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reyxmsi' i- fr. nor do they iti.dertaki m en
dorse the views of ;rrepuii(lents. And tli.
posttlroly refuse to give tli i n:ii;i of a coirt s
podent tjccept-at Uieir own tKM?rf t!n.' No cini
muiiiiuitioit ill . biv iveeivtd wiiht ut the m?ii
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SUfl.niut of good faith. N-objoctioiiaUlw per
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Zf Obituary nrticesto the'oxtent of tari lines
will 'e imUisUftl, fre of thaive. All Siaee i
xcss it ihU nuiiit 1 paid tor at the rate of tt,..
cett) per iimv. .' ' J
jPContrlbntfrA arc ix-qns:pd to write
but oi fV vHnr-r.' W will ot uudci ,
take to r tiun i-ejt-?d hmniiPVipt J
: 1
i ,,--',".'.".----"'
'Gertrude "May ' is" iny-r sit"er-ih-l'w,Qi
bn'gbt'.iittle fairy of 11), . wjth
a-pair-of eyes Jike .start:nl n .Viifi
ry, thrifty vvay abnnt her calculriltt
to a man -forget that this is t
hftrd,3 work-a-day world, full of yes
ationfafnl isappointmeii.
- 'When Annie and I were married
we took Gertrude to live with us;.l
could not bear Ihe thought of " t lit
lovely girl going to meet the Vor!:
in some menial occupation, and An
liie was thankful to have her sistei
with her. ;
'Gertude-:-uTrnde,, v.e nl.way?
culled the dear child paid her way.
I assure you. - ,
After the birth of Baby Grace slit
took the entire management of the
household upon her young shoul
ders, and though -we never kept ;.
.servant my wife scarcely knew what
it was to have a caio in the world I
oo w wpiu on jur ii eunpit
years as happy as birds in a ner
. making much of the blessings v
- bad, thinking little or nothing oi
our privations.
Alas, i never dreamed that tin
first reverse would come to
through me.
Yet, was I. to be blamed ?
Ever a hard worker, one particu
larly hot summer I had double dutA
to perform at the bank, and I over
tasked my ability.
- I remember falling with a dull
crash beneath my desk one day, ami
it was weeks ere I was conscious
that I lay at home in my own bed.
carefully tended by Annie and
I had been stricken down with
brain fever, and the doctor had sai;
the. struggle back to health and
strength would be long and serious,
for my system was wholly debilitat
ed by over-work. ,
Alter about six weeks, and 1 had
been declared out of danger, I awoke
one.' evening, after taking a long
nap, to find the room deep in twi-
- light and very silent.
I lay some time in a drowsy state,
when suddenly I was aroused by the
unmistakable vound of a sob close
bv me. fcMovrd by the )v. earnest
voice of Trnde.
-Don't civ, Annie, dear, 'she said,
soothingly, '"'you'll wake him."
"Oh. but. Tru le. what are wo to
do?" faltered my wife.
"We shall pull through all right,
dear, never fear!"' was the brave re
ply. "But every cent of the money is
o-one! There's a month's rent due.
and no end of little outstanding
"bills. Besides, the doctor won't be
coming much longer, and then, of
course there'll be his bill!"
Heaven help me! her words al
most killed me!
But even then little Truue was
equal to the occasion.
"We must make some money,
Anr,1'e," she snid firmly.
"How?" in despair.
"It is the height of the blackber
ry season, and the fruit is unusually
fine. I shall go out at 5 o'clock to
morrow morning, pick several
quart., and sell every one of them
at the hotels before noon. I shall
do the same sis long as the berries
last; you will then see whether we
can make a little money or not!"
I could have' arisen and fallen at
her feet in worship of her heroism;
but poor Annie took life more seri
ously; she seemed proof against
Trude's hopefulness.
''Oh. that could never succeed,"
she sighed.
'Well, I'm going to try, anyway !"
was the undaunted rejoinder.
After; a short pause Annie said,
Trude, we are ist a Uesperte
-rtruit; why couldn't you write to
(ieruld Day ton and aslc him to hiA
i us some money ? - jT
.Arinier IK-.-.i'-
he was in lo veT, .y" .th V ou
tofore raotherwlied; he is. Vry rich,
aMrrua,psjve yon wonldhave
erLMs.vme-' tclav if you ljad let
bimXl-whV :
. Oh, hush! hur -Gertrude cried.
"'Not a word nvofe of that! Let me
have mywn way. Believe me, I
shall succeed." ; ;
About 10 o'clock on the following
t morning Annie came to me. all
Jressed up in her best, and in a ner
vous way, asked me if I could spare
7 1 i - - - i - .
