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Monday Evening, December 31, 1894.
Wosaea tha Mauatre of Moat of the No.
tloa and Specialty Stem.
Outside of the largo European shops ot
national fame a stranger hardly knows
where to ask for his or her want. Tho
small shops Include everything, but what
things In what shops Is the punlo. In a
small German town, when mosquito net
ting was asked for at a general dry goods
store, the Inquirer was directed to a small
notion, or what the English trni a " thread
and needle," shop for It When found, It
was wrapped in a newspaper, and a large
pin served In the place of twine. This
sounds primitive, but no one would think
of complaining of the parcel's appearance,
except ' those particular Americans," one
ot whom did protest most energetically
gainst it.
The gloveshops are very small, but also
well fitted up with one or two counters,
comfortable scats, a decorated window and
mirrors. Why is it that so many shops
. .low mirrors directly opposite a customer,
when she does not require the aid of one
in her purchase, unless the Idea Is to
keep her In a good humor! In London
one of the best glovers sells hosiery down
stairs and gloves and fans above. They
also show glove boxes, stretchers and pow
der shakers In the same cases with gloves.
Men sell the gloves here and only try
them on when requested to. Only war
ranted gloves arc exchanged If they rip or
tear when first putting them on, and only
tho best qualities are warranted.
In Paris much of tho sumo custom pre
vails, though tho chief shops ore larger,
one on the Boulevard des ltalicns having
two windows. No bettor gloves can lie
found than aro sold nt the linn Mnrcho
and Louvre, where the glove trade is im
mense, but tho small shops have also an
excellent trade. Many of the costuino
houses sell gloves to match each dress,
which takes trado that may bo called high
cluss and higher priced. While tho sales
people do nut offer to try on gloves, they
will dolt when requested to, and all first
class gloves aro exchangeable under tho
conditions prevailing here.
Berlin abounds in gloveshops, also Vi
enna, Hamburg, Dresden, unil Munich has
nt least two neat ones, selling a promi
nent mnko manufactured in tho outskirts
of that city. Women uro tho clorks here
and aro very prominent In tho mercantile
circles of Europe, especially in Franco,
whore they seem born with n business tact
and faculty unknown tu other nations. In
Berlin the display of dark red pique gloves
In a pretty window was marked ''New
York stylo." Europe did not take kindly
at first to largo buttons, but now they are
pronounced very chlo. Tho fashion of
keeping gloves of all sizes looso in a largo
package that was noticed In several Ger
man shops does not favorably Impress nn
American accustomed to the neatly wrap
ped and boxed gloves shown in this cotin-
What wo cull notions needles, thread,
dress stays, pins, bindings, etc. ore con
sidered small wares and haberdashery In
Europe, the latter term being common In
London. Threudncedle street In London
probably received its name from the small
wares or "thread and needle" shops that
were there hi bygono days. Such shops are
universally curried on by women, and of
ten tho owner does dressmaking or plain
sowing. Dry Goods Economist.
The Walter Said It Was rmllgnifled, but
He Took the Quarter.
There is a good deal of nonsense talked
about American immunity from tipping.
That is a subject on which Mr. Robert
Louis Stevenson Is ready to exchange a
w(nk or two with any English traveler In
the States. In his journey "across the
plains" ho made at Pittsburg his first ac
quaintance with the "colored gentleman"
as a waiter. For instance: "Seeing ho was
a very honest fellow, I consulted him up
on a point of etiquette if one should offer
to tip the American waiter? Certainly not,
he told mo. Never. It would not do. They
considered themselves too highly to accept.
They would even resent the offer. As for
him and nit, we had onjoyed a very pleas
ant conversation. He in particular hod
found much pleasure In my society. I was
a stranger. This was exactly one of those
rare conjunctures. Without being very
clear seeing, I can still perceive the sun at
noonday, and the colored gentleman deft
ly pocketed a quarter."
An American Indeed has given us a
most gni li lo summary ot tho sufferings
of the parting guests whom tho hotel serv
antscame forth to speed: "His happiness,"
according to Mr. Snmlley, "consists in
tho rellectlnn that ho has made others hap
py; that he tins feed tho waiter who has
brought his coffeo In tho morning, tho
chambermaid or perhaps two chamber
maids, the porter who brought up his
trunks and tho porter who carried them
down, a third who put them on a cab, a
fourth who looked un while It was loaded,
a fifth who blacked his boots, the uni
formed conductor of the rickety elevator,
tho head waiter in tho restaurant, In ad
dition to the actual waiter and four small
boys in silver laced caps. Then he gives
all the monoy he has left to the hall por
ter." The picture, though absurdly over
drawn, serves to recall tho speech by which
Lord Chancellor Bethell will he longest
remembered. Ho mado It, ufter leaving
an Engllfh seaside hotel, to tho first friend
he met: "I came down hero for change
and rest. The waiters kept the change
and tho landlord's had the rest." Pall
Mall Budget.
Homering Aluminium.
