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1'erlllUer Ta to ht) Corticated.
RnlelRh Call.
Col. I. W. Iliiinliilc mill tliii morning
Unit the conatitutlonnlity nf the Stnte
titi on fcrtiliieri would rertninly hetratcd,
nnd Hint tlicenie would lie tirriwntctl mitl
conducted to that n tinnl drriaion ahotild
le nrrived nt by iient October, or there
nlxiut. Some new fen t tire In connec
tion wilh the rnac will be irrrnterl by
the Cull to-morrow.
McCarthy Knocked Oat.
8am Franciico, l'ebrtitii v 19. In the
Deintuty.McCnrthy fiKhl, McCurtby wf
kuocked out in the twcnty-elKtu rountl,
A Vaat Cotton aecofon Capital.
Trknton, N.-,?., Februnry 10. The
American Cotton Secrl Oil Ctunpnny filed
nrticlrt to-dy increneing Itf capital
atot'k from $o,(X)0X to 3n,01iU,l)0(l.
'aaii,iaa MmvMAt r ,.:
The Henate Hhoald DlHIrlhuto the
journal Rroadcoat The Irlvatc
Prcaa la Corrupt The Houie on
the Oklahoma BUI.
Washington, February 10, SKNATIv.
The resolution herctofinv offered bv
Mr. Chnntller calling on the uttornrv
L'cncrnl ftir infbrrmition of the nssnssinn'
tion of W. U. Siiiinders, tlrpiity I'nitc
Stntcs marshal in the northern district
of Florida, was taken up, and Mr. I'nsco
proceeded to itddreiis the scnute in expla
nation of the acts and circumstances of
the case.
Mr. Pasco hud not concluded his re
marks when the hour of 2 o'clock ur
rived, and the educational bill came up
as "unnntsiieri nustness. Air. iiintr.
however, yielded the floor to Mr. Wilson,
of Iowu, on whose motion the senate
hill appropriating $100,000 for the pub
lic litiildiuR nt Fort DodRe, Iowa, was
taken from the calendar nnd passed, Mr.
Call cnlliniT attention to the fnct that
this was the fourth public building bill
passed for Iowa nt this session.
On motion of Mr. Slcukbride, the
senate bill appropriatittfr $UH,nH) for
public building at l.niisinj;, Mich., was
taken from the calendar and pnssctl.
Mr. llliur then resumed his argument
in favor of the educational bill. Incitlrn
ttdlv to the sentence occurring in the re
uort of the democratic smicrintcudcnt of
COllClllinn in ieorj;i". .lr- "loir iinneu
why should not the bill la-come it law.
The republican l.nrty, he tiiid, was
pledged to it. Ninny able nnd dislin
Kitishcd demKTts were in fit vor of it.
President Ilnrrison had declined the
necessity of providim; for popular educa
tion as this bill did. There was nothiin,'
to hinder it, he said, except the opHi
tion of those who buildup in this coun
try un oiKisitiR Hvstem the prncticnl
school system to the destruction of tin
schools of the country. lie spoke ol
those who "me enjjUK'd in secret and in
nien machinations OKninst the bill, and
who comprehend how, if this bill posses,
it will jfjve the jrcnt future of the repub
lic to nubile schools." I
While it Interferes, he said, with t'.c
rights of no one, while it. die not inlir
lere with those who claim n mrmlK-rsh'p
of len millions, it i. nevertheless un as
sertion by the nntiim of its will to edit
cnte their children in lite public iion-sc-tionnl
schools. Hut mote of that here
after, if ncccssarv. Occnsionally I inn
obliged to let out it little which Hilicy
ohliKftme Kcnernlly to suppress. Tins
bill, il it is to fail, will have lieen killed
bv packed committees, individual mem
bers of which have been threatened by
annthtnins from their church if they ven
ture to support it, and I Hive notice to
those who proMiseto kill this bill by in
direction nnd by fraud, and by tricks un
worthy of any other lobby around the
capitol, that they have blows to receive
as well at Mows to Rive.
This country is not to be Riven over to
those who would teach civil allegiance
elsewhere than within our own borders.
... imnrilv- nnd siiliMidinrv civil nllririnncr
only to its. I ttienk of but a fraction of
. - . .1 .L.
tlte ".real oooy nt our riuzvrm. .or mc
masses of that same body of American
citizens are true to the ling, and do not
proXse to elect n president who resides
on the Iwinks of the Tiber.
