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' I . " . A. , ';
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c, ,,4 . , i i-.i L., ;-jr - - VAlJtUl
.ator and Business Manager. a rni ,F , -, ---:..-r-: -
-twr r.-r. . , r,,,
sxaoiisiiea 1886.
xwu uu. NAG'S
EpENTOMAN. C.; Friday. toTT
Con;e now ! My proty one,
Tell me tb truth:
Have you the secret of
Beauty and youth?
Surely there never was
Maiden bo fair:
Nor beauty incarnate
So dainty and rare.
For yeu are what Nature
Meant maidena should be
Sweet, dutiful, modest.
LiKht-hearted and free.
I rind in you ouly
One thing to regret
Thai you were engaged, dear
Before we had met!
R. P. Hackee v. on - of the pupils
at the Durham Male Academy made
a speech at the Academy about &
month ago, and selected for the sub
ject the loliowirjcr :
"The man that don't take news-
paper J was in town the other dar
77 i,ron i r . ' uuiei vi ns surround'
llobxoGi family m an ox-iw hills, nr. 1,,1 i -
w., 0- He st,H bCeved H.H Mil- Away nort:, aa ZZ
. iltBlut4.lf anu ine mreud oi the coast that wonder
wanted to know if the "Kamchat- ful cnbankroeut thrown up by the
Win n you feel wearr of life: whrn
you have seen everything. lornpd
everything, experienced everything,
are tired of everything and are lon
ing lor a place where vou can o-et.
absolute rest, or perfect surf bathim,
- y
or the best cf shooting and fishing
a. unaeu oy conaitions that promise
reinvigoration and building up of
health, then go Jo Nag's Head, for it
is one of the most interexh'no- nl,
from nearly every standpoint, within !
uie earth s orbit.
The cenes that present themselves
to the eyes oi him who, at the sunsets
ting of a clear calm rummer's dav
stands upon the spacious piazza of
tne xag s Head hotel or its surround
strong and vioro ;Sj while inv.iI.H-i I
v-uiiuren cm l a he in Q onnrl
witli s.fetv and p!easure. The fishing
is unsurpassed. Pleasant, p r ie seek
the Rocks nnd I, e:. u 'tne eary
morning, and return with ioads of
Trout, Shaepshead, Soots, Hogfish
and other vari.ie ot M,e finny tribe
to be found in the waters of the Sound
while the more dariiiP fishermen in ¬
dulges in the excitement of Drum
fishing In the Ocean. ; he expert
with the rod an? reil can de ight in
the Lake fishing, which affords no
end of sport with the Olmb and BaSr
that are :,o pienyf-n therein. A pic
turesque drive of three miles over
hiils, through a forest that is rarrw-.
ed with green mo an I be-unful ferns
leads to the L:ike ot be -utiful c!e
Ciicuhaioii Lai.
Pi:c, I , i -y.1.3 $l.GO
MO. 4 3 1
fresh water., situated nea- the Ocean
The return driv? beine a n-j- m,p
smoorh, hard beach. Within-drivicr
That she is in ioye.
That she ever flirted.
That she laces tight.
That !he is tired at a'ball.
That f-he is fond of a scandal.
That her shoes are to small.
That she cannot keep a secret.
That it tukes her long to drss.
That sne has kept yu waiting. !
That she uses anything but powder j
That she saVs what she dostn'tl
mean. j
.Jhatshe blushed when mentioned !
a particular gentleman's name I
mm v
w . -.v ttr, v.
A utile Oaught
C'f r C'lilTf h S I'nV ,.i T
v.. j.ii.uiin ijiiiii;
t-'ired of a distreesui- rasn,
Aver s Sar:n)-i! 'ii.'i Af r?.,--.
i fi.. ii n j .
Q rt ' I 1
iinown and ao popular as to nee ! no ! BtiiKs, the w.dl-fciM.wn Drip.
Uv.il! ft., Aloiitn-d, T. (,., v;iV
soeojal mention. A 1!
