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y iL - l .
Drlirerrd to VUitort In My part
the City.
Ownc mnnm o ,
Two Wcvka, or hw 30c.
11 '-'piece Dinner Keta, new rireoratione,
I $10.
KA-pieee Tea Sett, S3 Mi,
10-plece Toilet Sen. $3 8(1 anil $ IK.
Brown Bramble dinner Ware attwothlnla
price. For Inatancc : an lift Dinner net for
All Hllvcr Plated Hollow Ware at
25 Per Cent Discount.
I will dmilicate all hllle of Northern I'oueea
tor Crockery, Olnaa and Cutlery.
J. H. LAW,
57. 59 6l . Main St.
ASllKVlt.l.H. N. C.
Waltfr B. Owvn,
W. W. WMT.
I Siircraaora tu Walter U.tlwvnl
Loans Securely Placed at 8
Per Cent.
Nolury t'uu.tc. Commissioners oflK-eri..
OFFIl'K-Houtheanl Court cVquare.
Real Relate Hrokcrs,
And i Investment t Agent.
0CT. : 2 20 I'atton Are. Second Door,
All Work lluaranfecd.
HHttrmrnt nf No. 2H
U h2H dim
'utton Avenue.
By virtue of a deed of tru.t e.eeulcd to me
by Uccn and wile, Mxry I.. Uaeen, to
cure tirnrae A. Khutord In the payment of
the lum ot One Hundred llollnrs. with Inter,
eat thereon from Krptcmlier the 21.1. tMS'.i.
at the rate of eight cr cent. icr Hnnum. I
wld eell at public auction, to the hiahr.t bid
der for cah, at the court house ilo r In thr
city of A.hcvillc. N. C, on Mon-iay. the 7th
ilay of April, IH'Ml a certain tot of and on
the pub Ic rond leading; imm A.hcvillc to
Waync.vlllr. adioiidnK fund, of H. H ohn
ton and other., i-cafnninK on a whitroakon
a rldice northwest of lliincomtic turnpike
road hading trout A.hrvlllr to Waynraville.
about four mllra from the court hoiiNC at
A .he villi-, an I run with the line o the old
Murray tract of land aouth 3t dearer, wot
I a pole, to a stake ; thence loulh u dr.
arece ea.t 2n pole., cronlng 'd turnpike
to a .luke; Huncr norlh dcM-ree. cn.t IN
poles to a ftakc In K. 11. Johnston's line:
thenc.- with K. B John.ton'a line north htl.
degrees weat it2 pole, to the lirKinnum,
beinK the tract of land conveyed to J i).
Uuren by T II. Ilendriche, bv dcid dated Au
Itu.t ik.'ihh, rrirl-ter. d in k 7. pngr
of the record, of oecd., to which .aid
died reference la h. rcuy made for a more per
fect deai-rlptloa ( .aid land Thl. ti e 4th
day of March. Ittoo. W. V. TUNSKNT,
marSdltwtt Tru.tce.
By virtue of a deed of truat eaccnled tu me
a. truatec hv K 1. Lance and annle C
Lance, to fccure Mary I. (Jiircn In the pay
ment of the .urn of Two Hundred and Tv.rn-ty-l'lve
ollnra. with tntcrrat thereon from
July the ilath, IMHfl, at the rate of eight per
cent, tier anr urn. I will sell at public auction
to the hlibe t binder lor ca.h. at the court
houee door In the city of A.hcvillc. N C, on
Monday, the 7th d y of April. IWmi, a cer
tain lot ol land and building, therein, situ
ated In the aald city of A.hcvillc. on the wot
at 'e of Bailey atrect, hclng lot So 12 of the
Plat of land la aald city known aa Shelby
ark, and bel it the aame lot conveyed by J.
B. Boatle and wife and C. I). Wanton to P.
A. Mumner, by deed dated Hcputnhrr the
tilth, 1MH7, and by the mid P. A. Mumner to
Mary I.. Oneen '-y deed dute.l July the nth.
imnu HiihM M ur I., (lueen unrl I. O Uuren
to Nannie C. I ancc - y deed datrd July the
24th, tnn, end rcltcnd n Bonk 67, on
paice 14 of the record, of dreda of lluncnmiie
county, .o nai' n .,, ,.-,, ,
for a more perfect d.crlpilon of ralil laud.
Thli the 4th day of March, A. '. J';"
r. A. HI MNKR,
narSdttw4t Truatre.
rrltl'STIili' SALB.