Taking up the report of the school
superintendent in Tennessee, Mr. Hlnir
remarked, in n tone of sarcasm, that he
supposed that the senators from that
Stute would lie in the chamber in a week
or two. At all events all he said would
be in the record, no matter what the
press ditl. The senate had a record that
was a glorious little ptiier of their own.
If tie should be returned to the tennte for
the next thirtv or forty yenrt he niennt
to make an etTort to have the Congres
sionnl Record distributed to the people
of the I nlled Btules Rratujlotisly, to the
numhrr of at least Simi.oho. The senate
needed a paper. If it published a utier
itself, unil circuluUd it gratuitously, it
could reach the people with the truth
hut not until then.
The private press, said be. Unit runs
only lor ils own emolument, nnd hns to
muke money, nnd Unit Ira vet out most
of the truth, cseciHlly if it it unpnlitn
hie, is n poor press to relv upon, This
great American press ol ours is the
source of more mischief in thit country
than there would lie if we had no press
at all, There may come a time when n
dog light will not be mure important, in
the opinion of this press, than the great
school bill; but that time hat not been
Coming buck to the statement which
he hnd been about to rend nt to the con
dition of the public schools in Tennessee,
he expressed the wish that tome page
would notify the Tennessee senators ol
what he was going to read. H is remarks
having lieen suspended no us to ullow the
message tn be received from the house.
Mr. Hlnir expressed the hope that he
would not be interrupted nny more by
such small matters. (Laughter.)
Mr. Dolph asked him if he would yield
for a motion for an executive session and
Mr. Blair replied: Oh! no, unless I am
obliged to; I have got only two dnys
left. The executive session seems to
come with unaccountable frequency nt
this time. We Had two of them yester
day. 1 hope tlie tennte will not pre
thut motion now, what 1 am saying is
ton interesting. (Laughter.
Mr. Ihilph did not insist on the motion
fur an executive session nnd Mr. Illalr
went on with the reading of the reKirt,
nnd letters at to the illiteracy in the
South, commenting upon tbrni as he
went along. Finally at 4.4.1 he yielded
far Mr. iKilph't motion, anil lifter an ex
ecutive trssmu the senate nt ft.MO ad
IIOI'SI!. Mr. iliittcrworth, of Ohio,
from the committee on patents presented
n favorable report uton the bill provid
ing for the npiMiintineut of representa
tive! on the part ol the I'uited States to
the international industrial conference lit
Madrid, Spain, April 1, IHIMJ.
Mr. Kogert, nf Arkansas, objected to
its consideration, although Mr. Mutter
worth declared that the effect would be
to deny the I'nited Btntct representa
tion nt the conference,
Mr. Howell, of Illinois, chairinnii of
the committee on elections, gave notice
that he would cull up the West Virginia
contested election case of Atkinson vs.
Pendleton forcousitlerallon next Wcilncs-
tiny. ;
' Sir. Crime, of Ceoririn. from the ludi'
clary committee culled up the bill to
llsiMst cilv Tender Beef
Cnn be purchased at all timet from Mar
tin's Market, off r. Alain it.
U.jsw.. -
create an eastern division of the northern
federal judicial district ol (.corgia, and
it was passed with a tew amendments,
Mr. Keed, of Iowa, in behalf of the
judiciary committee, culled up the bill to
regulate the sittings of the United States
courts in tne tnstrict ui aouin mroutiu
and it was passed.
During un interregnum in the call of
the committees, Mr. O Ncill. of I'rnnsvl
vniiia, caused tome applause on the
republican sidr, by announcing, despite
tne eilorts ot tne spcnKer to silence him,
that the republican representative had
Decn elected tosticceeatlie late represent
ative Kelley, by a mujoritv larger in pro.
imrtion to the numlwr of votes polled
thnn Kelley received in 1888,
At 12.05 o'clock the house went into
a committee of the whole for the con
siderution of a bill nuthori.imr the nu-
poimmriii ni an assistant secretary ol
war. ine uiii wilt lavornniv reuortetl
frooi the committee of the wole to the
house, nnd the Okluhomn bill was
tuken up.
l lie remainder of the day s session was
occupied in the discussion ot the Okla
homa bill, but wi'.bout action the com
mittee rose. Saturday afternoon. March
22nd, was set uuartfor thcdcliverv of
eulogies uimii tne lute representative
r.uwara . i.nv, oi Louisiana, mid Thurs
day evening, April. 3rd. was fixed for the
delivery of eulogies upon the late repre
sentative S. S. Cox, of New Vork. The
house then at 0.3o udjourued.
