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Inherited Scrofula.
Swift's Specific (fl. 8. S.) cured my little
boy of hereditary scrofula which broko out
nil orer hlB lace. For a year he had Buffered,
and I had given up all hopoH of hi a reenvury,
when at length I demdod to una H. 8. s. Af
ter using a few bottles ho was entiroly cured.
Not a symptom now romattm of the dibcase.
This was throe yenrs ago.
UUS. T. I MATllKUd.MathorflvUlo, Mi si.
In the early part of last year I had a vio
lent attack of rhoumntirtm, from which I
was con fined to my bed fnr over three months
and at times was unable to turn myself in
bed, or even mine tho cover. A niirw had to
be In constant attend unco day and niKht. I
was so feeble that what little nmirtrihmcnt I
took had to be given me with a spoon. Af
ter calling In tho best local phvsti'ians, and
trying all other medicines without receiving
any benefit, I was Induced bv friends to try
Swift's Hneeiflo (S. 8. 8.) J dWmitlmicd all
other medicines, and took a cure of 8. H.S.
thirteen hiiuiII bottles, which a Hoc ted a com
plulfl and permanent cure.
L. C. BASSKT, Ul Dorado, Kansas,
Treatise on Blond and Skin 01 sen ten mall
dtne. BWirTBPltUPICCO. AlluuU.tfa,
oet !WdMewly
A. S. Graham, I). D.S.
nil.ee over J. II. Law's Hturv, South Main
Nitrous oxide or IuiTkIiIiik uasndinlnlHtcrcd
for the pultilcHH extraction of teeth.
Hold nnd porcelain crown ntlaehed to
the natural roots of teeth, thus avoiding the
use of pin tea.
All operations pertaining to dentistry skill
fully ixrformcd. Prices rciiHnmihlcnnd satis
faction guaranteed, feb'j
office rnoins on I'atton avenue, nvt-r the
ulnthiiiK Mlore ol' C. I. Hlauton A: Co.
kViUucc corner of Wood tin and Locust
I reels.
Kalelgh. Jas. (. Mahtin, Atd cviltc.
Attorneys ami Counsellors at Law,
Asheville. N. C.
Will pnuliee in the 11th and 12Hi Judicial
iMstriets, and in the Supreme Court ui'Noith
Carolina, and la the Federal Courts ol' the
WfHiini MNtriel of North Carolina.
Kcfcr to Hank of Asheville. due.
Architect ntul Contractor
I 'Inns, specifications and vtiiuinicM lur
niMhed. All work in my line etmirucicd lor,
aul no charges lor drawings on contracts
a warded inc.
Hclercncc when dclrcd.
niliec: No. 11! Hendry Hloek, Sortli Cn;rt
tfapuirc, Abbeville. N. C. tebunlly
"Veterinary Surgeon,
I will practice in the city ami surruniiiliiiK
Ollkcnt V. I. Illaiitiin fc Co.'k ntnlile, TO
Mould Main mm I. nirl
N. II. HliliVliS, II. 11.8. II. K. HMITII, ll.l'.S.
Dm. Rccvctt & .Sin i til.
In Cunnally Uiillilliiir, over Ki'ilwimir. Store,
I'lilt.jtl Ayi-iihc.
Teeth extnicti'il without (..'tin. with tllt-tn w
iimi'Mllii'tic, nnd ull i'iim'I ol" irn-KK'tirilv cir
reeled, il.l.l.ltr
". RAMSAY, D. U.S..
ta llnrimnl Itiiil.lli.K liiitnuiccs. 1'iiHon
A venue Mtl.l Main Street.
rill'K M. I'IHI.I,
(Graduate Optician,
Main Stmt.
All mrchnnlrnl nculur deli-el of Hie eye cur-
II. mm for rininlilntmn 1 1 1 IV a. in.. -' to
5 , m. iulsiilll
mi R. PE!
AmIicvIUc, N. C.
P. O. Hon I.
kFk ATilR
Mf.r a - y - - "
jsook TO"W0MAN'
Burn In any Limp without dinger of
Exploding or taking fire. Pea that you
got tho genuine. For eele by
rl rfMrwIv
No. m C'lumniitntnit.
Now n-nilr, IVinh, tiritttliy tlnilillnii I'liuiln
In vnrli ly, ilcllrmil to niiv part or Ihrilly.
ami tilnnlnl out whin niinlnil. Mils il.'lm
IS9 ration Avenue.
I'lrat-Clnw llouril by the tiny or month,
Term made known nit application.
lln'N dty
To tlir rlthwnn of Anhrvlllr nml vlilnlty I
would nnnmmw that nt nif nhoim onOollim
ntrvrt. ttrxt to Wooillinrv'ii Rtalih-N. I am iH-t
Irr in'innil than rvrr to do work In ti.vlt.if.
Wnuon, liiitrvlp and Varrinsin iniiimfart.
nml. Mrpillrlnn nnd IllirM'.nliiH'llllI hit K'
rlMltln.. nnd i rfi t millalni'llon u.iiiriililti il
My worknirn in iriiinni nnd kllHiilaiid
"JJiT mm"'U' U. ia-HNUTTU.
Tlio Cznr nnd Cznrlnn In an Ex
ttviiivly Nwvows Condition.
The Latter Said to Be Threat
ened With Insanity.
Tim True State of Attn I la Nnppriod nt
St. I'otor.lMutt An Attuniit Will lie
Mlldo to Suouro tho Roli'itue of Afillo.
Tohobrlkovu Moapaw StiitltmU I'roto.t.
Hint In Vllll'lu ForulKH.
London, Ajiril 1. Infnrmntlon ob
tnlUBd from iiiv!iti' sourcvd iu to tho IIict
Hint tno ozur still mmiuns In a U'rriUv
niTvoiiu conililiim, while tho czitrinn is
tlirualonoil with insanitv, Shu ia nt
iri'8ont prustrntuil from a norli'H of tits of
voiiiltinu and vltilont wumi'nir. find Bho
fears slio may ilml deatli uititur in hur
food, or wliilo waliting or driving.
