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Jor Kent, and boat Notices, thrtr
linen or lend, 2rt Cent for
each Innertlnn.
Delivered to Vlaltor. la iif part of - "", ' f
the City. , ' "-' ',.
J. H. LAW,
57 59 61 f . Main St.
Wholesale and Retail
Supplying; Hotel a Specialty
SPECIAL hkpautmknt fou
By ttrdcrof the owner I put on mi'con three
year' time, oniy n nmn Amount 01 ciwn
60 I.ot on Catholic Hill.
Rplemlid mountain view, only 5 minutes
from the eourt houxe, at from
75 $150 ICach,
Acrof-Hnjr to nlie nniHorntinn. WorthdouWle
ml three ttmea the money. iJIwtalndvaiitx
miiae 10 improve tne iou.
FOR WALK 2. 3 and 4 room houneN, well
hullt, with rireplacen.on tante hlH.nproiierry
at HKum and term 11 to auit the imrchaner.
Nplrndirl oporiunity for iieople of modern te
meant to secure or to build a comfort ahle
POM 8 A LB OR TO RRNT 2 lnrKe true
ment houaea. 12 and H roomartiet'tlvetv,on
lincte street. Well adapted for cheup hotel
or noarrilna; houaea.
Moat liberal term irrantrd. Ttnna nndfull
particulnra with J. M. C AMI'UKI.I,.
J an 9 d3m Meal Katiite Drab r.
Waltkr R. Owvn,
W. V. Whkt.
(8ueee.ora to Wa'ter ll.Owyn)
Loan Securely Placed at 8
Per Cent.
Nutary Puh.le. Citmnilsalonrr. ofrireda.
OFFICR Kontltrawt Court Mquarc.
Real Estate Brokers,
And i Invcatiiteut I Amenta.
Offices: 24 It 3A Cation Ave second door,
"b6ardk8 wanted.
Plratnwaceommodntton. In every repevl
and plraannt loeatlon. AtMreaa ur enll ot
10 IIRAKnnN A VI! SI' It,
fellSI lat Near AraiU-my Rt.
One uf the mn.t valunhle bulMlnv 1ul In
theeltr. On Maywnurt Ir'-rt, over (Ml fet-t
front. 30ft fret liaeh, .ftlend d eleatinn, Afl
yard, irom .irret ear line. J. P. K KKK.
Poar nf thnw fine room, nn ttir areund
floor of No, AO alton avenue. A'o one
larm room on the 'hlril flour wllh hlKh cell.
lag. .ultalile for eluha.
MM. L. MrAPRK. Iruatee.
. fthjl d3w Room 4, McAfee Block.
' 1 dealre lo Inform the ladle, that t am now
Crenxred lo do nil kind, of llrramnktntf for
hlulren and l.adle.. Keep up with all the
latrat sty e. Mope to receive the ontroitaar
of the city. All ahall be pleated In atylea and
price.. Reaneetfully,
Atb20 dttr 34d Pattoa Avenue.
An Arlnn ftqnare Plnnn, Rood na new. Will
lie .old cheap. The tntruinnt mnv l-c aeen
t C. Palk'a mnalc .tore, North Mnin atreet.
JanSS dt Adm'r of Howard Wrddln.
A Rood farm of A4 ncrea on If onilny Creek,
eloae to the Mtilphur aptlnva. A goo 1 h"tiar,
two orchard., apple, pca-hra nnd prara.
Two hundred gratia vine.. Rtable., out
hoax, tte, Apply to
(ebaa dlt wt Vernna Hill,
flr at Toledo.
Tolrdo. 0 Prlirunry 21. A fire rnrly
thli murning rieitroveil the tin box nnd
fruit enn fnctory or E. B. BrccltenriilKe
& Co,; K. H. Hnlem-in, elevator liictory,
ml Jm. U. Unrti.junk drnlcr, find Imdly
diimnjied the Fcuple'a Thrntrr, Lnu,
1103,000 ; iniurnncc, $00,000.
A FraltloM acnalon.
IlKLRNA, Moil, Fclirunry 21. The
Montana li'itialnlure ndjourtted lint
nlnht, hnving licen in clon ninety dnv
nnd failed to pnwt n fluule bill. A'.
dretact to the ojlc were iritird by the
republicin wnutorf and the tlcmocnitic
It if midemtood Governor Toole v. Ill
eall fipreiiil aeion to pnai the appro
printion bills nbout the fi rut of Mnv. It in
Id the governor will revogniic the lc
gnllty of the election nf live rt'publk'iin
rrpreaentiitivet from Silver Uow county,
If the United Htiiteiaennti'MntaHittimli ri
nnd Power, thi. dt.ne. thedcad lock end..
nun tnc irKiniiiuun mny proceco, nicsara, i
Mnuinnil and Clark have tirncticiillv
flven up the tight and will return to
Irleng lo few day,
We do not sell Chhai
Dittos cheap, mid if you
uon t oeheve whnt we hii.v
givensn trim nnd be con
vinecd. Our prescript ion de
partment is excelled L).v now
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leading niuiiuinfturingfhcm
ists in thiH country nnd liu
ropo, whose goods for purity
cannot be questioned. Pre
scriptions filled at nil hours
diiy or night, nnd deliver)
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the city. Our stock of Drugs.