Fretildenllnl Nomination,
Washington. Fcbrunrv 10. The Pres.
tdent to-doy nominated William F. Dow
ers supervisor of eeasus for the second
oeorgin district. The majority and mi
nority reports in the Atkinson vs. Pen
dleton elect ion contest from the 4th
West irgimn district were submitted to
the house to-day by Kowcll nnd O'Fer
rull resiKctivcly. kowcll reviews with
grcnt minuteness the votes upon which
the contest is based, and reaches the con
clusion that Atkinson should have been
gii'eti a majority of 7 instead of Pendle
ton iv. tt rcrrall niukci nnetinlly ex
haustive review of the circumstances
connected with votes which are con
tested with the result thut he finds that
rendition, the sitting member, is enti
tled to n majority of 2.1 votes instead of
r.i as shown on the race ol the returns.
Mackny, Flood and Valr.
San Francisco. Fcbrunrv 19. A syn
dicate, among whom arc I. W. llellmnn,
l.os Angeles; hclioll llns , of bun Fran
cisco, nnd Levy Strnuss, of New York,
have acquired the controlling interest in
t he Nevada Hunk, of this city. The own
ership of this hank, since the delh of the
lute j nines C. Flood, has been entirely
held by John W. Mnckuy, James L. Flood
and Senator James (..'Fair. The syndi
cate will have control ot rive ffixthsnf the
capital slock, which is $3,000,000, leav
ing one-sixth, or $."00,0tHI, which will be
retained by Muckay and Flood. It is un
derstood that Mnckny, Flood and F'nir
simply wanted to be relieved of the re
sponsibility necessary in thcmnnugcmeiit
of the bank, so their time could lie de
voted to other mutters.
Incendiary Flrca at Rocky Mount.
Kalkioh, X. C. February 19. News
was received here to-dav of a series of in
cendiary fires at Ktcky Mount. The
trouble seems to hare grown out of some
unpleasantness in connection with the ne
groemigrntion matter. On Monday night
the extensive carriage works of Hackney
llros. were distroyed by fire of incendiary
origin. Last night the building at the
fair grounds at Rocky Mount were fired
by negroes, thcobject being, it is thought,
to draw a crowd there from the town,
that the work nf destruction might lie
completed. No further trouble occurred,
however, but the town is thoroughly
patrolled as other incendiary work is
hourly apprehended.
A Technical Cane F-alnbllahed.
Aitit STA, (la., Felirunry 19. The tak
ing of testimony before I'nited States
Commissioner Alexander in the case
against citincns of Sharon, tin., ehnrged
with conspiracy against and intimida
tion of Postmaster Duckworth was con
cluded today. All the material facts
have been published. The record will
probably establish a technical ensdi
against the accused; but in view ol the
fact, that no personal violence was done
to Postmaster Duckworth, and thnt he
hns lieen unmolested in the discharge nf
the duties of bit office, it is thought
thnt the case niuv be dismissed at the
April term nf the I'nited States court to
be held in Augusta.
Hat's Cotton Review.
Nkw Vonk, Februnry 19. The Sun's
cotton review tnyt:
"Futures opened quite buoyantly on
stronger turn to Liverpool futures, al
though spots there continued dull and
Manchester account showed no im
provement. At 11.37. li'r August, the
reaction set in, but in the Inst half hour
when small receipts at ports were as
sured, there was renewed buying,
which restored the market to nearly the
best figures of to-day. Although the in
terior movement thawed pretty full fig
ures, especially at Augusta anil Cincin
nati, it still Inokt at if the bulls are as
much oft as the bears were when prices
were one cent a pound lower.
Tne Real Ains or ike Rcpunllcana.
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
The Ilonr nnd Wlckhnm blltt do not
argue nny confidence that the republican
party represents a majority of the people
which republicans profess tn be anxious
to have rule, If the republican! really
constituted a majority of the people no
gerrymander ol the State of Ohio woultl
disturb them. What they really nim at
is to preserve the unrighteous republican
ffcrrviiiainlers which give them 130 reo-
tcsentnlivri from 11) Northern Stnte!
where they are entitled to only 03. Those
bills arc to protect the theft nf 40 repre
sentatives seats in congress.
Bond Oflerl'nsrs).