I i. ' i
f i v ;cff Wtt-
I knew in an instant the blackber
ries had been picked and that the'
dear girls were going" together to' try'
.choir fortune.:-.-..
i. : Ruther than; distrosfAnnie by let
tin (4 her know that I had overheard
,'hc-ir conTersatieii cf the preceding
evening:, '.I assured l er 'that I was
perfectly comfo:ib! o and urged her
bing.' '' 'V ''; . ..
v .As.tbftVwotit down ihz gardei
;v;th : I. ."crept to" tl
window aiiu
looked nfier thi in.
rrhrt.gh the' Elding tears th it
:rnt, d bt-f;;r.vmy eyes like film I
Zf Trude with a larg: basket npo?,
'fich hrr.i, visile my poor little wiiV
i"o! Imvcd her with the baby in her
arms. .
'- only knows what I sufferec
iaj thoFo two hour.-?.'-'
I h.nd iulhyt into
'rem sheer raiMT ;
a light
ATen i wji? awa:-:ertca nv.ine
-l ;
i i i 'i :
t.ran'ce of Annie.
Her face vias as radiant-, as an an
el's. SheNput the baby down" be
side me'and" kissefi'nie' as though she
had'not seen me for ten years:
-''Oh,- what do you thinkl" she
cried. '"Who do yon suppose is in
the parlor with Trude?"
I'fflade-a very shrewd guess.
'"-"Gerald -Dayton." I said.
'"Yes!" exclaimed Annie, ''Trude
-went to town to Sf'll some blackber
ries, and at the very first hotel we
came to, 'who should see her but Mr.
Dayton. Re took her to task then
.nd thVre for not letting him know
'w here she had gone to after mother
lied, and I'm sure. before 'he leaves
.ii in !
Scarcely were ihe wtrds out. of
her month win n de;ir little Trndi
nteicd the room, looking like
;duh rose in full bloom, and fol
lowed by Mr. Gerald 1) tyton.
1 had seen the young gentleman
two years before, w hen I was court
:ng mv Annie, and, though 1 knew
to be a deeitUu swell. I ai
thought him an exeeediagly
After, the flr-1 salutations Avere
over Trude said to me:
"Mr. Dayton doubts my assertion
that. I sent him my address when we
moved out here. Don't you remem
ber that winter morning that I gave
you a note for him?"
I was obliged to confess that I
did not remember the occurrence.
'Ah, you little traitor!" laughed
Gerald Dayton.
In the meantime my wife had
gone to the closet, brought out my
winter overcoat, and pr'-hu-ed fioat
one oi
pled no
its to
a yc o
. Dav-
to rddre
11 1
ed to i-i
ton. Oh, hov
died at !:-:
t hen
and Gerald said:
;,ov.' von
must at
!ne ior your
hy eivijiir n-e
shameful m g'oet, ?:
vour sister-iu-laa.v as mv v.
sis exchange is no rob '-.cry, I wdi
give yon this hou-e saal l aal, !eia-
aoMi mmr-,
tege'hM- wdh all tho
rT'?irs vou iuiv ;:iu
r it in the two
- - -
van have o a-u
i ,
what clo you say?"
'it is for 'ii ude to
swiped, taking her little
ed hands in mine.
,-, 1 an-y-stain-
r. oe
1 1 "
as a
bird ii
auu saK
Willi a.
igo, i;
should have b
n t v: o y
a. .a .-,.i;'
had had
a ;orr mge
a veil man
sind b.-.ck at t!ie b
.n - aiixiiy.
Col. jlav
who hilled bimaelf in
Yir.(?inia. was a i
labor of t:ie f er-
tv-i'iglith Congra.-a from the First
Virginia District, and wais unseated
and the se.it u'iveii to Ganrason. Col.
Jhivo was elected as a Readjust; r.
After his e ection to Congress, n: d
be fort? the meeting of that body,
word came to Washington that
Mavo had committed suicide on si
Potomac river steamer, but it proved
to be his father who had taken his
life. A brother and a sister of the
bite Cone-ressman silso committed
----- - r
le. making four of the immedi
ate family who have tiiken their
own lives. W'aaJihmt'tH Star.
Within the hist twelve days, in
the North, workingmen to the num
ber of 30,000 have been re-employed.
This is good news for them and the
Another "War.