By virtue nf a mortanire deed c. ecu ted to
aa bv Ueorare Whitehead on the l.t day ol
Vshtuipv. lHuti. to aeeure the nnvnient nf a
note mentioned therein, .aid mortjtnue being
duly rctrl-terrd In the nhlce of the Register ol
Deed- of Buncombe countv In Honk No. 10
at oaae Ilo of mortunae record., we willaell
fnr r.h to tl-e hiuheat bidder at the ourt
houe door In Aahevtllr on the 7th dav of
Anrii. iauo. the two l..ta In the town of kv
land Kprlnxa Noa. 8 and A, In block numbered
14 In the town of fkylund Hprtnifa, accord
In to the original Plat of the anmc. the anld
lota mentioned In .aid mortgage Thl.
March, inuu. P. W. WAMi'K,
marft dlt wHt
S5-D0LLARS !-$5
We will irlve Plve rto'tara tothrier.on who
Sue.Bc. nenreat the numlter of CnPnr. laun
errd durinii the week en.iInK March Nth, at
Tbe Model Steam Laundry,
17 Pattoit Avenue.
All peraona having laundrv done to the
amount of 20 c ut. will be entitled to kucm.
The flrat correct guraaer will art I'lve Dol ar.
hnnld two or more ieraona during the anmc
hour arueia nllke, and neare.t the correct
number, the Plve Dollara III be equally di
vided. We have recently made anmc change. In
Jr Laundry. We have aeiimietentiincl prac
tical Laundryman In charce, and are now
prepared to turn out ork eunl to the very
We ua a trial and lie convinced.
T6 ORlriRlllARfil I6QTH ROOMSr"
With opea treplace. Can be had ht apply
mar 4 dlw
W. K. T. B.
We do not hkll Cheap
Ditr8 cheap, und if you
on't iM'lieve wliat we hu.v
ji'iveusa trm. nud be con-
vinci'd. Our prPHcriiition di
artniiMit i exi-Hlfdhy noni.
t is HnuipiM'd with the boHt
KooUh thnt money run buy
from K. Merck, K. It. Squibb,
rnrke, Dnvm Jfc (., .Ino.
Wyeth & Hro , nud from other
Iwidiiifr maiiufnctui'ingr'hem
intH in thin country nnd IOu
rone, wIioho u-ooiIh for purity
cn nnot be (lUCHtioncd. Pre
Hcriptions filled at all hours,
day or night, and deliveivd
free of charge to any part of
tne city. Our Htock of UrueH,
Patent Medicines and Druir-
ftistH' SundrieH in complete,
and at prices that defy com
petition. Don't forget the
place, No. 20 S. Main street.
where you will at all times be
served by coin potent pre
scriptionists. 1879. 1880.
Purveyor to intelligent and
appreciative Asheville and
American families, ralntes
and tastes of people who be
lieve in tfoou Iiviiilt cannot he
liumlunnyodhy "Cheap John"
roods. Cheap goods and
first quality are not synony
mous. 1 have in stock and
to arrive, all seasonable spe
cialties, comprising in part
Fruits, Oranges, Lemons.
Cranberries. Kaisins, Kiirs,
Nuts, etc.
Miscellaneous ( honeO.Iv.
New Orleans M ol asses, for ta
ble use, Prime New Orleans
Molasses, for cooking. Kx-
tra line Assortment of Crack
ers, r me i eas ami oiiees a
Milter Mvnta iiirilin & liilworth'i.
mill other lininils. I'lum I'liililiiiK. Cnlf'f
1'imt Jfllv, etc. I'rniwtl and Crvatiilizt-d
Ciliiyer. Shiiil Hoc in kit. K(H' lUrnticK
.tiid nil otlicr fjonris in (li'ninnil fur tlir
llolulavi. S. K. KKI'l.I.K.
We are
showing a very
and attractive
line of
: : ::::: :: :: : : : :: DRESS MATERIALS,
(new arrivals). All grades,
specially the liner qualities,
in new ami desiraoie wears
and fabrics.
Also a nice line of
Colored Dresn Material In
all Qualities
For early Spring wear.
Pry (iodiIh, I'nncy CihhIh. Ntt ittua, Cltit h
intf. .Slioca, 1 1 it to. Cnpa, &r.
A full line of Ziegler Hros.'
Shoes for Ladies and Chil
Anvnne Indrlited to the e'tate of th late
W R. Muimy will plca-e let it lie known hy
cnmlna forward and ai ttllnK. Anyone hnv
Iiik a clnlin oxcilnM the e.tatc will prraent
aame for pavutriit on or befi're Mnreh the
4ih, 1NU1, or thl. notice w ill be p i nded In
bar of recovery. Thta M-mh 41 jmo
mnrA d2t wrtt ' Admliil.trator.
A fine T-ronni houae on Hill alrei-t, with all
Improvement., water In the kll.hen nnd
aewcr coiincctlnna. . , )' '"' K"
mari d2t v andlliler Honac.
Httieel llie Proftaaora.
