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mil 11 TUmni t it ft-vrn lf : C f.,r p intended to l: ' A Lancashire accession 'Meeting;.
.. -wfilftKntiv explicit in our tir iSoue4 Ami i
FC;:.vns ix thetiall.
f (.'. ;ci y , Si "r
jx'tf'il'ic in tm'c.'ifr.
'x mo,ttht, ; tre imagined that we had Um so,' for I lie The people of Oidham, England. asseaibleH; a
I ,, t -i t , ,,wu' fw weeks a;'o in the. Town Hall to incuiurialize
i OnnaUMe ul us the honor to Copy , ithtbe ),itish "oovt.illlfcllt ia lchnlf of "interven-
r. J. SlXCbA!;l. Ei-if ??.
evident annroval. some of our remarks upon : tion." Th$procc
- i t'mnrv in v-O ia
fuiefaAg-u.yi thl, tiif mjjs.; 3a1 itrtrg.',.Li
r oiled uron to"- begin, y
iM't. ihoui.h cmituiuai
avvniKd the 3layois ttteision . as to the f oiut of
or"vr. - '. - . ,
The Major : When tjaat iuuneroubly signed re
fii.,ition was presontedftu. me, as the Mayor of the
borough to convene thraPiaeeiing, 1 did notice Mr.
vernnier. in behalf of "interven- I pence's 'names', nor tlfe names of certain1 other
jtcccdingo ofthe meeting arc enter-', gentlemen on 'this' platfjprrn. - So far .as I em cori
r a, thev give a Tel1 v clear ! c3i ned. I should have Jfceen very pi ad inudeed to
jl rz that occasion, - .' I how a noisv English assembly Interrupts the , j,ave heard Mr. Speiiefc. -' since the question Las
, ,.,.,- i.-.a i , 4,',, J , , , , ,,.1 ,(i. ;t t,.,- -.,,r ' speakers "ho don't suit iU view?; and backs P 'been raided. J feel botuad to give precedence to
i, IKiUtLAia U; IbO-l. As to4V ' interratK.n.LetheT it as our . tio whj d Tlie (l.U:IiU f Yunkeedom niade L-tleinen who are inabitantf Of the borou-h, if
i intention to reflect eeiitin.euts tl)at are untrue i every eiioi t to Choke otl tne inemonai. out laoeo. ,th wiA to gpeale. ;
j The inctnoi if.! pray.- Her Majesty a Ministers -"to j tuireSn0ot -towartU X
The date of the "W- tih- Int.-liiM'f U
two ilavs anterior l th?i i:e of tho jVaj.cr ;
o hot do this out of any
Snenev: indeed, it is a
to the South arid the Stale, none know j !! just.aad hohorabK means! t procuea d;?sa- . ,0nt v. hich I mrself .nld not hare raised; but as
t-.f', n iio."Uliue, una a view to anoru an opporr- : it jlfig beeii raisfcU 1 hayta cldcide it aceoruinjr to
tliis week." Tni v;V3 tTiu
hotter than the Cn.-rjcda-e.!". that we have ftl-
really s-hnwjj our devotion lvtii t tint SV'.te
o 111-
nvoi.lahle d-lav in m-ttim? -!af!.M. A her tnis
week t!n Int'-'lot'iltVr v. 'olhe is.ied frh-ij
- . . i
w fe-.v'ive news by ti-lerap.i
; ?nd to thv South, and tiiat thi i t?A hue a
. d:itr to nroiMiiiijil such o,TV?stion
-ii- i .i . i. s . r it ! tew i moi.bt-' iiiiil i'.titai:eiiati4iiri m the plaes
" ' " . ! taken the Lain to i.-:.u- i counter nlaearrt. calling
luiitv for the veaceful separation of the t-tate?.
A letter to the London iuJex givtc the following
diTcription of the aU'air : ' . .
The rpacious hall Kaj full to overllowing. To
?av tlu-re was no Noitlipni opposition woi:lu be to
t!f!rivr the oeeasi-.u oi .-sune t t verv -dt. The
iiiiiH in the J.laec hail
he bert of inv iudnCKt. (ilear- her.l . Mr.
Spence. resumed his B'ii amid a general cheering.
After -same more f&'aking on both tides, t lie
meminorTal was adopt egIy an over-whelaiing' ma
joi tty, and the nicetin iuljourned.
Reported by the lress Association I8Q
Entered according to Act of Congress in 'the
year -1KG3, by J. S. 'Thrasher; iu the Clerk's ofliee
of the District Court of the Confederate States,
for the Northern District of Georgia.
Front Virginia.
Orange C. II., Feb.:C. Gif. S. Cooper: On
the 30th ulty Gen. Kosser captured ninety-three
wagons loaded uith coittmissjojjary stores and for
age. on the way from Xcv Creek to Petersburg
Ilardie county, Va., also three hundred mules and
twenty prisoners.
A guard of eiirht hundred Yankee infantrx- ae-
RrciiMOXD, Feb 8. Hon. Jno. A. Wilcox,
fr Texas, nienibor of ITous;e of Keprcsenta'tirtjs
dropped dead in a moment at liijs room yester
day morning while apparently in perfect
health. No business transacted to-day in either
brand; of Congress except the announcement
of his death, and the passageof appropriate re
solutions and eulogies pronounced Senate, by
Wigfall of Tcxas.tfenry ofrTenfc., l'helay of
Ikliss., and in the House, by. Sexton of Texas,
Sraitli of X. C, Icliae of Alias., Atkim and
Jenes of Teun.
Uicnvoxn, Feb. 8. Gor. Gnmbtll of Mis
souri.-! died on the 2nd. insr. (ic. II.. Hidle, t
a ationg Lnio'iifft, suceecus Layanl ot Uela
companyint.hin. escaped to the mounlains. rc ln the yankec Senate Latest inforftia-
"nr loss was twentv-five killed and wounded. In-
r 1. , .. il... ..11 ... :.,,-! t.-, ..,! v.,;,, ! n.,r.! tl " iilic-h .U t ( i;im til .1! L'tUU V' liiai't- V.n.'-nn Un-i.-o f.t irTVrOEort:lll VOi on tlf " Ull .. .
- - oi ooiit in- ..in. -.v. i I.-. ..... ......... ..... . tlii.x j.-.... i .-: 1 lorumuon oi,au auvance upon l'eteiourg liaviiir
t-Ty cy. and , re therefore able to ;ve our ; t .f thom !u Ut, hold ; a-t ithJSE u'S 7 j ultimo, Hon. Fen-aiA AVo, J delivered. ;a rCcei rlllC ?ai,,,on evacuated it during
Volors the verv latct iiit.'ihem e. "i his . , - . , " ! ;i..s -, phic. their i.rv. y.l;:-n tlte.v did tell it. w:is of ? peach m oppositicm a -resolution ex puin- the niht.
..." . . ' Uy lulTC r-A I"' "'-! a i.ir more inatiernrikt iwr thw Iho --ia i t,,rlT ,lfflin (1;;,fit;flll lii mT.ti.dinr .. o.i .1- j .t.. v..t.i".
rulers where mails leave hero on Tuesday ! f11- . . - . ' Y ! 1-1 i-v" H-as.Jan.es Spenee, of Livcrpcnd, remarks are reporteilfollow i over Patterson's creek, and captured forty pr.u-
t ' hinnr.- r i; -i-t:an centiemen. run f-iioiua i e- mt, -laied at ti.e re:rvt o: s ii-i .utaef-.i in- Mho Adniunsrrafion r.iui tlie v.ai rv in newer ; crs. in this aiiair, two hunoreu prisoners, httv
I ' ... .... .- i t. r t:tl'r:(::-r A f-sooa Ui'U 01 Uiii.lit:;!, ai.it Wiiose ... l .!.... r o. i i
Crct excoebng-y, mat Many i!.:ne neiea:;t- , ...;.,., ;1,;V1),,,(.V ol- the tfonth," Vax? thot"ereoppu. w.' .i(j-.K-MA...awuui emVu
we irt!i,i r-r-jirn to differ from thtnri "rU-',. "h.i.-; caused hi.nt-. become s.. well jtilv.l derel a continuance of the war 'by whieh
' ' " . . . , , i Kn-wn and .. !;:uvh tepecteu i- tnat h.ca.iiy. j to accomplish desini3 of partisan advant.nre.
F.ut if the i.ubheation of r.n ir-.iopete.ent ; Mr. Coinicilor iiarrop mcved the iohowiug rc- ' . - ' , .. . ,
' 1 . 1 ' . U,,M - 1 ntv ruling ekiv,cars wore ianaticism and
iier:.-pap'-r. r.ubi.vei by pfdittcst parvyi.-.i:i, ' 'n,.t jn th-oU., .u.of thr3 meetiug the "war in corruption. Titus the " war is su.stair.eil.
and Vo.hir.-l:!v.
Wc M-,id u number of the hl!i1J:;:-Vr to
rvery i'u.-hu;i:-t-r. suvl ihsire t'--'i to w t a.-atfeiit-..
t: -xhibit the pnprV art'l reciive sr.b
.! ijdiosss fir it. Of H-.-v-i v.ho do so v. e
will M iid a ct.pr its? i.ioi r irriitriitoUhl v.
Wo i.-i.n
profi ts t' inti ri-.-L our rea h-rs rnurh until 't
T-h-:r.-.!i line all b co;:i;-1 t'-d. which
diall reliort the sentirnenU of the people of Amcru-a is an i..j;iry t. i wori-i. am i.ius. ,oe v Xq tjie pm of patriotism the most dam-
wagons and teams, twelve hundred head of cattle
:ind live hundred sheep have been brought off.
(Jen. Ko.-;S'T has fhown grelit energv and skill,
and his command deserves great credit.
Signed) ; . E. Lee.