Galveston) March 12-0 n the 5th,
of March v Preside nt Barrios, of Gua-.
teniala,,, declared 'm the.kssemblv of'
that country that" Central 'Ajrnjriea
should coutitrtte a republic, aj,rJ6ajk
i he same time he made, a piibfieui-
nounccment tliat he would asjslyiie
command of all the .niilitary ' fbr'ces
of the various states. " This declara
tion, .was accepted by Honduras, but
was rejected by -San. Salvador, Nica
ragiii and Costa Kicil. The forces
of Guatemala began immediately to
march against San Salvador. The
peoplfe of the latter republic rose as
I one man to resist the
ne man to resistJlie lnVgsiow. and
H?. rffSdent' bar
sent a request to Pi
f San Salvador, that, the latter
'ouutrv slioald appoint .two com-:nisiciit.-rs
who should , 'proceed to
b u-tem-u
with the '"power lo trca!
in the p.reseni arms. ..Whether thi3
itTjufst will receive any attention,-
na:: uot. yet bec6metknown.. 'ivioan
vhi'e Presiuent Z ildivar hrid tele
graphed an account of the situatiou
o G-iV Di.ix, president of - Mexico,
and had :e4:t-d hiui tanse hi' iiifiu
eiie.0 to prevent bloodshed.. In r
iv.fr to this Gen. Diaz tent the fol
lowing telegram to President . Zal
divar: . - '
''Yo'ir. t-tlegram of the .7ihiiist, is
understood. I have taken necessary,
precautious against any contingfoney
rhat imiy ari;-e. I. have telegraphed
to President Barrios ., sis . follows:
Your telegram of the?7th 4nst., an-
nouncmg your. ucieniiiDatwii-tQ ue
'lare Central "America one republie
and., to ts&sV.ie youitca-, c'pip
UiH'nd'of all the forces I hereof has
bee : "received. - This, de-htri'ttioilhys
baen mnde by your- assembly only
and .'has "ben rejected euergetically
hy your sister rejiublics,. Tl'.ese cir-J
cutnstauces have created, such, antt
naiy; to"' 'yciu: I coursp. jB.uioug-vfh
Mexican citizens ilrat ;my' ''govern
ment will be obliged to .take., imme
diate action to prevent -the.erecution
of vour threat' against the sister na-l-
tioruilities of this continent , ,
. The people of San Salvador are
enthusiastic jn their determination
to preserve theitindepeneence.,,, Pn-
t riot ic--feeling
; jiow. rims so lh
straining u;s tmoos.
urhculty in restraining his troop
1 ."1 -K '
S "V: ! T "NI 111.1 r-, I"J r; ,,!ri
Marh i Aetive war tneparal ions
being made throughout the
couniry. Ihe government has now
-everal tliousaud man ready to send
;o the frontier. Slreaaou.-i efforts
io resist Barrios are ' ang im-de t!i
0o:da iiica and. si lara liioab; r d'
solda-rs are l'e ely to nuwe at slioia
uoiics. i i resit entiiusut:-iii is nam
tested i-aa.i conliilenee ii. t !u li ual re-
suli is (li-pia) ed
!t is thocjght. ren
in some Cjuaii 'ji s i n.tt I na-
temitia will con-aaer he naa r be
fore at 1'iu pt ing coercive, me.-.-nr'-a
and that a friendly solution of the
didicidt problem of uniiing the five
stiites may be surived. s;t.
Ottawa, Oxt., March 12. The
Governor-general today received a.
c ible-gram from the imperial au
thorities, sicceptiiig the oilers of Ca-
nadian volunteers for
Soudan or el --w he re.
iervice wi the
Oi.vej.u, i.ii'.M.j .i j.,x.i:i!i ;-
aa a J a.-'.t iK-ahl i --(-kc-d tie- ord-n-inee
f. c oi i he garvi-on aiai
; 4i wo e-i;ries ;:.'io?odag io the
..'-.a:... i.,i,v!t;i. .a ..Ta -., .,-,, a a
three others. Daring thi? errae-
o o
. 1 1 1
. ' A. . ,
p -a"; y
W : i s
:m d
--e. :: u. i),iroer iue
Aral's also surprif. .al tla
iai'a.!fl-V reaaaeai; p-J
ooe ;!:!:i au-.i wauai-in'
IIIVJ hel.aeA-o- -V
hv:i since ai 't aialu's e
- A trs ,!' 'A'-'--- i'ar-'.
! imc
in: ; e
a nee;
a. i .
