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Cancer of the Nose.
In IBM aora sppearod on iht nnao. ami
grew rapidly. Aa my failiar liucl csiieur,
nd my hiiabnnd died of II, 1 became sliirm.
ed, and conaultod my iiliyaleliin. Ills treat
ment did no good, and tlio fore ftivw Iniinii
nd worra In every way, until llmdoouilu'l-
I I waa to die Irora its eHcet. , I '
it M.mdeU to tike it. K St., and slew buttlta.
cured 1110. Tina win. uttor all flio iincini ' ud
oilier mediuiuca hod (uilod, 1 liuvo bad uo
r.turnoltl..0cer.i9 M T mabrn
Woodbury, Halt County, Toxtu.
Treat Im on Canr-ar mulled tide.
oet UAdtNewly
l' HWSSIO V.4 1. CM A7AS
A S. Graham, I). D.S.
H!kc Over J. M. Law's More, Smith Main
tt reel.
Sltriu oxide or 1mhhii! Kfistiduiinisterrd
lor tin painless extraction of teeth.
Oitld and porcelain orown'- ntt.ichiNl to
the nnttirul root of teeth, thus w oidiim the
use of plates.
All oiKr.illiHit iterliitnuii,' to deutUtry skill.
Hilly performed. Price reu-mm'tle mid wu I in
fliction nun runt red. iV
.nTU-c moan, uii I'.ilton iivi-iiue, over tl't
elntllinu atnre ol C i. ll'iintou A: Co.
Me.idriicc corner oi' Woodnu and l-m-ind
Tlimi. P. I'AVIIHON, TlllM. A. I'lNl'V
Knlrixh. ,1 .. ll. M ns. Alvillc
jrjAVlllSil.N. MAN TIM (k ONIi&.
Attorney mid Coimt-llnrw nt t.avv,
AhvllU. N. C.
Will )ir i. tli'i in the 1 1 ill nnd 1 -'tn .lu.lktnl
lllatricta. -'nil in the tiiiiiretue Court, ol North
Carolina, nml m the t-',lcr,l Court, ol tin
Weatern IM.triiM of N,rtli uiolinu.
Krfer to Hank in" A ,'i.villc. dlMl
r. H. CI11IH. I. Cl, MKHHIMON.
Attorney und Cmnmellor. at t.nvv.
Practice ia all the rmirm.
OHice' Nm. 7 a-ld Inhilt'lon buililliiK.
K. W. .IINIl.
ill", 'IH'PoHl'
Attornc. n at l.n.
Aillcelllc. N. C.
Flneticw In till Sutieilor Com i Wr-triii
North Carolina, tlic SinircitU' Ooirt ot' ttn
Stale, anil Hie l-Vil,rnl t'.iurl, at ' ..lie.-ille.
illliccin luliiiHiini le.t'l. Hun, ,vli rone . m m
Iter of till' llrm call nl wn vh lu s,unl
iltnuv 1 1
a rusxasr.
Architect ami Contractor.
IMnnn. Ktillentlon and ilimal. far
nl"iril All work in ,ny line eiiitlraeuii l"r.
And no ehaw lor lr.iwtn on coinra, !!"
a ,v,ir It-. I OH'.
KHeren-e h-n ilrire'l
D'llit-: No. I J llrn l.'v llliu k. North Court
S iirir'. -vlll .-. Si- It 1.1 II v
II. IMH'I.I.AK.- II. II. 1.
Over l.raal v winuert'i. hruu Store.
Uo.nUnic. N'. tix IHill.y St l.-l.lildly
lrtt. Uvcvc-H H Kiilitll.
IIKNT if. M'l-'ICI?
In L.nnallv llaildintf. over ke.lw I' Stor-,
I'ntl.oi vnim
feeth entrusted without tinin. with tlienew
amvMhetH'. ri'io :i'l t.i n ol irrv4al.i it v cor
reel.il. el. I. I'll.-
m k a... I i
, otiiov ;
la llarnaril Itail.liiw Hntrnmv. I'ntlon
Xrrnue ami Main Hi reel.
Ieh2il.ll r
' K rilUK . PlHl.K
irdtluutc Oitlcinii.
Main street.
All medium -Hi m oliir ilrlcrt of the eye tor
rvll"d. Ilouraforetnininntion n 1 1 ri n m .-to
II p. m. olio I f
W'M. R. PENillMflfi
ANhcviltv. N. C.
V. at. lio I".
r T,HtM ouwvwa CrMaC fit utf.
8RtM OKHBL9atTtRmBiafttW0iQla
jbook TO" w 0 M A H"Auurofna
eeu i Aa utinrt
roll rlw1
Burn In tnv t-tnip without dinner of
Exploding or tnklne) ttr. 8n that you
gut ini ginuin. r or mo oy
WP llrVWlV
Orernhouaea, No. Al Chentnulatieet li,'twn
North Mnin nnd iMrrritnon cut i' ( were,
tletldl I'lnnK. Itnrrlv Mo r. tr . He.
I.av out urouittln, drive, nnd ta-n liM. malie
and plant lieda, hurdera. ete. I'ruid.'7 Iruit
trrea and ahrahlwry a aim laity. Please enlf
on na or adilrraa v throagb ill mull. All
roera proaipuy aiwa. nuiooai
"Your white roacs are just coming Into
bud, Lnlly," euld Aklrlch Cone, aa he
came In from the Rttriien. "BIohuoiu
Hedge Is nt ltn prettiest now."