KiCHxnsi), Feb. C. In the House to-dav: the
- ' - i,.- . t. . . -..-.-.i.'T- .. ( ...... ..-..k-tii , i . :-i .i I. t:'..i. v.-i." .1.',.,.' ...iir..i..L..i iiiti-i... .... .
. u-i c-nua-:ui:y, i:ihi w. .,.. ..t .... ... .:.:.i... ...i. ... v.-;;. T , 11 I Senate s bill proving lor the organization of
m ti ..'.i, t.f f..r tl.of i.iviin.-.ii. ; .. 1 - ? i i.o- - ui... .. . - - ireneral staU for the Annv. was taken nn and r.t
rVf "il'r 'i' iS Huov.-iv ivnir- iv i . 'mi t;i tiKVcr i: ell oi us ami in i.j.enier ii t , . -r -. . - i i , ; - . 1 1
1 v' 1 ri -. ' Mvrvi r no -itten-pt ; c-::i::i:i:.:e:iti n with tiie ;.uro.e?.n I'mvws tor'-u- ! 4 .v.-.i......... ......... v.... ponta lr.uennaieiy. i eas -i. - ays -so.
to.' to-day t:v; Hrst imiulur, th'nd ! UVl" 'V ' :' fc 1 ceif wi:h ihem t!:,-1e.-t Litans of bripging about J been prosecute .V.-itti. glory; 4ind will end in . A bill passed paying any private or inferior of
c ii,:!,. v. .U r..t ;Af t?l l'n" - 1''l-'n'u or else whre. ran : pea-e. Che.-rs.i ., , in national impoveriment disintegration I fieerr who un.ler orders 4. a superior olTic.-r, per
I ' I 1 ' . ' . . . , Jr. ! II- i v i i ill i "i to! j,i ! i - iiu i- ti&. ; . - , - - , . T , , .
..-iw-ifc it . onv ii'ni ft. ufMllii in . .. i ! ' . . :V - iv... t Ti . 1 n:m - I hnc-.w ia iiiw.vf-t f r,o- Will' :.b'ns t-'riinrrrnrv jclu Ti:tv
The Jupancsauibassadcr have published
a Yedo their impressions of America and
Kuropfe. They say: "Of tho women, som
are very handsome for. example, the Em
press. Thej-are, however, in general, les
ho fchan in America. Their no.se aro omo
tirns higher than those of men. They walk,
like men, taking long steps; look men in tho
fav4, ad laugh a great deal, somotimet" very
loud. In order t make tlicmL-Ir s look
tnllfr, they make tlnir bonncti etiek uuabovi
j theip heads. Even the modest womeij dance
great deal, luey uook on to thearm
Uie men, and there are days when every man
has a woniri" hanging on to his arm." Are
they their own wives? We think n-. Ir
gcfK-ral, the women enjoy great liberty. What
we say of the women of Franco np'plkvs to
thoso'qf U Hurojc. Tle latter, with the ex
ception fcflhe lHtrht jt inferior to the
French. AVe will not5pek of their rot
u:uo. It is impos.-ibtr to umler.-t-UMh it; in
the evenings it is not always dc-;,t. The
men are tilf, Jind a litile prond i- ivo-gh.'
Tho shopkeepers are hiugldy, .in.', saluted
us only in a very middling degree, They dii
not like us lo lerange the articles in their
.-hops much, anddoubtIesa reckone 1 on our
buying a great deal Iroin them. We
i'.l .!:-
or two il ivs at l!;v-t.
oAriv iirsri.ioii, o
le.Vo v b:ttevt-r.
r in coutrovcr?ios oi
Ltrv : i
- i lliettrt
'ill v all knew Lie .-uMi-i irir it wa;'iii- i favored disunion
.. it I. : .. I. 1 1 f '
'OH 111?" .Ji .11!'. l-l.l.T 111. W.lt; Il'.,i.- .1-
; i cahire. nnd h- U.-lieVed that as ihes co:Hiet Vas -'tjr-y
! ' A verv intenWhm little debafe is about ': '.JS Z:1 wcre tle l' Thc uU vM b?
to tX place botwri the CoyfiKlerate steamer ; mediation. iH,,,, I , : It.l?; sjinn-'nc.plendnt j the t;ubvcr.h.m of. repnbl.ran.utaut.ons
to i...v pia I ask. '--.Viiai are t! .N:..i.-L. :i-htmar to:-. a:;d t!ie ! x-.ttc-r dcstn'ctiou: -.He v.'its oppoi.ed to the
Florida, and tho Yankee ster-.mer Kersage. as ; v would say. "ih North-are li-rhting. ibrth.- ;,;., f-t, Rouiu imt - oou-l- o-oo-
. . . .... '-aboPaon of Si erv.- w.- Iu Contend t.,.;t the i it ot toe oU..i on. ,.i., ou...i., f vt ..
i will he seen in our te.cgraphio news. i n;. ; s-.-ah -era nhiing for their ho;o s, ih.-.ir, 1..m;-, I e-.l to thc conduct of the" Aorth, under tne
;ce .is the" onl hope
idle to talk. of the
l'.iadu no dUlVrenee?
"We tru-t our fri'.-nds v. ill be.Ar With U
tib til l!?e Hn- is fuii-lo' i. whf-n re will. giv.
thf-n tin- 4i.-ws fresh i'i'.'iii" 1 he eiegraph wir-s.
We iciv liiu-th to couti ;: 1 with at pres
ent, in the way of getting up a nr e j-aper, ie the fir-t
but i;i . 'ft -v.- d::ys r. e will overcome dilii-' Vi;ir
cui;:rs. r.xft-pt that which lays in the way of
f.ne papier.
:..ve.l l-altle of the j Ul; v.j ua
j ?: ible.pei.pl
r tu.it v. i :;. ii l.r-.l.r h iu ;i lovrd freedom: ! , I..-i-b vA for fli .ilntion
. . . i.. i. ""ii.... i. j"'..- " -
k i.o!i':: S'one., -t :-:.r- l , . ... ,1. i 1.1. ,.!..:...
nt. and th-, ei-inetiofi of a brave and ! '" us, tueriore, ,aucu;pc a pe:ea-,:e tsu-u.-m ; ()olon:l for each annv corns .and with the raek
The militarj- committee reported fovorably, and,
recoinm..ndetl ihe passage of an'aet to repeal the
law pmvldiug for the j.ay nynti of propetlSr !
iroyeu under military necessity, out ol the trea
fury, and provides .for the payment of the same i
cut ot the .'cp'sipatuii! lund. A lengthy debate
ensuctl; aud-on motion itw.-is postponed indeSnate-ly-yeas
51, r.ays 10. A bill authorizing the Presi
dent to appoint a chief quartermaster with -the
rank of Colonel for each armv.?(Jie rank of Lieut
tion from below, states that thevankces have
taken thc back track for Williamsburg. The
"movement was probably intended as a reeon
noissancc. The impression prevails" here
ihat the next campaign will commence at an
early day. Active hos'.tihties on the (ipidan
will probably be delayed until tho recovery
of Meade, who at last account was convales
cent at his home in Pennsylvania. Weather
favorable for military movcmeiits.
. . i.i . . . c Muiymg a great ue.u iroin mem. we were
I.ICIIMOM., 1'1'U, 1U.-,U Hl-Hill .licmKhd nt P-.rlc AJ.......U..
per cent Confederate bonds sold J IU to J20j. , fr i.,4.,. c;iiii..i. i
1 . . . 1lu. i ....... to sec beef and mutton, still bloolv, exposed
and interest. sevfrr per e:nf, llMi, and Pi(.iJ !. . . , i. , r,
, f ii!- i i-o iu the most public Pimps. I o eat beef Is oftvtu
I .onus ot fiitcen mtlhnn loan, coupons ! n..!.. ..! ...i... . . ...
at i;
1. , . li.l 1 . I . J- UHtttll, II "IU.., "V .V'M'Vlll.l.fe Ull'l I'.WI..m1
Visoii last night through a tunnel sixty fee. .... . .,.. oj . , . , );..
i a vnennt Jot oh Ihe opnoMte ...
verv Im1, i1 iui iivn no-re i a nrr.
Tluur Ivt'.us'cs nre o high that they mu.it fd
on b Urst carth-pi ike.''
,UMU. ;1,lT V ' 1 M imedicimdlvusef.il. but why present it to the
orogtstexej Ihe co4tun loan bonus soul- of an thcworhl? I: was truly f bookie.
,m .iniUre;d. . neveral vf our part v. The !nss "of the thc
)ne hundred and nine Yankee officers, in- . . . , f : . .1 ... v,r
i- - 1 - it .i IM 1 ) appears at lirst siglit rmiculoiis and eurtaiH.ii
ling t ol.Stfaht esoaneo from the Libbv . 1 1 . T . , .. 1
. . . - . . - . hivriM-:V it llilist lie COI1 VCtlM-fi L ami tt;ni!r.'ii.
