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A troublesome skin disease
1 caused mo to scratch fur ten
f .mouths, and has been cured by
it low din use of S. 8. S.
M. II. W01.1-,
TTppcr Murlburu, AM.
Swift specific.
I was cured several year ngo of
while swelling in my leg by the use. of
8. 8. 8., and linve hud no svtnploms of
any return of thu disuse, Aluny prom
inent pliyali'.iHiM attended me and all
railed, but 8. 8. 8. did the work.
Johnson City, Ten.
Treatise mi Wood SLlu Disease
loaned free.
8wiht Si'F.ciKir Co.,
AiimiiH lid
ott iifltlftiwly
mire liver J. II. I.n ' Mure, South Main
lUtriKllliK -r"'
" Willi Kim .ale,
I'illinit with ailver or iiiioiIkioii . ..rto' io7.a-
" ijiiM Sl.oonml upwind
rl nl teeth $i!.oo
lle.t set of teeth SH.OO
Nu lietter mnilc. no matter wlmt you pay
Knlinfuvtlnn Kuarantccd.
Attorney at Law,
MARION, n. v.
Will prarticeln the loth anil t'.'th JuilUiul
lll.trict. of North Carolina null In till' 8n.
preme Court anil the Peili-rnl Court ol' liie
W extern IH.triet or North Carolina.
Attorney, and Couiinellors at Law.
Aahrville. N. C.
Will nr.t-lli-r III thr I Itll flllll 1'Jlh llllllrilll
1i.trU-ta, unit ill the Siiinviiie Court ol North
Carolina, ami tu the Federal Court, ol' the
Writem Inwtricl of Nurlh 'wiirollllll.
Krl'er to llitllk ol' Aahevillc. illel
Architect and Contractor.
1'lntl., .neeihVntloii. nnd catliniitea fur
.lalu-d. All work til niv line contriutcd I'm
ml no eharue. lor drawings on t-nutraela
..warded me.
(Hire: No. Ill llemlrv llliwk. North Court
4IIIIIT. AHhCVille, N. C. Irllloiny
Veterinary Surgeon.
I wilt prnetlee In the eity a ml .urrouinliui:
liner at W. I'. Illnntoii N Co.'. alalile, '
Month Main .treet. iiprl
H. II. RKKVKS, ll.n.. II. K. rMI1ll.ll.ll.lt.
Dr. HCCVCM & Hlllllh.
In Connolly Building, over Kedwoml'. tttore
I'atton Avenue.
Teeth estrscted without pain, with Ihe new
nsatnctle, anil all ease, ol irreituiiiriiy eor-
iihi:lill y
. RAMSAY, U. U.S..
Dental Gult.'J OIUcc i
In llarnnnl lliiltdlna Knlrnnce.. fat ton
Avenue aail Mala mtvu.
AMhevlllc.lN. C.
P. O. Uitl I.
mart 3d I y
No. Jit llaywooil Street,
Tllltl.AKOIl8TANI.ltim HOIII'CHI. ll
TIIK Hlli ril
II. C. WoUcreck & Co.
Analvm of Mrtal., Ore., t'onl or folie, Mln
ernl Wilier., I'erl Hirer., etc
Mlnlnn proprrty Inveallnatiil, iliv. lox
bouicht and .old.
I 'itHH.iui.ilaHi. ...IMl.il
riample. can lie wnt by mall or rier.. I
oral liy .re.., enarae. inuai w pn-p no
Kenta wanted In every plaee.
Cbattauootrn, Tcim.
novltdw1v Mnniour
00 R
i a" CHILD
tarn tr all oMUBsitri
rpaa dAiwir
Burn, In any Lamp without dannr ot
Exploding or taking lira. 8e, that you
gni ina gnnuina, roraaitpy
MP dwly
The English Cabinot DiEousseB
Germany's Claims.
Tba PropiiBoil Feilrratiou Prooup-
or of liKlopcnrtoiu'e WholoHale
Prosooutlon of AnuruliiKiH tu Ger
many The Ilrkibittaii Jlonnsrin
bleu Ualy'a Company tu Iiondoit.