The colTce exhaled a frnRrnnt odor, tlio
frenh baked bixuuits were of the most
delicate brown, and the chickens broiled
to a turn, but Mm. Oone'a face wore a
niOHt tragic expression, aa she sat with
an iqien letter in her hand,
"Aldrich," auid 6lie,hysterlcally,"what
am I to do? Here's your Aunt Effing
ham coining here next week with her nix
children and the nurael They're had the
meanles. It aeciua, and the doctor has pre
scribed country air.ao they're decided to
inllict a four weeks' visitation upon inol''
"Oh," said Aldrich, guiltily, "I forgot
to tell you. Hitidee dure wants tn come
here this miniiuer, She require perfect
quiet to finish her new novel, nnd says
she retains hucIi a delightful Impression
of lilossoiu lletlgo from her lust summer's
"Oh, does she, Indeed?" wild Mrs.
Cone, dashing the cream and augur reck
lessly Into the sea green china cups.
"And we must remember that your
cousin Falkland hus kindly volunteered
to send Andromeda here for the sum
mer, ho that she uiuy forget that lovt
aUnlr of herx with Jack Jocelyn."
"I'm afraid we haven't room for 'em
all," said Mr. (-one, rellectively.
"Oil, yea, you have," said Uilly, with
tears and laughter struggling in her
voice, "They'll sleep on the bull hut
rack, on the garret Uoor or the cellar
shelves, sooner than forego the opHir
tunity of getting good country board for
nothing! And I shall do as I did last
year get along without a new winter
suit nnd tlo my own winter housework,
because the housekeeping bills were so
heavy during the summer. All our re
lations are very purticulur, you know,
about their eating and drinking, und we
bud to get new hair mattresses for the
Johnson-Smythes, und re-carpet llaidee's
room because she 'perfectly abhorred
the old pattern."
"It's outrageous!" said Cone, carving
the chickens. "But 1 don't know how
we are tu help ourselves without being
dreadfully rude,"
"Tell them plainly that they cannot
"Our relations, Lally?" remonstrated
"It's an imposition,'' said Lally.
"It's only for a little while, my love.
Let 'em come."
"It will be for all summer, Aldrich."
"No, it won't. I'll see to that!"
"What do you mean?"
"I've got a plan in my head, my love.'
"A plunr
"Yes. You'll see. Only dou't ask any
"Uul, Aldrich," pleaded the young
hotisekeeier, with every huspituhle liu
pulse rising up in her ut-urt, "you
m ustn t treut cm rudely!
"I'll be as pleasant us Punch to 'cm.
my love ee if I'm not."
"Aldrich, what uro you going to dor"
"Don't I tell you, Lully, tliut it's a
profound secretr
"But you'll tell meT
"I II toll iiolwdyr
And to this platform Mr, Cone stead'
fastly adher.-d, in spite of Lully'a protes
tations und entreaties.
The authoress arrived, with several
huge trunks, a tvpewiiter and a bom
Miss Andromeda I'litUunJ came by
the next train "like Niobe, nil tears"
and Mrs. Ellingluiiii. her inline, und her
aix noisy, troublesome young coliraleav
cenu, brought up the reur.
"Ten iH-oplel" said Mrs. Cone to that
trustworthy and reliable con thin nt, her
self. "Oh deurl oh, deurl 1 might if
well have taken a situation for general
housework in a summer boarding house."
"1 don't see," said Mrs. I'epiwr, the
minister's wife, " hut that young Cone
Is thinking of to allow his wife to be so
overridden with relations. The weather
is very hot, and she is fur from strong.
And I am told they sleep themselves on
a "of a bedstead ia the parlor to make
room for that swarm of parasites."
"My dear, said the good parson, "are
you not expressing yourself ruther
"I'm only speaking the truth," said
Mrs. IVuiht.
But it soon transpired that Mrs. Cono's
visitors, like liurnutn s liappy family,
could not agree,
Miss llaidee Clare could not write
without the accompaniment of perfect
silence. The little Ktliiighams could not
divert themselves without the hoots und
shrieks peculiar to their lender years,
and both Mi- Clare and Mrs. bilingbam
took exception to the mournful hunjo
notes on which Andromeda Kulkland
was wont of uu evening to uewuit her
blkhU'd love.
"They are quarrrling like cat and
dogs, sighed Lully to her husband.
"Let 'eni nuarrel," said Aldrich.
a a a t
"What lurks, maf said Ersktne Ef
fingham one afternoon, as lie returned i
from a successful raid upon the hens
nests in the bum. "We've got to take
our hammocks and croquet out of the
Uuple lot."
"What fnrT petulantly Inquired Ids
"Cousin Aldrich ha sold It"
"Sold It? How very Inconsiderate of
blml" said Mrs. LUlnglisiu. "Hold it to
"To the cemetery people,"
"What I"
"The cein-e-ie-ry people," enunciated
Master Ei-sklne. "The railroad's a-goia'
right through the old grave yard, and
they've got to have new place. I heard
Cousin Aldrlcu toll the carpenter to
bring that loud of fence posts right off,
and I heurd him say. too, that it dldnt
matter m much because there had al
ready been two or three Interments
"Interments!" gasped Mrs. Effingham
"under our very windows? (Juodnnat
gruelou mel 1 never beard of such a
"if yo plnw. nia'sm," said Delia, the
nunto, "that accounts fur It."
