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... ,..,. -'L
for Rcnf, una) Lot Notice, Hirer
or less, an Cent, for
each Insertion
Delivered to Vlplton in any part of
tbe City.
OOne Month 60c,
Two Week", or lew 25c.
J. H. LAW,
57, 59 & 61 N. Main Nt.
Wholesale unci Retail
Supplying Hotel a Specialty.
MAKKKH. I CAS i'l . l.ll'ATH PKIlMiS
1)1' ANV WIU'I.KSAI.I! lltlt'8K.
M.I. AKK A8k'KlT"-
Ilv "Hit of thr owner 1 it on silicon ihrer
j-inrs' lime, only mull amount ol cash
60 Lots oil Catliulic Hill,
Hiilrmliil inoinitiiln view, only ! inliiut.-s
from thr court house, nt from
75 to 9i3 Ivacli,
Aerm-fling to altr unit locution. Worth iloulilr
anil Ihtrr times thr money. l.iliclillailviincta
mmlc to improve thr loia.
Pull KAI.H !!. nnil room luuiar, well
liuilt. with lirciliici-.,on atone hlll.tiiroK-rl
nt tiKiirra nii lei ma to anil Die pim-linst r.
Splinill'l opporumlly lor ople of iiii.ili-riiti
mriina t. secure or to Imilil a conitoi table
KllK SAI.K ON TD MUST a large true
uienl houara. 11 an. I H roono.ri -iie.-tirlv.on
Kuala alrrvt. Well ailapu-il lor eliiup hotel
or PontilliiK lloiiaea.
Moi lilwral tt-rinx granted. Pinna nniltiill
pnrlirulnra with j. M. C M 1'IUii.l..
jail!) il:im Kcnl I'aliilc IK-illi-r.
Waits It. ftWVK,
W. V. Wkst.
(Simita.ora to Walter ll.l',wni
J.oaiift Securely Placed at 8
Per Cent.
Miliary Puti.ic. Cnminlsaloner ol lacila.
OFFICK Houlheoal Court Square.
Real Khtnte Ilrokvrti,
And i Investment I Agents.
liltlm: 2 ft an Cation An- Krciiml Hour.
Irlillil I
lliK HA I.I!
All Arum Kiptnn I'l-inii. i!ool u n. . Will
In-aotil cherip. Thi lii-tinim-iil lllul In' -n
OIC. I'Hlk'a mii.li -tore. Sonh Mnln street.
T. Vt I'.MTiiN.
lanU.1 ill Ailm'rof l.ilwnril Wnliliil
Wr hwvr for a)r llw . lor n Irw iliiva nn.y.
thr Lownitr. i.lnrr, h.'Hi u, rw on Ihr I'n-tuh
llrono rlvrr. Itiiil norra Itottom, In hiultral
nlllti' ot t'.ittlt.itlou.
(cl.lH4t N.TT ATKIN811NMHIN.
PllM XAt.K
A vrrv ilmlrahlr i'.IiIi-iht aitr. Mnat ,r
0I1I. Apply to C. T. HA I.H. nt hl I'irr lit
aurauee ottiiT, No. A ration Avrtpii'. ilown
alnlra IiIjUiIIw
j?()K HUNT.
A large anil vtrll nrrnHKril l.l.r Hlutilr.
Alao n liirtr biMH'llirul room. Apiilv to
frhlalllw UKANDCIiNTKAI..
ka m
iknM anlMf
iiIm' nam ana
Tantiml on tba
rannnt tupply yoa.
to ftHlorr ancloalng
VlM Cair, nn Lm4 Oral aad Cra4
nniina m.
r.n ri a hub.
F hllOK.
ll.oo and Bt.in nova' Hi-iioo
I, auoitt.
An iwmI. IB l imiirfM, Hiiiiiiii an I
$3 & $2 SHOES lsHiIi.
ai.is hhor ran mimnks.
Hut Malarial.
naal SJiyl.. wit riniai, .
W. L. bouglM, Bracatoa,
nan. mil wr I
HicuKiNG vi:avi;h.
h-hlU lUl.m
TwTves'eyT SON,"
Itrwthnuars, Kn. t Chralnutstrrrl.li.-lw-erlt
Norm Mnln and Mirrliunn Cut I' owi-r.,
Hoi. II . I'lunl., Manly Ho ra. . u-, rle.