Kalamazoo, Mich.. March .-Twenty
masked students of Kttlnmaino College
seiietl Professor Ferry and Trowbrttlge.
bound them hunt! anil loot nnd left them
in an open field two miles Irtimtiiecoiicge
Saturday night. The matter is being in
vestigated. Woriia ThlnK Coming;.
Loul.vllle Cuurler.Touraal.
if : uun mi iilinir Joiiurcfsionnl
seals, the republican party would not In
to bad. The stealing of congressional
scats, however, it only preliminary to
plundering the Treasury.
Winter Tribute lo Florida.
Arcauia, Fin., March 3.-The weather
here is the coldest it has been lor veats,
A heavy frost formed Inst mgiit, ami if
several inc
the streams
The Ohio River ami RlHlrtK Ma
ny I.lven In Oatiiter.
Cairk, 111., March 4. The Ohio river if
now over lift v milra wide tit this point.
It extends from the Cairo level, which
holds it banked up forty fret above the
lower water mark in Kentucky, till it
trikca the hills, there forming one solid
sheet of water except for the narrow
trips of rock-bound earth upon which
the Mobile ami Ohio and Illinois Central
railroads run south. A mile below hen
it joins the Mississippi, which in turn ex
tends into the Missouri, another fifty
inilcH mnkiiiK the combined width of the
two rivers about 300 miles. The current
is terrific and brings cjreut quantities ot
lienvy drift, making navigation icrilous.
The ferrv boat Three Slates made two
trips to tast Cairo yesterday and one
up the Mississippi to the Missouri, res
cu iik people camped out on ground
which they supposed was beyond the
reach of the flood, but which was being
rapidly submerged. At Puducah, Ky., 511
milemip the Ohio, there is much uneasi
ness. The city is not protectrd hy th
levees as Cairo is, nnd in 1HH2 it flooded
lo a depth of six feet. Already water
has reached witnin a lew feet of the door
ol the Richmond House which stands on
the river front, and two great tobacco
warehouses are flooded Ten thousand
hogsheads of tobocco stored in them
were removed Inst week. On Sunday the
marine ways were eom)ielled to suspend
operalions lieeause of the flood, and the
stenmer ltllewild, which was ungergoing
repairs, had to be let down unfinished.
Hnlclde of a Man and HIM Wife at
Mtlllwater, Minn.
Stiixwatkk. Minn., March3. August
f.roth, ol South Fifth street, murdered
his wife Bertha early this evening and
then committed suicide, a raior being
used in each case. Uroth left a note, indi
cating that to-dav his wife confessed to
him Hint in 1H83 nt llomern, in tier
nianv, a policeman had srduced her while
she was the wife ol'Croth nud he was
here trying to make her a home. No
other explanation for the murder a. d
suicide oi double suicide was given. It
looks as though the deed was mutually
agreed upon. About 7.30 both parents
kissed their three children, telling them
to go to bed, and that if they had to live
with strangers hereafter they must lie
good children. The parents then passed
into n front room, anil soon the children
were roused by a suspicious noise and
called a neighbor, llolh parents were
then found on the trout room floor well
criug in blood and dead, n razor lying
near the husbnnd's right hand. There
was no sign of any struggle. An inquest
will lie held to-morrow.
They May If Ihe citizens) Will Bat
luvlte Them.
Washington, March 4. The followine
invitation has Ih-cii sent toeachof tin de'-
cgates to tbe linernatioiiai Ainrricumen-
lirence liv Secretary lil.illic iiirougn inc
executive officer, Win. E. Curtis:
Sir: The secretary of State desires me
to present his compliments and to say
lhat the citizens ol the Southern States
are vcrv anxious that the delegates
should visit that section iR-forc reluming
to their homes, and have forwarded
through him many cordial invitations.
He also enrnestly desire the visit shall Ik:
made, and hits directed me to invite you
to participate in an excursion similar to
that given in October and Xovemlier last;
to leave Washington immediately upon
the final adjournment of the conference,
nnd to return here two or three weeks
thereafter. As considerable time will be
required to make the necessary arrange
ments' 1 beg the favor of an early accept
ance. As Ituportant IteclHlon.
Kai.kii-.h. N. C. March 4. The supreme
court yesterday evening decided a most
ituportant case Hint ol Keiimonn against
the town of Tarboro. The point in
volved was whether or not the section ot
the constitution which provides that all
taxes levied by any county, city, town,
or township 's.inll be uniform and ml
vHlnnm upon all property in ihc nme
except proiKTty exempted by the consti
tution, including money, credits, invest
ments, &c, r whether it applies only to
Iinrticulur subjects which may lie selected
it the legislature fortaxation. Taecourt
holds that it includes nil solvent credits,
investment, money, cite. This overrules
the case of l'ullcr' against Kuleigh, ren
dered ome years ago.
