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J. A. BULL, Manager.
f '
I :
I i
- i
Yom are cordially invited to spend the months of SEPTEMBER, and OCTOBER at Chick Springs, where you will find the best
medicinal water that man ever discovered.
As a cure for indigestion, dys
pepsia and all the ills arising
therefrom, this water stands
without a peer, also all forms of
kidney trouble.
We will guarantee a gain of
one pound per day for several
days after the drinking of this
delightful health giving water.
Chick Springs is situated nine
miles northeast of Greenville, S.
C. Only one mile off main line
of the Southern Railroad. Tay
lors station is the stopping point.
The new hotel is up to the
times in every respect. The
rooms are all outside, large and
airy, lighted throughout by elec
tricty, baths and toilets on every
floor. Suite of rooms with bath
and toilet attached; single rooms
with bath attached.
The elevation is 1300 feet and
our atmosphere is dry, cool and
bracing, and just enough rain to
make it pleasant.
During this season we have had
the pleasure of accommodating
about 4.000 guests and a happier
crowd could not be found at any
resort hotel.
The rates are $12.50 to $20
per week, according to room and
For amusements we have such
as bowling, rowing, swimming,
horse-back riding, atftomobile
riding, trap shooting, tennis, etc.
We have one ot the best orches
tras to be found in the South,
which furnishes three daily con
certs and music for dancing in
the evenings.
For the past two months we
have been over-crowded. Now
we . have accommodations for
about 150 or 200 people and we
are very anxious that the people
GIA should know all about the
merits of Chick Springs water
and we realize to get them to
visit the Springs is the best way,
to acquaint them with the name,
so we promise to do all in our
power, for their comfort and
pleasure while here.
Hoping to ha-ve tke pleasure of numbering them among our many places ant guests,
we are
Yours truly,
Mr. John Wilber Jenkins Thinks
That North Carolina Has a
Great Resort improve-
- ments to be Made.
,- Sir. Jolm Wilber Jenkins, of the staff of
The Baltimore Sun, was in the city yester
day on his way home from Lake Toxaway,
wncre he spent a week. Mr. Jenkins was
delighted with that beautiful mountain re
sort and predicts that it will be one of the
most interesting places in the country. In
talking with an Observer man about the
Sapphire country. Mr. Jenkins said : "Mr.
J. C. Burrowes, manager of the Toxaway
Hotels, told me that he could have filled,
this inounth, twice as many rooms as he
had. . He has had to turn away members of
would-b guests. The Toxaway Company
has decided to duild 100 more rooms to
Taxaw iy Inn, the work to begin as soon as
the summer season closes. Great things
are plauned for the coming winter. It is
the purpose of the management to keep
Toxa.vay Inn open all the year. The
porcu that fronts on the lake will be con
verted lQib s large sun parlor, and so Boon
VJ V 1 i Tkll&.PkW iJt&M' W u 111 & LVTi l i- . Hf- m , . TliT f LW1. UW' . 1'IIMF.' W.I'm. Kit rw 1 - -JI, mr- J A f m r a mF it, WW & .iJT JP If I B-1T - ' I it F j M W. M S 1 Rur S ,. f I P. VI'I.IFl MT9WW M, tPI Iff 1 fi ..J .W-t' I'.i-iTTUr, . ar'K .31" i9T n , Jl . VT TVlI-KI'm1.!.! - amWT-? ifffl itT'1..F'
4inrv vx-r- vrn rrrr- vxrrv virr- yrrw wni sr'W V4Wrf
as business lets up a little Mr. I. H. Aiken
mauager of Toxaway Ion, will travel
through the iorth iu the interest of the
hotel. He expects to fill the house with
winter guests.
4iMr. J. F. Hays, the moving spirit ia
the Toxaway Company, is thinking seri
ously of connecting Lake Toxaway a ad
Fairfield, with a electric car line. That
would add much to the Sapphire country p
I was charmed with the life at Toxawb'
Inn." Charlotte Observer.
Wanamaker Dines Booker T.
Saratoga Dispatch, 13th.
Booker T. Washington's appearance at
dinner in the great dining, room of the
United States Hotel created a mild sensa
tion among the diners. Washington was
the guest of John Wanamaker, former
Postmaster General, and acted as escort
for Mrs. Barclay Warburton, Wanamater's
daughter, while Mr. Wanamaker walked
to the table with J. R E, Roberts.,
As they walked down the long line every
eye was directed upon the group. Com
patatively few of those present recognized
any of them, and there was a general buzz
of comment and a craning of necks.
A Hop at Valmont.
Valmont wp.s the scene of a most
enjoyable dance on Wednesday night.
The double parlors for this occasion
were prettily decorated with golden
rod and autumn leases, and the music
was furnished by the Fruitland Orches-
tra. Among the guests at Valmont who
enjoyed this affair were Misses Ruth
Prichard,. Alice Fonler, Corinne
Schwaemmle, Loretta Schwaemmle,and
Ruby Horres of Mobile, Ala. Miss Annie
Lee Blair, of Charlotte, N. C, Mrs. fl.
James Morosa, the Misses Kennedy, and
Messrs. Brown, Hall and Hart of
Charleston, S. C, and Mrs. Chris Mur
phy of Savannah, Ga..
