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The House Passes the lill with
The H 011 no HuVistttuto to the Senate
Original 1'aikane Bill Raoetees
Sixteen Majority Mr. Buohanan
Reaemts Insinuations Airaliist the
Spnakoi A Blow lajr In the Senate.
Washington, July 84. Miiny of both
sides of the house wore In a trmit state
of'unoertainty at to how thoy should
vote on the orlrftniU paokatfe bill before
tbe house. Thif. wandered around the
chamber asking one another how they
should Vi to, ami seemed to be in entire
darkness a to the propur thing to do.
Few of the leaders n either side were
present, and the rank and file of both
parties hud to do what to thoui soetued
Mr. Adams' amonduient defining an
original uuekuxu was defeated without
an etfort by a vote of 113 to iW. When
the vote came on the house sulwtitute
for the senate ordinal package bill the
uncertainty iu which uieuiliein found
themselves lieeaiuu very siitiareiit. The
ote prot'eeded amid uiurh confusion,
and when, after the tint call, it bocaiiio
puareut that the bill had lieeu de
feated by a very uurrow majority, miiuy
Ueinocrata and a few ltepublicaiiH
eemed suddenly aroused to the tact
that things were going wrong. There
was scramble to eliuuiri) voti-s.
The Hon) Kiilimtiute,
The house substitute was passed by a
Tote of 1 18 to i. it read as follows:
That whenever au arliulsnf nouiawrcs Is
tuipiirted Into sny state fruai muitlier suite,
territory or furelga iiuinu, and there held
or oflVred fur mile, l lie me shall then Iw
subject to tiw law of sucli stale; Provided
that no dlscriiiiluatiun liil be made by auy
slats hi fiivor uf Its rtli.i-iii ujiiii those uf
etliar slate or territories lu rswi ( to the
sal. of auy arilele of oouiuierce. nor Infavor
f Ha own iinsluetlKUS scnim-l thow of list
baraoisr iiruducod lu otuer Males or lorn,
tunes. Koralmll tho Iraii.lKirtnliun of loin.
uaros thruuuu any slate lw obstructed. e
oapl la the necesnury eutorr.elaent of til.
health laws uf Mich atsta.
The vote then recurred on tho passage
of the senate bill aa aiueudcd. It wus
passed by Uti to U3.
The ILnkruiiti y Hill.
The liankrnntcv bill was then taken
up. E. U. Taylor, of Ohio. ostied the
debate with a speech iu tuvor of the bill.
It could not lw denied, he said, that a
bankruptcy bill which would oM?iite
with celerity and elieujiu.'ss would be
for the general good. Sir. Wallace, of
New Vork, thought the bill was I ruined
in the interest of business integrity
aud commercial fuir di iiliug.
Mr. Culberson, of Texas, thought the
bill did not dilTer tnuterinlly from the
Lowell bill of a former conijress.or from
the act of lMii, aimiust which publio
sentiment becunie ao strong that it was
Buchanan Kefemls the Speaker.
Mr. Whei'ler. of Alabama, said flint
he suppi iseil the bill would be passei! be
cause ihe ni"iiVi-r had onli-red it pa-sed,
but it bristled with asa.iults on the peo
Die iuat us the election hill did.
Mr. ilut'luiuuu, of New Jersey, said
that us a uieinlier of the iiiutc-i.irv com
mittee, he wanted to say tli.it he dtd not
know tulav whether the sis-aker wus in
favor of tins measure or not. lie said
that he was gettuiaT timd of insinuation
suoh aa had been made by the gentle
man from Alabama, (.oiitnmiug, .Mr.
liut'liaiiaii suiljrtel the meusiire.
Mr. (Jutes, uf Alabama. npHed the
bill uml Mr. lloatncr. of Louisiana, and
Mr. Hayes, of lowu, gave it a modified
I'lie aennte devoted the day to the In
dian appropriation bill.
No Chance for Federal Kliillon..
WasiUNiiton, July H.A leading He.
publican meullsT of the senate, one who
I. 1 i.. ...... .....;.... 1.....;...... ..t
la eilHIlK il 111 l'' 1 I lie mmirw, ui
mat Isxiy UI tins lllini. sain to a ri'isirier
of the I uited l'r.-ss tiist the Unit bill
could not well lie brought to a final vote
before Kept. 1, that it would be nniosi-
ble to keep a quorum here alter that
time, ami lie did not sve how the fed
eral election bill could puss the scuale
at this session or conrcm.
A Day fur Labor l.e(rlslailoii.