No account of lior vritcht'il condition
is allowed to nnd iUi way into.tho impuni
ut hi. l Vtoi'Hhiirtj. It ts staled that the
Uormim oiitror lias written to tho czar
Btrongly adviulng him to imtko lilieral
coneeKBloiiB to tho peoplo. Tho czar han
aliniiilnned tlio idea of vhiithiir Den-
liiurlt tills year, ami will go, instead, to
nia acnpoia estate iu roiitmi,
Alan.. Tchohi'lknvit.
A niovuiueut Is on foot in literary
oirclca to endeavor to obtain the
releiiHO of Jiauuioe Tchi'hrikovn, who
is iu a Kiisniitn oriHoii for writing
a tlu-eateiiliiK letter to tho czar. W Ith
this end la view, tho various literary
dubs in I.eiiiluu are urenrinK a joint
memorial to tho czar praying that tho
lady bo set nt lilkirty, and an olfort
will Is) made to secure tho co operation
of tho government iu tliu mutter, though
tho success of tho latter movuiiiont ia
Mimonw NtlldelltM,
Kino Jtoscow stuilunte liavo written a
lonu; letter to Tito lxmd.iu Daily 'i'elo
grapii, iirotc'MtiiiK ngalnxt the coiideinnn
tiou of their movements liy that )apor.
The writers as ert tiiut tho K"Vrninent
Sre.orllCii pxainimttions which tnosunt
itlicultios iuipo.i-ililu for tlio Bliiiloiits to
overcome, tho object hoinif to prevent
them from Kecuriug decrees.
Thov further declare that with the
came Intention the HtU'leiits aro allowed
the Ki'eitlivt freedom, the polico of the
university towns conniving at Kaiul liug,
Uissipatiou and other immoral practices
uiiionn them. The agitation, it is fur
ther statud, is fu titer directed towards
securing justice for the Jews, wlto are
excluded from tho universities. The let
ter usks The Telegraph to plead thu cause
of tho students when ll icy are tit Siberia,
whither they will pr ha lily ho sent.
Kiivuuiiternil by Thu.o Amloue to Oct
Hill of Enilli I'li.tlA.
LoMHiN, April 13. Tl.o real trouble
with Kmiu is that thomi who are so
anxious to get him safely back to Afri
can wilds have encountered unoxpectod
dilllciiltics. Mnco ho was nut com
plaisant etiotMii to die w hen he could
have dolto so uiot conveniently to many
ooncorued, tho graiid object with one
clique lia been to stop Ins mouth from
speaking and his pen from telling awk
ward tabs. ,
from present indications ho has raised
his price nml will not depart nt any
thing like tho sum n.ae.-d upm some
ninths since, lie ivmilil lx more or less
than human if he failed to coutnwt the
honors showered upon Stanley uud tho
gulden liarvt which awaits tho Ameri
can oxplo: t in the greatest cities, the
iriliutin from learning and beauty, and
the npplainie of nations that ho can Hud
no time to visit with his own lot.
.Snubbed ami held iu check ns he has
been, and lighting to avoid being hus
tled oil' to tile wilderness whence ho has
just omcrgol. and feels conlldeiit ho will
never lie permitted to emerge again,
small blame will attach to him, every
one, will say. if ho has struck for at
least a Urate of tho good things of this
Direct Vow. from llr. IV-tern.
A cable dinpatch has Iss-n received
from Zanzibar by the Kmin relief com
until o. it r talis that mlvices luivo been
received from lr. i'elers, dated "Kam
nssia, wislward of l-nko Hirrings,
Jan. '!." iu which tho d t"r reporu
that both ho and i.iout. Tiudcluau are
TorrlMo rliiune of Fl. I.I MIeo.
Nkw YoltK, April 13. According to a
coble dispatch received in thin city a ter
rible plague him s.vcpt over a large sec
tion of soul hern liusaia. Millions of Held
nii.'e. In such numbers as to lw irresisti
ble, have overrun thoso provlncoe and
arc passing norihwaid. They have
ruined cultnated fields, completely
Ktilted granaries and wlient stacks and
killed and eatou several hundred dogs.
They swim rivers and climb nioiintaiiie
nnd there s.s'Uis to lie no wny either of
oxterminatiiig thetii or of am-nting their
Vltinim Aiitl-si'iullls Hlotera.
Viksna, April 13. Tho course of the
anti-Heinltiii mob Wednesday was
tnaiked by it iles.riictlon of nil kinds of
M'rsonid priiTtv, of which Jews only
were plundered. Kverywhon;, to tscaH
plunder, were to Is- seen upon the shop
windows placar Is Inserils-d: 'This simp
Is-loiigs Ui n t hrislian." Tim trades
unionists ami Socialists I nolo -I that tho
rioters liavo no connection in auy way
with tho strikers.
Minister Mucin Cumins llnnim
Loniki. April 13. It is atnteil at thi
legation hero that Minister Lincoln will
all for Ainerli a next month, and that
Ida son's reiiiains will lw sliipsd at tho
same time for burial hi tho fuinily vault
atbpriuglleld, 111,
Mnlilen Unr I llroknil,
Nkw YoltK, April 14. Tho rirltlsh
fb'iiliier Majestic, t'npt. I'nrsell, from
MveiiKsil April '.' ntul iiiniiHtowii April
, which arrived ediiesday night hi a
dense fog, mail" llio itilckest mnlnVn
pansago fmiit (Viiwnslowu nil ft'cord.
her tltno Is Ing II days 10 hours and
HO nilnuli: Kiillowlng Is her log: 4th,
miles; "ill.. 411 miles: lit It, li iiiIIks:
7th, 413 niiiesi Nth, l w miles, and UtlV,
471 niilcn.
An Kmllcf ster Nclileliriil.
OltAMi H.Wli'Mllch., April l'-'.-( lar
enco J. TihiI, the expre-s cuiiipiuiy em
W.zler. was si nleiit'eil to tile Ionia house
of corn el Ion for one year Wednesday.