I'n tent Medicines nnd Drim-
gists sundries is complete
nnd nt prices ilia t defy com-
letition. Don t foriret T Ik
place, No. 20 S. Mn in street,
where yon will nt nil times In
served uy competent pie-
script lonisrs.
1870. 1880.
Purveyor to intelligent nnd
appreciative Asheville nnd
Aniencnn families, rnlntes
nnd tnstes of people w ho be
lieve in good liviiiii'oumot b
hunibuifued by "Chenp John"
uoods. I heap lcooiIs and
first quality nre not synony
mous, l have in stock nnd
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trn line Assortment ofCrack-
is. Fine 'l'eas and Coffees a
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nnd other lirnmlK. IMiim I'liililiiiR.CnU 'h
Pout Ji'lly, rlc. I'n-wil mid C'rvHinliziiI
CiiiUi r. Shnil Rue in kim. Roc lli ri int
nnd nil otlitx Knodtt. in ili-iiuinil for tin
llolid.i.vK. S. R. KHI'LCR.
We tire
line of
showing u very
nnd nttructive
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North Ride Public Hiimirr,
(Irrrnhnuai-a. So. At L'hratnut atiect h tween
Kw" "TT.n'.rii.rtTlSo".
Cm P owtra,
lc . rte.
and plant lit
Tonnda. drl nn,l wa ka. mnkr
and plant lieila, boidrra rlc. Pruning f tot
ire,- and shrubbery a .nrilalty. I'lean- enll
on u. or ad'ir.as ti. througu the mull til
mill ,ii
urdtr. prouipUji Ulitd. labial dam
Tin- latkst m:vsbywiri-:
Tiii-; I':n.4tic.
The niHcuHHlon on the Worltl'tt
l"lr Hltc CoticliKlt-d lu the
Houhv, mid llfilli llorlli-a Ad
journ Till Monday.
Washington, l-Vliriuir.v 21. SIi.'ATI:
I lie rmiliiciK-f riiMiiiH on tin- lull to
inm-iisc t lie pension ol tolnlly ilisubK-il
IH'tD-i.iiitrH was picu-utcil by Mr. Dnvis,
and wos iiKiccd to niter nil t-xplauiition
to iiiciiiii't, Hint inula-1 lie net ol 1HH0
it had Ihcii nroviik-d that tolnllv ilia-
alilnl penxmm-ra then ilrnwuid $.r0 n
month Khoulil rceeive $71!; that tlieoi
erense tlitl not npplv to thine who were
penaiotieil llicrenltcr; that the bill an
it pnRul the "finite inteiiilcil that
oniiKaion. 1 hat the lioune had nmeiulril
it mi (IB to allow nrrciira of ieinioneiR in
ainli cases; that the coiilmnec was on
that point; that the result waa nr.ieti
vally the udoption of the Rrnatv lull lis
oi finally pasw-d, .No arrears U-ing
The aciintc nroi-criled to the consilient-
lion of hills on the calendar under lilt-
iL'htbrtilr liinoliieeted ensis.lnnil oaased
the toimwiiuj lulls, iiuiiiii); ollicrs:
(nititini; permission to otla-rra anil
nlisteil mill ol the I'uited Stntii nrtnv.
iiiemlKTH ol the Ciueiniinli Aztec Soeit ty,
Natioiinl Assm ialion ol Veterans of the
MeXKVin War, the imhtnrv order of the
I. oval Legion ot the I'uited Stales, anil
it the t.rainl Arniv ol the Keiiublie to
wear lioilcs adopt d by these orders.
Increasing tile Innila ol cost lor pub-
lie InnliliiiKS as follows: San Francisco
(site) to Hll(l,flOO; Saerameiito, Cnl,
loSIKIO.OIlO; i:i I'aso, Texas, to Sllmi.-
MI0; Omaha, Neb., to $2,000,000.
.Makmi; aiiiiropriaClonslor iinlilit liullil-
iiitis as follows: Annapolis, Md., $7fi.-
000; Knnsaa City, Mo., $2,000.0011;
,os AiiL-eUs, (Jul., lailditionnl.l $:i.ri(l,-
000; Allei-liany. I'a.. $'.50.1100; River
alls, I'm.. $fiU,000; Atchison. Kansas.
$100.(100; Martiiisliurp, W. Va $12.1,-
000: Stliiia, Kansas, Sl'iO.OOO; Uainrs-
ille, Ohio, l;inioria. Kim., Ilanburrv,
v.otin mill uati ilinrv. Conn,, $100,000
ach; New I.omlon, loon., $100,000
VouiiKHtowii, Ohio, $100,000. Time
,cr still thuty-three other public buiUI
in lulls on the calendar when that
business was closed. No other business
was disposed of. anil niter a brief ex
ecutive session the senate iiiljotirned to
riOl'Sli. t'non motion of Mr. Ilur-
rows, of Michiu.in, it was resolved that
when the house itiljoiiri) lo-ilnv it lie to
meet .Moniliiv.