"Atwinte for whatr
"The Khost, mum-all In whiter Ut
tered Delia, with chattering , teeth. "I
seen It lust night, mum, as the chinch
clot l struck 13: an' I seen It the night Is
fore, An' I don't wonder, ina'nm the
poor, dead bodies beln' dug lip and seat
tereJ around this way. And If you plane,
ma'am, you'll suit yourself at once, for
not another week will Delia O'liourke
live next door to church yard!"
"Ma, ma," whispered Florence Effing
ham -who had eagerly devoured every
word of the discussion 'Tin afraid of
ghost. Hells says ghnsu ootue after
Uul girl U the don Y
"Wirl you hush?" said Mrs. Ellingham,
clasping her hands in despair. "Aldrich,
what Is this? Have you sold the Maple
lot?" ' .
"Sold It! Why shouldn't I?" said Mr.
Cone, who just then came In with a
string of speckled brook trout. "They
offered me a capital price, and I'm not
rich mini."
"But to n cemetery!"
"I don't know u quieter neighbor than
a cemetery," said Altliicli,
"And I'm told," said Mrs. Effingham,
with a shudder, "that some interment
have already taken placet"
!l didn't suppose you'd mind It, Aunt
Effingham," said the young host. -
"Mind It! Why, It's a seml-burliarous
proceeding!" cried the lady. "Ho we
live in a civilized country, or do we not?"
"Ma!" screeched Hudnlph ttilhighum,
the second son, jerking lit the maternal
skirts, "here's a load of IiiiiiIht at the
bars a real big load. Do you suppose
that's to make the coffins out ore"
Just then Miss (Hare stalked, a la Lady
Macbeth, uHin the scene,
"I nttacli no i in porta nee to vulgar
superstition," said she, glaring ut Mrs,
ElHiigliuin.witli whom she was no longer
on speaking terms. "Of the dead I en
tertain no fear. Hut the living are quite
a dilfercnt thing. And 1 certainly saw
a man, Cousin Aldrich, prowling about
these premises lust night, with a durk
"The ghost!" sqtienked Delia. "I swn
him. too! I did, with these eyes, the
blissid saints outline Die and nil harm I
Olil oh I ohl"
"Peace, fiMilish woman!" wild Ilildee.
"This was uo shade! It was burly
thief. Intent no doubt on mischief. 1
saw him try to open the back parlor
shutter, and then Ncighlior Kox ley's
wagon drove by, and he disappeared as
if by mngle. And 1 want you to under
stand, Lally," to Mrs. Cone, "that I cun't
stand the nervous shock of this sort of
thing. My profession requires that I
should be surrounded hy H-uceful calm.
1 leave here to-morrow."
"An' I'll go wbl yex," mild Delia. "I
enn't sleep nights in a place where burg
lars Is cliiuliin' up the trellis work, and
poor ghosts come stulkin' around when
the church clock strikes midnight, and
a whole wagon load more coiniu', to
morry or next day, from I ho clmetery!
Oe.li, liono! tlio like of it uiver was hoard
"Ma, inn! c.tn't we go, ton? We're
afraid to stay ut Blossom Hedge any
longer!" pleaded the little Elliiiglmius,
In chorus.
And so there was a ireneral eiodua.
'Aldrich, ia this true?" said Mrs. ne.
when the last express loud of trunks hat)
disappeared urouud the curve of the
"Is whnt true? You're not afraid of
ghosts, are you, LalljT
"Xo; but"
"Don't fret, my dear," s-tid Cone, com
posedly. "The cemetery has purchased
a lot, but it hap"'US to he Maple Hill,
four miles to the fait of us. I'm not tc
blame, mu 1. for Erskiuu EUluglutui't
"Hut the load of lumber?"
"I've sold the place to Ihiclor Bnssott.
and he's going to build a gem of
Queen Anne cottage. I can't iniugint
any pleasnnter neigh I sirs than the Hus
setts will lie; can your'
"Y-yes," said bewildered Lully; "but
the Interments that had already tskun
place then-? You said yourself"
"My deal est girl, don't you reuiemliei
that w e buried Minie, your 't spaniel,
under the swecthrier bush there? and
the two canaries, last fall?"
"Oh, Aldri.'h, aren't you ashamed ol
"Who-I? Not In the least"
"Hut the ghosts, Aldrich? the bur
"Here rnmiii Ainlromedu," said Mr.
Cone, with a sudden assumption ol
more than judicial gravity. "Come
here, you fulse duiiiM-l, und own up at
once what I've already In-cn sharp
enough to discover for myself.
"Oh, Cousin Aldrich!" stammered
poor AildroitHilu, blushing celi-stial rosy
red, and trying vainly to hide her fuot
behind the blue ribboned hanjo In bet
'I am neither Delia O'Rourke, nor the
F.fllnghum children, nor yet 1 1 aide
Clare," mercilessly went on Aldrich.
"And I shrewdly uscct thai the ghost
was Jack Jocelyn In a w bite tenuis suit,
huiinling the green Held beneath his
sweetheart's windows, and the burglui
no oilier than Jack Jocelyn in bl.uk,
climbing up the trellis sfler letter,
which he well knew whereto find."
