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For Heat, and Lost Notice., three
Haas or Imp. 2fl Cent for
each InMrtlnn
Delivered to Visitors In any part
the City.
OOne Month an.
Two Week., or lex ".".".".Soc!
J. H. LAW,
37. 39 61 8. Main St.
Wholesale and Retail
Supplying Hotels a Specialty.
iHhcccmoih to Walter B.Owyn)
- mm a aaai.f.g. If .
We do not hm.t. rni'tn
ORrcjH, but WILh HKLI, YOl'
Dihoh chkai', and if you
don't believe what we say
KiveuHu, trial ana be con
vinced. Our prescription de
partment ia excelled by none.
It is equipped with trie heat
goods tha t money can buv
from E. Merck, E. It. Squibb,
Parke, Davis & Co., Jno.
W yeth & Bro. . and from nt rur
lending mamifacturirigchem
ists in this country and Eu
rope, whoHe goods for purity
cannot be questioned. Pre
scriptions rilled at all hours
day or nierht. and deli VP!'"!
free of charire to miv nn.pt of
I A.1 A i . 1 - - .
kok ' IIH 1 uur HtocK ot Urugs,
..... Patent Medicines and Drug
gists' Sundries is complete,
and at prices that defy com
petition. Don't forget the
place, .No. 20 S. Alain street,
where you will at all times be
served by competent pre-
18TU. 1H89
The Father or the Educational
Bill MakeH a Kick The Houae
Appropriate!! IUIIIIoiih or Dollar
ror Pe.iHlona,
W. v. Wbbt.
Purveyor to intelligent am
appreciative Asheville nnr
American lannlies. I'ni.stes
and tastes of people who be-
Loana Securely Placed at 8
Per Cent.
Notary I'uhilr. Commissioners oiriced.. Heve ill gOO(l livillgCaiinot lie
OPPICK-Wonthcawt Court Mquare.
Real Estate Brokers,
And i Investment t Agents. Fruits,
8ecnnd floor.
humbugged by "CliennJohn"
goons, mean (roods am
first quality are not synony
mous, i nave in stock and
to arrive, all seasonable spe-
-hii urn. iiimiiriMiiiLT in nil IT
Oraimes. Lemons.
(ran berries, Kaisins, Figs,
iuts, etc.
Mis('ll)iiu(tiiM riwiiVdf I U"
FR 8ALB- New ( )rlenns Molasses. fnrtn-
J7: nSr;:.,TdareV.Wr"Wc,.h"rt '21' l ""N 1 'rillie XeW ( rlea IIS
Aioiasses, for cooking. Ex
tra fine Assortment ofCrack-
poi. rent por oppicbs. .-. yiW Teas and Coffees a
Pour of those nnr roAmi am th. .uu. HtUK'inltt'
Innr nt Nil .111 I..... ..... . I '
(trace: 24 At an Patton Ave.
Pnneh Hruad avenue.
dthuftsat I). H
large room on the third Door with high cell.
mi uic mr emu..
M. I.. McAPKB, Trustee,
(that di'w Room , McAfee lllock
All Work Ouaranteed.
Mlllce Meat Gordon & Dilworth'.
and other brands. Mum I'lKlctin. Cnlf V
root Ji'iiy, etc. ITcssfd and Lrvstnlncd
OitiKCT. Shnd K(h? in kita. kocilcrriiii'S
ami nil other Roods in tlrmanil tor the
ilolitl.i.va. s. K. KKI'LKR
Banemrnt of No.
2H Pattoa Avcnne.
We are
showing a very
and attractive
whole on the urgent deficiency Appro
priation bill. The vote resulted 08
to 21.
Mr. Bland, of Missouri, raised a point
of no quorum,
Theapciikercoultl count but 15fl mem
Iwrs present, nnd it call of the house was
onlerecl. I wo hundred nnd thirtv-eijjht
mem hers responded to their names, nnd
then Mr. Henderson 'amotion was agreed
After three houra and a half consumed
WhlHkey and vile Women Cauaed
Hla Uownrall-No I'nuuual oc
currence at the Kxecutloii-A
Wrllteu CbiireaNlou.
snin to mvnile the milm I. u
Cable has made so peculiarly his own
wic airunce putnetic lile ol the Lottisinnn
Creole. The scene is laid in the sea
islands south of New Orleans. Mr.
Hcnrn does not attempt to rival Cable
. "'-I. r. ... vv .to idlll'ITU III I ... I . . . . "
passea, it appropriates $23,050,000, tile jiul yard in this city. The haiiBinir "um"r, or mastery ol dialect, hut
the Inrin-st item U-itiu tin nnoronriiitinii was iittendi-H uith .....: ? many of the passnees tn his book have n
of $21,000,000 tiir the pnyment of pen- cumstnnce, mid aside from the frnrful 7,h""c.bnuy IkI ' li work to
sioners of the war of 1812 mid the Mexi- atrocity of the crimes it would have been ,ll"t.v of a prose poem.