Washington. Felirunry 10. Hond of
fering! to-day aggregated $1,477,000;
all accepted, at 1.24 for four per cents,
nnd 1H4" for four and holla. 01 thit
amount $I,1imI,ii(M) were four jer cents.
All four per cents, were surrendered bv
national bank depositories. The period
within which the department will pur
chase fours at 1.24 in liquidation of
public tlrpnsitt will expire to-morrow.
Thit explains in part the recent heavy
offerings nt that rate,
Dreadful Colliery Kaploalon.
Pas is, February 10. An explosion oc
curred In a colliery near Iiecite, depart
ment of Kicvrc, last night. It is not
known how tnnny lives were lost, but
already thirty-four bodies have lieen re
covered. Iridic Kapeclally Invited
To call at SO 8. Main tt. nnd see a strictly
firtt-clnst market selling the finest beef,
pork and mutton direct from the West,
.',.. ..'. .
sjsf ,.H.i.Tllk.W,l 4
The I'nhappy Poaltlon of a Man
Who Wanted a Drink.
Ciiaki.otth, N. C, February 19. A
peculiar case is to-night reported from
Surry county. Joseph Hill, a farmer,
was passing near the store of W. W.
Brown yesterday when he heard strange
cries. The noises were strunuelv muffled.
but could be distinguished ui culls of
"Murder," "nre," "Help, etc. He
thought it was some female in distress
and wat sometime in locating the strange
noise. At Inst he found it proceeded from
the stack-chimney in the centre of the
store. The proprietor wuRBcnUiir. I'non
opening the store the queer muffled cries
;cre reaoutiiea. t lie merchant recog
nized the voice as thut of his own son, a
boy nearly grown, who hnd for years
been nf dissipated habits, and whom his
father hail nothing to do with for some
time. The grate was tuken out but the
boy could not he extricated finm his po
sition. It was only niter an hour's work
and a great hole had been cut in the
chimney above the mantel thnt he wits
taken out of a great mass of soot and
blacker than nny African. He explained
to his lather that he wat drunk, and had
tried to enter his store. He had lieen
drinking heavy the night before. Liquor
bud been refused liini.niul he hud climbed
on top nf his father's store, diverted him
self ol his cont, vest, nnd lint, and slipped
down the chimney, lie did not know
thut a crate had been nluced in the
former ncn firenlnce. und he wits thus
vougiii one i rttv in ll trap.
Monled Men and the Preaa Try lo
Conceal the True Condition.
New York Btnr.
esterdnv's mail brought me a letter
from Henry Holler, of Hurllctt. N. Dak.,
who is chairman of n local relief com
mittee, and who writes ns follows con
cerning the distress of the farmers in that
community: "in seven counties of our
new Slate there has been for two years
in succession almost a total failure of
crops, so much so that it did not pay to
Harvest t hem. and tins year there are tlioti-
saads of acre that were never cut. For
instance, I sowed 200 acres in grain and
got of wheat only fifty bushels, potatoes
mo nusnera, and ot outs anil luirlcv
nothing. Now, wltcn you consider that
most ot tne lurmers here nave nut small
means and have been without an income
for two years, but with necessary out
lays for tfint time, you can form a pretty
accurate idea of our condition. Our
Stnte government cannot assist us, ns
it is already indebted tnr beyond the con
stitutional" limit. Monied men, laud
sharks, in many instances tlie press,
have combined to conceal our true con
dition from the country nt large. hat
we need most is seed nnd feed lor our
teams, nnd some more flour and fuel.
We have prepared a statement and for
warded it to Mrs. lolin MellonnliL of
Rending, I'll., and Mrs. Oliver M. Ford,
of Washington, l. C, who have written
to us tn leant our true condition nnd
promised to solid aid in our Ik-IiiiII,"
The "Preacher aud Kvcrythlnu
Rcady. but the l.ad) Wouldn't
Rale ion, N. C, February 18. Last
night wns fixed upon for the celebration
nt Pine Ixvcl, Johnston county, of the
marriage of A. fi. Cod win, of lliinu, nnd
Miss Ida Oliver, the prcttv daughter ot
Pine level's lending merchant. T. T. Oli
ver. The invited guests had come, the
nttenduntt were nil present, and the offi
ciating clergyman was on band. The
time had come lor tne couple to step in
front of the preacher. Godwin and his
intended locked arms and inarched out
together, the attendants following. As
they stepped in front of the preacher M iss
Oliver coolly informed Godwin thnt she
had given up the notion of getting mar
ried. This effectually put ii stop to the
Her father stepped lurwnrd and told
the would-lie groom thut A'rhiips il
would lc letter to desist Iron! nil further
proceedings nnd Ic.ive for home.