Mnn'a) Cotton Review,
Skw York, March 4. The Sun's Cot
ton Review says:
Future were a little firmer in the morn
ing hour in response to a stronger report
front Liverpool, but wcululion was
sluggish nnd price weakened. In the
last hour, however, there was renewed
strength on small ort receipts, and the
rapid reduction of stocks in tbe Southern
markets through the free exports. It wits
remarked that the oiarration of the cer
tificate system in connection with our
small stocks gave strength to the valuts.
Cotton on the spot wu very dull, no
ale luring reported.
MuflrerlMK) of BrlllMta Troop.
I.oniion. March 4. A dispatch from
Calcutta give the sickening details of
the stitlenngs oi uic nruisu inm m
united in the Chin-Lusia expedition
Notwithstanding the stringent orders
...i..r, oilied from the Indin office respect
ing snnitnrv precaution the health of
the troop snows no mnicnni nnpro,c
mcnt. An iuipiiry has been instituted by
the Martinis of Landsdowne. The
ii-i'mv ill India ha alio lent u corps ot
physician to the front to see whether
the extraordinary mortality isdue merely
to the malarious nature ol the climate or
to neglect ol nccessitrv precouiions.
Jumped for Their Live.
Richmond. March 4. Near King's
Mountiiin, N. C, on Sunday morning,
the third aection of a freight train on the
Richmond and Dnnville rnilroiid, run
into the rear part of the second section
composed of four caboose ears loaded
with train bands and three freight ears.
Scy.n car and locomotive were piled
up nnd the car burned. Ten prriim
were more or less injured. The engineer
and firemen of the tclcKopitig trains es
caped oy jumping.
One Hollar Reward.
We offer ONI! HOLLAR reward to any
one who will show us n poor sack of our
FLOCK. Hay Asheville Milling torn
tinny' Flour and you are sure of getting
I.adlen Kapeclally Invited
Divri.or.H THE WORK
That'H What the Wennte Wants lo
Know-Reporters to be Proceed,
ed Aisln.l for Contempt To
Meet Again To-Day.
Washington, March 4. Five hour
this afternoon behind closed door the
senate discussed the subject of the execu
tive session. Mr. Uolph, from the
siecinl committee charged with the duty
of the investigation of the leaks by which
the proceedings of the executive session
liecame public, submitted a lerie ol
resolutions, the preamble to which re
cited the progress thus far made by the
committee, nnd directing the committee
to again question A.J. Hnlford nnd ('..(!
Bnin, representative associations, ard
Messrs. Outhcridge, of the New York
Herald, S. Eckendorf, of the New York
Tribune, and lepuy, of the New York
Times as to their sources of information
nnd upon the second relusal to answer to
proceed against them lor ct;'empt.
These resolution, it is said, were su
IMirted by Messrs. Dolph, Wilson, ot
Iowa, and Harris, ot the special com
mittee, who are reiairted to have argued
that it was incumlient upon the senate
to vindicate its authority and dignity by
this course. They read extracts Irom
numerous editorials and dispatches to
show the necessity for the proposed
Senators Moody, l'ettigrew and other
are said to have taken strong grounds
against the adoption of the resolutions.
Mr. Teller offered as a substitute for the
resolution of the committee hi resolu
tion promised last spring lor the con
sideration of the executive nominations
in niien session. In this, he wassupportcd
by Sir. rinlt. who with Mr. Teller,
has for several years been un advocate
of the oK:n sessions. Mr. Hlnivhiirn.
who has heretofore expressed himself in
favor of the abrogation or modification
of tbe present rule, is snid to have ex
pressed the opinion thnt as long as pro
ceedings in executive session arc held to
I secret hy the rules of the senate, the
press ought to rcsiect that rule.
The debate was continued developing
into a discussion of the whole question ot
executive sessions, and adjournment camt
at 6 o'clock without a conclusion being
reached. It is understood that the dis
cussion will Ik- resumed lo-inorrow, Mr.
livarts to speak upon some legal points
In '.he course of dt-hateit wnsdevelnKil
that Somen; the stipiMirlcrs of the reso
lutions held the opinion that the recalci
trant witnesses were guilty nf sedition in
defying one brunch of the legislative de
partment of government.
The Went point Terminal and
CoaHl Line will not CoiiHolldate.
K.M.Kiiiii. X. C, March .1. A general
officer of the Atlantic Coast line says
here is no truth in the statement that
the West I ' 'in t Terminal is endeavoring
to secure control of the Atlantic Coast
line. The Atlantic Coast Line is on
friendly terms with the Terminal, ami
they Have made no overture for either
the' purchase or control of the Coast
line. The bills introduced in the Virginia
legislature to consolidate certain roads
is intended to checkmate the West Point
Terminal company, hut as a separate
set of officers have to be circled for each
of the roads under the present charter.
and each has to lie owraleil separately,
which very greatly increases the exn
ol management, it is to put them under
one net of officer, and thus reduce the
operating expenses, that the bill is intro
duced. Accidentally Killed.
