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M. Goblet has given up the t-sk of
forming a ministry. He found it too
delicate. We are not surprise 1. Hi
very name suggests brittleness.
News and Observer.
The noble array of Life Savers did
good work last year. There were 332
disasters. On board three vessels
were 6327 persons, of whom 6272 were
saved. The total value of property
saved was $5,788,820. Falcon.
Blaine won the first heat in the race
for the Republican nomination next
year by the selection of Chicago a
the place for holding the convention.
This strengthens popular conviction,
that the race in 1888 will be between
Cleveland and the Maine" statesman.
By putting Lamar on the Supreme
Court bench the President has made
a movement in the riiiut direction.
We ned several more Southern mem
bers of that court. The restored
Union knows all sections, and all
sections should be represented on the
court alike. News and Observer.
The people of Albemarle rejoice
with those of other sections over the
recovery of Senator Vance from his
recent accident. The Asheville Cit
izen says the appearance of numer
ous bears in his neighborhood ma3'
have hastened his recovery as he is
quite fond of such game. Enquirer.
Statistics show that all the land in
the United States under cultivation
for breadstuffs, hay and cotton in not
over one-fifth of the arable acreage,
and that the State of Texes, which
exceeds the area of the whole Ger
man empire, has sufficient acreage to
grow the entire present wheat crop of
the United States. Carolinian.
Some very intelligent men are under
the impression that when they subscribe
fr a newspaper it is not due till the
time expirt-s, and some act as if they
thought it would not become due dur
ing a natural life. Newspapers are cash
in advance, and if by reason of person
al friendship, this U not demanded, it
does not alter the fact it is due. Those
whose circumstances are cramped no
good man will harass, but people who
handle their hundreds and thousands in
cash during the year can offer no apel
ogry for withholding from the poor
printer two or three years pay for the
paper. lFor of such are (not) the King
dom of Heaven."' Gold Leaf.
Fish & Terrapin Trap
The Charlotte Chronicle says : "It
is rumored that a movement behind
and between the lines of the Repub
lican party in the State is progress
ing to run Judge Settle for Governor
next year." The Plant comments as
follows : "If the Republicans settle
upon Judge Settle as their candidate
it will be easy work for the Democrats
to settle Judge Settle."
Died, in Reidsville, N. C, December
tth, 1S87, of diphtheria, J. Bessie Wil
liams, Jr., in the 21at year of his age.
Juat entering manhood, young, talen
ted, with bright prospects, noble aspir
ations and beloved by all who knew him,
"as it Deea saiu mac aeatn. loves a
shining mark. The days of our happy
childhood spent together rose vividly in
my memory when the news of his death
reached me and I see him now as I knew
him then, gentle, noble and loving; he
was at once the pride and joy of his par
ents and delight of brothers and sisters
and friends. Just before his illness,
which lasted only two days, lie was
looking eagerly forward to gathering
all his brothers and sisters at the old
homestead, to have one more happy re
union of the scattered family. Now the
only reunion we will ever know will be
not at our childhood "s home, but "Just
beyond the shinning river."
He joined the Baptist Church at War
ren ton, N. C, at 10 years of age, and
has been a thoroughly consistent and
conscientious Christian ever since. His
gentle, loving disposition endeared him
to all, but to none more than the sister
to whom he was ever kind and affec
tionate. To the other members of h s
bereaved family, I would say our lo
ed one is not dead, but asleep; not lost,
but gone before. God knows best, "He
giveth His loved ones sleep."
Like weary and worn-out children
That 6igh for the daylight's close,
He knew that ho oft was longing
For home and its sweet repose;
So He called him in from his labors.
Ere the shadows could round him creep
And guarding him safe from danger.
He hath given His loved one sleep.