London, June 13. In epitc of the an-
nounoemcnt tlutt the onhinct council
had bcon postpone! until aftr the Con
servative caucus at the Carltun club to
morrow, tlire wai a moetinfr of the
DiiniHterN at wliioh will diHCtuwnd the
mutter of (lomiauy's clalma in Africa.
The lnuty couvontna of thu meetinK
after Lord rWHnhury's protracted inter
viw with tht Oi-rmun iimbaanrtdor gives
rifi to thu boilef that neKOtintiunn now
pomlinK in iwjarrt to Afrioii have be
comu hop"lua.4r complionted.
Kverytuing nowpoinaj n tae promt
bility tliot to-luorrow Tory cuncua
will result In the postponement of the
Kuvitiuuii'nt'g puluiuaus' compensation
bill until next suasion and the piuuutKo of
an order by tue majority in tue nouse
of commons allowing the measure to be
taken up ut its present stage. tiiU'b ac
tion would amount to a virtual aban
donment of the bill, but it would at
the same time permit the government
gracefully to retire t'rom an untenable
position, and that is doxirable just now.
Meanwhile the Radical, Liberal and
temperance opponents of the measure
are Keeping up tneir ngnt witn even
grouter viKor and persisti'ncy thau they
have yet shown. They are not to be
lured into auy trap, and pay nu atteu
tiou to the indications Hint the iruv" Tu
rnout is weakmiiug iu ita resolve to push
the scliome.
1'ronpi'utloii of Anarchists.
London. June 13. TheUenuan gov
ernment is perfecting plans for a whole
sale prosecution of Auarchists under ex
isting unti-siM-iaiisiic law. iu scneme
couteiunlHtes the bcKinuiu of imme
diate action against this chus in order
to taKe advantage ot toe prevailing law
which wll presently expire, and as
many as can lie tried before its expira
tion will lie proceeded against. Iu pur
suance of this policy the uolico are dis
playing pheiiouiuual activity in making
arrosta. Among those) taken Into cus
tody arc a imiuner of men who were In
diutrioun in the circulation last April
of HoemliHt luuiiiihlots desiuned to
foment Alar day uiHturbouct-s. These
pamphlets, it wus learned, were printed
in Loudou, New Vork und Chicago and
shipped to Uurmany in enormous quun
titles. AtiNirallun Federation.
London, June 12. The colonial gov.
eminent of Australia have all paosed
the nocensary acts prnviding tiie tunas
for tue const I'tietioii uy tlie uriltsn gov
eriiiuuut ot 8- Vflnil sbius of war to be
devoted exclusively to defense of Aus-
truluui lolo'iii'S. It is also proposed to
establish intercolonial rrcutradu Uirougli.
out Australia. Whetiior imperial ted-
eralinn.as itdvocnted by Lord Uoseberry,
comes or uot, all signs point to the cer
tainty of au Australian union that will
present on tue opHMitu side of the world
a copy o wiu I'Uik-h oimiuv i Auiurii-n.
The Austialiaiui are much Jissatiahed
with the Conine of the llritish govern
ment in tvrmitliuir oilier e,urois.au na-
turns to g.un a tiaithold in l'olynesia.and
witu a licet ut llieir comuiauu, tnoir re
luuusti'uiices may toko a vigorous form.
The Itclcli.laaT Keasaenibles.
I! ,v T....u 1l TI,A rl..t,u..
I.I.OI.,... W IIUO . I.IV.aMI( .V-
astemblol and re-eleclod the president
and vice pn-.ulents or lust session.
I lianoeiior t. .iprivi iu reply to an inter
rogation regarding the p umport regula
tions iu Auvtco lirntuo, said that the
prcneiit stsu'tu was reudi-red necessary
liy , lie niiiiiLs-r of cxs of treason
broiignt Is lore the tribunal, but more
esiHH'iuUv I roin the military m ilivos uo-
siuiied to reii i. r relations b 'teen the
Alsutiiius and the Frvuch more dilliciilt
uud to acci'lerale the (JcriHHiilzation of
the CHiilinc l inoviuces. Tiie system
cannot Iw alioiished fur some time to
come. hetlicr we sliall be aide tu
continue our nreseut course of moilera-
tiou, he con, liuled, deH nds upon the
allltuilu of tliuao uoucerueu.