The reuiilar order Ihoil' disposed of,
Mr. Iltmkcr, of Mississippi, pioccrdcil to
iililresa t lie house upon the Win Id s lair
lie spoke of the vn-t importance to the
world of Columbus' discovert, which
inai'keil the :ieatst era in history. It
leturveti commemoration. c celchrateil
ceatciitiial in siuht of the hall w here
the Declaration of luilc ix-mlcncc had
Ih-cii ninile. It was appropriate that it
hoiild be celchruted theic. It would
bankrupt the inullipliciition luble local-
male the advantage ol Hint celebration
tous, lie was lor u (vntciiiual celi bni
tiou of the discovery ol Ainciiea. Always
in the old world, seats ol L'ovcrnineiit
id been the plans where their cclchni-
II, nis were held, lie hail aotliini Inn
kind feilinsaiid regard lorNcwi Drk.and
should it licsrleeud he would hail it nt
least us (t eelcbiation in the (jreat metro
politaii city ; and so with Chicago and
St. Louis. Should the eiipital he selected.
so iiitiinntely iileiilihcd with the history
of the ieople, picscntii'i; nil invested cap
ital of over $.10,000,00(1 ju ninf-iiilicciil
public buililinus, just abovv the home of
aslnuulou, w ill ample room lor all ol
the liuililiiisatiil pin posts ol the lair, it
would Ik ft proper selection. Thrcupitol
was ncur the Kiitcwny mid near the in
terior of this count ry'. lleeatiseit wns the
sent of Kovcrnnicnt, Ix-eausc it was uon-
ti tisuii, iKX-ausc there was here no btck-
rmu but it uiiliotial ciipilul wliereallstv-
tious stood tipou nn cipmlitv, it should
lie the site ol the fair. It was the people
of the District ol Columbia w lio.lonj- iie-
mre liny other iieople luitl thought ol it,
had organized a board of promotion oiul
lor lour Unn years had worked earnestly
to procure it,
Mr, Mills, ol Texas, said that the
American iH-ople excelled nil other iieople
in wealth; they were the most inventive;
they Had oulsiripH'd nil eoniiciitor.
Whv had this youiiu people ouisiiiiuH-d
nil others ? It was the same cntisc result-
in; in Hie llritisli H-ople outstrippiu the
iHiiple of Hur'nie. It was been use they
imd shaken oil the shackles ol nvcrii
mental domination in their piivnte mid
Inisincss nllairs, l-'oruitrly the (jovera
ment iiilertercd in the most arliilrarv
manner with individual rights; but alter
the reviiliitioti ol 1I1H8 the people were
Ircc to choose their own volitions. When
this uiivcrnineut was oruniiitcd our lath-
ris realuetl the daiiKcrs of (ovrrnincntid
interleieiue with the icople s nnhls, and
they divided mid dislribulcd the powei-s
lictwceii the States and iniiuieiiialilies
and so mi down until the individual was
allowed the full measure of lilxrly. Hut
for the lust XI yen is we hud seen Utile
bv little tlieeiieroiichtneuts ol'thein nerul
linveriiniciil upon the rights ol the State
till, niter uwlulc.ii Mute legislature would
not iMissess the power of a city council.
1 he meniiH'ts oi the national it-jjisliiturc
were so overwhelmed with business that
thev were iiothiiiK but inniliii) elerksniid
had no time to studv li irislatiou. Ilchitd
opposed the centennial bill us he now op
posed tins pn Meet . I lie L'.ivcrmncnl Had
nothing to tin with lairs. Columbus
never saw North America. This country
was discovered liy the man whose name
beats, and the celebration isalcwyeais
too soon. Hut this was n business mat
ter. There wns something besides patri
otism. Cities come here burraliiiiL' lor
the old Hag and nn appropriation. This
was a proposition to make money. The
liilatleliiliin exposition was a success.
They wanted lit lirst only government
recognition, but finally came lor un up-!
propriation. lie denied that the invent'
ivc genius depended upon government
aid, citing the case ol McConnick, the
i... .li.. ..i' i, .....,i,. A,.,i..,, ...i.:.,i.
ii.n.nisliril the world If New Vork
warned the fair they could organireil on
business pi inciplis us tuey did u bank
and hold it. Suit was wiihChieagoa;,d'
St. Louis. They were business citii sand
knew how to manage business enter-
piises, The upiihlicnus bud been con-
ileiiiuiuu the Southern imtooIc lor dent ing !
to coloied null the rights ol siillragc.