Hooka Lately Received by the I. . GRANT pf. f
Aahevllle Library. J a UKAi, A , a II, Vw.y
Fiction-Chita-ByUfeadisHearn. . f Ph"d"pW' Col"
The author of Chita miKht almost be APotnecary4SontllIalnSt.
HlUMIMr.MAU Aln no ..I
, -. ...... ......... . 4 t ui iiaiv n,jT i
in the discussion on the points of order, three minutes before 1 o'clock this after-
n.v v.'.lllll.fcicc T.IBC UI1U llie Oi l WflR I UOOn K ClinrU K. MHWI'S Wl.a hn...wA
can war. in all resnects comnioniiliir
The remainder of the nl'iemnnn The il,w,m..i m,,
. . r ., ., " ....... v
. viMiMiK-niuun ii tne pn- miner easily, ana tins
vnte calendar, but no bills were missed
and at 5 o'clock the house took a recess
until 8 o clock.
at 7
o'clock he told Sheriff Smith thut he was
ready to eat bis breakfast. It was
urougnt out tie was unable to eat. A lit.'
Washington. Pebrunrv 28. SENATR
neuator Lcorgc presented n (x'tition
Irom the citizens of Labor county, Miss.,
for the free coinnge of silver, mid in doing
u, expressed tne none, siitricn v. i hi, t
suen iK-cuion WOUKI not Ue eonsu erei
evidence of disloyalty or evidence thut
Mississippi had not u republican form of
Senator Hale presented a petition, say
ing mat n was nv request Irom .New
I'.ngland iron and steel manufacturers,
asking that iron, cnnl and coke be put
upon the free list, nnd that the duty on
scrap iron, scrnp steel, etc., be reduced to
jier. cent, ailvulorem.
Senator Morgan offered a resolution
which was agreed to, calling on the
secretary of the interior for information as
to tne reasons thnt have prevented the
vale ol coal lands in Alabama in ac
cordance with the requirement of the de
partment of March 3, 1 H83, and for copies
if letters or pnpers relied upon to justify
the failure to comply with the statute,
Senntor Blnir called the attention of the
senate once more to the dereliction of
the press of the country in not uivinor
sufficient attention to the proceedings in
the senate, and particularly to the im
portant facts spread by hfm before the
senate in his siecch on the educational
bill. He charged imrticulnrlv that the
Associated Press nnd its rt'Dorters fniled
to perform their duties in the matter. Mow; St. Louis, 4 degrees, 4 deimes lie.
.TiiiMLur nun icy snin inut ine As- low: K.ansnsLitv. II li.irm. H t-
ii.iiiuiu rrrHa muijhiil'ii ill npwuiniwn iwmiu, i ...urn nam... i j ......
throughout the eon itrv full l.trt.f ..r.e. Ll. if.. dJ,Z o.f T. .' Li .'"J llnt ' n".v !n,1,lc. a written statement ol
.. .. "M... , w llvifHTl, n I tlltS Whole t IIIIU tmm hnl .n l. II.
Peet of Clny-Bv Amelia E. Burr.
One of the latest novels. The ,.i I
ine story is laid in the Isle of Man.
which hna hitherto been to novel readers
a comparatively unknown region.
Thtysr. i tMelfle.
Cmui.im .
.ISMth.rtJt. 1'rlM.hi.U.
uU '
S3 Main St., Buffalo, N.V. and Inlematloul Bridg, Ont.
tie later Doctors I'erser nnd .nin.'...i,,., I Fated to be Free Bv lenn Infnnn.
the spiritual advisers of llnwpi nrri..i Ammiii:iU.nw..i i .,
at the jail, and from that time until h. I known nun in ...i,.,.i. .u. .i i ...
sheriff called for him to go tothe gallows peculiar theories, in regard to the art ol
tnev flllbeH (..I! n.nti.,1 ...I.l. i.: f. I n.n.J t.: . i, . .
.... ......... ,, n,,,, ,,, ji i ,..vi mtiHiiig, outiiiieo dv uer in tne prel'
Hevere Weather In the Month A
Cold Wave Comliisr.
WAsniNGTUN. D.C.. February 28 The
signal omeeiurnislies
i...n.,; ... .1
'' """I"' . miimrilt IC UUlde 1 s nnoenrann. loni....
temperature reported this miiruim. ........ m. ..i1., , : . . I nn. ,.t .i . ,. , . . . . .
iVnm U'.,.i...... i ..:.: i.. "" "."" "" "" oncnii om in ana Uep- "v renmraaiiie uisioricni
...... wwuiai.i.iti. mniiiinus. A1IS-I till' Nh.-r.lf I II.. .1 . I novp
l.' ....... .u I , - w..,v. iic uDi-viiuvu tncgai-i:
ftbnr-v. 28 -The Iwlorel, it was whispered intheinilyard ti. d .