One of the diawbacks to tho general uso
of aluminium has been tho difficulty of
soldering it. Many persons have entirely
tailed In their attempts to unite alumin
ium and othor metals or to joiu two
pieces ot aluminium. A film of oxldo
formed upon tho surface ot the metal
seems to bo tho cause of the nonadhorenoo,
and this all ordinary methods have here
tofore failed to remove. Rcoent experi
ments have brought out new methods,
and a compound of BO parts of tin, 25
of aluminium and 25 of silver makes a
solder that has thus far worked admira
bly. It I nocossary to keep a clean metal
surface, and this can bo done by heating
the aluminium to be united until the sol
der can be kept in a soft state for an in
stant after contact with tho plates or sec
tions. This oausos a coating of the soldor
to adhere to the surface ot the motal, and
no further tmublo is experienced. It has
been suggested that theoutsldoof alumin
ium articles that aro to be put together
should have a coating of this solder ap
plied to their edges. If this were done,
the difficulty would bo removed, as tho
coating, already firmly would need
no further preporatl' u. New York Led
ger. Co'us of Eoormous filse.
Who, the area und square inches of sur
fs": are takon Into consideration, the lar
gest coins ever Issued by any government
on the globe were those put Into circula
tion by Swedon during tho sixteenth cen
tury. Those mammoth pieces are neither
round, square, oval nor octagonal In shape,
but are groat Irregular slabs of oopper de
scribed as"resembllngplecei ot a holler
after an explosion." The smallest piece
Issued undet the law which authorized
this glgantlo colnagowaa an irregular rec
tangular slab of about Hi square Inchos ot
surface and about half an Inch thick. It
wis worth SO cents. The largest of tbo
same series wis aoous a foot square and
bid a face value of M. Each ot these
oopper eiat is stamped in several plsoes
on toe nee, -ne various inscriptions glv
lng the date, denomination, etc. The U
plica mentioned last above Is nearly an
ipsa in tnioaoeas ana wcigns tour pounds,
lacking a fraction. St. Louis Republic.
' An Bailors Safer Tbaa LaadsmtB?
1 Judging from the number of people
who ire annually klllod in the streets of
London, the AlUntlo ocean li far later
thin the bustling Strand or Cbeaptldt,
There an over 100 people killed evory year
from aeoldeuti In the street! ot London,
to lay nothing of the number who an kill
f4ln the streets of other large towns.
Over 8,000 persons an annually Injured
in London in oonneotlon with tho trafflo
of the street. The lite Mr, Thomas Gray
of the board of trade marina dmartmant
stated some time ago thai a msn la safer
Iin rainy aood shin than anr
r an mora lives ion,"
Dinars tram accident
ind mmrmmmuaaa
"Loiwtn XH-Bsav .
w9 awn
if H "mini A
J knofjf ttrtlort
Farmer Hearycr Meant Well, but He
Dldnt Deeen. a Good Wire.
Old Ripley Henryor Is a well to do farm
er with sklnlllnt tendencies whose life
bos been passed without an amotion ex
cept what may have been engendered, In
getting money together and holding fast
to it.
When his father died a quartorot a cen
tury ago, his mother concluded she could
not get along without him, so she quickly
followed tho same way, and Ripley, com-
1 l.ig into possession of tho homestead, felt
tho necessity for a good cook ana washer
woman. Then bo prevailed upon Hetty
Mercer, an affectionate and pretty girl of
the neighborhood, to assume those duties,
first making her his wlfo.
It is possible he said nothing to her of
tho obligations attendant upon the wifely
relations, but that mado no difference as
to results. Hlpley was strong as an ox,
and, a hard worker himself, he had no use
for lazy people and no excuses for those
who were weaker than himself.
As timo passed little Henryers, one,
two, three, five in all, came Into the fam
ily fold, each one adding to the wife's
cares, and moantlmo Ripley added to hit
The number of hired men Increased, but
In nil the years It never occurred to him
that the mother of his children might need
help in her department. Hired girls wore
'-scarce oud awful high," as ho put II
when one of tho neighbors reminded him
of his remissness.
Hetty boro her yoke In silence and
might havo been contented evon but for
the man's utter laok ot sentiment or affec
tion. She had nevor felt tho gentle pres
sure of his hand In soft caress, and he had
never kissed her In his life. Sho grew old
fast, faded and drooped, and finally even
the stolid, sordid husband saw tho neces
sity of culling In a doctor.
When tho latter was leaving tho bouse,
he called Hlpley asldo and said:
".Suppose you show your wlfo a little
kindness. I think a bit of affection will
do her more good than medicine. She's
in a bad way and may dlo."
The selfish fellow was frightened at the
prospect ot losing his cook and faithful
housekeeper, and after some deliberation
ho entered her bedchamber and awkward
ly approached her side, then stooped over
and kissed her pale, cold brow.
Tho lor woman, who for 25 years had
been dying for sympathy and love, was
so startled at this exhibition of feeling on
tho part of her husband that tears of
thankfulness gathered lu her eyes and Ifico
rolled down her cheeks.
The lubberly fellow started back at
sight ot this evldenco of weakness and
blurted out:
"Gush! Hetty, you needn't mind it. I
didn't mean nothing by it. Doc, he said
it niebbe'd niuko you feel better."
Then the tears dried quickly enough,
and tho won in turned her pallid face to
ward tho wall.
When Klpley came back an hour later,
all the kisses in the world could not have
brought moisture to hor eyos. Tho office
of cook nml laundress was vacant lu lit
house. Chicago Tribune.
