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dm" '"" MW"' 1711.11 1 Wfw';T.-yr.;t
fcport of the Proelileut of fr
4- the Hoard ul Trade
in till- IllSt till jettl'S.
"a "asnaaaa ... S
If. H. LAW,
j 'I 57, 59 & 61 8. MhIii 81.
. Wholesale and Retail
nlilnir llnU-lw n HneciHltV.
k. I CAN ll I'l.lCATU PKICI'.S
INY Wlllll.lirtAI.lt IUH'SH.
!l.l. Dr'.l'A HTM KNT I'Olt
ttju-: aski-pto.
ho ECU UfCm
r LAW'S,
UUH n I bit iibunw wiibi
lit order of the
4M-m' time, only
vner I piitonsn'conlhree
small amount of cash
B 60 I.ot on Cat Iiollc Hill,
(!lgJHI mountain lcw. only .1 mluulia
SiVoui Uh court house, at from
75 to i so Kach,
VA'nllnK to Mi- ami location. Worth double
and three tlmr tlx nioticc. l.ltar.ilulaiiee
iinib- to Improve 0 I.
plK HAI.lt -. 3 ami room houses, well
nil with fircilmi-,on miw liill.nproiK-rly
nt ilnrr nml term to mil ih puntinscr.
laaVudid ..ppoi iimity lor K-oplr .d aioilerute
tut'" luMflittuf lu lonl'l " lomioi lililc
WuU A 1. 1! OK T IMJNT -' mre tenr-
(nt houaca, IliMlHl K roimnvtivclv.on
1A street. Wrll ndi.iril lor clKiip hotel
1 toii-din houses.
t lila-rM terma arnntnl. 1'1,-ms ami "ill
E fiilnm with J M CAMI'lvhl.l..
a uuin rni
ijj jSuceraaora to Walter n.Ow.vnt .
xToaim Securely IMaccd nt
Per Cent.
Koliiry I'ub.lr Comnilsalullera ol Deed.
OI-'FICK MoulhcaMt Court tAqunre.
Rcnl Kwtntc HrokerM,
And t liivemnieiit i AkciKh.
It-en: a A: 'Jrll'mtoil Ave. 8-4-iinil floor.
ll'..V7S .l.7 ION KI'.ST.
fiiK RKK r.
t'lirce KloriK on Wrl ICnil I'nllon Avenue.
Mil l TI'KNItK Ml KII iiicn.
t ,T.'li I4I Uiillrlvk HI.Kk.
I'otmrrly of Lviniin rv Lliilil i.
C 1etljBroktrBKe HukIiicmi
, t 'ul"1 "'""r'.v pi'"'"' "t H" een.
j a.ltCTVlHrlT.fl.AKH HIIAM'I.
'' ( Vntlon kluhint on C'lminut trn l, near
" m i'A'nc'hIIKT Nl'T ht.
1 t iila.v la lhunt
liillrv tttnvt : two lot. oil
latile a venue, a'lif two lol on Koiieru
i itr . All ol iiooil aire anil vnlnnhle lor ri-
t jwrii
urlo.r.. Will IH- Willi Vlieup lor IH.B.
l 1 1"
A Irilw
II. i n" . wr.
Jfk HAI.K.
' Allaliialilr Nillwooil Coll, 4 yrnr. olil Anr
elialtol very irllh. Cnn lie Men at P.
jUJileathrr'. I.lvcry Hliilile. M.Udlw
Illirrtffl'e) HAI.II.
jf vlrttir t flrrd of trimt c rt-utrl tti mr
ITVI B 4C "J " niiiii
'" .!!?. 7i.W iu.in.1 .i.iii
ft iiarfl invn ill. pin'i "
Iery 111 the MrHlmer'. orllc. of lluneom
bounty la Hnna . ! aw. """"'''f; 7";"';
1 I will tor ea.li to the hlilul lililmr i the
fiiiin nrnin nui" in o" .... ........
ireh a. lawn, III" entire Interna In n Irnet
w ihr HUrk Mountain, known a.
'l-raih iirrkn.il .iieinlallon," anil more
ly .IrnvrilH nlO l;l ' 'al:,JM
kkuiltt will Trumee.
fvuiiuaiia Holci.
.'Hell l ulnlni'.
L.lnr tvlth l.n.rtaio, lmii.lla.ttl l.a.fa
kit' var liana Ikje UiMir,
Mty ITiipr'..
Agent for H'tni. Crwk Woiilen Mill..
Xh Mala Aitaevtli, N. C.
KHTA11L1HHEL) 1874.
Wk no not hki.i. Cheap
Pitnis, but will hkUj yov
Dui'iiH cheap, nnd if you
don't Iwlieve what we Hiiy
give uh a trial and be con
vinced. Our prescription de
partment is excelled by none.
It in equipped with the best
jyoodH that money vtm buy
from E. Merck, K. H. Hfiuibb,
I'nrke, Duvi'h & Co., Jno.