Nkw Ohi.ka.ns. March 4. Ferdinand
Jacobs, 16-year-old sonofCharlts lacobs.
a prominent merennnt oi tins my, was
siablird to the heart this ufternoon hv
lilli Adams, aged 16 years, and died a
lew minutes later. The geuetal testi
mony of witnesses, as far as ascertained,
is that the fatal blow was dealt a'-cidi n
tnllv, and while the bovs, with seeral
companions were at play. The we.inn
wns a small pcuktiltc, aim tne wounu in
lie more than u puncture.
The Ureal Cigarette Truat.
Ralkirh. N. C, March 4. A special
from Durham says it is now un estab
lished fact that the great cigarettemanu
laeturiug concern of W. Iuke. Son ci
Co., has sold its plant, us in (act have
all the other large cigarette factories in
the country, to the American Tobacco
Company, which has ncnpitalof Sfi.tiou,
001). to continue the same business. The
Durham factory will be continued under
the old management.
Mlrlke ofilwltchraen In Plttuburg,
PiTTSHt-RO. March 4. Sixtv wilclr
men employed in the I'ittsburg and
Chnrtirrs vards of the I'ittsburg und
Lake Krie road, struck this morning lor
an increase of wage Irom $1.1MI to $.'.ln
and $2.20 for day and night service re
s(Ki'tivcly. Freight trallie is obstructed
and passenger train tlciuyetl.
Mynterlous) Fire.
St. Lofts, March 4. There was n mys
terious tire in the deserted Hunters
house this morning at 'i o'clock, which is
now being investigated. I lie tlamnge
wna liuht. owinu to the prompt action of
the fire department, but Cliiel Lindsay is
outspoken in his opinion that the blaze
was incendinrv, and enntionul develop
ments may follow.
NlhlllNlH Itlacovered.
Loniion. March 4. Dispatche have
Ik-cii received here confirming last night'
report that a rendezvous ol Nihilist has
lieen discovered on I tit nil island. Among
the proer!y seiied is a printing press, h
Inru-c (iniint'iiv of Nihilist pamphlets, nnd
a store ol dynamite and guiiKiwder
bombs. Arrests continue to Isr made in
connection with the discovery.
Brewer's Nuccesutor.
Washington, D. C, Mnrfh 4. The
senate to-dav continued the nomination
of llenrv C. Caldwell to lie I'nited States
circuit luilge for the IJiglith circuit, to
succeed' lire wer promoted to the supreme
Bond OnTerlmis).
Washington, March O.llond offerings
to-dav 410.700 accented: $700 four anil
a hulls at l.OHVs. ten thousand four
offered at 1.23 were rejected.
Home Manufactories).
Kiiiinort Home Maiitifactorie hv buy
ing theirgood. There is no better Flour
made for the twice than lilectric Light
Flour. Ask your grocer for it and take
no other.
Kaunas) Cltv Tender Beef
Can be purchased at all time from Mar
tin Market, ou a. mam si.
To Be Built at Cliattanooira hy the
Roane Company,
Chattanooga. March 4. It was learn
ed yesterday, from a source which cannot
be called in question, that the Konne
Iron conuinnv is preparing for the in
vestment of hundreds of thousands of
dollars, which will be the means of pro
ducing a great boom in the iron industry
of Chattanooga district. The money is
all ready, the plans are prepared and in
the hands ot the company, ana tne work
will, it is reported, commence at on early
tiny on one new furnace at Rockwood.
anil possibly two, the object being to
Have tnese lurnaces turnisn tne aoutnern
steel mill of this city with ore. The
Ronne Iron company having concentra
ted its work nt Rockwood, has quietly
...iichused the rich coal and iron fields of
that lection, until now nearly every
knowu iron oronerty is either tie prop
erty of the company or leased by it.
The work ol converting this raw ma
terial into ore w ill commence in earnest
with this latest stroke of the Roane Iron
company, nnd will fairly revolutionize
the iron business of the South. The sup-
olv of ore is inexhaustible, and the
greater portion of the iron will be used
in Chattanooga.