Andromeda blushed redder than ever.
"Now I'll have no more of this," said
Aldrich, with mock sternness. "Con-
fess, young woman, at once, that you
and your love uffuir uro ut the iHittom ol
all tins niystilicullon. Jack Jocelyn hu
owm-d up."
"Oh, Aldrichr sobbed Andromeda.
"And will you, too, turn against nief
"Not a Int of It," said Aldrich Cone,
cheerfully. "Don't fret, little one. Jack
bus just told me that ie ha been ap-'
pointed to a thousand dollar InTtli in the
general postolllce, and I've written to
vour mother that tilings are nil right
lie's a jolly good fellow, nnd It isii't nec
ssary lor loin to puiy ghost out in the
cold any longer."
Audioiueda threw herself, weeping
with joy, Juio Lully Cone's arms, mid
the two women rejoiced together. I
Aldrich smiled.
"My plan hasn't worked so badly,''
said he. Ileleu For rest Uraws iu Phlbv
delphiu Muturday Nigbk
Iiiipiileiies with weekuess la a sign of
rjiiis-rlliiinia goodness la as miperlluoua as
auyiiiii.g ''
Hi-cipliie ia ne-evory in ever) thins, ynt
ho uue ever liksl it,
How lilt It- nnd dried up the chec- sp'urs
Ui ll rnl after lie laeniigbl In Hk lisp.
You must Inns all not 'eel the with
which a umilul iiiau can bceonie w,irihle.
Nor of ua know its have C'lnmlitC'l a
folly until It" conseqiieiieea b- gui to li.n l us.
Don't groan tour loudest whu K-raiehed
with a pin; you mny aviiwdu) On eiu aim s
Tndny yoii fortrit things nil learned t'e.
terdity, Slid Knru tilings you will oi "t lo
luurrow, A smiiiia is an Industi'lou nisn h l
a thing mi tunny ways that ha Ibuilly iinli"
a gissl una
rtoini'huti the thinus yon have pun-'l lo
others n -vr eui so alee when yon iihuk I"
show them.
Itlssiwtrt i f s man's pnsltv for ilnl"
wron; HiM lw emld lii u r- ;l'. i U.'
bis pun sii .'.. b;ifj tii '
An spniiecary Iu Auaouls, Cuiu.. kss
adopiou tiie etiMlletit dsvlee of placing sd
p,ilsoiioin imslielnes In esbinst and attsub
log an aleetrio lsll. Wlinn tlis door la opened
the liell rlng,ud tlia flonipouuiler Is reroludod
of the fuel that sa la In the eebibborhoed e
yeuwa. " ' .
Railroad car whoels luado of paper are
more durable than Iron.
tVben strong flher l used pnpor onn be
made into s substance so hard that it can
scarcely bo scratched.
Illnck walnut picture frami am mndo of
paper and so colorod that) uo one cnu tell
tr.r n from the original wood.
An Itnlmn monk has sitccenilcd In con
structing nn orgim whero the pi pus aro niaile
of paper pulp. It bus 1,401) pipes of vurious
The latest idea la to nae paper Instead of
wood for lend pencils, by using a patent
preparation by rrhlub it call be uut aa easily
us the softest wood.
The coiliiiK of the assembly chamlior at
Albuny, N. Y., is made of paper inaelie, It
is n model of its kind, aud ai'iwui's so like
marble as to deceive the most eipurt eye.
Crucka in Honrs nrouud the skirl lug lionrd,
or oilier ul is of a room, may Ihi neat, llllod
hy thoroughly soaking newspaisir in pante
mudo as thick ss puity and I "iced into the
unicks with a paste knife, U will soon harden
aud can he paiuu-d.
A store in Atlanta, On., has been built en
tirely of paper. The rnllurs, weather liuards,
roof and Q,siring are all made of thick com
pressed papnr boards, Impervious to water.
On account of the sui fuee of the ptijiur liuing
smooth nml hnt',1 It cannot catch on lire us
earily as a wooden building. It is tound
warm In eld ami cool ia hot weather.
A pu.'r pinito liaa lately been exhibited In
Paris, The enllro case Is mails of compressed
paper, to which ia giveii a luird surlace, a
i roam white lirilliaut polish. Tiio legB and
sides arc ornamented with nraU'sques and
Uorul dosigaa. Tiie exterior, and ua uiucb ol
tlio intu-ior aa can ha seen when the instru
ment la oimi. are covered with wreuths and
medallions painted ill miiiiutiire.
A new mill for the manufacture of paper
from mnM has lsea rtsTeuily csiahlMied in
Sweden, Pnier of diil'ereut liiiel;iie and
pasteboard made of It hnvo already been
shuwn, Iba Utter eveu ui sheets IIiI'lh) quarto s
of an luck thick. It is as hiird as woisl and
can be easily painted and puhthed. It has all
tiio good qualities, but none ol the defects, uf
wood. The pasudiuard can ti-j ucd for door
and window frames, architectural oruainenls
and all kinds of furniture. lit. Louis Sta
Uuve Ilia reading lessun studied iu ndvauce
by the pupil
Encourage home rending. The good reader
is the render who reaili.
Ix-t the pupils read silently an 1 then aloud;
first gain the tuouKht tuuu e.tpru.,s it.
The teacher should read aloud of ten, both
sa a uiudel and to ii uke clear tlio seuso.