( '.h-
li.i-.v could leeu talk of
oi tnei n i:i t .'-V
It ,--i.
i 1 A V K TC B 1 AsTK, r Sf t oy u,e J ' "'o-. j SiK.h f.vedom .as the people or J.)Idham, of I'.;m-
thal the Ma K'.'hu-tts J.egislaiure :s going r-' ; casaire, 01 r. 11 if 1 and. Wv-re imvr enjoyn.!; .;nt suea
of tiie dilliculU'.-; Tease must come sooner or j of Major for each division, was taken up and reject-
later, hy not procure it .De tore nota sec- j iA Yeas 33, Xays 34,
tions were exhauste-d and all their material Ricnao.vp. Feb. T. Additional Xorthei n ne w
T!.e -Paii-V Xoiitii CAKOusrAN-' andr (...r, a ..J. ehaplain. '1'his is character- j f"tVJ-0,t;l.jJ-"? ";,f";pf 1 ! ! iorsts destroyed. Mr. AY'hI , appealed j ha's been reeoired: Thej House. (AVa.-hington, I) C)
'W;:v:i;!.v 1 XTr.i.i.n; r.xi-Ei:," are fixed hi stik:- ' i.tie of the Yanke-t. of course, a Ulack JJoin-i 1 v VV?- vA-71": ;--7r t 7' iUa 5 tMirnotljr to thc boasted Spirit of Christian j passed ? bill reviving the grad? of Lieut. General,
!) .! ir 1:,;; i 't y.-urs, and n-tnn but them- civiluzatio-n, oi progress ana 01 common nu- ana recommenoir ten lu-antior tne position.
a-1v.-- could-teU Ipef ti'j.y had .-u!L'e. I. (Ch.-ers.) j P,iritv to throw itself into the arena and lion JiUnos B Clav died fcccntlv.in Canada..
H- hri-.i-d tii r:lt ot the meeiinu" woithi how an ; ' , . - , : . . x- 1 i 4i 1 n 11
overv.h-1-.iVmaj..irhv in tsvar ' f the "overi save the Ar.lcri'XiU people, . A New Oi leans lett r to the New 1 ork Herald,
, mer.; ,f j-I-.iiar.d, ano ttie other (.overiimenh? in ! j Vaet ! pe.-.?et fiod of our Aillifrs pvcv.t uz poae?
r.rMU..v...Tp. -, j Kuropa, ie;t- gihg to war wwh-tlm Unitc.i."-tates j Va?e in nar he; t? at i nine a tars; peaT.
1 'M ! -,! " J. J of AmencA. bat .-U.-rii. :a.-.r me.uation b-.-tweti p,.. 5a tho red waters and their blijrbted shores.
Cl'cs- doe .i! ?h v :sr-Ii3-.:2 fC.Jin! . , tj,-. North .-..d .South. h..aerab!v and truly. Ap- j .Ac tVn- th- I -a-'uered cities and tl;e hosts
tions fr.'in 1 1 i i .- day fort
i:i:i v ne-rt witli Ihnt 'Mie
carrier' .li.ociey of rigli!, rind a srr;pulo;:.-:
s.: ;.'o 1 io.-i -.. thv publication of the very latest
'news of she day. shall demand f t them.
In the event of 01 ;r absence in tie armv,
t!-,e japer will till be published, arrang'--
m-Mits .if that nature having
and iY triurt they, h'bean only ran bo elected. .the progress ot
-1 1.. t v b-i. o minister will b.-reafter be weighed by", the.
c4.inph'nio:i of his politifis.
Tha? far lh. position of North C'e.r.diiia Ji.v
Fiiih..as to be appreciated very i-.iipro.T.y,
'fhat watch ftinl bleed around them and within;
;.!.-. luiin-ii.ii' .,Ii!n. m ."--cnn.l.ng to - resoln- ; p, Af.,, r,ir ;),.. I;i:i.:l -ss and the futlmi l -ss:
tion. f.iea ihe .Virt.i. m uir irom being ae-iuateu by j J'l :u-e for the eantiv:' on hv yeiV wuv,
irotlv-s of-phila-ithropy. had r.ot sersipf-d Vi e:;' iH- ', the i ude cro.'. wl:o -er his tu-lpjessncv
the blur.:k to m::.--a.-re the vvhits. and would if ; ils.,,- t,;,t . s-jfi'-r. them that do thsis wm;
dated on the i'Cih ultimo, says : "All parties iu thi:
city .declare Mobile about being attacked by Furra
gut 0:1 water, and by the troops of Banks on land.
La . France says that he steamer Florida has
challenged the VinVee steanier Kearsage to a fair
Jhrl.e. The latter ha iiig accepted they intend to
go io sea a few mies arid settle the difierence at
Jfing oj?iung into a veant Jot ih the oppo:
side of thc street. Xo blame is attehed'lo the
sentinels, udy one of the otlicers ha beer
The liakt rs of Hlt-Iimoml have increased
tbrr price of bread to 410 dollar a loaf,
at the same time decrensed tht sixe and. bulk
ot the loaf about one half.
AiiioKK. We learn that ihe steamer
.Spnnkey has got aground neaj -. rrhcr tlie
Advance grounded when last coming in. It
is beleicvfd that the Stianirr r.'l cargo will
be rfrtYe-d.
P. 15.' Since writing th' .bov,. vtc h..ve
; heard tbut the Spunkcy.is lil o'.y to go lo
pieces. She is under the guns i rort Lam-
t nature having alrendv 1'ivn (ll ,;.;, , .... o.,- v l r, -.-. un 'Ctiuain' ;-d t-:0 bluk- v.y m::.-a.-re the vvhits. and would if j .-(,r th..ia thnt PWti'er. them that do ih;:s .wrong ' ' ' '
1. , .leer r. i- " th.e c.u... n, ..J on. c.,..i.. , ... ho ... un. .cqi.a. t.liHhl. theh-e.xt-rminaiio:, .f the wlilie Sinma- an! kilned agi.-0 ib,d. for ail, .cannon ravg-.
1 . .1. Si.NCb.-.lli. J-.iuX'.f:". ; wit ii th polities, and prt vs t taey. exists in die , ,., ui t .s-oitii -.yii h the s.ubsc.p..-.it e.x ter:::ir,a; i-...n . ,;'., ,;istraet-b t.r and bb-edimr'land, j The Alabama has de.trovcd t!
, Ftao. b.-fore th-: ;,u o-n-m. nt of M r. Linw.la's j of the n-gro xvhether 1-n I 0i- free., j Cheer.4. ; s -.0.1 the gld t"uUng--gve i.f, give us,.pearee. Contest in the Strait- of Si-nda "In
-"'-"-" ..... t, . 1 , r,i . 4 . t - ..1 r. .lohn .isut'.ei, a.nr.i r'reat l:sappr.-bai 10:1 ; I '
; ,dtnm.at.n as f re,,denl " "'t' d. t.,te : ; u t ;r.)Vo tf; lV,u,wi- . . jg valued at one million dollars.
yeUevnle !re. lu-n-n. L.intv:-- ; grYe ch.r, havebe.-n preferred aga.n.t many ; 1:;,at; ' ' j Lathk 'CnKEJUXr: lETEL:.Ka:NCi;.-We learn j 0 a a x ; e C . H . , Fei. T.-Theener.
io Yankee ship
he vessel aud'ear-
I o our r a
... .1
e bail v, i. u tov liu
l iraoh line from' lo-Ve to 1
.:i Xi'a'-Ui.tt" o:ir frivtb-i- oi !i
cc iiiiK': ! n
e.i iu'". ion be tu" 1
ri'wr Hitit.iaev ;i;l J ;i more Ktiultv
belweu the two ro:':iiii;;.i; ;es.
tn v in large force
Fpon-t tli- South.
MoniLK, I-Vb. 6. A ?peeial deptel: to the F.rtn-
AVif, dated at Clinton on the 4th ft.-.tes that
Sherman's two corps, under Mcpherson aud Hurl- )t.U ana ,he vrreati r part of her 1 argo w ill
but, are advancing. Gen. Jackson has fought j probably bo saved. Journal.'
them all day. They have made but ti o mile to- TllE Al.KXANDKA.- As w e prcliete. lxn
day. Thvy camp to-night six or eight miles Inlow ' fall in the Congressional oativass, the Court.
Chiiton. Prisoners report the cnein' at thirty I of the higher judicature of England havo
thousand strong. (Jeneril 15o.fi whipped tliem on I sustained the drci-ion t thc Lord Chiff
the Yazoo yesterdayjiand to hand, with pi.tolz. - J Karon, in the c iseof tiie Alv-Cindra and thi.4
A special despatelr to the H. 'ji'trr and .l- ;rtier, i long detained vessel now goes Jfree ; an ljLh.
fi vm Jackson on the 4th, states that the eiTemy ! New York Chamber of Commerce nnyVhowl
commenced n-ossing the Big Black vestvrdav. Thev g'in Of or -mother pirate tun. oil loose upou
thre w over six regiments of infantrv.t wo ofeavivlrV i llH' seas. The Emperor of tho IVench too,
and two batteries of artillery. Thcrail ro.id hi-Jd : 'low" ' S 11'
was attempted o he crossed also at Wringer's i !'fc-n-J h,Vt b"U ? u.il'
. . , 4l r -, ", ' vi ' ; muzzlert upon the v ankee curs. 1 bi.t d'
nut thev faded. Thev. are now attempting to cro. s . . . , , . . ., c
,,.-, rr, ' ; r 11 r . - n virtually decides the ease ot tc UOn-
at llridsonirs. the citv is full of rumors and excite- 1 , , 1 .1 , , , ,
Ll .' , - ' a"'ti'-,, 1 ebds, and t!us tuu (uin;e ont lc,; A l,t
ment but cour.denee u felt. I Kirl Kusscll should determine in l.Uoi.se,
CHAiir.r.sro.v, Kb. 6. Eighty-five. 1,,-H WPrtf .juJousnoss tu Seward to bold on'to them, and
hrd at the city to-day. No fn ing zt I'o: t Sumter. appl v to Pal liumcnt for an amendment to the.