sthefollowingsml that Hawes was coming. In another The Rmai"f Dollard-ByMuryllart
: , . ,. . , moment be made his appearance leaning -v -nthel"w"'d-
writ tn liw oh
Missouri Vnlev... "ws witli lirm step, and when hereaehed '""-"nt years. The story has to do
liird nl l,.w .,?h , J i. nurtl ."8 F"-' - Hie floor survejcl the crowd in the yard W1 ,h '" hut unavailing efforts ..:
bviu, very carefully. The crowd consisted ol "".'' "rJ and a handful of companions t.
vintovL?- "h"Ut 100 'HO',le' "e,,rlv n" of whom "thstand '.' I'werful Iioouois. who.
w itl fiiele HBi. '""1'""?.- we.e newspupvr men andofficers. Hawes mn than two centuries ago. were deter-
the lowt lemir. . "m'",red W.,U! then called foV two new.pa,r men. one '"' to exterminnte the while inhabi-
fitheTiJi P"'UrS".fW "P'.'-1 of them M. S. Conn, city editor of the "ts of New Frani-e. Mr. Francis Hark-
Corpus Christ Age-llernhLandsnidhe wanted to for '"". '''e historian of Canada, writes a
& Fort's BhSSlVt 3 ! ? writtm.nd book, and L confirm. Uo.
i wmi ine worm, i vinnicrcu u ncro.
r'-C fNihilist-ByStepniak.
the proceedings of both houses.
Senntor Hale directed attention to the decrees Im:Iow
iinercncc net ween tne American press in
j "" "cK-e. is the truth. I want the oroide to heli. .
it, nnd I certainly hope that no one will
p. . . , uiiu i-vriitu
relation to congressional .lebntes, and slowly easlerwnrd with the S KL"ta,h,,",,lll "
."t,. ,r.,'.!to-n"!.hl.,,.,,d Saturday, produc- He told ttie sheriff he was ready and
was nujusiea. lien
press in the Valley, and from Tennessee jwuth ward drawn around his neck 7 ton tiJh reeonled us actual fact
Bciiiniivi-B 01 1 inniuun Aianama. ai ississinm. nnii hn.t. i i t.: .- . . . . --o
.1 I J. I I " ! -. - - .-- l r.,... - IIUU 1111
the Bnglish press in relation to parlia
memory debates and Senator Hoar ing in Wisconsin, the greater partof Ohio the noose
I.oIhI rf u A I
: i - . . j . . : rr - auu ill. iiti-a- iHTi'iin ici vruw nn 11 ut.is
I'lLuaiiiiK Kfiiic wmicii ucrcntrH nnn nr. rn i .niitsmtm h rwL ur 1. i. . "
ivering ihem to empty bncl.r.. known 7. ; V i 7.-,."7 M0Kn,!a nc "' ' ."" voice, "I
.... - . . . 1 w. ..,v . VIIUI- rfltl HUH I hi. mtui f,tf n C... -
The interest which has for some Hm,
ieen manili'Sted bv the nnlilie in ..
ihing Russian, has renewed u fresh siirii
ulus from the latest production of tin
celebrated Russian ngitntor. He np
liears thi. time in the uttianf A....'....
tho' he can hnrdly beexxcted to invent
anything more strange or terrible thnr.
If your prescriptions a:e prepared n
''rant's Pharmacy you can positively df-
ixndupun these facts: First, that only the
I'urcst anil best drugs uml chemicals will
Ik userl: second, they will be compound-
American nut ho, ""i- una accurately by au experi
enced I'rescriptionist ; and third, you will
not he charged an exorbitant price. You
will receive the best goods at a very rea
sonable profit. Don't forget the place
Grant's Pharmacy. 24 South Main street.
Prescriptions tilled at all hours, night
ordiiy, and deliveied free ol charge to
any part of the city. The night bell will
lie answered promptly. Grant's Phar
macy, St South Main street.
Humorous Said in Fun.
At (Want's Pharmacy you can buy any
Patent Medicine at the lowest price quot
ed by any other drug house in the city.
He are determined to sell as low as the
Senator Blair t rented Mr. Hnle's re
marks as a personal allusion to himself
and declared hisdisregnrdofthracnntor's
nnueniloes or "other endues.
Senator Blair said that he had received
tins morning u letter, one of mnnv such
...it. - --w . - inn .liinu mi. now lor i
hi vf! "" ma.y !, He again turned to the,
,V'ei. v 1 T' Vi'' tlanVC St!' 'Thii has iH-en brought
during Saturdnyand Sundny.aftcrwhKh key nnd vile women. '
the temperature will recover slowlv
Frosts of some severity will nrohablv or.
eur Hiirino the ...... lu l,.,r. K. :..