Who hnd disirimchistd colored ineiiinihc
Cured Mt-ntai nucl l.nrd
As well ns the very fines! fresh meats will :
i, , ,i ,,, M,,,,;,,'- Miii-L,, All 14 Itlniii
District of Columbia in the Forty-Scv-cutli
Congress? A republican house nnd
senate and President. They were afraid
to trust colored men to manage the dis
trict but were willin; that they should
govern Mississippi and Louisiana, Thev
had better pluck the beam out of their
own eve hclare they plucked the mote
Irom the eve ol sontelioi v else. In the
district it wns proposed to issue bonds tt
pay off the fair. The people were now
taxed nnd governed to death.
He took it for granted thai the fair
would Ik held, that congress would go
on inlcrlcring with the rights ol ienile
and it would be churged to the patriot
ism of Columbus, nnd he would have to
do us the rest did he would have to vole
lor n site nnd represent his Kople, and he
would vote for Texas' neighbor, St.
Louis. (Applause). It would give his
iieople a chance to go to the lair with the
least exitcnse of money which excessive
taxation left in their pockets. Hliceould
get enough nicmliers to vole his wnv lie
would fix the site in Ins own district. As
it was, he would vote to fill the blank
with the name of St. Louis nnd then he
would vote ngninst the bill altogether.
nir. .Morse, ot Mlissaclltiselts, an
nounced his opposition for one reason
that the proposed exhibition, wherever
linn, would involve a loss to the treas
tiry of the United Slates ol several mil
lion dollars. There were other bills call
nig for large ciqicnditurcs which he ch
aired to see passed first; among thest
were the dcieudeiit icnsiou bill, MIktiI
nver nun unrnor and const deleucc lulls,
Mr. Peters, ol Kansas, sounded n note
of warning against expenditure on this
account uy enumeraiiiig the probable up
proprintious nt the present session ol
congress which he summed up nt 42
million dollars, while the estimated re
sources to meet them only aggregated
ru millions. Ihcse hgi.res did not em
brace the river nnd harbor bill. Hi
asked were those interested in the tin
provenient of our rivers williiiL to hit
aside this bill in oidcr that the govern
ment might expend a Inrue amount on
the Worlds lair? Were those win
wanted I'uclc Sam to erect buildinus ii
their little towns willing to lay then.
asuie r
Mr. Mason, of Illinois I will. (I.iiugh-
Then, continued Mr. Peters, there nn
Iriends of the lllair educational hill
I Laughter mid applause on the demo
erotic side).
Mr. O'Neill, of Pennsylvania, tool
ground that there was not siifficirm
time to carry the project to suoccssfu
Mr. Illaiichnrd, of Louisiana, in repl.t
to Mr. Mills' remarks, said I he discovert
bv Columbus was of a new world nui1
not of n particular part ol it ns had hcei
done by Vespiicius. lie argued thai
the South hud more benefit to exHct
Irom the fair than any other section.
The fair would call I lie attention of th
capitalists of the world to fields and lin
ots otitic South. Constitutional ohjet
lion wns too old and stale to be ngnii
broached heii. New Orleans had sue
cccilcd in her own exKisition mid stom
ready to help the tity selected for tl.
site to make tins fair a surccs. If wi
made so Hior nil cshil.it nt Pans w
should give to the x-oplc of the oh
world an i pixirttinilv to sec for llieiu
selves the resources of this country.
Mr. O'Pcrrall, ol Virginia, said tha
the city of his choice was Washington
where lienuly nnd grnti'!r ..-.ml inagnili
cence filled the eie. Located in a scctioi
whose climate was tinsurpttssed, whos,
mineral springs renewed youth, whusi
sil was li rlile, it was thv'idcal ol evert
heart, designed by, nnd named by, Wash
Mr. Cibson, of Maryland, was in f.ivoi
of one sHit which comiiieuded ilscll li
the plan where national progress ii
wealth nnd grandeur could In It-sl seen.
Mr. Milhken, of Maine, t hone lit tv.
had too few celt-bra I ions Nohodt
would go farther than himself totvan
H'iisiouiug the soldiers; but no class o
K-oplc would more gladly participale ii
the lair than men who caniedlln lla-
anil made possible the lair. Il would In
a grander tiibutc to them than nut
other that could Ik paid. The soldien
would not thank a man who pleaded I In
poverty act here.
Mr. Ilouk, ol Icnnrssec, wanted tlx
Win Id's Fair lit w hich our tvonderiii
wraith, skill nnd energy could In' exhib
ited. To have it any where except at tin
national capital would take fioai i
much of its importance. Here mil
would it have the national iuMiortaiio
and significance that might lie sen
timental in some extent, Inn he pioposei
to cast his vote fir the capital ol thenii
lion. 1-et the nation inherit the build
iugs which must lieconstrueled here lin
the lair. They would be they wen now
needed for public uses.
Mr. Wilson, of West Virginia, siml thai
we had had n series of tenteuuials duo
iug the past fourteen years. Their inllu
race for good could hardly Is-estimated.