Wasiiisuton, July 124. The Federa
tion of u imr met Inst nigiit ana ail'
dressed a iietition to Kiieaker Kitd ask'
lng that a day be set aside in the house
for consideration of business from the
committee on labor, so that the eight
hour amendment aud the alien contract
labor law amendment inruvidiug is ual'
ties for violation of these laws) may be
lie cousuureil at this session or congress.
Bradford HimIIp) Itanovitred.
Bhaukouu, Pa., July W.- The Eru's
special irom Aieiun.iriu uay, a. l .,
aayi the Uslies of Mr. and Mrs. Eb
Peuiberton, Mrs. W. 1). Hart aud Mist
tliiggie Ueiiry, who were drowned in
me aisitscr nere i nursuny nisi, nave
bean recovered. Divers found tiH'iu iu
the oabln of ths sunkeiiyacbt C'uthleeu.
They will be brought tiers.
Kvrnlng Ilasoball (James.
Hrtfihi, Conn.. July S4. The
Hartford UaaeUall olub has arranged to
S lace six lights ou its grounds inline
lately, provided that evening cham
pionship games cun be ngre d upon with
visiting clubs. The managers have ar
ranged for a game by electric light with
the Ilultiuiorut this eveniug.
An Inhuman St(imoihor'e Crime.
Onkaumima, la., July 44, The family
of Arthur Webb, consisting uf his wife
and four stepdaughters, are under ar
rest for the niurdur of las 0-year-old
child by boating it to death. It seems
that she and her children have been in
the habit of beating this child inhu
manly for some tiino.
The Wlnkod Flee.
May's Landing, N. J July 24.
Frank Milhgau, senti'iiced to May's
Landing jail Irom Atluntio City for
thirty day, was being brought here by
Constable Huiitb.and while the traiu was
In motion, near Pleasant villu, jumped
off aud escaped from the olliuer, lie has
not yut been captured.
Bi-frraldnnt Cleveland's Outing,
Bahdwich, Mass,, July 84. Ex-Presl-dent
Cleveland, K. W. Uilder and wile
and Jos Jellenion and wife have arrived
at Maapey, where they will reiuuin
through the present week.
Velegrams to Maw Vara rspers Bndurshi
anil IMsaitprevins Ihe Measure.
Nw Yohk, July 44. Tho daily paiers
of this city publish a numlier of dis
patches from points la ths southern
state on the subject of the suggestion
put forth by Ths Atlanta Constitution,
and eiidtrwd by Uovernor Uordoii, of
Ueorgia, that In oas the Federal election
bill becomes a law, m boyoott should be
resorted to against northern ouinmerclul
houses aud northern products.
The Herald's Atlanta distatch says I
"The cluiiiiber of ouiiiuierue of New Or
leans, Uiriiiiiighain, Lynoliburg, Augus
ta, Montgomery, Havannah and other
: auutheru cities telegraphed favoring a
lav oaa.jMi.. .".'. -..j.iiJs
An.,iit,,t, f tin enmincrciHi solltll to
oousidcr the course lo lie adopted if tho
m i :ll Dl..U.....n.l luu.,,'l,ltu,l
llircv Ulll lill-ssea, Hi.iuiituM ,v-...,..,-..
that it does not deuiu anything like a
iu .,, ...l..ib,.l,lu u iIimm (hiLrieaton
and Mobile, ltullimore and CliattunooKa
say theu- organizations are non-noinicui,
but thoy are strongly aguiust the force
The World's special from uichmona
gives the following us the teat of the re
ply of Ihe Kicluuond chamber of coiu
men e to inquiry I
"While ilepieuating sue passu" oi mo
I.OI ,1... l?ii.hmo,ifl rleinilMl' uf
coiiiiiieice thinks It unwise for the south
to iudicule in advance of Us passage any
oourse of action."
U...... ..itlvana it A rltllllSlUI Ulld
Texas look upon the boycott suggestion
wltli iliniavur. it is ciaiiucii wui ii
would come of it, and that if unforced
the south would sutler aa much as the
north. The lielief seems to IsMhul tho
coiiservntive and patriotic element of
coiigrev will be able to defeat the bill.
The lleiiilds Washington coirespoiiu
.... j,r tliA Kiiiitliorii men there
us he spoke w ith, deprecated the lajycotl
uml (lornien. how
ever, freelv I'liuossed tlieinsel'.. . us nil-
...I ... Vl. lu.,.....lt u,. it:4l 1,111. U'llil'll
nistu o in. '-i.'.'"' ......... ......
they coliDldi'ied us "se s,"
Ailopt HmiIiiII,iu ITiili-stlua Analnsl Ihe
l'u.s.K" er the Keren Hill,
ItlllMlNull M, A 111. . July VM. After
Is-ing in si'ssinii two days, the State Ag
iciiliiiriil siM'iety iidjoiirned. Major Hi
lam Hawkins wiis elected pieiiienl. Hi
fore mljoiii iiing, the lollowiinJ-resolutions
were iinuninioUi.ly udopteil !