. .' ''iio!-;n(.-'s F,lll,;, V,,',
distance of tliie Hn-e" on th hPn,Ul Purer medicine does not i f -4" y-rs. a,,! ii:lv.- l,,tr,l ,
U Hlfl fJ , , thbeach. ..tand.t is gu,ranteed o do all i ood .said of th,,, I iviiuw f m.-n'v
will cure all diseases of t.-.e Liver nd I VJOfSC-crflis' Cl0S
station, and the Life .-'avirg Sat,ir.R wiii cure aI1 diseases of t.-.e Liver nd
No. 6 The water- of the Sound tjf ETS v'ii rCir"";f- IP'-s- Ho is,
i"e constantly iot,tei th ft ,a 1 K,eun and flections cv.u-
ero t.ey ion e ,ea. (T;';Tvr3r "" r 8:a,
f."1.l,,f f0r 3ix cents- he breaking sei!s uDon the harA u n S"U t,",ir 'T in tho
iuignt uavegot ten- One of his bovs beaclr nnH rate near the shor .
vr :' a.t i . i ,
11 iijj 'ure n f-od . i finoM..
v,,, ,,ln0es. a pleasure lhlU gfolv. ,!lria fro, lbe syslPm
'!DOn t!)fJf wv!ii LwJ
c A'- fiein.waii a cure an aiatariai lovers
k:aus hud taken Cuba, and if so, hand ofn:Ur a;L 'lVon iV!u r. eroln.wni,
uhere they had taken it. He had Lea. () one side are ever K.r 1 T Ch;1,lrea i,a(l 1!e thr boais ?ur of Headache, Cont.p.tn
iuu.gyji,on irv . ectr o K.itfirv
tire a:t.stictior. en!.r;inip .t ,,.-.tJv-:
' 1 r .
eiuuaea. rnee 5oc and Ri.oo pei
Mrr. rT , . 'cmnaeu. rnee 5oc and Ri oo
Aag s Head is not waning in his- bottle at V 1 LParV, Dr.. ,-....,.
tone ir;lrnf. I .-. ..r.j- -..n . I . -
J1J iy,, juu es( i
ion oi tae hist-o-v nt Na-Va Hf.nd
nd it-.- surroud'njrs. would fill
i . ' - awciis upon me hard smontn
, o U,B uai ,u 3 oouncury; and on the othe- Aho
Jeet Uk, ond atient,x watted sn, milrle.s q.et bIaee ,fD b;-
-.. uue ana ru'ed w - : t!,,,, ,1
of the givis took : -i lot of ; , , . o.uuu ann c uo-v 13 ,in -ire a at the
.er. She had a baby in a " t" , T"1"" shore- . u.d Tf bu being ertct-
trough,- s,oFpiDg occaSlfnallv to ,h " 1 . " ,"earl-' ' '
rockitonthes.dewUkswLenlt'criBd ZL. ! . . . . id by, .Mi
bue nnect its mouth with o Li-.. ..- . " " LUC - u ir:n'ty, w;:o
Wkerehief, and sun BZ T v - . Ned last ye u. Th. b-, Idiug- wi I b
1). X m,
,s uat"ar x ou can obtain at Na's Ha,j knnivn.iBt.Ka p..,..,,-.. hmi ,
s - ""v. j. rtuiuc i er ouuclini;
t.rtai) Q'j.e. of rt7Tiio in ... m n:.. ...
- """jv, in lmr if . i u uiiruui ii i .t roi . i -. v-i .
auie a notei as can be found annvhprp
with an excellent cuisine and
teous table, Infact,TDU will have
to search over a very broad rerrWr
eiore you can nod as much comfort
genuine recuperation, and Mtiuf
uri at the same rnodr
.-.v. t t43 at
ims oia lavorate resort. Th w..
is situ ited upon a clean beach free
roni I'rs fir ' ? t ,
o " "'aiaii. wn en 1 1 w
. .J
tween the Atlantic Ocean and Roa-
i mi
in jvuf i-i:l;ir ),:(; ... , ...,
hiulitfr f a Clinrrh f En.'!::Tn! : ..
t,r. Tin; cAt wn ja:i covtic!
from head to t,c,t with a n ! a; ... :, -O'-t'.-lInn-h-fr'-.u'-!'.
.-.j.;,. r-i-':. f:-.;,, ,v ; .
sli' had stjff,r-'l f r ?w. ; t1,;- f ; ,-.
in ?pir: t tli, ;.- rii! l:,a!
y uiHi tUlU IWO
i rt . . . . i.
cuun sKins and was on a bust
When last seen he had called for a
sody and water,' and stood soaking
1 "-u n u, ana making wiry
faces. Tie shop keeper mistaking
hts meaning had given him a mix
ture of sal soda-and water, and it
tasted strongly of soap- But he'd
"beam tell of sddy water," and was
bound to give ft a fair trial "puke or
w puxe. -Jhe old man had a tea
It is possible that there will be no
State Fair held at RaicL-h this ver
S cere ta ry A ye r .s& y s i h a t the d e ! a v
ot tno rai!rad auihuritits in answe-'--
que:ioi;s ooncernin rates fr
trautportar'en has caused him ronav..