In this connection, it is nlso learned
that the Soul hem Steel works, success
ors to the Roane Iron works, of this city.
will, within ten days, commence the
work nf remodeling the mill lor the pur
IMiseol manufacturing steel under the
Martin Sciman oieu-henrtb basic pro
cess. 1 lus work ot remodeling uic mm
will reuuire ubout six months, at the
end of which lime the steel works will
os;n in full blast. The reliable informa
tion ot the niHjve movement oy tne iron
and steel works of this city and district
will he hailed with joy bv thousands nf
people. It means that before next tall
two or three thousand additional iron
workers will find employment here, the
business of the cilv merchants will re
ceive an tniH'tus that cannot lie received
Irom anv other source, nuniirrn ot tnoti-
vmds ol dollars annually will lie added
to the inanufucturini! capital of the cltv.
and the proof will lie more evident than
now that Chnttannoga is. in reality,
that destined great iron and steel eentci
of the South. It will also inevitably re
sult in the establishment of various man
ufacturing sites about the city, ol iron
and steel working concerns, among
which will, of course, Ik- the contempla
ted steel car works, rail works, etc.
Freltthl Mecllons) Thunder Into
" one Another.
Cmari.ottk. S. C, March 4. There
was a tcirihlc wreck on the Richmond
and Danville railroad some miles from
King Mountain early yesterday morn
ing. The second division ot a irrigni
t ruin had stopjied to unload several car
loads of lumlicr, and a llaumau had been
sent out tosignuldnwiithc thirddivisinn.
lu.i niter the rlaimiaii had U-en called in
and the train started it broke, leaving
the caluiose and three freight ears in the
rear. The caboose ears were crowded
with railroad hands going to work on a
hrulL-r. Before the ll.ictiuiu could again
go out the third section came thundering
along and dashed into tne cars, in an
other minute eight cars with the engine
were piled up in a heap with small blazes
of fire licking out from half a dozen
places. Several men were pinned in the
wm-kuce. mill it rcniiired htroic work to
cut them out before they were burned.
All were, however, rescued, nut ten per-
ion were injured. The engineer and lire
man in in md ant) escaiad imury. The
cats ami engine were all burned to ashes.
Twas) More Than He Could Chew.
Sot'TH Pittriu'RG. Tcnii.. March 4.
Wm. Martin, a pattern maker lor the
Tennessee Coal. Iron and Runway com
pany, met with a singular death here yes
terday morning. While eating breakfast
an intoxicated condition he tried lo
swallow a piece of steak two inches Midl
and six inches long and was choked to
death. He ha a family in Nashville.
Fatal Quarrel.
Coi.runt S.O..M.trch 4. Owen Oshnne
and S. W. Heplennuer quarreled yester
day at noon at a Kicn street workmen s
lioiirdinBi house, when flshauc w hipia-d
out a long knife and fatally cut llfi-
lettnuer in tne lung, i ae victim win nm
recover. Oshnne wus arrested and is in
prison, claiming he committed the net in
sell defense.
Want) More Money.
Nitw York, March 4 It is tisscrtcd
that Nellie Illy has seveieil h rconniviion
with the World owing lo a disagreement
with that paK:r as to the increased sal
ary she was to receive after her return
from her trip around the world. The
statement is denied at the World office,
where it is said that Mis I'.ly i on n va
cation. The Cherokee strip Opening.
Kansas Citv, March 4. The Clolsr'
Winlield, Knn., Kvial say: "There is
eonsiilernbleexcitenaiit in tins part ol
the country over the prosiect ol tne
Cherokee strip oiiening, and every move-
mentis wimn won .
boomer are already on their way to the
Mode Craay by Christian Science.
Hi.oomisc.TuN. III., March 4 Mrs.
Mollie Smith and two sisters, Julia nnd
Km in n Harness, of Savbrook, have Iktii
brought here and placed in jail. All nre
violently Insane as tne result oi ine prac
tice ol "Christian cienee,- wiuen nu
lieen tnught and practiced at Savbrook
some months past.
F.rt-ctlUK the Oallowa.
Cmami.kstiin. W. Vs., Murch4. Work-
men are busy envting the scullold upon
which 1-elix Mimpi win lie iningcii on
Kridnv next for the brutal murder of his
two children near this cilv last fall. It
is not definitely known whether the rxe -
cutinn will be private or public,
Invited lo Chicago.
Chicago, Mnreh 4. Mayor Cregier,
chairman of the drlcitntion ol representn
tive Chicago aniens, lias extrmteii an
invitation to the congressional World'
Fair committee to visit the city and in
siiect the various sitrs suggested for the
The Best on F.arlh.
What are vou luivlng for your FLOl'R?
The Asheville Milling Co.'s ROLLI-R
K1N0 FLOl'R, the la st on earth can U
had at moit any grocer' at $t!pcr barrel.
Strictly the finest meat from Kama
Citv direct. One trial will make you our
friend and advocate
Martin's Makkkt,
Purveyor to lipicureun Tustes,
Hlntnry of Handsome Harriet Iru.
ry and the Bee lu Her Bonnet.