Presents to O'Urirn'a llrlde.
London, June 111. Mile. Katrulovitch,
who becomes thu bride of William
U Uricn today, has rociuvud a law num
ber ol wedding K'tte. some of wuich are
very beautiliii slid costly. The uiliuircrs
of lierself uud Mr. U'lirien among the
ladles ol Uiiolui liave liruseuted her with
an elaborate setot bed and table linen of
thu liuust iiuaiily uud tiie Lwlics ol Cork
and Keumnru uuve sent exquisite speci
mens ol luce wora.
The l.li.ei.slng Hill.
LtiNiai.N, .lune IU. In the house of
common. Iio-I evening Mr. W. 11. tiniith
iuiormed .ur. Ulaiuttuue, in reply to a
(mention that the liresunt intention of
tue government was to proceed Willi the
licensing hill. The housu thcu Went iuto
committee on tue inn, ami dir. nctous
aiuendmeiit against the purchase of li
cense, wus rejected by a Vote of !i&4
Uelglun Elections.
liiii'KHKl.t. June 14. The seueral elec
tions wideb look place yesterday were
reiuurkaiily quiet. A small riot occurred
at Uli.iit, nut uiscwhure everything was
orderly. Two advanced socialist were
defeated lit I uarleroi and Mon., and the
results of the laillotiiig throughout the
kingdom imlitaUi a great triumph fur
the Clericals.
fiulv'a t'mu.iiAuy In LiuihIoii.
London, June 14. Mr. Augustiu I'uly
began his season at the Lyceum theatre
lust evening. The manager und his
... I,..!,., .-..i i i
coiiiimnr were t-oi iiauy m-umm-i miu
thu pui'formimeu elicited frequeut main
festatious of aptiloval,
The Vk'tni'Utn Aseouihly.
MKMiiVHMI, June !. The Victinlan
asseiulily unanimously approved the
Drin. tole of Australian federation and
appointed dolegjtus to the pl'oHuc,l coll
yulitlou ol the Australian colonies ol
the suliJtH't.
Permaiirnl Kipoaltltin llnllillnu.
Pauis. .Tuna IU. The chauilmr of den-
nties passed a resolution by a vote of
DW, loi UipnMiorveasiH'rniaiieinsvruuv
ure the uiauhinory bull of tho lata exhi
bition. He Wu Tired of Advice.
Willis Hello. Bingham? So your tin
cle left yon AlO.otK), did hof Wlmt will
you do with It?
llinghnin (sarrnstlcitlly ) Going to turn
it over to my friends. They all know
bettor than I what should bo done with
Itl Hackut.
Tliusly Wanting;.
Dickie, 0 years old, had a pair of boots.
He rut one of them with a hatchet The
father became very angry and scolded
Incivwoiitly. The little fellow looked his
father In the fare and saldi "If yon don't
stop talking you'll got me mad, too,"
...-J I1 - 1
Tho Price) for PudsVMria; Iu Kastera
Mills Auvam ea.
PiTwauKU, June 18. The Amalga
mated association oonaldnrad the scale
governing bar mills. Tba base 10 cents
per ton at a 8 cent card was reaffirmed.
The qualifying clause on extra was taken
op for discussion. The prlco for pud
dling in eastern mills has been advanced
from 5-1. TO to $4 per ton. This means
that the eastern workers will demand a
meial iucrenso of pay approximating
per cent.
'1 lie laviition taken by tho Amalga
mated association is that raw materiuls
do not uuHt UM per rent, inoro than is
paid by western iiiaiiiifactursi's und the
east have enjoyed tho udvimt tge of lit)
In favor of lal or, There are ulxmt IX)
mills ill the rnst. Them seems to exist
a feeling that the eastern manufacturers
will resist the payment of the proposed
Death of Sainuol H, Hareh.
HAiiiiinUi no, June 18. B.iuiuel R.
Harch died at his residence, So. BOS
Cuiulierlrtinl siruet. 1J( cssfd had been
in the employ of thu Pennsylvania ruu
nd upwards of forty yours, the last
twenty-fho of which he was lormuan of
the tinning depitrfmeiit in this city.