The Foor Header of tbo Alitor Llbrmry and
Ills Lumrlous Feist.
Ills coat had the ollvo tint of ago and
exposure, tho crigo of the sleeves wire as
frayed as a decrepit toothbrush, and the
bottoms of his shiny black trousers migM
have ljcen exhibited as a piece of rare old
tapestry. The hat which hu laid on the
table of the Astor library reading room
wns a plcturesqiio ruin, and his linen was
clean, but starchiest, and hod evidently
been rough laundered at homo. Tho msn
within these clothos was tall and lank,
and the top story ot tho man was a fine
patriarchal head, with a high, narrow
forehead, from which the gray hair had
long ago fallen out In tho march of years,
and his eyes wero those of a thinker.
Ai he Bat down ho was all aglow with
tbo mild excitement of the book man, for
there had been handed out to him an un
cut magazine, thnt cheerful and airy pe
riodical, Tho International Journal ot
Ethics, and ns he slid tho broad ivory pa
per knife between its leaves thero wns a
twinkle of satisfaction In his eyes that
would not hare romo If he hod just been
bowed to by tho richest man in Now York.
With htm the opening of those pages wns
a work of llternry sensuality, and when
at last it was flnUhcd he laid tho knife
down with a sigh, liut in another mo
ment he was all aglow again, and settling
himself back In his chair ho propped tho
magazl no against his poor old hat and
plunged Into a ten pago article on "Lux
ury." It was a triumph of mind over matter
which would have made old Fluto pop off
his pedestal In the lobby below for very
joy could he but have seen It. New York
Only of Late Years Have Tliey Appeared
I'pon the Tables of Our Hotels.
It Is only of lato years that "whitobalt"
hnvo appeared on the, menus at our lead
ing restaurants, or that tho tiny fish an
swering to that spool! nt Ion could bo
bought in our markets, lot many years
wo regarded them as distinctly nn Knglish
dish and mndo no effort to obtain their
equivalent. Every ono knows tho genuine,
whitebait of Knglnnd, which aro born and
bred and caught In tho Thames and are
supposed to obtain their peculiarly deli
cious flavor from London mud and refuso,
but whether they are the young of her
ring, as some, peoplo suppose, or whothor
they are a lilllputlan variety of tho finny
tribe In themselves, no one seems exactly
to know.
In this country almost any young fish
that aro from 1 to 1 Ji Inches In length and
aro caught In quantities aro sold In the
markets nowadays as whitobalt and are
cooked a l'Angluls and served up hot and
orisp with thin slices of brown bread and
butter, making a delicious diali, whntevor
they are. Tho English recipe for cooking
whitebait commands that they should be
drained on a clean napkin, thoroughly ab
sorbing all tho water; thon roll them In
flour and afterward drop them In some
very hot fat. As soon as they becoino crisp
drain them on a sievo, and after drying
them a nilnuto or two beforu tho fire
sprinkle on theni a llttlo salt and send
thoni to tho table to be served with cut
quarters of lemon, cuyonno pepper and
slices of thinly cut brown broad stud but
ter. Now York Advertiser.
Cleanliness Is avlrtuo; but, HUo other
virtues, It may bo carried to vicious ex
cess. So It happened with an old fisher
man In Nurtlo, Devon, who mode It one of
the chief ends of his life to koop his boat
On one occasion a gentleman had hired
htm to take himself and a young lady out
for an afternoon's fishing. The boat oould
not be brought near enough to the shore
lor thom to step in, so the old tailor re
moved his shoes and stockings, and tak
ing the young lady In his arms was about
to deposit her on board when he oanght
eight of tome mud on her pretty pair of
Instantly he stooped and dipped both
nor leot up to tne ankles in the tea. Did
dling them back and forward to remove
the mud, in spite of the protests of the
owner. Ills only remark at ha finally put
nor on Doara was:
"llloas ycr, mist, salt water won't give
jer tne snumcs." xouth't Companion.
Pilnocst Allx Is now grand duohest of
Blagovernnja Vellkaja Knnglna, but she
mntt be content to be known by hor Amor
lean (rlonds at simply Alls until they can
practice on tht Russian twist necessary to
do her new title justice. St. Louis Jfott
From this time forth PrlnoessAlIx will
be known at Alexandria Feodorovna, with
tht titles of grand duoheat and Imperial
nlgbnasa. It would be stretch of Imagl
nation to toy that tht hu gained much In
tht ehtnge, even If tbt first name was
trifle sawed off.Pttttburg Dispatch.
amma Professor Brushwal-
Allot't matterplnot, A Suntet
Waal school or art would
von olaaa Ml In. tjnftttorr ' , "
ftohaantV-I vote say- ah -4m tnanoal
rfjiii" ito j.i.i,WC( ,VWsWi'V,a issti '' ia'
Bow It Was Organised and CondiKtod la
Deoanoe of Parliamentary Law.
As a rule, women have no use for parlia
mentary law and very few Ideas of organi
sation. This was humorously Illustrated
the other day when half a dozen ladies
met to organlxo a church charitable socie
ty. After they had sat looking at each
other a trlllo nervously for awhile one of
them said:
"It seems we are here. Now, what are
we going to doF"
"Oh, dear," said another, "I don't
know, but do let us do something."