TJ;o enemy have been at work all day hauling !f, reign enFstmcnt act. Wc,.arr not sure L,
ammnnUon to Oregg and Cuiriruing's point bat-1 this is ot th
teri3, j There in so:-ice an net on the statute book
mor liesiraim- course l.r us
rrt 1 t. i .. . ii. 1 1.. .1 : .11.
ill-.;-ii ot 11: e:i- .-. hr. mni. c!i:-ei:i ot Uiovauv. en a fares- ih.it. t!;is meet in J I : iii Hi:- oieemti ti.i tie:.- .1.., .1 ...,i;.,i.i . !. 1 i s c .4 1 t -.i..... . , . "- un- on rouv itiaun u i 111 r.iia.iu ' iihhi;imii.i"iiu..i.i inn miih- aev
tt-vnt. tUKrtn.-ther'.nobbvt ,..n5.- h -r truest pat. iot. r.d : ir'Zit-" 'l?1!: ' oiTt eal .le'spateh was receded nt the War ! hut after a .hurt contest tl.ev u-tM ro,,!W lu i ?"'' T !'U'r U" l'.njr of a yanW-1 vbmh on occasions ot war between foreign
lo, u on their ' even Co, Vance ha- not scaped their n.abee. and i nSstiglV'aJu.roves tljtnof ip'i Deptu-Tnient yesterday, from (Jeneral Pickett. ! (;,n, Ldward Johnson's Divi.-ion, and driven back T- , ""l1'..:":!!., 7J!1 :.. TT?
ith lb:' outer wo,- d. M:v this the flamb-rons rvnt, ,.f nvious and w ieked i.u n. t .hx .,n h government." f A.voie- : -A ef if thev ! in vevhioh he gives a most encouraging a TOtmt ; a,.rils ,he river and n,.r,.i-d Our fV.rrt-.s r.. ,.1 - 1 1 " M """"" 1 tW. . 'r U '-'tf , i"" 4"."4 '"'V'. " -o. -.--.t
... , ., r 1. ..... ...... t.: .i.i . .. i t.t Kv.- .M -l w :...! to -tii th.. W--.1--V. . . e i 1 .. . . . ' i and dr- It . lii-lh.r.d . 1 .i.r..,-.. t Itltert-wrs. 1 he tieav V Uanpige loo. to Or lio-.v
1 oi e. ;i I, ;i ; a out ...... . .i-,i - .... v.. , . , 1 01 niu i'i;"--'-' --"o .n u -x-i m v.. .iv. ...... tins iiiorimnr. luev ato-n-oiea to cross nt i.ir. - ' . - . 1 . . t . .1 n .. . e .1 1 .
,svmpathvvery great e.tent. ami while th, sb of a f,w TVul u of -VOal I sbiteS that he has captmyd 1 00 netfs Fo, d. but" wee repul-cd bv Clen. gcaWy. . si o v, Feb S-The enen,, renewed th-r ' IJ i ,S
1 r,,.,i .hould not condemn to infamy a whol- pe.pl,, S ii, dut . noi on p.- Jn, v eoautr. bui V, m v i prisoners, " killed I 50 of the etunny.-wounded Oaroliua b:.iratlo, aad (J,n. howaV.s caTalrv briV. -o Won the city last evening., s-venteen sheUa , ! ' V "- t " m.wI; U-l riVon-- V. t
Jrrv .p.,,- Umtth 'r."!.o been sminv. uood u.-,u-. e town, io move that ami nd.ne:.:'. f-.: I can- ! a great manv i:m.'. antl that, mir loss is about I . " . ' ' "were lired up to t o'clock thif morning. A liih 'l' a(,u-J and liOiiooiital P op,t-, add 1 the
7 '' r;:;,;.n tf. iVli i.at a nu:.ber of r V.iU.- .1" 'lir' ,1?:! VVV VmIVS i . 'SUnbout. r.d I hl r,,nn,,L " - onitin- mad. her a,iV aranee in the ha, r ,- i IfHSlur ill '
Ae n,-,pro,,.te ihe greeting oi our fiicndvire either very ignorant, :pi u.ski!l-d in the ii;;Jj ;l Mr." Wood.-1 r;1l' , tyo exeettent gun Kicnito.si!, Feb. 7. Th- Yankee, are repoH.d j d.v" t!'"r rrhI,wM UM- : tblied In.m our own of,rvatiou, thnt m,
tho !V.,;.o..s. and tiusitlmt as Ih-dcigh and of p.Jitical wisd.oin. or that they .ha v-been , ihe to.ih'tel.VrUvre." Anoii.-r voice : -.Let jr.m t ' 'isT , .MV?f,- in considerable force toward, the ! 1 he enemy are m, gaged mounting,,--, i ainemlment io increase the stringency of thi
r -o , -t ,- 'governed bv very i-nfure notions, aud are in the 1 J- ' , , VVi'V:;:;'? 1- i ' ' " ,V ' 1 ? f 'Vi l 10 1 T 1 f.' Horn the Peninsula. Jleavv f ing was hoard S lr- V""? P ' ! 1 , w Van po,sibl V pa-s t he 1 1 ouse of t Vuinnms
1 avo.U'-vide -e. re u..v. united bv :n; m:g;ietic ..,,'.. , . to now na.- ama.o been hotod to. it. hberel ps hit tf.o north bank or the let:se, lust, o, low j - " . An o: c al dit ateh f; (:i I ak-Citv l-'iotidi i . i." , ...
' h,gh,t degree traitorous, and untrue. ' eirdas. d.-vofmn lo V.-ee e-overnmer.t eiU com-tltu- v-, ,,.1 ..... Mm.At,.lv n,4 on i mis mornin- in the direction of Bottom', bridge. . , , " ' " ' 1 and it P.-vrl Kussell an I tiie Mimst.v put
r, may they continue to be united aud : Then V prevent nananprehensioa in the future, u',.,-,1 liberty, en be .amboo?l..d -.'.io a-reein- v . v , P - v, I "i t v'el' -f 1 No particulars. j U ?i"' nTrts 1- o. tne Wmv's ve-s.l,, gun- ! themi lvS on thiVplea before 'be ParlhJmci.t,
,f nun.l, until ,.ur liberties are ,-ruml. ' to ,Io juitiCe to North Carolina as , Stat, and will, thai ;:-;(-?;l-J.Kjv Lait.r. boat, and transpots. a, having arrindat Ja-j,- :,r, .juaslo'.. 1 b y..d redemption,
or b, that let , fall u'oUed f ,a-,de, , bile we s--.-k n ,t to de,-nd th-. hav ! Th, information from belo. i- meagre and con- M W?U -.-i.nd: V i'h al, Englid.nn u w! o lov e the honor a
' ....( i, ... vU!,ht. tl )m ibwn (he n,,!;, t..liH?,. v.hich has ! -i,:e.. i-.-e.i.v:,:7..d tie-pvin-iii.-lcs ofnon-'inter ertte-n; ". . , . . " j llicting.' The force of the cnomv is estimated at and wor U b 'dvaicir.;: U-t tught. . dgmly oi tlu-ir. .4yv.rn11.eut and Value tbei,.
i:d!.;.:ra!:on ol'lhe woi!d people sti;ugglluj: ! . . ' .tn.i allCi..nt fouudationr of! aa.l we have borr.e all th- di-M.-.vs thai ba.- bee;,; - . L 1 c' ; "" 'J '-''' , r,..,;,e,o o., ,....!o,i u t!., !Wi Chai:i;kptox-, Feb. 10 The onnnv ?h.' national inter. t-rf. ii- ouj-bt tp b - a 'i .-on
for 4. nnr u:d'
. e
n proper feeling of patriotism, and a d?ej-.y im- ! ,.;,,,;.;.' uf -uV.n-intemiiti.'.i
)2anted sen U men. of resi-tane to every form ot ; Uits
i-e w
I.O Its'- .l-
. 1
at im
Wc isgret thatlhe "hope' eMIic Kcp,:? j hv.Z attl :UK.tIi;r. thev'crad th !
a is destined to- f;is:ipp:)intmei-.t. Late ;vl-1 chieka
drive;! ' stmunH'ioii mor.t dvvontly t, bv? w i-flie.
.1 .. . ... Tfc ... .171. .1 ..............
ihominv near WLite (k Sv amr. X ju. KvH. tMl Tusi1jv evi-nmg. our it rhU ie-1 l ' S - (.' "r t" 'MVf '
v.-v .1 ...... ,,r v tM-auny nd if. sj.otisai. let us endeavor to f!unv ; v.-iv 1 " . ir.oveC. 1 . , .vices inbV. us tftsr frt. ha-'" folh-n pivh-n.-ion exists h -re if SMiV futhr fppi-Aifh' ! ciuned their jCiaiiHr position. Wc took a few ; OI ""''&"'' " "''t ,
- 1 iuhhumv"..'....' p.,,- f,,I'r COUMtr-:; "' ' ;r --r-;1 ', do v. iih-.ut 'th- ii"-;:. ;Vie..-:.siu;.ai'l i kick JUvibb-jetvtoo ongly posted, j The f,.v', mt, are belied to be a r,'id r PriWf; Jva ':d:ots .w.-re br-d nt the j l?v :i lirivae letter front Windsor.
c.i t.. t ........... 1.... 1...... .1 . ... .o. ...i ,1MV nn.o.otted when the history ol t,.. right- ;i h..p, you Imye got r V- Mi. Mayor, now 3p3.44SBw lor t he dep. ,.tp,v r, J,u., or -a diversion div to.ckv Ko Ctlti news of inter, -t. ' Co " N V w leln C at t Vo Vil 1 f -rr r
hna," in to-,k:Cs pap'T. The auth- Is a true on- war is written, he,x- North Carolina shun'.,. fjl!!:" tZr ! The lUciithond ?Afy;W s.rs :-Wq are, attti"n frt" ,Bt) " "-'e. . i Ski.MA, Ala., Fob. The Hurler h.o ! cstiumted at fro,:,' suO to LuutJ. ,-ntVrd thai
i' Carolina, ami I.hs di?5in';:-;hed him- ! ',Jl'-' tliv ddterence between an muepemu-nt , ;;uJ 'to .,".. .j.,,,.,...-;;. theviVei i.'im' iii rav- -informed of tho 'Jonilbin of tbur hundred1 ..vkhv katkst. information of a light between L, wiV an pi- ! ila- on Saturdav inornjrV. danijv ii:h,
blf ,0, ,.-.i-vi1h...b-lh-di!J dC-i f h..r::'!,;'pf),t "f:l 't'';'!'vn:ne:.t.and a n, h (,l5i; , Til.,li;i, dollars for the Support of ihe government. bmuMONf.. Feb. 8.The latest report, from he- rn an,l the enemv near Lebanon, An!, unt any enrlv M.o.ir. hopi, U uurp .,'U-
' '"' . ' ' .I,, . ?' ' . blir.-l and unreasoning adoration of an adm.nistra. a m-I- n:d: t b-y want, b-y lais- a-mptsons. to ;uH n ls ifutc 4 xht, cni;;!C )f indepeodomv, hw last inght. represent that the ankec force a W.MInesdav la-t ' Tl cmmv -0ft StMU- i troops (here. Landing at three separate
Ion.,- mid her ,cU idle, it is otu- l.Xi d ; t;,:1. however pure and patriotic we may o,n, it., -; '--S; by a patriot!, ciLf,en, 1 states ,h:U the Boom's bridge, have fallen back nine niiles to i VU they surronnded the town Vhe,,.