Wyeth & Ilro., and from other
leading mannfacturiiiKchem
istH in thin country and Eu
rope, whose goodH for purity
vain lot be questioned. Pre
scriptions filled at all hours,
day or nitfht, and delivered
free of charge to any part of
the city. Our stock of Drugs,
Patent Medicines and Drug
gists' Sundries is complete,
and at prices that defy com
petition. Don't forget the
place, Xo. 20 S. Main street,
where you will at all t imes be
served by comietent pie
scriptionists. 187. 1hh.
Purveyor to intelligent and
appreciative Asheville and
American families. Palates
and tastes of Mople who be
lieve in good livingcannotbe
humbugged by "Chenp.lohir"
goods. Cheap goods and
lirst quality are not synony
mous. I have in stock and
to arrive, all seasonable spe
Haities. comprising in part
Fruits. Oranges, lemons,
Cranberries. Itaisins. Figs.
Xuts. etc.
M iscellaneous ( 'hoi': O.K.
S'ew Orieans Molasses, for ta
ble use. Prime Xew Orhvus
Molasses, for cooking. Ex
tra tine Assortment of Crack
ers. Fine Teas mid Coffees n
Mince Mfiit t'.iinlnn & Dilwtirth'g,
anil oilier lirrm.1t. I'ltini I'ltililiiiK, Ci1t"t
Foot Jtllv. etc. I'rcaHrd nml Crvatiilitrd
Cinvfr. Slmil Kne in kitn. Koe 1 Icrrinifn
uurl till i)t ''t'f (jooils in tk'iniinrl for the
IloliiUv.. S. K. Klvl'I.KK.
After January :U our Sa--rillfe
Sale will cease, excejU
on Clothing, which will still
bear tin' fifteen jh'I' cent, dis
eount for awhile.
Kimxs Derby I In Is. .'..".
Stylish Dress CooiIh now
ClotliiiiK, I'ry (Uioila. Famy Oomla.
ShiH-a. Cnrarli. &t.
7 & Patton Avenue.
An Arlon Kiiuare I'lano, uimil as new. Will
la- m.lil elieap. The In-lriinirnl limy lie aiTn
al C. Hnlk'a iiiimU- auire, North Main street.
Innan .III Aitni'r nf Itdwunl WriWIn.
?(ll( HAI.K.
A hiniae anil lot eonirr Kaale nnd Valley
alreeta. For irl anil terms aoiily to
l'i A. K I MM' N(nt
janlUiltl No. 13 Ugal tlluck,
DiNholiition Notice.
The ,Birliiersliiihen-toforeilslinlM;ween
Meaars! I.yman k Child has this .lay tmn
dlaaulvril liy mutual eunsenl. Mr Child retlr
lag from the Hrm sil l Mr. I.yman continues
the liualneas at Hit same oAlee In the liuilillnK
known aa "Legal lllmk." lr. Child will
.'oiitlnur In the real eatnle Inialiir uuil emi
Ik foiiml lor the prearnl at thrnlllieof Moure
4b Mrrrtek.
JOHN Cllll.ll.
feliiillU lUt aun .
AHeulfor the l-nlerred Muti.nl Accident
Aaaorlnlion nnd the Muliial Reserve I'unU
I. lie Aaaoctntlon of New Vnrk. anfeal anil
elirniH-al eiimpnnlea In Itle world. Htate;
ite.it of alniiiling anil liualneas van Is had
0al.l.l.r,,ll....l H (( (, (K(l f
fth.1 dat At lr. Ilattle'. timet,
I'uplla for iiialriiellon ihi the gnllnr wll
-..iu...i ... ,n ll.i..lrii avenue. Iiv
n-lvell ill 1
A t tcaol.itloi. In she Mcttate Vea
to trlay Tli nialr Kducatlonal
HI. 'I Im DlHCuaaot No n.por
lan nuMliieaa In the Honae.
Was Imni-.ton, Kclirimry C.-SI-NATK.
Mr. J 'ooily offered a resolution dimt
iiiK tlie w-rjsciint lit nrnis to procure, for
the tine or me corninittee on Indian dep
rvdiitiuiia. "nic auitiililc room or rooms
in the vicim y "f thecapitol.iitu rent not
exeeeiliii; $lOl kt month, the lease to
terminuLc witlt Xlie present session.