'Hesolved, That this siK-iety is until
terablv op o-ed to tho pussuge. by con
gress, ol lint is know ii us the force bill,
iH-cuii-e It would la' a source of unend
ing trouble to the uenplt of the north
ami south. It would tend to interrupt
tho eoliliul social relulioiis and intimate
business i iiiiiuvlioiis now so happily ex
isting between the -ph of the two eoc
lituis to the untold injury of Isith,
Hi'solceil, Thai we cull on the ieoplo
and iiii ichiints, and business enterprii's
f the north which ileal so largely with
rhe south, and wIiom- inter'sls ure iden
tlried w ith ours, to bring t ieir iiilliiem e
10 l'lir on the cause of HHtloiial legisla
lion, and join u in Mopiiinn ihe p.is jtue
,1 u bill thai aims as directly at their
proels'iilv us at ours,
Kesolveil, That we are ill synipiithy
wjthall ini'ii-ures. leuitlinaiesinl proa-r.
ilint w ill prevent Ihe pasaneof Ihe force
lill. whether talii'ii at the ninth nr inn til.
Iielievinj that ill Ihi- mallei thecoui
nierciiil iiiilulri"sof the two ei tions ai'
Oe-r nines llioi ii. Tim menus
f the ,il,M'eil I'eolile.
Chaki.Kstiin, W. Va., July il. luloi
inatino has Isnn received hereof a hhsalv
liubl mill riot iu I'ocahoiitn . V'a. A Usly
of alainl twenty des ra.io.-s. he.ulvil by
ihe i.itorioiis Jim SKl ni -r rode into
town and l,-gan iliinkii.g whisky. Iu n
little while they Ui atne rioloos 4loui ish
ing their revolvers uml filing on uennH-s
is they ihiwuhI. Alter two colonil nieii
hud Issjn seriously w.iun led, the ilteii
aiul town aiithoritlos arrived to .up;, res
ide iMind. and a general tiahl eiisin d.
Two of the limb were shot ami captured,
w hile t hai lii- Smith, an unknow n u, gio
resident of Pocahontas, ri-i ei. serums
wounds iH'lnirsliot ill tllC ileud.illil Isith
alius. The d."i.eradoes lied back into
West iigniiu. where tliey liae lie.nl
'liiuiteis iu the mountains.
Tits Puree Hill tile 1 llama or the Hhv.
Atlanta, tin., Julv '.'I. Thejienple of
l tie wliolesriilH irom aniio-i every low ll
and county sismu to tuvor the proposed
laiycotl on liolllieru business men, as
suggested ill The t'oiistitution of Inst
Suinlav. That iHa-r is ile oli d uluio-t
eaidusivelv, lo-day, to letters mid (lip
pings from the weekly press ileimuiiciu
the tone bill, and a meeting of the busi
ness men of this city will convene at the
i-liuinl-er of commerce to consider the
lurce bill, and the lie-t way of meeting
it. Time will lie limbing paiiisau or
isilitical ulsiiit it Imply cumiuen i.il
olisiuvss will oe msciisse.i,
FihiiiiI Ills tVife limul.
Mai""N, U;i.. .Inly Sf. Informiition of
the suicide of Mrs, John L'ox, at Krick
Masse r posl oil Ice. this roiinty, has
just lueii received ill this city, Thcawlul
ilei il was coiiimitleil in ll.u kitchen. She
mid her bus .ami aro-s very early. Mr.
I 'ox made u lire Hint went out Uiatleiid
in something. When he returned, he
louud his w ile sw inging bv a plow line
Irom u rafter ill the kilchrn. dead. No
cnusc Is assigned for the scll-dc-li uotion,
She wus the mother of several children.
Ikanreeiltes Ilia I'ioommI Hoyrwtt.
PANVti.l.li. Vu,, July i'4. Major W.T.
Siithcrliti, aciing rhuiriiuiti of the state
Dunns-ruth' coiiuultti a. deprecates the
act n Hi of The Atlanta Constitution in
seeking to inaugurate a boycott move
ment on the part of the coiumerciid
south iigiiinst northern business men in
case the ledeial election bill Issoines a
law, and has sent a curd to the Rich
imoiiiI puiMis taking a stand against the
methoda silggesteil.
Hsury Harliuoli Comtnlls SnlrMe.
Atlanta, (la.. July S4. Ilenrv M.
Hurbuck suicided lit his home in this
city, by shooting himself in the breast
and head. Alamt one year iil,o his wife
died, leaving him six children. He was
a great sullerer consumption gnawing
his life sway tind it is surmised flint, in
a fit of ilespnn. li-nry, lie com lu lei In
end his sutlcring.