.It t. ; iniuati.-M 01 i ;: : -.Yr al i is-ue,: of a partv ' 1' 0,,t dtitinction between an impa;tta! ci 1-; ,).',,, ..h-fof pti-rf. in A rnei-ica. r,rre,ir- lauiihi- ls ntcro than two thirds of his half 1 alleysville. here they were , cinfor.ru by s-eve- 1 , - .. were onlv loO Confederates there, who h.rar-
iirU-.i nt th mea. nrvs of a ;-.vernmei:t which is ' .-r -1. -e! e---. v. t i-c,. ,r, 1 t., ...U.U.i, i v.-o:-2x- nu-ome fr- Ififlft iirn-ni in - i .1 v,.t...",. ral .additional rcsriments of infant rv ni.d Mv!rr. t.rt.UC'1 l.warit. tne iennest.ee river, t)nr ,..,.. ,
............ ....... . ... 1 4- ...1 it.i .......v...- r ' ' l--i --- - -' - - J . iJ . v , . v . ..
l. r! ir,
' le iei; no r
:le;.'l e !.l
''itimfuts eni'iMi. lying tlioir views.
( ii..! -tain cs can we be fnv.-d to
"Sit th' dea-.vn. owe la
"ilitics. for or
rt ir!
t.;k.- :.!;'.e in
party. 1 in' a1'! hor d th
is competent eiticr to pgbt or to
1rut !:e iuay .boei :me ;ui occ.t loi
rainst eilh-r
alluded to
write. Wc
;d coinribu-
, 1 1 -; 1 1 ' i t rely too maeli fi:i it- own tn ngtn in
c l- .1 . a . .1 .-, . ...
UeiUUiC.' 01 j.op-.uar .-em 1 men u ;-.!ju a e.e'iie im .-ho- j ..(j.jit short. Mi:. h
vyrt the foundations of that govcrument, and a th' deawn u Li':, l.r.uuht-. :
v. i.-li to d-'stro v its power. To helive that tlo pen
.ali i:; i 111. roar. A vor.-e:
!:"' I.aught-er. The 3!a-
m. A viiuv: ".-"it
s At ill's point th
i: nee i lalr.'i-i.J jn a'geneial e-i:ve;
l-ie of this State are willimr to sac. ific
ail those noble and refined feiling--, which ti ne and ; j.
cul:ivat-d men rs.vs. for a weak, un-t.i'de. un- tl
eel tiiin 1 eaca : a
1 . - . 1 -iavoi- ioi'i e:
1:. !ii ir :1 no :
. ! -el' t ! -mii n , ( 1 . , . .
n svmnatliizers are now
to. 1:11 V
lland vviih I'i.inee and other Powers to save
slave noiinnt" t.onieeraev. tne.r 1 .-oa. x -!:al
the gift ::.-; cflea ;u;d as hir as hts iiiiy sn.a
jusuty. .
Ve record the' c-ift v. irii pr'de and ideasure.
;i- n. Mr. ! Although the .'unount is htnall, vet if cverv
f.'er! the i .-it .11 would make thr .' aroe sa.-riHci.- e-ie.
thersame ws.rm sujiport to" the glorious cause
in which we should' a'l work us one man
7),e. -itaauon was unchanged this' morning, but! f,rces "n''r 100 '"h' The lb-porter's
1 toil! :iln,nt tti'rc.e miles fr ii town. 'I'bi
ar.cther demoni-iition by he ewaiy js expected i oorresnu..-nt k.ivs that tne ls.nkoo torce a , en, ,y iind-ug ib. ir camp iWi-t i tt-l pursued,
to-day. L't Oeu, Hood has com -Hand of the Coir- j Larking Terry, numbers about 40,000. ; when our li'.tfe force tun:cd i,on th.un w i t (
artillery, and o sui prisoii our wou!d-le sut-
feil -iate troops on he line of tie Chiek.ihoniin v. I
Some otiieial information has been received of; Will " tSt. i pi iier: .is to drive them bark to town. ll.v
the arrival of 1 ighteen guuboa's and transport af !' 3b"nr.iows Tkn.v., IVb, , pr,?y.. C-orge i :y, fd'ed to .aptttre soldi-rs thi y Inn!, th. ir
As t !:'.- imi
life f
!t.4- .-.vtt'; j-e' C";j:c:it
v ! 1 1 ! 1 tho bare r.v"
1 tu.,t o.rt r.A..t, .nil, , ft.,l,f : th-v fi ar.ipte ur.n-r !o.; upniMi ii . i.e. i Ai,! i 1 . 1 now very ?oou .mi- fur.enci v.ouiu ie ap-
j , , . . tl (1 :, ... 11 , i.i..,. a , r ; am! l-:i A I Lif N 1 1 ! i"S'h. oh; "ie-tion, vTccdcd. We trust that this example niav
! as ti its permaiie'icv , ta tlo tin. that tne blood ot . j,; ;;. J .-,1,1. bias,-. 1 A yKVv U. (m-.-t h..n ) J 1 .c cr-Htcd
mi men as Pettigrew. i'ender, and-Brarh, cries ; ri....,M it: th-.-v b...vs.ofi!T ' iJlie- and upron-v i " '
' hIou.I in 'vain fr-r :ire.!iieo. and that this people I I repent il. t-ht they h-.,i that .r'iey hav e e. tabb " - - ,.
' ... V . '.)....! !l,i!i!.vl.i:.if i.e-r",., U. 1. n-,.t-" ! 1 ........ 1',.. U'..n Tl . -:
::!- with the loeman xv.li.i ' ' . . . ..." -1 1 .: Ju ii.hh.m' iw ui.iy:-. iiie iiiu-
up to srarvmg rates, the bv:-!;
c'l i.en:
.-..-ouhi oocujiy our iillrt.';"!
men have tluowi i','c caret'!' their
' 1 ' I r , .
. upon 1 oi. 1 i i n . 1 .1 J , I
wiio nrc more lbrfuiiiitc
::;' ' o liri i'li , I, if t hei r
fr V,"iv4j to -ti'lk
TX ' inva'.bd an 1 insiihed ti
lice to N. lit II ( oroillill. bC
in the mid'-t of the State
Jacksonville, Florida. The enemy, presumed to
be in iarge force, had landed, and were reported
advancing on Satin day night.
OiiAM-K C. il.. Feb. S One Captain and tb.irtv-
SWni'.h, Co A 4.1 Ala Vol, wpp sj,t t(-i,y fnr.Usrr- ! revenge tipm oilieiis. Having rarri.-d If
ti jn. ' . j nearly all the negmss, they Jirrested at:d teiols
Maj-ir MiJtneHf (?) ;rigade made a dash npim : to hern Jjve of the piincip.il citizens;
the enemy's oat posts on thursday. capturing ! .imopjt'eso w "n- Jirv. t'vrus Watei . Iicc'o:
e .1 ! .1 1. .. 1... r.i.
and unscrup uhas men.
em-rui - aud eh.iu!i:ig a
icn- iV
own the credit ui ta. gove
. . ...i, ,.r ,,..n,,l.. ..
sittmt.o in -"
1 itenv licit i.nere are men m our r-i.aie
nine privates, 'captured ai Ban-ntf, Ford, by tbai'l j 1 lcve:i and kUpng f igtit. I lie trains now run to i me r.pisco, a, vinirni, aiciswoo, uie
i Karly'.s r. jsion, were brought in this morning, t this place. - vetryip.en, viz; .l'r. Turner Wilson, the
t to hide the fact that "V.hn iouml tfie rinps. and woo l-etur.-d ihe ' 1" 1 ' J Z. - . v ' -I Prrnvnvn Feb Sot-,,,, .Ur lllti Iroin t lioxville lrom Varj U sources repiosont ....... , , V ,. 1
, iV'.r') Itadieals .a' th ham. ( Uo.i;s oflan-h- limited to tiiteen Sil?rcs ot Sli,00U each, but I -"'-..-,-- - "r:". '". , til.r f irri . ".v.-.,., ! "i '"" -Av; ""lMI "lwl !Vlulw""i " aoouo
there are d-ema.gog.ue ' ...J ,.r . . 1 (..a.,,,.i,. .;.....,. 1 ' :.- booses in secret soss on. viassod a bill itnnosi,, tu Su ,,s,-'n thl re 111 !l 1tlt ol --uUeimg , ,i,...1.i,i.. Iiave reeantnred ibeni-
, ,. II,, - J I - - llIll'LII.1 ,W v......,..ff.,..,-.vn.y..-jl,, A n
wno are t'.r u munc a.i.i.-i'-ir . ,,f Jiu-n, 1 l-.i .iv v.m 1..,. , . ' lwi-..j-.r : . - .1 -i 1 . ., . 1 i. 1 1 -n
I " , .- . ' , V. i " i making tiie Capua I -ltU'lliai. tin tP.IS a ! ic-uianoi.b on i"i'.n innum-ai, iiku il Hill
!1 their uli'ijui to break i t ua-e .who ! e.-i-t tf.-;:.t Ui-teao roi.h ;( v. . c. na! 1 ; v. ! . . ' i 4. ti 1 i, ,1 1 -i-i- 11 . 1 e r 1 ' r.