What they did was to fall to talking
voluminously upon the work they expect
ed to accomplish and the poor folks they
knew In tho congregation. Tboy spent
two hours or more nt this and discussed a
good many plans. As they wero adjourn
ing ono of them said:
"Ob, I suppose we ought to have a pres
ident." "Why, of course we ought," tho rest as
sented. "I don't suppose anybody will object to
Mrs. Smith f Let's have her."
"All right, lot's," chirruped tho rest.
And nobody objected to names proposed
for secretary and treasurer.
Tho secretary a few duys afterward con
sulted hor husband as to how sho should
write up tho minutes.
''You should begin," said tbo man, "by
saying who was chairman of tho meet
ing." "Why, we didn't hnvo any chairman,"
broke In tho wifo.
"Who, then, put the motions before tho
"Oh, wo didn't hnvo any motions,"
said tho lady, Inughlng. " Somebody
would say sho thought such a thing would
be nlco, and tho rest would say they
thought so too. That was all. "
"In that case," said tho man, somowhat
perplexed, "you will have to set It down
in the minutes that such and such meas
ures wero Informally approved. Hut you
must state clearly tho name of the club,
the constitution and bylaws you adopted,
"Hut," interrupted tho lady, "wo
haven't got any name, and we didn't
adopt any constitution and bylaws.
What was tho use? We all knew what wo
wero there for. Resides wo didn't think
of it." New York Herald.
How the "Autocrat" Was Mario a Member
ot a Ilobenilan Club.
Years and yoars ago, when tho Bolio
mlnn club wus In Its Infancy, in tho days
when tho members met In tho old Sucru
memo street rooms, there was n "Jinks."
Now, a Jinks, especially a Jinks In tho i
Bohemian club, is not conducted on strict-
ly tempernnco principles. This ono wns
no exception to tho rule. Tommy Now
conib wus president of tho Ilohemlan club
In those days, and under his supervision
tbo reins of discipline were drawn but
laxly. Tho subject of tho Jinks was the
ten famous professors at the breakfast ta
ble. Ono nionberrccltod"01d Ironsides,"
and a momont later nnothor copped It with
"Tho Height of tho Hldlculous."
Tho "Chambered Nautilus" wr.s follow
ed by "Tho Ono Hoss Shay." And so it
went until sonio spirit bolder than the
rest Indited a telegram to tho good, gray
poet of Boston, Informing him of his elec
tion to the Bohemian club, with all privi
leges appertaining thereunto, and sent It
before the more sober members could pro
test. Now, Boston Is three hours nearer the
rising sun than San Krandscb. Tho tele
gram had scarce left the clubrooms before
some mathematically Inclined member
had discovered that It wuulil bo midnight
or Inter ere the New Knglanil doctor and
poet would receive his uotiUculloii of elec
tion. Judge ot the astonishment of tho rol
licking lloliemlnu crew when a uniformed
messenger of tho telegraph company ran
up the steps with the following message
and asked, "Is dere any answer"
Message from San Francisco. Whisper low,
Asleep in bed tin huur or more ago.
While on his peaceful pillow ho reclines,
Buy to his friend who sent tlnw loving lines:
"fcHW-nt, unauswering, still to friendship true,
Ue smiles in slumber, for he dreams of ym."
Oi.ivkii Wkm.eu. H0IJIK8.
Boston, Feb. 21, ls74, Midnight.
And thus was Holmes mado a member
of the Bohemian club. sun
Francisco 1
Knew Ills Coiiilitlnn.
Even if ono is a fool It is a good thing
to know it. Hlshcip 11 , n prominent
dignitary uf the K.plMopul eliureh, visited
the milling district near Juplin Willi a
parly of t. Louisaiis. The party left tho
town and blmlleil nut In where a new
shaft was being sunk. A mini was seen
lnliorluusly turning a wlmllnss which
hoisted a bucket uf rock from the shaft.
There wns nothing remarkable about tho
man except his hat, the crown of which
had been cut In such n ninmior that tho
hut (tin beat upon his bald bead continu
ally. Homo of his companions had recom
mended this assure to produce u luxuriant
ciop of hnlr.
After wntchlng tho mail toiling and
grunting nt his heavy labor for awhile, the
bishop suid, with concern:
"My friend, why don't you rover up
your henilf This hot sun will affect your
'Hraln, lsitf" said tho man as ho gave
the windlass another turn. ''Bo jabcrs,
and If I had any brains d'ye think I'd be
hero pullln up this tmckotr"
The bishop and his unity hastily retired
and took tho next train fur Si. Louis. ISt.
Louis Post-Dispatch.
Visiting Cards.
801110 years ago a contributor to L in-
termedlnrlo des t'hercheurs et des Curleux
recorded that he four.d sumo SO visiting
cards In the Interstice botwovn the frame
and gmss of an old mirror, where, us In
our own day, they would appear to have
been stuck. They all belonged to people
of tho eighteenth century nnd wero for the
most part pieces of playing cards, on tho
backs of sumo of which the names wero
written and on those of others rudely en
graved by an amateur.
By the ond of tho last century visiting
cards scorn to havo como Into genoral uso.