Mr. Swell was Isirn in Philadelphia.
where he was married, l-eniovlug to
Uarrisburg alxiut twenty-five year ago.
Ho was appointed an aid-de-camp on
the staff of Ooventor Jivmes Pollock on
Nov. U, 1K37, with the rank of lieuten
ant inlonel. He wus a member of the
Eastern Star Masonic lodge in Philadel
phia. lllg Sale of Timber Lands.
WiLMAMsniHT. Pa.- Juue U.-There
wns concluded iu the ollice of I'uudor Sc
Munson a sale of one ol the largest and
most important bodies of hemlock tim
ber lands iu the state. These lands are
situated in Putter ivtinty, upon Kettle
creek and its triliutaneii.ninlwereowueu
bv Klias Deemer and Ueorge L. Sunder
son, of Williuuisport, und Charles W.
Henry, of Philadelphia. The purchasers
were Alt rod Castetlv and P. 0. Csstello,
ot New York city, extensive tanners, the
sum being puid Iu cash, and umountiug
to about ikioU.UVU.
Cut to Pieces.
Bl IlLEHKM, Pa., Juno 18. A man
who cannot be identified, because there
is very little left of him, was cat to
pieces here on the Lehigh Valley rail
road, ami nobody knows how the acci
dent occurred. Uoth arms, both legs
and his head were severed, tue body cut
in two, and ull the severed ports scat
tered iu various directions, ihe under
taker who took charge of the remains
had great difficulty in putting the pieces
togellier to get the body iu shape.
Voluntary Increase of Wages.
Pirrsm'iKi, June 18. From June 1
nil classes of workmen on the southwest
branch of thu P.-nusylvuuia railroad will
receive an advance in wages rungiug
from 10 to 20 per c ut. The iucrenso is
altogether voluntary on the part ot the
company and equalizes the wages of the
,"i00 employe oil this branch with the
wages of employe on the main line.
The Order of Hieuin Engineers.
Lancastkh. Pa.. Juno 19. The Grand
Council of Pennsvlvauiu. American Or
der of btcaui l-igiueers, met hi annual
session here. Mayor Clark made an
address ui welcome, which was re
sisinded to by Chief Engineer Benjamin
I . l'ettit, of Philudelpluo. The session
will be secret.
McAnllfl'o and Madden Uo Abroad,
Ntw Yiiiik. June VI. Tho steamer
S'iM'oiisiu. of thu Union Line, was the
oulv vossol that left this port yesterday
for ICiiMpe.iu shores. Among the pus-
wiiL'er., were .loo .ilcAuliae.tne pugilist,
uud his wile, und Billy Madden und
ltaces nt HI. I, on Is.
Ht. 1-ot'iH, Jiiu. 11. btrl race, aitlrs
.hula Mi (, I: Lum B, uthur. drawu.
Time. I S..
Nernnd laes, 1 uillo -Littla L'riils, I; Fred
Tsral. 1': Iritil. a X Time,
TUird isce, iht pH.mli. rn Hotel (ke, t.
inlle-Bnl tiow.n, 1; Nattuusl. S; luui Itoiier.
and Bramblebuolidsud hsumfurS, Time, Ml.
tour lb race, 1 uillo aasy t, 1; Csrnagls.
1: I'.rmllla. a. Tlius, l.sii.
Fifth race, I oille aud U yard. Jelin Mor
ris, 1; llsrtua. ft HriMikiull. - Tunc, l.il 4.
Morris Purk ltaces.
WKKri'iiKs-ri.u. X. V. .lun I. First race,
H mile 1'iuvls. li Lsonoru. t; Ailuliua,
Tint., 1.01
Keruud nice. I'mkne. hamllrup, lt mlles
Montnsuo, I: l'liilunopby,!; Itarrlitur.ii. Tiuis,
Third race. Ijin-branni .t.kna for f-yesr.
oIiIn H nillu- Dr. Ilu.brouck, I; Strathinsatb,
11.1 knn. It Time. I. I V
t'uiirth race, thr Hrliiiniit .Isku. fur H-yrar-
olua, IVi ml e- liiiriHigiou, 1 Uuvutee, S; l'ou
lahuh. .1. Tiui-. .aiA.
fifth race, S nils Aran, li Merldon, Si
BUI Hams-.. 3. Time. I.IIIV
ninth race, CHS utlles-tiypwy Uuoea, li
Zeiibirus, 3; Mule Jini, -t, Tune. S.ul.