. ; , : 'i . r. ..uuia uiv in-
.i.iiiiiiiniiiiK iiiui me Associated rress tenor portions ol Ceorgia, and possiblv
and the newspaK-rs of the couiilry failed in Northern Florida, und thence north-
"" rvpin. in mc iiiiportani eastward ircrzing weather with increas
mattera of the debate in the senate ns ing severity may lie expected. In Cnli-
wiiuiii uroiHTiv niiorin tne tieonie touch. i inrnui nm s.. mi ri... H .i.. ... .
ing the nffairs in progress. He read the cold spell is one of the severest ever
r hi ijui.iion, which come irom I itts-1 Known. Killing trusts are reported nt
burg, asking him to forward bis address the southern end of the San loniiuin viil-
m the educational bill, and stating that ley. In Northern Oregon, Idaho. Wash
here were hundreds ol thousands of ington. lUnh and Southern Colorado ii
atopic who would lie ulad to read ihe is from 3
icuinr, oui who i, .in no means oi know- oelore recorded at so late n dnv.
crowd and said:
about bv whis-
Take my advice
. ."!";.l'"";ut,,"n "rJ'.'.,",.nnrt witicisms lowest, even if we have to lose money bv
by tne late Philip II. Welch, and ....i...
mented bv iin unpublished sketch. The
book is illustrated with mnnv designs
irom lending American artists, and the
:rJ'L.t'LSl:n.r n.Al5?lmr' Prer royalties arui,,g from it. saie will la
f'"!. ii.li nv nr. oiuni-iicer iitwt I , i.um..H i. i ...... i
so doing. He will sell all Patent Medi
cines at first cost, and below that if nec
essary, to meet the price of any conipeti-
We have the largest assortment of
Chamois Skins in Asheville. Over 2an
ing what had la-en said. This, said
Senator Blnir, is but a specimen of the
general complaint throughout the coun-
ry. that the press, to which the senate
urnisht'S privileges, and I but the Associa
ted 1'ress, whose reixirter ha. the orivi-
lege of the door, fails in the discharge of
lkii, ,,fi.i hi,,,, nun 111 vuiiiirvLiiin wiLn
I have had occasion, he said, to advert
to this in relation to the matter which
and others had collected, with great
Ttalrtv-Meven Dead Bod lea Found
an Far.
'RK8COTT. Ari.. Februnrv 28. A miner
returned yesterday afternoon from the
Walnut drove dam. While there he in-
the black cap was pluced on the prison- family
er's head. I
The sheriff descended from the millnwc l-ncle Kemus His Somrs nnd His Snv.
and adjusting the roiie which was to pull mgs Hy Joel Chandler Hums.
the lever und spring the trail, he counted I As 1'ncle k'rmm nm.l. i l. .., :..
"one, two, three." The mnn who pulled of a delighted public quite a numlier oi s'"si " '. at the lowest prices.
the roH! was hidden from the crowd and yenrsngo.it is hardly necessary to call
unknown to every one. There was a attention to anew editionof his'mmintlv We art the agents for Humphrey's
sight pause after "three" fell from the humorous songs nnd sayings. There i's t. ...... P
shcrilT bps and then the trap fell. probnblv no one book extant which con- """,r""""'c Medicines. A full supply
nc iioiiv snot downward six leet and lams Oct ween its covers such a compre- of his goods always on hand
rehnilnHed in tlienle Titan. ...... t. I u.naiu.1.. 1 .. I -
,. v " it, ..uj piiuiuKnipiiic view oi tne loik
iigin miivuisiona, tne muscles ol the I re oi tne old plantation,
legs and arms contracted a little, sway- .jj, ... ...
mil ceased nnd at the e.,,im.i,,n f Unddyjake. the Runaway.
Itllttiil lli.u.e. u.na ......... J A I A lllte edit inn f( T!n..l. Vl.n.... AU I
....... . i uumiu until, i ; - ... ...ue 1 1 1 p i v 1 1- i . .' , M .
The confer,"''''! wln h Hawra wrote is hnt ali.iica. wherein the venerable dar- ' '
in w mine naiids ol his lirotlur nnd a I "r-Y appear.) to nave lost none of his
woncienul gilt, ol narration and inven-1
Use Buncombe Liver Pills, the best in
the world for liver complaints, ind'ges-
gentlemnn of this citv. and thev will dis
Mise of it for the benefit of Hawes' little
son. The statement is supposed tn be a
terviewed Captain Hunt, late o! the I'ni. I true account ol the crime. Hawes ves
ted States army, who was on the watch 'r,ay told one of his spiritual advisers
with Supcriiitcn lent Brown when the that while he never c.-nnmittcd themur-
ffort. ns Iwaring on the merits of the d"m Rnve wn"' Captain lluntsnys that ,k ,,jm!'; "e gmlty as the per-
important matter known a. the educa- 1,1 thc 'iy preceibng twenty men, all
lional bill, and I wns so unfortiinnte or w,'. couln ,w vrel. were emiiloyed
fortunate, as the case may I. to receive ,n ""'aiing ine waste waterway to in-1
a pretty lilieral iiewspaiar cuducllinv in 9naHe lls capacity. The hrst sign of a
consequence of so doing. But 1 have ,, wn . ,1",I'P"'K a large steel
not onstrvea tnat tne press lias taken I . . 'e niiuuie
1... . : .1 : i-1.: f I nl tile fl.im uvilh fltw l.,...li Tl.i
....... .....,n, ...an niur
son who diil thc killing, for 'he had paid
for the work.