They allayed section. d ieelings eiigen
tiered by the wnr. They reminded lh
countrvof the services til the men win
built the government; ihey chnsteiieii
the soil it of one section nnd aroused tin
spirit ol nnlioniil pride in number. Thi.
lair was to celebrate n grrat epoch in tin
history of the world, greater than nut
untioii on earth hud celebrated. It tva
not our material wraith, our great sp
illation, our gieat cities and rnilioiuh
we should show to the old world. Thev
had all ol these. We should show them
the grandest sight on ranh a grcai
nnlion built upon the corner stone oi
lilsrly. It was such a fruit thai
had grown during four hundred
veins that we should show the world
il the exposition wns to lie the great
historic event, it could not lie curried on
by n municipality or corHirnlion, bin
o'nlv by n great national government by
which we had secured to ourselves nil oi
the lila-riirs we enjov. Il necessarily bil
lowed that the only right and pniKi
place for the lair was at the seat ol thai
national government. There werrnmpli
facilities tor the proKr conduct of un ex
IHisilioii tiMin the largest scale we might
establish. The government sorely needed
buildings that would be Constructed.
streets nnd avenues were broad, and
never choked by commerce. The financial
scheme wns clinr mid explicit, would
ensure t he success of the Inir and would
result Id costing the government no
more lor the fair than il il were lictil nut '
where else. Here was no political leel
ing and no jeiilou-ies. livery citiien in
this country would hnve the satisluclion
f knowing that the exHisition was
living cmried on honestly and lalrly,
wllhont injury to u-ny political parly or
sec ion.
Mr. Splnoln naked Mr. Wilson for the
six niinulis time reiuaiiiing to his credit,
Mr. Wilson who bad been about lo
give itway the time tu nnvbody, ex
claimed: "No, l mil idraid ol you,
l.udlca I'.Hiivclally Intllrd
To cull nt CD S. Main st. and see n si rictlv
lirui.i,l,,. mi,. L.,i a,.lonv i Iim (. Iu...i
1 pork uud multuu direct from tbe West,
..... .
Oenernl." (Lniigh'.cr,) nnd reserved
Mr. Vnniliver, of California, nrgtied in
lavor oi nt. i.ouis.
Mr, Carlisle, wished to restate and
emphasize the considerations that would
influence his vote. F.ach of the foureities
was worthy ol llie lair. The exposition
was to give the iieople of the old world
not an insiuhl into our ureal ninuufac
ttircannd iiidustrirs only, but to show
them our great country. Sinnllcrcouiilrics
than this possessed rival manufacturing
estnblishmeiits, nnd were advanced ln--"ond
us in artistic devilopmrnt. We
should show our great rivers and moun
tains nnd prairies. New York was a
great city, hat it did not include the en
tire country. Small l;iiroiean countries
had each a great representative eily, we
had a variety, each differing inessential
points Irom the other. The exposition
siioiiui lie Held at the centre ol the conn
try. St, Louis was the nearest nnd
thicagoncxt. lie would vole first for
St. Loins nnd next lor Chicago. I-t the
nations ol the world imrt upon the
bosom ol the mitihtv Mississippi. lie
lelt constrained however to disapprove
of the bills presented by the committee
which said that congress had no author
ity to hold a fair elsewhere than in the
district ol Columbia or territories. II
dsn opposed the upproprialiou of $1.
,00,000 If n State wauled the lair its
citizens had only to incorporate ihrm
Mivesaiii hold it, so he was opposed to
uic puis reported nnd would vote i
I hem only nl'ler thev had been a mended
lo mecl his views.
Messrs. Kmcy and Wilson. of Missouri
ind Mr. 0 Ni ill. ol Indiana, snokc lor Si
So also did Mr. Ferinnii. of Illinois
Iwho c district lies opposite St. Louis
inn includes hast M. I.onisl ami Mr
I latch, ol Missouri. Mr. (Iiiihtviiite. ol
Ohio, ndviH-ated the claims of Chicaifo.
Mr. Mason, ot Illinois, said that when
u tlinughl of the many things he had to
.iy about Chieagu, and the lew miiiiiKS
ic had lo sat it in.hr felt like the bov
.vho sat in the middle of a sugar barrel
md exclaimed: "(Hi lor n thousand
tongues to do this thing lost ice
l.angliler.) Mr. Mason won iieiiiient
ipplause, nnd kepi the House amused lit
nis wit and eloquence. His ieror.ition
us ns lollows: 1 Here was nuotliei
rent good to llotv limn this
nr. His southern liroi hcis ch.ir,'cil the
cpiilihcaiis with iiukiiiduess nnd loo
vere criticism in iioliticul matters
f hey in turn charged the southern ieo'
ic una some mints, mid partisan int-
erness was amused. II ov could we do
uon lo stop this than by meeting on
oiiimon ground in a common cause;
ome toCHieago, said He. ami see tvlieih-
r the h spiialilv dillered inin htronith.il
ii Ueorgia, Mi-sissiniii or Kcnliickv.
vi id he: "Come and vhouhler (
h. odder touch march to belter iiiuler-
lauding. Come and let the white col
on lu Ids of the South meet our great
'ram helds ol the .North. Come and
viirm tour hearts at the forges of the
'orlh, while we meel out ore of the
viut Ii, nnd with hammer nnd anvil ol
ersonul coniuet let us Is-at out Ik Iter
k-iidship. Come nnd bring down the
hiiiis Irom New Fuglaml mid weave
or all to se the cotton raised on
ur soil final the fast living shuttle
till weave into its web mid wool
new mid belter song proiihitic of n
lew and Utter t'liion. Come, mid 1SU2
t-ill he it mik stnne m ur esia'auce
amous for us mnicn of civilization,
minus for il advancement in ngrieul-
un conitnercc. famous lor its growth in
ir.s mid science, famous lor its p clrv.
ciilimrut mid song; but grander and
filer than all, billions lor leariug down
he walls standing Ir-Iwitii iisiiiiiI diiuk-
ug from the saiueloimlniuof patiiotism.