Godwin ouiellv retired, got into his
buggy, nnd departed
No renson lor Miss I diver's strange
conduct is given.
Death of a Member of Parliament.
London. Februnrv 10. Mr. Joseph
Gillis Higgur, the well-known home ruler,
and memlicr nf the bouse of commons
for the west division of the county of
Lavan. died to-dav nt liupnnin, in
surburbnn London home. He was 02 year
old. Mr. Iliggar s drain was caused uy
heart disease. He was present in the
house of commons Inst evening, and wns
one of the tellers in the division on Mr.
Pnmrlrt ninendnient to the address in
reply the Oueen's Seccb asking for tlie
rcenl of the coercion act.
World-is Fair Report Adopted.
St ... V V P.l..nri, 1fiTh
W..t.ra PaI ...tufrr,,. reiMirt wna
adopted in tlie assembly bv a vote of 110
to l, Air. King, oi .cw tors, voting in
the segntive.
The senate tint nitcrnoon ngreea to
ikw,f.MHM w,wirl Tli. 1111 finw one
to the governor, who lint announced
thnt he will sign it.
ThauHnl 111. a tiftumnri.t nnaaeil ine
Sax ton ballot reform bill by a vote of
itf to If.
Off iur Canada.
CliiCAtio. Februnry 19.--A Times spo
elnl from Nutchri. Miss., says: Four
weeks ngn R. li. II. Smith, who repre
sented me Loroen ouuxiug lompnuy o.
New York vitv and wno nan opened n
large tdiinmtion store nt Klmory, Ln
disappenred. An Investigation of his nf
fairs, which closed lust night, shows a
dificit of $40,000. The Corben Com-
Cnny'i attorney, who hits been here, bus
ft for New Vork.
A Republican Buccecda Kelley.
pHil.AtiKl.l'tHA, Februnry 19. The lull
vote rnat veatrrdnv In the fourth eon-
gressionnf district fur the unexpired term
or the late judge wiinniti n. Nciiey wns:
Kevhuro, dep. , .',.iti; .vres, nirin.i,
10, 440; Tumbleston, (pro. I, 238; Key-
liurn'i plurality, 8,;i8. nciicv s plural
ity over Ay res in 1NKH was 0.039.
Fire In New Orleans).
Nkw Ohi.kans, February 10. Fire
broke out this morning In U-vy fi Wolf-
son's crockery store, mid four stores nf
the Touro block on CmiiiiI street were
burned out, They were occupied ns fol
lows: P. Wcrlin, pin mis; Se lipoid t.evy,
enrpett, lower floor; Theodore l.llcnthnt,
tihotogrnpher, upper floors; Lnratiss St
llros., hats, The lost it estimated at
$11,000.. Well Insured.
Cnred Meats) and Lard
At well at the very finest fresh meats will
be found at Martin's Market, 00 S. Main
Kxecutlon ofa Woman Murderer.
Pikkvii.M!, Ky., February 19. Elli
son Mounts was hanged here yesterday
for participating ia the murder of Miss
Alufur McCov and her brother. He was
cool to the last; unit as the black cap
was pulled over his luce, declared thnt
the Hatfield outlaw gang forced him to
engage in the murder.
The 'rcMlrte.it Uoes to F-lttabursr.
Washington. Februnrv 19. The Pres
ident accompanied by Representatives
uuvur nnd uiilzcll, rrotessnrs l.nnglev
nnd Andrew Carnegie, left here at nooa
to-dav for Pittsburg, over the Baltimore
and Ohio railroad to attend the oiening
oi the tree Horary at Aileghuny city to
The (situation Alarmlny;.
Woiii kn, Mass., Fcbrunrv 19. The sit
uation to-dav in labor trouble isdecidedly
dniigcruuH, neither men recede from their
positions. Another mill will close to
night nml 1 ,.100 men will lie thrown out
of work. Ileggs fit Cobb's men sav thev
will not go buck to work.
The search for the missing head of the
murdered Saw telle is still going on.
Work on the Tchtiuntepec railroad
across the isthmus is progressing finely.
It is asserted with sum? show of mi-
thority that Itismarck will soon retire
from the Prussian service.