A Word About (Hon milling.
Formypnrtl pnifeft against all rhS
stntggling mid clolsj trotting, lr then
was liny limit or end or any legitimate
puna aw to It, It might bu tolerated. Hut
there is not. It is simply a return to
vagrancy and iiouiikUsui. The same
people who are doing all till straggling
this year will ne t it a-rnin next year, w
the year after lit the outside, thiceths
habit is formed they never stay nt home,
except for so long a rufllcui for usees
sun' moasiiresirf ilnanclul retrievemi'iit,
Of course tlicru is sumo use in travel.
It is iiu;trucUve to huvo wim the world
and know what Is in it. It trives the
means of mulling comparisons. Imparts
culture and open the eyes generally.
But these rontiuprar' tramps of ours
havoloiigKlnre tuimeii the stage of learn
ing anything. Their notion of travel it
seat and rssilrs, und to have fun gissJ
suliig n their way, nut liy wits gmonv
tion Inordinately pursued. I sny they art
a frivolous lot our triunM; that tin y try
to dotlge life; tlutt by keeping perpi'ttv
ally ou the go thoy sunca ed In evading
the hnWts ol work and tlie nntursl t)i
that Btay-ot hcie pon4e have to fern
and tho ro.-iKiiisiblutU that they bnvu ts
sharo. UiiltmeTS.
Drain VrVrtlor., Bufeiy Valve,
Hie Into Itev. Dr. Enoch Pond, of the
Bangor Theological seminary, did an
Imuienso amount .or worx 111 Ills tiny
Ills long life knew few idle moments
He was once asked how he managed to
wrtto so much for religious pajsTS in
addition to his preparation of matter tot
volumes, not forgetting his duties in th
lecture, room, "I haw made It a rule
he said, "to stop on tho end of eiudi
hour' work and take a few minute'
ritcroutioii. In good weather I tako
turn In my garden. Bangor Commer
tier Ids.
Miss Lnrroin, In her "Now England
(Hrlhoul, says that when sho lists! t
hear the minister read the text, "Cut It
down! wliv eumlKTcrh it the ground?'
she atwnvs Hiimi.iscd that he had made
inintnke, He ought to have said, she
thought, "Why cuciimbcreth it the
ground?" Htrau'fM things go on inside
th bead of children,
ILt Last Open, to tiie jp-ulblic.
Sixty-Six Beautiful Residence Lots, Wednesday, June 25th, 1890,
All thiHi'lcf-nnt, pi(iiri t.v in Wi-sl, Kml. Cit.v of Aslicvilli', rxn'pt. tin' M;ir--niiii-'iit i:'siiln-. of C. 10. (irnliani, 1. A.
"iiiciik fro rost L0.0(K) now linildiiinl mill oIIhtk. roiiiin.i niliii".' n urn ml view of (lie IVt'inli llroinl KiviT Jllld Valley,
tint nioiintiiiiis and iiitfi'voniiiu' ft unit it. In front of Hnttfiw I'nrk nntl tliifilly lit with 1
1M0A1) THIS Asheville's iiopulntioii in isso wns 2iO(): it is now l.".0.i ninl will
yeni-s. John II. Iniiinn nntl his nssoi-intes h.ive pnrfhiiseil I'OO miics of Asheville's I test
tion nntl ereetion ol liis !)f.()(i,U(Kl.tiil hotel is hemu: prowfiiteil ns r;iinll,v ns uie eiiuinei'is r.in no ine siirve.vuis. i nu
Asheville Lonn. Const nit-t ion nfltl linproveineiil ('oinpnn.v with n p.inl up e;ipil.il of .':!ui.(HK).U( nre prosecutinn; their
work of linililinu' nrt ificiiil hikes, rnee t-ourses, hotel nntl numerous oilier iinproveinenls ns rnpiill.v ns lint hibor of man
etui lie pushed. The Vniitleihilt pnlm-t' und grounds, cost inr tfC.oun.oiMuii). it is not nei-essnry to deHenlie. Over
.ft 1, )(, KM ).() worth of Ueul IOstnto tins chiinuvd hiinds since .Mnn li 1. 1M. Liind vnliies linve douhled, trebled and
tpimlrupletl in the last three yenrs uud the advance litis linrtll.v yet li".uim.