I havo In my possession some belonging to
Alius Hanks, the sister ot 81r Joseph. Tho
card Is conrso nnd thick, and tho nmno Is
engraved In large italic letters. According
to AI. liranil Cnrteret, who gives some
speclmons by Kobtdu and other artiste In
his artlclo, a fashion of having ornamented
cards seems to bo springing up. Notes
and Quorles.
Man at Illrtli Mot Free.
Man at his birth Is notfrcolnany sonso.
Ho can squall nnd squirm, but ho Is abso
lutely at Mo disposal of his mother or ot
whoever else is In charge uf him. It may
be snld thnt he becomes free, but that It
equally ridiculous. Ho Is not f reo to chooso
his language, ms munis, nis suinuuru ui
right and wrong. All these are Imposed
upon him by his surroundings. To call
men equal at their births or afterword
It a similar iilslllcntlon 01 tacts, xue
maxim docs nut mean thnt at birth men
aro equal In the total lack ot freedom.
Therefore It means nothing nt all at re
gards mon at tho moments of tholr births,
It It obviously Inapplicable to tholr con
ditions lu after life, In every stago of
which tho Innate Inequalities of capaolty
and tholr results become more and more
marked. Quarterly Itovlow.
The Germ Theory.
The purchaser of a tin bracket lamp,
Which leaked and filled the attlo whom It
was placed with the unpoetto odor ot ker
osene, took It back to tho housekeeping
department of the big store whonoe It had
ooiuo. "We can't takethlt back," told
the unsolentlflo olvrk. "We eouldn't tell
It again. Customer! would be afraid of
goruie." He wat overruled, but hit Idea
of gonnt In korotcne and tin tbowt how
tar the boolllut theory spreads. Boston
Tht blotting of Palestine It small fnl-
000, or hawk, which dottroyt tht field
Blot. Wert tht hawks exterminated tht
human population would bt obliged to
abandon tht oountry.
Cap Hattert! took Its mum from that
f Mb of Indiana who Und la tbt
MtbetlMOt. v: ". .
Nos, 41 and. 43 Sontti Main. Street.
WE carr.v tllc largest and finest assortment of Imported and Domestic Wines and Liquors of any similar establishment in the South. Our stock
is strictly first class and represents the cream of the markets of the world. We call especial attention of same to parties who desire
Pure Wines or Liquors for Medicinal or Family Use.
We ask for no patronage on account of cheapness, but guarantee our prices as low as can be mado by any reputable dealer anywhere in the United
States. The government tax has been increased 20 cents per gallon, but having bought largely before the law went into effect, we give our patrons
the benefit of our large purchases and extra age of the liquors, at our usual prices.
Helow we enumerate a few of our leading brands that we handle both in bulk and bottles :
Kye Whiskies.
It. (i & ('..' I'rwiioStoi'k
" O'd S'irtitoir
" Monng.nni
" ' l'.br
1 r.bin.t
1 ' Strn ght Cut
' Mount g-the'ii
" " " F.-mily
(it'iiiii i' .'vluiint Vernon
'.n- kenht'iuipr
Bourbon Whiskies.
scnr IVppor
II Tnxlor.
Our stock of Imported and Domestic Cigars, Tobacco and Cigarettes can't be beat.
Our wagon always ready to deliver to any part of the city free of charge.
Before laying in your holiday supplies please call and see what thousands of our visitors have pronounced
Liquor House South of New York.
Boxing and Packing Free.
; nis rtiplpasftii i.xperienre In a Town In
Wrst.-rn IViinsylvanln.
"One of my most painful experiences,"
said the retired burglar, "1 lnul In a town
in western l'eiinsjlvitnla. In tho course)
: of my customary preliminary walk I had
j fixed ::iy eye upon n siiinll but trim look
: inn Ijuccii Anue cottage whirl) stood upon
a little hit of n knoll In qulto a good slzod
lot, with n tiniss plot nil nruund It. Tho
cellar windows wero good nnd high and
i easy, mid I selected one at tho rear of the
house so us to he as far as possible secure
from observation, though that seemed on
; such a nlnht an almost unnecessary pre
caution. Ir. was one of the darkest nights
lever knew, nnd nobody could hnvo seen
you ten feet off, but then thero was the
danger of being heard, and so it wns sen
sible, of cuiirse, to go In at ft rear window.
It Is always foolish to tako any unneces
sary risk.
"Well, I found I couldn't unfasten this
window from the outside, so I waited fur
tho next thunderclap there was a tliun
I derstonn coming up; that's what mado
It so dark nnd then I broko a hole In tho
glnss and reached in for tho cnteh. Tho
Instant my hand got through thnt bolo It
was grnlilicd hy n dog that I knew would
hold on till he died. There could bo no
possllile doubt about thnt. The vigor and
dash und power of the grip and the abso
lutely linn und rigid hohlwcro unmistak
able. With the next llnsh of lightning I
saw him, a white bulldog, standing on
the head nf a barrel under tho window,
with my band In his mouth. He'd been
ronmlng around thnt cellar, nn tho alert,
nnd he'd heard me from tho start. Ho was
j on the barrel, no doubt, when I was work
ing at unit window 011 1 110 outside, una ail
ho wnntrd was to have mu get In.