W. P. Taulbee Herloualy Wounded
hy Charlea Klncald.
Wash iNi; ton, February 28. In the
corridor ol the house this alternoon ex-
The Doll'. House-By Hcndrik Ibsen.
A translation of one of the Norwegian
dramatist', most popular plays, prefuced
iy mi interesting account ol his life.
Ibsen is u realist in literature, but not in
the sense tuat Zola and Dnudct are real
ist.. He should runk with Tolstoi, and
is rather a moralist than an artist. The
ideas to which he give, utterance are
always forcibly, tho' sometimes rudely,
expressed, and go to the roots of social
A thoroughly leliable remedy for all
blood diseases is Puncomhe Sarsaparilla.
Try a bottle and you will take no other.
J. S. GRA.XT.Ph. (?., Pharmacist,
St S. Main St., Asheville. N. C.
By vtrtat irt a deed of tro.t .seemed to me 1J.. v,f
hj A P. Laacv on the 87th day of March. I""" Ol
1WH. to secure the payment of a note men.
tlonrd therein. ..id deed lielnnilulvreKlstcrrd CIIIC Dl APk
la the Roai.ttr'. olHec of Buncombe county flllC DLMbN
in nuo. is. paire sue or Mnrta-aae Keconls
I will atll for cash to the hlsheat bldderat the
court hoaw door in A-hcvllle on the Isi day
"witHintn., ini.iiqwwia iot. nieniitmeu i
SreTt:t..,Von.nu,etMTh!.. arrivals). All mf3ei
. T. NlMMIiY,
mart dl .at Tru.tre,
OtHce of
Asheville, X. t' Mar. 1, tsao.
We hart taken the new store, Xo. 43
Patton Avenue under the Opera House)
mnd wt art now laying in a full and com
plete lint of Genet al House Furnishing
Gootls, Tinware, Woodenwart, Stoves,
Heaters, Ranges, etc., etc. We also ha re
a full stock of Plumbing, lias and Steam
Fitting Supplies, Wroueht and Cast
Iron Pipe, Hath Tubs, Boilers, etc., and
especially the liner qualities,
in new and desirable wears
and fabrics.
Also a nice line of
Colored Drea Material lu
all Qualities
For early Spring wear.
II 1A ' .. 1
" " "'""y Dry Good.. Fancy Goods. Not ion.. Cloth-
We art agents for the "Rovaf (ia
Machine, and we will be plens'c to give
estimates for their introduction into Ho
.f. n ll: i :ii ...
rfs. aswwiiHijfm, .uiifj, ell.
He nope to be formally oiened in a
short time, at our atrangements art rap
klly Hearing completion, In the mean
time our stock is coming in bright and
fresh and we will take great pleasure in
showing you what wthavt.
All our goods art marked in plain fig
ures and art put at such prices as we be
lieve will compart favorably with those
of the larger cities of the 'country. We
win carrr many lines ot tine goods, so
ing, Shoe., Hnts, Caps, &c.
A full line of Ziegler Hros.'
Shoes for Ladies and Chil
but the reader cannot help thinking that
not been seen since. The first survivors capital, near the southeastern entrance the South." Willi which the book closes, isll (Iri'SS fabrics lit tlm lnvv
Bi to arrive in I'rcscott reached here ye. to the building. Tuulhce woi shot in throws a strong light on the .ufferingr ii eis hiui l( s lit tllP IOW-
J, "n!' M,'l7",1,1?"' ,,cn J''l"i Hardin, Ed. the head and hi. wound is serious. He mid privation iu Southern home, dur- tht l)tlKsilili nrii-uu
Davis and illiuni Kusscll came in. All wn taken to hi boarding house. ing the war. pohhiuie pi lies.
nv interest in t heeirenlntinn tF I lie f,.,
The pre has constantly intimated that '""d "i""'1. and he said it seemed
ilvmiuin r( nll..,....i ,i..ii. ........... as if a ball of fire wns shot from it. The
. i.i: ii i. . nevt iiislf.nt llii t.tu... i.,iil,.l ....J : I i".. T... .11 i...i .
puunsning sucn important matter. I V " ,: i..,-..., . 1 vu,iKi,eiiuiii uuunr wii. snot tnrougn
er than the renort. ni' nrire C1..I.1. seemed as ll the entire dam, contniniiiu I the head bv Charles K'incuid. the rorres.
and dog fights, is that my speech was "'iiety tnousana ton oi ruck, moved pondent ol the Louisville Times.
not entertaining. I did not nsk thepubli- "'ily away at once. The roar ol the Both men are talented Kentuckinns
eat ion of the iieeeli Imt ..1 ih. i..i. water and thc crindini; of the boulders and the trouble wns einivil In- the ...
hearing on the merits of the question. w" oeaicning. congressman pulling the correspondent's I hey owe much to the artist' touch.