The former director of the Brazil tle-
finrtmrnt of telegraph proves to be n dc
Hultertothe amount of about $100,-
It is said that President Cnrnot will
fmrdon the Duke d' Orlenns, who, on his
ibrrntinn, will lie escorted to the Bel
gian frontier and turned loose.
Footpads stopied and robbed n man
in a well frequented street in New Vork
the other night, holding him up at the
mouth of a pistol.
A fight took place in the New Vork cus
tom house, in which it lawyer nnd a bro
ker were severely punished by another
broker. New York is improving.
Kilrain had a tight in New Orleans on
the 17tli with the California champion.
Corbet, and wns easily In-uten, He bud
both of his vyet blackened.
Curtis Well, n head man at the Clif
ford breaker, Forest City. iirnrScranton,
Pa., lost hi balance nnd fell liendlong
down a shaft 200 feet deep, and wns
killed instantly.
Forty American students have been
dropied from the rolls of the ilcidcllieig
university, lucausc of their frequent vis
its to HeidellHTg nnd Vienna in violation
of the rule of the university.
Smn1lxix is reported ns raging with
fearful fatality in Texas on the Rio
Grande. On a ranch in lluvnl county
147 out of loll employes were attacked,
nnd sixty-live nre ritHirlcd to have died.
Another snow blockade is rciorled
from Truekec as threatening the rail
roads. All the rotary plows, snow shov
ellers and other equipment nre at work
to keep the track clear.
No doubt now exists thut the steamer
llulierrv wns lost in n typhoon in the
China seas curlv in January. She had
oa hourd 400 Chinese passenger beside
her crew. No truce of vessel or crew has
ever lieen found.
Near Corinth. Ky.. a gang of boys,
none of them over IB yenr of age, ore
rciortid to have got into u drunken
fight in a saloon, during which Dick
Pickett, nged 14, stubbed his brother
George, uged Hi, so thut he tlied.
In North Queensland, Australia, recent
rains have caused destructive floods, the
waters rising to incredible height in the
streams. At Cardwcll, from December
2.1 to Intiiinry 2, forty-nine inches of
ruin fell, which is nine inches more than
fulls in this section during the year.
The prrsoitul eflecls of ihr ex-I'mperor
I loin Pedro has Urn valued by the pub
lic udmiii'slrator of the Hruziliun repub
lic, who, lor this purpose is the minister
ofiuslice. They include jewelry, plate,
ci.rringes, furniture, horses, etc., the es
timated vnluc of the whole being about
$3,200.0011, which becomes the proierty
of the republic.
Two boys, 7 and 0, cuiis'ns, living in
the Roxbtiry district, Boston, had a sav
age light about a little girl for whom
thev contested the honor of escorting
home from church. Sticks and then
knives wcie used, nnd one of the children
wns dangerously stablied. The hub is
ahead again. n she was with the l'om
eroy liny murderer,
During the homeward passage of the
P. and O. company's steamer Victoria
from Australia, between Colombo and
Aden, a passenger leaped overboard.
Boats were lowered, and in the struggles
to get the attempted suicide on board,
one of them wns upset in the midst of n
school of shnrk. Before thev could be
rescued two of the crew and the mnn
they tried to save were devoured by the
sharks in full view of the horrified pas
sengers. The Farmer!' Alliance ol three eonligu
otis counties gave an entertainment nt
Lcxinirton. Indiana on Saturduy night
last. A number nf roughs were present
with purpose to break up the festivities.
In the melee which followed the attempt
to put them out, a general fight took
place, in which the lender of the roughs.
Holies, wns shot through the heart, nnd
several others wounded, nnd n lady
thrown into convulsions through fright,
and whose condition is critical.
The seamen of the American squadron
of evolution, by the courtesy of General
Novion, military governor nt Villa
I'rniirn. lauded at thut place on the 10th
and went through n series of drills. The
Chicago sent ashore 2N0 men, the Boston
and Atlanta eacli lno nnd the tork
town HO, General Novion emphasized
his permission for lite use of French toil
lor the drill that would not grant the
snme privilege to the sqiiadrou ol any
Kurnpvun towert, but was glud to ex
tend the courtesy to the I'nited Stnte.
One of the most brtilnl practical jokes
ever icrpelratcd was played off in Paris
recently on the family of the Marquis d'
Oylev." The family bad recently suffered
a distressing bereavement, and the bouse
was saddened Willi the emiilems oi grin.