Toot'a friends made full nslilution to
tho I'nlleil Mates K.xnress company of
the money and valuables atoleu,
Orlevitiiii ul KitMern t-'armers,
TitKvnia, N. J April 13. The Joint
conimltti'O of nieiiils'ni of tlio slate
board of iigrlcultui o and Is all houses of
the legislature, to remedy present agri
cultural depression in New ,ter ey, liavo
agreed on a iiieiuorlid to congress, sot
ting forth the most prominent griev
ances that roijiilro National legislation
lis a remedy. Tho memorial Insists on
tho ileiiioiietir.alliiii of silver as olio of
the cuiiM's of depression, It also in
veigln again -t the os'inug up of further
public liiiidu to U' given away to foreign
syndleatts and Imiiiigraiiln, wiulotheru
lire slid plenty of farms in tho vast to bo
cultivated. Tlio memorial opposes Irri
gation by Iho government lor the pur
pose of helping western farms, ami auks
congress to turu Its attention for awhilu
to farms in tlio east. Trusts are con
demned, us aro tho concerns which oon
trol the western beef and similar in
dustries. Thu evils of adulterated food
and its dangerous competition with
honest farm products is sot forth, Dis
crimination hi favor of tho western uud
southern farmer in tho matter of freight
rates is also referred to.
Condensation nf tiitiirustln t
V.irlnus Hiihjeets.
Dnvld Hlnkloy was killed by ears near Cor
win, O.
Iiidlannpolls labor unions have, a general
eight-flour wnr un liauils.
Wheeling, W. Vn., Job printers liavo de
manded an ndviince of wages
Kentucky I fislaturu pussui the bill mak
ing 'uoutz" or "craps" a felony.
At Uiiinlia, Neb., Ocnrgti Nieltulsun was
shot by his daughter. Family quarrel,
Indianapolis In trying to lay the iltint and
fifty mill's of pavement shiiultunenusly,
Mr. Quliitel, a Canadian, ll'd tho country
with another man's wife uud (living (35,000.
The estate of the Into American banker,
Junius 8. .Miirgna, Is estlinuteit at H.'iO.lOO.
Mm Dr. l'utlyjolm, of IuillaiinpglU, lout
her life iu saving a horse from a burning
Excitement mid oil uro bubbling up hi Im
mense ipinntitiei In tho Eureka-Newport, 0.,
oil tield.
Tho Cnuaillau cabinet has duoldisl to ex
tend the inodtis vivoodi for the coining llh
iug seasm.
Euiployet of the Hockaway, L. 1., hunt
club have been llaexl uud Jnlli-d for dwkillg
puulis' tails.
K. U. Twvuten, cashier of Fosson, Mlun.,
Natluuul hank, left ou April V. lie Is about
8,1)00 thurt.
Iu tho lows suuato, the bill providing for
cnpital jiuiiislunent by electricity was utr
detlnitoly postjioned.
There aro indications that Chiiisiuuii are
lieiug sniusglisl over to Detroit froaiKarula,
(Jut., in large numbers.
The United Htatee ltolllng Sleek i puny,
of Decatur, Aln., lost 3 U,UUU by llro at
their works Wednesday.
An Indian section lunn, imme unknown,
wusstruoKhy u train uud instantly killed,
at Allinucv, O., Wednesday.
The late heavy wind storms linve ciiused
plienoiiieiitd tidal waves iu Iiku Michigan,
ruuderiiig hnrlsirugo unsafe,
Charles L. Uinenslei', ex-tieiisurer of the
llulfulo press club, Is short iu his hccuuiiU
ubout ll.lio, and lids gone to (.'munis.
J. U. Morp'Ui and Marion l'lin-crii, Ixlug
tou, lnd., pohticiiius, exchanged liiiruihio
shuts and chin niusio ut that place Wednes
day. l'resident Itay has ordered 000 Journey
men tailors out of thu Yuungstowii, U,
shois until the reipiesUsl uilvance is
Diuild Jlunnieut, a railroad and mining
coutructer, mu shot by an unliiiowa atsu&siu
at his home, th teeu uiilcs unst uf Illruihig
hum, Ala.
Three Presbyteries iu Indlnnii vutisl fur
revision of the confession of faith. The
t'resbytery iu session at Iguti, O., also
voted for It.
Tho only daughter of Steward U. Camp
bell, propria. or of tho Colli Inental hotel, nt
Crestline, O., eloped uud married one of the
uegro waiters.
A gypsy wedding, iu which T. W. Camp
and Mugt;ic btauiey were msde in-lents-ly
huppy, uccurri'd at llopkinsville, Ky.,
Wishiuslay evening.
A wind storm Wednesday eveulug at
llonuoke, Va., destroyetl the Crutier steel
and lrou works, and crulil (our colored
laborers to death lu thu ruins.
Thu Pun-American uougres will prubatily
ailjuuru uext Wuduusdny. A fnu-Auiericau
arbitration trmity has Iku ruooiniiieudiHl by
the geuund welfare comtulttisx.
Near Cyutldr.ua, Ky., Cuss Ournett re
turned from the field to Had his wife dond
ou the Uuor, lib her skull fractured. (Sup
posed to hu the wurk of trnmps,
t'eter Wusharg.t, of lnasilnle, l's.. Joined
thu Kcoiioiuitcs, nil order forblit.lhig matri
mony. The rejtrietluii preyed ou buj uilmi,
resulting lu siileidul tuuiilu, lie bung him
self Wishn.ay.
ttnuiuel V. Rhode, eonuectisl with the
Uuiled Mutes signal service ut Mllwnukii
was found dund in his rsmi at the Whidsur
hotel, Denver, CoL He is believed to have
ooiniiiltbd suicide.
Thu Chicago carpenters' strike Is ousting
the uuiou sts.ut .'M,ouu a week, but they
ulllnii Hint they are gixsl for uu all sumiuor
siege, bucked by tus iutiouul council uud
thu federation of Labor.
Thu grand Jury at Warrcntou, Ua., found
s true bill nguiiuit Churl. hi K. Metiregor fur
the murik'r of J. M. tV. Cody ut that place
Uct. U lust yeur. dly List previously at
tempted to ussashliiuto Metiregor.
