesty are paramount
m importance. If these are virtues in
ill ordinary business transactions, they
'icconie sacred duties in Phurmacy, and
without them no one can lie a true Phar
macist. The health, maybe the lile, 01
those dealing with the Apothecary de-
lends upon them. Uc consider it our
nost sacred duty to shun adulterations
ind spoiled as well as inferior drugs.
They constitute an evil from which Phnr-
nacy suffers no less than the public. The
;vil is not a new one, inaugurated in late
vears; it has existed as long as there
were men whose cupidity was stronger
than their sense of justice, and it will
loubtless continue as long as there may
'ie men with conceptions of business so
ague that they expect to purchase gold
for the moncv value of dross. There are
no other moral principles required for
ransncting a Pharmaceutical business
than are necessary fur any other business.
Unwavering integrity thut remains unin-
iuenced by the visions of gold along the
road of questionable or deceitful prac
tins is the only foundation for success
that is worthy the mime; it is so in
i-ery pursuit, and more particularly in
Pharmacy, where ns a matter of neces
iity it must be combined with constant
vigilance in all directions, so us to secure
:ill possible snfegiinnis.
These are the principles which we hnve
ndcavored to live up to, and to which
we trust our increasing success is due.
We hope our former pations will show
the same kindness towmd us in the fu
ture thnt they have in the pust, knowing
thnt no action ol ours will ever make
tliem regret a continuance ol their fa-
ors. Yours trulv.
J. S. UNAXT.rh. C, Pharmacist,
Si S. Main St., Asheville. N. C.
Special Announcement
the Year and Season
of 1890.
We invito the attention of
the Lndies to our elepnnt
stock of Dry (Jootls, Fancy
floods, Notions, Underwear,
and Hosiery, Ccntenieri
Gloves, Foster (Sloves. Driv
ing Gloves, Hiding Hats and
Caps, Plushes, China Silks,
Vlts, and nil stylish mate-
ials for fancy work.
We are closing out the bal
ance of our Plush A rims.
Xewinarkets and Jackets at
ow prices. We offerbargains
in Wool Blankets, Underwear
and Hosiery.
Keinembcr that we have
moved all Gents' Furnishings
into the Clothing department
and hnve now the only com
plete Lndies' department in
The Clothing department
adjoins the Dry Goods store,
nnd we offer special induce
ments to buyerjof Overcoats
and Suits. Our stock is the
best in the city. Our prices
the lowest. Dunlup Hats,
Manhattan Dress Shirts,
Mother's Friend Shirt Waists
are our specialties.
Specinl orders solicited for
goods not in our stock, with-
out risk to purchaser.
46 A 48 S. main St., Corner
Eagle Block.
' V."
to., it. mria 1 oiim'Ii ISii

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