V; ' ... , ...... ... v pi 1... . ,. -,' ... . ...Uiviuened of ten per cent, has been declared i prohibiting the introduction i luxuries atcr
rpiaev an-ti!sp.-i' in,, ; 4i , f ...Ut., -", Yx'iVhl : for the first month's transactions, and it tho first of M,-u-t-h. Tk" 2bi.iit annrnvwl
1 1 1- . . 1 1 I T : "
.... .v.-;.. .).-.. .... ....... .out U.e-et, Wilio
i renovv 1!
I'm! about IV ,
itvpoci-iev. w:r oout an tn
r. thev .1 -cl.ire lhat the whole 1:
could have been doubled if a largo share of ,, piie ii
n no-
, ami lu'ivo si .ne to
i'eji' utii'M'ivcs, nor
i vv ho. have alhoved j rejadiee and jiassions. j.ariy;
Let us net : feelings :i."d by-goii personalities to lead them on j
.-....'!.. ... I 1 . 1 . . 1 1
1 no nroms -nan not neon nscii in eniarsimrr j - t ... ':!.. o,.t f ,,.a.;i
civdiaitioi..:.- rottn, at f!; care (uproar, cries ni I . I.!..v. 1 .u..y- . .. .ii 1 5 lle . P1 '" t',...,.
-Tinii I:ivi .-er" i !'::it fi.-v will not leive free d?--. ! l! 1 "Oliv. - '"'i'O""
f-nl!l i11-eill liiiT" if ' ivliii'li fl..r,. im c.r.in ' . '
1 ........ - - v. " . . 1 . . . ... j
j hundred cases. Thev report a great scarf if v of,'
. . i. ii.-. . 1 a .
lpinciioii ot ec-erv rMiJovi-d i 1 iisoners cr.pt uron, nave iirc.-u
Wif.ti iiifit'tn. Journal.
en a- io
g'-t'iiug the.m or a'l lowing them to mPu'oi want. :
oi.-: is
the c m so. bv for- : & 'Jrvct and open i.-.-u.- with the authorities : to : rhool-. A
Ih bvii.-t ot ti.e e.-.t t'-nee ot a small nar- ; r. .noinei
: mi
.... :.,t...M:
II'. I II IV I I i
- c ini'l . r.-taiel tnatout ot the lund et;i!
vo-re! -A;:
at Thev will led
. and fi. e l-eti-j; Ton,
eo- i nine.-.
!. ami the
and free : .Ustmiont will jiay ior uscui ov cry monui. J lie
Lan--ht- ' wares which have lately turned oi.-t ,dnj- a
;,g ! va-t improvement on the specimens -fhst
Xij.',v$ i-fif) Knox vna.i:. ( lur forces remaiij
1 ni,lp uuict in fr.ob't,, save a little skirmishing, f.'ea,
dts'thoptation ubakd Ihmr. Col. II. L (iilmer, 1 th K v. 'Ci' niv nt Ijueib
,. ' i ii ,1, - ,-'. ., vdo, though hi-i p iva'rv forces are 1 evoie
htary, naval stores, j C-nyalry. W comnnssed l.ng.t.cn. 1 he j. - K vi ft. last ,T ',Mlts
, and forfeits any j tr; was at Straw berry Plains within liltooii .! ,M,trjlt.t.n cvaoutcd. a portion of the Ninth
if ciCton and tobacco, milita
fi"r. molasses and rice
vessel, vehicle, slaves or animals en-jrae-ed in t miles of Knoxviile 3 o.terdav
b'ut it remains-to ba seen v. In ther loading or traii'sporting such articles; and j (MourjsTO'.vx, Ti-:xx.. Feb. 10.
Ipad not boon evfeuw-'f. a porti
Annv Corn being si'd there.
J iMj) gentJemtJi just 4!i.o;mi from Knx-
li.-hcl for tho fin lilies of soldiers, they ho
reivjve. for each child, throe dollars, and fi
"iv .n!otii;T or lu'ml ol t!ic latnuv, tho Mini
four dollars. A su:g .dion ujion our -pa ft. :
increase jhis sum. might not he ottf f phve.
Ai inere;;-:- is le-ci s-arv. and that incrc.t
! t
1 1.
'lent t reborn th,';;! o ;1 C:dl foi ;i Coriv usi-v-iif the people, and who ad- ! esta! of mangled human cerpses. v. ith thcie.. Jiery j near ..ionesville, Lee County, Va.., and a)- " .
i- . ,, ..ii ..... f i voe-it- th, nol-Ury of our "takinc orj aiiair, in our bloodhounds and their bi-w-diug hum:r.i bein-s. i thouglit'-e oiitpy vere quickly reinforced to "'n
" ' ,'K''V'"" U.wu b.o,d,'' wbilelhev claim that thev wi-honlv ! '"yV ll j'100 Uant .foop.s had driven them
.n ww.l,l n-.t be too mu'.-i: ; for ....,1 pciieef" the detail- of whirl, j ii.;"h and bloo.VJ-Lau.uirt'.r. ii'vrou'.. amil,'oUtim',' fr,ra evcrel Prf'i"ns jhcting upon them
:-leHlld Hot
;! to be Slii'tji
:-r oxp-iif. V
tint- tin: di.-tributi
V. ore ii ic.et en'.o.l t i seVti i'e-Il.ii-s fur Oflc
1. ..eel ten I'-'IIar." for
fami ' y. ( ' lUi.I i he 1
i " ar- ii jhbn
.''eh - U .:!;'. pi o
ih-';'nry ;,f tl
.ii...; -
i i suai! itvii -. lo.e-i. -v vine-. -1 ; s i.i me j i
. ... - i -. -.1 i .i.......
' i; o un ii ,- iii ii;i.v 01 -o nrs i: ui i . .
i- o-en-e of lie i.eolde. and to treat the'subi-ct verv I ..i i , .vr. .,- .. i 1 t US mOUORV V WIJl iakO atlVaiH.lire Ot HS OX- ail" UOrson.S ConcorilOU t Herein IK iOO hired I Mid line Mrs H.ivd am f.it.iilv rmi. llirmmh 1 11"'. UIU JrielOI Vi ii lie, Ol I uai'i'-lii v . g-lli -
- . ---. -- . "ili'ieil. -.l .III. 111V. . r L .'ll.-l it'll l:ll I I . . c- j J. t . ' -'." ..l. .., .... i... , "ll ' ' i
xv ' anfairlv : and, for the'sake.f Stat, ptide. ,acnfic.- -l.se.. th- p-opl, td'CMlnam t ipiesti-'m ii!l know ' elujvfi biu-nps by coiitnuung to charge guilty of a high misdemeanor, except under I the linos from Knoxviile yesterday, a n e"'s Mowing j. ten us :
: e. . . . . '.. . i- i....ii. i i.. i.. .... .1. .... i vvlial i- ri rhf. i A voie hev (bin l'i:t. sind ! .r,.tmtL nii'-is fie :1 r! i . 1." m: e. i. fu-1 n .. l-l 1' r'. i :i. ... ... .. :i i i ,i .l,,i;..., it.nn -,...:...- r..- i ... . e ! It Ls reunited that the IIoV. Isr.'lC Lcwi.
. l.ir.l pure iiem ui loiiii iiim ieo..-n, vnieii we - .. . , I -""" 1 - v. im , i . -:yfciai lieriUll llllViCl luien JJieMTl'.K'U UV tllO ! ' nnvni nn mtu "lliiw nee 1UI lUOIIlUOI OI Z 1 . ... . . . ,
o. '. .. . .. .. . ... i ili.v. l'-t th--.- Afiaw th:-e kaow :o meet.. Another i ,, 4, ftl,. . I ,r ... 1 ' r ' , i- :.. 11..4 ... . an n.r,..l - ni vv.df krewn liiliiivler o the .Mi-
inH..iiuiur..iu-ion ot tin. (ti.n. w .,,;,-),.-. ;1.v,, ,e '' i nf ;, n.vic..i.iu....v vo,,. . 1'rcrndeut. - v.o,rgi e in 1 imi en . !7T .ii T": .
'4 . , - - ,u im.w! -1.;, ,. , .. . ii " P,tmhu.rr 'T'.-o., mil i' i. i .it.A . . . I .MolilMSTOWS Tk.NS. Feb. flth A I a? 4'f lr''M5'--1 Wira., liu.. M-amij .11. ci -I-n-ivn
kfi-s aiwavs in view . . ' ' , - " '. ..' - y j.no seconu eminieiuie.a mug nsi 01 pro- 1 . r ., .. , . . " ..a illii. at I now ille
i1(; ... .',,-. ii .1 . .,1 oho won! b.:oi e 1 -it dor.n. (C.-ie-of "-it down , - i-, 1 . . , , - - , . .. 9l truce, for the purpose ol bringing a number Oi iiimssiit noxuni.