At Hun Diego, I ill., Cuatoaa Imsvtor
Kldrldgo eaptupsi leu more ChlaaiiS'U being
siuuggkil la from Lower California lu fish
ing boat. This makes thirty-three smug
gle. 1 ChtiH'ui now iu custody ih.iu
tiuuw ..ni. -n nt Uaklsud, Cl.. have ls
coiuu iusauo ou aecouut of the prodicllou of
the crank Krluksou that au wu'thipiake
would twullow up that city, Hun Kruncisoo,
Chicago nnd Mllivuukoe this wk.
At ( hieugo, thu Jury iu thu osso of Henry
Lyoiu,ch.irgwl with the murder of 1'etur i'st
erson, fotiml l.yom guilty lu the first degrnu,
Using the sMi.tlty nl lite liiiprti iieut. The
prisoner, isdy HI years of age, luuroly sold;
"Well, I'm m luck.1'
C. W. Hatch, of boston, general agent of
tho Travelers' Insurance company for New
Kiiglund, is on trial nt Colorado Springs,
Col., on a charge of buvitig murdered tils
uncle, Henry I latch, on tho lnlter's rauch,
ueur Flagler, iol., hi April, l"--U.
Advices from northern Texas say that 75
por onut. of tho whunt onip lu the couutlcs
of Cook, UiMysou, Collin, Denton, Wise nnd
Monlagus has lss-n destroyisl by Uisw ts.
(Jno ot these en-alums Is very simllur to Ike
uurthuru clbiohlnig, aud the ether Is the
ooiiimon Iwlybug.
The Western Kliut-gkue attoclatlon bos
advaiuxsl prices lu the various clauses of
gisnls live rents to meet the hoary advance
made In soila lull rocoutly. It was resolved
hunstftiir to refuse orders from Jobbers to
lie filled ou demand, as solos jobbers have
lieeu taking odvautags of Uie nuiuufau
turers. Jeiniiilii lliniey, of Illriiiltigham, tho
lighl-nelght ohnmptoD of Kuglaud, is
anxious to have another go with Jack . Mo
Aulllfy beforu the Cvllfornia Athletlo elub,
with two ounce gloves, Carney wants the
light to In for a purse uf a.'i.uuo, the Contest
to take plaoe wlthiu four or six umutlis
from signing articles.
The report uf the Chleogo ooliiuiimdouers,
llcuuse.l to organise the corirutton of the
world's uxsjsltloll uf 1HII3, has been Hied with
thu secretory of state at HprlnglMd, and the
osrtlllontu of lueorporntluu bus Issul issued
and will lw filed for record In tho recorder's
uillou ot Cook county, 111 Thu corporation
then will be fully organlusL
The supreme court of Wisconsin has il
cldml uucoustitutiuiud the law which pro
vides that in eouutlisj of lUU.UUO iulinbllnuts
the nilinlnlstrstors of estates are nspilred
to iy into the county treasury a sum ispiul
to one-ha If uf 1 per ouut. uf tho appraised
value uf tho estntot if themtato lw up
praised nt nmro tlinu JoiiO.tMl, theuoue
tenth of I Is'l'cent, on theexena to lw paid
In nildlllon toolie-liair ol 1 (s'r cent, ou the
.Mi,ui, whiles ustutus uuder 1U,UU0 are ex
etupted. Klin KnenurniMl lllm.
Ili'gltmlil You have so many suitor, Ml
Dnlsy, tliat it almost deters me from calling
tisin you. However, 1 think I shall com
Wednesday evenlng-lf you giro uie a little
Miss Daisy (Impulsively) Imleocl I will,
Reginald I Coiiie early and avoid the rush.
Once a Week,
In the Kurska-Newport Ull rielil.
Mahiktta, O., April 12, Tlie recent
wells in the Kuruka-Kewport oil field
have been getting larger, until now the
production! beyond the capacity of the
pipe lino. The Cochruu iSo, 10 reached
tho sand Tuesday night, and with one
bit in has done over 700 barrels in twenty-four
hours. Excitement runs high;
raH, (WO was paid for a half interest in an
eiglity-aoro louse ou which tho drill was
never used.
Murder at IMny
Lot'mviLi.K. Ky., April 1'. During a
game of baso bull at the house of refuge,
Wednesday morning, two of the in
mates, Allison Wat.; ins uud Andrew
licssingor, bccanio involved in a dispute
when tho former struck lieasinger with
a bat and knocked him senseless, lie
nover recoverud, and died shortly aftor
wurd. Tho murderer ia a colored boy,
the victim being white.
Foreign Notes
Tho arohblshop of riulsburg is dead.
blgnor Hnlll, who was a trliuuvlr of the
Homau ropubllo of IWH, Is dead,
Henry M. Htanloy has arrival at Drill
(list from Cairo ou his way to Brawls,
Tho Voulseho Zoltung says that tho com
pulsory passport regulations lu Alsucu-Lur-raloo
will shortly be abolished.
The Irish mackerel fishoruien aro hav
ing great suocuks, Eighty thousand Ulaek
Qrol were hmdud by tlslilng boats on Tues
day. A railway train wns thrown down au om
baukmont at Frankfort, Uorninny, Wodues
duy aud tweut y-sevua workuivu were In
jured. It is stntcil in Heme that the coutrlbu
tlous to the fetor's peace f uud from America
during the year 1WJ amounted to only
An Anierlcau named Meyer, arrested at
Paris on suspicion of being a spy, has boon
released ut tho lli.tnlioe of the L' lilted Ututes
Euiltt l'usha has sent a telegram express
ing regret ut his inability to acoept thu lu
vliutioiiof tho relluf comuilttee to visit
The Japuueso unielals now on their way
home from Merlin will upeu thu first tele
phone line iu Japan. It will oouuect Strla
uoka uud Yokohama which uro 100 miles
Thu engineer who constructed tho Hurnn
tuuuel, iu tlio Caucasus, bus boon ordureil
to rupuit whether a tuuuel is feasible
through the luiilu rnnge betweou European
ItUKsiaaiid Tillls.