Roanoke island, like a green oa' Z ed. Xear)y . , I T? P
Jb-dldinr wa hn,at. V.; at: " uo 14 uotlt:u CIS P'aDS mak
ing lmprovsuatDts at. the urouuda.
Settle he wanted up" a Z Z SwTcwAv"'
carried ic to the millinerv h .? ' C ,b a7s crowded
derk thought he was crazy, but no-
-wciajf me noiein the kettle, politev
toid him that Charley Tavlor coula
ena ti for b;a. He then took an
plow to the jeweler's to have it
Mueaana sharpened" We told
uiuieuow ne ought read the
pers, out he would not listen to' it.
bjpeope seeking the lelmin.,
ma-eand oihar advantages. The
hotel is conducted by Messrs J B
Brocfeett&Co.,whoare well UnmJ
as most successful and efflciPnf
agers, assisted br Mr. r..
who is a prince of caterpr t'j' TfHve'ini-' Au'ent Singer .Lrz. Co.
elegant ste.mer Olive has W I 5aie Ul ear 8-
J. B. Wilson, 37r Clay Sharrp
r . . - 'iii ,'oc iie wjitiout i
.ver .mce t.neForH tliMim , n,. ir v . i
tr f ir . ,r ; ,jaff xv.u-.s .cw uiecovery tor Con- !
been io a very bad onnrbrHn i , u,ca n,s ho
is leared he wib' ios hi mind.
of t;ie singek :ifg., go.
was thre itersef- 1
with Pneumonia after an :.ttack ol i
when various oth-r1
"La Gr-ppe,"
Miiauiv:. ller laTIn r w is i;i
distress about cm,. ;m,i. a? :.
rftcoimnondation, at la.-: :.UI ,. .....
minister Ayei-'s Sarsaparilla, twr. I,. .
A. 1 - . . .
j Ui:.ri to l,,r r:li,f a:;d 1,,-r la! i
i dt-liht. I am Mire, wit, Iir- .! tr -';. ,
,ie would t.'stifv in the htrouost tf.'i; s
J a., ti, tie.- luerifs of
: Ayer'sSarsaparMfa
rr-parcd by Dr. .T. (V Aytr it U., LotvpJJ. . f ....
Cures otherc,A'i! cureycu
Don't i rgei t. call at the
j remedies nd several phvs c.aas hud , n' ' ' IKhb,
j done her no ood. Robert UarK.er. j PPar Prtceol the To
i. a., cairns uv. xmgs ; The choicest and best Wines. I
him more
ivc always on hand.
gon'J thin anvthin: he ever us-d f jr ; ,
Lung Trouble. NIhinj hke ft. Try ! 1 he finest ?tock of
it. Krpfl oi t i Cigars in :h
'oot Si-: -For Diarmcfa, Dysentery,
v-O'Bpl iints inc-rPnr. rn rhil.lrr, r it. Ftpa Tmi t
, - --- - .-..mi, x . iC" at jjeirv s
MERIN-G 8 Syprn. T
- "'Muvil'.iU
n v W ' . - .
uu w.ien iraveimsr. I never rrm i
(n i cd! i ... L . i v J
"o-n U WILUOUL It.
th8 remedy indisneusih'e.
and l.r rts
he citv
Drugstore. L rge bottiss 50c and $1. One viit w;n ,
t . v , ne x?slt w" guarantee the sccrrd.
; ana women ot the future. Let us , - patronage alienor
Pveraea l" ',7 """""" w trip :0 and frcu Na's H .
Surf bathing is the delight of the
j--'f i MMiMiieuM nie. ..W...VH ujc JUiurt. iet U.s
T. Boxi Brown-, Elktoc. lid. educate thern with that idea in view,
ive'in'' Ax-'ent Sincrop fr ri I
b. J. Chandler, Richmond. Va
writes: "No one can arTnrH f ' ,
In reply to a jronnj wnu-r who
H. E. Williams,
wished t. know -whfrh myfcaria-.;n t .... j , . . T a &ood trustworthy and rc-iable a?,t
mv- h x uuuiu scdiceiT eat a ;irr Kit; n
give me the highest rfiff irn
Hir r u.7 n ;r l 15. rJ. I eienn tha r-.K a t . v.i-u liciit
tw 0" l parties. Apply at once, by letter or
ov v.i,ujjurarv advises a pow
der Hi iiHzine. if voj uintrihiii
nrery articio.
. o the o5ce.
f 1

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