; h-.,
1 i y - -
; t i .
of :-e e-;b
si few year-
his eoU!!:.ii
a pa'- :
4 Hill
ii. i rom i at
El Dorado of ti e v.
desnora.elv (-;- -oeon
ad la-came
h.-r. Ife
ge ,030 was
i i
t-. ! nsf-u, oe-
shio exist-
S.U';'h! he:'i--o:! Hi Ul.
ssccepied, bid the church
csiuse of the near rehuio
mg her-ween tneiu, io t-oieniniAe iue
Pe suasion being in vaii, he tried
the power of gold to win the church
his way, and succeeded only by the
pavment of her weight in gold. Six'
at the time weighed 117 poumD, and
against her in tiie scales the glitter
ing dust w;ts shoveled. Her a th
an ced husband still had sutlicientof
this world's goods to provide a com
fortable home and they were mar
ried. They lived happily together and
she bore to her husband 11 children.
'yen ture-laud stifriri g
the boudan mil ever iioia a piace in
hisf.6r'yv.! GordqiiTt fjrtKer wfi a nia
jg.r GeirfaHn tlie artillexy-jjiiid hi'
elaier '''mother Had VpTeceded lini in
the profession arms. - : ; .. -jfl
ml 8fiv Gordon-proceededjto the
Crimea,. whereJie 1 served' Several
months' and w'oirdistinctioh 'lor mil
itary skill in detectiug the'pjans of
the "Russians.' '-Tn .-1800, ?hfri the
difficulties with" China "assy'ined a
sericms form, a' large ;Anfri4F.rench
xM5biawa9: sifcr"VgfcrJ)e- pur-1
Gen; Gordon's life waroWff of
incic5Jn s. He
was d1lftiguished orvlpft -Ion ru ere
brillkutctotnasCh&ia and
'-waWfro gov
barrfo? -Joei, Lnf to terniifclithe was
'resident Zauuvar. - S,-. -I
em i r- e n tl v s u ccessf ul :
' When the Chines? grrverrilrient
gent, CapGoraon.tiien abouijthirty
yesVrs of age ?as. named.. T:i.'id'raost
a 1 1 h is e n g. sgei n ei 1 1 s, Gordon f o nn d
it .necessary to bb'at .the- frorft and
of ten'lead in person' but' lij never
recognized danger, and a shonver of
bullets was no uiord to innitjian a
hailstorm'. -- ' '". .. .
Gordon left Cliina in ISO I .ad re-
turned, to iihgland stiu a Cagin oi:
engineers 'lie was given u Consu
lar appointment' on the- "Dbube,
whence he1 was' summoned inv"J.S7d
to' Egypt- by:tlieate,Kiiodiye.g.
' The new . task- yas a very clgicul:;
and perilous ' ons.,'.. lie had", tx .deal
in' the Soildan" with difiSerdties
the pfdiiou. Por yearhe toil -1 in
the canse with uriagging zeal.:
In JlrhuAry, 1 at .the , reo uesr
of, the B rit-ish ". G ove rnienl Go yd on
ii ndertook t he, paciucatipH of At he
Soudan " His, arrival ; at Khsirtaum
wsis hailed with delight by the aeo
ple.' At first there seemed jome
chance of" success,' butV day, by dav
Tr torces or rue yictorioos juNatu
closed more relentlessly around the
devoted city until the place fell into
their possession and Gordon's life
was forfaited in the.-cause for wi ich
V f fv.. J
j -
he so nobly battled.
Thd Little liouoeliolder.
"()!;, yes I have all kinds of ten-
ants ' said a kind fared " old gentle
man, ''but ihe one that I like . the
b - -a: is a child about ten years old.
A lev- yes i rs atro 1 got a c.'nuice to
bny a i"c.e of laud oyer on the
est Side, and did so. I noticed
that there was an old coop of a house
on it, and paid no attention to it.
After siwhiie sucaui came to me and
w,-nneu to know if 1 would rent it
to hi ia.
' What do you want it for" says I
' 'To live in" he replied.
" 'Weir I ssiid. 'you can have it.
Cay in;; what you think it is worth
ro yo-.r
"Th? first month he brought 82
and the second ;i little b-y. who
said he was the man's son, - came
with 3. After this I seen the man
on art arid ahib hut- in the course
oe time tiv iioc nod. the reuf-rag:i-
lay, somel
5. ' One d-
a. a. hecw.aa
tile i- a
-oaie; pjeas
1 : ao-d the boy what
tr ner.
was the
said I
'how lon.c
a year' he an-averad. '
ns money, but mr.de up
;it 1 wouhl go over and
:nid tia- next day I drove
The old shed looked
. I. knocked - at Fa
s' i ie girl let me in. I
Ci i.