I'rosiieet Turk sites einhrnco the key to the sit nation for proximity, scenery, iiiet and
Everybody is eoininy to Asheville. iSeeure a lot while you can. Do not lail lo taue inivniiianc oi n.
r.nhuife in six, twelve, eiuhleen months uud two years with interest nl riht percent., payable seiui-n initially .
Tnko the I'atton Avenue street car which carries, you lo the "rounds.
For phit or anv other infonnation applv to or call tn V. I). McP.ec. ('. L. (irahaiu. I hos. h. brown, K. r. roster, t.
II. Sjk ights, T. 0. McNeeley or
Hume One Hwallnwed tlto Touth.
I heard a rather amusing story of a
number of young people who assembled
a few days ago lit the homo of a charm
ing young litdy somewhere in the eastern
part of tho city for a quiet little game ut
cards. During the progrers of the even
ing one of the girls producisl her bon
bonniere, which passed In succession
around the merry circlo until its tiny lid
chsied only on an aching void and the
delicate flavor of Itulian mint When
the pretty !xx was returned empty to its
owner, the delicate suffusion of her
flushed brow faded to a ghastly pallor us
she cried, "Where's my shnrk's tooth? 1
had it in this bonlioiuiieru." Then tho
pallor wont around a visions of tlto g.ts
tronomio linisasibilitius of the situation
dawned on thoso who hnd partaken of the
contents of the box eoinclssly had
swallowed the wisdom molar of a mau
eatlng enrchnrias vulgaris, but who?
Noliody knows to this day, but thero was
a sense of uneasiness alout the little
gathering thereafter that fell liko n pall
over tho general jollity. Louisville Post
Celluloid Silk.
In discussing tho latest development
In tho lino of silk imitation, an English
contemporary says: "Celluloid 'silk' is a
cleverly fabricate! tissue, which ought
to Is) repressed "by common consent, or,
If necessary, by parliamentary prohibi
tion. Nothing so useful to dishonest
dealers and so dangerously inflammable
has hitherto been invented in the way of
clothing. It is certainly eheap nnd hand
soma, and Is theroforo more tempting to
tho thoughtless, or the defrauded, who
may be induced to buy as Silk' a tuutu
rial which a spark would innomn, and
which would burn with tho fierceness of
a rng steeiicd in petroleum. It may be
in tho future jiosslble to lessen this in
flammability, hut the small sample re
ferred to went off like a flush, and we
may assume it was as Ure proof as can at
the present time bo madu.''
Senator Insnll.' De.k.
BensroT Ingiifls studied law in Massa
chnwtts, and as soon as ho was admitted
to the bar started to Kansas with f70 in
hi inside pocket. Ho opened an offlco
near Atchison, Ills luw library was
inado up of three liooks, and the wholo
of his furniture was a chair and a table.
Ills first client was a oarponter, and his
fee wa paid in ktrid. Ee got table and
a high dosk for his legal (vrvioe, and
this desk painted green is kept in the In
galls family today a one of iu most pro
clous pieces of furniture. It belongs to
Ingulls' son, Ellsworth, who carried It
with him to college and who probably
now nses it as a part of. hi office furni
ture in the starting of hi law practice.
Cor. Philadelphia Pross.
Warkeil I.Ike n Charm.
Ilraillicld's l-Vnuilc Kctriihilor workrtl
like a cliiirni; Iniprovvntviil la'cn wonder
ful: rnniiot cxiiifss my gratitude. Wish
avirv ln.lv iilllicted would try it. 1 know
it would cure llictn, Mus. l.t l.A A. I.onii,
Spring Ciroyc, Pin.
Write ltiiiillield Kcuulutor Ciiiniiiinv
Atlnntn, (In., lor purl ionium. Uy nil
A in I for Neein. Creek Woolen Mills.