,.ar mil urotiiuta. ilrlvea ami isH'aa, tnakr
sun plant lieila, IniriU-rs etc. I'mnlnv Inilt
tirr. anil ahmlilNTV a .K-elalt.v. Pli-nae rnll
on 11. or anitrraa lis through thr inall. All
iintrra promptl flllcil. ftlits d.lm
Mna airvci
. B.t )j! tn.wonri. r
DlM'liH, but WIM. HEI.K YOl'
1ki'oh ciikai, ami if ,vu
don't believe whit v nn.v
jiivt'iisa trinl and bp con
vinci'd. Our prcHcHntion d
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I'arkp, PaviH & Co., .Ino,
Wypth & IJro., and from otlicr
loading liianufm'turiiiKrlipni
iHts in thin country "d Ku
roM', whom1 oodw fr purity
cannot be (picntioiH'd. I'iv
Hcriptions fillet! at all hourn,
day or nitflit, and delivered
frel of charge to any part of
tlie city. Our stock of Drup4,
Patent Medicine and Drutf
fflHtH SundrieH in cfunplete,
and at price that defy coin
petition. Don't forget the
place, No. 20 S. Main wtreet,
where you will at all time be
erved by competent pre
criitionit. S. R. KEPLER,
Purveyor tointellij;entaiiil
appreciative Aheville and
American families. Talate
and taste tf ptntjile who be
lieve in jjood liviiiLi'cnunot be
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'ood. Cheap floods and
lirst piality are not synony
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" kll,,la f Xtnplc nnil fancy Drnrrrtri. Pro-
1 yl.lun., etc., lor city nnd country trmlr.
I llun't lall to m "it lcr..rt linvlnaJ.
North Hide I'uhlle Mipinrr.
On K'mhI real estate security.
j More Mtrlkera.
' I.oNiioN, February 18. Seven hundred
miners nt Aberdnre, Wales, have struck
1 for an advance in their wages.
A MlrniiKV MlHlemrnl Made by Men.
Hlor Hlnlr ThvMriiHltr I.lalv.iatf)
HIh HM.-ei-h-Whnt lh Houhv
Did Vf Mtcrdny.
Wasiiingtdn, I'rhnmry IS. SUN ATE
At lilt' 1'lnni'ul lilt' tnuriiini; nuaiiii-u.
the ik'iiiile nl 1.2.1, on motion of Mr.
Slitrinnn. iromilril to the vtinsiileration
of extviilive l)iiiiKM8.
The doom were reiim-mil at hall pnsl
lliree. The eiliieatiiuial liill came up nn
tinlinished liusiiieKii,"aiiil Mr. lllair pro-
ceetlecl with Ilia oH.'iiiiiK. HaviiiK renil
HomerxtriieU Irnm t lie reiort 01 imwaon
former eonimiaainiier uf eilueation, hi'
aniil he woulil like to tall ntlention to
tin me fxlraela, particularly nttcntion ol
the liitrenu of mendacity in the office ol
the New York Kveninif Pom, which lurn
islurl niatrrinl lor itiutiy falaeliooilR with
which the hill wan nxaailcil, throughout
the country by newapaiierii penerally.
lnciileiitallv to iin extract which he had
rcitil from it lot of KoIkti l. Winthrnp
of MnsmichusettH, Mr. lllair remarked
that the hill hail not originaied in lilt
fact that there wiih a siiriilus in thetrena-
nrv It hut) oriL'iiialei bvlorv there wn
a aurpliia, unci it woulil continue to Ik-
prcamil, wlictlier there was surpiux or
u-htlii.rit woulil Ih ilect'aanrv to olitnin
I'uuda by nilililional taxation by the iaRiie
of bond's or in mime other way. Hut tin
fact that there wan 11 full trciiatirv left
emigres without the slightest excuse in
the matter. AmoiiK the uiiuicroiia cx
tracm which he renil wns one from the
recent report of lhechiioliiKTiiiti'iideiil
of the State ot Ti'xaa to the ellrct thai in
miniv counties ot that Male the value ol
the county jail win greater than that ol
all the school pronTly in that county.
lie repeated that statement will! enipnn-
sis, anil usueii sHciai aiiciiiioii 01 im
M'linlur from MiisuchiiHcUit 1 Oawcal to
it. lie did not suppose (he n.iidl that
any nonce ol that remarkable slaleineni
would apH-ar in the uewspaKTK. One
woulil aiipposr, he mid, that the press
was under bonds to keep the people in
ignorance of such facta (is be had been
bringing iK'lorc the senate, lie yciiluivil
to nay that of all which he had laid In-fore
the senate, as to these terrible facts indic
ative of approaching ruin. the falscpirss
of this laud had not circulated to the
iH'ople to the amount ol hall a column.
flint laitlilessuess on I lie pari 01 nie
American press indicated corruption and
danger of the d K-st dye to I he K'.ipleol
the coiiutrv. lie iK-lieved that the press
was in Icagm a corrupt league to pre
vent the spread of facts which he laid lie
fore the senate, nnil he was not wholly
i he declared I without i viilcncc to jusiilt
Ins iM'liet. I here were agencies in tins
count i v nt the bottom ol that tell and in
Icmal work.
At 5 o'clock Mr. Cullom suggested
that it was about time tor adjournment ;
but Mr. lllair iciilieil plavlullv that lie lui.l
a good deal of mailer 'still to lav la-tore
the senaie nml winch the senatois up
1 an red to la- most anxious to hear, lie
also iuipiircd in the same tone ofbad
inage whether the presiding officer would
ascertain if there wnn ipiorum present.
He did, however, yield the lloor.