This resoliitin.0. provoked n lonjr
cusaiou, in the arotirae of which it up-IK-nred
that there, ure thirteen senate
committees which hi9ve no place of meet
iiiK, and tluit there in not n iinlc room
in the senate winn of trie enpitol that is
vacant. I he rooms in tne terrace out
side the enpitol on the west front are not
available lieeause tllt'.v have no windows
except those (i)H'int on the urea, und
they do not fjet the direct li);ht of the
Finally the resolution was referred to
the eonihiitlee on rules and the senate
took up the hill to provide a temporary
Kovcrnnicnt for the territory of Oklii
honm. The clerk commented to rend the
hill hut had not completer) the readini;
when, at 2 o'clock, the lllnir educatiou
hill was taken up as unfinished hiisincss,
and Mr. Illair proceeded to address the
senate in the advocacy of it. Alter
siieakint; some lime, Mr. Illair tempo
rarily vielded the floor to Mr. Sherman,
who, from the committee on foroiun re
lation, reported the following; joint res
olution which was placed on the cal
endar :
A joint resolution eoiiKvntulatin the
people of the Cuiteil States of Brazil on
their adoption of u republican form of
Kovernincnt. .
Resolved, etc. That the Tinted States
of America coiiniluhitcs the cople of
llnuil on llicir just und jicaeelul nssuiup
tiou of the powers, duties and responsi
bilities of scll-Koverumcnt, based uimiii
the free consent of the governed, nnd
on their recent adoption of a republican
form of government,
This joint resolution is reKirtcd ns n
substitute for that of Mr, Morgan intro
fluced on tile l.Sth of Iteceiulwr and rc
lerred to the committee on foreign rela
tions. Il omilsthe words "expressed in
their repudiation of ninunrchical rule."
It also omits several paragraph declar
iiiUthe recotinitiiiii o the Cnited States
of llranil us a lawful mid rightful govern
int nt. "and tlirectini; the I'resident to re
iiuire the ieoplc and otlicei's of the Cnited
State ul America to recognize the flag
ol the Cniicd State ul Itrazil ns the flag
of a five, so vci vigu mid independent
Mr. Hlnir irsiimrd his argument in sii
Hrt of the education bill, but vielded the
Hour for a motion to proceed to execu
tive business, und at S.lTt, when the
doors were rc-opened, the senate ail
jiiiiriit'd. IllU'Sli. Tliere being liieit under,
landing between the rcpnhlieani and
drmocruis that no ertort would lie made
fur the transaction of business to-day, a
majority ol the inemU'r lieing absent In
attendance uinn the funeral of Mis ami
Mrs. Tracy, the clerk wits termitted to
rend the journal in its abridged foim.
The deiniKTHts did not wish to go on
record a approving the journal, and con
.iiiucntlv demanded the yens and nuys
on' th;it motion. The journal wa ap
proved, yens, J3Uj nnyi. none; n consti
tutionnl iiioruin licpig ciimui j by the
The house then at 12.43, on motion of
Mr. McKiuley, of Ohio, adjourned.
A republican caucus wa rfiinounced
o Iw held immediately, and u democratic
cim ii will be I'cld thi evening n't 7.30.
What a vorrrapondent Tlilnha of
ll.c f"ropoat Railroad.
Hkkvanii. February 3, IH'.Kl.
Uditor Citizen: A lluucumlK; county
seems to be (inlty tleeply inlensted in
thcnllairs of tlur Atlanlu, Asheville nnd
llaltimure raihoad nl present. an meiiuiil
of the railroad inciting held here to.ihiv
may la- ol interest to ome of your rend
ers. Pursuant to an adjournment two
weeks ugo the people of the county met
in the court house to-day to hear the re
imrts of cunimiltee appointed then to
ascertain the sentiments of the people on
the question und to hear the view of the
friend of (he various railronds. Capt.
Atkinson, your very uble nnd energetic
lellow-tiiwiisiiiiin. presented the tHttsand
tigure in hi possession relating to the
A., A tit It. K. K.in a most fluent, lorciblc
aiid logical argument of iiImiuI one and u
half hour, which seemed to carry con
viction to the heiirlsuf the large audience
After Capt. Atkinson finished, what
was iilleucd to be the rciKirt ol n commit
tec wn reud by Mr. J. L. Hell, eumpris
irnr a voluminous correspoiideiieeliel ween
iiit.iaft.jf mid the clerk of various other
counties through which the line is pro-
iiosed to run, mm wmcn nea very nine
liirlii uimhi tin? subiect. They lor the
most purt were the mdividuul opinions
ul the various gentlemen meimoneu, nu
differing more or less from each other.
No letter wa read from the clerk of Hull'
tiuiuue, although it wns stated that la
wns u very nkurt)' siipxrier oi inecuier
iirise, which remark whs corrolHjruted
by Capt. Atkinson nnd received by the
people with evident sutisluctioii.
Alter milking this reiort, Mr. Hell of
fered u resolution renuestinu the commis
sioners to order un election on the ques
tion of subscribing forty thousand dol
lars to the French Hrnnd Vnlley railroad,
which he proceeded to support in n
wech ol greut vehemence. After a lew
very (icrtineiit remarks by the Kev. Mr.
Ionian and Hon. loliu II. I'axtoii, in
I vor ol the A A. und 11. road, stuting
ilmt the oeonle ill their restavtive see
lions desired it above all otlieis, and Mr.