Nkw York, March 4. The past history
of tin handsome cosmopolite. Miss Har
riet Drury, who was committed to the
Insnne Asylum nt Flatbush, last week,
from Mme, De Saussup 's home for girls,
has been unraveled. She is 33 years of
age and is the daughter of Erastus Drury,
a prominent citizen of Fond tlu Lnc,
Mich., who died fifteen years ago. Her
mother died in 1K82, and her property,
which is of considerable value, is in the
care of A. (i. McDonald. In the spring
of 1 SMI, while traveling in Kuroie with
some companions, Miss Drury's
hallucination of a phantom lov
er, to which she had lieen for
several years a victim, obtained such
complete ascendency over her that her
mind gave way anil she became irrespon
sible, erratic and violent at times. After
an examination the wns committed to a
ctlebratcd institution for the insane in
Uremen. Through the interlerence of the
I'nited States Consul she was shortly
afterward released and went to the home
of her aunt, Mrs. .Sicrgc.i.ul l.iiuiel, Md.
She got it into her head, alter a two
mouths' residence at Laurel, that her
aunt was her enemy, and sue Icll the
house and was not heard of again until
she turned up at Mme. De Saussure's
house .ind applied lor u home. Miss
Drury has a hall brothe-, H. II. Drury,
at Grand Knpids, Mich. She has ulways
been a devout Protestant.
John J. O'Connor Is Hurled, nut
Show, up Later.
St. Lons, Mo., March 4. The local
press is puzzled over the case of John J.
O'Connor. It wns claimed that he had
died; his bodv was identified at the
morgue by hi wile, who hud him buried.
A few days later it was claimed that
O'Connor was alive ami that his wile
had la-en mistaken. Now there is every
reason lo believe that O'Connor was
buried in his own larson. O'Connor
Saturday night stated that the grave in
the cemetery is empty, and he exhibited
a cut half way across the abdomen. Hi
is of theopitiionthat he was really buried
tnd that his 'lodv was taken up nnd
conveyed lo n dissecting room while in a
state of susK-ndtd animation, and that
when the first incision was made it
caused a flow of blood which restored
him to consciousness. He slates that he
went to his lodging house Monday even
ing, and thai he knew nothing more
litis il Wednesday night, when he found
Himself seated on the court house steps
in a dazed condition, weak and si k.
Neither RodvTranaarlsaiij tireat
Amount ol Husiuesa,
Washington. March 4 SI-NATF..
The resolution ode ed yesterday by Mr.
Voorhecs in regard to leasing the Fur
Seal Islands in Alaska to the North
American Commercial Company was re
ported brick from thefiiiuncc committee by
Mr. Morrill adversely on the ground thai
the treasury department hail ahead.
made a lease, and that tbe eoiuiiiitlee
hnd no power to interfere in the matter.
The resolution was itidthnatelv post
poned. The senate nt I o'clock pro
ceeded to the consideration of executive
business. At .'.;in the doors wcrenpened
and the senate adjourned.
HOI 'SK, The diction case occupied
the entire session to-day and hail nol
been disposed of, when at O.lltt it ad
Tried lo Rob a Hank.
Riiigkwav, Pa., March 4 An attempt
wns made to rob the l;lk County hank
here Saturday night. Ilutglars cut
through the solid walls of the building
and were working at the vault when
they gave up the job. They were
Irightened away. They left n numl-erot
their tools Iving about he place. When
the bunk wasoa-ned yesterday morning
I he clerk discovered about lour feel ol
the wall removed, and the biick. mortar,
etc., seanercd around. The vault con
tained $.riH.ililii which wus found undis
turbed. Tbe attempted robln-ry was
nude by experts and cnustd a great
sensation in the place.
Two Women Old II.
l.FlitNos, Mo., Match . At Franklin,
this countv. Thursday night, while Con
stable Hanlev and liepnlv Lindsay were
guarding Juliu s Moore anil William Doh-
l:ius, wnoin iney nircsic'i on suspicion oi
setting lire to the dwelling of Mrs. John
Rue, two young women. Swan Luthrom
and Kelly Smith, enured the mom nud
held the officers w hile the prisoners es
enped. The women were arrested.
A HI! to Wsnnniskrr,
Kit.ltvlltc Atncrirnn.
There are a great many coiiiteni ne
groes in Pennsylvania, Mr. Wuttama
ker's slate, and Hood reiiublicans, too,
Why don't he try his hand in making
sonic of them postmasters? It will lie
... . , , w.,r f p,.n.