Some malicious (icrsoii tent out in the
name of the murquis Invitations tn a
soiree ilnmnntt nt his house. At the
hour nuincd carriages lilted with guests
urrived. many ol those, thinking II a car-
nlvnl hull, ciimltur in fancy lire. Thev
weie horror struck to fiurf they were vic
tims to n heartless joke.
Strictly the finest meats from Kansas
City direct. One trial will make you our
liicml aud auvocnte
Maktin's Mankkt,
Purveyor! to Kpiciircan Tastes.
J. S. GRANT. Ph. G.,
of Philadelphia College of Pharmacy.
Apothecary, 24 South Halu St.
.Vre, n hu has hail La Grippe, seiJ.s
I he following to drain's Pharmacy :
"Lit tie grains of quinine.
Little drinks of rye,
Make i.h uriupe that s got you
Drop its hold and fly.
This mar quickly help you,
If you'll only try ;
Hut don't Hirge't the quinine
When you take the rye."
Kememlier the moi al contained in the
last two lines that is, don't forget the
ipiinine, and get it at Grant's Pharmacy.
If your prescriptions a:e prepared at
Grant's Pharmacy you eaa posit'mly de
pend upon these facta: First, thutonlythe
purest and liest drugs and chemicals will
be used: second, iher will lie compound-
ed carefully and accurately by an experi
enced Prescriptionist ; and third, you will
not lie charged an exorbitant price. You
will receive the iet goods at a very rea
sonable profit. Don't forget the place-
Grant's Pharmacy, S4South.lainstrect.
Prescriptions tilled at all hours, night
or day, and dcli eted tree ol charge to
any part of the city. The night bell will
lie answereil promptly. Grant's Phar
macy, 21 South Main street.
At Grant's Pharmacy you can buy any
Patent Medicine at the lowest price quot
ed by any other drug house in tlie chy.
He are determined to fell as low as the
lowest, even if we have to lose money by
so doing. He h-i7 sell all Patent Medi
cines at first cost, and Mow that if nec
essary, to meet thepriceof any comieti-
He have the largest assortment of
Chamois Skins in Asheville. Over If)
skins, all sixes, at the lowest prices.
He arc (Ac agents lor Humphrey'
Homwopathie Medicines. A full supply
of his goods always on hand.
l'e lluiKombe Liver Pills, the best in
tlie world for liver complaints, indiges
tion, etc.
.4 thoroughly leliahle remedy lor all
blood diseases is Huncombe Sarsaparillu.
Trv a Ixittle ami vou will takenoother.
J. S. GHA.XT, Ph. Pharmacist,
S4 S. Main St., Asheville, X. C
The only exclusive Dry
(ioods store in Asheville.
Clkakam'K S.M.Kof Cloaks,
Wraps, Jackets, heavy Dress
Ooods, Flannels, Itlunkets,
and 1'nderwear. We are de
termined to close out all win
ter tfoods regardless of cost.
Domkstic uoons. Vt e have
just opened a new lot of the
best and most popular
brands of Dleuehings, bheet-
nifjs, 1'iiiow t usinfts, tick-
elties of curtain goods and
household linens.
Whitf. Uoons Larrrestoek
of striped und plaid Muslins,
Nainsooks, l'iques. Embroid
eries, Laces und all kinds of
rANCY noons. ne have
received a new lot of China
Silks, l'lush Ornaments, Tin
sels in all colors, and the lar
gest variety of Embroidery
Silks, Zephyrs, Wools and ev
erything required for fancy
A complete outfit of
Stamping Patterns, nnd
stampingdone promptly.
e call attention to our
novelties in Huchings and
Ludies' Xeckwear, also La
dies' Undergarments of all
Handkerchiefs, in these lines
always a full assortment.
We are agents Tor t, en tu
mor. Kid (J loves.
Hibbons, Dress Trimmings,
.Silks, Velvets, rnnges,
Silk und Metal Itraids, But
tons, Dress Linings, etc., etc.
Ml goods will be sold at one
price and that the lowest.
A djoining and in connection
with our old established Dry
(loods Store, we have a com
plete Clothing and Gents'
FurnishingStoro, where Duu
lap Hots, Mniw.cttun Shirts,
Mother's Friend Shirts,
Waists, and E. & W. Collars
aro are our specialties.
We have no connection with
any other stores in the city.
46 4S BotUt Mtsla Street.
Opposite Nntiouul Dank of Asheville.

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