Mr. llale. from the conttreiiiT commit
tee on the bill to nutiire the niipcriuleiul-
cut of the census to ascertain the niim-
la-rof H'ople who own their larmsiinil
home and the amount of mortgage in
dt'btedness thereon, made n report re
commending that the house ninciidment
lar iiKrcrri to.
Mr. I'lalt iniiiired whether the bill
nimle nil farmers nml others who should
lar called uhiii to answer iuestion n to
their debts subject to tine a nil imprison
ment if 1 hey rciused to answer?
Mr. llale'answereil that nil ci'iisiisipns
t ions were placid in the same ealcgorv.
but the isrnnlly did not include imprison
ment. It only extended to n tineol $IOii.
The conlereiiir committee did not think
it wist' to miike 11 iliM'riniiiialionlictwecii
dillerent classes of ipicslioiiK.
Mr. Chill remarked that to him it
seemed harsh 10 ex lend provisions of thr
census law to interrogation under the
provision ol the bill.
Thr conference report wit agreed to.
On motion of Mr. llawes the house bill
for the relief of Sioux Indiana at lievil's
I .nke Auencv. North luikolii, Irxaelly
similar to senate bill paM il a few day
ago I wa passed, and the aclinic bill was
recalled from the house.
Alter another liitrl executive eaionlhe
door were reoH-ued, nii'l the senate at
G.11.I adjourned until to-morrow.
Mr. lilnir mentioning that he would oc
cupy two day more in presenting his
lad to the senate.
IIOl Sli. There was no objection from
the tninorilv ol the house t hi morning.
Tin' niitiroval nl the lout mil of vesler-
dav's piocrcdiiig. umiii motion of Mr.
irv..ai ..1' l,.oiii-Kiiiiiii. Siitnribiv finer-
niton. March 13'. wa set npart 'for the
dt liverv ol eulogies upon the late Kcprc-i-iimn'ee
krllev. ot l'rniisvlvnuia.
Mr. Morrow, of Califiirnia, Irom the
iiiioroiiriatiiin coiniiiillef renoileil the
iK-iisioii iinpropiiatiiin bill. Kelerrril to
ihr L'oiiiinittee of the whole.
A conference committee wai nrilered
noon the bill to direct the uirinteinl
cut of census to collect sintisiics of farm
imirtiiL'ri mill indebtci lie
The ienker laid Ulore the house n
message irom tne i-resineiii iraiiaiiiii-
ting without comment 11 eoiiimunicatuin
from the interior ilepnrlinent proposing
nn nniendmeiit of 1 11c act providing lor
the allotment of laud in sevetalty to
The sciuite hill providing for thr tin-
iHiiiHUiriil of nil ussiaiani sccrelai v of
war was laid In-fore the house: and as il
wa subsiautially the same a the houe
bill iilrtiidy favorably rcanted from the
minority intiiinitue, the sH'iiker held
that it win under the rules entitled to
immediate consideration. So the Iioiim'
went into n fouimillce ot the wlio c. Mr.
lltirrows, of Michigan, in the chair, anil
I Mr. Cutclieon, ol .Michigan, niiiile.i unci
j explanation of the luressity I r I lie 11 i-
poinlllieill 111 an assistant neiiiuiry im
The bill wn discussed until l.llll when,
without action, the committee rose mid
.ii..l,......,r.K...l..d tor.,,, aider the sue -
, l l. .1 ..ill ... ..
' . .. , :.i' ..
tcim orncr, ociiig tue inn o i"ii"i
temporary government lor tikpiuoma.
Pending that, Mr. Perkins asked con
sideration forthe senate bill forthe re
bel ol Sioux Indian nl Devil Agency,
Ninth liakotn; but Mr. McMilliu. of
Tennessee, objected, and the house went
Into it committee ol the wimic on tne
rriiiiiitimi tFiin
Kanna) City Tender Heef
Can be purelinsed nt all time from Mar-
iiH'. M.,l,i r.n A. Main at.
The eenernl debate was limited to 5j
hours despite the appeal of Mr, Parties.
of Georgia, nnd others for live hours'
time; anil in retaliation lor entorceo limi
tation, thev called for the reading of the
mgiiinl senate bill, and the house sub
stitute, altogether tilly-nmc printed
One hour and twenty minutes were
consumed in reading, mid il was after
j o clock belorc Mr. Mrithle, ol Iowa.
look the floor in support of the hill, lie
criticised the senate bill Iktuusc it failed
to include all of the Creek nnil Seminole
lands purchased under the last adminis
tration. Mr. Ilnrnes, of Georgia, advocated the
senate bill in preference 10 the house sub
stitute. The senate bil' proposed to or
ganize n territory out of I'liiled States
lands. The house bill proposed to in
clude lands to which the I'uiteil States
Hid not now, but might herenlter hold
title. The sennte bill included l.HMO.oiiO
acres purchased in 1NHH and No Man's
The house substitute included in addi
tion all of the Indian Territory not oc
cupied by the five tribes. Nogovei nment
ought to establish H government ovei
land to which it did v ol hold a ncrltct
title. By solemn obligation by treaty,
the land excepted from the senate bill
had been given to the Indians for all
time. To erect u superstructure of
government on a such basis, wftuld lie to
iiuiln on sand without foundation.