Hell's resolution tailing to receive consul
crution, n motion rcipieatiug the cum
niiasiouei-a to order a new registration
which is made necessary under the new
election law. wns made by the Hon. W.
A. Gush, county attorney und unani
oiihIv carried. The meeting then ad
journed. The sentiment in luvor of the
murium nre growing mpmiy unioug mi.
people, mid it can I! snlely predicted
1 Wople, mid It can
ilii.i 1 1 hev nreever allowed to haven lair
ekxliuii on the question, Transylvania
will Ik- almost unanimously heard in
Invor of thia grand enterprise, which is
destined to curry such unlMiiindcd pro-
(H-rity to every portion oi tins western
bulla.. int
Hrct Hnrlc Is reported ill within grippe
at Vcntnor, in the Isle of Wight.
The Keputollcana Held a Caucus)
Yestterday to Conalder Then.
w ashinoton, r-eiiruurv o. I lie nur-
pose of the republican house caucus this
aiu-rnoon was to consider the r.ew code
of rules which was completed by the
committee on rules this morning. The
en ueus wus called together immediately
niter me iidiournment, uy Mr. Hender
son, of Illinois, us chairman. The reason
for the call was stated, and each member
present was furnished III conhdtnte with
a copy ol the new code.
Mr. McKinley then took the floor and
proceeded to explain in detail the scope
and purpose of each of the ulcs. The
rending consumed u grcnt deal nl time.
The code was read in full and as each rule
was read its provisions were explained
by Mr. McKinlev or Mr.Cunuon. There
were Ircuuent iniiuiries for more dvtailrd
information a to the effect ol changes
unn lot tne reasons thcretor and the
work nl the caucus progressed slowly
Generally the report of the committee
wns adopted without muterial amend
ment, but there was at least one impor
tant nddition.
Mr. Adams, of I'ennsvlvauia, offered an
amendment plncmg the pension Icuistn
lion in the privileged class und making
the reports from the committeeon invalid
Iiensions in order at any time. There
was a lively opposition to this amend
ment, and some members of the commit
tee on rules sought to prevent its adop
tion, but the amendment wns finally in
corporated by a vote of 70 to 24-. The
full code as it emerges from the caucus
diners Irom the old rules in the following
material points:
l iner rule o, cards nre not to be
taken into members after 2 o'clock, ex
cept by their directions.
Door rule 11. The committee on in
valid ite-nsions is given the right to re
port at any time, as ulrendy stated
under rule 13.
Three calendars nre providetl for.
1st, on committee of the whole to which
shall be referred public bills; 2nd,
house calendar for all bill of public
character, not raising the revenue nor
directly or indirectly appropriating
money or properly ; 3rd, calendar of the
committee of the whole house lor bills of
private churuetcr.
I -inier rule la, a new clause is added
as lollows:
On demand nl any member, the names
of the nietulicrs present, but not voting
on any cull by the speaker ol yeas anil
uavs snail lie noted uy the clerk, under
the supervision of the speaker, nnd shall
ix- recorded in the mut ual und record
immciliatclv, to the names of those
voting in the aflirmative und negative,
under the head of "present and not
voting," nnd shall be lollowed by the
names of the absent members, which
shnll Ik- entered under the head of "ab
sentees." This is in line with Speaker
Uceds rule.
I'nder rule 10, clause 4 reads: "When n
(ineslion is under debate no motion will
lie received but to adjourn, to lay on the
table for previous uucstion, (which mo
tions shall be divided without debate I,
to Histponc to a day certain, to reler or
to amend, or postponeiiidchmtclv. which
several molioiis shnll have precedence in
lite loregomg order, and no motion to
postpone to n day certain, to rend or
postpone indefinitely being decided si: -ill
be again allowed oii the same day at the'
same stage of the procceeding,"
Tins section is aimed at the ttlllitister-
ing. and change the old section by strik
ing out of the millions which mny lie ri
ce hid those to fix a day to which the
house shall adjourn nnd to take n recess.
So, too, in section o ol the same rule
the provision that motions to adjourn to
a fixed tlav. to adjourn nnd to take a re
cess shall always he in order is stricken
out, but section Id nf the same rule car
ries the principle still further, for the new
section reads: "No dilntorvmotionsslinll
be eutcrtaliied by the stK-aktr.1'
Th( caucus remained in session until
7 o'clock, nnd the most inviolable sccrcry
in regard to the proceeding was pre
served und every effort wns made to pre
vent tne action oi tne eiiucus la-coming
public. W hile it was stated that on
every (piestion presented, the caucus is
harmonious tne lengin oi tne session
und the known opKisitiou of several
prominent republican to any radical
change in the rules render the accuracy ol
this statement douiiinil in met il tins
been dithered that far from Ix-ing har
monious, thrcniictisat times wasslrongly
worked up by the expression of totally
divergent opinion, and that this propo
sition Ik a liioie pronnoiv uiiriacviiicucen
by the great care which was taken to
prevent the facts Mug known.