North Msln Asheville, N.C.
& CO, Auctioneers.
Home I'liiiui Tliat Too Frripient rutting
1. ll. trliiH lilul to Hie llalr.
Tlieft. are many dllTerent opinions as
to the cause of baldness. Homo of tho
eminent mi dical authorities state tlutt it
is caused by a form of thtndrulT. This,
it is cliihned, hus buon veriliud by taking
tlie hair which ha fallen off in such
cases, rubhln;; it up with vnseHno and
after applj 'm fre olttrai nt so made b
the fur of nibnlts Imldness lias rapidly
niado its n;;jHi'.runut on tho parts so
treated. When vaseline alone was usisl
this result did not foilow. Tbe same
authority buys that the disease is spread
by hair drcSMTs, whoemplov cuinlw and
brushes on their t-ustouu is, one after
another, wilhoul lvganl to 'lie cle.nili
nass of those articles. Women ni lesn
liable to bo affected by this form of lsild
uvss, for tho reason that their i.mr is
usually dnsiil at. home.
On the other liand Mime claim t'tat too
freipient cutting of tlie hair if deiiiineii
tl. The hair in snine respects n-si-iulilo
a tree. Supsise the gardener wen1 to
dip all the limbs from a tree, regardless
of tho season of tho year, as sih-ii as they
were two or three feel in length. Ilnw
long could the tree 1mi expected tosurvivo?
Tlieru Is a fluid substance in each hair
from which the hair gets its noiiri-.hmint
tho sauiii as tho true gets its life, uud
growth from the sap which is conducted
from it rits. Break the bark of a tps
and you will sisui see the sup running
down the trunk. Tho iniuc tiling is U
lieved to tnJie phtco wln'ii a hair is cut,
only it is not viwMo to the nnko.1 eye.
A number of tiie Is'tter class of hsrlier
Is endeavoring to overeome this evil by
singeing the ends of the hair after rut
ting. This hermetically seals tho cmls
and prevents the escape of any fluid.
This operation is performed with tlie aid
of a small wax taja-r. Tho hair is rolsm
from the head with a comb and the
lighted tatsT passed rapidly ocroas the
ends. The opentlton is neither tedious
nor unpleasant. Those that practice this
style of treating tho hair stale that iiiucli
giaal has resultisl fioiii the process.
Wasliiugtoii Slur.
Cuplil In China.
A traveler from I.ten-Kinng, in the
FiKj-Chow jiri'tirturrt (China), relates
tho following curious custom prevalent
thero among tbu suTar.iitious people t
"Just outside the city gate of Lien
Khtng Is n hike, in nr over lun 'k'ing,'
la'k'ing'is 1(10 ' mow,' or l.i.lll ncres
Uv the lake is an Ancient tomb of smue
dlstingilislual officer of state, ls-f. .re
which, as giiurdiuus, stand fiu lng inch
other two oolossal statues, one n'pn-nt
Ing a civil and the other a military oill
clal. The former has his bai'k to the
lake and Ms face to the west, the latter
has his back to the hill and faces east.
Long yenrs have they stood them, In
lifelike' attitude, nltsnrhlng Urn warmth
of the sun by day and bat lied In the purs
rays of the nifsi:i by night, until at lost,
In popular Is'lief, they huvo licuome
ling acquired life and power. The
people have rccnurso to tlie slonn civil
ian In all love troubles, Tho irfuincd
sinnkn of incense curls round his kindly,
thoughtful fiico, and coinphdiita of con
jugal uuhapviut'HS and longings of suf
fering lovers foranns'tliig are wlilnpered
into the cold car of this mandarin, but
only whispered so n not to bo overheard
by his military colleague, who stands
there forbidding aud frowning as if ho
had sterner allalix to attend to than poor
lovers' wous," New York Tluios.
11, 1890.
Bee! E
The Famed Cocoa of Europe,
The Coming One of America.