Mr. Mansiir, of Missouri, contradicted
Mr. Unities' slatemenl that the bill
trenched on Indian rights. It was a
simple assertion of the courts, nnd court
jurisdiction over the five tribes, Then-
was no attempt to establish a territorial
government lorthrin without their con
sent. Mr. Springer, of Illinois, held the sanit
view as Mr. Mansiir. The committee
rose More the debate had concluded.
Mr. Iiuniicll, of Minnesota, presented
ihc conference report on the bill directing
ihc superintendent of census to collect
statistics of farm mortgages and indebt
edness. As the result of the conference.
the senate accepted the house amend
incut. The report was accepted, and the
bouse ul 3.1 0 adjoin net).
A Uuiliaiii Fhii.II proposes lo
ilve Trinity lolle ue 983,000.
Iiurhain Sun.
Ilui'liaiu's liberalitv is not on the wane
bv no nu a ns. The Sun this evening
lakes great pleasure 111 laving licforc its
reai Ins 11 proposition which has conic
irom the Methodist side of the house and
which has been the talk of our lowi.
since vislenlav alteiunoti. loo much
praise cannot Ik' .-avoided the gentleman
who inakis it. This seems to Ik- the cap
stone ol Imrhaui's lila-rnlm- audit would
taken hole page of the Sun to prim
Ihc encomiums passed upon it and, the en
thusiasm it has created.
The proposition is this: due family in
I'm ham proposes 10 give lor the removal
ol Trinity college to I'm ham, every dol
lar that Kalcigll proposes to give (winch
is $:i0.o(Ml and il the Metlii dists of the
State will locale it here and coucctilrnie
011 1111 endowment fund $."i(i,lln) will be
given lo that Intnl.
1 he gentleman who makes the allow
proKisilion is no less a K-rson than Mr.
Washington IMike, ot I lie tirin 01 vt.
Iuke Sous ,Nc Co. There is no blow or
bluster about this. It is business and
means business from the wind go. There
is no idle talk in il, and il the Mi ihodinis
of North Carolina waul to find nut how
much truth there is in il. lit them take
some action in the mailer and ...c how
ipiick I hey will In- taken up.
The Helln Huminon to Work Attain
Nasiu a. X. II.. Kebruary IS. pur the
first time since the strike, the Inlls of the
Nashua company summoned the oiktii
torstowoik this morning. Their was
but H feeble rcsiuinav. however, not more
than liiiiiifthc I,4im strikers going in.
A large crowd assembled at I lie gules in
the driving snow storm. The indicc
gtiaideil the entrances, and Ik-voikI some
Hiring remarks as an oaT.nive passed.
there was no troui le. iiinie a num'K-i
ol those who went in lei I ngain More
the gates closed. No. null la partially
running. Those who went to work con
sisting of the second hands, uiachiuists
and cloth room employe nho were not
'iffected bv the cut down. When ihc
gate were closed the crowds ilis'rscd.
Mltirm VlHlllnir Ihr l.n Milker.
I.oNiioN, l'cbriiary IN, A deputation of
miner visited the Karl of liiiiiraven and
Lord Kaiiilolnli Churchill, bothol whom
assured the ileiuitntion that thev favored
a limitation of working hours by the
Suite. The ilepntlilioii also calleil iihiii
Ciladslone. Aildiessiug them, lie said
that roiisiilcnition uiiisl til si U- given lo
the fad thai some workmen were willing
to work more than tight hours 11 day,
nnil then to the ipiestiou w hither the
miners were cutitlcil to separate treat
until. He was unable lo giie the depu
tatioii any pledge himselt a to his
course, lie mini larlrcc to act incoming
to Ins judgment.
Fulnl Fire In Newark
Xkwamk.X. I.. I'Vlirunrv IS. A fire
broke out at Ct.M) this morning in thr
conftvlionerv store of llenrv l-'iilei on
llioad street and destroyed thai store
mid the adjoining buildings, causing a
loss of $.10,11110. One of the burned
buildings was occupied by n fumily
namt il jackson. Most of Ihc inmates ol
nil the house were nwnkeiird nut ol
their Ih'iIs nud rescued by firemen, but
Mrs. Jaekaon slater, who only came
yesterday on 11 visit, wa forgotten ill
ihr rxcitemciil, nnd when the hrriiui)
discovered her at the window her room
was nhlnrc. They brought her out
ipiieklv, but she was dead.
The t'liMrleNlon Double Trnnedy,
CiusiHsioN, S. C, I'ebruary Is.