I c will not add I he couplet 1 P.I2,Coluin-
us crossed the ocean blue" but with
p iiK-r rhvmc mid ninety-two, we will
euninle the gr-i v and blur." I Apiilaiisc. I
(en. Kerr, ol Iowa, mid Messrs. Ilwcn.
I linliaaa. and Spriiigerol Illinois, spoke
r Chicago.
Messrs. 1-ileh. 1-lower. Ihiniihv, Lim
ing. Siiiiioln, Wnllair. h'.iins, I'm net'.
McCarthy, and Fiiniiihuil, nil ol New
rk, again prfssfd the claims ol the em-
loecitv. Mr. l-arqiihart concluded by
flermg in Ik hall ol New Vork $I.1.IMMI..
Oil mid it cosnioiHilitaa i km pie that
mew how loenn lor visitors.
Mr. Candler, of Massachusetts, closed
he de bale in a lew words, sating I lu-
mill ry could safclv trust the house to
'ischurgr its lull duly; uud he In k, for
la t oral lie conclusion upon the ipiestioti
icxt Moiiilav.
At six o'cliwk a recess was taken until
igbt o'clock, the evening sessions lo In
or the cousiilcinlion of private isnsion
Iiifluxlrlii! I.lfv liiMUriiiivr.
For nianv tears tin- inoiecnve in-
liirneesof lilt- insurance ha leb'.-en denied
he laboring cluscs owing to their ni
hility to pay lor ordinary hie m,Iicks.
Inch range Irom one tlioiisuud dollars.
ownrds; but tiiulrr the "Industrial"
liau where in, licit s are i-sunl iiiamoiiuis
I $1(10 and upwards, with small pre-
iiliiins. navable moutlilv, all cIiisms.
vhile and colored, male ami female, can
en ill invest in n Milicv. which ucciiuiuln-
ing Irom the sunt, iM-roiues more mid
uore valuable to its liol.hr every year.
In l-urois nnd nt Hie North, this pl.m of;
ursi introduction, nnd 'n tin Soiilh.
the old and popular Life Insurance Com
panv of Virginia several years ago estab
lished an luditsii ml llepailuient, which
'meting, ns il did, n serious and long fell
waul, has nirt with almost phenomenal
We nre glad to learn thai the company
has dcciiltil to istabhsh an agency in
Asheville, where il will Ik n presented
by our tow nsman, A. K. Oglnirn, Lsi.,
with office in the llnrnnrd building, ad
joining that of Dr. Ilurroiighs.
Wasiiiniiton, Februnry 21. The Pres
ident to-day sent to the senate the fol
lowing nominations:
Post m iners iriginu, Clins. K. Lee
Heiryvilli ; Florida, lid ward C. Weeks, j
Tallahassee; Mississippi, Hem v C. Coil
tin, Natchez; Alabama, Win. T. liwiug,
('adsdeii; C.corgia, Madison Davis, Alli
ens. A in a it named Dickens, of llanlmuii,
Oregon, who had n wife, lirenme Jealous
ol his brother, who was n bachelor; and
when the hitter escorted his brother's
wile into suprr nt n ball, he was shot
dead for his gallantry.
The Western Dressed Href nnd Provis
ion Company have completed their elab
orate nrrangemrnls lor n fi igrrmiug
men's, and alter Tuesday next their pat
rons can have iieular tleinoiisiriilioii of
the rcfiigeratiiig process, ns will us oh.
tain juicy steaks and tender rousts by
culling at their market,
P. C. McIntimu, Manager.
Knnsna Cllr Tender ncrf
Can be purchased nt nil times from Mar
tiu's Market, CO S. Muiu it.
Knvanaiii'li. one of the FtisiH-eted Cro-
niu juror bribers, has been set free, the
prosecution not being able to make out
a clear case against him.
The Huglish missionaries in South
Afrien me lealous ol the success of the
American missionaries, who are greater
in niuiiocr, iietier organized, mm more
eiticieut in work.
Thirteen women and three men have
been arrested for participation in the
l.at broii, Mil, sain n smashing. Thev
submitted quietly, nnd all gave bond for
their appearance at the next term of the
com I.
The steamship Teutonic lefl Livrrunol
for New Vork on the Ulth with 1,100
passengers on board, of whom 2130 were
in the saloon. Among these wns Lord
lorK-tli, who proposes to make n tour
in the I unci! States.