Statistics of .Haillllaeliirea,
Washington, July 24. The following
stMM'hU netisiiH agents will collect slatis
tiosof iiianufiictiiiHS t Isadora Korst. Hlr
minghain, Ala! Michael Hurke. Mont
gvuiierv. Ala.: Charles Hurley, Mobile,
Ala.: Hamilton White, Nelma. Ala.sT,
H. Ca vender, Columbia, Clifton and (llen
dale, H. C.i Ooolge (luge, Heuufort, 8. C.
Hlnety-sli Feet of Snowfall In Colorado.
Did yon ever stop to think atiifflgun
np bow much loose snow actually falls
In the course of an aversgo mountain
Colorado wintnrt If you uuve, didn't
the amount ainaxo ynnf At Kokntno in
1884-8, by actual dally measurements,
souiething Jlke ninety-sjx foet of the
beautiful fell between Nov. I and June
I. Of course it kept on settling all the
timo, and when spring opened up there
waent more than six or seven feet on
tho ground. ' The snowfall at Kokomols
gonerully twioo or three times what It Is
at Dillon, yet the amount that fell here
during the winter of lHtttMX) sounds Ilka
a big yarn, but ths figures given below
are absolutely correct and were care
fully recorded dully by Mr. Pratt at
Ryan Gulch, Just north of town.
Amount of snowfall, gauged At a point
one mile north of Dillon, between he
first day of November, 1888, and May 10,
1800i NovemW, 88 inchosj December, 81
inchest January, 81 highes) February, 41
inches) March, 70 iucbesi April, SS
inohcsi ,May, 17 inches making a total
of SO foot 10 inches. About eiglit-tenthi
of this snow fell during the night time,
and nearly one-half of it was very damp,
settling rapidly as it fell. The figures
seem preposterous, yet Dillon is not much
of a plaos for snow either, and get kss
of the beantif ul than any other town lu
the eouulv Dillon Euteruri,
How Samual Roadhouae Slow His
Denial of the Rumor That Lynch.
Ins; Was Feared The Prisoner
Talks with a Heporter How he
Struggled In the Call with Ills
Clllof t'onlessloil liases His Mind.
Van Wkut, 0 July 44. The excite
ment sulmeipieiit to the mysterious mur
der of Engineer Vundervantor, tho ar
rest of his tiriiman, Samuel Itoadhouse,
and his confession, has materially sub
sided, The report that KoudhouHO has been
taken to Lima to avoid the lynching
mob wus a liiistiiko, Houdhoiiso wus
seen in jail hero by a Commercial re
porter, lie said that the short rest he
hud taken Monday n.'iii w.is the Hint
since the awl ul tragedy of last Friduy
Itoadhouse Talks.
He said; 'No otio can tell the men
tal agony I have sullered. uml it cniinot
ue described. 1 put ou a l'il front, and
hail it not I K'eii for the fact that there
were several men at t runk Bn who hud
heard us quarrel, would not huve made
my coiifessiou. It was ull I could do lo
keep from breakiii.r imiu when the
slu'rilT reaii the warrant for my arrest.
1 was not surprised, but could not mus
ter up courage to reply lor some min
utes. At night I lam uwake, but pre
tended to ! asleep, hoping to hear
some remark which inlgln be dropped
that might give uieso.iio idea how to act.
Sin.'o 1 n.ivo goi leu tne woigut oil my
mind 1 r st eii icr.
(bid knows it was not my mtoution
to kill hiiu: he forced me to it."
At tho iinpicst tne lest imoiiy did not
diltor materially tioiu itujilimuso's cou
fussion. Rouillumso will have a pri'litninary
hearing today, lie wul w uvu exaiuin
atioti and be bound over totho fall Ktiu
of court.
The CoiiO'sston.
In his confe aion Uoadhoiisu sntd that
Vuiidiivuiidcr hail been iU.irrcliiis! with
him all along the trip, aim among otaer
things act us -.I lloaiili.ni.se ot resirliug
him for iliiuiKenue.ss. When the train
reached Vau W eit the on iiiUHT rusned
at Itoudliousi' with u curs -. saying tliat
he would tix htm. Willi that he dealt
him a blow ou the luce, kiiocniiig him
down mid nutting his head.
When Koudiioiise recover!! 1 he picked
up the hainni. r una ru.ueii several blows
on the other's hiud, Ko.s'Kiii him in
sensible. H.si'llioi.s, cont roiled the en
gine so that he couel have cius ked it at
the railroad crossing ha l auy trains liceti
in the way. Ju.n ." ruiiui .g to Ihe
switch en'ejiiie fion :io-i-e said lll.it Van
deviimler rais'd ho-, elf up, and he,
itoai mouse, dealt hiiu aiioiuer blow
winch killed h. in.