! All mtelbgent men mu.t Innv that any settle- llovvT,!0 M;,,(r . ..Vtm a!-, Vnin, tunc; if i 7 Ibited nrticlos ana in order to conhno impcr- ona(1-(.u oul of K nr vlil. went o.it vesterd-iv The. Hev. Ii. JJ. SU-vt-ns, wh.o was arndg.i-
e. i rvu nl oi our dblicuUieH on any other basis thaw ! mm: would haye listened tii V:r. A hf a. hr- would j AxOTIlER hSGAOKMEST XEAR J.OXF.svu.i.i:. tal ion 1 1 articles of common Up.'i&io. the Sf- tie'il ih-'VNu-i'rv ilrmv in tf. ..niMnxbt ed bv the Federals 0:1 their way into I'avt
;0 that of a eomplrte.r,.arate uaii.tUy, will be pif tn ' Vrfc "-""l ! pickeiVandapturcd bne Tennessee, ami sent to Camp Cba-e uied of
, adly .b.sa-trous n. its eiiv. An well read P--I Vo i b.,V,..o ill. n uJ . 1 ' i a0 tri. Col. Slemp s regiment m!)ximnm f,,rt.im pHccs. at Oiid within Which I UiS within Cm-r K Lz'-ilin hnrd.-hips whilst bung transported to that
. . .1-. - 1 ... ........... . ... i j .. . . ..1 . - .. . . , . . - 1 r 1 - ....... . ... - 1. -
1 .
pie know that those ie-n in North Carolina "vv 1
that is lies---', like a monument upon a j
'ed - I ' ' .v.-'' i I'". -j 'i ii-u. uivuo , 4 r-ii.jiiij. ;
Any articles imi-irted contrary to this act
ho injiortat,V;;i ol' articles, partly or wholly j torday
otton, llax. wool gd silk shall be made. j.
hall be forfeited, and the owuer'pay double
ill til lets
: fi r us
trie ho.vl of th
,r .1. '
1 un 1 . .1 . e 'i
.1 .-111
1:1 liiO ItOll 1. Of
an.iv would bcvaMlv iii-'
h i setileei-M. ih- v are u w iii:2 - to pr( ci ai u h th- ! :'.h'. '-vhich the ;.-. ak.-r reun.td Ids st-ct. I severe lr,z Oetose iK.-hilcaine on. Corporal t.he valuaiion uiereoi. liotn act.-, expire on
1 i deool -, r.'dil accept iir.v frnss c-et iainl v -uel ' -' ' ,M'i:i1 '-. - ei low, in e.-:-:!iir tne siiW,t.'i "--5- -it!''i y:i"- pe.-s--'uin iiui.im- uibu;i a iie.nj yi . 1 is aigtivu vviuiine
, ! teri-M honorable cintiimiitv won!.! he v. nib,. ",: -'"' ' K- ";".-- ici.iin,iia- ; mi oro vup.Wi.H-wai i-ouy. M c L lilted otates..'-
. . r- r t x -it up 1 i'i.'.s i;.e enoiMiri j'ori-.' -oi i,.e I'l.-iil'i. ; !'tiio-f1 olhr hv; I ri . ' , , ., -
i tosnbu-.t t.uor entertain by- a moment. Kverv i ;p. f-.lt r..,i,lied that, without iatra-tVa-amv thv iV n i' " " , . t J 'Tne Senate,- in secret session, removed the
' one know, full well that anv re-con.truction bv ! ci;:-e of th war is not far distant. f.K voice "Th.oi's i ' J'"p e Mlgut our . otuo gallant oani. , in;uct:otl f eccrecy from an act to provide a
. -. .. .. " . ,....!'.. 1 wus romtorcid, by a norticn ol ( ten. . IF ' - - . "n . . 1
i tho Mat - ot North C.t-ohna, ,t ,nch a thing were -.'v; ''; . ' . ''V'' i IV.hAV.i.,. 7 ti,,. ; . i- r I bvidA" ov.mle.l bv C.I Cm bureau ot foreign bupplics. it is now un-
:md they v."uhl h
Xo! olllj"
Would II i.V'C h
irhs would ho i
i v;ir. ami tr.inster tne triioi,.- lren. (!:. n:i ii
i .......
o on. i imi . ,.,,. ,,. ,,r .i,,, r,.ie.ii-,i..i ..,.. i
on leoeratr j 1 1!
:u e.l wc
I h r.wo vcietih! bud that tn
.m. ,..'i.-. woui.i o:.,v emi r; prolong tne ;.o;.ct..d us in Knid.im.i vva the -waut of cotloi.. and ! tl. th, Vh.fr?? C.vi.lrx- ivlvn--,.,,,-,.,! ih.
iie wn- a '..v..in.y rapiu ; w.iea we ;Jiou:a, attack early 1-jiday morning. The enemv
.i t:i v to iiia i oi -,ne i. i:ii -u i ;n--. nu 0:'!l:;v t I.e '.' . - --... l ...... . j
i ....... i , .- , 1 ii ni'.s l to tso'i v.4 t'or.hi i t our wanteu s-upplv
:!:u-;;:s:i for i.'O :::im--:i; and horrors en war nearer our own uoois. ; . v-, . . r . .- w . ,-
i troi i th tat-'S of .v ner.-e i : r t it was o! more
Tn-.-n ear. an v sane man bvu.-ve tuat a maio.-.rv of ueooi i -.- t
I ' . . . - I -- :. - 1 !...-'.. .-? 'Ii-.t tl, n- J.nnl.l !
t' . ,. i. .1 . i . : . i i ; - .jit1. rnm i i-.-i: r-in . . - . . . - , - ,
aue.uv.' '.. .' ;- '.":. , , , . , ' U in.h uv 4-. janes i the uan. e naa two
l VO i i'e Ti
1 if..-
1 -o s .
dor consideration in secret se.sr.ii n in the.,
hnd ul so reinforced, and were now about The report th. at Lieut. Genera? Hood i'
1.200 strong.- iip- hen t lasted all day, at ; icrnporadvr assigno.I to comunand the iiKo
the people of thiii State will support any mrasuri
;ind widnw
l ".-- ., .,;-.!, .,; tr-".:! to induce thi- sTnt
V.'oUU i i:s- 1
of m I'.-r
Certaiiilv no intelligent and upriehr :,
!: wit'i uv; cvjdid.e'iu'-o t. I tT'u, or p'''"-',,n 'VJ,' ' v. Ivi ytvy euiotiun
-m a, Mnglish-.iien hver I ibe; ty. ; Intervals,- the enemy- slill falling back. "When
iioui.li . niiit came our troops had unven tuem with
d wit'n tiie. blood of
Gii for Ins help- in our cav.si?.
.. :. ..,.1 ...-.,! .,-4-t-., , 1 .1. .."'.. - ..o.j
- l . . . . . . . . '... ... . . ...... i. ...... .j ' ' , , ,
;!,,? TFpror.i l.e war w..uld not be lon-g; ni-:vi jounced, a ne enemy s lost v. as severe.
n-tiiitcd. for til proiriise of -Li e -1 ed-e: al arii.ies ii t not dellUltelV KllOWil.
:.,:,or. n-I wVv fe.iicn of iai-ei it v. 'can wi -h for h:l'1 uc i." "?t" biugirterj he mmem-j On Saturdav, "when our informant left, our
tin acth,,. wliiid. mu. t brine wiii i't uu ov.yJ r Zr tSiSt
h4u:irg chaos ia ens aiHirs. ! Jt'v,x ,, ,f Ha,! ; l'.,..t he eold r.-menber ! 01 Cbp, and in the, adjacent country.
"Tiie 'Pi-ogn-vs i not icing the nnp.-snrrinf ti r-f , " , , . . . ,. t ---land Nr. it. h-.en.hi'a!so i-e-eeiaher Tort Dun- .
, ', . 'tb-.lv tho-e i.;:-a who vrrre CisspjioinL-d i n ob- ( ,- ,., :..'t ...... !, ,....!. v ' tol,..
the North Carohniaa at Favetr-vi e, svs : ,- '. ,.- , -, , U'V", 1 1 1 " ' i b - . ,""
b.iV-:r eh,c-e or novrer tinner tne t. ouiedej-at' irov- lek-bur---. A voiee. A v. lad. 1- redriek.-rburir ;
A ncwpai.cr tnat will rciicct the senfi- 0:.uu.'.; tft,., wjv,.,e treason has can ied th -m Laughter. lie wasVeferring to the prog- plied :is follow..
-.-s of thc
i .
!rnt oi tne p"op.e "btbat section is much ,o f.ir ,h.s! tWld suce. d i a. we vv dl ee, tninl v
, I. 1 i . . I.'.. ...,!...!!.- ..1.,) 1- , . .. . I . . 1 . . .. . . . . . . . : . . . . 1
.. ie . "" -o.i.MUiaie ,:.i.i establishing oftr indepemlenee, they would I vrith the Mi?siss.oi. i i-rlt down to
Jhei-.i ra -ijit-ir .::"' 'd iottuiie and urgo them to be burt-ed in infamy fore-vt
hU.-tam t no emerpr
Orr. NitT Ooxoitr.as V1 be wxdl eu"
! I. aim Ltc r.l From
furi'.iienee of the Ohio
New U; leaus.
,e i
'i ';'. ct i !.(
that verv fiiu
s i v
o I i ; (;1 i
O'l'-rrcr :uid N.
-o.il tifiiont s i tho
town arid recti;. a? Whii
Cabin 'mis.- at or near t
ihrl.t down to New U;lea
are ia the ranks of the KeCJfrai armies have carvoil tne:r way. LA
l voice: "Thev mo cnin; lank." 1 hev had gone
e Ohio richl thioii ih" Nashville ami .dur-
oi I-a vet toy ill. to tiie iofin.'ia-
! v a,
Siub leaders and secb folb.we.ts only, are will- i-f,-i-.-bro' to ('hairanoo-.-.. A voice Where are j
in !T that the- past fha'.l go for notliin c : aad those ' thev r.ow '.'" tiproa r ;i nd dei i.-ire larghtcr.j He.