''V an;
!-...; r .
a --
-aid sin
nn i h
i .- 1 v -
is she" said I.
l i.UO'V
I- 1 I
:hc" went
and we
:v I;a ii?r (la
n la-r siu
aen a li
tie crirl about three
e -1
1 rru
sa thre
liOU M'
' ihe
in. and laanvd that
1 children had been
;cr for a. .year
v supporting iu.-
bv blaekincr
u i :
lie wspa
and the el-
ia-r gi-a Keeping
care of i he habv
and taking
Well I just had
mv u.nrpiter to call on tnom
ii . ii . i
wo keep an eve on them
tUo'm-.ii-. L w
disturb them
whih: tla.'V i'le getting along SO nicO-
Iv. The next time th-? boy came
wiih ihe rent f talked with him a
little and than I said:
"My boy you are :
keep right on rs 'u
and you v."i!l never be
brick. You
aaivc- begun
sorrv. Keep
your little sisters together, and nev
er haiva them. Now look at this.
'T showed him a ledger in which
1 laid entered up r 11 the money that
he had p tid me for rent, and told
him it was ai! his vuth interest.
'Yon keep right on and I'll be your
banker, and when this amounts to a
little more I'll see that you get a
house somewhere of your own.'
That is the kind of a tenant to have
plied. subsequently, to Hnglislj 'Ge;;-'
erals ' for a fmst-worthy oilier i.o
command the. fiirein drilled tontiu-
6nlfy partially, khoy ,v.r,aile i h.-hau
io reconcilo'iutrmiti
jMif'inQo1nr)"iUibIe'':witK,the fails of
i c, J:
' i . on me i.un;ieo so,
1 -T
ded tlio South they used to
'i 1 MMiio iii.-yiif in li- "T,-i .- I isi'.! i I
or not!" But v-:h
vV oil becaiiKe I
are allowing us vo Wiiin ta
ltiumgh tliey have twice
van taw thafc'wo h'ive." "V
1 he
you mean ?" Ain'i;
ing a gallant fiht?
k.Oi i il in,
1 vx
your men
brave 'enough;
your women are ;is plucky a? sia
bears defending her cubs. lUi v
that is mere sentiment. Year fcl'
have been expecting a war i'or Li
last. 51-) years, yet what pxvparaiio
have you' made? Y.ou have mo:
natural and climaiic ad van? g
than country on the globe, !a
what have von done with ILa:a
'S I
You have
of:e!ied- tli;
per and :-;)
ron ani:-n:.-!?
(' i i a v
v.e-ire na;;a.
opened them? You have the
shjp-S)uihli.ug iimbav c-u oiVi h.
you ever bu'it a siou-' Yai
tie esfc iext:it oil e'Vi'i.1). liave
plenty o? cocr.on factories-'
iiave the bet fruit country ' oi
continent, da y
You have ihe a
ran any
cliasata :
cattie, line shep, a , -;
-: j
iiecM,'liue lili, iiuewuies, et--., et a
Do 3'ou select the besi li .is ana
.n alee a proit on themrt' Yc s'J xi
Look at these shabby sheen, loo'c
at th.ose- wild eyed . s tears, look at
vondi-t- dung hill cliickahs. look
let us all do better ia
j. 1
iveaa our auveriiseni outs Ki;m n.
or and it you love the South, k s
try to bund her up a -God ha ana
Mr. Thurnisn for
aarn with :d;a
ira that i
highly probabV that !.r ;Jde:ir
veland will tend-r to tla- H-i.
16 n G. Thnrman. of Ohio, ii a
of minister to Engdand.
This is an appointment that
i . . -i - . .
oe eminently satitacvray, n
to Democrat, but to int
on iy
a' a) i
members of every party. Mr. Thuv
man is one of the most eminent cit
izens of this country, and there is no
testimonial of honor and resperi
which the administration could nay
him that the pubiiyould hot hear-
niove-. ihi,..: ,
Pcarson-HsAdea Atria:
The frenuent remark
sensation over the Pearson
matter, snvpa?;-td anvlh
witnessed in the State Hoi
iUi- ay,1;'
mistake. - Duriag the yau- iieAdeu i
and ;i senator usuas d For, oi:.jon si,r i
Oiisiow, hud an aitereacioii on
. i i
i :ia l
lloors oi tne juegistat
; -ia;. j
ii'.rht it i
adiourned to the r
tuuda t:
out. McAden avc? iiear stood iu -a
roar oi the main eloor-iaiao -o.