A New West Vlr ; in lit Town.
CiiAiiu si.iwN, V. Vu.. .Inly li. The
Uouvcr Lick lion couipaii.v, of which
Hon. A. C. Sn.dcr is president, lion.
Homer A. Hoii". vi.-e ;ri si.li'iit and li.
W. MoMMigu:', si- -letii-v au'l tn-asnrer,
has laid ma a lowu near Wititc Sulphur
Springs, in 'iii .minor county, to be
culled lire wry. l'ue co.up.iny owns I.V
isjo acres of lion la id, .',000 acres of coal
laud ou -Sew river. and ucn-s of farm
bind Hour the Wliue sulphur springs.
The capital stis-x of the company is $1,
IHHi.ouo, divnte I ,ni. sliures ol 1KI. It
isthepiiisisH ot ihe company lo found
a towu mm develop Tlt.-.r lion and coal
lauds, and It promt to ls a silive.ss
from the start, t.ie pniii i,al o.ln es of
the coinpauy are nt Lewisouirf, Urccn
brier cuuuiy. W. 'u.
Iluincil In Ki-uih.
New Yciih, .Inly v'4 A horriMe nc
I'iil. nt Is I I it y ii -old Kthcl Howard of
114 Summit str-i't. Uns.kiyu. Klhol
with scver.d companion was playing
iiiauit a noniiiv in i.iiii uf hi-r huu-
whcil she rl.ri d her div s -into the tlauies
mid iiuliiei'iiat 'ly bcr cio ill. i. :; t.sik liiv.
Her motin r w is sitt.u a: tin wiuuow
lit the tune an 1 1.111 to iter chad's assist
llllce, but b.'for i ..ll" ..I'fiveil tiio ll mi
were e.l'iriiislic i by si v. ral pe
I nans, hticl was bumy l.iirn -d u.siiti
Ihe I sidy and ll.u. is and on-d iu bieal
I'resldenl Maver's Varatlmi.
Bai.tim.iiik, July 'J4. i'r.'.ideut C.
F. Mayer, of the 1; i.tinnuv uu I OI110
Kiiiiroini coiiipany, st rtvl for Kurope
tislay tor a stiiumer vacation. This w ill
I si the first uxl.'.i.iel vacation l'resideut
Mayer has taken sines- ..uauiu control
of the li iltunore an 1 ' 1 1:0 railro.i'1. Tne
large tiniiuci il int 'i-.'sts that tne llalti
more and tjmo coiuuiuy have receully
bud with Loudon o.ius.'is le.wl many 10
suppose that 1'r . J.' it Mayer's visit
will coiubiuo botu business aud pleas
ure. V n I o Pi MUMik Yurils Slock.
Nkw Voiik, July '.M. At the olHco of
Drown Hros., luniKi-rs. who are the New
York agents of tne Cmcago J unci ion
Hallway un.l Union Stiak Yanls com
pany, it w.is stated that subscriptions
tor the stock of tile u'wve named coin
tuiny were coming in much better than
hud been expected, and it was thought
by the time the books will be closed it
will all be taken.
Dividing with Employes.
Wii.minuton. Del., July 114. Ths
Wilmington City Passenger Hallway
company surprise! all its eaiployce yus
terday, being tiiu regulir monthly pay
day, by un unsolicited increase of if per
cent, to their wages. At a receut-nii-ut-ing
of the Iward of directors it was de
cided to make this use of portion of
the current surplus earnings.
Sweeping Klro at Cud Is, O.
Cadiz, U.. July 24. Firs swept ths
central portion of the town. Tho Ololw
hotel, Uillesple's geueral store, the Ar
lington hotel and several other business
places Were bttrued, beside a liuinoer of
residences. The origin uf the ure Is un
known. Loss, alsjut 4(l,ooo,
Kxcllnraetit In lliienos Ajrres.
Bukni Avrkh, July 84. Ths city is
greatly agitated iu I'onsciiucnce of the
discovery of the plot to overthrow the
government. The place is garrisoned
by 4,000 trisips and H.OOO armed pohos
luen. Ths liourse is demorulixvd.
Humiliated at a Fire.
' Cinchnna n, July 14. Uy a fire in a
tenement house at First and Broadway,
last night, a number uf people ware
suifocated to death,
Thsj Dally Cltlaen.
Is idwnys alive to the tntrrcfts of
Ashevillc anil its pcoiile.
Is the most populnr advertising me
dium in North Carolina.