Select tlio lies! mwspaT from the literary
and uiorul ttaii'lpohil tor sei.ooi reading.
rtequire the substance of pirngraphs and
of w hule pletes to 1mi giveii ia tiio pupils owo
Tbo meaning of new wurU should be du
veloptil. sometimes by show in their u.e in
sentences und soiuetiiues by dciluiiioii.
A vis-al drill should pnx-eile tdn reading.
Tins should Ihi the key to tut projier exn-s-siou
of the Bcntiiiteul iu piicli, force, tnuo
aud quality of voice.
The pp'jior aiiliiueui Is to bo created by
causing hi lie pupil u lively pieiui iug uf per
sons and places, and of speech uud noiiou.
Feeling Is caused b knowing.
The pciiiimeiation of ditllcull words should
be taught by ciircciuig the ehitlnai's utteit
tioti to Hie ylmbies and letn-rs assilisof
sounds, aud ulso by the example uf the
Tlio claw should have a tli ,r..ii;li drill nn a
few elliM'lt pieces Ui crealo a standard uf ex
pretMion. ThU di ill should Imj !u concort to
avoid diflldeuce; and individually, in order
to secure ihdcMiileiici, and to give an upjsir
tunity for criticism.
This stage of reading requires much prac
tice iu reading aloud. Tins sh' ii'd tie iinll
vidtial nt first, but aftei-wurd eo-uvri iva-ling
is prolltnbie, to secoro tsirris-'t ti n.m I pin-h.
The slow are thus qulekeumi, and Hie s.t.lt
retnnleil: hltfli voices are lowered, and l"
voices are raised.
Empliiuit and hitl.i-thili should ! taught
mainly from nil Inn, that is, I" I, aiug lue
pupil loa .-learconiprelK'U-i"ll or I iu- iiuii,jl:t.
but at tiiiies example is bu.,1. A fe ru.c-,. u
for inslains-, t lew relating t-i n-w or on
trastfl ideas, suould be Iniuhl ni'l'i' li w.
Uritl on pass;iges ui tile less, ill aud on lue ck
moiuary sounds lo tatillsh orrcci h il-Us
of lullis-tloii and et iplmsis, sle uid liol be
oaiiitnd. Journal ol E liiculi, n.
A piece of irnft a-itp aud si ii-i'li will t
tains nui of bed ticking. Kpr,-.i I it on
pots, slid w ilea dry criis.' ir o.Taad n
with a "lamp ssui". l.loii ItmU 't.
HUu XVun C'oiiiittetvly I'lirt'it.
A tliiii'jlitcr ii my cnsl'iu r
Iriuti suiipnsed mcestrueii, n.
liciilth win. CMtnileHly wt.ci.'i.
sinrgesiioii si c H-d file lnuti.' ' !'i
I'tchl's I'ciiuik Ka-i ul.-ti r. chi
ller. I. VV. lihl.l.l is. Willi r '.i!'i
Write The Urn-lmb! k. (. . vln
lilt., lor pin l it'll' a i's. Sol! I i :,! I
The Creat Cocoa of Europe, f
The Coming One of America,
Wielouf, SfmiirarnOtff to the .Vertrs.
Ten and coffee cheer but do
not nourish. They even leave
in injurious effect upon tlic
nervous system. Indeed, there
is no beverage like
Van Houten's
It xtinuhiU$ and nourishes ns
none oilnT. l 'avi'3 no bad
effects nnd is a flosh-formcr j
of the most approved type.
Z i' ' -t rtlwRr ufi'il '),1'h'MMnirmny titlta
Ir ulth plenmire iiim! iU went with
. ltirMnliv T'i! XL'tlli'tc vflVvf orien
1 i'il run e iiit olivtiil'-tl Iiy tlx Mieuilt 2
? it", Mli nctfiiiii 1loitli'i re-
'Kvtt uio' r ei'lii. Dt'Hi tiia
J t 1 tie. ' I. 1 1 "" ll V ''flit." 2
i f r 4 '
, f .. " ft
.1 aalTiMTiISA RI1I3
Ifo iittou Avviuia.'.
I'lrat-i Ins. lionrd I'V Hie due or mootll
Terms inndc known on nppllintinn.
dees it tv
Tn ilu I'tiitpii of AshrvMIe nnd vieiuitv I
wiiiil-t nnnoitii'T Muit nl inv shoos mi Loll- u
uriTl, itt"l tn Wtiodlnir.v's ptniilt ". I ntn
ter prepnrid (aai rrr to do work In inv line,
Wimnn , Hii.'kh mid t'nu iiui'S innuitiiiet
urnl Mrpnlrtnir ntul hnr-fsli'M Inn are sh
ililllea, nnd ieiliet snilslrifiioti iruaninteid.
My wotkmrn nn inpeHinevd nml sktUftd and
'"J.'vW" m"""m,r' . UVHtT.