. lvvuljH- The n-pubhcaii element in that
,nvt. ,KT), imi), ,vjK ,or aoitie
,jnll. tn K.t s nit hern twople an ex ample,
.' :
Clin IhlslteTrneT
Chicago. March 4. The News this
murium! savs: Strange us tne t iro nist
tion mnv seem, rumor has il that an
linglish or F.uropcun syndicate has in
view the obtaining id the control of the
World's Fair, lor the profit there may In-
iii it. Hnron lidotiard Rot hschild is said
to Ik- in this country to make a pre
limiiiiiry survey ol the grounds.
He Carries Out ills Threat
Hostos. March 4. Oeorge Francis
Train left lloston at midnight for his
trip around the wot Id, yv Inch he expect
i to compiric in amy oavs. . mm
i will be Ilia first slopping place. From
t her he will go directly to Tnconut and
1 thence across t he Pacific ocean to China,
1 AieMinMiTiiiTwavrPaih
Kansas Citv, March 4. An tillicer of
the regular army stationed a1. Snncnrios,
Arizona, wires' that the Apache are
again committing dt preilatious.
Look Alter four ttyes.
Those wishing to Ik- nicely fitted with
fine K-bblr lens will do well to call on
Prol. Ilushiiell at Ravsor Smith drug
store, liye examined fret of chnrgc, j
emit I
P, C. Mclntire, manager of the Western
Dressed Heel nnd Provision Company'
market, know the uH.-rtoriiy of refrig
erated meat. lie keep only the bct.
Cared Meals nnd Lard
A well as the very finest fresh meat will
lie found nt Mania's Market, 60 S.Maiu
J. S. GRANT, Ph. G.,
Of Philadelphia College of Pharmacy,
Apothecary, 4 South Main St.
Then an Srxerflo.
fa-aulatif . .sum. S .
.UnnrMrMlln. Tk.-r.r.
.,t.,.lli-ipU-k I rU,L U.
I,r Mi, b 4r afUU r tr
ArnaaM va-a
55 11 tin St., Buffalo, N.Vs- Hid liruvntttonsl Brio-, Or.
fj. 8. GRANT.
your prescriptions a:c prepared si
Grant's l'harmacr you can positively de
pendupun these facts: First, that only the
purest and best drugs Mild chemicals will
he used ; second, I hey will he compound
ed carefully mid accurately by an experi
enced Prescript ionist ; and third, you will
not be churned an exorbitant price. You
will receive the best goods at a very rea
sonable profit. Don't forget the place
Grant's Pharmacy, 24 South Main street.
Prescriptions tilled at nil hours, night
or day, und delivcied free ot charge to
liny part of the city. The night bell will
lie answered promptly, Grant's Phar
macy, 114 South Main ttreet.
At Grunt's Pharmacy you can buy any
Patent Medicine at the lowest price quot
ed by any other drug house in the city.
He ure determined to sell as low as the
lowest, even if we have to lose money hy
so doing. We will sell all Patent Medi
cines at first cost, and helow that if nec
essary, to meet the price of any competi
We have the largest assortment of
Chamois Skins in Asheville. Over 200
skins, all sixes, at the lowest prices.
We are the agents for Humphrey's
llumiLopnthic Medicines. A full supply
of his gnotls always un hand.
I'se Buncomlte Liver Pills, the best in
the world for liver complaints, indiges
tion, etc.
A thoroughly teliahle remedy for all
blood diseases is lluncnnitie Sarsaparilla.
Trv a bottle and vou will takenoother.
J. S. rtA'.l.VT. Ph. (J., Pharmacist,
24 S. Main St., Asheville, .V. C.
Spring (ioodrt are daily ar-
rivniLT. and wphIiow a beau
tiful lin' of Satini'H, Gimr-
iimiH. Cliallit'8, WhitvCiOodH,
Kiiibroidi'ii'8, Fatiry Silkn,
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isli divHH fahrirn at the low-
tMt pOHKillU pi'ifVH.
YYK CALL Hpt'tial atten
tion thin wt'k to our 1hikm
line of RuMier (IooiIh for La-
lii'M, MisHCH and Children,
also l luiireiiaM in t otton,
Srotch (linu'liani, Satine,
(ilorin Silk, pure all Silk,
with elepint and ntylinh
haudli-H. All new deigni
from the cheapest to the bent
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length Kid (Sloven, new
nhadeH. AIho a large line of
Fancy (SootKHoniery, Hand
kerchiefs. Cornet 8, Donientie
(iootln, Household Lineiin,
liuiltn. (Vunterpanen, (ler-
niantown Wooln, Zephyrn,
and iiiaterialn for fancy
Lndicn' Hatn,
Driving (Sloven,
Capn nud
and Harrin' Kid (Sloven.
Heady Mado Ciu'erwwar iu
tine and cheap Munlinnt pop
ular priccn.
46 a 48 South Main Street,
Opposite National Dank of AshtvUlt.
Lmiiu Jf-iotssaL
vegetable crop is lost.

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