The immense wnlerpnwer of the Eto
wah river, near Koine, da., is to Ik util
ized to generate elect rieitv for Imhts
IMitver for factories, street railways nnd
other purposes. The plant to be put in
is expeeteo 10 generate lite tuousnnil
horse power.
H.-iwes was niinble to fix the guilt of
lite murder ol his wile and little duu li
ters upon John Wyly, who has been dis
charged, iiiidhcmust now be hanged, hav
ing proved liimsi'll even a worse man than
he wns thought lo lie, because he added
K-ijnry lo his unnatural crimes.
lown has drawn up so closely to the
democratic line mnl its House ot rrpre
scninuvcs is now presided over iv a
denn icr.-i lie sH'ukcr. This is the result
ol coniiir'inisr, alter five weeks of si rue
gle, by which the office and honors of
the house are divided lictwecn the par
tics. The wile of a leading politician of Mc-
MvstMirt, i'a., mid Her daughter, were
arrested on the 10 lh on the charge of
stealing irom a drv goods store, A
search warrant revealed nt her house at
least $.1,0110 worth of goods taken from
various McKccsporl stores.
Mrs. Amanda Kigsbv wns found dead
in n hovel in the eastern part of Knox
villi- on the Ulth. Around herdead body
were found three little children, too
fining to comprehend whnt had hnp
iHiictl, living to arouse their mother mid
el nnoring lor food ; for thev said "they
were so hungry.
A negro woman at llirmiiieh.-im. Ala..
shot and killed a noted dcs-H-rntc negro
wiiom sue nail accused ol rot, tang her
hencoop, lie threatened to resent the
Accusation by shooting her on sight.
She lay in miibush for luni mid killed him
when be was passim bv. Will there be
n senatorial investigation?
The Countess Sorottn has iust been re
leased f.om prison in Vienna. Previous
to her commitment, disguised ns n man.
she had wooed and won n pretty girl,
and ihev were married. When llie coun
tess was released she was met nt t Im
prison gates bv the girl she had married,
and Ihey are so much attached to each
other that they will not Is separated.
Homer C. Ilrown. of Seattle, has iust
Ihvii discharged from an insane nsiTutn.
a jury bat ing found him sane, lie has
Iktii confined during the Inst twvntv
.ears in different ost iums in the eotintrv
at the instance of his brothers. They
me all rich, ami the others combined to
xebidc the nnlortiiuate brother Irom all
shnre in the proiK-rtv. Ilrown is HO
tears old.
At Plullipsburg, N. I , n man who had
Iktii boarding with a family named Tat
ar placed a dviiamiie cartridge in the
stove, where il soon after exploded wilh
lerriuie eiieet. All ol tin inmates ol the
moni in which they stood were hurled
many Ice I away mid badly hurl, though
none w ere killed. The house was wrecked.
ami all the furniture blown to pieces.
The irrirtrator of the deed escaped.
Ad old gentleman, Samuel I-'nrrar, Ii"-
ing nenr l-armville, n wns recently
rim over and killed by n passenger trmri.
The Kople ol the vicinity nre indignant
al what luy regmd as criminal enre
Icssiu ss. The railroad men say it was
not their fault, as the I rain was running
only live miles an hour, and the deceased
ciiiihl have siepiKil Irom the track if he
had desir.d lo do so.
Another mutiny has recently taken place
ill Navussu, which waspromptlv out-lltd
by tbe n portion- arrival of the I'uited
Stales ship Ke.irsarge. A large numlier
of the iniitiuccis were placed in irons.
Thev nre nil negriKS. Thev evidently
had not heard ol the result ol the trial of
their predecessors in ciiine by the I'uited
Siaies court at Baltimore, in which three
were sentenced lo dentil, nnd lourlrcn lo
ill:' lei ins in the Albany Kiiilentiury,
Al South Pittsburg. Tenn..nn the Iflth,
n derrick oil the top ol n ISO foot shirt
iron draft stack gave way, find knocked
oil uvo boiler milkers who were nt tvoik,
high above the top of the stack. One nt
them plunged headlong to the earth lie
low nuil lell it shnxlrss mass. The
other caught in some way on the edge
of the slack and was saved, though so
fe"u., .,roHtr .llt.j.
iricjitruid ta.it nc has remained com
Oil, the t'Jlh Host on nnd vicinity had
the rare exikriciicc of n severe winter
thunder storm, dining the prevalence of
which telegraph instruments were burned
out, electric cars torn to pint's and their
passengers stunned, mid lightning struck
the observatory nt Harvard nnd stop
H'd the astronomical clocks. The mer
cury wiih ten tlcgrccc Ik-Iow the freezing
point, and a heavy snow storiii prevnileeT,
interrupted at our time by n furious dis
charge of h.'i'il stones. Ii was a very ter
rifying phenomenon.
The j Trill tied the Light Fnnlnntlc.