The (Jurmuu eiiiKTer has bought fur tho
llerlin el hu. .logical museum Elillugeuslierg's
vulutiblu collection of anthpiitles, dating
from the fourth to tlio eighth centuries, dis
covered near iteichi'iihall.
tiwitxerlnud has cuiumniioed the construe
lien of frontier ilofeusoM ut Mont Kuurka
and Ht, Maurice in the Canton of Valuis
This not leu has liccn t.ken at the suggestlou
of France, oonllduiitially iiuvla to thu Swiss
In view of the celebration of the ap
proaching birthday uf tho Kuierur of
China, thu execution of all prisouors con
demned to death within the limits of the
Flowery kingdom lint becu postponed uutil
ufter Hint happy ovsnt.
A parly of seventy prominent English
Roman Cutholles left 1'nlcmio ou Monday
on a pilgrimage to ihu Holy Iaud, The
pnrty wns licudisl liy the Duku of Norfolk,
aud Bill' nig its members ore Lord luilph
Kerr and lilshop Clifton.
The Umdoii TlmiciirroKiuilimt at Rome
saysi It is rosirled that impilry into the
municipal finances reveals a state of bank
ruptcy exceeding the worst niitlciiatlous.
The govoruiueul dis'lluue further to assist Ul
averting a crash. Numerous futiurus are ex
pected. La I iilx. of Purls, supposed to bo inspired
by President Carnot's secretary, says thorn
is talk of the ssbllity of au agreuuiuut
bvtwevu Franco slid Germany, to be fol
lowed by a general ilKnriiinmenU lt l'alx
thinks that Kinpror William will uot
shrink f roiu any uieaus to altuiu this uud.
Nllisty-Flrsl liny.
In the "iintc A risolutlou was sgns.l to
instructing the interstate conuu r.'e one
niltteo Ui Imiulre what svMltionul lixislatiun
ts ucCiMtry in reieet to commutation or
excursions tlek"ts lo prevent certain alleged
sbtiK'S. Tlio hoinsi ili lleii'iiev bill, appro
priMUig fTVouO to supply the HI let t ibfab
cntloll, was pruiM.I, Tile Moutnlia coubsited
etis!tltm ciusMviu resumed, Mesix I'ugli and
Turple sp nklng. Tlio Clilinsje eiiuiueratlon
bill whs dlsotissol, sud, nt I) p. iu., thu senate
Iu the house After iMwto on thi- i.ig.
cal mrk bill, nil mil I at providing that
the District oit 'liimhin shall pay half the
expense was liisli-t.il Umiii. 'l iie unvsl np
preprlntlon bill was ii'ii-Mi n-l, and slthuut
oatiou tho huu-e oiljoiiriivd at & p. lu.
llrnIIU-IU'H I'mtntc Hcaululer
Should lie iisciI by the young woman,
she who sutlers from liny disorder jhcii
liar to her sex, and nt change ul' lite is n
IHiwcrl'ul tonic: Isncfits ull who use it.
Write The llraillichl Keg. Co., Allmiln,
Chi., for pnrticuliirs. Sold by nil drug
gists. OXU 1JNJOY8
Itoth tlio iui'iIpmI nml rcsnlis when
Synip of Figs is Inki'ii; it is pleasant
tiiul ii 'frvHliiiiK to tlio luslu, ami nets
tnlly yet pruinptly m tlio Kidneys,
uivor nml IJuwi'ls, t'lciinscs tho ays
tern cll'ciliiiilly, ilispels colli, hi'iul
ii'lii N nml li'vors nml cures hiihiliinl
I'liiisiipnlinii. Htnip of V'm is the
inly reiui'iiy nl' its kind over pro
liu'cil, pleii'siiin to tlio Inslo nml lie
.vplitlilo to tlio sloiiiiit'h, priiiiiiit In
its nrtion nml truly Is'iiefieinl ill lis
vllcets, pre i in reil only from tho mnsl
lienllhy mill m-'ii't'iilile atilisUneea, lis
iiiiiuy cxeelleiil iiiulilica coinineiul il
to ull ntul Imvn nimlo it tho most
popular tvmcilv known.
Syrup nf Klif I forinlo in BOc
nnd '$1 hotllrs lv all K'ndhip drug
irisU. Any rt'lnililo lrtijrgist who
limy not luivo it mi hund will pro
etiro It promptly for nny ono who
wishca to try il. Do not accept any
tH mahcisco. rvu.
touwmir. nr. hi to, n. t.
Aiimt for Kccmt Crrek Woolen Mills.
North Mnln Astwvlllf, N. C.
In the Circuit Court uf tliv tTnltcd KtnU-H, for
tnc wihutd iJiHinvt ui rtorin curuunu, ut
Thu Viruiulu, TcnncHHec and Curulinu Steel
and Iruu Cuiupuny,
Willlfiin CuthbcrUun et. ul., uutl J. C. Pen
NOT! at.
The defendant, J. C. I'ennliiKton. nliove
iiniucd, will take notlee that u Htiniuiotiri In
the ubove entitled aetitin wuh. on the 10th
day of Fehrunry, 1KIH, n)y Irmued out of
ihiB court in luvor ol the above nuiueu piuiu
till" and itfinliiHt him, duly directed to the
MarHhul of Hnid dintrlet, who hfiH made re
turn thereof into naid court not executed ;
thut thin aetlon 1 to recover from the tmld I.
C. I'enulnKton and hln uHced teitantH. Wil
liam CuthhertHon et. nl,, the poHHcNrtion of all
that piece, parcel und traet of land its fol
low :
I'irtit tract All that certain lot of land nit
unte in the countieH of Mi telle 1 1 and Wutau
a. In the State of North Carolina, hi naid
district, uud hounded and ileMcrilied an UA
town: lU'Kluuinu; at u Htake iu the middle of
Blk river, helow find near where Delilah
Heard now liven in the northcaM line of the
original patent or Krant Ut William Cnthcart
for tifty-nine thouHund .rl,()(Hi) iicrcH, Iteinjr
uutntiered 214l, and thence runnliiK with the
nail I linen uf Naid patent or tcrant north .'lo0
west to a white oak in the old WmdihiKton
county line, in or near the prettent line of di
vision and boundary between the State of
TenneitHce nnd North Cnrolinit, und on or
near the Stone mountain, heiuu; the mottl
northerly courKe of the original pat ut ufore
Hald, theucc tifiutli H-l wit with the line of
the said original patent to a make In the
middle uf liik river, thence up the naid river
with ItH ineiinderH to the heKinniiiK
St. eon d tract All that other tract of land
Mltuute lu the county uf Mite he 11, in the State
of North Carolina, aud in mild Dintrkt,
hounded uud described itHfollown: HeninnitiK
at the iH'KiuniiiK corner of the tract of land
tlrnt above deHcriited and runninir thenee by
the tno tti direct course to the head npr n of
the tnuHt northerly braneh or tributary ol
the North Toe river; thence by the mot di
rect cournc to the short bend in said river ut
the month of White Oak creek at Abraham
Johnston's, m-ur to and below the old lit. his
of Toe; thence down the said river to two
lynn trees, a corner in the compromise line
between William J. Ilrowu and Isaac T.