"It was bad to have to do It, but I had
to. I couldn't pull awny from him any
moro than I could hnvo pulled my hand
out from under n pile driver. .So I reached
around 11s well us I could with my left
hand nnd got my gun, and when the next
llnsh of lightning came I fired. I know I
must hnvo hit him, too, but not much
moro than that, for lio didn't let go. He
just shut bis teeth together tighter
though I wouldn't havo thought ho could
do thnt, but he did till I thought tho
teeth must come together through my
hand. It makes mo wtneo now just to
think of It. When tho next flash came, I
saw him again. Tlicrowas blood trick
ling down the sido of his head from where
I'd hit him, but his teeth wero set In a
hold that I knew I couldn't havo broken
with a jimmy. Thero lire times when cir
cumstances uro agin a man, and this wat
one of tin.
"I could hear 'em in tho houso already.
They'd henrd tho pistol, as I knew they
would, nnd tliey wero coining. Tbo door
nt the head of tho cellar stairs opened, and
two young men, with a light, enmo tum
bling down. Tliey saw tho dog standing
on the barrel, with my hiind In his mouth
and my nrm running out through the
window. W ell, ono of them cumo out for
me, nnd I was easy, dead ensy. Ho Mod
mo up without any moro trouble than If
I'd been 11 bundle tit rags, and the man
Inside got the dog off somehow, I don't
know how. Then they took me Into the
houso nnd sent for a doctor, and I needed
one, and then they sent mo to a hospital
to stay until I was tried, Ho cost 1110 three
years and six months, that dog." Nuw
York Suu.
Evolution of Letters,
Mr. Balfour presents n theory for the
formation of letters which It as follows:
Suppose, a man of today, fnlrly artistic,
weru to draw a snail crawling on a branch.
The artistic man hut ten friends. He gives
his sketch to No. 1, wbo copies tho Buall
on tho branch, nnd thon No. 1 gives his
own sketch to No. U. Then No. 8 gives
his to No. U, and so oil until tho Nn. 10
concludes tbo circle Nino of them have
not scon the original. What kind of a
ploture would be turned out nt the end of
tho series! Something probably with but
the vnguost resemblance to tho snail,
Primitive man may have made a lifelike
sketch ot something, which, passing to a
second generation, boro no temblanoo to
tho original. Then a scrath or a scrawl
muy have meant a horse ur a wolf. Thus
may hnvo come hieroglyphs, and lator on
fUed letters. New York Times.
Abstruse Mathematics.
"Now, Johnny," said tbe arlthmotlo
teacher, "supposo that ono man wero to
put a stono II foot thick on top of another
like stone, and the next day anothor on
top ot that and keep on thua tor 70 yuan,
what would bo the result!"
"I dunno," replied tho student, "but I
guess he'd hnvo a pretty good start for a
new poitofflot "Washington Star..
Stranger Why did yonr m lit root go
out tht momont I came inf
Barbot't Apprentice She can't beaf
tbt tight ot Mood I ITnatra (seaclltcnstft.
U1 W. H. McBrayer
' Woodford Oo Crovr
" IMIe of Nelson
" T. 13. Hipy
" Jhk E. Pepper
" McBrayer, J. II.,
Corn Whiskey
Old "Bonanza" XXXXX
Standard Old Corn
Pure White Mountain
Jas Hennessey & Co.
MartHl &Co.
Oturd I'upuy & Co.
N. C Kcuppernontf
Old California
X. C reach and Apple
VcoTTAOH wnnteri. or four or five rooms in
ft comlortnhle riwrlliiiR-, unfurnished, rtutt
hIiIc tor light housekeeping; in or near BiHmore
will) part of stniile. Address by lanuary sth,
-SMS. J. V. 0 Office of The Citfien.
w-24dcodtw wit
MKN nnd women to work at home: I pay 8
to f 16 pT week for making crayon por
traits; new patented method; any one who can
read ur write can du the work at home, in spare
time, day or evening. Scud your address. 1
send work at once. It. A. GKIHP,
iHl2w-thur&st Geriann Artist, Tyrone, Pa.
IOK RKNT Newly furnished rooms, with or
without hoard. NO 20 PATTON AVK.,
Only one Bl ick 1-rom Court House.
nll nrcessn
A SDleudid 7-room residence with
ssnrv outlmildlnKS and s acres land.
1 H miles out 011 Lookout Mountain street rail
road. Auolv to C. S. COOPKK,
9 S Main St
IiTik RKNT A j lory store house corner
North Main street and Merrlmon avenue.
Upstuirs suitable for family.
Applv to
V. MAI.I.UY, First National Bank.
The elegant rooms in Johnston
S. bultditlK,
buitdinu. southwest corner Public square.
now occupied by Carolina Club. Possession
iven loth January, isys,
u-lldlf rllllS. D. JOHNSTON,
I, MR RKNT A new io-room house with nil
modern improvements, has lieen run thrte
nnd a half ycaas as a successful boarding house,
r'or fuller particulars enquire at
u ;dnno 47 PATTON A VKNUB.
IOR UK NT The very desirable store room
- r.nd basement No. 12 North Court Square.
Also a line basement under No. 14 North Court
qimre. Possession given 1st January. 1S05. Ap
plv to C. 8 COOPKR.
i-.;dinto No. 39 South Main St.