Foy behind one c the large siaa
pillars. Both emptied their ixva
vers at teii.aces. but no darae;
was done, we to in La
No man. who lata a single blot up- i
on his puiiiicai- or moral eharaet-T J
should deserve . an appoint? a ant at
the hands of a Democratic a --mini.--
tratiou. .There are plenty of good
lCtniioivH.s to cnoose iron viio?- no
hiie A and morai cimracters stt'o'var-
j ec i '-Ki.a.iii-.r' ri. soar
be 'chosen ior the ca.ica an
who sail wil. h ev-ry tid ?
with every w i'xd or rn?ri
- o :
. i ;
not tie1 lawa of r
cv.Kintioii Fi'q
e I
1:; CV7 fi uiutOa ii'ri-i l'.0
The Senate nent too': r:a,
sad ii bill sa ;ip; -m -ai al to
increasinrr the iveirs!-.:-rs of 1
I e h
ciiil districts' to 11, ns follows:
First diarici; iieatuoiv. (a:
tuck, Pasquotank. iVrquisaiUis.Oi
wan, Gates, Hertford, Wahiag:a
Tyreli, Dare, Hyde and Pamlico,
c..,.. r, a a tt,.i: i.. i,
kJ 4, , J 1 Ul.t I 4.1.4. i i. ... , l-S.
.nnpton, arre.i, Edgecombe, b
t ! ; I. id. C i'ava u .
'-V - li - i !i' - , T-'-t
i iiii'vi a i.-iaac i- x Jtt, v il.-oii, i a."
Martin, Greene; Na h aiii taakioi.
j-'ourih tastrict -W aiie. vaviia.
Harnett iind Joh'eaai.
Fifth district C-iiiiivi da, ( iaiihuui.
Guilford. Alaiuaace. i)ea- . ua Oi
ange, lysisv. -:.-il aau x v'i
Sixth di.-tri-d ea iia.:-ovr, Le
noir. Du pi in. Sampson, i'ender, Ca
teret, Jones and t)iisiow.
Seventh district Anson, Cumber
land. Columbus, xlobeson, Richmond
Bladen. Brunswick and Moore. -
Eigth district Iredell, itowan,
Davidson, Randolph, Montgomery,
Stanly ami Cabarrus.
; Ninth distru-t Rockingham Yad
kin Wilkes, Alleghany, Davie, Stok
es and Surry.
Tenth district Transylvania,
Henderson, Burke, Caldwell, Ashe,
Wautaga, Mitchell, McDowell and
Eleventh district Union, Mecklen
burg, Gaston, Lincoln, Cleveland.
Rutherford, Polk. Catawba and Al
exander. Twelfth district Buncombe,
Madison, Haywood, Jackson, Macon
Clay, Cherokee, Graham and Swain.
V 1 V 5
'iT!-iai!y.3 "Work,
v s! :irA?rv ok Tin: most important
i ii.i s v,-;iiaii Iai'A! laws.
The following is a lit of the niea
anvs wiiicli pased at the recent ses
du: ci: the legislature ami are nw
A'iioMg the i?uporbmi acts passed
r : To i!ieve-i.?e tho number of supa
'ior ' c:-:v. jadg- s. To permit a
;!; ,.-. r oi: -frdony and misdemeanor
a an ira..iie; m Viiiero an assault
ra-Ia'a-. The lafw'a elTectuaily
( a
a i
tha board of education to
l svs-m-o iai;o. io estaisiisu a
. i.'iaal eiaaeit. In regard to e
xas agai:;st ralniinHrators. To
v rr.e eTe';o.n ;t. i'nees
. a. .a
j. o give
a : a r conn
the power
o.eeus. 'Ilxvending time
' ;ha St to debt. To ex
!' ad ;iag iind renew
;. at. io incorporate the
ivji t'
.iaot.:.-!' ornpanage association
it iu lawful for physicians
Lo inxonnativn disclosed bv
a. To c a-taucL fence around
.i j:m iiiiiiK.o.it
i :
o liiaKe se-
i uuaer viromise or
-a;a c: rn'ij.ai. j a proviue lo
1. ''.) provid.e f.
aiitysf-! or pano.:- in ca-e o.
tiiere-i'-rom. To distribute
; :-... a
d.-li-di a
coai:' ii.
vrrp twV7( 'tin in fim
of 'tha Shtte. To
,v for Jlce.jihmburg.
: 1.