A number ol mcmlK-rs nf he Asheville
club nnd their lady friends held a
pleasant dance at the club's rooms
lust evening. Il wns very informal.
Among tbe guests from out of the city
were six society young ladies of Salis
bury. They were Miss Carrie Holmes,
Miss 8. Keslcr, Miss Mn Mnronty, Miss
linker nnd the Mi-ses Webb.
Tito RinoVlub.
Tin Killo Club did not meet yesterday.
The nir was a little too chilly for shoot
ing and the club will hold its first shout
on Monday, Its list now shows n mem
Urslnp ol ten nnd officers will be elected
lit the fust meeting.
Carson's Hook Store is now one door
to the right of Mistolfice.
Strictly the finest ments from Kansas
Citv direct. One trial will make you our
friend and advocate
Martin's Maskkt,
Purveyors to Eplcureuu Tastes.
J. S. GRANT, Ph. G.,
Of Philadelphia College of rfcarmacy,
Apothecary, 4 South Main tit.
Hill ,SYc, tvfto hta hud LaGrippe,ttndi
the following to Grunt's 'nArmacr ;
" Littk gru'ms of quinine,
Little drinks of rye,
Make La Grippe'thnt't got yon
lrop it hold nnd dy.
This may quickly help you,
If you'll only try ;
Hut don't rorx'ri the quinine
When you take the rye."
Remember the motul contained in the
last tn-o lines that is, don't forget the
quinine, and get it lit Grant's Pharmacy.
If your prescriptions a:c prepared at
Grant's Pharmacy you can poiitivelydc
pend upin these facts. First, that only tbe
purest and best drugs and chemicals will
be used; second, they will be compound-
ed carefully and accurately by mn experi
enced Prescript hnist ; and third, you will
not lie churged on exorbitant price. You
will receive the best goods at a very rea
sonable profit. Don't forget the place
Grant's Pharmacy, :4South Main street.
Prescriptions filled at mil hours, night
or day, and deliveied free ol charge to
any part of the city. The night hell will
be answered promptly. Grant's Phar
macy, St South Stain street.
At Grant's Pharmacy you can buy any
Patent .Medicine at the lowest price quot
ed by any other drug house in tbe eity.
He are determined to sell as low as tbe
lowest, even if we hare to lose money by
so doing. We will sell all Patent Medi
cines at first cost, and below that if nec
essary, to meet the price of any eompetU
We have the largest assortment of
Chamois Skins in Asheville. Over 200
skins, all sites, at the lowest prices.
We nre the agents for Humphrey's
llomcvopathic Medicines. A full supply
of his goods always on hand.
t'se ISuncomhe Liver Pills, the best in
the world for liver complaints, indiges
tion, etc.
A thoroughly teliable remedy n"r all
blood diseases is Ituncombe Sorsapnrilla.
Try a bottle and you will take nn other.
J. S. GR.WT.Ph. G., Pharmacist,
S S. Main St., Asheville, S. C.
The only exeluRi've Drv
loods store in Asheville.
Cl.KARANTK SALE of Cloaks.
Wraps. Jfii kets. henw Di-ess
(JooiiM. Klannels, ItlanketH,
and rnderwear. We arv de
termined to close out nil win
ter u'oods regardless of cost.
domestic I iooDH. We have
ust opened u new lot of the
best and most popular
hrands of Itlenehings, ihet
inj?s, Pillow Cnsinn-H, Tick
ings, Denims nnd many nov
elties of curtain Roods and
household linens.
Wfiite ( Soodh Ln rce stock
of striped and plaid Muslins,
Nainsooks, Piques. Embroid
eries, Lnees nnd nil kinds of
Fancy (Ioods. We have
received h new lot of China
Silks, Plush Ornaments, Tin
sels in nil eolors, nnd the lar
gest variety of Embroidery
Silks, Zephyrs, Wools and ev
erything required for fancy
A complete outfit of
Stamninc: Patterns, and
tie tun uiienuun lo our
novelties in Kuchings and
Ladies' Neckwear, also La
dies' Undergarments of all
Corsets.IIosiery .Gloves and
Handkerchiefs, in these lines
nlwnys u full assortment.
We are agents for Ccnte
meri Kid (J loves.
Ribbons, DressTrimmings,
Silks, Velvets, Fringes,
Silk and Metal Kraids, but
tons, Dress Linings, etc., etc.
All goods will be sold at one
price and that the lowest.
Adjoiningand in connection
with our old established Dry
(Joods Store, we have a com
plete Clothing and Qento'
FurnisbingStore, where Dun
lap Hats, Manhattan Shirts,
Mother's Friend Shirts,
Waists, and E. & W. Collars
are are our specialties.
We have no connection with
any other stores in the city.
46 ft 48 South Main Btrt,
Opposite National Baak of Alhrrllh.
. ,V if' t'.W rfi' ) t ,,(. 1. .4 ' wk
".' j,n.,.V" ' i.. 'l.,WM,Wifct,MJnS)Mllil
1 i. ill iiliiaiaai'1 Si n
.ifif maaumtkmamtammiammit

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