Avery; theucc with the calls of the said com
promise line (and-for the correct culls uf said
Mae rclcrcitcc is hereby made to the deeds
made lie t wet n the said Itrown nnd Avery,
aud between either uf them unil the heirs ot
the other of record In the county of Mitchell
aluresaidi to u lure rock on lluck hill, u cor
ner to and of the said compromise line;
llicnct koulh 4o" cast .'hill pole to a white
oak uu a rid:c Home distance below the Sam
Carpenter place, und on or near to the clos
ing line of the original grant aforesaid ;
thence with the original line anil Its various
calls reversed to the southeast corner of the
said r0,o(Hi acre traet near to or on the
Grandmother mountain; tluucv south ;to
west, and with the original line to the begin
uing, which il is alleged Hie said J. C. IVn
uiugttm aud his said alleged tenants, William
CulhberiHoii et, ul. unlawi'tillv and wrongful
ly withhold nnd detain from the plaiutill and
lor dumages for such di-Uutiou.
The said ile'eudant, J. C I'ennington, will
also take notice that he is hereby resulted to
be anil npiKar ou ir before the lid Monday ol
.May, A. Ik loo, before the Circuit Court ol
the I'nlUd States of Auuriea for the Western
i isiriet of North Carolina, ul Awheville, am)
answer or demur to the plaiutill s complaint
against him, or if he do not, the plaintiff will
move the court lor the relief demanded in
Hnid complaint. J. K. K 1-1 v 1 t
Clerk ireuit Court of the I'niln! Stntes, for
the Western Idstrict of North Curoliuii,
ut Ahcvillc.
PerC. It. MoitKK, Ik-put v.
Moore K. Merrick, Att'ys for IT 111.
uprj-dol moii
In the Circuit Court of the t nited stales, for
the Western District ot North Carolina, ut
The Virginia, Tennessee and Carolina Steel
uud Iron Company,
J.J, Newman nnd J. C. I'cnninutoti.
The defendant, J. C. Pennington, above
nanud, will take uotii-e that a summons iu
the above entitled notion w as, on the 10th
day uf February, IK'.io, duly Issued out uf
thlncourt in fuvor uf theabove named plaint
ill uud aguinsi him, duly directed to ihv Mar
shal of said district, who has made return
thereof Into said court nut executed; that
this action in to recover from the said J. C
i'cniiington uud his alleged tenant, the said
. J. Newman, the poNscsslun of ull thai
piece, parcel nnd tract of land us follows:
I'imi unci All that certain lot of land sit
uuti iu the counties of Mitchell uud Watau
ga, in the Mule of North Curulinu, nnd in
said 1'hurict, uud bounded and dcscrllH-d as
follows: llegiuuiug at a stake in the middle
of lilk rWtr Ik-Iow and m ar w here lkhhih
Heard now dve til the northeast Hue of the
original patent or yrant to William Cnthcart
for lil'l v-nine thousand (."dt.oooi acres, lteing
uutnlK-'red U. und thence running with the
aid Iiiur ol said patent or grant north JUi
west tun while ak in the obi Washington
county line, in or near the prest. ut line ul di
vision and boundary between the States of
Tennessee nnd North Carolina, and on or
tienr the Stone mountain, being the must
northerly corner of the original patent alore
aid: tin nee south -' west with the lines of
the said original patent tu n slake iu the
middle of lilk river; thence uj the said river
with its meanders to the iHgiuumg.
Second tract All that other traet uf bind
iluate in the county uf .Mitchell, iu the St ale
of North Cimdiua, and iu suit) district.
I h Minded und dcsiriln-d us billows: Iteginuinu
ui the iK-giuniug corner of the tract uf laud
tintt above deserilKtl, and running thence by
the most direct course to the head spring ol
the most northerly branch ir tributary of
the North Toe river; tinner by the .nost di
rect course to the short bend in said river ut
the mouth uf White Oak creek at Abraham
Johnston's, near lu nml IhIow the Old 1-ieNU
i lire; tin inv now n sain river io iwu lynn
tni-s. n corner in theeomproinisc line IkI ween
William J. Itmw n und Isaac T. Aerv;theiice
with the culls of suit I compromise line t and lor
the cornet culls of said line ncciul relcrenee
is hereby made to the deeds made between the
said Hrown und Avery ami IkI ween either ol
them und the heirs ul the other, of record In
the county of Mitchell aior.suidi to a large
rock on Muck hill, a et truer to uud uf the said
compromise line; thence MMith 4f 1 east :uiti
iMiien to n white oak on n rioge smeiiisiaucc
Ulow the Hum Carpenter place and un or
near to the closing line of the original grant
aforesaid; thence with the original lines nnd
its various culls reversed loihcsotilhenstcor
iier uf the said AP.imio acre tract near to or
on the (niiidtuotlur mountain ; theiuv south
:to ' west nnd with the urigiual Hue to the Ik'
ulnuiiig; which It is aliened the said J. C.
I'iuuiuglun und his said alleged tenant, J. J.
Newmuu, unlawfully und wrongiullv with
hold nnd detain I mm the tdaiutiir, nnd lor
damages lor sueh detention.