HKR I'sH'AI. 1'l.ACt-:.
The Meir-PoaaeMHlon of an Kspe.
rlenced Bride at the Allur.
I'resident Hyde, of Howdoiu College,
tells a uood storv ol the lirst ninrriage
ceremony at winch he officiated while oc
cupying" u pulpit in Jersey City. It
seems turn tne nigger nap oi tin- iiiu-r-rsting
couple wus rather timid mill nerv
ous, one ul these men whose diffidence is
in danger of leading tlicm into sonic iiwk
wnrd blunder. The bride, on the contra
rv, wns remarkably cool and cll-osscss-
ed. As the couple presented themselves
before I'resident Hyde there scented to In?
some misunderstanding in regard to the
side on which the lady should stand.
The groom hitched nhoul nervously, but
the bride wns eiual to the occasion.
Quickly changing place with her bashful
Hiiance, she remarked confidently:
"Then-, I am sure this is the side on
whice I have always lieen ncciistonu-d to
stand." This solved the difficulty, mid
the timid groom and the young wiflow,
who knew all about il iVoin cxH.-iiciice,
were speedly united.
The Fair lllil l.oat,
Ai.pasv, Fehriiarv 0. In the senate
assembly the World's Fair bill wns nut
upon its final tinssage as n mended but
onlv received 13 ntlirinutive votes to S
negative, The call of the senate wns or
dered before the announcement, of the
vote lu order to get the 17 necessary
votes to pass the bill. The call failed to
secure the needed voles anil the bill was
declared lost und n motion to reconsider
wus tublrd.
Weal Virginia Content Bevlded.
Ciiani.kston, W, Vii February 4.
The (ioll'-Flcming contest was decided lit
noon to-tlny In Invor ol Fleming, the vote
tnmlinif 40 for ('mil nnd 43 for Fleming.
CaiTi the unioiiduborscnniur, voted with
the democrats. The republiciin accept
the situation graceiuiiy,
aruoau Treaty Mallllcd.
Washington. February 4. The senute
this afternoon rutitied the Snmonii treaty
with but twelve dissenting votes.
A maiden In New York suing for it
breach of promise was nwnnled six cent
n the amount ol damage to her wounded
Secretary Tracy I) Ahle lo Attend
The Funeral la Held Prom the
(executive Manalon A Deacrlp
tlon of the Kltea.
Washington, Fcbrunry 5. The beattti
ul historic Hast Room of the lixectitive
Mansion, the scene of so many varied
stectaclcs of brilliant ceremony or social
gnyety, was to-ditv devoted to the sadly
contrasted and solemnly impressive pur
pose of n funeral.
Very seldom hrs any similar scene been
witnessed nt the White House, and never,
since IMIio, when the remains of the la
mented Lincoln reposed amid the same
suit iimdings.
1 he services over th mnniiis oi-the
wife mid daughter of the secret :irv of the
nnvv were appointed fur 1 1 o'clock, but
long In-fore that hour the F.ast Koom was
crowded with people desirous ol pnying
me iitki. iriuuie to iiteir oeparieti trteilfis.
It was a most distinguished untheriin.'.
and included nearly everybody of promi
nence in Washington. Arrangements hail
I teen mnde for seating three hundred and
fifty crsons, but over five hundred man-
tged to gam entrance. All the doorways
leading to the hast Koom were also
thronged with people, nml it is estimated
tnat there were nearly one thousand per
sons in the house. As far n possible ad
mission was confined to personal and of
ficial friends of Secretary Tracy und his
tamily, nnd consequently very tew
strangers were present. A great crowd
gathered outside, however, and watched
the carriages as thev drove into the
grounds. It wns found necessary to sta
tion policemen at the gates to keep out
the crowd.
The caskets containing the deail were
placed side hv side under the central
chandelier nnd direetlv opposite the main
corridor. They were liistinguishable only
iiv tne greater size ol the one containing
the body of Mrs. Tracy.
A lame Bugoimiinwilhgnicclulsiircnd-
ing branches was placed lietwccn them
nt the foot, and the sombre drajK-ries of
the caskets were also entirely concealed
by beautiful designs of emblematic flow
ers, while roses, Camillas, Hyacinths.
lilies of the valley, etc. Garlands and
wreaths were also banked against the
sides of eachcaskct. These floral tributes
were sent bv Secretary nnd Mrs. liluine.
the Get man Minister, Senator Stanford,
Senator Hale, Vict-I'ivsidcnt and Mrs.
Morton, Secretary nnd Mrs. Wiudoin,
Mr. las. C. Hcrgeii, Mr. ohn K. McCur.
Admiral Porter, Mrs. ohn Ia-c Carroll,
Mr. II. C. White the Hritish minister,
Kepresentntive Hill, Judge Bancroft
avis, I'nymastcr-liciteral l ulton I. S.