1 am not ncn enough to distribute them Vs '""K iu u. warn uiose ai nose ior piioiisuing certain statements in .Not the least interesting is the iutroduc
generally throughout the country, al- w". ""'! 10 "' so regnru to mm. torv account of "How 1 got Them."
luoiigu, 1 nave sant many thousands ol "" "it..iihiik iiii"ihiiuu, iin 1 1 11c .iiooiuig occurrru just outside the I 1 he w ar Diary of n Tnion W oman in
(louurs in so doing, and tins would have
liven unnecessary, had the press not been
as I lalieve, muzzled and intimidated
and In se to Its trust in that reenrd. "" iniiini kuhscii came in. All was taken to ins bonn inc house. itur
I ll.ive lieen t.ilil hv a ..... . I Ol them WCIX more Or leSS Itrilisi'd from I Kitlcfltrl wn. llrreMleH nu.l 1..,!.. !.. I
paper man. that the AssoriateH Pres. KlimPing strep lulls to escape the llood. New lerscv nveiiue nobrt station, where ,"c5""ry imm Kcscue, a told in
representative on this floor, does not J"hn Hurditi gave his i-xiM;riciiee as fol- he is charged with nil assault with in- Btn"lcy Letters.
transmit and has not transmitted to the '" tent to kill. Kincmd is a slight built, in- i nose wno nave followed the great
press generally nnv. or s. nni lv nnv oi l "I was camped on Hnrreil creek with I offensive lookiiiL' man of nlmut .15 ver I African explorer in his Inst and moat tier.
the facts, which I have placed before the three other. Some time alter midnight of age. His father wn formerly Judge 'lus cxiieditions thro' the Dark Conti
senate, and which should have gone be- w5 were nwnKcned dy n deafening roar. I in one of the Louisville courts, nnd his nc"t will welcome the storv ol his udven-
fore the people in order to effect its jumped out ot Ded and veiled at the Inniily is one uf the het known in Ken- ture n told in these letter. The onlv
judgment. other, 'the dam ha bioken, run for lucky. fault to lie found i that there arc not
In regard to this great question, on "r "VCT- "c rencneu mgn ground I auiiwe is nlmut 311 years of age nnd is more oi tnem, nut the reader may be
the contrary, the papers have been filled ftm.lnv' Wnvc" at least sixty fei-t high tall, sinewy nnd strong. He represented flcd by the statement in the preface
witn laisenoous ana lies and misrepre- '"; ii n wnagone. i ne ins-1 one or tne mountain districts ol Ki n-1 " more riHooraic iiccoiini ol theex
entatinnsof agravecliurncterbenriniion tnuce between the blnfla nt this Hiint is tucky in the Ibrtyiiiiith mid fiftieth con- Pfdi'ion will In? prepared by Mr. Stan
.1 I filwui, un li....rlMJ .....1. ..,.1 . I ...... I .... I 1... ... 1.1. . ... i .
ine merits oi tne question. I lint cannot .,, , , in no uuu ine ivuier i k11-... I nJ " nim 11 to r.iigiiiuo
De nn accident. Thntcannot bcexcusuble. "" " ajraee mny icta deep, a Huge
The press, which is our only medium of u't weighing ten tons, in front of The Prohlblllon Town lale.
intercourse with the people, owe it to "nr w" Jepi nwny, nnn next dav Chattanimh-.a, February 28.-Four
tne people to disseminate information ""vui live nines in senren thousand people are wildly clamoring
which i brought forward here. It doe 2' the bodic and nw no truce of it. for lot at the new town of Hnrrinnin,
not do so. Of that, I complain, and I S"'e umber had been left on a high bluff fifty mile north ol this city, on the Cin-
produce tin letter which I could follow '"V ,. "' -"mns lire oemg cinnntl Southern railroad.
tin with mnnv ntlirn. in iliiim mi the mnoc oi tuts ami men llontid down
press fails in answering the want of the ',Tc"m t0 wncre. the bodies are found
SpriiiLr (ioods are daily ar-
Strange True Stone of Louisiana By I Hvillfff, mill We sllOW a benU-
v. n.vauic. i ,f ... ....
One of the best production, of Mr. '"UI ,llle of Sltin0S, Ging
Cable's facile is?n. No doubt the stories i. . ... ,
as true as he would have u lalieve. I III1II1M, 1. 11)111108, lllte (ioods,
. t.. 1 .1.!. . i. . I '
Kinbroiderics, Fancy Silks,
Brilliant incs and other styl-
H. M.
of how 1 became a well man. Addr
Rureka, Humboldt Co., California.
feh37 d.1t
Several year, ago I was severely III with
the above disease, and m told hy my doc
tors that I could never recover But as I wa.
young, and not wl-hlnir to oas from this
that you will not be compelled to eo out I earth for awhile, and alio desirous of areom-
of town lor anything you may need in pushing mim Rood fa my chosen profession,
our fine. I took the case in my own hands, with the
Our Plumbing, Gas and Steam Fitting renult that to-day I am a. well and my lungs
Department is under the direction of a a. free from the disease as the strongest man.
competent foreman who is conversant Now any of my brethren, If you wish to be.
with the principles and detailsof modern come healed of your trouble, send IS and I
Sanitary Plumbing, and has a corps o will, by return mall, state full particulars
ante assistants.