-. ; . . ' .1 'j: .n ..n.'-vii tii-ii'i, i.ii:i,.iii !
vv magi.uy tin, e ,i uo as rrmci, to uest.oy conh- . yy - in una Hill. r run njr Miles, w
denee and cripple- the efforts of too gove, nieeut as i rse to support ttie original; . , w . Wa'V Wi io-bt
yuaincsvuie motion amies
A Pr.gh and a Chrjsiiar fto sit in it.
A Lovon 8iuIa I1untortoh.ig.it. -. ... . '
A Sparrow and a Baker to to cook it
A J? ranch and a Swan to swhu it.
A ps-31 aqda Sexton to ring it
A Yci-i nd a Shewmake to fit it;
And a FCt .to Ji.tiVja the pleasure of climb
ith. a ilar-
fur local defence is in correct. lie x'iii resume
command in the Army of Tom.
Northern mid E-Iurnpau wii.
lii. n.MONn, Feb. J The Hag of truce boat ar
rived at City Foint to-day bringing the Jialtimrc
AiH' rirnn of the tth inst.
Denmark absolutely r.-j -cts the nltimatnim of
l'russia. and Austria calling for the withdrawal of
j the november constitution; iu conse.pit-r.ee of fhi
refusal the Envoys of these power? have lei'tCopeu
hajjev. -
"liii; proposition for' the -new French loan, of
lwtS,.e million pounds ct- rling, has met with
trij.dinary success, Hid, exceeding thirteen Cuik-
iUc amount have been made. The London stQpk
Mr. John l'.ise, a citir.n of Knoxviile, :d.o
died whilst tn ronti from that city lo one of
the Northern busti'eu
It is rumored that our forces have destroy
ed two of the three sum 11 stcami ;-s ised as
transports by the enemy on jlio Tenr.c-see.
river be'.wei n t'loittaiuipirj t"d Loiido.
Tho Yankees are ImjlTing a Star fort near
Dr. I inker's, ten pnjej Sputh r.f the city.
The Small Vv js still ragixg at Knoxviile.
'AmoiijE thi iccuj 'yjctiuis is Mrs. Jorouhnan,
wife of K. I). Jorouhnan, Ksq.
"pOM (hlS. Lo.MiSTKK.nTS Akmv.
spo:uh-nt, writing froui C.irter;s S
MM. .. . - - - ... ... .-13 1 " .- , .
ii.e .aiv ,n VWn Austrian troop, were on their war irHceupv
tne address of i rvtt the .hh.rs 1 1 Schleswig i? Sle.-wick.)
the armies oj tUti .C-cujied crate Shitc, elm'td T1 " , ' .' . .... ; ,
, .i , ., ...i j: i,.w . e ,t .i Ihe .liii.-ncdii .;r.: AverUl overtook Oenr-ral
bv the gtns'r'.i cini,-,tmejit ot tKe trccis thev .
Havj nccr rendered ,-eTvice, be savs, so 1 U"'CT lu'ar pnngfuH, when a frere -ngagc-deoiLve
inresu'ts, as in this last uisola v of I ,nent t n',Kd-u t,,e Tl Use rtl"'"r yfro J'feateJ
the- highest, qualities of devotion ;:ml self
and the prisoners taken aetbip-rons creek re-
t . " - tr-men iu- iu cvjiunn... vv un an goou people eon- Kl1. . MV4 u,.at;., fih,vr-d. how.-v. bv indi-sci-ih-I
n tp.oi tn'-y no ii'. '.' m ii are true to tne - ..vi . ... ...i. ..n: u..: -.a ;
outended by a t,swns- ,
S-rath nnd thi State
ti.-ft o.ijii-.site.
Carol inian '.'"'
The above fron
taio.k':ih;dlv intcn,!
V . .me !' lai a' Ion
. Is the Car, Ii man to re-' - t j?iot..-..vme we will advance a few ronside- I on a point oford. r. It w! contended by a towns-. i m
cfdb.ciiiS : Vv'hat sav ihe i ratioas in ,up of toe position we hare taken R,:,a Mr;.'J' W , r?t llof' lhu wa trict;.v a , Tl h sensation rumorin Richmond
i here ,-vl emi-ivc-r te- nrov- th-t -11 ih . ,m.i j ,w" Un& nd "t. competent , ajJolll Louis Napoleon having wrtten adetter
Here, ana .muav&i t, l,'n'!- lt ..11 tlie emptv tor rj ,. Srpeuoc to. acttbevs 'Fiiem. A voice: "Ikce . . - . 4i,it 11.
I 1-; t,..i v..nti i-:..!.!:..--. .,- j : ' . -n , r:,o..r 'u, a..... lo...i o,i. o.r. 1 touPrcdent Davis, in which the Man o
1 the' bla-teigb X.-jn.v7ovV, is 1 .V a,' ',Z-' ,. e,,,,-" i-nd has' 1,0 r.,...i,i; ? ' I "Spece '.'i. Mr. Mer eowinue.! 'to call Out in Tiestiay'' say?, or is reported te 'have -saiO.
e.Tfo .ir.w. ;. . in . '. I mort vigorous to;n, ---ocie nut tow i-siuen ! -mtj ! tiat It jLne oOUtll Wl! agroe-tO giaciuaiiy ,CH
i 1 a ua liTJlllll'f rrin i,'i'iii'iJai-iLt: an. 1 1 . acni lUU? liif'. I I I 1 1 1 I J ' . - i 1 . . m . . .
1 - . ; tus uime.-t i.M-rj ouerw uere c.u.ie .rovvueu ui-tiw aucipate her slav:. ijc will recogmnze, bre
1.1 1 V.. - y- . t. ,1 ' ini !-t. we do not doubt, but surelv a lartre maioti-1 el i'.io' o-.i? Ju-iifisn:r -t1iroii"-hoi!t fh horlv nf tln . . - S. . . , r . ' ' .'.
1 ' ' " "- "l : ..'. ' : "j-.-:, . i,i Vr-.vuL c.r'.,...-To"r ;Vi' uocKaue,ana cnerwisc roaterauT si:
..er Pi-.-.-i.;' a e not o ie-.ti. ;h.m oip. - . -.-
- '--' --a . . ' : -:'.M.:.A.' I.i, a.-.::i f.:.it -ttt Ii!?; and
.sacrifice ' which ean adorn the character of a ! captured. The rebels. have 4ltured and burned
warrior or a patriot. i'hc confidence of the j-tho steamer Levi on the hinaw river, Urigfien.
people is restored, and ev.t-n -tiie weak have Scammon, (ymikee) aj.4 pye .f his. staff, were
turned, ashamed into silence by ihe spectiele, i c.ipntred with thc boaj,
Willi the sridiers perescht, ;the coming The attempt of the repel? Jo Xewbern was
spring Ci.n.paign, will open auspiciously, handsomely repulaed, It i, beiieved that there
-whilst the ranks of our army will be re-plen- are union forces sufficient there, ,to .be able to
in 'ct o W"sk in aitablbbin2 t'e rttio:i!
i ".T-
if bed. The overstrained cneargies of the enemv
arc weakened by dissensions and the con
sciousness of a bad cause. His campaign
this year will be far less formidable than those
of the last two years', when unimpaired means
were uscdjwjtti boundless prodrigality, he was
assured that success awaits us jn our holy
struggle lor liberty, independences and for
-the preservation of all that Tenderers life dear
i iionorable men.
In conclusion, thc President says, his
?.-J ta-rnest praver is that God mav shield and
?f 1 preserve the .sqjdicrj for a safe return to the
it 1 peacelui enjoA-ment ot thcar irientls tkitd atsr
' j-ociates, and thoe they most love. -
A cor-
rMnii'i ,-.nt ivritmir Ivotii I ..irLei' S rianoo.
m:ketii.in af..erbh state of cxeiU-meut oW h.g j TeHu', the S:id ult.V) the Columbia fnn.li
to the warlike aspect of affairs in (iermany, lt n,.'; savsJ.-Htenera' Loncstreet is In ing rapid-
! Iv reuitorc. d. Move than 7,M '0 have already
passed thtough llristol to join tluir respo, -five
commands So 1 am imfontu-d by ' the
Quartermaster at that place
Last Saturday and Sunday the enemy m.idfj,
an alt em pT to driv& Ceneral Loiigstte. t froui.
his conrtertable winter tjuatcrs, but they
were galUntly M,et and driviai with consid
erable' lo.is. Our own los was rpiite small.
The full particulars are not yet known here.
Fiill supplies ot clothing and shoes for
f.'en, Longstrcet's troops are rapidly arriv
ing; also money to pay them oil. Many
of the "Wii have suffered much from tho
want of these things. I hear that thq
feet of some of the men have been so hndly
frost-bitten as "to pceessitate amputition."
hold the city.
On the 2Sult, Cd Phil Zips lrove Kf-hly's forces
to the north side of the -Tennessee river, capturing
his train?, i;? hundred cattle, and six hundred
head of fbcen.
Gold unchanged.
.Chablbston, Feb. 7. The enejay have ceaned
firing t)i city, but continue wiy-king on thc
batteiii .and Lkuling auiiuu.nit,ion. "Nothing else
Gf intfe tW,
Jolva Y. Cobb, Esq., ha assumed the
editorir management of tho Greengbcro'
Stonevtav. jTackson'' in tiih 911x11 4
ehild was recently baptized in Tnoria', Min
nesota bearir,g;he name of Stonef all Ja.kr
son." The yai,eCs tlo not relish this. The
New. York T'ic says:
"This is isiting the sins of the farther'"
upon tlio children with a fengeance. (Vatinbi
the Capperheads bo content with their own
infamy without entailing it.s 8crafu6u 9 me
mentoes upon their posterity." '

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