" a a .a any jor t aonrrus
uaiy. lor Ib.iuc uube and nine
ar co-. and -r Chatham
ar.Ly. 'io raabia raiiroad com
a to e::te::d their lines. Pela
k to ih a pvaadieo of medicine. To
o.. j-a.-.-..-. cake written instruc
i ' :n.: ilaao. K-ahd ing to roads
i '-..-;..-. a'arllier maintenance
.: i. !...! ify. To provide suit
..: x-.i- Supraiue Court and
. : y. - Leoaiva t h.c registration
d.e-ao h'o p. --hi bit tlia importa
ii i.;r iccno JHarabuv. .To in
ava -u-a rl" i .'ouxalaratc Isome as
aaiou. ena.bh' administrators,
, to ci-riiiy .n certain cases. To
a a- o tiie e -am nutation of con
;. io csta.biisli a tax commis-
To reo:
0 establish a State flag. To
he iiaavaaiiiis of the State.
1 so oxaah of law as exempts
j jVi.v .hu.w To amend , tho public
yTfliettW tolleon
or taxc cm la.nd bought m by the
auajireamen man road ana
' To eslablish and maintain
j;aha rad school. To permit
r ri.uav.r.s in implications for
'rotect tiie trav-
r.'OIH UiUUKeu people.
rustee- .aei survivor-
aariiaii c
Jo support
I : i
h" charitable in-
n revemi--;: i
a.' dr aegists from
.propaiate 810,000
yiui-.i. Jiadorsing
o lav off the oyster
dag f-i- iha sale
s bv pie State.
i o
. IP.
mr :;.su ran:
o-lowia''' y,
iiauv the ;
araaa to s'
hio nomis.
aih-oad 1
liaanade Ral
tlle for convicts
To incorporate
,g:i i
i tov
sviiie and Dan River R. R.
.-!. ling the charter of the
, t'.-;y lloi u (-ireenville
id ;d!ov7 (lie L-oiiishurg rail-
convicts i:i bonds.
a o
;;it e tiie -uessipeaice. is or-
i i . i r
i a rauwav comnanv.
' - ii-ooi-r.):-;ita the Oxford k Clarks
i.'I? aiaoad company. To enable
i'deiaa Aa:gusta Air Line to
' ii-.l -;- line. Concerning the
diaoad from Catawba county to the
-:?ua:s.-ce line, via Tsiylorsviile. To
eo.aaa'aie the Roanoke k Raleigh
ahai'-l coiiPianv. 'fo secure the
'v'p'e.lca: d; the North Carolina
i -aaiid irdiiaail. To incorporate
ir.ars I: Stanly railroad. To
'- a e' i'-te i '. littsl-oro railroad
--aiiy. !-'o lucorporate the Cashie
o.oaaeio railroad, io incorporate
;a ('-:.' aaa.-'e railroud. To amend
a- cia-Via v i -.. the Atlantic ii West
To ahaaga the name of the
;b ' ffoancdie to the l'oan-
i c
J'o incorporate the
River railroad. To
art i a of the Clinton
a' isoriza the city of
o ,- a!;-cribe to the C.
, li. To incorporate
-m, Onslow iix Eiist
ad an-! the Mount
) i idlroadl To .assign
. i ,
i a
-fs 4(, t'he (a-irolina Central. To
axaie ttie Spartanburg ix Shed
To sxcipe the completion of
" U
tiie fsiern North (airoiina railroad
to ivi i:rpay. To facilitate the con
strue; am of ii; ? raiiioiid to Danbury.
To sdlow tlia ( .itVrd iv Clarksville
railrc-a 1 to pay for convicts in town
ana township bonds. To charter
th - R id ilia ca Danville railroad.
To inc'.!!orate ih" Caswell rai!ro;id.
To incorporate tiie Jiurfreesboro
railroad and telegraph company. In
relation to the mortgage bonds of
the V. N. C. R. R. To authorize
the. hiring of convicts to the R. &
A. Air-Line It. R. To incorporate
the Durham & Roxboro railroad. To
amend the charter of the upper di
vision of the Yadkin railroad. To
renew the charter of the Koxboro
railroad company. To incorporate
the Southern & Western Air-Line
The following laws were amend
ed: Chapter 1:53, private laws of
1S73; chapter :-J30t 1883; chapter
125, 1SS1 : 'chapter 112 acts of 1883.