Is rend by a greater numlarr of people
than any other secular pnier in the
Is atwnys filled with the choicest read,
ing matter of the day.
Boarding houses nil their rooms by ad.
vertisina in the Citmrn.
News, and all the news, mukes the Cir-
I2KN a general tnvonte.
No retail merchant ever made a great
surma without advertising. Try the
An advertisement In ths CrritBN pays
to advertiser an nunurea-ioiu.
To Vol) on Constitutional Amend
ments In Heptemher.
Thknton, July 84. The attorney gen
eral has decided that the speoial elec
tion on the constltutio al amendments,
the principal one being to do away with
the clause in the constitution prohibit
ing special legislation for any munici
palities in the state, must be hold in
iteptcmlier. There have been some
doubts alamt the matter, and Uovernor
Abbett has reclved numerous inquiries.
The ballot reform luw makes no pro
visions for the election. One of the dif
ficulties is thnt by virtue of the uew law
the term of the old election oflltrxs ex
pires on Aug. Oil, aud the nevV board
does tint organise until after the time
for holding the constitutional election.
Tho attorney general, to whom the
mutter wus referred, decl led that tho
election must be held under the law as
it existed before the liallot reform law
was passed. Among tho reasons
aacriU'd for this conclusion is that the
act providing for the spvciid cleetiou
provides its own machinery for holding
ihe election, which, though inconsistent
with the provisions oi the liallot reform
law, is iKreniptnry mi l In force because
approved n a later da'e.
Five Lives Lost ami Much Damage
Fahik), N. D.,,Tly S4. Di-tiilla from
the cyclone of yesterday aftertusm are
still meiwro. The only thing thus far
learned is that the storm struck Uowen,
Clifford and (i.ilosburg, alsutt twelve
miles norlwust of Humor, lit the south
ern piu-t of Traill and in tho northern
part of Cuss county, It was a regula
tion cyclone, tearing and twisting across
the country, leveling buildings and de
stroying croiw.
Five persons wero killed outright a.ul
a man and iiis wile prmiably fatally in
jured near CliHord.
Wires ou the brunch lines lire pros
trated uud particulars will lie late, as
rep, irters must drive a number of miles
to the telegraph station.
A hailstorm idso did considerable
damage to crops about twelve miles
south of Fargo.
The Cyclone In Minnesota.
MausMM i., Minn., .Inly 54. In a cy
clone near (incut, scwu miles west of
hero, there went two iiersous killed and
several injur, d.
A Slici ilt us Lady's Maid,
M Wi Lanimnu, X. J July J4. The
passengers wlin were waiting for the H
o'clock tram at thocourt Uouse platform
at this d;ii e w n: treafeil to the novel
scene of seeing sheriff Smith K. Johu
soii, uf Eya niouiltoii fame, play the
liuiy's maid to an old cruzy n. gro wo
man Tint sherilf was taking her from
the county jail to the state lunatic asy
lum at irciiton. Wheu they reached
the depot she persisted in trying to un
dress herself, crying that she was going
info a tit and that the doctors ordered
tn-r to nn ircss when she felt
one coming on. She several times
succeeded in part's- disrobing her
self, much to the ilisroinliture of the
hniiilsome shei ilf. who was cnmH'llisl to
nnlrttss her. I he uilipcrs were at last
put ou her. The nu.led efforts of sev.
ml men vvee reipiiivd to get her aboard
the train.
McCarthy Ih'feuis llaker,
Bt'FFAl. July K4. The Arlington
club aiuphitlieiiter was crowdisl last
flight to see tiie Iwenty-louroimce glove
contiwt bet ween Billy llasor and I'hoiiiiui
Met 'artliy for a 4l ,Vsi purwi. Mi-C'arthy
won iu six rounds atti rli savage fight in
whicli the lliittalo mau was clearly out
classed. The betting waa .y-'A lotl.tou
Mct'urthy. The latter weij,liel HKI
poiimlsaiid was seconded by 11. .1. Orif
tiu of I'liiludelpliiii and l'addy ( lorham
of Australia. Baker weigluxl Ida sminls
aud had loiu Manning oi California and
,11m Wilsou of 1 til fain la-hind him.
Uuve Cauipladl, of tiie la-mpvy combi
nation, was rclenss I'alter was bull,,
piiulsheil. His faiv was swolleu is
yond ni-ognitioii and livo of his teeth
were Inis-mg.
Allegheny l'lei.,n i liijuml.
Pirrsiu im, July H.'i i-irge woolen
luauuliictiiriiig est 'bsiiiii. ut oi Ura.i
ley. Burton v Co., ou li.ver uvein.i-.