The Roofing, Tinning and Architectural
Iron Work Ihpartments art under the
direction of two of the members of our
firm who are thoroughly practical in all
the lines of business wt follow.
Wt will cheerfully furnish plans nnd
specifications needed by you, and fully
guarantee all work entiusted to us.
our prices will ne put at such hguiesas
will enable us to do the work properly
and receive a fair compensation for the
class of work done.
We believe there Is room for us In Ashe
ville, and that we will not be disap
pointed in receiving a share of your pat
ronage. We want you to teel nt homt in our
,ori d whether vou buv or not vou
will he alwayt welcome, and wt shuiitry
to merit your confidence.
. i . Yery ,ru(' yours,
The Intter are laring buried where found.
I inrty-sevcn oodic have la?cti recovered.
American puunc in thut regard. It t
not complimentary to the American peo
ple to tell them that thegreatmnssof un
important, often times more deleterious
matter, with which the borne of the
ZT : " ..ni f Dr.oreen Think. lheCov.rnn.enl
.,.. .... ...v nni.inuil 1W1IC UC.irC, I
The press should not cuter, it seems to
me, to the worst side of humanity, even
At the sale yesterdav 278 lot were
sold lor $150,000. To-duv 100 more
lot were sold for $350,000,' mnking the
total sale for two day $.1011,000. Lot
sold lo-tlnv for ns much a $210 a front
foot. The excitement is great. The
town is ns yet a barren field, with a
score or more ol temporary frame shnn
" wi.i..sri.i wun ... , ,.
I rrnwn oi tuinni.r. hi .... . . .......
ASIIINGTON, I-ebrillirV 28. A nilllllwr Intnrs seemril tn lie .uml it... ..!.. .
if it supplies it owner with a little more of larsons interested in postal tclcgrnphv city will loon be there. The ante enntin.
cash. assembled in the room of the house post tics to-morrow. Lot were knocked
After some further remark, by Senator I mee committee this inorning to listen I down on the first bid in rapid succession,
Blair and a brief defence of the new- "".fvin Green, president of the the promoter of the town exnressimr n
Newell la Conaut ceneral al
Apia, Mamoa InlandN.
Washington. February 28. Harold
M. Srwell, nominated to be consul gen
eral nt Apia, Samnnn Islands, was con
firmed by the senate yesterday afternoon
in executive session.
Both the nomination nnd ennfirmnn
tion of Sewell are remarkable. Srwell is
a democrat nnd wns consul to Samoa
during the Cleveland administration, but
was recalled by Secretnry Bavnrd. The
WE CALL special atten
tion this week to our large
line of Rubber (ioods for La
dies, Misses nnd Children,
also Umbrellas in Cotton,
Scotch (lingham, Satine,
Gloria Silk, pure all Silk,
with elegant and stylish
handles. All new designs
from the cheaHst to the best
Ii I. . .. n ...... u as recnnea oy
I :rJ;..e. i,::..'":' New York Sun says that "hi. return to
Samoa will la? the best xsihle guaran
tee thnt American interests in the islnnds
are not to suffer under the operation ol
the new treaty."
desire to keep down reckless prices, but
to no avail.
Nomination Confirmed.
Wasiiinoton, February 28. The sen-
Alaaka Fnr Heal Co. Defeated.
$5.00 1
W. K. T. B.
A hny about fifteen ve.n nlrf
mart 2t
Apply at
Hendry lllock.
palters nnd nn explanation of their mcih. "csiern i ninn irirgrnpii company
od. by Senator lluwky, the matter wa. '""tmastcr (icneral nnamnker with
drooped nnd the reaolutinn lieret..r.ir. his nssistiuit, Attorney Oviicrn Tvner.
offered bv Senator Call in rrlrrrimr in ih, (Inrdner llubliiird, and the represent a-
land, in Florida claimed by the Florida tives of the different telegraphcompanies,
central ana I'eninsuinr railroad com- I
pnny, wns taken up, discussetl by him nt
much length und referred to thc commit
tee nn public lands.