private laws: chapter 100, acts of
ISS3: chapter 70, acts of 1883; chap
ter 23(), 1883; chapter 234, section
5, 1881; chapter 2S0, acts of 1883;
chapter 231, acts of 1881; chapter
300, 1883; chapter 137, acts of
IS"" 3-74: chapter .140, acts of 1883;
chapter 25, 18S ; chapter 73, private
acts of 18M)-'(U; chapter 28, private
acts of 1S08; chapter 120, 1873-74;
chapter 40'J. acts of 1883; chapter 1,
iicts of 1883; chapter 12, acts of
1883; chapter 52, private acts of
ISS3: chanter 234, 1883; chapter
303, acts of 1883; chapter 48, acts
of 1870; chapter 200, acts of 1883;
chapter 08. acts of ,1870; chapter,
320, acts of 1 873. ; ;
The following laws were repealed:
Chapter 337, acts 1883; chapter 128
act 3 1870; chapter 215, acts 1852k
chapter 103, 1870, private; chapter
300. acts 1883, section lb; chapter
12t; laws 1881; chapter 130, acts
18S3; chapter 200, acts 1883; chap-"
ter 123, acts 1872: section 27, chap
ter 228, 1870.
The following sections of the code
were repealed: 2832, 3425, 2830,
1210 and 3115.
The Code was amended as follows:
soytions 2727, 1202, 3408,677,3850,
2837, 2004, 2327, 600, 456, 085,'
1082, 324, 320, 2832. 1080, 2058,
sub-sec. 0, of 085, 2040, 1797, 1798,
3115, 2821, 3032, 3035, 2693, 696,
1073, 3748, 2820, 2592, 2765, 3737,
3127, 2837, 2010, 1116, 49,1
2704. 077, 3433, 3739, 2834, 1848,
2834, 197(5, 3048, 72, 3326, (vol. 2,
chap. 20, insurance,) 501, 3288, 72, :
3132, 3007, 2020, 2S24, 3729, 3260
01, 3422, 510, 3751, 3747, 3, 2053,
82S, 3007, 3G03, 1504, 218, 3113,
3300, 3022, 3577, 820, 2834, 2158.
The following counties were given
the no-fence law: Alamance, Kock
ingham, Edgecombe, Halifax and
Warren, G oldsboro township, Wayne
county. Person and Granville, Lin
coln, Vance, Stokes, Guilford, Bun-
j cw.lie. Catawba anAton,
jflfcidiso part of Orange H)
ham, part of Iredell, part of Pender,' '
r parts of Davidson, Kobeson, part 'of
I Franklin, part of I tichmond.
Among Ihe banks incorporated
were: Kaleign, iuileigh bavmirs.
Seotland Neck. French Broad, Bank
of Wayne, Durham, Henderson,
New Berne, Piedmont (of Greens
boro;, Citizens (of Reidsville), Mer
chants (.Wilmington), Henderson,
and Savings Hank (of Goldsboro.)
The following counties and towns
were authorized to issue bonds or
levy special taxes: Halifax, Wake,
Union, Cherokee, Bertie, Martin,
Stokes, Chowan, Pender. New Berne,
Ashe, Lenoir. Hertford, Sampson,
Brunswick, Watauga, Stanly, Moore,
Columbus, Beaufort, Greene, Mit
chell, Chatham and Person.
The towns of Wilson, Durham,
"Wilmington and Hickory were au
thorized to levy taxes.
Among the local acts were the
following: Concerning the city of
Raleigh. With reference to the
public schools in Raleigh township.
To authorize Wake county to con
tinue its special tax. To incorpo
rate the Raleigh road district. In
relation to the no-fence law for
Wake. Xfiira and Observer.
1 - . 1- 1,1 . 1. I) .1 T " 1
A Card.
To the 'joint (j White Men of Demo
cratic Prodi cities of the Third
District of North Carolina.
Having been notified by the War
Department that I am entitled to
nominate a Cadet to the U. S. Mili
tary Academy at West Point, who
will be recpiired to report in June
next, f herewith invite applications
for candidacy from those desiring to
have their claims considered. The
candidate must be between the ages
of seventeen and twenty-two years,
at least five feet high, sound and
healthy. A rigid examination will
have to be passed before admission,
in reading, writing, (including or
thography,) arithmetic, English
grammar, geography and history of
the United States.
All young, unmarried men, who
desire to compete for the prize, (a
free 'education and probable com
mission in the army after gradu
ation,) will send their names and
particulars incident to entry to me
at once.
Wharton J. Green,
Fayetteville, N. C.
P. S. Other papers in the District
will please copy.
It is said that -the President and
Secretary Bayard will try to negoti
ate treaties with Spain and other
countries in time to submit them to
the Congress int December next
Minister Foster will return to Spain
Wil. Ster
- 4,

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