Mini) BOARD Reasonable rnle.
MRS. S. TKKRV, b N. Main St, 8-lldtf
AI.UUA Pirst class hoarrtiug house.
11 Starnes Ave.
UJ ANTKli-Boarders for three choice rooms.
Southern exposure. MRS. LKH,
ii-AlU 4o. 16 Flint St.
IOR SAI.K First cluss surrey, good as new;
one second haud buggv. Cheap for cash,
u-ijdtf BOX 197, City.
VTOTICK All persons indebted to us will
iv please call and settle at once, we must col
lect past due bills.
IOR SAUK OR I'OR RKNT A house of nine
rooms with all modern improvements
There is also a uond stable on the lot. The house
is within about five minutes' walk of the public
tquare and near two lines 01 street cars, tne sit
uation commanding one of the finest views in
the citv. Anyone wtshlug to Investigate further
:an address B. C,
!2-7dimo Postofnce Box 691.
X' OTIC K By virtue ol the power and suthor
llv rnntained In a certain deed of trust
made and executed 10 the undersigned as trus
tee by t has I,. Lindsey and wife Maria l.ind
sey. hearing date January 3, 1S91. to secure cer
tain indebtedness therein mentioned, which
said deed of trust is registered ill theoflire of the
Register of Deeds in nnd for the county of Bun
conilie anil Mate of orlh Carolina, in book JV
pages 17s et. aeq , to which reference is hereby
made lor lull particulars, and default having
been made in tne terms and conditions of said
teed o' trust, and having been requested by the
cestui que trust therein named to execute the
sabl power ol sale lcauai- of such default I will
sell, at public au 'tion at the court house door in
the city of Ashevllle. N. C. on Monday, the 14th
day of January, 1K05, "t 11 o'clock ill., the land
conveyed in me in asm aecuui uusi ivmc iiigii-
st bidder lor casn
said land is situated In Douhleday's addition
al the corner ol Knst and seney street, and a
full d- scriptton of the same la given in the deed
of trust aforesaid. 11. D. CHU.n,
iM.ultds Trustee.
put up by Armour Pack
ing Co., is guaranteed
to be absolutely pure. It
is wholesome and sweet.
Retails for 25 cents per
A Silver Churn Cook
Book Qlven With Five
Rums, Gins, Etc.
Old Jamaica Rum
Tom Gin
" Geneva Gin
" Holland Gin
Sherries, Ports, Etc.
Duff Gordon's Sherry
Club House "
Imperial Wedding Port
Old Portugal Port
We have a large stock of
imported Burgundy, Claret,
P. O
Racket Store,
15 S. Main St.
We him taking stock and
while this in going on we will
sell goods juBt as low as
ever, but we have a few
things to close at a sacrifice;
22 plush, leather and cellu
loid oases, handkerchief,
dove, necktie and jewelry
boxes, shaving sets, etc.; 11
plush and leather albums; 1
silver plate castor; 1 silver
plate sugar bowl; 1 silver
plate spoon holder; 1 silver
plate cake basket.
J. M. STONER, Mgr.
"If I wot only good-looking," is the
wish of many a woman to-day.
It never occurs to most women that there
Is a beauty obtainable at little trouble. It
is the beauty of rosy cheeks and ruddy
health. Most women lose it through in
digestion, biliousness, disordered liver,
If you went to transform a sallow com-
rileiion Into the glow of health you csn do
t hy cleansing the system from Impurities
and earning the liver to work effectively.
No single medicine can scconrpltsh til
that Is needed. A liver .pill will merely
arouse the liver; It will not purify the
blood, or repair the watte, or tone up the
system. For this you mutt follow your
liver pill with some powerful, luvlgontlug
The belt, and alto the least ex
pensive preparation, it Ramon's
Tonic LlTcr Pill and Rav
mon'i Tonic Pellet. You
get these two medicinet in separata
bosea at the cott of one only 31
tmlt. Your druggist will tell you
that thit it sure cure for bilious
neat and conttipation.
Wkoleaals aa Xrtall,
W.C, CarmlehacL Worthea ft Co.. Htliltsh
aaaasTt.aaysof ttsjeawa.
Sauterne, lthine Wines,
Champagnes, Cordialu, Bit
ters. Native Wines.
N. C. Seuppernong
" Blackhpiry
" Catawba
California Sberrv
' Angelica
" Burtruudy
" Ueislinff
Seuppernong Champagne
Box 146.
H E R A. L D ,
Inrlcpenrlent and fcnrlcts;bip(icr nnd more nltrnctivctlmncvcr.it will be nn in
valuable visitor to the home, tlic ollice, the club or the workroom.
All the news of the world, from mile to pule, Rnthercd bv a vast
army of corrcsponilcntt unil reporters, nml sent bv unequalled cable
and tclcKrnp' ic facilities. $8 a year.
A masterly m.iRnzinc nf contcmtiornncnu literature, with nrticlcs
by the k'adinii writers ol tlic wurlil, emkllislied with beautiful col
ored and hall tone illustrations. $2 a year.