Mrs. I.cvrllc, who was shot Inst night by
her hiisbiinil. died this morning, rchl
iiiann. the ollur vieliui of the tragedy, is
still living, and will proitnlily recover,
The murderer i in jail nnd tmng to
..I.... I 1. 1. !..h..,l , ll.tlll... Tt, M fll
,H. cimmr' jut v has nut viIIktii ren
. ,ITI.,,
French Mlnera nirlke
I'ahi. IMniiarv IM. The miner em
ployed in two coal pil nt St. Iliictuie
have struck owing to the ilisinissnl
.... .... . , .. . ... i. .
1 " "1 ., " ..i ,..1.... ......... n.i..
inn. in ineir lenow worniiirti. I in niriKei
"" " ..,..,.............,
miner nt St, bliinnc.
solid onerlnua.
I W.lllNr.Ti)N. I rbruary 18, lliiuil ol
firings to-ilav $"IHI, fion, all necrplril lit
, lor lour kt cent nnd l.o.-in for
four and n hall's; $70,ooo were mirreii-
)m,(, ))r (cM1,i,rv mllk.
- I. 1 1
i Ladle) F.ancclally Invlled
T .
II nl flit tt 1ttlit at titttl mt it at rteilv
firit-cliis mmket selling tbe ritual href,
I mirk ami million direct from the Writ.
i (Mirk nnd niultuu direct from tlie West.
HoniethliikT ofWhal Ih Needed by
thai Ii.Hillutlon.
Kdilor Citixeii: On behalf of the coin-
inittee in charge of the Children's Home
I am directed to report that we have re
ceived donations of the following nrti-
les :
Hightech sheets from Indies at Mrs.
VniKiilder's; n dozen silver tea spoons
from Mrs. Conant; nialertnl tor iinilts
mid clothing from Mrs. Nit', Miss Kuer
ingcr, Mrs. l'atton, Mrs. Craliani. Miss
Hovce, Mr. 1 ho, Owen, Mr. t. Iieilistrr
and others.
The house is now completed and we
are ready to put in the furniture and
oK-n the home.
Wetiskasmanv lames a possum-to
meet at the Hospital on Thursday nt this
week to make mid put up curtains and
make the bed ticks, etc., etc. Our friends
who wish to donate furniture, crockery,
utensils, etc., are Hskrd to send in thrir
gilts immediately, that wrinny nolsirml
our small hinds unnecessarily. I give he
low it list of articles needed. Anyone win.
can give unbleached domestic will please
send it at once, that the ladies tuny Ik-riii
work early on Thursday morning.
Wauls cook stove, cooking utensils.
tin cups and pans, heating stove, U-ds.
lied ticks, pillows, towels, forks and large
pooiis. tables, children schmrs. for tin
matron's room a single bed nnd comfort-
hie mattress, pillows, bureau, wink
stand, basin and pitcher, small table.
Also two or three bracket lamps. Any
one w ho can give brackets mid reflectors
without lamps please send them over as
we haw two lamps without brackets.
We also sav to the children ol the town
that the chicken yard is readv for its oc-
annuls nnd we ask each child to bring n
hicken ns n donn'ion. Will nuv of the
.'oil fnrtni'rs of Biuk'oiiiIk' send us a load
f straw. 1 1 not given wr will be gladto
buy it. We are alo ready to purchase n
good cow. Anv one having it cow for
sale please report to Mr. Sawyer or else
at the Hospital as soon ns possible.
We wish lo mention to all goon cm-
.ens of lliincomlie count v, that to make
the good influences of the Home as far
reaching as possible, we lieg them to
keep their attention oil Hie clert to
bring lo us, or report lo us. all children
who come uiuler Uieir oPservation, who
mild In received at the Home and par
take of its benefits. Anv case reported
to any ol the committee, or to the
matron of the Hospital for the present,
will receive prompt attention.
I'ANNIK I., catton.
MiipitfiHi-d Accomplice In the Cro-
nln Murder I'nug hi.
ClIli'Af.o, February Is. Morning p.i-
srrs say, rnlru-k l oonev "Hie ox.
rii it in 1 1 1 last night at Hancock, Mull.,
and officer John C. Collin who ha
known him for years will return with
him to-dnv. Coonev left the city the
lav thai l'r. Cronia's remains were laid
iwav in Calvary, nud has eluded tin
police ever since. Another piiwr says,
Irom l In- 1 11 it t proceeding around police
lii'iiilipiarlers iK-lwiell ten nnil twelve
o cliH-k last mgiit. me conclusion was
reached that I'atritk Coonev, the man
who is so badly wanieil as one ot the
Croiiin murderers had at last Inxn
captured. All the Kilier officials on duty
relumed a stolul silence, mill no munis-
sion could lie gotten from them. The
basis tin the story come irmu a dispatch
received bv Cliul Marshal. It was
t police heailiiiiarters and sent
to the chief. It read: "We have one
man sure, send a man for idetitilicatiou."
On the receipt of the dispatch the chief
marshal suit nn onier nnek to neaii
i miners immediately as follows:
M-nfl nonius, lie know mm. ami
don't let this story gel out." A call lit
officer Collin's house elicited the inlorma-
tion that he had la-en called out stuldi nil
about 1 1. Ml I o'clock. Clucl Marshal lell
his Inline immediately alter riceivmg ihc
information and succeeded in keeping
out of the way of the reporter. .