(inili l lie inelli iil uud results wben
syriip of Pigs is Im-eii; it is pleasant
itiil t'i li'c.sliiug to the taste, ami acU
iintly yet promptly nil the Kiilneys,
uivei- and Dotrcls, demises tlio sys
tem eH'cctiiitlly, ilispcls colds, liend
U'hes nml levers ii nd cures hnltitiiiil
jiuis!iifitiiiii. Syrup of Figs is the
mly reiiietly of its kind ever pro
hnvil, plonsiiiK to the tnste nnd ac--epliililn
to tlio stomach, pmiujit in
ts net ion imil truly lieuelieinl in its
fleets, prepiiivil only fVnin the most
ueullliy an.l Hieeiible Riili-lances, its
niiiiv I'S-c.eilent (jiui tit i-H commend it
o all nml linvo nmili' it the niosl
;;iipulni' veniedv ltpown.
svrnp of I'is is for Mile in liOc
mil 61 liotlK'.-' Iiy nil Irutliiiff ilrug
:iis. A ii v icioible ilru;rj.'ist Who
liny m l lur.-o it Iiniiil will pro
.iiii.' ii pr-mindly for imv one who
xwp lo tr. ,i. I ' ; imp accept any
- .s. ijca. i 'tt
i" ' . m row, N.I.
:.tY$MZ Children
TO A'V'U Crowing
jsrv-i' Too Fast
bsconie listless, fretful, without enor
:vy, thin aud weak. But you can for
:.'y them and build them up, by the
i 0 ziUifhiT-S
e' ..' i; ;ii Sso!a.
.': : ' ''. i-o -Jilt, fit Ii is al
. as n. Ik,. And it
- ri ! .n!:r;c-i '.!i:.t AS A pun.
,s i.'ttiit.iis,
: (.J :.;.-.!, it Ii
: "..'-iwf.
v1 ,i.v ,v 1 v to thu silt
At I'iucrti River.
Porn ttliort lift- we oiTi-r for onlc thnt
'i id ix ti1 i-i .-( uf tiriiprt t v know 11 nc the Put
I ti'd H itel i,titt. 1 1 nt P toil Kivi-r iletint.
n On w. . i". U K . itwitilmr tif I'O nentt
if 'ic " li u) i iu'l, I'm . lv "h ruia il itntl n tant,
villi n I'm Ij ifi ltrl lit. tin i'l-HttiimiifsT H
ro-.iif, ': ill : 'ttt 1 urn-. n n I iU, line
;n ." jsiMt'i!t ?i nii'l nil iirtt ,uirv out Imil inyn,
! t i . i il ' tit x i'f i I i In- iit i't ilme-in Vi nt
it Snrili Mtolitin t'rn litum or the lintel
llHiilH-H. l-rttil! tli'ili. il Willi lite IMIMMt
m iiiiifiin wit i it ir.-iM itrintf with th vii
li u i Mm uul in in' he liter into tin
-it nl' "he Ii'ut. Tin- mtnery It utiMir
'I'lii- iriin riy i'1 ie old nn lnnj time, nr
M-l'iillJi .t lot -hfili' i'iinrl. lllliP'Vetl
r ii .tinrrovnl. I m pi,rtit tilnrH niiitM uu
:it A -lit il!i'- N. C
I i.'ir'J'J il.V w 'Jw
I-:iiK:lirli hiiiI l-'rcuch
No. 411 rci'ii.-li Mri-rid Avenue.
l-or lllll'iv enrs ..,,4-i:ite lriueit:il of Mt.
Vctnou ItooitiOc. I'altiniore. I
..lste, l-v n corp. ,,l i-otliK'n1enl teacher.
0,,.-. iltv
W. 1. UOWK,
J L m.rih.i:,
iirrtnne .M -numi-niP.
Alt Itltulti f Miinu
nn ill. Tottllm.ntli.
. Miittoiit M, I'm
jf ejv. nml imt'i nmm to
v;iv orJir iu tin IntiM
Li'T Tll YllT.I At Hi.iH'iintlH
i m " "''- War hmiw,
n '". tlt'm
C7atciu4: Alton K.K.
fAHTHST hnl-TH I'll
Ah- viM- to K ii i it in 117 liiMim,
'vti;i to lu r in." I liitiir-.
A Mur i S'n ''rami1' Oillttirntn, nml
". n '.mil. i ti in , in ilni
S. .,.( V. IHt'l .Ml ft III- 81 l.l'IM" to K Hit
I'M i' i lllliliU It. ill tliV lit !'
f in' jut' Mi'iTitriiton i-fili '"i or wrtti t
;i. A. Nvwlniid,
nitii.. , l,.K,-ut.e Aeenl.
i III I'iiihiII AM'., A.lievilll', N.C
I t lltnl TuN. '1 I' V. I'lilvnun, III.
P.ATITI0N xvtiswiSS'SS
tiolloin. If Hie dealer cniiiml ."PPlrjfoOj
aVii'l .lYreet to fiuloir, .uclo.ln aovartlaad
Fin. Calf, Ilea. Land Grain sad Gtead.
an', mikWiSk (v.W'fi!'n6.n0
i nil fnS i.ln HiiVH' M iiool Uiokt.
All iliiulo In rnniiraM, Itultnn and Lin.
$3&$2 SHOESlafd.2-.
Mt Maie-rlal. Hal "lv ""'.TlH?
W. IU UAislaa, Bravktoa. Maaa. Soli Se
MUD nM,aa
Aitlievllle, N. C.
Mnnuiiu'turem unil Itiatem in all kind of DkhkcI
I. U M
Uoor, HuhIi, Itlindsi, .tlotUdliiijH,
and liar 1- Ixliircn, unci all Kinds or IluildinK Material.