A number of Hendersonville's young
men braved the inclement weather to
participate in this joyful event. They
were as follows :
Messrs Munroe and V. C. V Shepherd,
Frank Israel, Charles and Robert Fick
er, Jno. Mclntyre, Wilson and Will
McCarson, Wilson Allen, Will Potts and"
A If. Glazener. Dainty refreshments
were served at midnight and the guests
departed voting Miss Fayetta Gurley a
most charming hostess.
What to Eat in Summer.
The last issue of The Ladies Home
Journal contains an excellent article on
the subject of "Why we should vary our
eating in summer. " The writer declares
that our bodies are not governed by
some mysterious power, but are under
our own care, subject to natural laws
and perfectly capable of being under
stood by those wbo study, think and
reason. In hot weather we must elimi
nate fats, starches and sugar and live
on watery vegetables, drinking an abun
dance of cold water. Ice water is said
to be objectionable from a health stand
point. Fatty meats, such as pork, duck
and turkey should be cut off in the sum
mer time and small quantities of lean
beef, lamb, young chickens and fish sub
stituted. Succulent fruits are good as
food for hot weather. Buttermilk is
recommended aud cautioa is given
against over-eating. Observer.
Dear Gus: I have solved the mothei-in-hw
problemjjust give her regularly Hol
l'stir's Rocky Mountain Tea. It will mrke
her healthy, happy and docile as a lamb.
35 cents. Tea or Tablets. Justus Pharmacy.
Death of a Good Woman.
Louise H. McCall died at her home, of
appendicitis, Aug! 22, 1905, aged 16
year3, 8 months and 23 days.
She lived a Christian life about ten
months. To know her was to love her,
for she was u beam o" sunshine. True
to God and with friends, always at
church and Sunday school when pos
sible. She leaves a father and mother, sever
al sisters and brothers and relatives and
friends to mourn their loss. But this
loss is only heaven's sain. So we bade
them look to God, from whom cometh
all help and advise all to prepare to mee
her in a better world, to rest forever.
O. L. ORR.
Harriet Howard, of W. 34th St., New
York, at one time had her beauty spoil
ed with skin trouble, She writes: "I
had Salt Rheum or Eczema for years,
but nothing would cure it, until I used
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.'' A quick and
sure healer for cuts, burns and sores,
oc at The Justus drug store
Your watch repaired in the
best manner and forless money
bring them to me
Watch Maker and Jeweler.
Opp. Blue Ridge Inn.
L. G. Corbett. M. D.
Solely tor treatment of Whiskey
and Drug Habits and Nervous
Detailed information upon application.
405 Perry Ave. Greenville, S. C.
5 :
When the Kidneys fail to perform their functions properly by not straining out the poison
ous waste matter from the blood as it passes through them, the poisons are carried by the
circulatidn to every part of the body, deranging the different organs. This causes heart
trouble, stomach trouble, sluggish liver and a host of other ills, all due to deranged Kidneys.
N : . 't
corrects irregularities and cures Kidney and Bladder diseases in every form, tones up the
whole system, and the diseases that have
resulted from disordered Kidneys disappear,
because the cause has been removed. Com
mence taking FOLEY'S KIDNEY CURE
at the first sign of danger. Do not risk
having BrigKt's Disease or Diabetes.
s iuauiuvwn i o.uiia i uitb cfla irom nMnff Kni.RVa vttjw
rloe tried other advertised medicines and aeveral thvsiclan. Befara I bf cr.n
from t to so times each meht to reliev mv tiaA t n .-.-.
u r B?rke EIno. Saratoga Co., N. Y., writa:-I am glad to have an o
CURE after ha
It I had to get up
with dropsy and my i
cross the room. In i
- mm m. m m
was urcea ov a inena to cry r jl,u.x o MUNsr cubr. on cnp.n ..u
dors, and before I had takentho third bo Mm the auperflaons flesh had gone, aa well as all
ma tnougnt i was goin
the pame or the wondermi medicine that cured me of Blight's DUease. and not one that
eyesight waa so impaired that I could scarcely aee one of my family
dtohOLRVa Up hP of "vlng when!
a ih.T?i5If,!5Y Cu?? n 50-cent bottle worked won
d taken the third bottle the auDerflnona flh k.n i,
f Kidney oaMfcJIf friends were surprised that X waa cured, as they
going to cue. ttrery few days some one cornea from miles away to leara
sromferfnl medicine. that cured me of Blight's Disease, and not one that
Tivo Sizes. 50 Confs and 01.00.
Successor to
The JRobison Company.
THOS. SHEPHERD, - - - Mnger.
Fine Furniture
Coffins & Caskets
Opposite Hotel Imperial.
TER.'S PHARMACY, Hendersonville, North Carolina.
Have You Overlooked
; Anything
in the line of Hooks and Stationery for
the Children?
Pens, Ink and Tablets
are as necessary now days as bread and
butter. Get the best and cheapest there
fore of us. Everything for the office,
School and Library.
CHAS. E. PLESS, Book Store.
Main St. Hendersonville, N. C.
Phone 86.
1 . i

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