President Cleveland's message rec
ommendations are finding unexpected
Xavor. bo lar as Known only six
Democratic Congressman are openly
opposed to them, while seven Repub
licans favor them. A well informed
Ohio Democrat says that though some
of the Ohio men oppose the message
they, with the possible exception o
Mr. Foran, will vote for any tariff bil
that has the Speaker's approval.
The prohibition law of Kansas has
been declared constitutional by the
hi u best court in tue land, luis is a
victory for the temperance cause, and
will doubtless have a tendency to
strengthen it in otherStates. Justice
Ilarlam, in delivering the opinion
savs : "The State of Kansas had a
right to prohibit the liquor traffic. It
did not thereby take away the property
of the brewers. It simply abated a
nuisance. The property is not taken
away from its owners. They are only
prohibited from using for a specific
purpose, which the legislature de
clared to be injurious to the commu
nity." Durham Tobacco Plant.
By his advocacy of free raw mate
rials and a general tariff reduction,
;while opposing abolishing the internal
revenue, President Cleveland has
aroused the South to a point where a
split on the tariff question is almost
certain.. The industrial interests of
the rapidly . developing South are
threatened with serious injury if not
destruction, and the people of that
section for their self-preservation will
bitterly oppose the suggestions of
Mr. Cleveland. The South needs;
protection and it will secure it even
if old time party affiliations must be
Abandoned. Journal of Commerce.
r. rr-x TxVTVTTTi r w.m rare mt v mw. 'Jf
Pittsburg, Pa., December 10. Sixty
flint glass factories closed to day by a
general strike, throwing 18,000 work
men out of employment.
A New Berne negro has been awarded
a diploma by the State Agricultural
Society for the best display of home made
agricultural implements at the last State
Rev. E. L. Pell, of the North
Carolina Methodist v Conference, in
answering to a New England cousin
who wrote him, Please inform me as
to religious belief in the South," thus
replied : "We believe in the Bible
account of creation, its mysteries,
difficulties, and what you are pleased
to call absurdities. We believe in
the Trinity, and are glad we connot
explain it. And if you are now
prepared to hear the worst ve be
lieve in a real, live hell !" There is
a strong smell of brimstone in these
terse sentences. Virginian.
On the night of Dec. 5th, Mr. F. B
Guilford, member of the county Poard
of Education, residing near Aurora,
sustained a considerable loss. About
12 o'clock his barn, 100 barrels of
cornjand a lot of peag were destoryedf
incurring a loss of about $600. Cause
of fire is not known Washington
How often we see a farmer trying to
carry more land than he can well do;
often double the number of acres they
should have. It does not pay to carry
on a farm in this fashion; better par
taxes 6nly on what you can profitably
till. Put the fertilizers on few acres,
raise larger crops, and you will find it
-will pay a great deal better. Husbandman.
,"f; U S'V ZZjfXrr- '-" "
Adapted to River and Lod Shore
Fishing in 4 to 10 feet water.
A G-reat Catcher!
Send for descriptive price list to
t. S. J0HWS0W & G0M
X Va X XX xl l'xx jJ x i J X XX Li,
121 South Street,
Baltimore, Md.
Fishermen that conclude to fisb at
can be supplied with J JVctting
good ill qu ality and good in
manufacture, as any made. We
think our patrons can rely on satis
factory rates and reliable wares.
Gloucester J'et Twine Co.,
Boston Office, 'J4 Commercial Si.
Wlt.r.iAM stowk, I "resident.
Mausiiam, X. Rick, fiupt.
W II IGOR wmm !
My immense fall & vmter stock is perfect!
I have received the largest and handsomest line of bright, new and sea
sonable dres goods, trimmings, wraps, notions, underwear, hats, shoes,
boots, and men's, youths' and boys' clothing ever shown here.
Everything is fresh from the northern markets, selected by myself to suit
the requirements of my customers. Many will wonder at .ha extraordinary
which, everything is marked down to.
All sorts of theories will be advanced, but I have ouly one reply for all
Ready money is the wonderful lever which
overturned high prices.