Ailegheuy, w. almost totally di stroyiii
by tire lust evening, i he lire is o' un
known origin, either spaunm-oiis com
bustion or uii eiiilmry. and made its lirst
appearance ou the I lord Ihsir of tin
building. Foreman l.cuilcliaseii, Hisf
men llortx, Fletciier and Diets wore
liuriud under a falling brick wall. They
were quickly dug out and sent to the
general hospital. Their injuries are
serious. Tne wisil.-n mill company
erased mauufactiirtng lust fall and hud
removed the gr -uter iart of their stock
and machinery from the buildiug. Loss,
7i,0tAI; fully luaurrd.
Crushed by a Flagging Stone.
PlliLursiictui, N. J., July 84. While
Thomas Disjiuer, William Taylor and
John Uordou were unloa-liua a car of
nagging here, eight pieces, weighing
about A00 poutuls, which hail lawn
slightly inclined, toppled over after the
first slmie hwl been removed. Taylor
and Uoruou loaiwd from the car and
escaped hi jury. Ths entire weight fell
ou Ueeuicr and crushed his Usly ao
badly that It is feared be cannot recover.
"Okry" Malone'e Traa-lo Death.
Bi'HiNuriKLD, Mass., July 4. John
Malonn, familiarly known as "Okey"
M alone, aged M, was killed by a freight
train on the Boston and Alliany rail
road bridge here while ou his way to
play ball with a West Hprlnglicld base
ball picked nine, lis was a professional
baseball player, a meinour of ths old
Hpringtleld nine and of the present
Uouiustnad club.
Accident to a Train Itoy,
NoH'4-)iJt, Conn., July M. Benjamin
Lyon, s-Ml 10 years, residing at l'ort
Chester, N. Y., aiul employed as a train
boy on the consolidated road.waa thrown
under the wbucls while attempting to
Isaird a traiu lu this city, aud had his
leg cut off and collar bone broken. It
is feared that his injuries will prove
Quay on Federal Kleotlnne.
Pjttmiiuhu, July 84. In an interview
last night with a Times m)arler Sen
ator Uuay said he did nut tuiuk ths fed
eral election 'bill would pass the senate
without a change In ths rules. He said
the Democrats wonld talk and filibuster
so as to delay action on the bill as long
as possible.
Ths Aahevllle CHIscn Ulvca
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prising pn in North Carolina.
Its efforts are ulwnys devoted to the
upbuilding and development or the i
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months ; 00 cents per month.
Ladieu Fino Kid 01ovu.
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No hookn, no buttons, no
strings to tio,Hlrowing in one
touch three movements in
one. The most simple fas
tener known, yet the- most
We replace jIoven that
break or tear the first lime
tried on. Can lit your hand
with gloves, at the counter.
All sizes and colors iu stock.
No. 11 N. Court Square.
W. A. Hlaik. J. V. Hiiown.
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to keep nothing but Kotld Gold and
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Houth Main 81. AsnCTllle.
Ptaassnsa Dsstmsmt,
Westers North Carolina Invlsloo.
(IN RsrscT March Sal
T6th Meridian time used when sot other arlat
Nn. St
No. AS
Lt. Knotvlllc,
tunth mer.)
" Aahevllle,
Ar. Rallahnrv,
" llanellle,
xrs.. - i
1 oftwn
11 'iopm
f ao.ni
" Onldaboro,
" Wllmlnirton
" Lyncl.burs,
" Waahlnatos
" Haltlmore,
" I'hlla..
New york,
R aAam
1 aopm
Dalle. I Dolly
Ut. New Vorh,
" I'hlla.,
" naliimnre.
1 a 1 Asm I 4 norm.
Taoaml SnTinn
AA.B I aaiiim.
" Waahlnst'n
1 1 S4am 1 1 1 (Mlimt
KilMHM MflT.I.
" l.Ttlcni)ars;
Richmond, 8 oopml 8 SOam'
S 40 pm
M Onldaboro,
- Halrigh,
" Kallannrr,
Ar, Aaheeltlr,
" KaoBle,
(ogth mer.)
S Sopm
1 ooam
1 1 SAam
"No; AS
"sob am
010 am
loos am
133 pm
a... r
Un aa
I.e. Mot Rprtngs, Are.
Arr ' Aahevllle, Ait.
Ar. Hnjiferwmeilla, "
" apartaabsm, Lt.
Td p at
too p at
OT pm
SO pm
Noa. Ho sad Ai, Pullman sleepers between
Orreaaboro aad Mmrlatowa.
Nisi. AS and AS I'sllmaa RsAVt RlecplnR
Cars netwees Hot annnaa ano waaninstoa,
AikcTtlk Is Breakfast sTtatlos for No. An.
Ulaaaf . . " - AS.
Hickory Is " M Aa.