Nnnd Representative I.odger. One pnr-
iculnrlv iKNtutilul wreatn was placid on
Miss Tracy's casket by her young friends
Misses I'roclor, Miller, Wannnmaker mid
Kusk and Misses Windom.
Seats were arranged on three sides nl a
stpiare, the oiea space la-ing used for the
nlrunce ol the mourners mid presidential
tarty who were assigned seals fronting
lie caskets, ice-rresidcnl and Mrs.
Morton, who were among the earliest ar
rivals, were also seated opposite. Near
by were seated the Hritish minister and
family, the German minister, the Chinese
and l.'orcun lritions the Hrinllinn min
ister and ninny othei member ol the
diplomatic corps. Army and naval offi
cers were pres.-nl ill great numlK-rs, and
nearly all were in full uniform.
Shortly la-fore 11 o'clock the Schttlierl
ipmrtcttc? stationed just within the en
trance to the Hast room from the main
coriidor, sang the hymn "I cannot al
ways trace the wny."
The members of the cabinet, with the
exception of Secretary Hluine, acting as
pall liearers, soon after entered mid took
seals at the right of the caskets. They
were soon followed by the funeral pro
cession, Secretary Tracy and his son,
Frank, walking arm and arm at its head.
Thev were followed by General J. S. Cat
len. Mr. A. B. Catlcn.'Mr. Kola-rt Graves
and daughter, and other relatives. A
short space Inland them came the I 'resi
lient und Mrs. Harrison, Mr. and Mrs.
McKce, Secretary and Mrs. Illaine, Kev.
(ir. Scott, the r'residenl's father-in-law,
Mr. II. It. Knymond anil l.ieiitenaul Ma
son and Mr. 15. II. Hallord. As sunn ns
they were seated the choir of St. John's
Ivpiscopal Church, consisting of sixteen
white surpliccd boys anil lour men, under
the direction of Win. II. Daniel, precentor,
entered the main corridor from the far
end, and as they passed nlon; its length
witlt slow nml measured steps sang ns
the processional hymn, "Ix-ad Kindly
l.ight." Kev. I r. George Williuni Douglas,
rct-mr of St. John's Protestant Ivpiscopal
Church, and Kev. Geo. lilliot, pastor of
Foundry Methodist Church, entered nt
the rear of the choir nnd took their places
near the caskets. Dr. Doiigln immedi
ately lK-gan the Ivpiscopal burial service,
"I am the resurrection nnd the lile." At
its conclusion the choir snug the hymn,
"Jesus Lover ol My Soul." The Scripture
lesson wns read by Kev. Mr. Ivlliot, It
U-gan lit the JHth verse of the lAiliehap
terol I Corinthians: "Hut now is Christ
risen from the dead mid la-came the first
fruit of them that slept, for since by man
came death, by mini nlso the resurrection
ul the dend." The choir thcnsang"Kock
of Ages Clelt lor Me. A prayer read by
Mr, Douglas coneitidru inc services.
The President with Sceretiiry Tracy on
his arm first passed out ol the room, and
next to them cninc Mr. Frank Trncy, the
sou, who was so overcome that he hud
to Ik; supported by the ushers,
... .ii...:.! i... ......u.uu:.... ..n.t... 1 1,. .!,,,:..
rOIIO V, lllg IHv..n,nv itantirii
singing ns the rcccssiiiiiui nyinn, Annie
Willi me, last inns tne evening ma. , itars
ncss deeiK'its, Lord with me abide,"
The liudics were removed tolhchcnrscs
and the funeral frucesslon wa formed,
Thecorlaue moving slowly toKock Creek
ccmctcrv, just U-yoiid the soldiers' home,
where the bod es were Placet! in the re
ceiving vimlt to nwiiit Secretary Tracy'
determination 111 regard to mcir penna
neut resting place.
Secralary Tracy did not go to I he ceme
tery, ns ii wa feared the task might
prove too much for his strength. The
I'resident occupied a carriage with Mr.
Frank Trncy. A long line of carriage,
containing 'nearly all ol those' who at
tended the services nt the While House,
followed the remains to the cemetery.
Kmulallnir a Tyrant.
Ili t.i n. Montana. February ii. The
Montana dead lock was broken in the
senate this morning. A motion was
mnde tn consider bills from the reilttl
lienn house ami iwotlemiicrulsdrmanilcd
the veas and inns, Seven rciiplilican
voted In unintuitive, the ileiniicints not
voting. Lieut. Guv. Kichards held that
n iiuoriim was present la-cause two dem
ocrats hud called for the yea and noe
and dcclnred the ntuliuii carried. The
senate is now considering the house bills.
Bond onerH.ua.
Washington, February 6, Only one
bond offer at the trensury lo-dny $A,(HNI
four aud half at 104, accepted.
A F1CW m:ws ITKMH.
The average daily receipts at the New
York custom house are now $1,000.
There is a belief in Washington City
that the house of Secretary Tracy was
fired by robbers.