And cash will secure the choice of all the wonderful targains of which I mention
(tRA"DT5D SOTTOOTj A Red llannci Drawers and Shirts. .1.2r,; red Funnel, :dl wool, 20c and 25 cents a
Vj k;vJ-.a.w vj. j ;neaVv Undershirts, trom 23c up: h avy twill Cotton, fc; heavy brown
Cottons. ,c: vunl wide lileachiu, oc; morsels. k- : unpen ana iu..m cii-ib,ik
all colors, 40c, worth 75o: meu. JaduN and children's Hosr, 3c: Calicoes, nice
Patterns. 4o: p ain C.-iIkmm-s in ail co!.i. Go: lied Ticking, 6c: pure linen Towling,
6e: ladies rul ber Coats. 73c; w oman's eeryday Show, fcOo, worth 1.00; also men's.,
ladies' and children Shoes, lower than eise wheiv : men's Derby Hats, brown and
black. 7oc. woitu 21 oO. men s Slouch lints. worm zi.w; uovs ,us, o cems-
Fall Term Ending Dec. 3? 1SS7
Prof. L. A. Williams, Principal.
Mks. R. F. Cheshire, Assistant
Miss M. A. Thompson, j Teachers.
First Grade,
Second " -Third
4k -Fourth
4k -
- 3.00.
. $4.50.
- S6.00.
- $8.00.
Charges are
$10.00, - -
1616.00, - .
20 00, - -
30.00 - -
made from date of
entrance. Proper deductions for pro
tracted illness. The next term of this
School will begin December 5th, 1SS7.
A special feature of the Jaw incorpo
rating our school is that every resident
patron is credited with the Public
funds apportioned to his children under
the school law of the State.
Resident children who are dependent
upon the Public School funds for educa
tion are received into the School at anv
time without charge.
This school and system offers the best
educational advantages attainable in
Edeuton. By dividing pupils of several
grades of advancement, among teacher
employed for each grade, better and
more efficient instruction is obtained at
Sens cost than can be had otherwise.
Pupils from other districts are invited
to enter the School at above rates of
instruction, and they can obtain good
board at moderate prices.
By order of the board of Trustees of
the Edenton Graded School, Oct., 18S7.
B. F. Elliott, President.
T. C. Badham, Sec. pro tern.
heavy winter Pants. 1.00, worth z'2.0. ; s' kuv P wits. 1 1- years, from 23o
up: men's Suits, from cii 50 up. woitii 7 3i men : cheviot Suits, j-7.50, worth
$12.50: men's fine square cut Uresis S its. 612 50, worMi iWt 00; boys Suits, from
$2.00 up; men s Ove.coau, from .. S 00 up. 'it..;iks, Vaiices, Accordeous, IlarjKi
and manv other thin rs too numcioib to mention.
I have bargains in ewry department an i iuifj an examination of my good
and prices. Rc&i tctf ull ,
ferkins' Old Stand Cheap Side MAW STliEEl.
Send to this office for
1 w o
p3 ! . pa
W il H algg
m m a w
Business Card to a mammoth. Poster
With neatness, correctness and dispatch.
Olir MottO I tmallrices.
Every attention will he given to the print
ing of hand bills, letter and note heads, bill
heads, wedding invitations and programmes.
m sta w. & M vizi
3 rya ra i?i
Send for76-Pago
W. V. Elliott, Agt.
edejYtoa, jr. a
The simplest engine in the
world having only eight
moving pieces. No steam
chest excentric or valves; no
s cuffing box or j oints to pack.
2 II. P. En-ineand 3 II. P. Ste4l P.oiler only
Larger ones equally as cheap.
I am selling another encjine jv st as good C II. P.
Steel Boiler, 350. 8 II. P. Stee Boiler, $410.
I am also TDreTDarea to ao
h 3,ny Kina 01 worn m xne ma-
enmery line.

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