Hard Wood Lumber Work u Specialty.
nov 14 dly
Dealers In Wall l'apcr, Window
Piilnt), OIN unrl Vnriiirthi i. Mnnury'ii Mixid I'nint und Colors. Window Gtau, botk
Frt'tuh nnd American
We keei in titot'h At. I.uiiIhIiIhI KenliirUv Lend. frhfldlT
Wholesale and Retail Furniture Dealers,
And Undertakers.
say-Prompt intention irlvcn to nil ordirs. day or niuht
i'o ti M ti.)-:.
flv virtue f ntitlii.rltv vented in f ll'V'ce (
H. Ofinnnt liv n wrtnn d t-i in tru t t xtr-iud .
hv T. I. Villi! .ild. r it d Mit Ii. A Vrnii; 'di r.
rtiitrd thf tfth dnv nf ne, A. I ls7 nnd
rt-!.liMtd In llie L'tuIcttr'NutlUvot' U-im-u
ciiititi-In ll. .tile iti. uul' r.71: nml li vi ft -ft
ut imthiirltv vtHted hi W in natil l.v a
iernin d-ed frum wil T 1. V:niilld. rimdhf i
utd wifedatid tut t -. l-'7. and n-u'tiieml
in uniil Keiritci'i ntlii- in Mnt.k m. imt -V..
toL'ether with il dielnniti"'il Hu-l of the
mid W. W Pfinnrd det ltind t''fHin ihittd
(letniier 27, 177. nn-i r Kt r. d in int t ih t
In Honk 1 1 of nHirtuiH-M nnl ilenlt. in tnirti
tit iniire 4I-; nnd lv m. rtn notli. rtltedtn.Mi
th' mild T. I. Viini'.ilder nml lit- isfiid w ite i
mild W. W. Piinii rd dntid uidnr
1MM7 nnd reisiend in Miid nili e in Ii-i -k
llll. naue Ao.'l, lo-ellit r w i' h n d. e la nt i n ol
trust tnndr there. ii hy the tun I W. V. ll:iri
nrd nted the 14-ih dnv oi th t.di.T. A I"
1 m7, nnd r irinten d in nid tl e in M ik 11
of nmrtKHwen nnd tl- eil ol tnt-t, vim: !7;
nnd lv virtue uf mittniiny v t. tl m .1 A
t nnntit liv tl v rutin died in inM - vet ut d U
the tnd 1. I. Vnni.ihUr nml In- ud wile.
Hut it i In mnii.il imv !" ' i. mo- r. l-7.
uud rewixtered In fiil dluv in I'.im.U i t iin.rt
Hilaie" nnd devd in inimt No t t. if j,"' I To
wc'l nn h virtue of nny muhoiHt hi-mu
huv ly reiiMm o' the died in ir-.i ti kuiUivi
mentioned, (the trnid '' . I. tin( d ilt r in1 w il.
liBvlnit tnilc to pnv the nun r- t uivd !.
eueli nd everv of mud deed- in I'-H (n il
diid nnd deelnnituni of trut tlunun n -eornina
to their evTiU i ovt imi-. mi l ' h
Kiiid truttteei hiivini: i.Kittd iMt-mi.r tlietn-
net vi R nn to tie itloritir id t vm -
delitw ureiireil mid tin to it t pr- i'tr iliiit.n
nf I he riiteeii of ttie f.ik- of tin
land hereinfdier dt rdd . th ;iid Ctiu
vu ve K L tiinint nml ihen.nd U . v lta.u..rd
nnd ihefinid I. A Con tn. nn-ue. i mi tt
teed H In trim' nnd tlinK nnd t liu n i i-n l
inint thereon, will e I nt uil'e nmtii.ti I'm
i'11-.h nt iheeouri hi'ii-e iin..r in the .iiyi-t
Aiheville ut 1 L' o'ei -ek in fit Hu : ltil v m
Muv, A I', lini, it ei Tinin ii'-er i luitiel ol
hind hi theiltv of A - heviile. etiuui y . -I itm.
eotnlie iifd St te !' North l r 'inn. on tlu
inuth ide uf CoMeee ntnet mid mi Hi- wt
ride of nvidrtoii nit re l. imluihiiu I ie i ! j.-nu1
hrtrk nttidetiee imu i.u,iini l .'iid T. 1
VntitllldtT. and he fttiili'i rt r.iid - vei ,d a.'.m
etiit lot Imek of it. iM.mi.'id i inline-: n
ihe nonh iv toll.-Ke sir tt, in tin en mi l
ImvidMon ttre. t. on I'n- mii)i Ii linijli ti nt l
.md on the we-t lv ihe.inii hit mm A. '1
iiividMn lot, now Pa t At tin mmiiu little
and nlnee Ihr ouid . W Hiiiniiid win ml) at
itiH'lle h net Ion l'r trh n lnne lot ihnu-t-hold
and kitthen inrninire nnd r 'In n ilmr.
(tv f thedeid in iii Mii-i .ntdhii r ii-nl win
to Human! Urnt nnd nimvt n iniiniied nml
the tletlarnti n ol tin t made tlntnui u
aforentid Mnreh 'J'J. In'.hi
t'.PMiVi 1-: V I-: IM ii'M Trustee.
J. A l'lV.NT, ItiiHite.
V. W. HAKNAKH. Irulee.
mnr'J4 dtuid
J. N. MORGAN tl).,
No. 3 Itariiiiril llulldliis:.