The revenue of France for the vear
1HHU wns $614,000,000, and the total
expenditure $01! 1,400,000,
In the Kniffin murder case it is ex
pected that an indictment for murder
will lie found against F.mma I'ursell,
Hid for $,10,000 sewer bonds were
oK-ncd February 4 in Chattanooga,
Tcnn., nnd awarded to the Chattanooga
The committee in charge has nsked for
designs to Ik submitted for the Gradv
iiioniimei.t. The tiiaouiu to lie cxwnded
is $18,000.
Major W. Iv. Hnrkins, long n rlerk in
the New York supreme court, died on the
3rd in the court house during the pro
gress of ii trial.
A Gloucester fishing schooner, with a
crew ol lourtecu men, was recently
wrecked off the Newfoundland coast. and
all hunds were lost.
A man in Camden, N. J while recover
ing from the effects of a spree, partially
swallowed a large wter spoon, which
was finally extracted by a surgeon in
tne iooier Hospital.
Editor West, of the Chicago Times,
has la-en convicted of the fraudulent is
sue of $13,000 of Times' stock, and ii
sentenced to live years in the eniienti
ary. A sneak thief entered the rooms of the
students of W offurd College, while they
were attending the meetings of the liter
ary societies at night, and made a clean
sweep of light valuables.
The jury of inquest on the body of
I i i,:. ,V . n ;
iifiiiaer I'liuimi, luunej noming in me
Schuylkill many weeks after his disnp-
licitrancc, reached n verdict that he was
drowned by i"-cidcnt.
J. I). Durham, one of the lending green
hackers of South Carolina, was found
dend in his lied nt his residence on Hull
Swamp uear Orangeburg. He died, it is
lielieved, from heart disease.
Mrs. Helle Mitzcr died of heart diseuse
on the 3rd on mi Alabama Greut South
ern train between Birmingham and Chat
tanooga. Mie was on her way home
frum New York to New Orleans.
Gov. Gordon will appoint Gen. I'hilip
Cook secretary of Slate of Georuia to
succeed the late Col. Harnett. Gen.
Conk was in the Confederate army, nnd
wa lor twelve years a mcmlier of con
The Rrv. Dr. Tnlmage has returned
from his oriental tour, reaching New
York on the 3d on the steamer Auranin.
He went tlirotmh Greece. Hirvpt. Pales
tine nnd Syria, mid returns well, und de
lighted witlt his trip.
The library of the late Samuel L. M.
Harlow was sold in New York the other
day nt miction, many of thelmoks bring
ing high prices. Hrerrton's Discovery of
Virginia lirought $1,125. The entire
sale will reach $50,000.
I'hm so-.isofn man liviig nenr Deca
tur, lad., were found dead in their beds
on the morning of the 2nd. They had
been suffering with influenza, but' when
they wenl to lied the night In-fore there
was nothing in their condition to indi
cate danger.
In the Helclicr district, twenty miles
west of Gainesville, Texas, meningitis if
raging a a fatal epidemic. Thirty per
sons have died during the week, many
more nre beyond the hope of recovciy.
nnd there has not been a single ense of
Fattier McNninat a, once w ell known in
Kalcigh, now mi cx-priest, is lecturing on
Long Island, New York, on "Protestant
ism. " In nt tempting n lecture at Ja
maica, the doors were shut on him, nnd
he wns not iennitted tn enter the hall,
the audience gathered to hear him be
ing of n very turbulent character.
Among other ill effects resulting from
the giip. mid of which there arc reported
many cases nt the North, is an ntleetion
of tlie eves sympathetic with the other
parts of the bony, pan icularly the mus
cular system. The symptoms are u burn
ing sensation of the' eve, which is much
inflamed, and in some cases the range of
vision is affected.
A blind mini, u (termini chair maker,
living in New York, in a fit of rage tried
to kill his wife and infant child, slabbing
the lirst with n pair of shears, and try
ing to dash out the bruin of the other
against a red hot stove. Failing to com
plete hi work, he snatched a pnier of
Paris green and swallowed enough to
cause his death next day.
From the Morristown Herald we learn
that n new railroad company has been
organized at Morristown, Tcnn., under
the inline ol the iron licit railroad, with
a capital of $2(10,000. TheiiieorKirators
are sonic ol tne torcinosi uusiness men oi
the city. The line of the road is from
Morristown to Cunilierland Gap.. This
road will lie mi important faetorm build-
ing up Morristown, already n thriving,
growing place.
Hotlv snatching, or disinterment of
corpses lor dissection at tlie medical
schools, is not unknown in Knnxville. A
tew days ago the father found the body
of Ins son on the college dissecting tame,
and the son of n poor woman. Mrs. lie-
litiire, was informed that her grave had
been robU-d. mid obtaining n search
warrant went to the Tennessee Medical
College where he found the remains ol
his mother horribly mutilated.
Over One Hundred leraona l.oae
Their Lives).