A perfect family j ournal. All the news of the week, sketches and
continued stories, valuable inl'iiiniatitin fur farmcia, and depart
ments devoted to women nnd children. Remember the Weekly Her
ald is ONLY $1.00 A YEAK. Send for sninple copy. Address
THE HERALD, Ilemld Square. New York.
The Louisville Home and Farm
And The Asheville
For Only $1.10 Per Year.
Strictly in Advance.
cnreof tmltAtlnnt He
flKinal. Made only t$
ture to Kit the
. lfOli NALE .
1 t
Old NoM'pspnperH
all Clean, Jml the thing lo tmt under
earpets this winter. Apply at
Citizen Bubinehs Office.
For Sale or Rent.
A house of eluht rooms well ftimMifil. All
modern eonveulncea. Denirtble locsliun. on
street car line I'rice reaaoniitile.
WANTKD Iwoon one of the hnn'tmniest
Improved properties tu Anlievllle. Apply to
n. i;. cut i i.anu
s6 Pstton Ave., ind l'knr.
llavensbroft - School
DAY, JAN. 14 f v
T. H, TOYNBRS WIGHT, Uesd Muter. '
I want trerjr man and womaa ta the
uaitefl Billet interested in the opium
and wlikey hablti to hart one of my books u
ineteuiacatea, aonreaa m. at, wuum,hy,
Atkata, Oa,, boa a, aao oaa will yssrtjgr
(J'lt-UtfBOtJLVBV Kffl
Ales, Stouts, Etc.
B. iss Ale, Whito Lnbsl
' Smith's India
Burke's Stout
Buss Ale
Schlitz XXX Porter
" Extra Stout
" Pilsener Beer
C. &C. Ginger Ale
" Club Soda
Burke's three-star Irish
aii'l Scotch Whiskey.
Auents for thj Jos Schlitz
Brewing (.'.. Milwaukee,
Wis , and Foss-Schneider
Brewing Co., Cincinnati. O.
the most complete Wine and
Telephone Call 72.
Semi - Weekly Citizen
IN 1895.
Hffirls liiHiirucrit. n new nnvct 1t Thomas
lUittiv, wiih hririm in t lie Ucmnbcr iitnn.
her. .1t mill continued to NtivctnbiT,
W ho 'Vi-r nuiv hi m-'Mtuvn it iininiiir I-'iiif-
H h tiitvt'li-tiM, t will hct'itncrilt-illiynirotitlca
that Thom.vh ll.kov MamU f..rtmt-t at a
mHftrr aitistm fiction, ami -Uartu ItmurK tit
tnnyir expmvtl lo nrnusi fnihustuKtn not
iiitt ru-rin tlcrco to Unit which hn marked
1 rilbv -tin most HHiTiKHlul story f the year,
notlmr lemHim tVaturtr will he the Pcrannal
l( i-'ilWctiniiH ol'Jomi of Aro, hy the Nieur
I.ouh tin Conth, llvr 1'nne ami -ecretary,
mulct which Kitlhr moot pnptiln -f Hvitiff
i Hutu ii iiiHLiaxiiic w rm-rH will piTnem the
at--ry nt the Maul ol Orli'ttnu. hi the Janu
ary nutulicr uppt-arft a prnftiHelv illuntratrd
paper tm inaruHti.il ami t lie Carolina, the
first of a scricj f nt Sunlhcrn papers.
No thcrti Africa in nttnu'tinu more ntrrn-
tinti thnn at Hiiy other lime shier it was the
scat of rm pi re- The next volume - f 1IAR-
I'l.K's mac. ., i mi will contain four thus-tiit'i-d
articles on this rcKou, ami three of
them will depict the present life there. Jt'l
MN Kai. I'll will pre pure lor the MAOAXINII
a series of tiflit stories, depleting typical
phases of Chinese i lie nnd Manners. He
sales the hint: -torie, there will hcKin in the
I nn tin ry nutnoer tne nrm cnupt rs ol A Three
Part Novelette, lv Kiciiaro Harping Da is
the h iiKt'Ht w rk yet uttempttd hy thin
writer. Complete short stories hy popular
writers will continue to he a feature ot the
cntl For IllaHtrafcd Prospect u.
The Volumes of the MAGAZINU hp gin
with the mi ml kts fur tune und lireemher nf
each year. When no time is mentioned, sub
scriptions vl I ben m with thcnutnhereurrtDt
at the time of receipt uf order Cloth cases,
fur hlndinir.no cents each-bj mail, postpaid.
i N'A'c Hwi twwx arnt on npfUication.
Remittance., should be made ly Postofnce
Money order or Draft, to avoid chance of loss.
Xt'tvtfMflers tttt not tocofiv this adurtistmeni
without the ctrviA order of Hat per & Brothers,
Harper's Periodicals
Harper's Mafraxlne, one
warper's w.vkir,
Harpeit'a Hasaar,
Hatprr't Vouok People?,
r. f 4
Pnftnrr ftxt io til fubucrlbcn In tht Valted
States, Cuiimu nml Mexico. Address
Harper & Brothers,
O. IOX 0J9, n. CITW.
and Opium HiibiU
curvd at home v im
out lialn. Hook ulnar-
tlcnltrn tent ..
tli.M.VOOI.I,IY.M U.
Msana. . Me!, WUMtttk
I UU saaaaBSBsB

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