Thc dependent tension
tnkenuti. Senator Duvia.
nenaion committee evrtlnineil thnt it vm those ill the 1'iiitcil States, thev were
the ame bill verbatim a hnd passed coml l,c,cd " tt l. He presented the
tne senate in tne inst congress, ana una ." uinuesuc com- Cinr.mi I7elirne ou u .. i...l. , '. '' v
failed of the action of the house. Alter panica had 18,000 stations and handled . ..., "."Z .',".,, U.ncktnn, to-dny approved the bill
annually n .v .. r.ii::... V . r "' " V nistnciing tne ninie, rive out ol
i. . '.. . i sic iif-iiiiv i 'iiiirmeii ine iiiuiiwinir ti.m
ir. i.reen neiran nts remarks nv rt is. i : ' .,, , .A .. I i...: t..h , :
eussinu the me. it. nnH -l,,..,.. 't .u. ""'! rticnnru u. iianks, collector ol ""-V.1 l "'" '. asing lur seals
:. r, -....... , iv rnstnnis. Norlollt nn.l O.i.i.m...... k 11. . I UPOn tne islands Ol St. I'mtl hmH K.
liurooean nivrniinentnl trleirmili .....:.. .: '.. ....... .......... m..., ,., . . rr" w'
u tcm.'nndlfe.aZff 1 W' "' M' ltmnster of Jackson GefR. AIn-ka, for n ,x?riod of twenty
?n bilj wa then tcm. a ml he sa hat while in some l. Tcnn nm, P, n!&mithmnt tUfKrynor of year, from May l.t, ne'xt.
is.chn.rmanolthe J ";! t 'eir c h lower than census Third district of Tennessee.
A NEW LOT of lG-button
length Kid Gloves, new
shades. Also a large line of
Fancy 0ood,IIosiery, Hand
kerchiefs. Corsets. I)nminri
Wasiiinoton, February 28.-Secretnry L, , . . ...
Wmdom ha directed that a lease be uOOUS, llOUSchokl Liliens,
mnntown Wools, Zephyrs,
and materials for fancy
mate with the North Amrricnn I'nm.
mere compnnv of New York, nnd San Qllilts, Counterpanes.
KrnileiO. I. I.lslns. (lreai.U... fn !.. I ' '
now Twelve Inchea Deep.
Tho Redlalrlcllna- Bill NlKned.
Annapoli. Md February 28. Gov.
Senators Davis,
went over without action.
Plumb ovrr ' million mrssngr
nicssngcs in the rest of the worli
l.........nM I.U
Mcl'herson. Vest und Moodv. the bill against fi3,000 stations und
two person to represent the United
State in the international conftrence nt
Madrid in rclcrence tu industrial pro
perity wn passed. Alter nn executive
session the senate at .05 adjourned till
the world. The Western Union controlled
tcu-clevenths of this business. It stock
was hcltl by 3,fi50 jierson in the United
State and 1,141 of them were female.
Ur. Green believed that the United States
government had nn business with the
management of the trlcurnph, It could
mimlly a u., Vir, t KT i i i districting the State. Five out of sin
7,300.000 falling. The local signal service of the congressional district of Mary,
rid. Thev IT1"!1 ,.,!,?; t'ie torm extend over land are now by common consent given
niilenoe cif Northern l lino.s, Iowa. Wisconsin and to ti e democrats. 8
ent t r .t . . -1 h n A om e.M U .. .. I. If a 1.. ..a.l.'l ' ?
l lie nouse oui ior ine appointment o '"". ""'" V," Michigan, the heaviest fall heimr at C.rn
Bay, Wis., where it i twelve inches deep.
Ladies' Hats,
Driving Gloves,
Caps and
Waa Coming.
lanoranl of What
Bsn.or Commercial,
When Corporal Tanner exclaimed: "To
hell with the surplus!" he enulH hnv.
not manage it so cheaply, it could not hardly imagined that ns powerful a lob-
Vounc Lincoln Better.
London. February 28. Master Ah.
ham Lincoln passed a fair night and hi
condition tin morning i a little improved.
and Harris' Kid Gloves.
Heady Made Underwear in
fine and cheup Muslin at pop-
i . . ,, e .i : - - .., i . i . fc.,Mi inn ......v .....i nn jiiwitiui n lllle
HOrSB. After the reading of the do It lietier. n..,i nnn. nt tk. ...t... .. ! i, h.,,i,i ...i....i 'i. u..i.i...
journal Mr. Henderson, of Iowa, moved telegram hnd asked it. to enforce his eminently patriotic scnti-
Cured MeatM and Lard
A well a the very finest fresh meats will
Ih? found at Martin' Market, SO S.Muiu
Strictly the finest mcnts from Kunsna
Citv direct. One trial will make you our
friend and advocate
Martin's Markrt,
I'urveyori to Epicurean Tastes,
Ladlea Eapeclalljr Invited
Tocnll at SO 9. Main St. and see a strictly
nrstonss market selling the finest he
pork nnd mutton direct from thc Writ
P. C. Mclntlre, manngerof the Western lllar prices.
Dressed Beef and Provision Company's
market, know the superiority of refria.
crated meat. He keeps only thc beat. WIIITi ara.j-w-i
Kanaaa Cllv Tender Beef
48 nmln
tin s m nr, ou o. Main st. i Opposite NaUonal Bank of AsbrvUlc.
. -J... . V,:
mbtiiliiw i WlasaasliniillaaJi I ttotiiihafha sasiaaa

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