The Mlinro.i I'rlMonerM,
At'Ot srA. I'm.. February IS. The ccv-
cnlccn prisoners from Sharon brought to
Augusta last mghl writ- guru it hearing
Inrlore I'uiicd Suites Commissioner Alex
ander to-tlay. They are charged with
unlawfully conspiring, combining and
agreeing together to prevent by lore, in
timidation mid Ducats I-.. 1.. I 'tick wort ii,
IKistmiislcr of Sharon, from discharging
the tliilic ol his ollur. I lie prisoners
were ImiiiiiiI over in thr sum of $i'iO( leach
to iipH'iir nt the April term of the I'liiled
States court to Ik- held in Augusta. All
gave bonds and kit lor llnir homes to
night. To-morrow I nitetl Mates Attor
ney lirwin will In gin taking testimony in
the case Ix-lorc I'liiled Stales Commis
sioner Alexander.
Fllll.K of Deeds) nt Trnnl
, .u i u i
DaLTIMork, lebruiiry 1H.-A. Hichc Se
Co.. iii.iM.rie., Inrinan street, II. I.
Towles llro.. Iiirni ing goods, llalti -
morestiecl. Illld M. A. Wish, notion,
Lexingitm street, hied deeds ol trust to -
ilnv lor thr Unilil ol ciedilors. The
bond filed are reclivclv S'.'l-.uoi),
$10.1111(1 mid $10,11110. i he parties have
had Intel v business relations
More will Wnl to be Whipped.
Washington. I'ebruary Is Henry J.
Finn, the viciitn ol ihc Alnnli-cu out
rage ha Iktii iicoiiiiiiendcil bj Suueiiu,
tcndeiil Purler lor the iipHiintniriit a
iecial agent of the 11th ceiisu to col
lirt staiisiics relative to molded in
dcbleilucss. The Murdered Mnraliiil.
Wasmini.ton, Febniiiiv 18. Thenllor
lev ueiienil to-ilav took to the White
il'. .... .1... u I... X.....I...I MI...II O.I
IIIIUSC l III Mlll'll ,,l.,.n ,,ir.
regard to ilie reporleil nssiissiniiiioii
liepiu.v Maisiiai Miiuuicr. it i u uiir -
siooii uiai ii siiMiia iisisn in i. ii. "
meeting tin iiiirrnooii.
Mlrlke III AuKuala.
. u .
Ai-ni'ar. Itn.. Ialiriiiirv 18 Aliolil
1. 1.... 1.. , l. r.. ..'... I.... I. U
laiiui iiiiiiiiiiiii. in on niiiMii,ti
Lombard struck tii-tliiv Iscause ol the
refusal of the proprietor to iliachmgc n
non-union workman w hom, the iiitn
......rt liua In-eu wiirkiuu iiL'amsl thrill.
A lomiUr ol linn reiiwiineil nt woik.
(ounl AndrHsa ursil,
Ol . . -.. , ... ....
, i'ii.tii ...iiri,,irv iHB-iiiiii iiiiioa
.tniii-iiaav. inr wen Known i iiiiiL'iiriiin
1 stntrsmaii. who ha Urn ill lor ..me
who ha
v..i... ....... I'l., ,ii..,l
lime nt Vnlosca, near l-'lauiiie. died in.
day, He wn 117 year old.
Death of Dr. W. U, Thnniaa,
Wii.miniitoN, N. C February 18, ir.
W. tl. Thomns. ntic of the most promi
iu nt iihysieimi of the Stall, died this
altcriiooii ol diphtheria, ngtd "Jyenrs.
Cured Meal and Mutton
! A. wrllna thr vrrv fiurat fresh mint will
lar tounil lit Martin's Mai kit, 00 3. Main I
I street. '
1 street.
All the Leather Factorlea ot a
Town to HHul Down.
Woni'KS, Mass., February 18. Mem
ber of the Manufacturers' Association
at a meeting last night voted to close
every leather factory in the Asso
ciation to-morrow, and to keep them
closed until the men return to work a'
the factory of Heggs K- Cobb. This
means the euforcd idleness of 1,50(1 men
ns the result of the recently udopted
price list. Most of the men weui to work
under protest in many of the shops,
while in some factories men decided not
to do as much work forthe pav provided
for bv the list ns thev were formerly re-
ipiitnl to do, claiming that that was the
only resort lelt. 1 his was partieulurh
thr case in the shops of U.K. Show &
Co., and Iteggs & Cnhb, In the for
mer this mat er was amicably adjusted
during the past week, and thr men havi
been returning as fust ns work was
ready for them. At Iteggs A Cobb's,
however, the men still remain out, nnd
will not return to work. Manufactur
ers, it is claimed, have all adopted and
lire now paying the price list ol tin
arbitrators and aie living strictly up lo
the letter ni l he division of ?:e hoard,
which was practically an increase in
wages over what men lormerly obtained
ol about ,rl4 n;rccnt. They claim, how
ever, that the men are not doing as tliet
agreed to no, and that they have re
peatedly violated their agreement.