San Francisco, Oil. Fcbrunry II. The
Shanghai Mercury,. if January 1, received
bv the steamer Kin janerio vrsiernny
gives (I brief account of thr great cloud
hurst near Nuukiiig, of w hich brief an
iioiiiiccnifiil wns received bv cubic nt the
time. Itsaysi On the 7th of this moon,
in Jangtie river, near Nanking, 11 bout 1 1
o'clock a, 111., when the went her was
bright, there was suddenly heard 11 rush-
Inu iiiiisv as ul water, I wo large bin
clouds nppeared, ami soon cnveloied
ev. i viliinii like a foe. The waters were
much distill Ind and the river wns full of
large waves. The two clouds eventually
reached n place cnlled Tjit l.iehow, when
they burst asunder making 11 very loud
rcHirl I luring ihr disturbance many
limits were destroyed, und over one hun
dred iwople were drowned. More than
tiltv were picked up in an exhausted con
dition by the Chinese lite preserving as
sociation, Those who lost their lives
were buried by the authorities.
J. S. GRANT, Ph.G.,
Of Philadelphia College of Pharmacy,
Apothecary, 14 Soutn Main St.
Hill .Vi e, 1110 has luui La Grippe, semis
the following to Grant's Pharmacy:
"Little grains of quinine,
Little ilriuks of rye.
Slake La Grippe that's got you
Drop its holil ami fly.
This map quickly help you,
If you'll only try ;
Hut don't forget the quinine
When you take the rre."
Kememlier the moiul contained in the
last two lines that is, don't forget the
quinine, und get it at Grant's Pharmacy,
If your prescriptions .-e prepared at
Grunt's Pharmacy you can positively de
pend upon these facts: First, that only tbt
purest ami best drugs and chemicals will
lie used; second, they will be compound
ed carefully nnd accurately by un experi
enced Prescript ionist ; und third, you will
not be charged nn exorbitant price. You
will receive the best goods at a very reu
sonuble profit. Don't forget the place
Grant's Pharmacy, S4 South Main street.
Prescriptions tilled at nil hours, night
or day, und deliveied free of charge to
any part of the city. The night bell will
lie answered promptly. Gram's Phar
macy, St South Muin street.
At Grunt's Pharmacy you can buy urn
Patent Medicine ut the lowest price quot
ed by any other drug house in the city.
He nre determined to sell ns low at the
lowest, even if we have to lose money by
so doing. We will sell all Patent Medi
cines at first cost, and below that ifnec-
essan; to meet theprice of any competi
We have the largent assortment of
Chamois Skins in Asheville. Over 200
skins, all sites, ut the lowest prices.
HV are the agents for Humphrey's
Homwopathic Medicines. A full supply
of his goods always on hand.
t'se Huncomlie Livtr Pills, the liest in
the world for liver complaints, indiges
tion, etc.
A thoroughly telinhle remedy for all
blood diseases is Ituncombe Snrsnparilla.
Tn- a buttle nnd you will takenoother.
J. S. GKA.T,Ph. ?., Pbaunacist,
2 S. Main St., Asheville, .V. C.
The only exclusive Drv
fioods store in Asheville.
Cleahante 8. i.k of Cloaks.
Wrans. Jackets, lienvv Dress
Goods, Flannels, Hlankets,
and Underwear. We are de
termined to close out all win
ter goods regardless of coHt.
1 )i .m kstic (ioods. e have
just ojH'iied a new lot of the
nest and most popular
brands of Wenchings, Sheet
ing's, Pillow Casings, Tick
ings, Denims and many nov
elties of curtain goods and
household linens.
White ( Soons Large stock
of striMd and plaid Muslins,
.Nainsooks. I'mues, hmbrold-
eries, Laces and alMvinds of
r axcy iioons. We have
l-eceived a new lot of China
Silks, Plush Ornaments, Tin
sels in all colors, and the lar
gest variety of Kmbroidery
Silks, Zephyrs, Wools and ev
erything required for fancy
, complete outfit of
Stamping Patterns, and
stampingdone promptly.
We call attention to our
novelties in Huchings nnd
Ladies' Neckwear, also La
dies' Undergarments of all
1 ors ts, 1 1 osiery ,( do ves a nd
Handkerchiefs, in these lines
always a full assortment.
Vte nre agents lor lonte-mei-i
Kid Gloves.
ltibhons, DressTrimmings,
Silks, Velvets, Fringes.
Silk and Metal Druids, But
tons, Dress Linings, etc., etc.
All goods will be sold nt out
price and that the lowest.
Adjoiningnnd in connection
with our old established Dry
Goods Store, we have a com
plete Clothing and Gent'
FurnishingSt ore, where Dun
hi Hats, Manhattan Shirts,
Mother's Friend ' Shirts,
Waists, and K. & W. Collars
are are our specialties.
We have no connection with
uny other stores in the city.
46 tk 48 South Main Street,
Opposite National Bank of Atberllk.
. -, - it -n -v - ..i,..

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