W. A. WINRttRN, n. P A.,
Aaksrtlla. St. C.
JAt. L. TAVIIR.O. P. A.,
v. asBiaiuai u aw.
' MltfcfHV BRANCH.
' No, liTRl'slty "pt RjinHsy-TyTNo, IT
to am r.. AaisreMle. Ar i Bffp m
II 10 am Ar, ' Waynasellls, " lASpm
SASpm " ' Bryan City, " S4Am
A 4ft pwil " Weatneld. Lt.I 10 a m
20, 180O.
In 100 Feet of Central Passenger Depot.
modcrI) flnt class hotel. Hot and cold
mlric Ik-US In ewry nom. 0an tire In
i.Kinto,nr and news stnu.l
wHlrcc" ears d"5i cv" ry ao mlnuUs.
no minutes lor mean.
J. H. HHVAN and WAI.TKU UKKKM. Clerks).
Celebrated the World
We deliver to all parts of the dtjr our own llottlina Hxnort Ikt-r at
..... i - i. v. ,.i .1 . tnmieriitiiiv of 4i iliwes and we uunraiiUf you a Ircsb article at .
lltlmca. TtlliTKADUKlll'I'l.lUII FKOM
uw." i i;aiiimii
j. 4. -ah.at. I NO. 43 S. MAIN ST.. ASHEY1LLE, N. C
Ashevllle, N. C.
Terms Benin Sept. 4 and Jan. 1.
Pirtcrn commercial cmimca oArrcd during the ycur. f8ec cntnlngiic ihi.h 41! .I Imty
rsllcKi' in North Cnnitlnn with regularly oriisniicd Hchool of I'nlili.iil ami SihiiiI Mvnm.
cilendinK tlirougn two years, ikatuioicue wge. u-o. ninmi
erring il'ataloguc iHiui-a 7H.M1 .1 8uH-rior Hi-bools ol l.niiKimgi'M. rluloihy, Theology
and Nalurnl tk-lencra. Appliennta admitted lo nnv couria-a hi. h they can iiunmc wllbj
advantage. Over loo cimraea thia year leading lo degrrea list open to all. Aililivv
JOHN F. CROWBLLi Prcultlciit.
Randolph County. - Trinity College, N. C
Finished throughout In Antlnue Oak. I'nrlor mid Heceptiun Hall finlabcd In Ounrtcr
Hawed link Wulla draivd with l.lncruata-Walton.
Pur further Information vail on
G. H. WALKER, No. 5, Jefferson Drive.
McDowell County. N. C.
A short distance from the foot of the I'innaclc of the Vise NIiIrc, from which tialaanilc
hreeaea arc conatsntly tiluvelng. The scenery Is pleturvaquc, walks wild and varied, and
water pure and sliuuilant.
Open Jsss I at. For Tenuis. -ttdraMi
J. BIXOW EHWIN, Proprietor.
Dealers Isa Wall Paper, Window Shades and Patent Hanger,
1 1
I'alsta. oils aaS Vsralakes. Manor's Rllaed
French and
We keep la atock St. Loalaaad Kentucky
eatern North Carolina
A liberal enmmlaaloa will be paid. Some
OM owning s horst pielsned,. AMrsss " 1 "
lalyadAwt 1 v tntlacM Ofltlc. '
AN8W DKMt), earefally prepared by lead
lag asessheea ml the Ashe elite bar las
(seat parchment and heavy flat paper), cor
arias all an mare point a. Jaa oat and now
oa Hit at the one. of the Oman pvausm
nss Css. No, a North Oeasrs aVraare flaaln
, !. . .'V
. ' I
water anilflbuths and toilets on every floor.
offi and Knitrs In K-d rooms. Oltlre. din nK
and l.iif and l.lllinrd room un lirst Door. Hkc
Kichiuonil and Danville railroad catiim hou,
Over for its Purity.
P. O. Box 426.
Patau and Colors. Window Glass, both
R-liKdl r
Bdltor Aaherllle Cltlsrai
That our many Menda mar know how we
arc Retting on wc will Mate that we took Is
la Hotel asb Store
9,000 In vic Weeks.
Took In Jaat Saturday over 7o. 7B of
that was hotel, balance store. Hotel regis,
tend Ull that day. Had 6,000 arrivals la
A saonths. Our at ck Is mammoth sou feet ,
long and IS fret wlds. Tell the balance of
tb. world to come and see "Old Ched" amlle,
and buy goods of as and save to to ao per
anvlAdtf S. R. CHRtlRRTRR SON.
daii'.ji uuts Strlctiin.
Painless to list.
rrlet,$1.00. loUbrtUDriggliU Ssntlu
'vhla packaft tu Auubsr SttIih ht SUO

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