The mi id defendant, J. C I'cunhigtun, will
also lake iiothi' that lie Is hereby rei mired to
lw nnd npH'itr on or lalorc the lid loiiday
of May. A. 1. IMio, Ulore the Circuit Court
of the I'lliteil States of America fir the West
em Idstiiet of North Cnrolluu. ut Ashcville.
nnd answer or demur to the plabititl's com
plaint ngaiiisi him, or if he do not. the plaint
ill move the court lor the relief demanded in
said complaint. J. H. HV.Ut
Clerk of the I nltid Htnte Circuit Court for
the Western UN I net ol North cunumu,
lit Asheville.
PerC, II MtinKii, tK'puly.
Moore Merrick, Ally's fur I'ltll.
npr 4 il.'t niurt
Cbleagc: Alton U.K.
AsluvUIr to Kiiumis I'ltv In nl In mm.
Alitvllle In Ikiiht III nl hours.
Aohi'tllli' to Hnil I'riiiii ist'ii, CulUorilln, nml
I'.irtlniul. ori u in ft ilnvn,
Hollil Vi'sillMiUil Triilns M. I. mi Is to knn
il. I ll v Ki i liiillill ihiiir cur Irer.
I'or lull iiilnriiiiitieii cull un or write lo
II. A. NcwIhihI,
I'l-lrl, I I'lisM imrr Altvllt.
Nn. Ill I'lilliill Ave., Asluvilli', N.C
j. 1'IIAKI.THN, II. I'. A., Clllrioiu, III
W. 0, WOLFE.
(ivrr ,'Iihi Mis uf the must urnulitiil
Just rcvrlvcil, frnm Hut vhrnisst Tmnlisluiic
to linnilsiunc Miuiiiuuiits. Islinvs inmlc
lirvut riiluvinui in inw, aim n wm inj ji
to ruim nml limk nt nijf stoili, whether jrou
liuy or not. Wnrrrnom Wullc IIuIIiIiiik,
Court Mtiunra.
in ntul nrti r this ilntr hr nilliiwlnu st hnl
litis will lw run iivit lts"Ciiluinliln IHvlslun."
No. 0.1 irfnvrs tiiiiiniiiiu- i. m.
Arrives nt I'luirlrstiui U.tlo i. in
Mi. U lnvr, l.'linrlrton T ill u. Ill
Arrtvrs nl Ciiluinliln 11. nit , m.
connn'tltiif with Irnlns to nml from All
jHilutson tlie murmur, (.'nuiiiiiiin w au
BUMS nnu WUIUlllllIM ' ........mm n ill im.i p.
T. M. BMHKrMIN, Oca. Puss. Ant.
J. F. DBVINU, Ocu. up(.
Nothing Succeeds
The reason RAHAM'8
the moHt wonderful med
icine, Is because it has
never fulled in any in
stance, no mutter whut
the disease, from LHP
KOKY tu the simplest
disease known tuthc.hu
mun systcin.
The neien title men nf
to-day claim und
prove thut every dinf
case it
CauHcd by Microbc9t
HxtcrmlnntcN the Microbes und driven them
out of the system, uud when that Is done
you cannot have un nine or pain. No mat
ter wnui uic disease, wnetner u simple case
of Malaria Fever or a combination of dis
eases, we cure tin in ull ut the same time, us
wc trcut ull discuses cnuNUtutiui uMy,
Astlutm, Catistitvptioti, CnUmh, firoti
vlntis, htivtimUism, 1 iilncy nml Ltvvr
Disvtise, Chills nml Vrtr, Fvnmlv
Troubles, in tt II its Hu nts, uihI, in Ihct,
every Disease kuuwit tu the Human
ttcc thut our Trade-Mark (same an ubuvc)
nppcurn uu cneh jug.
Send for hook "History of the MicrolK
Killer," given away by
J. 8. GRANT, Ph.
Sole AKent, Asht'villc, N. C.
nnv17il1y tu tri sun
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cost. Try n poirol tair HH-eiitlties in neiitle-
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amine our specialties for ladicn nt $.00,
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fort, durability and style.
insist on nuvtnj! tne oninnni m. a. rneitnru
Hi Co.'s SIkm-h. The iienuiue have our staini
in bottom of each shoe, isent iHisinaid to
iinv part of the 1'. 8. on receipt uf price. M.
A.'l'ACKAKIi V CO.. itrocktuu Mass. For
sale iu Asheville by
h. ri;dvood & co
nuH deod 8tnoii su wc hi
Ity virtue of nttthority vested In Genevieve
H. Cunant by n certain deed in triisiexecuted
bv T. I. Viiut'.lblerund wile, K. A. Vnni'.ilder,
iliiu-d lite L' lrth dav of lime. A. I. 1HN7. mid
ni'lstend hi the HcuistVr'Hofllceof ItuncotnlH-
coiintv in Hook 10. pufco74; nml by virtue
of iiuthitrilv vested in V. V. Ibimnrd by n
certain deed from said T. I. Vnntblder and his
said witedateil Oct. 14-. 1mm7, and rcKistered
in said Register's oilier In Hook 4U, puKvHM,
together with n declurntlon uf trust of the
Miid W. W. Itarnartl declared therein dated
OcttiUT 17, h77, and renistcred insahlotlU'c
in Hook 11 of mortKnucK nnd ditilsin trust
ut pace 1-4; nnd by n certain otherdceil from
inesaiil r. I. anittuier umi ms riiiii wnc 10
said V, W. Itarnard dated Oetolicr I'll.
1hn7. and reulsteml hi mod idlii-e In I look
do, payc Ao:i, toKcther with n dtvlnrutioii uf
trust made thereon bv the said W. W. I turn
nrd dalcd tho 14lh dur of IKtolicr, A. I.
nh7, nnd nnttered in saitl oiliw 111 Hook 1 1
f niortutiireti antl ileeils ul trust, naue 4iii
and by virtue of aiithorily vested in J. A.