School iiiul ('oll, Ti-xt
Books, n full lino. Ports. His
tory. Iloiiiiiiifi'. ri(iwi'iipl).v,
Tnivi'l mill Novrls. I'mnil.v
Itihli.M S. S. l!ililis nml Test-
ntnctilM. Oxford Ti'ih'Ihts' i
Hihli'S, Sonh Hooks tif nil
kinds.lm'fjt'slork Still it hh'I'.v.
IMniik Hooks nnd Olllri' nml
Scliool Snpplit's. New lint'
Iiiidifs' mitl ( Ion t h I'tiikH
litioks just opcni'il, Fiim-.v
(nods mid I K.lls.
(Mil Odt
Street Car Schedule.
tk'KlnnlnK nt N.UH a. m Knillnit lo on p. tn,
Car leave. rltunrt lorlieiuitevery hour and
half huur
Car leave. Hiunre ftr Melhe'a, I'mililedny
nnd Cnniu l'utton7 inluutea alter iieh hour
and hnlf luinr
Car lesven Mi-Ike a. Hoiililedny ami Cnmp
Patton 7 mlnutca before each hour and hr.lt
Hcliedul. enrs connect at Himnre,
Trnln enr m. t. cvtrv trnio. on. vnllae al
lowed eneh pnaaenirei
rum AeMiBvur
elltrTVVi'0OisMikmn a awntwr,
NeuPaeneng-er Depot.
15 12 R,
Stalrwork, Mantels, Bank
No. art.
Sliadcnand Patent Hangers,
Kilitor Aslu-vittc Citixcn:
That t ur many friend mny know bow w
are petting on wc will state thnt wc took In
in Hotel anc Store
$9,ouo Iu Vive Weeks.
Totik In Inwt Sfiturday over $700. $75 of
thnt wits hotel, bulanee store. Hotel reirift
ternl -. that day. Hud O.tiUO rrivU in
month. Our Mt ek in mammoth 3IM) feet
!oiiK and 1ft feet w de. Tell the balance of
the w orld to ionic und nee "Old Ched" mile,
and buy K,l(di ol us und vuve 10 to 25 per
vn t.
iiovin dtf 8. ft. CHIUiKSTKR ft SO
AMI I'lJK SAl.li.
tn pursiwmee of the provisinni of it certain
wriiieii eniHtaet executed hy and lK-teea
the unde' -itjlieij nnd John Itrown on the 7th
inv of octulier, lNHJ. and n ueeount of the
t i i u i e oi H iid John Urowo and of his
ntitH-e, J. M Mini, tt eomply with the condition-
of fait I toutrnet, ami finding thnt
.(iter dumtf Krvat dninnye nnd comitdttinjt
w iifte on "iitd Innd said lirown has airnea
Ins iiiieie-t tin rein toj H, Sums, I shull ex
po to -nle nt public Auetlon tor ensh at the
limn h'tnse dour in the citv nl Asheville at
lL'oVlntk niernhan, on Monday the 31st
inv ot M irth. I k'.ki, the trnet of land on
w hieh the tiid John Itrnwii hns heretofore re
n leil, IxiiiK on the west aide of the French
hr'!id rver anil livt ween sniil river and the
oru.iin litnlk-c road and the Turkey creek
r i.d, iidiominK the lands of W. W. Smith
uini ifwtiihv ami others. For more par-
lien) r iu terittioit reference la made to the
Iteil re on let! in Hook o, paues l'J. 1 a7
md 1 L's in the Ktiiister'a ottiee of Buncombe
fiitnm .
umii L dula KK HMONI) PEARSON.
Tin; stii-Tii.
12. C. Wo It creek & Co.
Aniil.xses of Mt-tnls, tires, Cnnl or Coke, Min
eral Waters, Pert ii iters, etc.
Mininif projurty investigated, developed
iioiiuht und wold,
Corn-Mpoudt'tHT solleitrd.
Samples enn lie ent I y mnll or express. If
i nt lv ekfiress eharKes must he prepaid.
i tits vMiiited iu every plucc.
Clinttanooo;a Tcnn.
nov.T dArwIv Mnitllffr.
Sniiorinit from ths tfferu of youthful errora, aartf
dcrny, wai-t nift woaktu-sa, lost maubood. ate.. I will
art id a vadiisMo trattsf (sealMt. cot i tain tnf full
rartiriiiarafnrhoniaetira. FREE of eharg. A
ri1tilii indirtl work i ahould ba iwaa by avary
man who la nonroua and debllliatatl. addraa
rrof. F. C LVOHLUK. Hootfus, Cona
tot A d- w 1 i
& CO.
BIG 22,
Patton Avenue.
0Kn dully, toiit Runriaya, from 10 a. a.
until t p. m., and 4 until e, ta,
The terms nf auhacrlptloB art: On year
'J; n mm., 1.M; 8 mua 11 1 1 mo., 80 eta.
daily a eta.
Orneers for 1 Httt Prenldent, Charln W.
tvnnlary i Vlcc-I'rralrient, Thos. A. Jones 1 We.,
and Trraattrer, II. a, Watson I Librarian, atlas
B. J. Hatch.
Cltliena and rlaltora art cordially InTlKd
to insvwet ths eatlon and tnacrlta ttsf :

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