JfoaaoWM II oil- .1(1 Uivr iurojtl,
Nowtlint its maniifarturcrs
are drawing the attention ol
tliA Amerlcnn ntililir tci this
rirsi and, ever since us inven
tion. th Iwst. of all cocoas, it
will soon be appreciated here
as well as cisewnerc un over
the world. All that the man-
nf.-irtiirers renucst 13 sillllilv
ono trill I, or, still better, a
comparative lest wnn wnat
ever otlicr cocoa it may be;
Uwil Vav Houtkn's Cocoa
ist will convince every one
of us great superiority, it
is because ol tins mat uie
Knvitihli paper y1.1, says :
"Once tried, always used."
SJ-To .voi.l Ih. evil rlTi .-t. "I 1.n,l
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i-oi'OA. i.i.-a i.asi ui Si-tiu:m U.'iiiu-
MIIIVl.S aud s rvloi.tims and uuuri.laiii;
iu..-.,-..M i
In its Fir6t Stngos.
ilv.tirr Imi oi I rtir i-.inlnr.
nnvlll UN w 1 v In tint sat
. - . ... , ,--
fltUSTRsTED IN CO10HS: s pnrfi'CI Work of Art;
K0 Cuiint; Now ruaily. Book, fi rmilaga 15c
ANal:lll,n.l'.l.laal,.r laOH.l Tr Ur lli.lis Ta.Srllrr
falilNH..! I,.)'.. Iliwli 1'a.r h-a Sl,lr., tro-. I-iiiIhi- IIMa
IYLa DESK t0 SI. LUUlt, 110., U.8.A
' JiineT.nt
at 11 O'clock, A. M.
In new hotel Kites.
ick-Ii !.").( m0 in thenext two
ii - oei - t.v nnd the work of lom-
state. Agents,
Niw liiaiM, iieuly furnished, all mudrrn
iti,i'oiiiiiiit., InrKt rootti., K(H.d table.
1IIK.S. 91. C. VOODK,
5.) CoIIckc St.
AOh viIIc, N. C, April 11, 1SHU.
'Hit- t'oiaitm raliip heretofore esl.tina bc
tui.ii the uu.Urnlymil. under the firm name
of I I 1. 1. 1AM Jv. Co., I. this dsydimotved by
niiilual voiiiM-iit. The debt, dae by ssld Arm
ill Iw paid by l.nwrenee I'ulllnm. and the
,1, Ins ilut to said linn will be paid lo him,
ami llu- laiaiuesa eontiuut-il by him.
D C. WAIUil'.l.l..
To our palrona of the pnat:
Iiiim-Una ilny sold my interest and good
w ill in llu- Inaurniuv btiaine.. in A.hevllle to
l.auniuv I'lilliiitu. who will enntlsuc the
taiaintaa. I lK-aa-nk for hint a eontlnnsnvc
I tour palronai!!'.
ii. c. wAiuniix.
liprl 1 il:ioil
Summer Tours.
P.uscs STCsmiaa. Low Rrt
rmir Trip, par Week Bswm
raloak.y, Sautl si Start., .a La.
Iluroil Way rrt.
Bry Wiii Day IMwwn
11 N.n4ir Trif 4tr JnM. Uif, AtN fi Nft.
IKmiMo D-Ujp Un Biwm
lUis. mil Kiminiion Tiokv'S wtll t ftiroiat..
bv vmir Tlek-t Affrnl. or -ldr
t. B, WHIT COMB, O. P. A., OlTMtl, Mich.,
Ontrnit and Of vmnd litim Nu.. Co.
II. l 1. BRIGHT,
in iiillta Houlli of A.hevllle, on A. . K. K.
IVr Month $HI (Ml
ivr Week l0O
Ctrlmy 800
lUiinir and Tea Parties on oncdsy's nutlet,
Tfl ivntfl.
Tlioit. A. Morris), Prop.,
niirio dlf Ardes, M. C.
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fbiffaiins frrnn Oi. .fTan of sinful ran, early
dn-ir.iutlniwaknm, to.ta.hon4, I wlU
Sand s talnahl. IfwUMlalaill mlalsf fsU
mrtlanlsr. for brs ears, PRUof A
splanilM mMlsal work i .honldb. t - by ef
t,u tao Is Barroe. and .MIIIs AllmSj
mt, r. o. nna, i
novS dw ly
Christian Advocuto,
ii iii k ilSi i iiia.iinii iii

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