Coiinnt bv n certain ilecd in tnistcscutcd by
the satd 1. I. Vnuiiildcr ami his naid wife,
dated the tu-coad day of Novemler, 1Hh7,
and reuisterett In said olliiv in Hook of inort
unties and deeds in trust No. 11, ihikv 47o,
ns well as bv virtue of any uuthonty he muy
have bv reason of the deed in trust lirstnbove
mcnllo'ucfl. Ube said T. I. Vuiuiilder nnd wite
huvintf Iniled to pay the monies arvurcd by
each r-nd every of said deeds in trust and
levd and divlaralious of trust thereon ne
iirdiiiti to their several urovlslons. und Un
said trusteed haviuu a reed nniontf them
selves us lo the prittrilUn of the vnnt.uf
lehts sccurt-d nml us to tnc proiicr utvision
nf the proceeds of the side of Un
binds hereinafter dcscriliedl, the mild Geue
vieve K. Conant antl tlie satti w . w. iiunturii
anil the said J. A. Conant, tmsteen in said
deeds in trusts and deeds nnd declarations o
trust thereon, will sell nt public nuction for
nn nl tne court nonse tutor in ine ciiy ui
Asheville ut 1 1' o'clock m. on the Hist day ol
iiv. A. it. ikiiii. n ivrtntn niece or inircei 01
laud in the city of Asheville, county of Hun
eomlie and State of North Curollnn, on the
south side of CoNeuc street, nnd on the west
side of 1 avid son street. Includinu; the clcfiiint
brick residence now occupied oy said 1. 1.
Viint. lthr. nml the slnities ana wverni aujii
ct-til lots buck of It. bounded as follows: Uu
(he north by ColU'Kr ntreei, on tne east ny
INivtdsoil street, 011 tne soum oy iiaKtesircei
and on the west by the .tail lot und the A. T.
iifivW htitn lot. now I'nck's. At tlie same time
und place the said W. V. Harnard will sell ut
public auction lor cnsii n laiKe lot 01 11 oust
hold ami kitchen furniture under the uuthor
itv of the deed from saitl VutiiVihlcr nnd wife
to llarnanl lirst uud above mentioned und
the declaration of tru-t made thcrcoii us
m irvRutd Murih 'J-'. Imimi.
;iiNiivn; li K. CONANT, Trustee.
J. A. CUNANT. Trusti-e.
W. W. UAKNAKI), Trustee.
mnr'J iHUUl
Apply to us durliiK the Incninlnii week to
rent thr Huvk Uuurry on the opiKisllc side
uf the river, itiur the Iron lirlilio', and th.
ninii TiiNiiMiiNT iiiumim
nenr by. A Riind rock man ran get a bar-
tnarav dtf
$2.99 Shoe.
Editor Aslievllle CiUscm
Thut our many friends may know bow
an getting on we will stutc that we took la
lu Hotel and Store
99,000 lu Vive Weeks.
Took In lust Suturday over $700. $7S of
that was hotel, bulancc store. Hotel regis,
tcrcd 89 that day. tlad 6,000 arrival. In
S months. Our stock Is mammoth 300 feet
long and IB feet wide. Tell the balance of
the world to come and see "Old Chcd" smile,
and buy goods of us and save 10 to 2S per
novlO dtf 8. R. CH1SDBSTBR It SO
Granite Monuments,
All kinds of Monu
ments, Tombstones,
lleiulstones, Itrn.
unil Vases made to
order in the latest
Yard At Buncombe
uuKD dum
If. C. Woltcreck & Co.
Annlytieii of MetaU, Ores, Conl or Coke, Min
eral Waters, Vcrtiliicm, etc.
MlnttiK projterty invcHtiKuted. developed,
boiiKht und sidd.
CorrcHpoudencc solicited.
Samples can lie sent by mall or express. II
sent by express, charges must be .prepaid,
AkciiU wanted in every place.
Chattanooga, Tcuii.
novO dtwly ManoKcr
Buffering from tho efforts of youthful errors, osrly
decsy wsallng we-vkness, lost manhood, etc, I wlU
end Tsiusblo trostiM (sealed) oonUlulng full
psrtieulsrsfnr booioeare, FRCSof obsrij. A
plentlld medical work i should uo read by evory
man ho ia narTous and debilitated, AddrosSj
TtqU r C roWIJJa, Booausp.Cowb
novO tlAcw ly
& CO.,
i BIG 22,
Pulton Avenue.
Oiwn dully, except Sundays, from 10 a. m.
until 1 p. m., and 4 until 0 p. m.
The terms of sutiscriptiun are: One year
$'J; 0 mos., f t.flo; 3 mo.., fl; 1 tno.( QUcU.;
dully S cts.
Ofllixrs for 1HUO I'rvsidvnt, Charles W.
Woolscyi Vice-President, Thus. A. Jones; Sec.
and Trcai.urcr, U. 8. Wutson ; Librarian, Miss
U. J. Hatch.
Citliens and visitor, are cordially Invited
to Insiicct the catnluKUe and iuKtiue their
names as members. jonSOdtf
liiiglUb and French
No. 40 French Urond Avenue.
(Fur many years Ansorlate Frtnrlpal of Mt
Vc'niun hiMtltutc. Haltimore.)
Asslsteil by m, cur, uf cuniicnunt teachers.
ucco uiy
Street Car Schedule.
llvKlnnlnK at a. in. Uadlnjr 10.00 p. m.
SCnr Irnvcs 8iiuarc fur Depotcvcry hour and
ill" huur.
Car leaves Square for Melkc's, Ooubledny
nnd Cnmpl'nttun 7 minutes otter cava huur
ami hair nour.
Cnr leaves M t ike's. PouiHcdny and Limn
lnttua 7 minutes before each huur aud half
Schedule cars connect at Hiiunre.
Trnui ear meets cverv Lruiu, One valise al
io wed vneh pasneiiKef
Til A11UV1L u o. All" 1 Kli LU.
ballom. If sit. rimler cannot .iipplf von.
Mml dlraot tu favtory, iwln.ln a4varlM
Vina fair, Hrntv lMt Grmla aad Cr..i
moor vvnuirprour. . . ,
lle.t In the worl. anln kl '
4.(0 II ANlMsCWKO !Kf.lJjf5!&
lift kxH?'Witf
All Buul. la Ooajtrass, Ballon aM In,
$3&$2 SHOES iAL.

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