Republican sentiment is steadily gain
ing strength in Portugal, and the mon
archy may come to nil cud any day.
Thev have learned how to steal tin
public moneys in Samoa. The new kitit
comes to his throne to find his cush box
Senior Rodriguez Arins has been ap
pointed governor general ofCuha, to suc
ceed General Salamanca, Intel r de
For the first time in the history of Den
ver nil the saloons were closed lat Sun
day. This was done in accordance will
a recent decision of the supreme court.
James Thompson, proprietor of thi
Fordfiuiti Heights lintel, while intoxica
ted fell over n culvert into n deep guilt
near Koidham station, and was then
found dead.
Extrusive Mealing of postage stamps
has lareii detected ill Knoxville by boys
employed ill the railroad utfice.' Tliet
were in the habit of paying for thcii
fruit mid c.imly with stolcu stamps.
Near Mount Cnrmel, I'n., n passi'nger.
a well dressed man. was put or) the train
on the Lehigh Valley road by the con
ductor with whom lie had iuarrrlled.
and was imniediatrly run over by the
cars mid horribly mangled.
Wonderfully rich gold mines have been
discovered in China, and they arc to In
orkcil by cosily American machinery.
The ore rims from $7011 to $lo,(i(i0 st-r
ton. Now it will In hard to keep thr
outside barbarians out of China.
Two negro chihb-en, bovs, one eight
the other ten years old. roblieil n lady in
the st rifts ol Memphis a few days ago.
snatching her purse which she carried in
her hand ami getiiug away with tlu-ir
booty, $L'U. The dinr little innocents!
At Vineentics. Ind., a lady, a prowrty
owner, had the city olhiild enjoined
Irom grading n street which passed hv
her residence The injunction wa disre
garded, nml the mayor, city nttorary
and others were arrested forindirect con
tempt ol court.
While a womnn in Ihibuiiuc wn hav
ing her nrm which had liren broken by a
fill, set bv a suigeon, he administered
chloroform : and while her head was in
cliiinl backward, one of her artilnial
tilth Invnnir loose. It II down her throat,
and strangled her lo death.
A Huston bov, l.lvrarsold, ha crea
ted n sensation by running away with
ihc American wile of a well known and
nn-siK-rous China inrrrhaiit. Sin Voam
doing business in llostou. The celestial
is ill pursuit ol hi. Melicail w lie, win
went off Willi tin runaway bov to New
A romantic bov of Iti, living nt Chcv
rune, fell ilesHTalely in love with n giil
of 1.1, II school nunc, who looked iuilil
fcrcntly upon him. Mining her on hri
way home from church their greeting
wit's pleasant, but she continued on her
way, when he tired at her three times
without cllirt. nnd then allot hiuisclt
mortally. I'ime novels.
It is now prniiostil to form n ledera
lion nut of nil the Central American
j Slate with n st rung cent nil government.
I This is nn idea naturally suggested by
i I lie geographical position ol the Suite,
I, ,,,.,.',,:... , i,,..,,,.,,,,. ,i ..,.
lina,,id alo ol interest, it thev could
; Tu. ,u.)..llill wm,i(1 in), , lln
t .,. Kilkenny eat fi.lils in which
1 i;.,i.. ,,.,.,.;. , i,.., , i.iL.,
I '
The Krv. Allsrrt P Miller, colored pas-
; tor ot the inxwcll Avenue lougicgit
tionni ciiurcn. .cw iinven, in iss, wa
denied accommodation on the slenmei
lirew, one ol the Albany night boats Hi
brought suit ngainst' the New Jersey
Sleamboat company, and has just re
covered n verdict ul $.11)0. lie sued fin
$.1,11011. He is a graduate of Yale and
thr l-'iske university.
In New York, on Suiulnv morning, las,
II. Miller colored, wa stabln-d to death
wnile entering thr hallway of hi own
house bv another colored man, who hud
Iktii King in wail lor his virion. The
'.low wa in revenge lor testimonv given
, M,i.r.l..r..r n
case ot conn
oi,,,.,.,,; ,,,, ,, jt .,,. ,,c ,w
, h. hc .,,, ,, The "innocents'
; rc nbroiiil. and il negro can omeliim
; commit dendlv crime under the vrrv
noses ol those who maintain hi lamb
i like virtue.
A tilol u-na riivntlv rationed in Colo.
. i - .......... . .
radn. the objivt ol which wn to kidnap
N untor I nlior. who i wealthy, mid hold
I him lor n $o0,ooo rniisom. I'wu young
Hit n. ( Incur Rolari t nud Arthur llulchcr,
I are now under arrest nt iH-uvcr. They
I conless thcii purpose, but Tabor has de
' rimed to prostvule them on account nl
their voiith, louugiucn nl aim M
...I .1 1,1 ..I..1..I mi, ....1, I.
. ... i ..i.. .1 .1 1.. .1
3 1 01 1. "i i- i'" ....... - ...
patiou. ... .... . tnry .... g ,..i ..,,
were men. nml 11 mitiluu n brilliant ex
1 1
doit to Ik- executed in most iipprnved
iniidit style,
F.alrudltlo.t Treaty Hntlrlcd
AsillNi. roN. I clirunrv 18. The sen
nte ha rutilieil the llntish extradition
treaty with iiniiupnrtiitit iimriiilmcnl.
Strictly the lines t incuts from Kansas
Clt v dirivt. Our trinl will make you our
friend nud ndvocntc
Mantin's Market,
Purveyors to lipieiireuu Tuitcs.
J. S. GRANT, Ph. G.,
Of Philadelphia College uf Phitmiavy,
Apothecary, 4 South Main St.
Hill .Vi e, who has luul l.ttUripic, sends
the following to (.rant's I'harmney :
"Little grains of quinine.
Little drinks of rye.
Make La tJririe that's got you
Prop its liolil nml Hv.
This may quickly help you,
If you'll only try;
Hut don't forget the iiiiniic
When you take the rye."
h'einemher the mom! contained in the
lust two line that is, don't forget the
limine, midget it at drum's Pharmacy.
If your prescriptions n:e prepared nt
'rant's I'hurmHcy you can positively dt
'end upon these facts: First, that only the
purest and Lest drugs and chemicals will
6euf(; second, they will lie compound
ed carefully nnd accurately to uuexperi
encvd I'rescriptionist ; undthirtl, you will
not he charged an exorbitant price. You
will receive the liest goods at a very rea
sonable protit. Pon't forget the place
Cirant's I'hnrmacy, 2-tSoulhMainstreet.
Prescriptions filled at all hours, night
H-iar, and deliveied tree ol charge to
any part of the city. The night bell will
he answered promptly. Oram's Phar
macy, Si South Main street.
t llrnnt's Pharmacy you can buy any
Patent Mediiinc at the lowest iricc quot
ed by any other drug house in the city.
He are determined to sell us low as the
lowest, even if we have to lose money by
so doing. We will sell all Patent Medi
cines at first cost, and below that if nec
essary, to meet the price of any commit
We have the largest assortment of
Chamois Skins in Asherille. Over 'Jt
skins, all sites, at the invest prices.
We are the agents for Humphrey's
oiii(ro;itn'c Medicines. A full supply
of his goods always on hand.
I'se llunconilie Liver rills, the liest in
the world for liver complaints, indiges
tion, etc.
.1 thoroughly tellable remeily for all
blood diseases is Huncornlie Sarsaimrilla.
Try a bottle and you will lakenoother.
J. .N t'.RAST. Ph. (1., Pharmacist,
St S. Main St., Asheville, X. C.
The only exclusive Dry
(ionils store in Asheville.
Cl.KAIIANt'K SAI.Kof CloalvK,
Wraps, Jackets, heavy Dress
(Soods, Flannels, IMankets,
and I'nderwear. We arede
terinineil to dose out all win
ter li'oods rcirni'illfss of cost.
Do.iKs'ru(iooi).s. We have
just oju'iiiil a new lot of the
liest ami most popular
lirnndsof Dleachinjys, Sheet
iny,, Pillow Casings, Tick
ings, Denims and many nov-
Itics of curtain i'tioils and
lousehold linens.
Whitk(5ooiis La rire stock
of striMd and plaid Muslins,
.Nainsooks, riqiii'8. hinln'oul-
ries. Lin es and all kinds ol
ancy (toons. e nave
receiveil a new lot ol lima
Silks. Plush Ornaiiients, Tin
sels iu all colors, ami the Inr
p'st variety of ICinbroidcry
Silks. Zephyrs, Wools and ev
erything leijuired for fancy
A complete outfit of
Stumping Patterns, and
st a nipindoiie promptly.
We call attoiitiou lo our
novelties in ItuchinirH nud
Ladies' Neckwear, also La
dies' riitli'i'giiriiifiits of ull
Corsets,! losiery.dloves and
Handkerchiefs, iu these hues
always u full assortment.
We are awnts for Ccnte-
ineri Kid (iloves.
Kilihons, Dress Trim niinu's,
Silks, Velvets, Krint-H,
Silk and Metal Itraids, Hut-
tons, Dress I.iiuii'is, eic, etc.
All uoods will lie sold at one
price and that the lowest.
Atliomitiir ami in connect ion
with our old established Dry
(ioods Store, we have a com
plete ( lot liiiii; und (ients
Furnishiii'T St ore, where Dun
lap Hats, Manhattan Shirts,
Mother's Friend Shirts,
Waists, and K. Jc W. Collars
are are our sMS'ialtieH.
We have no connect ion with
any other stores in tlio city.
46 A 48 South Main Street,
Opposite National Bank of Asheville.
.ACi u ui,a .niinliai.i ,-...

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